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Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Robbins (, Wed Feb 21 13:22:28 EST 2001

I found your site while searching for the Birch ancestry. We know very little about the ancestry of our grandfather, Charles Birch, decoy carver, boat builder and fisherman. I was born at Willis Warf and moved to Norfolk around 1944-5 after my father died. Dad is buried at Belle Haven. We return to the EAsternshore annually...and more. We were there twice last year. I have cousins in the area, Gloria Chandler, Joe Robbins for two. Loved your site and will pase the location on to our friends and family. Thank you.

Red Taylor (, Tue Feb 20 17:54:26 EST 2001

kenneth wilkerson (, Tue Feb 20 14:37:24 EST 2001

Dianne L. Springer-Fulton (, Tue Feb 20 08:24:55 EST 2001

Thoroughly enjoyed your site. Very informative.

Peggy Jackson (, Mon Feb 19 19:09:56 EST 2001

Barbara Whitehead(birth Parker) (, Mon Feb 19 11:00:22 EST 2001

I love your website I have been looking at it for a 2 or 3 years now. I have sent in a few pictures of graves I think that was a great idea. I love all the different parts you have but pictures are my favorite the photo albums are great. I wish I had more time to send in more stuff myself but you know we are all busy busy. Well thanks again this is a great site.(i am looking for Parkers mostly, my husband is a Whitehead and we also love to find stuff on them)

Harold Crockett Guy (, Sun Feb 18 16:21:21 EST 2001

Research interests pertains to Mary Susan Crockett m. Capt Edward Thomas Guy and their respective families. They married in early 1870s and bore six children, first born Tabitha in 1874 and last born Harold in 1888, my grandfather.

robert c scarbrough (, Sun Feb 18 15:33:20 EST 2001

my current project is a comprehensive study in the scarburgh family including thier decendents on of which i am .

i am compiling a geneology from several sources of the lines of scarburg scarborough and so far i havce two groups that came from england adn to two sepeate parts of the coutry including the capt edmund of the accomack area the grand father of tabitha adn others.

i hope to be able to show as many of the decendants as possible and be able to trace thier roots back to whom ever even back to noway where we aparrantly originated.

wish me luck and any help will be appreciated.

tnx bob

ph 731-642-9102 fax 644-3077

Janet Wilkins (, Sun Feb 18 14:19:13 EST 2001

Many of my ancestors came into the eastern shore of VA very early on the Scarbough's, Revell's, Coulbourne's, King's, Ballards, Minshall's (Mitchell's), etc.

James E Dowda (, Sat Feb 17 21:33:40 EST 2001

Many thanks to all who contributed to this web site! I am researching Henry Towles b. 1652 England, died 6 June 1721 in Accomac, Virginia and his son Stokely Towles b. 1690-1695 in Accomac, Virginia. Thanks for any help.

charlene Bower (, Sat Feb 17 17:16:44 EST 2001

Would like to know about the Bliss family

Lucy Stone Leatherbury Stephens (LarLucStep@AOL.Com), Sat Feb 17 16:43:08 EST 2001

Since 1974 I have been doing geneology and trying to find our roots on the Leatherbury family. I could get back to my great grandfather but no further. I was delighted to happen upon your site. I have more information on the 11th generation, George Scarborough Le atherbury Jr, II family (275). If you would like it email me. Thank you, Lucy Stephens

Nancy Buck (, Thu Feb 15 16:44:40 EST 2001

Posted this before, but cannot find it anywhere, so if this shows up 2X I am sorry! Am trying to find info. on the KELLAM family, first names were Burleigh Parramore, Burleigh Custis, John Custis, Thomas Hatton. Would greatly appreciate any help or guidance! Thank you!

Nancy Buck (, Thu Feb 15 16:39:34 EST 2001

Wonderful website, will be back often as I am beginning to trace my roots. Am so happy to see people doing this in order to help others. Thank you!

Isla Jean Klein (, Wed Feb 14 13:32:00 EST 2001

I am researching family history -- the Evans Branch. James B. Evans has been located in the 1870 Census as a landowner in Essex County. I believe he was born in Essex County in 1824. He married Mary F. (middle initial) Maiden Name unknown. They were married in Accomac, according to LDS records, though when I called the Courthouse, there was no record of their marriage in approximately 1850. I believe I am related to a Jonette Nottingham of Cheriton, VA in July 1955. She is identified in a photograph which was among the belongings of Virginia Evans Gatts(my Aunt, now deceased)whose mother was a Bristow from Middlesex County, VA. Jonete may be my link to Mary F.

William Osler (, Tue Feb 13 22:50:42 EST 2001

I am looking for information on the Ourslers in Virginia. I found a reference years ago to records mentioning Ourslers in the early 17th century in Virginia. Thanks

Joan Massman-Wardzala (, Tue Feb 13 22:09:30 EST 2001

Deleen Hewitt (, Tue Feb 13 09:22:12 EST 2001

I am trying to trace my family tree for Henry William Whittington which can go as far back as Dick Whittington (Mayor of London) I have no idea where to start. I do know that my great grandfather was born in London, but I don't have much more information than that, this must go back about 120 years. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jody Rossi (, Mon Feb 12 15:32:21 EST 2001

My Aunt suggested I visit your web site. I am from the Colonna family of the Eastern Shore. They are buried in the Red Bank cemetary. What an interesting site this is. What a tremendous undertaking to post all of those photos!

Barbara (, Mon Feb 12 14:26:41 EST 2001

Fran Watson (, Mon Feb 12 12:00:02 EST 2001

Very informative- doing research on Chincoteague area

Brenda Roberts (, Sat Feb 10 19:19:01 EST 2001

I am looking for Corbins of Essex Co. Va. My grandmothers great- grandfather was Clarborne Corbin, his wife was Martha Beazley-Corbin, they had a son, William Thomas Corbin b. May 16, 1846, his wife was Ruth Matilda Blake-Corbin b.Aug. 1856 they were married Aug. 29, 1874, her parents were Morris Blake and Ellen Beazley-Blake, not sure where they came from, record indicate Williams family resided in the Essex County area. Census record found 1880. Looking for Williams sib's, where he came from etc. or any information will be helpful.

Duane Windsor (, Sat Feb 10 18:45:59 EST 2001

Hello, I visited your site as I am looking for the location in VA where the parents of my GGrandfather, James Basil Hunt, were when they were in VA about 1836-39 where that had 2 daughters, Sirena and Rebeeca. I know not where in VA they were so it is a hit and miss search. Ver nice site ! Duane

Preston Lane (, Fri Feb 9 16:47:59 EST 2001

I like the eastern shore and am very interested in its history. There just seems to be so much going on that the eye cannot see. Also there seems to be much that the people over there share in seems not to be written. There is also a natural richness of the land and the water that surounds the shore.

thomas h. bennett jr (, Thu Feb 8 20:25:08 EST 2001

I am the grandson of harmanson bennett in painter,va. he owned the Esso gas station at bennett's crossing.

George Alan Mers (, Thu Feb 8 19:42:56 EST 2001

I enjoy reviewing your site. My Mears departed the Eastern Shore in the early 1700's. My GGGG Grandfather was Joel Mears. Think his father may have been Mark Mears. Joel resided in old Dobbs county, NC and after the Rev War he departed for Henry Co, Va and then on to Hawkins Co, TN; Buncombe Co, NC; and then on to Warren/Coffey Co, TN.

If anyone has any info, I would enjoy hearing from them.

Sincerely, GA Mears

Billy Hott (, Thu Feb 8 15:11:48 EST 2001

My great grandparents were married on the Shore. My great-grandfather was a Scott and my great-grandmother was a Crockett. They were married at Andrew's Chapel.

Susan Heath (, Wed Feb 7 15:34:08 EST 2001

Marit Parker Evans (, Mon Feb 5 20:56:44 EST 2001

Enjoy your site, have been here before and will return. MPE

Annabelle Kilmon Stith (AKStith, Mon Feb 5 17:22:38 EST 2001

I have been enjoying the Ghotes E-mail for sometime, thanks to my son Wayne Stith

Newt Kline (, Sun Feb 4 22:07:18 EST 2001

I'm the grandson of Charles M. Kellam of Craddockville who owned a small store in town until about 1963.My immediate relatives include the Turlingtons, Custis,and Drummons. I went to school in first grade at the Pungateage elementary school for the fist grade only until my parents moved to Fla.,then Washington D.C. I would love to hear from anyone who may be related or remembers this period.

DONNI HATCHER (, Sun Feb 4 18:56:54 EST 2001

Looking for family Waters and Carr.Bashoms of the 1700's.

Dick Richardson (, Sun Feb 4 14:35:35 EST 2001

Just found out about this site. Looks interesting. Will be exploring it.

glenda adams breen (, Sat Feb 3 15:22:46 EST 2001

I am looking for the kellam and adams family from Eastern Shore Virginia. My Grandparents Emma Laura Kellam and Savastion Lee Adams were from Davis Wharf any info would be appreciated.I also know my Grandmothers mother was a Mister.

melissa marsh crockett (, Fri Feb 2 11:16:04 EST 2001

Thank You! for your history facts were studing black history month in our school and were studying famous blacks from virginia your web site on famous blacks from virginia was interesting since i am a native from the shore and a teacher at kiptopeke elementary and i admire virginia history very much. thank you so much.....

Melissa Crockett Cape Charles,Virginia

melissa marsh crockett (, Fri Feb 2 11:14:19 EST 2001

Thank You! for your history facts were studing black history month in our school and were studying famous blacks from virginia your web site on famous blacks from virginia was interesting since i am a native from the shore and a teacher at kiptopeke elementary and i admire virginia history very much. thank you so much.....

R. E. (Pete) Kenyon III (, Thu Feb 1 14:31:04 EST 2001

I am looking for information on Anne Robinson Smith Drummond, born early 19th century in Drummondville, nr. Accomac, and on her ancestor, William Drummond, who emigrated to VA from somewhere in Scotland in the mid 17th century, served as the first Royal Governor of what is now North Carolina, served as one of Bacon's lieutenants in Bacon's Rebellion, and was hung by Governor Berkeley of VA once Bacon had died. Family history says that William Drummond's family was chased into the swamps after his death, and migrated to the Eastern Shore. I would love to learn as much as possible about this lineage as possible. Many thanks for your assistance! Pete Kenyon

R. E. (Pete) Kenyon III (, Thu Feb 1 14:15:45 EST 2001

Carol Colvin Mapp (, Thu Feb 1 03:19:12 EST 2001

We are looking for descendents of Curtis Adam Mapp, Talmadge Dewitt Mapp, & Dewitt far all we reach is dead ends.....hope this site helps, really looking forward to searching.

sherry taylor (, Wed Jan 31 15:59:06 EST 2001

I am looking for a Taylor family living in Accomack County around 1860 to 1890. The head of household should be listed as John W Taylor. I am also looking for a George W Hickman and wife Elizabeth in Accomack County about the same time.

Jennifer Lilliston Hindman (, Wed Jan 31 12:38:05 EST 2001

I'm delighted to find the site and look forward to tooling around it further.

Teresa de Gavre (, Tue Jan 30 14:28:14 EST 2001

Just discovered this page. Have many questions about the West family. am also new on a p.c. so am feeling my way slowly!

erin tulip (tules212aol), Mon Jan 29 18:09:55 EST 2001

i think that there is no thing as people who leave for a long time you people need help you west all you time doing nothing i think i would go up the wall and mom said that she had seen a gost once and i do beleavebut stop wasting your time and doing something fun with you life i mean it it is fun out there.

Beverlee Stuart-Borok (, Mon Jan 29 02:18:42 EST 2001

Researching several families from Accomack area. Staton, Stockley,Warrington, Matthews.

Margaret James Morton (, Sun Jan 28 18:05:25 EST 2001

I grew up in the Nassawadox-Franktown area and am interested in my family tree. I am in the DAR. Many of the names of ancestora are James, Dunton, Mapp, Roberts, Williams and others.

richard jopson (, Sat Jan 27 00:46:07 EST 2001

I'm english now living in NY city. I entered my deceased g/fathers name just to see if anything would come up. It did. But this Henry Jopson died 250 years prior in Virginia NOt the UK. If you know anything more about H Jopson I would be interested to know Thank you Richard

Karen Simkins (, Fri Jan 26 22:28:49 EST 2001

Shawna Mister (, Thu Jan 25 15:29:04 EST 2001

Hi, my first time visiting the website, trying to find family history... My dad used to say his family came from the Eastern Shore of Virginia then moved to Tilghman Island MD dad is deceased, his name was Severn Reid Mister Sr....and his father (my grandad, also deceased) was named William Reid Mister (born approx. 1911...), his father my great grandfather was named Severn Taylor Mister..and I do not know if he had brothers, who his parents were or anything, but he was born in the 1840's approx. and I would love to get information on him and I believe it is in Virginia...can anyone help me...please?

Kay Hawkes (, Thu Jan 25 14:44:10 EST 2001

I'm decended from those very early Partin families and I am stopped in Lauderdale Co., Mississippi. If you know anyone that specializes in that early line, please give them my E-mail. Thank you and I shall enjoy your site.

mary canipe (mcanipe@marble, Thu Jan 25 10:43:15 EST 2001

I am interested in the Dalby family. My great grandmother was Mary Dalby Gollfigon. I am interested in why there is a Powhatan Dalby in the family tree. As this a an Eastern Shore Indian name, I am curious as to why the family chose it as a family name.

bonnie (, Wed Jan 24 13:42:36 EST 2001

I am looking for any one that knows the Evans or Rayfield family. my greatgreatgreatgrandmother neme was Rose Evans I was told that she stay a slave 16 yrs. after slavery was over they where from newport news Va. she had a grand daughter name Virgie who who married Sidney Scott. he was 20 yr.younger than her. Ido not known any one in the famly that is living now.if any one know the Evans or Rayfield family please e mail me.

Jeannie (, Tue Jan 23 10:58:11 EST 2001

We live in Seaford, Delaware, but we have a home on Chincoteague Island. During our weekends and summer vacations,we love to visit the islands: Cedar Island, Gargatha, Pelican, and finally, early last fall, Hog. Oh, did we love Hog Island. It was one of the best days of my life. We found so many sanddollars; we walked for miles. What a paradise. There were eight of us, and we still talk about how we want to try and go for an overnight trip. Any additional information about Hog Island would certainly be fascinating to me.


Mickey Keeling (, Mon Jan 22 17:54:14 EST 2001

I am looking for information on the early Keelings of Virginia.

andrew downing , Mon Jan 22 14:29:46 EST 2001

I think i have the wrong number.I love birdsnest.

andrew downing , Mon Jan 22 14:27:35 EST 2001

Norma Ford (norma), Mon Jan 22 01:48:57 EST 2001

Diane Boyce Jackson (, Sat Jan 20 21:35:28 EST 2001

The information regarding Killmon's was a tremendous help and we appreciate all the help. Thank you very much.

Melinda (Day) VanDyne (, Sat Jan 20 17:56:04 EST 2001

Areleta Utterback (, Sat Jan 20 00:16:05 EST 2001

I am trying to trace my Burditt/Burdette ancestors who originally were residents of Accomac county.

Milton H. (Mickey) Wallace (, Fri Jan 19 16:45:58 EST 2001

Father-Paul Wallace, Mother-Eloise Wallace, always interestsed in geneology, Can get back to Robert Coe Wallace My grandfather. any info please contact.

Lisa Saunders (, Thu Jan 18 22:54:15 EST 2001

I am looking for the ancestors of Elizabeth Kellum and Stephen Bolender.

Wilson Matthews (, Thu Jan 18 19:27:33 EST 2001

, Thu Jan 18 17:14:30 EST 2001

Jimmy kelly (, Thu Jan 18 13:46:33 EST 2001

Michelle Dunn (, Wed Jan 17 15:39:14 EST 2001

As I look at this site I see that there is some information from the Eastern Shore of Maryland as well. I have several family names from this area too. Wicomico Co./Bivalve, MD -- HORSEMAN/HORSMAN, DUNN, WILSON, JARRET. Somerset Co./Snow Hill, MD -- JOHNSON, TOADVINE, SHOCKLEY, HUDSON.

Kathleen Morris (, Tue Jan 16 20:52:59 EST 2001

I have been watching this site for quite sometime, and even though I have found nothing that helps my specific research I enjoy browsing through the files.

, Tue Jan 16 00:37:48 EST 2001

KAREN SAVAGE BERENDS (IN2PHOTO), Sun Jan 14 21:15:27 EST 2001

Janis Orlyn Kellam (, Sun Jan 14 18:24:45 EST 2001

Norman F. Jacobs, Jr. (, Sat Jan 13 20:46:42 EST 2001

Enjoyed your website. Superb job - Thanks.

Norman F. Jacobs, Jr. Mechanicsville, Va.

