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The last comment was left on Wed Sep 9 22:49:27 EDT 1998

micheal t. harmon (, Wed Sep 9 22:49:27 EDT 1998

just looking for family information

jenny sanders (, Mon Sep 7 20:48:49 EDT 1998

very interesting site..lots of fun just to browse..thanks

Terry Wikstrom-Billheimer (, Mon Sep 7 15:51:15 EDT 1998

how do I access obit. indexes? Looking for information on Carl Eric Wikstrom and ELfrieda Sophie Wikstrom. Please help!!

Ada Mae Moore Parker Green (, Mon Sep 7 13:56:23 EDT 1998

Just Great

Grace W. Lane (, Mon Sep 7 09:55:45 EDT 1998

Really enjoy going through your geneological info. It has helped me with several aspects of my own research.

Charles Tillman Niblett (, Sun Sep 6 23:27:12 EDT 1998

Just tuned in, having been referred by a cousin.

RPreston (, Sun Sep 6 10:05:04 EDT 1998

Good site. So far only connection is from George TRUITT and his descendants in Sussex Co. DE

, Fri Sep 4 00:36:20 EDT 1998

Tina Rice (, Thu Sep 3 14:03:22 EDT 1998

I have enjoyed reading all of the comments and names listed in GHOTES. I am currently researching my mother's family- Carr. My grandfather: Frank Pyotte Carr born in 1900 in Giles County, Va and later moved to Roanoke, Va. Married Mary Mahala Light born in 1907. In addition to the Carr name,I'm looking for: Whitlock, Pendelton, Oliver, Johnson, Reynolds,Morris, St.Clair, and Stafford from Roanoke,VA area. my e-mail address is: thanks Tina Rice

maborn (, Wed Sep 2 13:26:36 EDT 1998

clam digging was a very cute idea.

Duane Windsor (, Wed Sep 2 02:17:33 EDT 1998

searching for BOWMAN of Virginia. Location unkown. Post query on GHOTES

Don S. Mears (, Tue Sep 1 18:35:08 EDT 1998

I love it! I have found a wealth of information and people who are helpful in sharing helpful information.

Jean Noble (, Tue Sep 1 10:01:37 EDT 1998

I am just getting started on My family history and am finding this web site to be very helpful. Thanks for being there. I'm sure I will be back often.

chester p buras (, Tue Sep 1 09:23:35 EDT 1998

looking for buras'

Fran McLaughlin (, Mon Aug 31 12:31:01 EDT 1998

I am looking for information on John Wiggins TREWETT born 1801 in Orange County, N.C.; spouse was Catharon Danley born 1805. They left N.C. in the late 1830's and came to MO with their children: James D., Thomas D., Jesse Thomas, Charlotty, Ezekiel Giles, John Willis, Emily, Mary Ellen. He went to Sidney, Fremont Co., Iowa in the 1850's. If anyone has any information on any of these names I will appreciate any help you can give me.

Harold Russell (, Sat Aug 29 09:59:25 EDT 1998

Searching for Charles Russell of Chincoteague. B circa 1840. Father of Nelson B 1july, 1878. d jan 1969

zack norville (, Fri Aug 28 15:38:03 EDT 1998

new to me. could pres. zachary taylor have a dau., elizabeth, who married wm. addington, b. 1811 buncombe nc?

Peggy Harmon Mitchell (phm4647@aol,com), Thu Aug 27 21:49:11 EDT 1998

HI, I'm new here but look forward to hearing from you.I'm looking for WHARTON from VA.,Accomack i believe.My great grandfather was Wallace and his faher was Joseph and mother was Caroline Dennis Chatman(Chatman was probably the name of her slave family)any help will be appreciated.Thanks, Peggy

lorene floyd (, Thu Aug 27 19:11:13 EDT 1998

new on internet. Wasn't I lucky to find your site? I have such little to find on m. Thanks for your genealogy interests!y Floyd line I sure hope someone can help. I'l surely share my info if someone asks for it

Darrin Lowery (, Thu Aug 27 19:05:39 EDT 1998

Darrin Lowery , Thu Aug 27 18:48:03 EDT 1998

Sonia A. Couulbourn (, Thu Aug 27 10:29:42 EDT 1998

Mary Jane Coleman (Mailing address only - see below), Wed Aug 26 15:12:59 EDT 1998

Forgot the CHERRICKS/CHERRIX Assateague/Chincoteague VA branch of the tree who married into JESTERS ca 1850s. I'm the proud granddaughter of the late Hallie Z. JESTER-PETTIT, b. Chinco. VA, who had a small country store in Sign Post, VA & 8 great kids!

Mary Jane Coleman (3501 McLaughlin Ave. Los Angeles CA 90066-2812), Wed Aug 26 14:42:46 EDT 1998

That marsh mud stays in your veins! Relatives go back to JOHN MERRY JESTER of Chincoteague VA State Navy-Revolutionary War (ELIJAH-son), & desparately need to get info on first wife & origins. Same era family includes CARPENTERS (Chinco/Assateague), SAVAGES (DEL), PETTITS (Sign Post VA//Beaver Dam/Girdletree MD area), MILLS (same area near VA/MD line).

Doug Begor (, Wed Aug 26 06:37:07 EDT 1998

Heidi Mitchell (, Wed Aug 26 00:24:57 EDT 1998

Wonderful web page. Thank you for your hard work.



paul j kelly (, Mon Aug 24 22:30:57 EDT 1998

Iam trying to locate a john and julia kelly who lived in lancaster co, around 1820 and had a son also named john who migrated to clarke county around 1830-1840 jaoh and julia may have moved to accomack parish sometime later. any and all help would be greatly appreciated. than you paul.

paul j kelly (, Mon Aug 24 22:30:50 EDT 1998

Iam trying to locate a john and julia kelly who lived in lancaster co, around 1820 and had a son also named john who migrated to clarke county around 1830-1840 jaoh and julia may have moved to accomack parish sometime later. any and all help would be greatly appreciated. than you paul.

Marian Stringfellow (, Sun Aug 23 21:43:26 EDT 1998

My family names are; Justice,Mister,Pruitt and just found out Melson .There is alot of info and I'm really exciter about finding you. I'm still trying to hook up Parker Justice who I thought was married to Scarborough Melson and had a son Littleton T who married Mary Mister . Your info states Parker married Comfort Killmon maybe your Parker is not mine . This is still great and I haven't lost hope yet,Littleton and Mary are buried Crisfield . Thanks again

Terry Wikstrom (, Sun Aug 23 20:52:39 EDT 1998

I am new at this genealogy stuff and so pleased to find so much info at my fingertips. But it is a little overwhelming. I am looking for deceased records for Mabel Louise Ruehe of Norfolk, VA. I don't know where to start or how to move around to good in all this information. Please advise!!

Sarah Mayer (, Sat Aug 22 16:15:59 EDT 1998

, Thu Aug 20 21:20:22 EDT 1998

jeanne (, Thu Aug 20 16:16:45 EDT 1998

Educational and interesting

Ruth J. Schaich (, Wed Aug 19 21:51:02 EDT 1998

I found this link thru Al Wootten's Home Page. My research is on the Parsons and allied families.

Dennis Whitman Matthews (, Wed Aug 19 21:29:05 EDT 1998

Dawn Teague (, Tue Aug 18 22:18:12 EDT 1998

Was astonished to find that there was an island with my last name in it!! Am searching for any info you may have on origination of name or possible family heritage related to this majestic island!

Crissy (, Tue Aug 18 03:35:52 EDT 1998



Ellen (, Sat Aug 15 15:59:39 EDT 1998

Marian Stringfellow (, Thu Aug 13 21:27:38 EDT 1998

found you through tom justice thanks to everyone

julia hurst carr-kaufmann (, Thu Aug 13 09:20:36 EDT 1998

hi people from onancock,va. i was born in onancock and lived there for years. my mother was esther edwards hurst and father was clifford edward hurst. grandmother on mothers side was catherine dora marsh and grandfather was elder edwards. they lived in chesconnessex, va. do you know my family? this is a great way to be in touch with people from the esva. waiting to hear from you.

Wayne H. Hubbard (, Thu Aug 13 05:24:18 EDT 1998

Jeri Aaron (, Thu Aug 13 00:25:03 EDT 1998

My mother (Mary Frances Mears Honeycutt) is from the Eastern Shore. I spent many childhood summers in Onancock - my grandparents (George & Evelyn Mears) lived in a big old white house across from a tiny airport. My Papa was a waterman - I was always hanging around at Mears' Warf. What great memories! Need info on Barnes, Mears families.

Jean Dryden Thatcher (, Wed Aug 12 22:17:27 EDT 1998

Murphy (, Wed Aug 12 16:24:46 EDT 1998

Someone told me that there was a history of immigrant John Wilkins here. Guess I do not know how to access it. Can you help? Thanks. Hazel

Sherill TOLER Urbanski (, Wed Aug 12 03:02:21 EDT 1998

I LOVE this site,stumbled on it while browsing,and found 2 of the names I'm researching!!!!!GASCOYNE(several sp.)& STRINGER.I saw MEARS in several queries And wonder if anyone knows of Suckey(is this nickname for Susan?)MEARS who married Lemuel PEAD/PEED in Norfolk co.30 Apr,1788?They are my (paternal) have info to share on desc.of Lemuel & Susan PEED,Lemuel's mother was Tabitha STRINGER.recently found info on STRINGER back to Daniel,

Marilyn Matthews Lear (, Tue Aug 11 22:04:59 EDT 1998

Glad I found you!

Murphy Andrews Sewall (MSewall@Alumni.Princeton.Edu), Tue Aug 11 21:14:19 EDT 1998

I am descended from Nicholas Sewall, First Secretary of Maryland in the last half of the 17th Century.

C. R. COOPER (, Tue Aug 11 10:12:42 EDT 1998

(Somehow my message didn't post) My mother was Mary Emily Frances HORSEY of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She was a descendant of Stephen HORSEY (I) org. of the Eastern Shore of Virginia (1620). I still have cousins in Marion Station, Maryland. Great site!