C. D. Bounds (, Sat Jan 13 19:29:22 EST 2001

Don't know if your areas of interest include Northumberland County or not but thought I would look and see if there MIGHT be a Bounds Family listed Thanks for being here, I found your site by accident C. D. Bounds

Deborah Howell (, Fri Jan 12 11:53:53 EST 2001

Michelle Dunn (, Wed Jan 10 22:17:52 EST 2001

I originally thought this site was restricted to just Virginia but I see the Eastern Shore of Maryland so I will add my families to my previous entry--(Wicomico/Bivalve, MD) DUNN, HORSEMAN/HORSMAN, WILSON, JARRETT; (Worchester/Snowhill) JOHNSON, TOADVINE, SHOCKLEY, HUDSON.

Michelle Dunn (, Wed Jan 10 22:06:21 EST 2001

Wow! What a find. I have these names in my family from Princess Anne, Co and Norfolk--KEELING, STUBBS, SHEPHERD, SWEPSON. My 3x great grandfather was the Mayor of Norfolk in 1851 and in 1854. His daughter Eliza married my 2x ggrandfather John LOVETT/LOVITT KEELING. He was a soldier with the NORFOLK LIGHT ARTILLERY BLUES and fought in the civil war.

Margaret Race (, Wed Jan 10 21:36:28 EST 2001

William R. Scott (, Tue Jan 9 19:46:29 EST 2001

Excellent site. I am very interested in any information that would trace my great, great grandfather William W. Scott of Northhampton County back to his father and mother.

Thanks much, Bill Scott, raleigh, NC

john meares (, Tue Jan 9 16:02:11 EST 2001

My wife and I are planning to spend some time looking the Meares and Linney Family. Once There, where can I begin?

Thanks for the website It is informative.

John K. Meares 558 Sunnyside Dr. se Concord, N.C. 28025

Linda K. Smith (, Tue Jan 9 10:55:29 EST 2001

You all have done good work, but I am having a time trying to find my Smith ancestors. Particularly since I only know my father's name for sure and his brother. Harlan Smith (father) and Stanley Smith (brother). They were in the Jenkins Bridge, Withams area and farmers. If anyone knows this line, would you please respond. Thank you very much.

Jack Burn (, Mon Jan 8 15:12:13 EST 2001

Glad to see the GHOTES web site back up and running.

Loma Mae (Parker-Boggess)Gonzales (, Fri Dec 29 09:09:19 EST 2000

I enjoyed reading your information. I hope you or someone can help me with my search. Iam looking for my great great great great great grandfather.When he arrived in Virginia with his wife Lord Willam Parker and Lady Elizabeth Winslow from London they had just been married. The only information I have was what my grandmothers sister sent me before she died.She said they would have arrived before the Revolution and that they would probably been loyal to the King. Thanking you in advance Loma Mae

Mark William Parsons (, Thu Dec 28 19:01:55 EST 2000

Haven't been to your site in years. It's really coming along. I'll be submitting some tombstone photos soon! Researching Parsons lines of course!

James Custis Kellam, Jr. (, Wed Dec 27 23:53:31 EST 2000

Carrie Phillos (, Sun Dec 24 16:39:12 EST 2000

I was in need of a receipe for sweet potato biscuits for my daughter and your site came to my rescue. Thank you. Carrie - further up on the pennisula - in Delaware actually.

Dixie J. Grinnalds (, Sun Dec 24 00:03:58 EST 2000

Looking for info on the Bull and James family, Accomack County, Locustville area, 1850 to 1950

John Alvin Ransone (, Sat Dec 23 01:38:50 EST 2000

Very good reading. I was born in Richmond, Virginia. The Ransone Family Association has a complete family history at which is with Mr. Jesse E. Ward, III. He is Secretary of our Family Assciation. I am personally looking for any know Ransone's in Eastern Shore, VA, DE, & MD. Thank you. John

Jean Tawes (, Sat Dec 23 00:00:16 EST 2000

A great website..Have been looking for any information on Ellie B. Savage of Northhampton County, but to no avail.

Rebecca Hynum (, Fri Dec 22 03:46:14 EST 2000

Searching for lost relative -- John Elam Russell (b. approx 1791), migrated to Tennessee sometime in early 1800s, listed in Tennessee census as Elam Russell who came from VA. Had a brother? John (b. approx. 1778). Need to find their parents and any other info. Any help would be appreciated.

TOM WILLETT (, Wed Dec 20 22:13:35 EST 2000







Howard D. Blair (, Wed Dec 20 19:04:49 EST 2000

Even though I didn't find my PARKER, CADE, BARLOW and ELZEY ancestors in these Accomack Cemeteries, I think the people who did the work on the cemeteries should feel proud. Thanks for your hard work and time you spent on these projects.

francesscott (, Wed Dec 20 17:40:00 EST 2000

Tom Gibbons (, Mon Dec 18 20:04:13 EST 2000

My ancestor John Gibbons came to Accomac County in 1641 from England. He worked as a Headright of William Burdett. I am looking for any information about his wife and family. I know the Gibbons intermarried with the Eppes several times. If there are any resources you could recommend, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks again, Tom

Ross Smith (, Mon Dec 18 18:32:34 EST 2000

One of the best websites I've seen. I especially liked the gravesite photos. It is obvious you have spent a great deal of time and effort on this project.

Lucy Cole (, Sun Dec 17 18:20:08 EST 2000

How is Buckroe Beach?

Richard T. Kilmon (Poman49@AOL.Com), Sun Dec 17 12:31:07 EST 2000

I have found this to be a great site. I have located, and met with cousins I didn't know I had. Keep up the good work.

dorothycurby (, Fri Dec 15 22:22:40 EST 2000


M.L. Wise (, Thu Dec 14 10:55:19 EST 2000

Researching James Wise Sr.b Eastern Shore, Md. abt 1790, brothers: Matthew b. Va., Thomas b. Md. on to Ky., and Indiana. I haven't looked at this Web site yet, I hope it is as good as it first appears to be.

M.L. Wise , Thu Dec 14 10:46:05 EST 2000

Marcia Bonnewell Grindle (, Tue Dec 12 14:31:03 EST 2000

Well I haven't look yet but I am getting ready to ! I think it is great that you all have made this web sight!

Rachel Gergley (, Sat Dec 9 01:20:16 EST 2000

Duke Doughty (, Fri Dec 8 20:00:52 EST 2000

been away for awhile. back with a new E-mail address. Keep up the good work Barbara.

Gina L. Knox (, Fri Dec 8 18:52:46 EST 2000

Donna L. Bonnewell (, Thu Dec 7 19:56:19 EST 2000

Rick Bonewell (, Thu Dec 7 12:02:07 EST 2000

Paul Ellegood (, Sun Dec 3 21:09:51 EST 2000

Descendent of Jacob Ellegood of Virginia and have named my youngest son the same, ie Jacob

Bill Breihan (, Sat Dec 2 17:59:45 EST 2000

Wonderful web site. I descend from Col. William Kendall who lived on the Eastern Shore from c. 1666 until his death in 1686. The patents and maps allowed me to locate his various holdings from Hangars Creek and Upshur Neck to Wallops and Chincoteague Islands. His dau. Mary Kendall married Hancock Lee of Ditchley, Northumberland Co. VA. and, again, the patents and maps helped me to find where they lived in Northampton Co. in the 1680s. He was sheriff briefly before they moved across the bay to Ditchley. Great site!

Brenda Lammon (, Fri Dec 1 22:01:53 EST 2000

I have really enjoyed this site. I found this site by word of mouth. I found some of my family but the new work cut me off and I can't find the site again. My family is Hutcherson, if any one knows about any of the Hutcherson's let me know. Thanks The first I know of is Joshua Hutcherson born Feb 16, 1805 father John P Hutcherson born 1760-1780 Moses Hutcherson-Moses Hutcherson- Elizabeth Adama married to Joel Hutcherson (children) Thomas Jefferson and John M. Hutcherson)

Brenda Lammon (, Fri Dec 1 22:00:31 EST 2000

I have really enjoyed this site. I found this site by word of mouth. I found some of my family but the new work cut me off and I can't find the site again. My family is Hutcherson, if any one knows about any of the Hutcherson's let me know. Thanks The first I know of is Joshua Hutcherson born Feb 16, 1805 father John P Hutcherson born 1760-1780 Moses Hutcherson-Moses Hutcherson- Elizabeth Adama married to Joel Hutcherson (children) Thomas Jefferson and John M. Hutcherson)

Brenda Lammon (, Fri Dec 1 21:53:38 EST 2000

I have really enjoyed this site. I found this site by word of mouth. I found some of my family but the new work cut me off and I can't find the site again. My family is Hutcherson, if any one knows about any of the Hutcherson's let me know. Thanks

Terri Chadd Young (, Wed Nov 29 16:15:30 EST 2000

Trying to locate information on Josuha Chadd who came over to Henrico Co VA May 1607 and later held land in apprx 1626. Any assistance is appreciated.

Terry L. Donovan (, Tue Nov 28 17:22:01 EST 2000

BLOXOM/BRIMER Stephen Bloxsom married Nancy Brimer 6 Jan 1834 in Accomack co. VA. Looking for parents of both. They are my great great grandparents through their daughter Gertrude Anna (Bloxsom)Fresch. I just discovered your site and look forward to contact with other eastern shore researchers. Terry

Terry L. Donovan , Tue Nov 28 17:11:53 EST 2000

Pat Springer (, Tue Nov 28 10:33:37 EST 2000

I am looking for a Lewis R. Powell, born 1792 in Va. Do not know what County. He fought in the War of 1812 and was in the land lottery for land in Walker Co. Georgia. He has a known brother Pressley. Lewis R. married twice, Sarah? and a Elizabeth Burke, from S. C.. Lewis R. had 12 children from these 2 marriages, and one of them is my gg grandfather Irvin or Ervin. Would like to know Lewis R. beginnings, his mother, father, grandparents, gggrandparents, and other siblings. Any help would be appreciated. I am thanking you in advance.

Pat C. Powell, Springer Email me at:

William B. Justiss (, Mon Nov 27 13:50:39 EST 2000

Sandra Luchies (, Mon Nov 27 13:43:56 EST 2000

I am trying to get a line on a Native Princess last name St.Jaques married a man last name Kezaror maybe spelled Kesar. Any information would be appreciated. Yours Sandra

Frances Bull Belote (, Sun Nov 26 21:13:44 EST 2000

Have just heard about this site. Enjoyed it very much.

Darrin Pruitt (, Sun Nov 26 20:15:38 EST 2000

PRUITT- seeking any help on David PRUITT of (b:1812) Berlin, Md. m:(1836) Priscilla Newton (b:1819), children: Mary b:1836, David b:1840, George b: 1843, John b: 1848 and Eugine b:1854. David seems to have died between 1854 and 1860 as he does not appear in the household in the 1860 census. David's father may have been Charles Pruitt b:(abt)1790. David and Priscilla were born in Md. Priscilla's mother was born in Va.all other parents seem to have been born in Md. Any help is greatly appreciated,

Ashley (, Sun Nov 26 12:04:06 EST 2000

great site, not the best on genealogy but great for other info on the shore!!

Dan Blades (, Sat Nov 25 15:34:57 EST 2000

Looking for information on Robert Blades (Blaides, Blayes) who was in Northhampton and Accomack Countys, Virginia from 1664 to 1669. Wife Sarah and daughter Mary. All three moved to Somerset County, Maryland in 1669. Believe Robert originated from England.

Dan Blades (chevy107), Sat Nov 25 15:29:06 EST 2000

Gina Knox (, Sat Nov 25 13:29:10 EST 2000

Researching Nock/Knox, Custis, Byrd, Mason, Bayly, Simpkins

Barbara Christopher (, Thu Nov 23 23:52:20 EST 2000

Wayne A Walter (, Wed Nov 22 19:38:38 EST 2000

this is a great site, your efforts to maintainit are muchly appreciated. My ancestory on my dads side are from Onley. I'm just now trying to get into this ancestory tracing business.

Adele Beverly (, Tue Nov 21 17:57:31 EST 2000

I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'm trying to find my family. My father used to take us to Nassawadox when we were younger. He was born in Marionville in 1905. His name is William Henry Beverly. I'm looking for relatives of his father (William Henry Beverly) I am already in contact with his mother's family who are descendents of Stephen and Mary Carpenter. Where do I go for help?

Woody Kellum (, Mon Nov 20 13:26:53 EST 2000

I tracking down my Kellum/Kellam ancestors in the VA eastern shore. Stuck on James Kellam & Margaret Dunton/Dutton (husband & wife)

Wilma Bostic (, Sun Nov 19 20:50:30 EST 2000

I am not sure if I am doing this right,but I am looking for information for my husband's great grandfather, Harvey Bostic who served in the Union Army and was a Sgt. He had a son called John Robert Bostic and at the time I believe they resided in Strassburg, Virginia. I would appreciate any information.

J. Frank Woodward (, Sun Nov 19 14:13:07 EST 2000

Helpful Searching for Ben Alphord Woodward born 1790's , or kin, born in Wythville, VA in 1791

Kate Wallace-Handley (, Sat Nov 18 14:32:11 EST 2000

Born in Accomac!

Sam Wallace (, Sat Nov 18 08:16:37 EST 2000

Sam Wallace (, Sat Nov 18 08:12:48 EST 2000

Great site!

Sam Wallace (swal206332), Sat Nov 18 08:11:31 EST 2000

Great site!

Grace Sherley (, Sat Nov 18 04:30:45 EST 2000

I have an ancestor by the name of William Bundick. He is my grandmother's grandfather and a sea captain. It is not known who he married and was seperated from but he did have a daughter by the name of Marion Inez Bundick who married a John or William Wands, was widowed and married a Ewell and moved to Appomatix Court House, VA. Seeing that my grandmother was born in 1896 I would say William Bundick was born in the early 1800's. I would greatly appreciate any info you may have and if you don't, well thanks for your time.

Grace Sherley

Gail (, Fri Nov 17 17:05:23 EST 2000

Great site! Is anyone else researching Bradley, Vickers, Webb, Busick, Hackett, Richardson in the Dorchester/Caroline MD and DE area?

I would love to share!

Lydia Cornell Orr Redding (, Fri Nov 17 06:52:54 EST 2000

I am the granddaughter and great granddaughter of Eastern Shore of Virginia natives. (The Nottinghams, Jarvis'). It is great to see a web site for this. Keep me updated.

Robert H. Gibbs, M.D. (, Thu Nov 16 21:28:43 EST 2000

Please change my e-mail address to that show above. Thank you.

Linda Esham Haney (, Thu Nov 16 13:14:42 EST 2000

I am searching for genealogical information concerning the Esham and Cropper families of Northampton Co. VA and Worcester Co. MD. I enjoyed seeing and reading about names on your web site that I have come across in my research. I have a great deal of genealogical information on the Esham family beginning with Daniel Eshon who arrived in Northampton Co. in 1651. I am willing to share what I have with any Esham researcher.

jm whitehead (, Wed Nov 15 19:40:29 EST 2000


very interesting i found lots of connections .....chattin,garwood,hancock

Eric Lyon , Wed Nov 15 18:55:55 EST 2000

Earl W. Ward (, Mon Nov 13 20:07:32 EST 2000

I was introduced to ghotes November 12 by two different members at different times and places. They are Elton Bennett and Grorge Bowden both of Cape Charles, a couple years younger than I. I graduated CCHS 1941,Univ of VA '42-'44, army '44-46, MCV Dentistry '46-50. Most of my DDS practice in Newport News til retirement 1984. As I began to type in my name above, the Earl & Charlotte RL Trust appeared on the menu. That is my wife and me. Pleased to be aboard for our adventures with the ghotes.

Shirley Lee Hancock Cummings (, Sun Nov 12 14:47:17 EST 2000

I wrote you a very long e-mail and in the middle of writing it disappeared. One of the disadvantaged of this computer age. Did you the part of my message? Thank you shirley Lee Cummings

Kar Swartzel (, Sun Nov 12 08:45:59 EST 2000

Just surfed on your web page. Looks great! Looking for any information about my Great Uncle James Dennis whom was born in Monmouth County, NJ and moved to Fall River, VA in the 1800's. Information from my Dennis Family tree. One of ten children of Captain Jacob Dennis and he was the son of Rev. Peter C. Dennis. Peter C. Dennis founded the Port Monmouth Pres. Church now the Belford Meth. Church. Thank you Karl

scott h. bryant (, Sat Nov 11 01:34:02 EST 2000

great web site;I would like to visit some time the Eastern Shore of VIRGINIA,I lived in Roanoke during the 1980's

Richard D. Denney (, Thu Nov 9 16:39:37 EST 2000

Patricia Brown (, Wed Nov 8 18:41:52 EST 2000

Searching for Layton, Latin, Laten, Latchem, Latchum. Found them in Worcester Cty, Maryland from 1790 to 1870 and on to Delaware from 1880 to present day.

BRENDA SHEAROUSE (, Wed Nov 8 09:17:38 EST 2000

Looking for any info on the William and Elizabeth, John Edward and Mary Ann DIX FAMILIES OF Somerset Co., MD.

Kimberly Raymer (, Tue Nov 7 12:53:18 EST 2000

I love this site, as my roots are Eastern Shore roots. My Mom is a Pettit from Sign Post, VA and my Dad, a Bowden, was raised in Cape Charles, VA.

Kimberly Isdell Paterson (, Tue Nov 7 08:19:01 EST 2000

Hi there - I live in Bermuda but my entire blood-line is from Northampton and Accomack counties...................I am DESPERATELY interested in finding info on the Isdell (Isdel, Esdell, Esdale, etc.) blood-line circa 1700's ..........................Specifically - WHO IS EDWARD ISDELL'S (ISDEL) DADDY??? Edward was born around 1765 - 1770 in Northampton County area.................Only thing the family has ever been able to find is the marriage certificate for him (doesn't list parents.)

This one link is all we need and we will be DONE!!!!! - PLEASE HELP.

Pat Milne (, Sun Nov 5 16:38:09 EST 2000

Looks like an answer to one of my brick walls!

Angelo Roxbury (, Sun Nov 5 10:01:42 EST 2000

Looking for info on Roxbury, Roborough, Roxburgh I have copies of American Revolution pension records for Rueben Roxbury from Fairfax, VA. He was captured and sent aboard a ship to England, lucky for him a French vessel recused him returning him to the US. I will forward the records to you as soon as I transcribe them. Angelo

Charles F. Killmon (, Sat Nov 4 23:25:16 EST 2000

Very interesting reading!

Howard D. Blair (, Sat Nov 4 12:39:38 EST 2000

Looking for but can not locate directions to the Accomac County Courthouse. I want to do some research on my Parker ancestors who came there in 1649. Thanks. Howard

Richard Taylor (, Fri Nov 3 21:00:09 EST 2000

Donna Rae (Cummings) Zepp (, Thu Nov 2 00:23:09 EST 2000

looking for Cummings decendants of Talbot and surrounding counties

Linda Walters (, Wed Nov 1 14:26:18 EST 2000

Judith Wise (, Tue Oct 31 15:45:52 EST 2000

I have been researching the Weathersbee/by/sby Family in Virginia and just happen across this site. Where in Virginia, what section, is Martin Co.? The first Weathersbees in this country are found in Elizabth City, Va. Is this in Martin Co.?

EDWARD RATLEDGE (, Tue Oct 31 15:04:39 EST 2000



Earl Edward Crockett (, Tue Oct 31 05:13:07 EST 2000

Just dropped in for a peak. Looks potentially very interesting to me. Hope to stay longer next time. Ed

Charles F. Weems (, Mon Oct 30 10:40:56 EST 2000

My own family (Weems)settled in the Maryland/virginia ereas in the early 1700's I,m not geographicaly familiar enough to know whether or not it is the same location being discussed. They were from Baltimore and owned a place calles Weems Forrest also had a shipping industry any help would be greatly appreciated.Charles Weems

Kerry Shelton (, Mon Oct 30 09:11:29 EST 2000

Just wanted to say hello to Tammy Belote,and thank her for all the book recommendations for reading about life on the Eastern Shore. I've taken Chincoteague as my second home. Take care, Kerry Shelton

Richard Kellam (, Sat Oct 28 14:17:15 EDT 2000

Gerald R. Wessells (, Fri Oct 27 09:51:30 EDT 2000

Sue Ladson (, Fri Oct 27 09:09:29 EDT 2000

Linda Stockley (, Thu Oct 26 19:56:51 EDT 2000

Helo, I have just recently purchased a computer and am interested in trying to access information on my ancestors who were from Accomac County, Virginia. My great grandfather's name was John William Stockley. How do I make connections with someone or someway begin my searach? Would appreciate any help you can give me. thank you.

Joe Whitehurst (, Thu Oct 26 11:38:25 EDT 2000

Searching for a Betsy Whitehurst who married a Smith Capps in Princess Anne County, 1826. Can you help me?

Tammy Boatman-Young (, Wed Oct 25 13:08:54 EDT 2000

Kay Losson (, Wed Oct 25 08:15:28 EDT 2000

Checking to see if Thomas Martin Wilkins born Gainesville Tx Sept 30 1859 is related. You have a very interesting site & can only imagine the hours, etc. spent working it.

Celie Dean (, or, Tue Oct 24 20:24:51 EDT 2000

I'm so glad to see this part of the Eastern Shore website. My mom, the late Eunice Horner Brown was our family's 'historian'. Now that she's gone, we're without a wealth of information. Wish we'd written it down.

Littie Norris (, Fri Oct 20 08:26:53 EDT 2000

Just found your and I like it. My mother was an Ursery, My father was a Coggins, my great great grandfather was a Lindsey, great great Mother was a Foushee, from chatman co. My mother came from Forest City Ar. in 1918, to NC.

Littie Norris (, Fri Oct 20 08:25:18 EDT 2000

Just found your and I like it. My mother was an Ursery, My father was a Coggins, my great great grandfather was a Lindsey, great great Mother was a Foushee, from chatman co. My mother came from Forest City Ar. in 1918, to NC.

Littie Norris (, Fri Oct 20 08:24:46 EDT 2000

Just found your and I like it. My mother was an Ursery, My father was a Coggins, my great great grandfather was a Lindsey, great great Mother was a Foushee, from chatman co. My mother came from Forest City Ar. in 1918, to NC.

Littie Norris (, Fri Oct 20 08:08:35 EDT 2000

Just found your and I like it.

Sylvia Parks Milliner , Thu Oct 19 07:13:14 EDT 2000

Richard Krause (, Thu Oct 19 01:58:02 EDT 2000

I am a descendant of THOMAS GRAVES died 1635 Accomac, Va. I am looking for any kind of help with his children and descendants. Thanking you in advance for your help.

Candice Abd'al-Rahim (nee Moses) ( or, Wed Oct 18 20:19:17 EDT 2000

Hi-- My mom and grandmom (b, 1911- Kiptopeke) are from the Eastern shore of Va. I am told that I descended from a woman named Grandma Grace Fitchett. Does anyone know about her?

wayne A Walter (, Tue Oct 17 22:19:24 EDT 2000

ist time hitting this site. stay tuned for comments

Nan T. Papageorge (, Mon Oct 16 10:59:40 EDT 2000

Looks fruitful! I'll be back

William Q. Steinmetz (, Sat Oct 14 18:48:44 EDT 2000

I have an interest in joining Ghotes...currently doing geneology of my ancestors from Accomac...I am related to many of you.. I have some additions/corrections to the Miles geneology on BYRD (BIRD), which I would like to submit.Let me know how to do this.

Talmadge Butler (, Sat Oct 14 10:11:58 EDT 2000

Just arrived at your site. Don't know if I have connections here but I appreciate you having the site.

Bonnie Jones (, Fri Oct 13 23:26:05 EDT 2000

Thanks for your wonderful site.

Roshunda Reed (N/A), Fri Oct 13 09:55:35 EDT 2000


Roshunda Reed (N/A), Fri Oct 13 09:55:03 EDT 2000


Richard William Starnell (, Thu Oct 12 15:45:54 EDT 2000

Found your site while looking into my surname.

I'm from Wales, Great Britain

Jennifer Fox(Parks) (, Thu Oct 12 14:10:46 EDT 2000

Looking for relatives with the last name of PARKS that lived on Tangier Island in the 1700-early 1800's. Any information is greatly appreciated!

julia (, Sun Oct 8 21:20:20 EDT 2000

jeannne taylor---please e-mail me as i no longer have your address.thanks!

ASdella Waddell (, Sat Oct 7 21:40:40 EDT 2000

Found some interesting info. Can't believe how many people with my maternal family name actually existed in such a small area.

Looking forward to checking your database .

Martha Griffin Kolbe (, Fri Oct 6 13:11:08 EDT 2000

Related to Parkers - George who came to Virginia in 1650 from England.

reed hancock gaddie (, Thu Oct 5 23:02:54 EDT 2000

in search of lost ancestors

Norma Taylor Collins (, Thu Oct 5 16:26:01 EDT 2000

I am currently working on my family, covering Taylor's, East, Bundicks, Tulls to name a few on the Eastern Shore. I grew up there in Onley being part of the Warner Taylor family. My sister Nita still lives in Onancock. I have gathered much information and will check further into your site to see what is there. My sister told me that info exists on Nona Taylor, my father's aunt, and sister of Daniel Webster Taylor.

Thomas Doughty (, Wed Oct 4 23:22:16 EDT 2000

My family is Doughty (poosibly Dowty) from Northhampton County, in particular Hog Island. Ancestors include my grandfather, Henry (who was born on the island and moved off in the 1930's) and his father Elija. I would appreciate hearing more about them. Tom Doughty

Pat C. Springer (, Wed Oct 4 22:10:28 EDT 2000

I haven't tried this website yet, but am going to locate people that know about Lewis R. Powell, and his beginnings in Va. He was born in 1792, in Va. but do not know what county, but plan to find out. Am going to have a lot of help, because the records have been destroyed. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Pat C. Powell, Springer

evan hudson (, Wed Oct 4 17:46:05 EDT 2000

Ava Healy (, Wed Oct 4 09:41:40 EDT 2000

Hi, I'm researching the roots of my Coston/Costin/Costen relatives of Onslow, Pender, Gates and New Hanover counties North Carolina, whom seem to have immigrated from Englnad during the mid 1600s and settled in the eastern shore Chesapeake Virginia and Maryland counties from Northampton to old Somerset Maryland. I'd like to email fellow researchers to discuss findings, sources, etc.

Wilson Matthews (, Tue Oct 3 20:14:15 EDT 2000

I am just getting started on my family tree and would appreciate any and all information about the Matthews family from the Atlantic Va area.

Homer S. ELLIOTT (, Tue Oct 3 16:53:41 EDT 2000

I am descended from Elliott's Island, Dorchester County, Maryland Elliott's. Thought some of my ancestors may have emigrated to or from Ghotes area. Still looking through your extensive presentations and keeping my fingers crossed. You have an excellent site.

Joseph Kessler Eason (, Mon Oct 2 05:36:44 EDT 2000

Very interesting book. Am searching for Eason and Neale in Accommack and Nansemond counties, Va. about the year early 1600.

Joseph Kessler Eason (, Mon Oct 2 05:26:04 EDT 2000

Very inteesting book. I.m looking for information on Eason and Neale of Accommack and Nansemond co. Va. from about 1635.

John (, Sun Oct 1 15:26:54 EDT 2000

I truly have enjoyed your site. I am seeking information on John Buscey (Bussey) married to Ella Bowden. The only date, that is known, is that of a son, George, born in 1878. John Died, Ella remarried to William Melvin.

John T McSwain (JTMcSwain, Sun Oct 1 00:40:28 EDT 2000

, Fri Sep 29 19:11:20 EDT 2000

Eubert G. Brown (Jinxegg@Juno.Com), Fri Sep 29 19:03:26 EDT 2000

You have a great site.Though I reside in Mount Holly, NJ, I was born and raised at San Domingo, Md. I am a 6th Generation Brown from the line of James Brown, born 1792 of a free Black woman of Somerset county Maryland. I have done extensive research on My Brown family and have linked some 1,450 directly to my tree. I have also done much on my wife's tree The Gam/Game/Games/Gaines, who came to the Eastern shore of Md. from VA. The original folk being Sambo and Bette Gam. Anyone interested or who think you might be connected e-mail me. Jinxegg

Penny Caudill (, Fri Sep 29 18:43:51 EDT 2000

Nancy Staton Conner (, Tue Sep 26 10:18:36 EDT 2000

Just getting started , looking for the Statons of Easton, Maryland . My father people. Thanks you. For letting me have this chance

George Ferrll (, Mon Sep 25 16:54:30 EDT 2000

just started

Haley Goffigon (, Mon Sep 25 10:56:54 EDT 2000

Michael Colburn (, Sat Sep 23 20:50:19 EDT 2000

Descendent of William Coulbourne (1600s, Eastern Shore)

Preston Lane (, Fri Sep 22 18:00:48 EDT 2000

I am glad I found your website. I had and uncle Winfred (Buck) Lane in Locustvulle and stayed there for a summer when I was a kid. I loved the shore ever since that summer. His sun Barry inherited the farm and still farms there. I am trying to buy a place over there on Magotha Road and spend some time learning, fishing and talking to people over there. I think the shore has some really beautiful places and some beautiful stories to tell.

Preston Lane Hampton , Va

Olivia Tyndall (, Thu Sep 21 18:48:11 EDT 2000

Enjoyed the visit. I'm researching Savages, Robins, Harmonsons, among others.

Lora (, Mon Sep 18 14:50:50 EDT 2000

A great site, thank you!


Ruth Cowdrey Hill (, Sun Sep 17 17:35:20 EDT 2000

Dear Ghotes--

I am still looking for any information on the COWDRY/COWDREY line from Northampton County (Eastern Shore) Virginia. I have my genealogy from Benjamin Cowdry down to Henry Barlow Cowdry/Cowdrey and Margaret Joynes. I have genealogy and my family up to John Cowdrey/Nancy Moore. I am missing (probably) one generation between Henry Barlow (Eastern Shore) and John who died in South Carolina (District 96) Edgefield in 1804. This is my missing link to the Cowdry/Cowdrey's in Northampton County, Virginia. Apparently the Cowdrey's left the Eastern Shore area and that's when we lost them. Can anyone HELP??

Ruth Cowdrey Hill (, Sun Sep 17 17:26:19 EDT 2000

Dear Ghotes--

I am still looking for any information on the COWDRY/COWDREY

ruth hunter (5508 Holly Rd., Va.Beach, Va. 23451), Sun Sep 17 15:15:49 EDT 2000

I was at the Eastern Shore of Va. with my Colonial Dames XV11C...on tour lead by Jean Mihalyka...we visited site of Arlington and Custis graves, also boxwood garden at Eyre Hall....glorious day! Our parish in Va. Beach, Eastern Shore Chapel, 2020 Laskin Road, is interested in a tour to historic churches on the Eastern Shore, ie Hungars, be lead by our assoc. rector, Mark Delcuze....where can I find info on the 7 Episcopal churches on the EAstern Shore? Thank you.

Ruth Hunter

P.S. we plan the tour for Fall of 2001

Anne Hilton (, Sat Sep 16 19:26:26 EDT 2000

Donald Wise (, Sat Sep 16 10:54:05 EDT 2000

Looking for parents of Charles L Wise 1860/1931, he was born in Ill. Father came from Kentucky, Mother From Virginia, maiden name was Reynolds 1864/1950. They had 7 children, all born in this county and settled in Wyandotte County, City of Kansas, City, Kansas

Donald Wise (, Sat Sep 16 10:48:25 EDT 2000

Joseph Eason ( ), Fri Sep 15 21:07:50 EDT 2000

Looking for Edward Eason who was imported to Accomack County in 1637 by John Neale, merchant.

Sr. Tanya JOhnson (, Fri Sep 15 09:33:26 EDT 2000

Sorry, I added my comments before I saw this was a request forium. My ancesters from the ES are Thomas Savage, Obedience Robins, Fishers, Joynes, Maddox, Nottingham, Robins, and others.

Sr. Tanya JOhnson (, Fri Sep 15 09:25:01 EDT 2000

Sorry, I added my comments before I saw this was a request forium. My ancesters from the ES are Thomas Savage, Obedience Robins, Fishers, Joynes, Maddox, Nottingham, Robins, and others.

Sr. Tanya Johnson (, Fri Sep 15 09:21:22 EDT 2000

I've looked through just a few of the treasures you have here and am very excited. I do have quite a few ancestors from The Eastern Shore and hope to eventually add to it and glean from it. Ruth Williams told me about the site, so thank you Ruth!! Sr. Tanya

Sue Ellen Townsend Robinson (, Thu Sep 14 16:03:17 EDT 2000

Searching for information on James Townsend of Northampton County VA who migrated to Somerset County Maryland some time in the early 1600s.

TERRI ROGERS (, Mon Sep 11 12:25:09 EDT 2000

I just looked at the web site, very nice tons of info. Any help finding info on john chesser born abt 1735 in Accomack, son Jabez born abt 1750 in Accomack would be great,,, Thanks

terri rogers (trogers3&, Mon Sep 11 10:58:01 EDT 2000

Hello I'v been doing family research in Accomack Va. My Grandfather X8 was born in Accomack Va. in or near 1735 His Name, Thomas Chesser or ( Chashire ) we now spell it Chesser, His son Jabez Chesser was born in Accomack Va. in 1750. Any help finding Thomas's Father or any other relative would be great.

terri rogers , Mon Sep 11 10:52:56 EDT 2000

Jean Hunt Steffens (, Sun Sep 10 15:20:35 EDT 2000

Very interesting. I plan to come back when I have moretime. My ancestore Thomas Hunt settled in lower Northampton County around 1613.