Genevieve Revell Partain, RN (, Tue Aug 11 04:13:20 EDT 1998

Our family roots are VERY DEEP in the EASTERN SHORE. I remember some of the stories my parents use to tell of our ancestors; the EASTERN SHORE; the MANORS that were built and still stand today. Since visiting the EASTERN SHORE with my sisters and seeing the stately homes that our ancestors built along with the rich history that goes with the EASTERN SHORE, I now know where HOME truly is........this is a great website and has been most helpful and informative with our search for the missing link of our part of the REVELL genealogy. Keep up the great work.

James R. Hunton (JHUNTON860), Mon Aug 10 23:44:07 EDT 1998

Hunton family first apears in Lancaster County, VA, circa 1700. Some remained there, and my ancestor, William Hunton, settled in Fauquier County. Looking for information on links in Lancaster County and adjoining counties. Also interested in links with famlies Ball, Brent, Pope.

Rachel ( Upshur) Schilder (, Mon Aug 10 21:28:44 EDT 1998

Hi, My family is from Nassawadox Virginia. I am interested in any old ariel photos of the area, especially any of Brownsville, the family home. If you know of where I might be able to obtain any please let me know. Thank you.

C. Robinson COOPER (, Mon Aug 10 14:46:33 EDT 1998

C. Robinson COOPER (, Mon Aug 10 14:41:40 EDT 1998

Charles Robinson COOPER (HORSEY, Mon Aug 10 14:33:22 EDT 1998

Sheila Carr (, Mon Aug 10 11:28:47 EDT 1998

Hey!! Hello, I am searching the names of relatives who might have Native Indian blood, if anyone has a link or may know please email me, thanks, Sheila Carr names: Edwards, Marsh, Evans, Williams, Hurst these people from Eastern Shore Va.

, Mon Aug 10 11:25:33 EDT 1998

James Purnell Groton (, Mon Aug 10 10:48:08 EDT 1998

Henry Martin and Linda Abel, researchers of the Groton family tree, put me in touch with your web site. Both yours and theirs are truly impressive. My principal ancestors from the Eastern Shore were Groton, Garrisons and Kellams. I would appreciate being included in general messages or mailings. My mail address is: James P. Groton 37 Lakeview Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30305

Wendy Picken (, Mon Aug 10 10:47:50 EDT 1998

My mother's side of the family (Hildreth&Rayne) Have been traced back many many generations. My father's side of the famly (Picken) goes nofurther than my father and myself. I believe my grandmother (Beatrice Rue Gladding) was from eastern shore of Va. as was her husband (Richmond Picken) I am interested in learning more about them.

Eleanor Polk Damek (, Sun Aug 9 23:59:02 EDT 1998

I am looking for information on Hill Drummond Stayton born 1770 in Delaware. He is the son of Hill Stayton and Ruth Neill. I believe Hill Staton is the son of Thomas Staton and Elizabeth Drummond of Accomack, Virginia. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you, Eleanor Damek

Donna Hertzog (HnDHertzog), Sun Aug 9 23:00:18 EDT 1998

Great site. I tried to join last month, but never got a reply so guess the message went astray. I'll try again.

Robert E. Smith (, Sun Aug 9 09:58:58 EDT 1998

Looking for information on Nathan Carr possibly from Accomac to Delaware and The Staton family of Rockbridge Co, VA

Ruby Elrod (, Sun Aug 9 08:28:28 EDT 1998

I have signed the guest book first, so I haven't had a chance to check it out, but I received word there is a lot of information on the Staton line, and I am eager to see what is listed.

Katie Lee Evans Arredondo (, Sat Aug 8 23:03:03 EDT 1998

The page is interesting because I am seeking information about my Eastern Shore ancesters also. Daniel Carmines Sr 1750 lived in York County before he died 1803, John William Evans 1840 maybe from Onancock came to Elizabeth City County, died some time after 1872 married to Mary Wyatt had for children Thomas J Evans born Apr 27 1866 was first, Mary S Evans born Jan 20 1869 second, and my grand father John William Evans Jr was born Sep 2 1871 the fourth child was Rosa Lee Evans born Jun 27, 1872.

Louise Barco Allrich (, Sat Aug 8 03:58:30 EDT 1998

Thanks to you I found another person doing research on the BARCO family from your comment archives. There are not many BARCOs in the United States and most are related. So it was a pleasure to find another who is also interested in genealogy. Thanks for the assistance. The BARCOs started as Barecock (Thomas) and then changed their name to Barco in the mid 1700's. They settled in Pasquotank Co early 1700s. Anyone with interest in these names please contact me. Thanks


Neat site,just started searching my native american ancestry. hope to have enough info at a later date to be able to ask relevent questions and where to find some of my answers. jake

hugo and priscilla clark (, Thu Aug 6 17:01:41 EDT 1998

fairly new residents of shore, interested in every aspect of people, places, etc., hope to learn more about this beautiful place we now call home. this web site is welcome, and should be of great int erest to us. thank you!!!!!!!!

Rosalieanne (SUMR897), Wed Aug 5 01:54:16 EDT 1998

This is a great site. Am trying to connect my Herrings to here. Time will tell. and I'll say hi, to my buddy Gail.

ps stuart-jacobson (ps, Tue Aug 4 17:46:04 EDT 1998

Seeking information about Lewis Stuart Born: Sussex,County,Va.,1782. Died Nov.14.1837. Chesterfield County. Wife: Mariah H. Clarke Born Southhampton county. Married Oct. 3, 1815 Sussex county

ps stuart-jacobson (ps, Tue Aug 4 17:33:41 EDT 1998

Bill West (, Tue Aug 4 15:17:10 EDT 1998

I think that this is an excellent site and one that I will revisit many times in my search for WEST family ancestors.

Wm. Jesse Moore (, Mon Aug 3 01:10:31 EDT 1998

Barbara Emken (, Sat Aug 1 15:26:05 EDT 1998

Very successful in my genealogy research

Tonja Godwin Jones (, Fri Jul 31 22:07:08 EDT 1998

I've enjoyed your web site. I am a native of Cape Charles, VA--currently residing in Lake Mary, FL near Orlando. My family names are Godwin of Cape Charles and Brickhouse of Exmore (Hare Valley). You will see my grandfather's name (T.L. Godwin) on most of the sidewalks in Cape Charles. Also, our family business is Gray's Funeral Home in Cape Charles. This family business was founded in Cape Charles in 1895. Also, Brickhouse Drive in Exmore is named for my family who helped to develop the Hare Valley community.

Tonja Godwin Jones (, Fri Jul 31 21:53:05 EDT 1998

I've enjoyed your web site. I am a native of Cape Charles, VA--currently residing in Lake Mary, FL near Orlando. My family names are Godwin of Cape Charles and Brickhouse of Exmore (Hare Valley).

Joan H. Bishow (, Fri Jul 31 17:34:23 EDT 1998

My first visit to Onancock since 1927 at aged 5 to visit my grandfather was last October the very next week after your GHOTES conference. How I wish I had known about you. My grandfather was William Thomas Parks - my mother Mary Adella Parks. I am planning to return again in October. Please add me to your maillist.

Furry Lovell F. (, Thu Jul 30 00:41:57 EDT 1998

Although my wife does family research this is my first go at I will withold my

Furry Lovell F. (, Thu Jul 30 00:40:11 EDT 1998

Although my wife does family research this is my first go at I will withold my

Ellen (, Tue Jul 28 17:57:10 EDT 1998

William G. Adams (geoadams@ACS.EKU.EDU), Mon Jul 27 20:23:32 EDT 1998

Searching for origin of Thomas and Isabella Lanter, 1697, Middlesex Co., Virginia.

Kenneth R. Lewis (, Mon Jul 27 16:10:20 EDT 1998

Pat Doster (, Mon Jul 27 01:18:27 EDT 1998

I am a long-time researcher of E-shore of VA having made many trip over the Tunnel-Bay Bridge to the area researching Kellam & Redden families. Enjoyed reading your web site. One suggestion might be when posting surnames is to put them in caps, otherwise reading message board is tedious. Thanks, Pat

William Henry Colona III (, Sat Jul 25 22:59:57 EDT 1998

Presently (7-25-98) I live in Wakulla County Florida and have 2 children - Eva Audrey Colona (6-21-94) and Benjamin Azariah (12-21-95). The children's mother is Jana Drab Colona born on 5-21-64 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Jackie Davis Chirico (, Sat Jul 25 11:58:29 EDT 1998

Most of my early relatives are from the Eastern Shore so this is a great service.

Anne Hudson Bays (, Sat Jul 25 08:57:36 EDT 1998

I am enjoying your site. I am researching Hudson, Hutson, Hayman, and Suter families. Would appreciate any info you can share!

Mark Milby (, Sat Jul 25 01:05:41 EDT 1998

I have family in Virginia, but I really what to know the heraldy of the Milby name, which I understand originates from England. How can I research this further?


William T. Smith (, Fri Jul 24 15:30:32 EDT 1998

My ancestors date ack to the early 1700 their in Eastern Shore. My grandmothers family is tracable back to 1734. However I have spent better then three years now searching for the birth place of my great grandfather, his name was Spence William Smith. He died in 1906 and is buried there in Onancock. His birth is shown by the Mormon researchers as being in 1831, however they can't fine his place of birth. I would think that the death certificate would disclose his birth information. The Mormon researchs where denied information from the Bureau of Vital Statics in Richmond, for what reason I don't know. My search continues and if anyone reading this message has ideas on the subject, I would surely appreicated help, .....Thanks Bill, Anaheim Hills,CA

Mickey R. Sadler, Jr. (, Fri Jul 24 12:50:29 EDT 1998

Looking for information on the John Sadler family from Amelia Co. John had one son that we know of named Alfred A. John married a Nancy Hubbard in 1809. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

flo droll (, Sun Jul 19 22:21:39 EDT 1998

i am just getting started with the search for my family roots. will be glad when i can retire from my day job and have the time to visit the shore and research its court records and cemetaries. i am embarassed by what i don't know. i do know that my father's family was from around Greenbackville.