Helen Smith (, Sat Sep 9 22:33:01 EDT 2000

Searching for COPES family from Delaware early 1800s.

Jane Harlow Moore (, Sat Sep 9 19:28:24 EDT 2000

This is one of the best web sites I have seen. Very good info.

Genevieve Bibb Johnson Messmer (, Sat Sep 9 15:36:04 EDT 2000

Searching for John E. Johnson, whose son was John L. Johnson, a widower who married widow Etta Mae Stallings, whose son was Arthur C. Johnson (dob April 1898) who was married to Mary Borgia Madden (my grandparents) whose children were my father, Arthur C. Johnson Jr. and Ann Johnson Harris.

Beth (, Sat Sep 9 08:57:58 EDT 2000

This is a wonderful website!

I'm researching the Wise family of Accomack County. I'm particularly looking for information on my great, great, great grandfather Solomon Wise born 1795.

Anne Hart (M Anne, Tue Sep 5 10:12:44 EDT 2000

Donna Smith Baker (, Mon Sep 4 21:52:08 EDT 2000

Hello! I am so excited! After many dead end searches, I have discovered the name of my paternal grandmother's father! His name was Tully Scott! I have been on the Miles Files and do not see my grandmother's name as one of his children. Could there have been two Tully Scotts? The information I have is that he would have had a son named Carroll Scott, and two grandmother, Annie, and a mentally challenged daughter- name unknown. Since both my father & my middle names are Carroll, I am sure this information must be correct. I am very interested in any Scott family info I can get! My other maternal grandmother was also a Scott. Her father was Wm. S Scott. I have several generations of Scott information on this Scott family (thanks to GHOTES researchers!) Does anyone have any info on either of these Scott lines? Especially the Tully Scott one!?! Thanks in advance. Donna Smith Baker

Bryce Orvin (, Mon Sep 4 15:49:20 EDT 2000

Searching for information in reguards to an early family settler. Arch Orvin.

Gina Knox (, Sun Sep 3 15:31:42 EDT 2000

Was doing family finder update on a Blanche Sheppard and it pointed me to your site with the name Blance Barnes. I'm curious about this because my paternal grandmother's name was Blanche Sheppard and my paternal grandfather Hezzie Knox. My dad (Knox) has stepbrothers whose last names are Barnes. As far as I know, my great grandfather (Robert Knox and his son Hezzie were from Exmore, VA. Can you shed any light on this?

Lou Etta Booth McClaflin (, Thu Aug 31 22:38:49 EDT 2000

Great site. All the names bring back memories - Mapp, Duers, Kellam, Belote. I spent my first 12 years (1944 to 1956) on Virginia's Eastern Shore (Belle Haven, Exmore, Parksley) my parents moved over the line into Maryland. Attended the Belle Haven Elementary School, 1950 - '56. My brother(James Raymond Booth) was born in 1938 and he attended Belle Haven and the old Central High. My parents, now deceased, were Louise A. Barrack Booth and James Lester Booth and I remember them talking about some of the family names discussed on your website. My grandparents (Barrack) are buried in Franktown cemetary and my parents (Booth) are buried in the Belle Haven cemetary. I visit the area at least 3 or 4 times a year. I still have and uncle (Mears) and his daughter married a Simpson from Willis Wharf. My uncle's name (Barrack) is on the Eastville War Memorial(II) plaque. I believe most of the Booth family is in Delaware. My uncle, Joseph Ivock, also lived in the area during that time and sold life insurance. My father was a carpenter and my grandfather was a barrell maker. I remember my mother talking about Horntown and Franktown when she was a young girl. Wish I had paid better attention.

Carolee Drummond Doughty (, Wed Aug 30 23:09:35 EDT 2000

My father's side of the family is entirely from the Shore. My grandparents were Melvin and Eileen (Twiford) Doughty and my father is Hubert Charles (NHHS '68). I am a 3rd yr at Virginia Tech where I am studying Geography. I am on this site because I have chosen to do a project on the Eastern Shore for my geography of Virginia Class. I have visited the shore frequetly throughout my life and I want to learn more about it. The geneology on this site is a big plus...i am going to be looking up family things instead of research for class:) My father and I are planning a trip to the shore in October (2000) so I can get pictures for my project. If you have any information on my family tree, interesting stories about my family or would like to volunteer information for my project (i haven't decided on an exact topic yet) please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Carolee Drummond Doughty (, Wed Aug 30 23:08:44 EDT 2000

My father's side of the family is entirely from the Shore. My grandparents were Melvin and Eileen (Twiford) Doughty and my father is Hubert Charles (NHHS '68). I am a 3rd yr at Virginia Tech where I am studying Geography. I am on this site because I have chosen to do a project on the Eastern Shore for my geography of Virginia Class. I have visited the shore frequetly throughout my life and I want to learn more about it. The geneology on this site is a big plus...i am going to be looking up family things instead of research for class:) My father and I are planning a trip to the shore in October (2000) so I can get pictures for my project. If you have any information on my family tree, interesting stories about my family or would like to volunteer information for my project (i haven't decided on an exact topic yet) please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Paul B. Belanga (, Tue Aug 29 02:00:57 EDT 2000

margaret solesbee (, Mon Aug 28 22:16:58 EDT 2000

I want to find out about life on cobb and hogg island. To find out more about my family history.

Harriett Duer Hunter Hardy (rdhardy@mindspring), Mon Aug 28 16:41:59 EDT 2000

My mother is Ellen McMath Duer, Daughter of John H. & Hattie Mears Duer. Anyone interested in Duer Family genealogy should contact Grayson Duer, who still lives on the Shore. John Duer, III (Jackie) could be helpful as well.

Russell Hatton (Russell.c.hatton), Mon Aug 28 15:39:01 EDT 2000

I haven't looked at the site yet, but I am searching for info on my family, They resided in Edwardsville, Any ideas on where I might find copies of deeds, etc, and a list of church infor wold be greate Thanks

Patricia Rogers (, Sat Aug 26 22:35:04 EDT 2000

Lisa Black (, Sat Aug 26 14:31:43 EDT 2000

This is a fascinating web site. The results of hard work by a lot of people is evident. I look forward to contributing information on Richard Nottingham (d 1692) and some of his lineage in the near future.

Katherine C Goodman (, Sat Aug 26 08:15:53 EDT 2000

Diana Wynne (, Sat Aug 26 00:10:38 EDT 2000

This is an outstanding web site. I have spent most of my day going through it and downloading information. I would consider a visit to this Web Site as a must for anyone having Eastern Shore ancestry. Having done genealogy for over thirty years, I am pretty familiar with a lot of the families on the Eastern Shore. I found only one error. Thomas Savage did not marry Hannah Tyng. That was disproved long ago. He did marry a lady named Hannah, but her surname has never been ascertained. I can add another child to the family of John Haggoman and Sarah Powell. Their daughter, Hannah Haggoman, married first George Harmanson and then Ezekiel Lane. She signed her mother's will as Hannah Lane. If you want more information on this line, I can provide it. Sincerely, Diana Wynne

Edna Brockie (, Tue Aug 22 22:23:26 EDT 2000

Very interesting.

John Harry Thorogood (, Tue Aug 22 17:43:44 EDT 2000

My father is from london england UK don't know if I have any ties to the virginia thorogoods or thorowgoods but it sure would be nice to trace my fathers side. My mothers side is king and they landed in new castle delaware around 1689. the kings date back to 1302 to flanders. enjoyed the reading thank you.

John Harry Thorogood (, Tue Aug 22 17:39:39 EDT 2000

My father is from london england UK don't know if I have any ties to the virginia thorogoods or thorowgoods but it sure would be nice to trace my fathers side. My mothers side is king and they landed in new castle delaware around 1689. the kings date back to 1302 to flanders. enjoyed the reading thank you.

JoAnn (, Tue Aug 22 14:18:19 EDT 2000

You have a nice website. Thank you for letting me visit.


John L. Vernelson (, Tue Aug 22 07:25:15 EDT 2000

I tried to respond to James Buckner Stokley ( who is researching Stokly (Stokely, Stokeley, Stockley), Vaughan, VERNELSON, and Buckner. My e-mail was returned. I am researching the VERNELSONS who lived on the Eastern Shores of Virginia during the 1600, 1700, & 1800's and hopefully moved to North Carolina. (My family of VERNELSONS lived in Hyde, Washington, and Martin Counties during the late 1700's and 1800's. I am trying to find a link to the Virginia Vernelson's. I have tried to locate Mr. Stokley but have not been successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. NOTE: Mr. James Buckner Stokley's message was left on May 13, 1997. Thank you. I have enjoyed your web site.

John L. Vernelson (, Tue Aug 22 07:11:47 EDT 2000

the address below should be (, Mon Aug 21 19:22:17 EDT 2000

robert carlisle vincent (, Mon Aug 21 19:08:11 EDT 2000

i am trying to get any information on lee vincent, wife lottie lee. worked for pennsylvania railroad approx 1900 to 1945. worked cape charles rail car barges. died cape charles. also looking for info on the rooks (o'rooke) family of townsend, va. husband, james. wife, erma mae richardson rooks. son stanley-daughter mattie lee. grandson trying to build tree.

robert carlisle vincent (, Mon Aug 21 19:03:56 EDT 2000

i am trying to get any information on lee vincent, wife lottie lee. worked for pennsylvania railroad approx 1900 to 1945. worked cape charles rail car barges. died cape charles. also looking for info on the rooks (o'rooke) family of townsend, va. husband, james. wife, erma mae richardson rooks. son stanley-daughter mattie lee. grandson trying to build tree.

robert carlisle vincent (, Mon Aug 21 18:59:52 EDT 2000

i am trying to get any information on lee vincent, wife lottie lee. worked for pennsylvania railroad approx 1900 to 1945. worked cape charles rail car barges. died cape charles. also looking for info on the rooks (o'rooke) family of townsend, va. husband, james. wife, erma mae richardson rooks. son stanley-daughter mattie lee. grandson trying to build tree.

Phyllis Davidson (, Mon Aug 21 18:52:42 EDT 2000

Had lots of fun going through your pages. Found my ancestors ,Comfort Warrington and William Davidson, there.

robert carlisle vincent (robert-v-23223), Mon Aug 21 18:50:55 EDT 2000

i am trying to get any information on lee vincent, wife lottie lee. worked for pennsylvania railroad approx 1900 to 1945. worked cape charles rail car barges. died cape charles. also looking for info on the rooks (o'rooke) family of townsend, va. husband, james. wife, erma mae richardson rooks. son stanley-daughter mattie lee.

Everette Turner Bedsworth (, Mon Aug 21 09:55:00 EDT 2000

Hi; I am from Exmore Virginia. My father was Leonard Bedsworth and my mother was Nellie Marie Turner Bedsworth. My mother is from the Richard Turner family. My father is from Maryland and is a decendant of Whittington Bedsworth. I enjoy your web site. Thanks!

Lynn Taylor Hebden (, Sun Aug 20 14:55:53 EDT 2000

I have found your web site very helpful. My Accomack relatives include Taylors, Corbins, Gladdings, Hacks, and Walkers.

Beverly Bybee Spatz (Beviee, Sat Aug 19 18:21:12 EDT 2000

John LaReau (, Fri Aug 18 18:36:06 EDT 2000

Lloyd O. Whitehead (, Wed Aug 16 22:17:42 EDT 2000

Great site. My wife and I reside on the Eastern Shore and all our families originate here. We are interested in WHITEHEAD, HUDSON, RICHARDSON, GODFREY, ANDREWS, MEARS, AND PALMER principally. We will keep checking in. Found out about your meeting just a week too late. Maybe next time.

Lloyd O. Whitehead , Wed Aug 16 20:55:31 EDT 2000

Debra Gena Scarborough (, Wed Aug 16 20:40:40 EDT 2000

Great site! Just found a list of names my grandmother compiled for me about 15 years ago of my grandfather's ancestors. They include John Jackson Scarborough, born around 1869, Keller, Accomack County, VA, and his father, John Scarborough, also of Keller, VA. This should be an interesting project to see just how far back my family goes in Virginia.

Lucy Floyd Buran (, Wed Aug 16 19:47:58 EDT 2000

Harry Howeth (, Wed Aug 16 17:49:39 EDT 2000

No comment, just hello, Harry Howeth, Lewes,DE....Iam looking for Cornwell's, so probably will come aboard...

Tom Dessecker (DESSECKERT@AOL.COM), Tue Aug 15 15:38:04 EDT 2000

Doing research on family tree; Lairds )Lords), Bradshaw, Tyler, Rose. Tangier and Smith Islands. Do you have any information or a library I could visit? Willing to share what I have. Thanks, Tom

Thomas Bibbins Garrett (, Tue Aug 15 07:54:30 EDT 2000

I enjoyed your Web Site. The Eastern Shore (Cape Charles) are historical roots.

Brynda S. Ray (, Tue Aug 15 00:01:13 EDT 2000

I was not looking for any family history, I wanted more info about James Alone. There was a brief article in our Sunday paper a few weeks ago and I thought it was a very interesting story. I would love to find out more about him Thanks.

Crystal (, Mon Aug 14 14:06:13 EDT 2000

Thank you for providing such a helpful and informative site.

Alex Calder (, Sat Aug 12 21:57:59 EDT 2000

Hi: Glad I found you. I recently retired and have been poking around looking for my earliest immigrant ancestors etc. to keep myself from driving my wife crazy from being under foot. Turns out that there's a better than good chance that my earliest ancestor to come over here was John Wise (1617-1695) who came to Accomac in 1635. I have some information about him that came from my paternal grandmother (Sarah Jane Wise of Bullock County Georgia) that I'll be glad to share with you folks. Also, maybe some of your members can provide me with more information about the Wise family in Virginia. I live in Roanoke but have never visited the Eastern Shore part of Virginia. I just might have to come over for a visit to see where the early Wise family lived. Thanks, Alex Calder

Lucy Floyd Buran Cornett (, Sat Aug 12 17:14:29 EDT 2000

Have thoroughly enjoyed your notice and shall now write a note to Barbara Cox. I look forward to becoming a member and, hopefully, attending your next annual conference! Sincerely, Lucy Cornett

Sherry Clark (, Thu Aug 10 22:28:58 EDT 2000

I tried e-mail to the Miles Files and it was undeliverable. My GGgrandparents are John Cacilus Porter and Carrie Hamilton Bundick Porter. Alfred Thomas Porter is the son of the above and sister to Lena Porter.

Betty Ricks (, Tue Aug 8 09:58:35 EDT 2000

I have great hopes for finding information about my great grandfather here--Robert Drummond Satchell.

Vivian Chastain (, Tue Aug 8 07:39:23 EDT 2000

I have just retired and am now starting a project that has intrigued me for years. As a novice, I appreciate sites like yours with its valuable information.

Coles Marsh (, Mon Aug 7 17:52:12 EDT 2000

Great to keep up with things on the Shore. All of my ancestors are from the Shore. The Marsh family, Onancock The Byrd family, Onley, Atlantic, Oakhall Thanks, Coles Marsh

Marilyn Badger Buchan (, Mon Aug 7 00:06:47 EDT 2000

I will be researching your web site later on, not tonight. I was testing it. My cousin gave me your address. I will be looking up info on Badgers, Downings, Booles, Gladdens, and other relatives on the Shore.

Glad you are there. Keep up the good work. But please do not SELL or MARKET my name and email address to spammers. I will be very unhappy. The Buchan geneaology group did just that and I am about to change from MSN just to get away from the thousands of spamming emails I get per months as a result of what they did. It was a scam. They knew nothing about Buchan family, which is my married name.

Betty Roper Ricks (, Sun Aug 6 21:16:14 EDT 2000

I'm not sure if this is the place to ask a question, but here goes:

I am trying to locate the parents of Robert Drummond Satchell, born in Franktown, Northampton County, Virginia, on February 6, 1823. I think his parents were John Satchell and Leah Drummond, but I have not been able to verify this. He was married in 1853 to Mary Frances Lovett (Lovet, Lovit, Lovitt) by the Reverend Dr. Nelson in Norfolk, Virginia. RDS died in Norfolk, Virginia on February 14, 1900 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetary here.

The marriage certificate from the State shows no information regarding his parents, nor do any of the census records or the cemetary records. I have a copy of his obit but it does not mention parents.

Any help would be greatly appreciated before I conclude that he was born in a cabbage patch and has no parents!!

Oreta Norris (OONNOR@AOL.COM), Sun Aug 6 19:46:16 EDT 2000

Oreta O. Norris (OONNOR@AOL.COMM), Sun Aug 6 19:41:54 EDT 2000

Gary Hamilton (, Sun Aug 6 19:32:37 EDT 2000

C. Dale Hickman (, Sun Aug 6 16:06:10 EDT 2000

Just discovered your site. Enjoying it very much. Found a few of my ancistors. Keep up the good work.

Julie Warrington-Jones (, Sun Aug 6 12:48:15 EDT 2000

Warringtons of Accomac! Am searching for information on the Warrington family of tobacco planters 17th - 19th century. Any information greatly appreciated!

Julie Warrington-Jones Wales, UK

Bill Horden (, Sat Aug 5 13:23:09 EDT 2000

william Chance (, Sat Aug 5 10:59:06 EDT 2000

william Chance (, Sat Aug 5 10:57:00 EDT 2000

E. Jean ( Davis) Smith (, Thu Aug 3 22:08:52 EDT 2000

I am doing the Davis's line--Levin Davis -mar: Susanna Westerhouse on 31-Dec.-1778--at Northampton Co.Virginia--they was to have estate with a orphanage on it--can anyone help me?

Deidra Revelle (, Wed Aug 2 17:24:58 EDT 2000

Thank you for allowing me to browse thru all the information about the Revelle heritage. I'm going to put together a family tree for my children ,this has been so helpfull. Another thing was the photoes the pictures look just like the newer generation, I'm amazed by that how they look so much alike. thank you Deidra Revelle

Woody Kellum (, Wed Aug 2 14:55:28 EDT 2000

Looking for Kellum genealogy

James Satchel (, Wed Aug 2 02:33:20 EDT 2000

I am visiting your site to see if I can possibly find any links to the Satchell family from the eastern shore of Virginia.I am a descendant of Daniel Fitchett Satchel,(Grandfather), And trying to find out any information, (DOB,DOD,) etc. I don't know what information your site has,so it is a starting point for me.

Thank You, James Satchel

Joe Ann Fiddemon-Vega (, Sun Jul 30 20:15:02 EDT 2000

I enjoyed this site, I just recently was made aware of my roots to Accomac County, Atlantic

I was not able to find to much information on the African slaves and free blacks. If you have information that would help me in my search it would be appreciated.

When I searched for the Fiddemon family, there was only information on the White Fiddemons. Can you tell me if there is any one,other than my cousin who posted a notice in 1997,doing research on the Black Fiddemons who were listed as Malatto.

kenneth wilkerson (, Sat Jul 29 19:06:45 EDT 2000

very nice site,

fred warrington (, Sat Jul 29 18:54:27 EDT 2000

i would like any info.(family hist. etc ) of capt. lewis warrington. plus if poss. on the place called warrington many thanks

Jackie Mesenbrink (, Fri Jul 28 22:14:16 EDT 2000

Denise Duncan Snow (, Fri Jul 28 00:43:16 EDT 2000

I love your site!!!!!

Max Mickey (, Thu Jul 27 20:58:04 EDT 2000

Can you help me find info on the Woolfords of Accoumak Co.,Va 1661?

Tonya Thompson (, Wed Jul 26 17:44:40 EDT 2000

I had just came across some interesting information informing me that I had descendants from Accomack and Northhampton Co., VA. So, I decided to do some playing on the internet and came across your website. Boy, was I surprised. You have done a phenomenal job. It is a wonderful and useful site, and I am sure that I will be returning to it again and again. Thank you so much.

Tonya Thompson, Bedford, VA

Jeffrey A. Waldo Sr. (, Wed Jul 26 16:20:27 EDT 2000

Born in Bayview, Va to Alice Bridges-Staten(Bayview) & Marion Morris(Cape Charles).... any informaion relationing to these families would be very helpful. Email if you have any questions..

Dana Rippon-Outten (, Wed Jul 26 14:49:47 EDT 2000

I thoroughly enjoyed your website. I learned a lot from your site. Thank you. From Cheriton, VA

Shonietta Travers (, Wed Jul 26 10:46:29 EDT 2000

I was just searching for history on the ESVA. My grandparents, parents and I are from here. It's nice to know the history on where I came from.

(, Tue Jul 25 15:40:06 EDT 2000

Thank you. Your sight was interesting. I am searching the family history for my children. Their family name is Bundick and very little history is known for that side of the family, but I do know they hail from Virginia. But without names of ancestors before their grandfather, its like a needle in a haystack.

I am searching for Roye and Louise Bundick. From my search it seems that Roye had another first name.

nick waterfield (, Tue Jul 25 15:13:30 EDT 2000

Very interested in the Richard Waterfield and family. I have a Richard Waterfield born circa 1740 in Leicestershire UK. Richard was I believe a Royal Marine in the British Royal Navy, could there be a link?

NancyWilson (, Sun Jul 23 18:21:37 EDT 2000

We are thrilled to have found this Eastern Shore source of info.We still one very elderly relatinve living there but she is unable to go back very far in the family history. We are looking for info on the Wilson and Justice families.

Aurella Outen Milbourne/Milburn Add (, Sun Jul 23 06:58:56 EDT 2000

Help...early history Milburn/Milbourne family THANKSaaa

Aurella Outen Milbourne Addison (, Sun Jul 23 05:59:42 EDT 2000

How do I purchase your book? I need geneology infofmat

loma Gonzales (, Sat Jul 22 09:32:37 EDT 2000

I am looking for my ancesters they came to VA. about 1700 and settled at Bowling Green,VA. names wre Lord William Parker and Lady Elizabeth Winslow. They had a Harry who married a Joanna Thomas. My papers say Harry and Joanna moved to Kentucky. I would like to know if William had anymore children and when did he and Elizabeth die and where.

loma (, Sat Jul 22 09:16:28 EDT 2000

i am trying to find my ancesters their names were Lord Willam Parker and Lady Elizabeth Winslow.they came from London around 1970 my informaton says they would have been loyal to the King during the Revolution War they came to Bowling Green VA.

Bill Wheatley (, Fri Jul 21 20:44:01 EDT 2000

Amy Blaylock Tinsley (, Wed Jul 19 11:21:29 EDT 2000

William & Mary Louise ELSEA Rich (WRich26029 @, Tue Jul 18 12:07:30 EDT 2000

We have been involved in tracing the Elsea (spell any-way) from Almodington on the Manokin River What help can you offer?

Everette Turner Bedsworth (, Mon Jul 17 07:56:41 EDT 2000

My father, William Leonard Bedsworth,is from Champ, Md. He is a decendant of Whittington Bedsworth. I would appreciate communicating with anyone who has any information about Whittington's ancestors, and would be happy to share the information that I have.

Shirley R. Olinik (, Sat Jul 15 20:38:48 EDT 2000

My maternal great grandparents were Katherine Russell Grinnalds and George C. Grinnalds. Great Grandma passed in 1953. She had a sister called Dolly who was a widow of a sea captain with the last name of George. Also a sister, Betty who was married to Ernest Coard.and a brother William. Aunt Dolly, Aunt Betty, and Uncle Willie all passed in the early to mid 60s. Anyone out there know any of them? I'm really interested in trying to put it all together, with time allowing. This site is a wonderful beginning. Thank you all for your help. (I live in Greenbush, and work at the Hermitage Healthcare Center, in case you all wonder about who I am, etc.)

Robbyn Alldredge (, Sat Jul 15 10:04:53 EDT 2000

Hi, My cousin gave me this website address & I thought I'd check it out. Have a great day.

Carole Maggio (, Thu Jul 13 00:01:33 EDT 2000

I'm new to geneology. I joined and have exhausted all I can there. Now I'm branching out.I'm searching for my Virginia relatives. Most were in and around Petersburg, but I'm not sure about the earliest ones. Family names: Chase, Dyson, Rawlings, Procise, Bass

Lillian Swain (, Wed Jul 12 18:27:33 EDT 2000

I accidently ran across this Excellent Sight while Genealogy surfing for Respess information. My grandfather was a descendant of the Henry Respess family of Northamton Va. Believe Henry was born in England. He M: Dorothy __? Henry Respess's Will was dated 1730 Northamtom, VA. Division of estate was dated 11 July 1738. Three sons and two daughters. Richard, John, Thomas, Mary and Lucretia.

Mary Elia (, Wed Jul 12 18:08:57 EDT 2000

I was pleased to find this site. It has given me some information that I would not have found otherwise. It's nice to have sites that offer to help people doing genealogy research rather than to make a profit from it. Your site is much appreciated. Mary

Jennifer Woodson (, Wed Jul 12 14:41:43 EDT 2000

I am beginning to research the williams of Chincotegue Island. Our grandfather tells a lot of tall tales and we don't know what is true! I am very glad to find this site!

Denise (, Tue Jul 11 22:44:58 EDT 2000

Great web site.I was able to fing out some of the history of Eastville where my greatgrandmother poeple are from Hpoefully my E-mail will be answered and find out more family history

Elvin Dale Pinkston (, Tue Jul 11 12:03:31 EDT 2000

Graham Holland (, Tue Jul 11 10:33:22 EDT 2000

Just a warm hello to all.

Walter B. Wilson III (, Mon Jul 10 11:50:25 EDT 2000

family names Wilson, Moore areas Birdsnest, Cape Charles

Michael Frederic Mills (, Sun Jul 9 20:43:48 EDT 2000

My grandfather, Frederic Locksley Groton was born in Pungotegue in the 1880's to John Littleton Groton, son of William D. Groton, , one of the long line of Accomac Co. Grotons. Am in the process of tracing my particular lineage and the history of individuals in that line. Any help or comments are appreciated. Have some original materials and diaries from mid 1800's. Great website, thanks.

Mike Mills Lomita, Ca

Leona Latham-Simonini (, Sun Jul 9 08:12:26 EDT 2000

Great site! I have lots of info that I would love to share on the Venables, Woodson, Davis, Hughes, Carrington. Although not all in the Counties you have mentioned. I notice that you do have other counties, such as Prince Edward Co.

Marit Parker Evans (, Sat Jul 8 23:37:13 EDT 2000

Am enjoying the pictures---thanks for posting them. Wish I could have attended.

Keith Warrington (, Fri Jul 7 18:17:50 EDT 2000

chuck (, Thu Jul 6 13:34:53 EDT 2000

to bored mike. or boring mike. dont complain. just move. hope that helps. hi to wishes, chuck evans

Donlad Wise (, Tue Jul 4 13:00:17 EDT 2000

Robert C. Wilkerson (, Tue Jul 4 10:27:17 EDT 2000

I am delighted to discover your site. I was born in Horsey, Accomack County and have been living in Richmond, Va. since 1955. I have extensive information on the Wilkerson/Wilkinson, Groton, and Drummond, lines that I will be happy to share with anyone interested. Best regards.

Mike Hunt (, Mon Jul 3 17:09:59 EDT 2000

I live on the Eastern Shore, and at times it can be very very boring. That pretty much sums it up.


Mike Hunt

JAMES R. REVELL, Sr. (, Sun Jul 2 15:17:23 EDT 2000

I am a direct decendant of Randall Revell (1610-1685) of Somerset, Maryland formerly of St. Marys, Maryland and Northhampton (Pungotaeque) and Accomac, Virginia. I am presently trying to finalize the family linage and am missing one link. Anyone with knowledge of the parents of Randall C. Revell born in Accomac in 1812 and buried in Portsmouth in 1848 would be greatly appreciated. This information will be used to document, write and publish a Revell family history from 1628 to 2000. Most of this publication will center on Northhampton and Accomac counties in Virginia and in Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties Maryland. A great deal of information has been previously published concerning Randall Revell and some of his decendants. Unfortunately, some of these publications contain errors. This future pblication hopes to correct as many of these errors as possible and offer new information to future researchers. The Revell family in America consists of many branches. Most American Revell's trace their linage to Thomas Revell of New York and New Jersey (1678, Randall Revell of Virginia and Maryland (1632/1634) and Joe John Revell of Henrico/Isle of Wight/Southhampton counties in Virginia (1658).

Randall Revell's immediate family consists of two basic branches. The Virginia Revell's decendants of Randall through his son Edward (Pungoteaque) and the Maryland Revell's through his son Randall Jr. (Somerset).

1524 Lauren ashleigh Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23321 (757) 465-5533

Rhonda Guilliams (, Sun Jul 2 09:28:38 EDT 2000

Enjoyed your site. Looking for information on Thomas Firth who may have been in this area in the early 1800's. Also looking for the Burge family. Thanks alot

Kathie Tennent (, Thu Jun 29 15:08:07 EDT 2000

Very interesting information - thanks for sharing it with the world.

Ronald L. Smith (, Wed Jun 28 13:26:47 EDT 2000

Looking for information on Margaret Clark. She married Cantwell Garrison. Cantwell died brfore 1753 when his wife Margaret sold 46 arces in Northampton Co. to William Burton. Any information would help.

Ronald L. Smith (, Wed Jun 28 13:21:19 EDT 2000

Looking for information on Margaret Clark. She married Cantwell Garrison abt.1764-66. Cantwell died before 1753 when his wife Margaret sold 46 acres in Northampton Co. to William Burton.

Ira Ellswsorth Kilmon, III (, Mon Jun 26 19:56:21 EDT 2000

Dorothy Brittingham Wells (, Sun Jun 25 23:37:29 EDT 2000

i have found through my cousin's research that we are related to William Brittingham who haled from England in 1681 (or there abouts). I thank all who have done research to find all the information that I have seen and are still yet to see. Thanks DeeBrittWells

Dorothy Brittingham Wells (, Sun Jun 25 23:35:12 EDT 2000

i have found through my cousin's research that we are related to William Brittingham who haled from England in 1861 or there abouts. I thank all who have done research to find all the information that I have seen and are still yet to see. Thanks DeeBrittWells

Howard West (, Sun Jun 25 21:43:30 EDT 2000

Howard West (, Sun Jun 25 21:43:27 EDT 2000

Howard West (, Sun Jun 25 21:43:26 EDT 2000

Joan , Sat Jun 24 17:40:01 EDT 2000

Donna Smith(Leatherbury) (, Fri Jun 23 18:57:39 EDT 2000

I have always been interested in finding the roots of my maiden name since it is such a odd name Leatherbury. But as far as I know My Grandpa Joseph Coy Leatherbury Came From Texas. But it is very interesting anyway reading about other people with the same last name. Your website is very detailed and very interesting.

BETTY LANG ZUPAN (ZUP381@AOL.COM), Thu Jun 22 21:13:44 EDT 2000

i was born and raised on the eastern shore and now live in atlanta, ga. i am happy to see this site and look forward to exploring it. BETTY LANG ZUPAN

N ORTIZ (, Wed Jun 21 00:31:18 EDT 2000

I`m very interested in the history of this area and it`s people,I`m working on the names,ARBUCKLE and HENDERSON,of the 1700`s and 1800`s, This site looks very promising.

BRENDA shearouse (, Tue Jun 20 09:06:47 EDT 2000


, Tue Jun 20 09:03:13 EDT 2000

Randy Andrews (, Tue Jun 20 04:31:31 EDT 2000

You have alot of info. in here. Great site! There is alot of work behind all of this.

Lillie M. Parker (, Tue Jun 20 00:28:12 EDT 2000

A change of address since last posting about Bowdens and Merritts

Erin McConnell (, Mon Jun 19 15:56:54 EDT 2000

I have family that is strongly rooted on the Eastern Shore on my fathers side. Any person who has any information on the Browns or the Fitchetts of the Eastern Shore who can assist me in building my family tree please feel free to contact me!! I may have information for you as well!! My grandmother, Mary Louise Brown was born there along with 5 other children. Her mother was Sara Fitchett and her father was John Sheppard Brown. John Thomas Fitchett's (Sara's father) grave stone is on the Eastern shore as well as Sara Fitchetts grave.

Henry W. Gould (, Sat Jun 17 09:00:27 EDT 2000

Fantastic!n My wife Jean and I are pleased to find GHOTES! We have sent in an initial enquiry. Jean's mother was Annie Blanch Mister from Deal Island. Annie married Anglum P. West and later they moved to W.Va.

I have spent several hours exploring just a few of the many links on yout GHOTES pages and I am MUCH IMPRESSED!


Henry and Jean Gould

Steve Sykes (, Fri Jun 16 20:10:58 EDT 2000

I've been researching my mother's ancestry, early settlers of Va. and Md., moving into Ky. and further west. There is so much more I'd like to know. Perdue, Smith, Bass, Hatchett, Denney, Reynolds, Griffith, Frost, Sloan, Wood, Woody, Guffey and so many more.