Ernest L. Thomas (, Sun Jul 19 01:07:44 EDT 1998

Site was very helpful in trying to identify the parents of George W. Thomas, my great-grandfather who I believe to be great-grandson of Joshua Thomas (Parson of the Island) and the son of John P. Thomas and Caroline Crockett. George was born 1859 and married Annetta (Nettie) Bennett on December 25, 1879. They lived in Somerset Co at Champ. George's middle name may be Washington or Wesley. He was raised by John West Tyler and Kate Tyler (a granddaughter of Joshua Thomas I think).

Marion Donaldson (, Fri Jul 17 22:32:19 EDT 1998

My first interest in Va has been ancestors of Norfolk Co(as far as I know for sure)) so wondering if this is a place for my search. One Savell family in NoCoVa early -mid 1700s who migrated Ky 1812-14. Am just beginning to explore your sight and decide if other families that I search are from that exact area. Marion Donaldson

martha leonard (, Fri Jul 17 15:57:25 EDT 1998

just arrived at this site - i've been hearing e.a. on the radio tell- ing us to visit the book bin on this site - i finally got here, but will try to search around the place. thanks, martha

George Wyatt (, Fri Jul 17 12:03:19 EDT 1998

Beautifull!! You have a wonderful resource.

Terry Littleton (, Fri Jul 17 08:07:30 EDT 1998

Glad I found you. Now if I can just find some information to help with my LITTLETON research.

Leslie A. Haymond (, Thu Jul 16 23:02:04 EDT 1998

My grandfather was Carl Sheldon Haymond, his family was from the Virginias, they homesteaded to Montana. I am just starting to research this and ran across my last name on your web page

, Thu Jul 16 19:01:40 EDT 1998

William C. Hogue (, Wed Jul 15 22:41:29 EDT 1998


This is an impressive and enjoyable work. Thank you very much.

Alice Screws (, Wed Jul 15 15:33:40 EDT 1998

Ginni Sievers (, Tue Jul 14 23:57:29 EDT 1998

Thank you for pulling together so much information about my ancestors counties. I can't wait to explore it all.

William Ralph (, Mon Jul 13 22:43:10 EDT 1998

I was stationed at the 771st Radar Squadron from 1977 - 1981. I will be visiting on Aug. 1st for the Blues Festival in Cape Charles. I was hoping to find some of the people who were stationed there and worked there during that period.


Bill Ralph

Joanne Dryden-Lee (, Sun Jul 12 14:11:54 EDT 1998

I think you have a very nice informative web site. I decend from Randall Revell, Coulbourne, Somerset, Co. families and have gretly benefitted from your page.

Thank You

Joanne Dryden-Lee , Sun Jul 12 14:07:39 EDT 1998

Iva Thompson (, Sat Jul 11 16:06:09 EDT 1998

What a wonderful job you are doing!!. Wonderful new additons and data galore. Thanks so much for sharing.

Billy E. Hobbs (, Fri Jul 10 16:18:01 EDT 1998

Thank You! I am a decendant of Randall REVELL Sr. and I am new at this game. Thanks for the information on the Revell name and where they came from. By the time the name reached Texas it was changed to Revill. My mother was one of eleven children born to James E. and Annie Revill of Big Sandy, Texas. James was the son of Henry M. Revill,the son of Joseph John Revill, the son of John Revel.

Julia Mears MacMillan (, Thu Jul 9 17:21:48 EDT 1998

I am a decendent of Edgar and Beatrice Mears of Accomack County. It has been said I am named after Julia Mears of Accomack (1800's). I would like more information

David Henry (, Thu Jul 9 17:08:14 EDT 1998

My ancestor Hugh Henry started out in Accomack Co. but ended up in Tennessee.

Guy Le kites (, Thu Jul 9 09:01:10 EDT 1998

interesting stuff




FAX; 402-759-3837

Jerome Bradley (, Wed Jul 8 03:02:19 EDT 1998

Just surfing and found your site, lots of good info. I am currently researching the Bradley and Sledge families in Va, and NC. From Jamestown area to the mountains along the state borders. Any help out there would be gratefully recieved and will share info I have.

Billie S. Jones (, Tue Jul 7 18:04:27 EDT 1998

Peggy Cleair (, Tue Jul 7 11:29:37 EDT 1998

I have enjoyed your wed sight. I,along with some other cousins, are researching with publication as our goal on the Benthall family who were in Northampton County in the mid 1600's. I would enjoy hearing form anyone also researching this family.

Peggy Cleair , Tue Jul 7 11:26:56 EDT 1998

Mary Lee Haas (, Tue Jul 7 10:02:43 EDT 1998

I read an article in the RUG newsletter by Moody Miles about this site. My Pettyjohn (Pettijohn) were from Accomack Co - we have been to the courthouse. I'll be looking at this site from now on.

pam lyons (, Tue Jul 7 08:24:22 EDT 1998

My niece, Trisha Dorman, has done quite a lot of research on the Dorman family. She lives in Covington, Kentucky and has traces the family from Covington, to Falsom,Ky to Virginia and in very interested in continuing with this search. Any info is appreciated.

David B. Blaine (, Sun Jul 5 21:04:57 EDT 1998

Received your site address through RootsWeb. It is a marvelous site and I shall return often.

Ridhard L. Craft (, Sat Jul 4 21:03:29 EDT 1998

Susan G. Rager (, Sat Jul 4 19:26:26 EDT 1998

Your site is terrific! I very much enjoyed the visit, and found lots of helpful information. I'm the great-granddaughter of Susan Anna Barnes, who was born 29 Jan. 1856 near Hunting Creek, Accomac Co., and of Edward Parker Barnes, born 22 March 1852 in Accomac Co. They were married 20 Dec. 1876 in Accomac, and moved to Coles Point in Westmoreland County (Northern Neck) Virginia in the early 1880's. Edward P. Barnes was Coles Point's first postmaster. I live in Coles Point and have a law office here. Keep up the good work!

Angelo N. Russo, Sr. (, Sat Jul 4 14:53:44 EDT 1998

I'm the Son of Joseph Russo and Norma F. Russo from the Edbron T. Byrd Fam. Tree

Enjoyed the site very nice. Will list other fam. info as soon as I can veriify the information.


Angelo Russo

Gerald W. Hollan Sr. (, Sat Jul 4 12:34:10 EDT 1998

Great site.Hope that someone out there has information on the Holland Family.I am looking for information on a James Holland and his Daughter Nancy

Bette Hill (, Thu Jul 2 22:20:10 EDT 1998

Gregory Moore (, Thu Jul 2 10:40:06 EDT 1998

Well I started viewing your website with the guestbook. I was searching for a site which had information on the Accomack area since I have ancestors that came from this area. So it should be fun and informative.

Gregory Moore

Barbara H. Franz (, Thu Jul 2 01:24:16 EDT 1998

Great page. Wish you had been here seven years ago, when I started researching in this area. I descend from ADAMS, DENNIS, TAYLORS, SCARBOROUGH, COTTINGHAM, DIXON, RUGG, KELLAM, WEST. Thank for all the hard work you have put into this page. I will be visiting often. Barbara

betty brinsfield hughson (, Wed Jul 1 22:49:09 EDT 1998

I am really looking forward to using your records and information. The information is wonderful. Will be back, to give more definite information on my Wilson's and Donoho's.

betty brinsfield hughson (, Wed Jul 1 22:04:53 EDT 1998

I am very new at using a computer, so will probably make many mistakes . My interest at this time, to find out about the family of Robert Wilson, who was supposed to have lived in Virginia. The part near the boundry, when the boundry was moved and taken in by Maryland. Is this true?. I have read conflicting statements. Also the name Donoho. Still have some problems with them. Don't get to Maryland much to research, but hopefully we will sell this house in NC and move back home. It has been forty years since I have lived there. Would love to hear from anyone up there and will glady share if I c an

Charles K Lucas (, Wed Jul 1 21:58:45 EDT 1998

I just arrived at your site. Hope to use to find a connection to my Robinson Lucas.

A. S (, Tue Jun 30 17:33:41 EDT 1998

Diane Hudgins (, Sun Jun 28 21:57:23 EDT 1998

I find your web site very informative. Love the recipes. Keep up the good work.

Nancy C. Whatley (, Sat Jun 27 10:37:34 EDT 1998

Great site, I am searching WHEATLEIGHWHATLEY families of early Virginia. Jamestown possibly. Surnames of,Whatley,Rolle,Shirley, Wharton,Maddin,Sorrell,Pitts,Holladay, Laney,Creel. Thanks Nancy Whatley Hollywood,Florida

Dennis E. Cox (, Fri Jun 26 22:32:48 EDT 1998

Wonderful site; lots of resources. Takes lots of time to check everything out; just great !!

Joyce Grier Hollett (JHOL936154@AOL.COM), Thu Jun 25 17:54:37 EDT 1998

You have a very wonderful site and i do look forward to joining your list.

KATHLEEN M. WIDGEON (, Thu Jun 25 16:27:13 EDT 1998

I am looking for anyone with the last name WIDGEON from Virginia. It is my husband's family name and we are interested to know if there still exist any people with that last name.

james e. rhodes (, Thu Jun 25 14:37:37 EDT 1998

drove through your area yesterday on the way to salisbury, maryland and found the area absolutly beautiful. the drive was a pleasant one even if i did not have time to venture to the shoreline of us13. when i returned home i told my wife we needed to go up that way and knock around for a week or so. i really do look forward to returning so if you have any literature please send it to us at 315 selkirk trail, southern pines, n.c. 28387.

Martha Beck (, Thu Jun 25 07:37:05 EDT 1998

I loved your graphics and the look of your page. Martha

Edward Parks (, Mon Jun 22 19:12:37 EDT 1998

Linda Haney (, Mon Jun 22 11:56:45 EDT 1998

Eddy R. Parker (EB-Parker@EMail.MSN.Com), Mon Jun 22 04:48:53 EDT 1998

I am a descendant of George Parker who came to the eastern shore in 1642

Suzanne Crowson (, Sun Jun 21 08:58:18 EDT 1998

Jimmy Harris (, Sun Jun 21 01:46:14 EDT 1998

My ancestor, Amos Garris, an indentured servant of Richard Jacob arrived in NH Co, about 1654 and changed his last name to Garris. I'm looking for more info on the ship and country Amos came from and the area of NH Co. he lived.