Keith (, Thu Jun 15 12:31:13 EDT 2000

I am looking for information on Edwin Thomas Mapp, who was allegedly born in or around 1896 in Accomac County. He allegedly died somewhere between 1956 and 1961, give or take a year or so. He allegedly married a Peggie Haynes in 1955. He also allegedly had at least two kids before that; a son named Edwin Mapp and a daughter named Elsie, both of whom are allegedly still alive. He would be 56, and she is 66, supposedly. Anyone know anything about any of these people? THanks!



John Wilkins (, Tue Jun 13 21:17:18 EDT 2000

Many of the family folk lure have been verified with the information from Bill Wilkins. My father was born in Turberville 1/1916 and seems to trace bace to Eastern Shore

R Stone (, Tue Jun 13 10:34:44 EDT 2000

Great site. I have many families from the same area. Stone, Nalle, Davis,I am primarily interested in the HACK family, Andrew Jackson Hack c1793 VA mrd Rachel Smith c1796 VA. All assistance appreciated. Many Thankx R Stone

Spencer Cardwell (, Mon Jun 12 22:15:18 EDT 2000

I received a reply to my msg bd msg w/ ref to Custis, Coleburn, Scarborough families. I am very excited to get your address and plan to peruse the contents this week.

Elizabeth Foster Beauchamp (, Mon Jun 12 16:18:00 EDT 2000

My Grandmother and her side of the family (The Waterfields) are from the Eastern Shore. Because of this, I'm very interested in the Eastern Shore and my family's place in its history.


Barry Whealton (, Sun Jun 11 23:12:35 EDT 2000

Was surfing the web looking for any information to begin genealogical research on the Whealton family, especially the family of William Hamilton Whealton, Jr. He had three sisters whose names were Virgina, Edna, and Betty; he had one brother, Alfred. His parents were William H. Whealton, Sr. and Daisy Whealton. If anyone has any information to help us get started on our research, please let us know. This site had several links for us to investigate.

F. Lee Graves (, Sun Jun 11 16:25:25 EDT 2000

I came to your site trying to find information on Hungar's Parish and a distant ancestor, Thomas Graves who was a vestryman there. I find your site interesting and full of information. Thanks.....Lee

Tom Wright (, Sun Jun 11 10:36:33 EDT 2000

Looking for Bunting, Truitt, Carpenter ancesters of Betty Lou Carpenter (Looney), born 1931 in Cheriton. Nice site.

Richard Jarvis (, Sat Jun 10 11:07:23 EDT 2000

My ancestor, Francis Jarvis arrived in Accomack County from England on October 14, 1635 at Old Plantation Creek. He appears in several court records for Accomack County. His descendant, William Jarvis, born in 1725, owned 201 acres at Piney Forest adjoining Arlington Plantation, 200 acres at Willow Grove, and 674 acres known as the Parramore's Estaste. I have a pretty good database of the descendants of Francis Jarvis on the Virginia Eastern Shore.

, Sat Jun 10 10:58:49 EDT 2000

Richard Jarvis (, Sat Jun 10 10:58:35 EDT 2000

Sue Ann Bunner (, Thu Jun 8 18:36:49 EDT 2000

First-time visitor, interested in the Bundick name.

Betty Phillips Hart (, Thu Jun 8 16:27:29 EDT 2000

I really like your Web site. Pictures of my paternal grandmother, etc., have been submitted and are posted. Another family member sent them to you. Thanks.

Arthur Peyton Howard (, Tue Jun 6 22:05:19 EDT 2000

Looking for info. re. the decendants of William Henry Howard 11/20/1834 to 1/20/1929

and Mary Elizabeth (Mason) Howard 3/7/1845 to 1/10/1919. Married in Accomack Co.

near the Parksley VA area.

Also the Barnes family of the same area and same time who had a family including

4 daughters Sallie, Ella, Arinthia and Emma. Sally married Johnny Barnes, Ella marrieds

Ernest Sterling, Arinthia married Oscar Howard and Emma married

Clarence Godwin. All lived in the Hunting Creek area nr. the town of

Parksley in the county of Accomack, VA. As for your Website, I haven't figured it out yet

Stephen Ames (, Tue Jun 6 15:57:27 EDT 2000

M Anne Hart (M, Mon Jun 5 21:50:05 EDT 2000

I found my entire Eastern Shore family on this site.

Daniel J. Lynch (, Sun Jun 4 10:01:24 EDT 2000

M Young (, Sat Jun 3 17:07:26 EDT 2000

I really enjoy your web site. Thanks.

Maryanne Swontek (, Fri Jun 2 09:44:06 EDT 2000

I've love this site. I've been to it several times. I'm researching my mother's mother's side of the family. I'm looking for Jackson Hall (born 9/1872) from Hallwood, VA (in Accomack)married Lorra Carsey(?). Showed in in the 1900 Census in Crisfield, MD with son Eral. I can't find him before the 1900 census. Any help would be appreciated.

Billy M. Adkins (, Thu Jun 1 17:43:22 EDT 2000

Denise Oldenhoff (, Wed May 31 22:24:41 EDT 2000

My grandfather Edward Karpa was born in Cape Charles 17 Jan 1897. His parents were Stock and Anna Karpa. If you have any family history or info please write.

Edith Ruth Northam (, Wed May 31 15:15:12 EDT 2000

FINALLY found your website. Thru FamilyTreeMaker site. Had seen it referenced a couple of times and just didn't have a clue as to what it even WAS!! But, now I've found you. Thanks for your efforts. Will look around some more. edith

Robins R. Mapp III (, Wed May 31 14:31:51 EDT 2000

Nancy Lynn Warner (, Wed May 31 01:26:46 EDT 2000

I was so delighted to come upon your web site. My Mother's family is from Parksley, VA. I was able to follow it all the way back to the 1700's for both of my Grandparents. What a wonderful site, for those of us who are interested in our heritage. I would love to hear from anyone who's family's name is Parks, or Shreaves, as this was my Grandparents names. I am very new at this and would appreciate all the help that I can get.

Betsy Tyson (, Tue May 30 22:30:40 EDT 2000

Thanks for such a great site. I especially enjoyed the maps showing land transactions in Northampton and Accomack Counties. My 7G grandparents, John and Susanikka TYSON, were early owners of the N 45 parcel in mid-Northampton County. The only other TYSON I recognized among the TYSON landowners listed was Mathias TYSON, son of John and Susanikka. My 6G grandfather Mathias was named in his father's will along with Mathias's sisters Anne and Katherin. Their husbands are not yet known. Also not known is when John the immigrant arrived and where he sailed from.

June Millwood (, Sat May 27 19:40:26 EDT 2000

Heidi Shaw (, Sat May 27 11:58:34 EDT 2000

I am looking for info on Ella Mae Milliner born 6-6-1924 d. 12-19-1993.I need her parents names.I also need info on Jerald Kieffaber.He married Ella.Anything at this point would be great.

(, Fri May 26 20:45:26 EDT 2000

Im trying to find Don Peterson in Falls Church West Ver.

JAMES VINSON (, Fri May 26 15:26:37 EDT 2000

I am a descendant of COL.John Wise (1617-1695)and would be interested in any information or sources of information you have.


Garland Robert Belote,Jr. (, Fri May 26 14:39:06 EDT 2000

I was born in Onancock,Va. 11-15-26 My father Garland Robert Belote,Sr. but was known as Punk Belote. My grandfather was Everett Belote that at one time spelled his name Beloate. I have his old safe and the name on the safe is Beloate???

(sgm, Thu May 25 14:18:00 EDT 2000

bill ward (bearward, Wed May 24 22:12:02 EDT 2000

Kendall Kellam (, Tue May 23 23:05:34 EDT 2000

Enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the article by Elton Bennett. Have not thought of some of those mentioned in sometime..good to recall some good times in Cape Charles. I am now retired and live in Huntsville, Texas.

Beverly Bybee Spatz (, Tue May 23 15:24:28 EDT 2000

The Web Site is delightful. Have Ancestors who was one of the first 1620 to landed at Eastern Shore Accomack. I would love to be attending the Celebration June 19, 2000 and share the info that I have. Also, enjoyed the Maps which were most helpful and can actually pinpoint my Ancestors as to where they actually lived.

Thanks, I love the Ghotes!

Emily Van Hazinga (, Tue May 23 00:15:19 EDT 2000

Your site is lovely! I'm so glad to have found it. I am an 8th-generation Emmerson descendant. The name is mostly associated with Portsmouth, Va., but the first two generations in America lived on the Eastern Shore at Accomac, where the Rev. Arthur Emmerson was rector of a church, long vanished. I've just transcribed the Emmerson genealogy and related letters and wills for the computer and would be glad to share the Eastern Shore-relevant parts with you -- good stuff all round. Please let me know if you'd be interested. Emily Van Hazinga

Anne Strahan (, Mon May 22 22:41:12 EDT 2000

Looking for Strahan researchers to share information.

June Stratton (, Mon May 22 01:50:03 EDT 2000

What a wonderful web site. I have enjoyed the visit even though I will not be able to attend the conference this year, I am researching these families from KY who have GHOTES connections: Stratton and Ellis,. Other families that might be from there are Jolley and Terry.

Jean White Raleigh (, Sun May 21 16:52:02 EDT 2000

Could you send me more information about your conference in June. We will be at our home in Cape Charles during that week and I wish to join your organization.


Edgar M. Hopkins (, Sun May 21 12:46:13 EDT 2000

interested in any familial connection between John Hopkins of Accomack, and John Estaugh Hopkins,b. May, 1811, son of William Estaugh Hopkins, Quaker, of Haddonfield, New Jersey, b.1738, son of Ebenezer hopkins, Quaker, of London, England, borne 20 June 1718

Jane Hubbard (, Fri May 19 18:41:43 EDT 2000

My Great Grandmother Emma Nimmo daughter of James Nimmo and Frances Core Nimmo was born in Princess Anne. She married my Great Grandfahter James Exum Hubbard and moved to Charles City. I know via letters with other Nimmos that we are related to James Nimmo who came from Scotland. I'd love to find information to fill in the gaps.

Billie Sue (Best) Hollingsworth (BSHOLLI@EXCELONLINE.COM), Thu May 18 20:48:45 EDT 2000

This is my first visit so I don't have an opinion yet.

Billie Sue (Best) Hollingsworth (BSHOLLI), Thu May 18 20:47:04 EDT 2000

Billie Sue (Best) Hollingsworth (BSHOLLI), Thu May 18 20:47:03 EDT 2000

Linda Griffin Williamson (, Tue May 16 20:43:21 EDT 2000

Enjoyed reading your work. Am searching for the parents of my grandparents in Georgia and was hoping you might have something in this Website, maybe, about the parents of Benjamin Franklin Griffin B. abt. 1877/1878, D. 12/3/1918 Charleston, SC, bur. Augusta. Ga. Don't know if he was a SR. as my father B. Franklin Griffin never used a JR. Do know he had family in Augusta, Ga.

William Ray Floyd III (wnter44@aol), Tue May 16 18:39:23 EDT 2000

I enjoy this site. My ancestors on the Eastern shore go back to the early 1600's. My Grandfather William Ray Floyd leftthe Eastern Shore in the early 1900's with his parents Louis Floyd and Sudie Kellam Floyd to live in South Norfolk and later Ocean View. Louis and Sudie are buried on the Eastern Shore.

Ruby Goffigon Ricks (, Tue May 16 13:08:41 EDT 2000

It is always exciting to find Eastern Shore connections especially on the internet.

LeVaughn Williams, Sr (, Sun May 14 09:10:57 EDT 2000

Interesting reading.

Iva Thompson (, Sat May 13 16:11:36 EDT 2000

Great site. East to use and contains excellent data.

Lillie M. Parker (, Thu May 11 23:18:24 EDT 2000

I am searching Bowdens and Merritts...... Parker Bowden was my ggggrandfather. My gg grandfather was Ira Bowden and my ggrandmother was Sara Jane Bowden who was married to Issac L. Merritt Wo. Co. Md... she later married Emory Bowden.... Any info would greatly be appreciated.... Thank You Lillie M. Parker

Lillie M. Parker (, Thu May 11 22:38:23 EDT 2000

I am searching Bowdens and Merritts...... Parker Bowden was my ggggrandfather. My gg grandfather was Ira Bowden and my ggrandmother was Sara Jane Bowden who was married to Issac L. Merritt Wo. Co. Md... she later married Emory Bowden.... Any info would greatly be appreciated.... Thank You Lillie M. Parker

Kate Anderton Watson (, Thu May 11 15:39:42 EDT 2000

Gretchen Messick Grimaud (, Tue May 9 00:39:58 EDT 2000

My cousin told me about this website and I had a lot of fun while browsing through sitting down here in Texas. I am originally from the Shore and will visit again when I have the time..Well done.

Mary L. Miles Sanders (, Mon May 8 23:10:01 EDT 2000

very nice site. didn't find my line ( Eli Emillson Miles)

Silver F. Smith (, Sun May 7 13:48:39 EDT 2000

Fielding Lewis Tyler (, Sat May 6 19:34:27 EDT 2000

Pam Wise Spence (, Fri May 5 20:14:19 EDT 2000

I stumbled upon this site by accident this afternoon and have been here ever since. About five hours. I was totally stunned to find information I had wondered about for the last ten years! I am a directly descended from Thomas and Sally Hall Marshall. What a find! I'll be back every day. Thanks for a great site.

Tamika Nottingham (, Fri May 5 00:00:02 EDT 2000

bill shelton (, Thu May 4 16:16:54 EDT 2000

I was hear earlier while one of my classes was starting (I teach junior high art)and wasn't able to sign, but here I am and I was pleased with information I think I found.

Bill Shelton

Robert Simkins (, Wed May 3 07:53:37 EDT 2000

Enjoyed searching your site. When more time allows, I'd like to return and explore more. Some members of our family have researched various branches of our tree and it will be nice to coordinate it with the info here.

Dorothy Senn Bowden (, Wed May 3 00:46:18 EDT 2000

Being born and bred on the Eastern Shore I'm sure I'm related to every third person. I'm interested in finding out about the Gladstone (Gladson) side of the family, at this point. This would include the Minsons, Sanfords, and Teakles. The Teakle branch is the one I'm interested in now. Great Site.

Louis Earl Hickman Jr. (, Tue May 2 22:23:03 EDT 2000

surname research Ollie Savage, St. Martins Neck Md. grandfather

john g. pettyjohn (, Mon May 1 21:06:58 EDT 2000

outstanding presentation

Dr. Dick Scott (, Mon May 1 20:33:04 EDT 2000

William Allen Truitt (, Mon May 1 17:23:46 EDT 2000

Very interesting. Just looking for family members of Jesse , and Samual Truitt

Eleanor Louise Brown Carson (, Mon May 1 16:57:18 EDT 2000

Francis Marion Brown and Fannie Dovel Brown were my grandparents. I was born in Harrisonburg, VA, but I do not know where they hailed from after F.M.Brown left Culpepper, VA. Could it be that the Eastern Shore figured into this picture. Beautiful country.

Helena Savage (, Mon May 1 15:09:56 EDT 2000

What a neat site -- I'll be back many times.

Beverly Bybee Spatz (, Sun Apr 30 19:43:10 EDT 2000


Frederick Somers Dixon (, Fri Apr 28 08:07:16 EDT 2000

Wonderful site! It's made me profoundly homesick. I'm descended from Ambrose Dixon and Benjamin Somers, and was born and raised in Crisfield. Thanks, folks; I haven't heard the word 'hayman' in twenty years!

Howard D. Blair (, Thu Apr 27 05:34:22 EDT 2000

Looking for PARKER - CADE - COTTINGHAM - DRYDEN - SELBY - SCARBOROUGH - TRUITT connections with the PARKERs in Southampton, Hampshire, England 1500-1649; Accomac Co., Va. mid 1600 & 1700's; Somerset Co., Md. 1700's; and Snow Hill, WOrcester Co., Md. 1800-1900's. Thanks

monte (bear13 ), Wed Apr 26 15:25:34 EDT 2000

Your place is veary nice all of us lick it.

Shirley Hall (, Tue Apr 25 21:12:49 EDT 2000

Many interested comments from this group. Perhaps someone could help me in looking for any Gordy's that maybe in that area.

Shirley Hall (, Tue Apr 25 21:12:23 EDT 2000

Many interested comments from this group. Perhaps someone could help me in looking for any Gordy's that maybe in that area.

Shirley Hall (, Tue Apr 25 21:10:57 EDT 2000

Many interested comments from this group. Perhaps someone could help me in looking for any Gordy's that maybe in that area.

Constance Todd (, Tue Apr 25 12:36:26 EDT 2000

Jack Levis Taylor Jr. (, Mon Apr 24 22:51:36 EDT 2000

Great web page! I am researching Elizabeth M. Hazzard b. 12- 07-1838. Her parents were Joseph and Mary(possibly Hale or Aylward. She married John Morgan Taylor 03-27-1857.