Norma F. Russo (, Sat Jun 20 12:25:00 EDT 1998

Thanks to Miles Files I have found my family roots. Have been searching Courthouse and Cemetaries to with no results. I found it all in Miles Files in the air conditioned comfort of my home. What a job they have done!

anne wake milby (, Sat Jun 20 09:18:43 EDT 1998

I am searching for history of Napoleon O. White, born in 1806 in Accomac and Catherine Phillips born in 1826. My grandfather, Preston Brooks Phillips, was born in 1857. I don't know if Napoleon adopted him but he was known to the family as Preston Brooks White. He came to Middlesex County and married my grandmother, Malvina Jackson. If anyone may have any information or let me know where I may search, I would greatly appreciate your help. Anne W. Milby

James R, Mason jr (, Fri Jun 19 21:34:42 EDT 1998

I have just found your web page and was surprised. I am originally from Bloxom Va and wasn't aware that a link home was available. I am just starting to do some research to start a genealogy project on my family and this looks like a place to start.

(, Thu Jun 18 22:30:17 EDT 1998

The Guy families have been long time residents of Accomack/Northampton since 1634. Many of the were seaman/mariners and farmers. William, John, and Richard Guy. William was master of the Montjoy. In 1701 Willim was rideing anchor at Riquotem Road ready to sail for England. Many Guy families lived and died in Accomack Co. I would appreciate any information concerning this family

Madeline Eyre McIntosh (, Thu Jun 18 09:24:53 EDT 1998

David G. Dean (, Wed Jun 17 14:19:48 EDT 1998

I am in the US Army deployed to Bosnia. I have researched my family as far back as 1760 and Henry Harrison Dean of Henry County Virginia. I am told his father was William Henry Harrison Dean although I can find no information on him. My search began in Wythe County and has led me eastward accross Virginia. Does anyone have any information on early Deans? Thank you.

Donald G. Bridger (, Tue Jun 16 14:45:20 EDT 1998

I am seeking any info on Bridger Family.

Larry Truitt (, Tue Jun 16 14:17:36 EDT 1998

I am looking for information concerning George Truitt, sometimes spelled Truhett, Trewett, Trewitt, Trevett and Truett. He came to Accomack County,Virginia around 1640. Also information on Captain Thomas Graves who may have been the father-in-law to George Truitt. Any information on the Muddy Creek Plantation would be helpful.

Thank you, Larry George Truitt

Robert Boykin (, Sun Jun 14 01:56:43 EDT 1998

Just passing by. I like the was you have set up your site.

Bob Boykin

James Mann (, Sat Jun 13 14:56:51 EDT 1998

Found this page thanks to Jacklyn Russell at Chincoteguse Chamber of Commerce. Would like to search info on wifes family. Burton. More later.

Jim Mann, Annapolis MD

, Fri Jun 12 19:58:36 EDT 1998

Russell Andrew Dunton (, Fri Jun 12 00:37:55 EDT 1998

George Core (, Fri Jun 12 00:06:46 EDT 1998

Please note e-mail address change from Prodigy to:


George Core Virginia Beach, VA

ANDREW PARKS (, Thu Jun 11 15:07:14 EDT 1998



ANDREW PARKS (, Thu Jun 11 15:06:01 EDT 1998



Betty Evenson (, Wed Jun 10 21:37:53 EDT 1998

Jim Matthews (, Wed Jun 10 18:54:36 EDT 1998

angelkin (, Wed Jun 10 15:25:07 EDT 1998

you had some pictures which may be related to us. I don't know for sure. I hope you can help me with the names I e-mailed to you.

, Tue Jun 9 22:54:58 EDT 1998

, Tue Jun 9 22:53:12 EDT 1998

Anne Bruton Fitzpatrick (, Tue Jun 9 22:35:15 EDT 1998

What a super site! However, I must have missed the direction to the records. My ancestor supposedly died in Accomack Co. VA in 1700. Is there any way of checking? Thank you very much.Anne Bruton Fitzpatrick

Charlotte Williams Meek (, Tue Jun 9 20:41:04 EDT 1998

Trish and Chris Martin (, Mon Jun 8 21:02:13 EDT 1998

We are moving to your area soon. Trish's mom is interested in geneaology. We hope to find information if any on any past relatives. Neat site!!

, Mon Jun 8 19:47:43 EDT 1998

William Townsend Powell (, Sun Jun 7 21:26:06 EDT 1998

David Glover (, Sun Jun 7 14:51:25 EDT 1998

, Sat Jun 6 23:32:21 EDT 1998

, Sat Jun 6 23:20:21 EDT 1998

Pamela Wright-Brunache (, Sat Jun 6 22:26:43 EDT 1998

Born & raised in Capeville. Graduated from Northampton Sr. High in '74. Interested in finding any info on Wright, Smith, Beckett (African American) that lived on the Eastern Shore in lower Northampton County. Information that I've seen in your sight has been quite interesting, & hopefully an asset in accessing my history.

(, Fri Jun 5 22:31:34 EDT 1998

Very nice site and a helpful learning tool. My father James Edward McCaslin and myself are doing a family search. We live a Kentucky and would gladly share what information we have with anyone who is interested. We would like any information that anyone has on the McCaslin family.

Clarenec Collins (toot4betty), Fri Jun 5 16:56:42 EDT 1998

Just Looking around my mother people hail for the eastern shore of Va. (Lewis,Ward,Juctis,Lingo and more Iam sure.

, Thu Jun 4 19:31:41 EDT 1998

Dave Sharp (, Thu Jun 4 16:36:04 EDT 1998

This is a VERY nice Web Site--clear and easy to navigate through. I have found some useful information here, and some good contacts to follow up with.

I am searching for information on the ancestry of Lucius J. Kellam b. 1847 in Northampton Co. VA, whose father was Severn Kellam . Severn Kellam m. Martha Goffigon 28 May 1838. Lucius was, I believe, the father of Lucius J. Kellam, Jr., an important public figure of the Eastern Shore (the Chesapeake Bay bridge - tunnel is named after him.) Thanks for your help.

Dave Sharp (after July 1, 1998)

, Wed Jun 3 22:43:12 EDT 1998

Jerry C. Hearn (, Wed Jun 3 22:30:36 EDT 1998

Yours is a very entertaining and informative site. Keep up the good work. I am very glad you are here and that I found you. I am part of the Provost/Provis Nelson line and am also researching the Hearn line of MD/DE/?VA?.

Sonia Straziscar (SStrazisca@AOL.COM), Wed Jun 3 18:13:24 EDT 1998

This site is GREAT. I have been able to find new leads in areas I thought I had hit a complete brick wall. Thanks!


Sonia Straziscar (SStrazisca@AOL.COM), Wed Jun 3 18:13:14 EDT 1998

This site is GREAT. I have been able to find new leads in areas I thought I had hit a complete brick wall. Thanks!


Albert Willett (, Wed Jun 3 10:16:28 EDT 1998

Have fairly complete data on the Willett families of Accomack and Northampton Counties from 1666 to the present. Please contact: Albert Willett P. O. Bocx 7 Topping, VA 23169-0007

Don Bellessa (, Tue Jun 2 21:25:30 EDT 1998

I have been working with Ghotes for a year. I have made more friends than I can count plus email from all over the US concerning my ancestors the Twifords. Keep up the good work. Don

Charles A. Shaughnessy (, Tue Jun 2 15:12:37 EDT 1998

An excellent site! Can't believe the good fortune in locating Bonwells/Bonewells/etc.

Robin Strother (, Mon Jun 1 10:57:32 EDT 1998

Just doing research.

Samuel P. Wehunt (, Sun May 31 19:43:25 EDT 1998

Vitginia Mae Hoskins, my wife,mothedr was born in Chincoteague, Accamack county Va. She was Martha Lavenia Truott 1904-1977. Her father was Seth Benjamin Truitt 1854-1909. Matrhs' mother wes Alice Virginia Farlow 1866-1945. Pleas give us any help you may have inadditin to this. E-mail Fax 803-366-5761,

Samuel P. Wehunt (, Sun May 31 19:43:08 EDT 1998

Vitginia Mae Hoskins, my wife,mothedr was born in Chincoteague, Accamack county Va. She was Martha Lavenia Truott 1904-1977. Her father was Seth Benjamin Truitt 1854-1909. Matrhs' mother wes Alice Virginia Farlow 1866-1945. Pleas give us any help you may have inadditin to this. E-mail Fax 803-366-5761,

Samuel P. Wehunt (, Sun May 31 19:43:07 EDT 1998

Vitginia Mae Hoskins, my wife,mothedr was born in Chincoteague, Accamack county Va. She was Martha Lavenia Truott 1904-1977. Her father was Seth Benjamin Truitt 1854-1909. Matrhs' mother wes Alice Virginia Farlow 1866-1945. Pleas give us any help you may have inadditin to this. E-mail Fax 803-366-5761,

Phyllis Keller (, Sun May 31 19:20:17 EDT 1998


I noticed a little town named Keller. Does anyone know anything about it? On hy 13

Sheldon Reynolds (, Sun May 31 09:11:23 EDT 1998

Great resource! Very interesting stuff!

Joyce Patterson (, Sat May 30 23:41:36 EDT 1998

Just browsing ! This is a great site ! I am doing genelogy research on the Marshalls, Slocombs and Hollands of ocean-side, Accomack Co. and Horntown,Virginia.

B.J. Holcomb (bholc39803), Sat May 30 18:31:45 EDT 1998

Really like your site. Have gained some valuable information in re the Crowson family. Thank you. If possible would like more info on th Crowsons and would like to know if there are any Holcombs, Rogers and Stricklands in your library.

Rose Marie Mazeres (, Fri May 29 22:06:56 EDT 1998

Very well presented.