BOB GALLAGHER (, Mon Apr 24 11:27:50 EDT 2000

Arthur E Reece (, Sun Apr 23 23:40:07 EDT 2000

Sincere Thanks for a Website with a great deal of data(Primarily on The Warrington's) Which proved very helpful to . special Thanks to Chuck Warrington Re; Court records, Wills etc. thanks.


Ziner (, Sun Apr 23 22:35:36 EDT 2000

Hello Family member of Scott Fitchett Morris claim.

This the third reunion for SFM Family. The Reunion is schedule for August 17-20,2000. There is something for each night. Thurday is the Chat-Chew, Friday is the fish fry at the kiptopeke state, from 2-8pm, Saturday is the banquet 7-12pm in the Best Western Sunset Beach Resort Hotel, Sunday is the cook out at the park from 2-8pm(you can get in the park at 9am). The Worship Service is at the Ebenezer A.M.E. Church, Capeville, va., We the SFM Committee plan this reunion that everyone will enjoy them self. please come. from 15 - adult the price 70.00(not the hotel) from 5-14 the price is 40.00(not the hotel). your rooms are make your self. thank you I hope to see you there. Any question email me at the above address.


Nancy Wray Seyfert (, Sun Apr 23 19:29:19 EDT 2000

I am a native of the Eastern Shore, now in Reading, PA. I am researching my grandparents lines of Richardson, Whitehead, Hudson, Jones, Shelton, Wray, and Wade.

margaret b simkins (, Sun Apr 23 11:33:25 EDT 2000

It's great. Thanks for all the work

Van Velson, Rod (, Sun Apr 23 01:17:53 EDT 2000

George F. Bowden (, Sat Apr 22 09:13:25 EDT 2000

This is my first entry into browsing the web. A former Eastern Shore resident.Born in Cheriton and raised in Cape Charles., At age 19,left to enter the Newport News Shipbuildings Appremtice School, and retired after 42 years .

This is my first attempt to browse the web site. Raised in Cape Charles, left at age 19 to enter the Newport News Shipbuildings Apprentice School. Retired after 42 years and continued to work as a consultant for another 9 . After 51 years,I finally said thats all.Now I spend lots of time volunteering. We still maintain a home in Sign Post, which is at the Va. state line. All of my wife's and my family are from Chincoteague. we come over to the Shore quite often. I hope to be a contributor soon. Best wihes ,George.


Bob Williams (, Fri Apr 21 15:08:44 EDT 2000

Searching for information on the surname of GUNN. If you can help, drop me a line.

Good looking web site.

Steven J. Partin (, Fri Apr 21 15:08:25 EDT 2000

Ilove the Eastern shore...

Joyce Wolfe (, Thu Apr 20 21:59:53 EDT 2000

This looks like a great site. I'd like to join, but couldn't exactly find where to subscribe. Will signing this guest book do the trick? Thanks! Joyce

Ira E. Kilmon,III (, Thu Apr 20 13:01:22 EDT 2000

You have a terrific site. Thanks for all the fine effort.

Waldemar S. Dickenson (Walt) (, Wed Apr 19 20:47:04 EDT 2000

Hope to be a member of GHOTES soon love what I have seen so far.

Kenneth S.Reightler, Sr. (, Wed Apr 19 11:19:08 EDT 2000

Doing research for Evelyn Harrison(Lowery) Reightler Family names: Lowery/Harrison/Jackson/Sewell/Covington/Jenkins/North. Location Eastern Shore DelmarVa Peninsula- Talbot,Somerset,Dorchester Counties. 1600-present. John B. Harrison ,Boatbuilder,Tilghman Island; Sidney Covington, Boatbuilder., Talbot County Some Baltimore connections.

S.T.Smaw (, Tue Apr 18 11:20:34 EDT 2000

Joana S. Donovan (, Sun Apr 16 20:37:08 EDT 2000

Searching for John Dunavan/Donovan who was transported from Virginia to Old Somerset county, Md in 1674 by Edward Stevens.

John A. Byrd, Jr. M.D. (, Sun Apr 16 10:28:34 EDT 2000

I came upon the Miles File while surfing the net and was surprised to find my grandfather, Charles L. Byrd, and his children including my father, John Abbott Byrd, listed in the files.

Robin and Jan (nee Wise) Cross (, Sat Apr 15 14:30:36 EDT 2000

Hi. My maiden name is WISE and I am descended from the WISEs of Sydenham in Devon. I was delighted to visit the site to see the American branch of the WISE family. Our son has now married a lovely American young lady and we hope to visit the Wise Cemetary in Virginia on one of our trips to your country. Thanks for a great site.

Robin and Jan (nee Wise) Cross (, Sat Apr 15 14:20:21 EDT 2000

Hi. My maiden name is WISE and I am descended from the WISEs of Sydenham in Devon. I was delighted to visit the site to see the American branch of the WISE family. Our son has now married a lovely American young lady and we hope to visit the Wise Cemetary in Virginia on one of our trips to your country. Thanks for a great site.

BEVERLY JACKS (, Thu Apr 13 19:11:25 EDT 2000

new to genealogy-original from pa-now living in va-researching some local connections

BEVERLY JACKS , Thu Apr 13 19:09:40 EDT 2000

Harriett Hardy (, Wed Apr 12 16:01:32 EDT 2000

This is a wonderful resource! I am looking for information about Duers and Mears (Arthur T.) There exists a complete geneology of Duers compiled by my mother's cousin. As soon as I can get my hands on it, I'll share.

Ralph A. Mc Allister (, Tue Apr 11 16:28:35 EDT 2000

Been away for a while due to computer problems. May make yet another change. Anything interesting going on?

Milton K. Wright (, Mon Apr 10 22:04:04 EDT 2000

Interrest in Northhampton county, Eastville, Hungars Church, Holland family, Mapp family, Cape Charles, Accomac.

Mary Parker Vaughan (, Mon Apr 10 12:15:42 EDT 2000

I am seeking information on Joseph Crockett Parker b. 1800 in Onancock? Accomack Co. and Mary Ann Ambrose b. 1806 in Ireland who married 03 11 1832. Their children were Joseph Ambrose Parker (b. 07 07 1841) and William George Washington Parker. All moved to Portsmouth, VA where they lived until death. My great grandfather was Joseph Ambrose Parker.

Judy Shockey (, Sun Apr 9 22:54:39 EDT 2000

I enjoyed this site very much. I would like to see more information on the following surnames: WALLER,SCOTT and Arnold.

Thomas Myron Doughty Jr (, Sun Apr 9 01:56:55 EDT 2000

I am looking for data on the Doughty family on Hogs Island

, Fri Apr 7 17:17:36 EDT 2000

Margaret Wise (, Fri Apr 7 17:17:36 EDT 2000

Jim Hicks (, Fri Apr 7 09:33:20 EDT 2000

You have an outstanding site with a wealth of information. I believe I ha have a connection with the Taylor family. I am still searching for the missing link.

john blaylock (, Thu Apr 6 21:48:04 EDT 2000

what happened to Thomas Blaylock????

W. Reid Fitchett Sr (, Thu Apr 6 12:06:20 EDT 2000

So very happy to have been refered to this site

George B. Twyford III ( or, Wed Apr 5 11:09:28 EDT 2000

It good seeing the Shore is still striving. I was raised there but left in the early 70's. If anyone knows Robin Gardner, a classmate tell her to contact me. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Jon Tudor (, Tue Apr 4 05:30:42 EDT 2000

Searching out Tudor from Isle of Wight

David Leister (, Mon Apr 3 09:37:26 EDT 2000

, Thu Mar 30 22:18:29 EST 2000

Carolyn S. Jaussi (, Thu Mar 30 14:30:29 EST 2000

I haunt your site. I thought it was about time to compliment you on its usability and wealth of information. I am researching the Eshon/Esham families of Northampton Co VA and Worcester Co MD. Any Eshon information would be appreciated. Keep up the good work on the site. CSJ

Dianne L Fulton (, Thu Mar 30 09:46:27 EST 2000

Very informative. Will refer others to check it out. I'm researching Parramore, Waller, Manlove, Carter, Monroe, Todd, Notestine, and many others as I gather info. Dianne

Kathryn Hunter (, Wed Mar 29 14:56:00 EST 2000

I am seeking information on the parents of Judge James Henry b.1731, Accomac Co., Va., married to a Sarah Maria Scarborough. One indication is that father's name was also James Henry, who was married to a woman's whose first name was Elizabeth. Another source mentioned the father's name to be Col. John Henry. Parents of both would have been Alexander Henry and Jean Robertson from Aberdeen, Scotland. Any help in clearing up this confusion would be most grately received. Kathryn

Rita Groton Kelley (j/, Wed Mar 29 11:17:46 EST 2000

very interesting and refreshing/will return/parents- Lionel W Groton & Veta Guy Groton

Edmund R. Jacob, Jr (, Tue Mar 28 23:38:12 EST 2000

My entire family is from the Eastern shore. My father's people lived in Northampton Co. , and were Roberts, Williams, Mapp, and Jacob. My mothers family is from accomack Co. and were the Reades, Bulls, Fitchetts, and Colonnas.

This is an EXCELLENT page and I hope to use it to complete my family tree!!! Thanks!!!

Dr. Charles Garris (, Sun Mar 26 20:41:08 EST 2000

I have extensive information on Amos Garris I born 1634/8 Yorkshire, England who immigrated to Northampton County in 1652. Married Ann R. Westerhouse and had several children which I have including Amos Garris II m. Elizabeth Evans had children who I have including Amos Garris III m. Elizabeth Comfort Sharp, may be Comfort Sharp and sister Elizabeth Sharp)got a Lord Proprietors of England Land Grant of 375 acres in Northampton County, North Carolina and Southampton County, Virginia, their children including Amos Garris IV m. Catherine (Yates?)their children. He moved to Emporia, Greenville County, Virginia. I have 6500+ Garris Family Names all across the United States of the Garris Family. I am interested in adding additional Garris Family lineage and helping you with yours.

Lillie Frances Harrington Davis (, Sun Mar 26 18:37:37 EST 2000

You have done a wonderful job! Thanks for your postings. LFHD

Marvin L. Kellam ( or MARVIN_KELLAM@VAPOWER.COM), Sun Mar 26 07:52:43 EST 2000

I'm glad to have found this site. My wife and I have started searching our family histories. I believe this site will be very helpful to me.

My father is Walter L. Kellam, who was from Jamesville, Virginia (Eastern Shore). His father and mother were Henry L. Kellam and Susan Virginia Diggs, both of Northampton County Virginia.. Henry L. Kellam was the son of John C. Kellam and Elizabeth Fletcher, both of Northampton County Virginia.

I have reason to believe that John Kellam I and Richard Kellam sailed from the port of London on the ship Primrose under Capt. Douglas to Northampton County Virginia in 1635. They are believed to have originated in Kelham, Nottinghamshire, England. The Primrose departed Gravesend, England July 27, 1635. Richard Kellam was sixteen at that time.

This information may be helpful to others. Now it's time to have fun looking for more information to fill the gaps. Thanks for havong this site available.

Charles Crowson (, Sat Mar 25 21:51:30 EST 2000

I am a descendant of William Crowson.

Karen Morgan (Karen, Fri Mar 24 22:12:53 EST 2000

My grandmother was born a Twiford. Her family came from East Lake, North Carolina. I was surfing the net and found my own family! Been looking for years for the Twifords. I remember the name Bartholomew Twiford from doing research years ago and here he is on the web. So glad to finally find out something! Thank you.

THOMAS L LYNE JR (, Thu Mar 23 22:54:25 EST 2000

Shirley M. Wilkins (, Thu Mar 23 22:11:44 EST 2000

I am looking for info on my great, great grandfather, Healy Bagwell, born in Northampton County.

Donna Belote Russell (, Thu Mar 23 18:50:44 EST 2000

ANY BELOTE GHOTES OUT THERE? Hi! Glad to find this group! Mrs. Jean Mihalyka, author of Marriages of Northampton County, Virginia 1660/1854 suggested I contact you. I currently live in eastern Tennessee, though I was born in Texas and have moved here from Chicago, IL. My geneology research has led me to Accomac & Northampton counties; and has stopped right on the shore there in the year of 1646. Can't seem to find out Where my family came from (the Belote family) or exactly When, and Why. I'm hoping to get in touch with cousins from the area and learn more about current and ancient family members! I have the geneology Names and dates alrready so that I can check out how/if we are related. Look forward to hearing from anyone related to Jonas Belote born Dec. 8, 1760, or his wife Susanna Holt (they married in May 1791) Also, anyone related to Sarah Smith, daughter of John Smith and Rebecca Wilson. Sarah Smith married Noah Belote, the father of Jonas Belote. EMAIL me at: Thanks! Donna Belote Russell

Jesse Mumford (, Wed Mar 22 19:04:53 EST 2000

Nice Website Looking for Ancestors of Thomas Mumford and Sarah Richardson.

Shirley Bennett (, Wed Mar 22 09:08:22 EST 2000

What a nice website! I think I'm barking up the wrong tree, however. I'm looking for information on the ancestors of Jonathan F. Owen, born abt. 1752.

Joanna Fox (, Tue Mar 21 23:27:31 EST 2000

I think that you web sit is very nice. Haven't had time to look at all of the features.

Floyd Paltridge (, Tue Mar 21 15:40:10 EST 2000

Interested in the names Taylor and Tilghman.

James White Foster (, Mon Mar 20 20:57:36 EST 2000

I`ve just found your webb site through a cousin of mine. I am related to the Lewis from Saxis and the Whites and the Cobbs from Cashville. I have family information thatI`ll gather and send to you in the near future

Beverly Kendall ( ), Mon Mar 20 11:55:39 EST 2000

Beverly Kendall (, Mon Mar 20 11:53:21 EST 2000

Jeffrey Andre Waldo Sr. (, Mon Mar 20 08:06:10 EST 2000

Researching family history on the Eastern Shore, Virginia. I have a couple web-sites, if someone is interested. My families are: Waldo, Staten, Mack, Foster, Moses, Fisher, Benton, Epps and many others. Please email with questions and responses.

Bruce D. Lofland (, Mon Mar 20 00:40:07 EST 2000

I am descended from Dorman Loughland of Northampton County. This is good information. Now I have a picture of where my ancestors lived!

John Howell (, Sun Mar 19 21:51:36 EST 2000

What a great site. Keep up the good work. I wasen't able to find any of my relatives. Thank you for the visit. John

Pat Brown (, Sun Mar 19 10:18:56 EST 2000

Researching Laytons of Worcester Cty, MD; moved to Sussex Cty, DE. in 1880. Samuel Henry b. 1813 married Sarah (Sallie) Catherine. Children Aaron Thomas, Hetty, Julia A., Salathiel, Samuel, Joseph E., Martha, and John. Samuel's sisters lived with them in 1850 who were Jenetta, Mary E., and Elizabeth Layton.

John H Floyd MD (, Sat Mar 18 22:29:46 EST 2000

Am looking for a Tommy (Thomas?) Ames who died in the Cival War. He was from Southwest GA when he went into the Conf. Army. John Floyd

Priscilla Wood (, Sat Mar 18 19:45:16 EST 2000

I am researching Capt. Matthew Wood, who was in Virginia,Norfolk and York County before 1651. I seek info about his descendants Matthew II, Matthew III, and William. Any information is greatly appreciated. I also would like to contact the Fort Eustis Historical and Archaeological Assoc. If you have and address or email, please forward to me. Thnaks. Priscilla

Tom Sidbury (, Sat Mar 18 17:31:09 EST 2000

Excellent compilation of information.

Brian Spencer (, Sat Mar 18 12:48:14 EST 2000

I have found this site to be very imformative in tracing my familey roots.

Jennifer Lilliston Walker (, Fri Mar 17 17:37:48 EST 2000

I am looking for any and all information on my father, Samuel Leon Lilliston whom died in 1975. His mother's name was Ventrice Dize Lilliston and father's name was Harriet Bull Lilliston.

Barbara Kuntz (, Fri Mar 17 14:39:15 EST 2000

Found this site by surfing. Saw the picture of Dorothy Lowe. I have been searching for a Dorothy Virginia Lowe for over a year. My Dorothy was born 12-11-1920. Does anyone know who this Dorothy is? Would be nice to find her. My Dorothy has two sisters that are still alive. Thank you, Barbara

Julia Forrest Payne-Funk (, Thu Mar 16 14:12:31 EST 2000

Lots of great information, lovingly compiled and shared. Thank you, Ms. Cox and other contributors.

Anne Wessels Reed (, Wed Mar 15 16:54:51 EST 2000

Next best thing to being there personally!