Tina Hasty (, Fri May 29 17:33:14 EDT 1998

I love this web site the best one yet. Lots of info. on it. Tina H

Carrie S. Evans (, Fri May 29 17:04:23 EDT 1998

Enjoyed browsing your fine informational pages. I am researching family of Captain Thomas Graves, and also Captain John Knowles. I plan to check back often.

Joyce Patterson (, Fri May 29 10:50:05 EDT 1998

I'm searching for info on bi-racial Marshalls,Slocum(b)s,Statons and Hollands of Ocean-side,Accomack County,Virginia. Your web-site is great ! I would like to see info on above names also in Worcester County, Maryland and maps of the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. Keep up the great work !

June Reynolds Saunders (, Thu May 28 17:12:48 EDT 1998

I am an Eastern Shore of VA native - I come from Oyster, VA in Northampton County. My father was born on Chincoteague Island (Harvey R. Reynolds) and my mother (Helen Doughty Reynolds Osborn) was born in Belle Haven, raised on Hog Island and in Willis Wharf, VA. Although they both have passed away I still have lots of friends and relatives who still live and work there. I am currently living in the Mojave Desert of California. I graduated from Northampton Senior High School, Eastville, VA in 1971. Go Yellow Jackets!! Sure miss the home area. Iw ork for the Department of the Army (civil service) at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, CA (near Barstow, CA). Would love to hear from any other E.S. natives near and far away. If you don't have email my home address is 1279 Joshua Tree Drive, Barstow, CA 92311-5506.

Enjoy the fresh seafood and other true pleasures of the Eastern Shore for me next time you get a chance!!!

Jeanne G. Taylor (, Thu May 28 14:22:46 EDT 1998

I enjoy this site and it has been the most helpful I have found during my genealogical research. I will continue to check in often. Jeanne G. Taylor

Sheila Davis (, Thu May 28 04:01:46 EDT 1998

Hi! Just found your site. Great Job! Just found out my granadmother was born in Accomack, Virginia. Looking to see if anyone else was searching the same names as I am. Bradford and Davis to date.

Kurt Froelich (, Wed May 27 10:10:17 EDT 1998

I have a summer home located in Saxis, Virginia and am very interested in learning more about the history of the town and surrounding area, your website has been most informative and I look forward to more interesting readings.

Ellen Hunt McKown (, Tue May 26 16:12:52 EDT 1998

Just surfing thru and haven't explored your site yet.

Mary K. Lynch (, Sun May 24 21:54:49 EDT 1998

I'm just getting started but this has wonderful possibilities!

Harry J Carr (, Sun May 24 19:53:20 EDT 1998

Although I didn`t find the name that I was searching for,I think your format is great. I wish more States had one like yours. I am looking for the name Thomas, Walter Wesley,from Onancock,and any ancestors.

Harry J Carr (, Sun May 24 19:28:25 EDT 1998

Although I didn`t find the name that I was searching for,I think your format is great. I wish more States had one like yours. I am looking for the name Thomas, Walter Wesley,from Onancock,and any ancestors.

Anne Lambertson Smith (, Sun May 24 13:50:11 EDT 1998

John J. Fitchett (, Sun May 24 02:59:39 EDT 1998

I like the things I have found so far. I am really intersted in this stuff. Thankyou. If there is anything else on Fitchett's I would like to see it.

Alvin Reid Jr. (, Sat May 23 18:30:54 EDT 1998

This site is great. I enjoy getting a daily accuate weather report and the genealogy section was very informative.

Margaret Welty (Dowty) (, Sat May 23 15:40:44 EDT 1998

So very interesting. I will check back to when I have more time.

Being a Dowty this really gives me information I never knew

before. Thanks so much.

Robert S. Riley (, Sat May 23 15:18:29 EDT 1998

Interested in contacting anyone who has knowledge of the Riley Family of Accomack Co., VA (i.e., descendents of Thomas Riley, the Immigrant (1619-1696).

Babs (, Thu May 21 20:48:40 EDT 1998

The computer is new to me and I can use all the help I can get.

Lynda Williams (, Thu May 21 12:31:31 EDT 1998

I really enjoy learning of this area and my family roots that come from there. I wish someday I could see it all for myself. Researching: JENKINS

Terri Cherrix Rose (, Thu May 21 10:43:14 EDT 1998

I am from Chincoteague and I am looking for any information about my grandfather, George A. Cherricks. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

amy smith , Thu May 21 09:45:54 EDT 1998

you need to get some more people's history, a more diverse span of people instead of just your family members.

Ernest Charest (, Wed May 20 19:32:28 EDT 1998

Hi, I have enjoyed viewing the site since a dear friend from Virginia told me about it. Have just started viewing it and have enjoyed what i have seen so far. I was stationed on Cape Charles Lighthouse for a number of years (Old Plantation Flats Light) And met some very dear friends that lived there. So we have always kept in touch pretty much over the years. It would be nice to find something about the lighthouse on the Web. If you know of such a site please would you advise me if it's not too much trouble. Lots of history in Virginia.

Thank You

Sincerely, E.J. Charest 1 High Pine Ave. Nashua, NH. 03063

David Kiethly Woods (, Tue May 19 21:14:31 EDT 1998

I am a decendant of the William Twiford through Margaret Ann Twiford who married Peter Ferguson.Was thrilled to find your web psges!

Debbie Bundick Murray (, Tue May 19 19:06:19 EDT 1998

Lawrence D Paschall (, Tue May 19 09:02:08 EDT 1998

My brother and my father both live on the Eastern Shore. My wife and I are visiting from California. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what possesed my brother to move here. But every time I come here I realize why. I don't think that there is any place quite like this left in the entire United States. Everything is so built up everywhere else. This area's natural beauty is well preserved. It's very peaceful here. It's a long trip from California but I hope to come back someday. Regards, L.Paschall P.S. If you go to Little Italy restaurant in Exmore, ask Franco about his special aprin.

Lawrence D Paschall (, Tue May 19 08:58:28 EDT 1998

My brother and my father both live on the Eastern Shore. My wife and I are visiting from California. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what possesed my brother to move here. But every time I come here I realize why. I don't think that there is any place quite like this left in the entire United States. Everything is so built up everywhere else. This area's natural beauty is well preserved. It's very peaceful here. It's a long trip from California but I hope to come back someday. Regards, L.Paschall P.S. If you go to Little Italy restaurant in Exmore, ask him about his special aprin.

Fred Richardson (, Mon May 18 17:30:12 EDT 1998

I'm looking for information about Franklin City. Any suggestions?

Nita Pearce (, Mon May 18 01:37:13 EDT 1998

Just browsing again. Looking for information on MATTHEW BIBBY b/1712 Northampton Co. Left Northampton Co. after his birth. Father EDMOND BIBBY, mother MARY CLARK. Where did he go MD or VA? If anyone out there has anything regarding him just holler. Enjoy your browsing the site even tho Matthew is still hiding.

Nita Pearce (, Mon May 18 00:48:12 EDT 1998

Just back for another visit. I have copy of inventory of Edmond Bebbe dated 1696 & will of John Bibbe dated 1720 plus other documents of persons in or born in Northampton Co. Are you interested in these for your web site? Can have them scanned if you are. I love your web site. Nita Pearce

Roger D. Bonewell (, Sun May 17 01:07:17 EDT 1998

I am a descendant of James Bonewell I (1620-1667) and Sarah (Hickman) Dorman (Abt 1630-1659) of Accomack County. Reading the names in the posted messages is like going to a family reunion.

Roseziner(Fitchett) Scott-Leach (, Sat May 16 23:50:36 EDT 1998

I am looking for members of my family Scott-Fitchet-Morris

Roseziner(Fitchett)Scott-Leach (, Sat May 16 23:47:59 EDT 1998

I am look for family member of the Scott-Fitchett-Morris claims

Roseziner(Fitchett)Scott-Leach (348 Gardner Avenue), Sat May 16 23:45:38 EDT 1998

I am look for family member of the Scott-Fitchett-Morris claims

Janice McKiel Wallace (, Sat May 16 13:02:46 EDT 1998

Great site! Just posted a comment the other day, but only my name and email address appeared. What happened. The name I am looking for information on is MICHAEL MCKEIL (MCKEEL, MCKELL, MACKEAL(E), MCKIEL).

Iris May Stickel (, Fri May 15 14:48:28 EDT 1998

I'm new to this, but like what I see here. I'm descendant of James Taylor d. ca 1769 & maybe several James Taylors before him. Also from Boggs, Burton, Gaskins, Broadwaters, etc. Currently seeking parents/siblings of Meshack Gaskins (12 Sep 1894 - 13 Apr 1852) m. ca 31 Jan 1831, Elizabeth (Lucas) Bowen, wid. Was he son of William? Keep up the good work!

Janice McKiel Wallace (, Fri May 15 13:27:41 EDT 1998

Thomas R. Turlington (, Fri May 15 09:01:17 EDT 1998

Hi, Just found GHOTES and I'm hopeful that by connecting with contributors I can add to the generations that I've already accumulated through family bibles, and trips to Accomac Co. courthouse. My father James Thomas Turlington was born near Melfa, and moved to Baltimore during the depression years. His father Arthur rented a house and farmed property owned by a Dr. Mapp. I have photos of the strawberry farm they worked back in the 1920's in front of the house. The house is still standing. My great grandfather William Thomas owned property west of the present Eugene Turlington's farm. That property is the location of graves of my great grandparents and of Nathaniel son of John and Nancy Turlington my great great grandparents. Courthouse records show Asa Turlington was the father of John giving me a path to my great great great parents. I haven't been able to find records relating Asa to his parents.

Marriages down through the generations connect me to the Bayley, East, Beloate, Sturgis, Mears, and Johnson family names with some of the Turlington daughters marrying into the Killmon.

Here's hoping some GHOTES geaneologist can help me with my quest. Tom Turlington

(, Wed May 13 15:07:54 EDT 1998

Very thrilled to have found GHOTES and am eager for time to explore the web pages. My maternal grandmother was a Bloxom and I can supply data of the decendants of Edward C Bloxom (18 Nov 1818-21 Nov 1844), whom I believe was the son of Major S Bloxom. Am relatively new to this on-line communication - this is fun stuff! Stef

Cynthia Claytonroberts (, Wed May 13 01:51:32 EDT 1998

Was hoping to track down a genealogy email group of Virginians. Wish you had links to that information.

Joan KELLAM Nottingham (<<, Tue May 12 10:27:00 EDT 1998

I Love this site!! Very well done. I am researching the Kellam name, mainly trying to find information about a John C. Kellam, born about 1840, son of Edward & Ann__? He was married to Elizabeth Fletcher.

Betty Robertson Rich (, Mon May 11 21:41:11 EDT 1998

Am researching my Palmer (Palmore) lines that go back into early Virginia, about 1623.....I understand that Thomas Palmer was in House of Burgess and would like to verify this through records.

Haley Goffigon (, Mon May 11 15:16:37 EDT 1998

William R. Thorowgood Jr. (, Mon May 11 09:01:12 EDT 1998

, Sun May 10 21:18:55 EDT 1998

Sandy Darnell (, Sun May 10 20:53:54 EDT 1998

Great site! I'm the other granddaughter of Mary Grace Gladden Kilmon and Edwin Seal Kilmon. And sister of Jean Parks. Enjoyed the story about Griffin Stith by our cousin Wayne Stith. Haven't checked out everything but like it so far!

Joyce Patterson ( part), Sat May 9 22:47:21 EDT 1998

Jean Parks (, Sat May 9 14:03:02 EDT 1998

I love this sight and plan to visit often. I just found the E-mail address to one of my relatives and have written him already. I am the granddaughter of Mary Grace Gladden Kilmon and Edwin Seal Kilmon. If any more of my relative out there want to write please do so.

Jean Parks (, Sat May 9 13:36:16 EDT 1998

No comment now

, Sat May 9 13:35:49 EDT 1998

Leanna West (, Fri May 8 17:18:57 EDT 1998

I am a descendant, on my Father's side, of the West, Custis, and Sherley family's of family's of Virginia, and would welcome any interesting stories. Thanks!

Wayne Kellam (, Fri May 8 01:05:57 EDT 1998

Found this site just by accident. My father, Kendall Kellam, was born and raised in North Hampton County. He will be very surprised to learn about this site.

Alton Q. Kilmon Jr. (, Thu May 7 21:51:26 EDT 1998

found this from FAMILY TREE MAKER WEB PAGE. Plan on using it often. Just started my family search of my father's side.

Carol Squire (, Thu May 7 10:39:51 EDT 1998

Barbara D. Howard (, Wed May 6 22:02:39 EDT 1998


My maternal grandmother was born in Eastville, but my mother, who is now 82 years old, has never visited Eastville. Her mother's day gift is a trip to Eastville. She hopes to find an elderly cousin who lives in Eastville. Do you have any information on the African-American families of Eastville? My great-grandmother was named Missouri Wilkerson. Her husband was named Major Wilson. Two of my great aunts lived in Eastville until their deaths a few years ago.

At any rate, even if you don't have information on them, your web site is wonderful. It's an education for me also as I knew next to nothing about the Viriginia Eastern Shore. Keep up the good work!

Barbara Howard

Valinda Marsh (, Tue May 5 06:02:55 EDT 1998

I am trying to locate my family tree from the area of Chesterfield, SC. My great grandfather was possibly half-indian Frank Marsh.

Dave Yost (, Sun May 3 15:45:23 EDT 1998

I have relatives from the Eastern Shore. In fact I'm related jack Burn (my uncle). As I am interested in geneology, I do find this interesting.

Ms. Etyonne Custis (, Sun May 3 03:47:57 EDT 1998

I am so happy to have found your site. I am a descendant of the Custis family of the Eastern Shore. The trouble is I have been unable to find my direct connection. My great-grandfather John R. Custis was born in Accomack Co. ca 1790, I know this from his War of 1812 papers. I cannot find his parents ??? Can anyone help. After that war he moved to Lawrence Co. AL, where he married and had 4 children. In the process of my research I have collected much data on the Custis' and especially on William Stran Custis who married Virginia Potter. He moved to Louisiana and served in the Civil War from that state. Would love to connect with anyone working on this line ?? Thanks again for the GREAT WEB SITE !!

Joann Cantamessa & Gene Gibson (, Sat May 2 20:34:29 EDT 1998

Happy to see this on the Wed!!!!!!

Allison Winifred Hurst (, Thu Apr 30 01:21:30 EDT 1998

Nice site, well organized. Looking for Cones from the 16 and 1700s. I think they came into Isle of Wight County and drifted into NC by the early 1700s. I didn't find any new leads here. Oh well, the search continues.

, Wed Apr 29 16:43:36 EDT 1998

Glinda M. Corbin (, Wed Apr 29 14:04:19 EDT 1998

My name is Glinda Corbin, I am a descendent of Frank and Ethel (nee Timmons) Corbin of Worcester County, Maryland. I am trying to trace my roots. My fathers parents were Ernest and Nettie (nee Taylor) Corbin or Salisbury. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Glinda M. Corbin (, Wed Apr 29 13:59:36 EDT 1998

, Tue Apr 28 12:45:21 EDT 1998

Don Parrott (, Mon Apr 27 21:15:00 EDT 1998

Researching the Parrott's of lower east coast of Virginia in the 1600 - 1700's, need some help, please

Mel Doughty (, Mon Apr 27 21:04:25 EDT 1998

I grew up on the Eastern Shore. My Mother is Pauline Doughty, my sister is Paulette MacPartland, and Ann Tyndall. Both of my sisters are subscribers of Paulette just told me about the home page. Its nice to be able to get info about the Eastern Shore.

William Daniels (, Mon Apr 27 17:54:46 EDT 1998

Great site! Appreciate all the work involved.THANKS. Have been researching the TWIFORD family in VA & NC. The success rate has been much greater in NC. Am interested in schedule for '98 Ghotes Conference. Keep up the good work.

Carol Squire (, Mon Apr 27 16:35:12 EDT 1998

Dewey Searcy (, Sun Apr 26 22:18:45 EDT 1998

Don S. Mears (, Sun Apr 26 01:17:50 EDT 1998

Luv it! Can't wait to return and check on some more stuff.

C. Islaah Abd'al-rahim (, Sat Apr 25 22:15:25 EDT 1998

Thanks, Ms. Cox. This site has been helpful in my attempt to find out more about my family's birthplace and get a feel for its geography and culture.

WynneB (, Sat Apr 25 19:18:44 EDT 1998

WynneB (, Sat Apr 25 19:17:39 EDT 1998

WynneB (, Sat Apr 25 19:16:32 EDT 1998

WynneB (, Sat Apr 25 19:15:16 EDT 1998

Claudia A. Alkire (, Thu Apr 23 17:08:11 EDT 1998

Very good wish there was more like this on the web, but nothing I could use Thank You

george williams (, Thu Apr 23 14:13:30 EDT 1998

Looking for all/any info on ADDISON in Accomack/Northampton Co.

ruth a. leatherbury (chant@hot mail), Thu Apr 23 00:29:28 EDT 1998

i enjoyed looking at your web site. i decided to search my family tree. so far i have found some leatherbury's on your web site. this is really good for someone looking for lost family members or to found out where you come from.keep up the god work.

Wayne Steppy (, Tue Apr 21 07:02:13 EDT 1998

I found your site extremely helpful. I have had difficulty finding any information about the Rayfield family. My mothers maiden name was Rayfield. I will be back. Thanks

Ray Madden (, Mon Apr 20 19:54:35 EDT 1998

Thomas Hilk (paulette@elite,net), Mon Apr 20 17:31:36 EDT 1998

Nice page, very well done. Look for information on the Robins family

Stephanie Fowler (,, Mon Apr 20 12:36:35 EDT 1998

I am currently a second semester freshman at Washington College. I am very interested in the history of the Eastern Shore. As an English major, I hope to one day become very involved in the preservation of the rich history of the lower shore through writing and research.

RONALD GAGER (RON_YAHOO), Mon Apr 20 09:11:26 EDT 1998


Jim Lokenbauer (, Sun Apr 19 14:17:51 EDT 1998

I don't know what I would do without this site. I must have 'kissin' cousins buried all alongside the roads there. It's nice to know that someone is looking up all this information. I'm now looking for a connection from my first cousin Rachel Bradford Bell (I read her bible). also looking for Martins,and most..I'll always get back here, that is, if my computer doesn't crash!....Jim

James (Jim) Berry (, Sat Apr 18 21:56:43 EDT 1998

Thanks so much for a wonderful web site. I am just getting started checking into my family history and this was a great introduction.

Ruth Corbett Weaver (, Fri Apr 17 22:27:53 EDT 1998

Nice visiting your site. I am glad I found it.

Nita N. (Biby) Pearce (, Fri Apr 17 19:30:22 EDT 1998

Really enjoyed browsing through these pages. Found several names that I have found near the Bibby family on the Eastern Shore but nothing so far on the Bibby's themselves. Will keep trying. Everything is very intersting but of course I am a history buff.

Thank you for taking your time to do this so everyone may enjoy it if they so choose.


Lonnie Keesee (, Fri Apr 17 14:46:23 EDT 1998

I've been researching the Keesee family, as I am one, I noticed Keesee on your list, Do you have any comments that may help me?

Thank you.

Carole Waters (, Fri Apr 17 02:11:58 EDT 1998

Looking for : Harmanson, Marriott, Robins, Waters

Charles Bell (, Wed Apr 15 15:25:42 EDT 1998

Looking for Bell; Blalock; Gaines; Martin and Harding ancestors.

Any information would be appreciated and I will share what I have.