Selene Gates (, Tue Mar 14 18:34:27 EST 2000

Enjoyable to search. Will have to collect some info to find some of my family members. Thanks again for this website.

Robert C. Peurifoy, D. Min. (, Mon Mar 13 22:29:24 EST 2000

DARLENE pOTTER (, Mon Mar 13 20:39:20 EST 2000


Joan Brown Derry (, Mon Mar 13 09:36:38 EST 2000

This is a new site for me -- researching WALKER-PARKER-CUSTIS-LACEY

Marsha Trottier (, Sun Mar 12 23:23:44 EST 2000

I am trying to find out about my Stant Family roots in Accomack. My G Grandfather-Corbin Fletcher Stant, GG Grand.-William H. Stant, GGG Grand.-Edward Stant, and GGGG Grand.-James Stant (or Stanton)

Thomas Fields (, Sun Mar 12 21:11:17 EST 2000

I'm researching James Smith Westcott and Major P Westcott--Chesapeake, VA-Northampton County circa 1800-1900. If anyone has any information, please email me.

Thomas Fields (, Sun Mar 12 21:09:18 EST 2000

I'm researching James Smith Westcott and Major P Westcott. If anyone has any information, please email me.

Iva Thompson (, Sun Mar 12 19:28:06 EST 2000

What a great site! Congratulations on such a fine job.

Nathaniel Dalby Nottingham Jr (, Sun Mar 12 13:53:06 EST 2000

Looking for info on brothers and/or sisters of Francis Oliver Nottingham of Cape Charles or Dalbys area. Will visit more later as I get the hang of this machine.

Daniel Bloxom (, Sun Mar 12 09:32:14 EST 2000

this is a very interesting, as well as informative place!!!

Max Mickey (, Sat Mar 11 15:20:42 EST 2000

I'm interested in the history of the Woolford-Wolford Family. Is anyone familiar with Them? (Col. Roger Woolford 1661) Max

jackwbaker (, Sat Mar 11 11:36:28 EST 2000

Many thanks for your help. A very interesting site. jackwbaker 03/11/00

Judith A. Beloate (, Fri Mar 10 17:23:54 EST 2000

My husband is a BELOATE. His name is James. We have just recently started to do his name in earnest. So far I have: James F. Beloate (my husband) McClleand Stone Beloate Arthur Franklin Beloate Benjamin Franklin Beloate Smith C. Beloate All of the above were born in Tennessee. On the 1850 census for Tenn., there is a George Beloate that was born in VA. on the same page as Smith. I am hoping that this is Smith's father. Is there any light you can shed on thses Beloate's from VA. to Tenn.? Thank you Judy Beloate

charles churn (, Fri Mar 10 17:16:24 EST 2000

interrestig,but a little hard to get around.someone told me there was somebodt looing for me here but havent been able to find letter,help

J. C. Harris (, Fri Mar 10 16:46:38 EST 2000

This site is awsome, it is one of the best and easiest to navigate for finding information within the site. Great work! thanks to all for their hard work in providing all of the genealogical data.

Mary Thom Cullen , Fri Mar 10 09:49:24 EST 2000

Robin Scott (, Mon Mar 6 21:20:25 EST 2000

Roger R. Sutton (, Mon Mar 6 16:42:45 EST 2000

I'll probably never be able to get to the Eastern Shore myself, so I'm very glad to find this site. I am a descendant who would like to share information on these families: COOK,GODFREY, HOLLOWAY,MUMFORD, BAILEY & WILLIAMS.

Roger R. Sutton (, Mon Mar 6 16:33:10 EST 2000

I'll probably never be able to get to the Eastern Shore myself, so I am very glad to find this site.

Sandy Kicker (, Sun Mar 5 20:58:46 EST 2000


Barbara Sexton (, Sun Mar 5 10:38:25 EST 2000

Jared Pennington , Sat Mar 4 17:25:38 EST 2000

Marian White (, Fri Mar 3 12:44:12 EST 2000

Looking for family.

alvin collier (, Fri Mar 3 12:35:59 EST 2000

i am trying to locate info on a samuel colyer, who first appeared in pasquotank co, nc. this was approximately -1720-1746. i cannot find from where he came. any help would be appreciated. alvin collier @

Charles Baynard Cherrix (, Thu Mar 2 16:34:34 EST 2000

Garry Cherricks put me onto your site. Looks interesting.

Gerri Williams (, Thu Mar 2 14:29:38 EST 2000

Trying to tracde the genology of my husband Nick B. Williams, Jr.'s ggrandmother Susan Thomas Roberts b. VA, m. to Chesleton Kenneth McKown, mother of many daughters among which was Dora McKown, grandmother to my husband and sister to my husband's, Father's mother. Yes, his parents were first cousins!! Anyone know anything about this family?

Elane Kilmon Strange (, Thu Mar 2 08:18:09 EST 2000

I have many Eastern Shore family lines--Kilmon, Parkes, Ewell, White, Riggs, Hinman, Whealton, and the list goes on. I know quite a lot about some lines, and not much about others. I do research whenever I can find extra time, and so it's an continuing endeavor! My maiden name (Kilmon) is the one I'd really like to learn much more about, and possibly tie up some loose ends, but it's the line that also seems to leave me with so many questions.

The GHOTES site is a great contribution to Eastern Shore researchers!

George A. Mears (, Tue Feb 29 17:41:52 EST 2000

The Mears (Meares) of the Eastern Shore. This my interest. I'm enjoying the site.

rick portlock (, Mon Feb 28 08:37:13 EST 2000

Please remove from the e- mail list

Carolyn Milby Sims (, Sat Feb 26 23:36:12 EST 2000

Thank you for the information about my ancestors John and Patience Milby.

J. E. Southwick (JSouth113@AOL), Sat Feb 26 22:36:19 EST 2000

I just found you and if I can figure out how to use your Site I may find my Groves Family that I have been looking for many years. Thank you for the opportunity to read about Northampton County.

Jim Wood (, Sat Feb 26 15:04:25 EST 2000

I found your site and wanted to say hello. I use to live on the shore as a youngster.

Kathy Nelson (, Thu Feb 24 21:57:28 EST 2000

I am researching my family tree and find this site very interesting. Many of my descendants came from Virginia. Some have been there since the early 1600`s.Especially in Accomack and All Hallow`s Parrish, also in New Kent Co.

Kathy Nelson (, Thu Feb 24 21:55:07 EST 2000

I am researching my family tree and find this site very interesting. Many of my descendants came from Virginia. Some have been there since the early 1600`s.Especially in Anne Arundel and All Hallow`s Parrish.

C. L. Haslam (, Thu Feb 24 20:23:31 EST 2000



Thomas V. Rooks ( A beautiful site. The picture), Thu Feb 24 14:40:51 EST 2000

A beautiful site. The pictures bring back a lot of memories of places I have been.

Gayle Weiss (, Thu Feb 24 13:22:53 EST 2000

I am researching Williams, Nottingham, Outten, Abbott, Carpenter and Kellum on the Eastern Shore.

Sharon ANgle (, Wed Feb 23 17:57:31 EST 2000

Saralyn Trusty (, Wed Feb 23 16:27:11 EST 2000

Looking for information on Richard Kellum [ m. Sarah Ainsley. ]. Did he have a brother? I have the father as Edmund Kellam. Any information would help

Saralyn Trusty (, Wed Feb 23 16:12:50 EST 2000

Cathy Radney (, Wed Feb 23 12:47:33 EST 2000

Renee Adams Werth (, Mon Feb 21 15:22:51 EST 2000

Hello, I am a descendant of someone that you have posted on your site. I am a bit confused as to why you have John Andress married to Mary Tinsley listed as John Andrews. I know that some of the Andresses have changed their names but I do not believe that he is one of them. The Andresses that moved to Florida retained the spelling Andress. I have seen it on graves and in the yards of some of them.

Jacqueline M. Farlow (, Mon Feb 21 14:56:42 EST 2000

Just found the site know i will enjoy it.

Linden Nottingham (, Mon Feb 21 12:41:06 EST 2000

My grandfather was Clarence H. Nottingham. I found on that he was born to Amos Conrad Nottingham and Mary Elizabeth Collins. the Collins line is listed there, but Amos' parents etc. are not listed. If you have any info regarding Amos I would very much appreciate it.

, Sun Feb 20 19:19:33 EST 2000

Mary Frances Barnes Rodriguez (, Sun Feb 20 19:17:53 EST 2000

I am the daughter of Betsey (dauther of Mary Frances and Emmett Taylor of Temperanceville) and James Daniel Barnes (son of Herbert and Katherine Barnes of Accomack) and am visiting your website at their request. I hope to learn a little more about our family genealogy while I'm here!

Just for the record, I married Scott Harold Rodriguez on March 8, 1997. We currently live in Mobile, AL with no children.


Mary Caine (, Sat Feb 19 12:20:00 EST 2000

William P. Wise (, Thu Feb 17 16:25:09 EST 2000

Ghotes Website (, Wed Feb 16 17:13:24 EST 2000


Patricia Lynn Craig (, Mon Feb 14 14:39:39 EST 2000

I'am a decendent of the Northam/ayars or ayers family and I just started by typing the name Northam then search,up comes research by mkmiles with alot of info for the northam family.However I dont know if its the same.My grandfathers name is Frand Edward Northam, and my Grandmother is mary ellen ayars/ayers not sure of spelling I called info and gor telephone# for mkmiles. My grandparents are from Accomac/parksley area I'd love to get more information if the way they had 6/7 children and are buried in crisfield,maryland.

Brenda Sensenig (, Sun Feb 13 08:32:33 EST 2000

Most interesting. I will return many times, I am sure.

Brenda Salinas (, Sat Feb 12 21:37:57 EST 2000

Thank you for such a wonderful site. I'm relatively new at using the computer, especially on-line, and I found this site by accident, and you have done a wonderful job on it. It's easy to use, quick and so ver informative. Thank you, Thank you. Brenda

Joseph W.Parker Jr (, Sat Feb 12 13:48:37 EST 2000

You folks have the absolutely finest genealogy site in the world.Easy to navigate,thorough,and best of all friendly. WELL DONE

John Somers - Crisfield MD (, Sat Feb 12 11:03:23 EST 2000

Your site is much larger and comprehensive than the last time I visited! I have now located a possible link to my Somerset County (MD) Somers line, which I believe had to come from the ESVA Ker family.

I am looking for info on Holly G. H. Ker, who married James Stewart Somers in Somerset COunty, MD in 1812.

Any Info?? Tnx

Walter B. Wheatley (, Fri Feb 11 21:02:45 EST 2000

Looking for Coulbourne and Wheatley surnames

helen Dawson (, Fri Feb 11 15:15:25 EST 2000

MarjorieJean P. Jones (, Fri Feb 11 12:55:43 EST 2000

So glad that I found this resource. I am trying to prove some of my Dix Family lines. My grandfather was William Copes Dix, Jr. great grandson of William C. Dix buried in Accomack, Co. in 1854.

Thomas William Kilmon (, Thu Feb 10 09:33:51 EST 2000

Thomas William Kilmon (, Thu Feb 10 09:25:18 EST 2000

Thomas William Kilmon (, Thu Feb 10 09:24:40 EST 2000

Beatrice Grinage (, Thu Feb 10 08:48:19 EST 2000

Patti Lathbury-Mitchell (, Wed Feb 9 21:25:33 EST 2000

I stumbled in on my quest to discover my family history. What a well organized and easy to navigate site you have here.

Diana Gillespie (, Wed Feb 9 20:30:17 EST 2000

Would love to find out more about the Gillespie family

Dana Stalcup (, Wed Feb 9 20:20:57 EST 2000

I'm looking into my Deeble ancestors from Accomack, including the Scarburghs.

One question: family legend has us related to Robert E. Lee through the Deebles, and I am trying to make the connection.


Terry Jackson (, Tue Feb 8 13:57:11 EST 2000

Ginger Dennis Wallis (, Tue Feb 8 01:02:47 EST 2000

This is a wonderful web site for the eastern shore of Virginia. I am searching for John Dennis Family. I believe him to have lived in Accomack County and Northumberland County circa 1635 to 1700. Your site offers some great information that may fit into my family research.

Clare Pebworth (, Mon Feb 7 20:57:46 EST 2000

I am looking for the family and parents of LUTHER BALL of EASTVILLE ca 1800. I know he married in 1826 to ESTHER WHEELER. Family says he ran a tavern but I couldn't find anything about it. Our ancestor is Luther's sister ADELIA (DELIA) BALL who, in Eastville in 1832, married an English sea captain named THOMAS RUSSELL and had a daughter ESTHER A. RUSSELL in 1833. (I know they married but not sure he was a sea captain which is a family story). I have enjoyed my time spent in your site and I shall return. Clare Pebworth Clearwater, Fla.

Joyce Patterson (, Sun Feb 6 21:22:18 EST 2000

Joyce Patterson (, Sun Feb 6 21:19:47 EST 2000

Joyce Patterson (, Sun Feb 6 21:14:39 EST 2000

GAIL M. LITTLEJOHN RAUL (, Sun Feb 6 20:40:08 EST 2000


Terri Long (, Sun Feb 6 19:31:11 EST 2000

Anyone interested in Holmes Presbyterian Church history such as the membership list since 1846 please let me know.

Terri Long (, Sun Feb 6 19:19:49 EST 2000

Still researching Dr. Thompson Holmes (for whom Holmes Presbyterian Church in Bayview is named) who married Elizabeth Stoakley of Accomack in 1805. If you come across any information regarding his life and practice, I would love to have it to add to the research of Holmes Church.

George W. Conway (, Sun Feb 6 18:21:22 EST 2000

Enjoyed searching your Archives on my first visit to your site. Searching CONWAYS (all variations), MILMAN, JONES, DIXON, EVANS, WILKINS. Glad to see there are many WILKINS and would be happy to exchange information with WILKINS who may have ended up in Sussex County, Delaware prior to 1800.

RUTH ASHWORTH (, Sun Feb 6 16:08:27 EST 2000

I am researching Drummonds, especially a Rebecca Drummond who married Thomas Doswell of Hanover Co. Old family anecdotes say that she was from the Eastern Shore and that her mother was an Overton-no proof. Birth date-1726.

Joan (, Sat Feb 5 23:42:59 EST 2000

I found your site by chance, seems like it's quite useful. I didn't see anything on the Bozman's from Somerset County and also originally from Northampton County, Va. Have lots of missing pieces. Anyone having information on the Bozman's, starting with William Bozman born 1620 married Bridget and later married Ellinor White. This is the beginning that I know of. My great grandmother was Susanna Bozman, daughter fof Alexander Bozman.

david drewry (, Sat Feb 5 10:47:23 EST 2000

Elsie M. [Brown] Kirk (, Sat Feb 5 02:24:40 EST 2000

Martha Strong Slater (, Fri Feb 4 22:32:58 EST 2000

I'm searching for documentation on my ancestors from the Eastern Shore, primarily Beauchamp, Fountaine, Parker, Dixon... Look forward to learnling more.

Martha Strong Slater , Fri Feb 4 22:31:28 EST 2000

Clyde Ronald Hicks (, Fri Feb 4 10:55:08 EST 2000

Just got here, but it looks like I'm glad I found you.

Bev Kendall (, Wed Feb 2 21:14:40 EST 2000

audrey reddy (Audrey_reddy), Tue Feb 1 19:19:46 EST 2000

George A. Mears (GAMROUNDHILL@AOL.COM), Tue Feb 1 16:15:56 EST 2000

I visited the MEARS Crossroads area a couple of years ago. I can trace my relatives to JOEL MEARS (MEARES), old Dobbs (Now Greens, Lenoir Co's, NC) Joel, after the Rev War went to Patrick Co Va, Hawkins Co, Tn, Buncombe Co, NC (My Home) and back to Warren Co, Tn. Joel's parents probably came for the Eastern Shore. I enjoy your GHOTES. I have two Ghotes here.

Ronald Smith (, Tue Feb 1 15:44:25 EST 2000

Looking for information on Cantwell Garryson. He is listed in the Northampton Order Book 24 Page 23. He was married between 1764 and 1766 in Princess Anne Co. Va., to Margaret Whitehurst. They had four children: Edmund, John, Susannah and Sally. He was a prisoner of Lord Dunmore during the revolution (25 May 1776). He died about Jan. 1802. He was my gggg grandfather thru his son John.

Ronald Smith (, Tue Feb 1 15:36:54 EST 2000

Looking for information on Cantwell Garryson. He is listed in the Northampton Co. Order Book 24 Page 23. Between 1764 and 1766 he married Margaret Whitehurst in Princess Anne Co. Va. They had four children: Edmund, John,Susannah and Sally. He was a prisoner of Lord Dunmore during the Revolution 25 May 1776. He died in Jan. 1802.

Ronald Smith (, Tue Feb 1 15:26:15 EST 2000

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