KAREN (WWW.TEZ.NET?), Wed Apr 15 11:35:34 EDT 1998

Anyone over there know Kim Savage(Perry)? If you want to talk to her... just let me know.Just want to see if any of her friends are paying attention...... Thanks..Karen@eznet

KAREN , Wed Apr 15 11:24:38 EDT 1998

Karen (, Tue Apr 14 20:43:33 EDT 1998

Hi.... Looking for Connie Pruitt.Where are you? I'm still searching the Whitehead Family. Thanks for all your help. Did you get the info I mailed you a while back on Audrey & Bill Savage's Family? If anyone knows Connie, please let her know that Karen is looking for her. Thanks...... Karen@eznet

Karen (, Tue Apr 14 20:42:39 EDT 1998

Hi.... Looking for Connie Pruitt.Where are you? I'm still searching the Whitehead Family. Thanks for all your help. Did you get the info I mailed you a while back on Audrey & Bill Savage's Family? If anyone knows Connie, please let her know that Karen is looking for her. Thanks......

Karen (, Tue Apr 14 20:42:37 EDT 1998

Hi.... Looking for Connie Pruitt.Where are you? I'm still searching the Whitehead Family. Thanks for all your help. Did you get the info I mailed you a while back on Audrey & Bill Savage's Family? If anyone knows Connie, please let her know that Karen is looking for her. Thanks......

Karen (, Tue Apr 14 20:39:50 EDT 1998

Hi.... Looking for Connie Pruitt.Where are you? I'm still searching the Whitehead Family. Thanks for all your help. Did you get the info I mailed you a while back on Audrey & Bill Savage's Family? If anyone knows Connie, please let her know that Karen is looking for her. Thanks......

Karen (, Tue Apr 14 20:38:40 EDT 1998

Hi.... Looking for Connie Pruitt.Where are you? I'm still searching the Whitehead Family. Thanks for all your help. Did you get the info I mailed you a while back on Audrey & Bill Savage's Family? If anyone knows Connie, please let her know that Karen is looking for her. Thanks......

Jason Bouton (, Tue Apr 14 02:39:01 EDT 1998

Thank you for your easy to use web page. It is a world of help for us novices.

Betty Mapp Hopkins Burgess (, Mon Apr 13 13:23:38 EDT 1998

This is a great site! I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and have traced ancestors of both the Mapp and Hopkins families. If Don Mapp of Washington state finds this message, please get in touch with me. Looking forward to the Mapp Family Reunion at my home on August 1, 1998.

Karen (Karen@eznet), Sun Apr 12 16:48:21 EDT 1998

I feel like a lost ball in tall weeds... can anyone help? I'm looking for anything on the following families(from Accomack Co...or somewhere in that general area) : MILLINER, EVANS, SAVAGE & HOPE.Also,WHITEHEAD,ELLIOTT,HAMILTON from the Capeville area. THANKS !!!!!

, Sun Apr 12 16:30:56 EDT 1998

L Heckman (, Sat Apr 11 23:28:43 EDT 1998

David MacPartland (, Sat Apr 11 15:27:22 EDT 1998

interesting site. some are slow to load with the graphics but it is worth the wait

Marilyn Yaxley Bartholomew (, Sat Apr 11 14:58:51 EDT 1998

Marilyn Yaxley Bartholomew (, Sat Apr 11 14:51:35 EDT 1998

Alvin G Byrd (, Sat Apr 11 14:50:37 EDT 1998

Great Web page. Foun d someone else looking for the same info,,now we can achieve much working together.

Joanne Elizabeth Arnold Roberts (, Fri Apr 10 19:40:21 EDT 1998

My father's family is from the eastern shore of Virginia. He and my mom spend about half the year in their home not far from Franktown. I have lived in Texas all of my life but have spent several summers on the shore and it is home in my heart. I am looking for information on both sides of my fathers family. My grandmother was Hilda Fox Arnold and my grandfather was Herbert Manning Arnold. On the Fox side I have some information about them, the Phillips, the Joynes and the Winders. My grandfather's mother was an Ashby. I have the Arnold Family Bible and would be willing to share information. I also have several questions. I look forward to hearing from some of you.

Christian Lee Towles (, Fri Apr 10 12:23:50 EDT 1998

I have an interest in the family history. I understand a Henry Towles came to Towles Point Virginia in 1632 from Wales. I understand that his descendents lived in Cumberland County for about 150 years before they moved to Bourbon County Kentucky. A Starling Towles was influential in the Kentucky Historical Society in the 1930's and 1940's and recorded much of this.

Lenore Boss Quandt (, Thu Apr 9 13:04:12 EDT 1998

Cheryl L. Ables (, Wed Apr 8 23:36:38 EDT 1998

I have just found this web site. I'm sure it will be helpful.

Nita Pearce (, Tue Apr 7 21:08:52 EDT 1998

This is great, have been researching the Bibby family of Accomack & Northampton. Believe we descend from William via Edmond III then on to Stokes Co. N.C.I

Donna Stock (, Tue Apr 7 17:10:45 EDT 1998

My mother, Joan Campbell, and I are here for a first time to search here. We are Robbins/Robins/Robyns family who came from England to the Eastern Shore. Our ancestors include Josiah Robbins (b. abt 1720, d. 1785 Worcester Co., MD) and Mary Brittingham (b. abt 1740). Mary's ggf is William Brittingham (b. 1640 in England, came to Accomack, died 1709.)

Maggie Moses Westfield (, Mon Apr 6 16:34:07 EDT 1998

Looking for any information on the roots of the Moses Family from Northampton County.

MARY CLOUD MORROW (, Sun Apr 5 15:57:41 EDT 1998

I am interested in the following surnames who were supposedly in the region of Virginia on the Eastern Shore. The names are as follows: 1. John Sherrer (Sherrod) 2. Lucretia Weathersby (or Weathersbee) 3. Llewellyn 4. Robert Waylan Mayo 5. Shands 6. Townsend

Charlotte Williams Meek (, Sat Apr 4 20:11:38 EST 1998

Dr. Karen Soderberg (E2MSSOD@fre.fsu.umd), Sat Apr 4 15:26:06 EST 1998

I appreciate the sources for info on your website

Dr. Karen Soderberg (E2MSSOD@fre.fsu.umd), Sat Apr 4 15:25:29 EST 1998

Kathy Robbins (, Sat Apr 4 08:02:00 EST 1998

I found some family connections on my first visit. Nice site.

Melisa Walling (, Fri Apr 3 17:00:19 EST 1998

This is a fun and informative site. I have passed the address on to several other fellow researchers. Keep up the great work! Melisa

Michael A. Byrd (, Fri Apr 3 14:28:56 EST 1998

I am in the Army, currently stationed at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. I am a Lieutenant Colonel and was born and raised on the Eastern Shore. My hometown is Assawoman,Virginia. I am looking at possibly learning the ropes of homepages and was looking for links that associate themselves with me and my background.

Michael Byrd

George Williams (, Thu Apr 2 17:43:36 EST 1998

Haven't perused yet

Martha K. Baxter (, Tue Mar 31 19:29:53 EST 1998

I hope someone can help me locate something about Alfred Lee Lewis. He lived in Lee Mont, had three girls and a son. His wife was Cora Ellen Lewis(from a different line) of the Thomas William lewis line.

Kimberly Raymer (, Tue Mar 31 10:42:31 EST 1998

I had a wonderful visit. I hope this site is still active, as all my roots go back to the Eastern Shore.

mae spencer covington , Mon Mar 30 14:16:59 EST 1998

DEBRA DURRETT (, Mon Mar 30 10:45:32 EST 1998


Karen Berends (Karen@eznet), Sun Mar 29 16:43:14 EST 1998

Karen Berends (Karen @ eznet), Sun Mar 29 16:32:29 EST 1998

I am very new to this but am pleased with all that is offered here. I am searching for the Whitehead line as I am part of that family.Thank you for any & all your help.I am also looking for any information on the SAVAGES that lived in Accomack Co. I have been told there is a grave site in Wachapreague with a Bagwell Savage & a William J. Savage buried there. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you for any help you may be able to offer me. Karen Berends

Karen Berends (Karen @ eznet), Sun Mar 29 16:23:31 EST 1998

I am very new to this but am pleased with all that is offered here. I am searching for the Whitehead line as I am part of that family.Thank you for any & all your help. Karen Berends

JAMES E. ISDELL , Sun Mar 29 08:55:47 EST 1998

Just found the Ghotes,and will check it out, have been looking for the first family of Isdells on the Eastern Shore.

Randolph Byrd Kilmon (, Sun Mar 29 03:54:51 EST 1998

cool! i'd be interested to hear from any relatives!

Ann B. Suthowski (, Sat Mar 28 22:40:03 EST 1998

Do you ever have any meetings or get-to-gethers?

Ann B. Suthowski (, Sat Mar 28 22:40:00 EST 1998

Do you ever have any meetings or get-to-gethers?

, Sat Mar 28 22:37:29 EST 1998

Jonathan E. Gradess (, Sat Mar 28 05:47:53 EST 1998

I very much appreciated finding the Ghotes Pages. I have a couple of specific and fairly urgent needs and would appreciate any help that I can get. In 1955 in Northampton County, Virginia there was an unrecorded birth that I need to document. The child was born to migrant worker parents and the baby was delivered by a midwife MOLLIE KATES, now alleged to be deceased. I'm interested in leads to 1) relatives of Mollie Kates, 2) anyone who is familiar with the midwifing process at that time including hopefully the forms of alternative record keeping systems that may have been used by midwives, and 3) anyone with information concerning migrant workers in Northampton County including crops, worker destinations prior to and after Northhampton, farm and other employers, and particularly any sources who might have been operating migrant camps or farms circa 1955. I'm sorry I have no contributions to make to Ghote at the moment. I represent an American citizen who is facing deportation unless he can prove his birth on the Eastern Shore. Your help and attention are most welcome.

Steve Wall (, Sat Mar 28 04:19:56 EST 1998

Steve Wall (, Sat Mar 28 04:15:14 EST 1998

Gary (, Sat Mar 28 00:41:45 EST 1998

Looking for relatives of Henry MOON, William MOON, from kingston ontario...Harry(Henry) HYSLOP from Owen Sound and Scotland. Laso BRADLEY, from Resolven, Wales. INteresting site.

genise fleming (, Fri Mar 27 21:55:54 EST 1998

I am from Pocomoke City and my family (mother and father) parents, grandparents etc. are from Accomac, Va and Greenbackville. I have been searching for weeks about information on the Copes (Specifically Thomas Copes), Marshall and Logan. In doing my family tree a lot of my surnames I found in your tree. I don't believe there is a connection. Anyway it was great to read about the history of the Shore and be able to relate to the places mentioned.

Bonnie Smith (, Fri Mar 27 21:12:06 EST 1998

My ggf and ggm were from the Eastern shore, so I surfed on in to try and find them. There last name was Bensten - Edward Benjamin & Martha Jane Buckhannon. Edward's parents were Capt. Theodore J. Bensten and Mary V. If anyone can help with any other info on these people, please email -- Bonnie Smith - or Ruthanne Bensten Ray -

Betty Guy Austin (, Fri Mar 27 16:37:27 EST 1998

Price Brinsfield Houston (, Thu Mar 26 04:15:08 EST 1998

Great site. Found your page by putting some friends names in Webcrawler and Excite. I've been to the ESVA.NET site before, but I missed this one. I have some friends in Painter, who are on I shall return often. Regards, Price Brinsfield Houston

Annapolis, Maryland 26, Mars., '98

Jane Gradeless Phillips (, Thu Mar 26 00:27:26 EST 1998

I appreciate the GHOTES Site very much. I am a decendent of William Twifore who left a will dated 1812 in Currituck County North Carolina. Family legend has it that three brothers were shipwrecked off the NC coast and came ashore on the northern banks. The names Bartholomew, Levin and William were the easrly NC Twifords.

TIM SHAW (, Tue Mar 24 17:23:24 EST 1998

I would like to get in touch with LINDA BURAS I tried to email her however it said that she was not accepting emails I am interested on her research of HINMAN

Jacqueline Leigh (Bell) Thrash (, Tue Mar 24 06:12:23 EST 1998

I am a relative of people from Accomack, Onancock, and Greenbackville, VA.

Family names, Duncan, Davis, Bell.

Jennifer Doughty Hall (, Tue Mar 24 02:59:57 EST 1998

I am the grandaughter of Louis Charles Doughty---I was pleased to see the picture of him (upper right hand corner, Cheriton School#3). I am the great grandaughter of Adelaide Woodson Doughty and Louis Doughty. I have just statred my search to organize my family history and am excited about finding your web site.

Mary Pattie (, Mon Mar 23 16:03:00 EST 1998

Kashlyn Covington (, Sat Mar 21 23:41:38 EST 1998

I have thoroughly enjoyed your web site. It has been extremely helpfull and enlightening. Keep up the great work.

JUDY (IMKA3PZI@AOL.COM), Sat Mar 21 11:48:34 EST 1998


JUDY (IMKA3PZI@AOL.COM), Sat Mar 21 11:48:33 EST 1998


JUDY (IMKA3PZI@AOL.COM), Sat Mar 21 11:48:29 EST 1998


debby moxey (, Sat Mar 21 08:46:24 EST 1998

You are doing a fine job. It was interesting to see all the people listed. I am going to try to do something like this for the Dorchester County Genealogical Magazine.

Laurie Almo (, Fri Mar 20 15:18:58 EST 1998

Patricia Wise Ritter (, Thu Mar 19 19:21:14 EST 1998

I'm delighted to have found your splendid site. What a clever name. I am descended from the original John Wise who came to the Shore from Devon. I would like to fill in the many links between John and my father, Edward Revel Wise. I will greatly appreciate any help offered. Thanks for going online.

William Nottingham Parks (, Thu Mar 19 10:15:01 EST 1998

I was born on April 30, 1948 at Nassawadox, Virginia and graduated from Cape Charles High School in 1966. Live in Fairfax, Virginia. Love the Eastern Shore.

Jim Lokenbauer (, Wed Mar 18 14:10:10 EST 1998

I really found some good stuff this time. I do believe the wills, and information on Phillip Fisher will prove to be helpful! Thank you! Jim

Karin Forsberg (Ktforsberg), Wed Mar 18 07:51:46 EST 1998

Bill van Elburg (, Thu Mar 12 21:16:08 EST 1998

nice loading, lot's of good info and pics. Keep up the good work.

Charles Killmon (, Thu Mar 12 15:18:15 EST 1998

Steven A. Parker (, Wed Mar 11 20:56:58 EST 1998

Looking for info on William Clement Parker, I am his great, great, grandson, my father is Franklin Lee Parker, my grandfather was William Calvin Parker and my great grandfather was Calvin William Parker the son of William Clement Parker of Virginia

Iris Crockett (, Wed Mar 11 11:09:52 EST 1998

Great site! It was so much fun seeing all that Gail Walczyk has done in her reseach. Keep up the good work.

Dan H. Heflin, Jr. (, Tue Mar 10 20:00:04 EST 1998

Very informative. Thanks for being the Voice of the Shore.

bill colehour (, Mon Mar 9 19:48:24 EST 1998

Suzanne Lancaster (, Mon Mar 9 18:34:35 EST 1998

I was surprised when i found this site. i found some information on several family names. It was most helpful. Will come back. I want to know more about the chat room. Please let me know where i can join in sometime.

stan Smith (, Mon Mar 9 10:36:00 EST 1998

I like your layout, but not much of my lines. Your easy toget around in, I wish others were the same. I've several dozen surnames the orignate in American in VA/Md or course starting with Pocahontas, Rolphes, Randolphs, Pruitt, Chastains, Peters, Parkers, Stokes,Smiths,Hoges/Hogues, McClure, Hutson, Curlee, Atkins(Adkins), Short, Randal, bolling, Isham, etc

Bob Haynes (, Sun Mar 8 18:21:08 EST 1998


It is Sunday afternoon and I just took some time to aurf around and typed in my family name of Revell. I do not think, from what I saw here that I am related to any Revells of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. My grandfather was from Lead, South Dakota, and I think born in Iowa or Nebraska. I have never done, nor had the time to do any geneology research...but have, like most everyone, always wondered about my roots. Since my work is about ancient history--Roman, in particular, I do have an interest in stories about where people come from. Thank you for the work I know it took to compile the Revell list...I did find it quite interesting. Peace.

Teresa Green (, Sun Mar 8 14:27:18 EST 1998

Too new to make any comments.

Henry Zarnow (, Sun Mar 8 02:06:10 EST 1998

Moved from Nassawadox in 1972 to Australia good to see you on the net

karen sweeney (, Sat Mar 7 13:09:43 EST 1998

this is exciting. i am a direct descent of abel hawley who died in accomack co in 1796 whose son was henry hawley. i would love to share information with anyone and obtain any other information.

karen sweeney (, Sat Mar 7 13:09:32 EST 1998

this is exciting. i am a direct descent of abel hawley who died in accomack co in 1796 whose son was henry hawley. i would love to share information with anyone and obtain any other information.

Aric Brown (, Fri Mar 6 15:40:18 EST 1998

Very good website... I enjoyed it I will come back

(, Fri Mar 6 08:24:05 EST 1998

Very well made page. Had fun navigating it. Your search engine was a valuable tool and made it easy to find the Linton outline. My homepage is:

Kathi Farrell (, Fri Mar 6 00:34:44 EST 1998

William Osburn (, Thu Mar 5 14:51:37 EST 1998

Osburn is not a common surname, but it appears twice in your sheets- Anne Osburn - 1310/1311, and Richard Osburn - 10488. Do you know anything about these people?

Peter Hannaford (, Thu Mar 5 11:52:26 EST 1998

Pease if anyone can help !!!!

I am looking for any Woolford originating from the West Norwood area in London SE27 England.

Cousin June (Bert Woolfords daughter) needs to get hold of any of you out there.


Your assistance is greatly appreciated

Ron Dailey (, Thu Mar 5 11:20:55 EST 1998

Great web site!!

I am a decendant from Peter DOWTY (& Rachel JOHNSON) in Northampton County, VA (my 5th great grandfather), through his son Elisha DOWTY & Elishe JACOB - who went to Beaufort County, NC in 1762.

John D. Strahan (, Thu Mar 5 10:06:34 EST 1998

Sam Wood (, Wed Mar 4 16:58:37 EST 1998

I'm in the process of searching any Virginia records I can find. I'm looking for David Bricker, b. 10 Sep 1786, in Virginia and the father of Ira. This is a long is a long standing challenge.

Barbara French (, Wed Mar 4 12:16:03 EST 1998

Looking for any information on 1) Samuel Cecil married to 2) Emerine Alexander. Son 3) Sheb Cecil (1861-1941)married to 4) Mary Alice Sexton 1862-1952), daughter of 4) Aaron Sexton and 5) Nancy Alexander. Sheb and Mary Alice lived in Kentucky and had at least nine children, the youngest of whom was my Grandmother, Naomi, born in Albany, Kentucky and grew up in Wisconsin. Original records lost when church burned down. down.

w.shawn spence , Wed Mar 4 10:52:10 EST 1998

HUBERT L LEWIS (, Tue Mar 3 10:27:23 EST 1998


BETTY BOWDOIN BROTHERS (, Mon Mar 2 18:48:32 EST 1998

Good web site, Good to be able to keep up with the Shore on line.

Rosalie Cantela (, Sun Mar 1 22:36:02 EST 1998

So far,so good.

Girard (Gerry) Hammond, III (, Sun Mar 1 17:50:07 EST 1998

Just killing a rainy Sunday afternoon. Thank you for letting me in.

Girard (Gerry) Hammond, III (, Sun Mar 1 17:46:36 EST 1998

Just killing a rainy Sunday afternoon. Thank you for letting me in.

Frederick LeRoy Wall, Jr. (, Sun Mar 1 14:22:14 EST 1998

jerry herring (mge@thevine), Sun Mar 1 11:28:21 EST 1998

have you ever heard of: the Petomic Freshies, or Petomic Marshes?

Cleo Boothe (, Sat Feb 28 17:43:19 EST 1998

Dear Ghotes, I had a problem with aol this week when Ghotes-Digest # 51 was sent. I was in the process of reading it and decided to download so I could read the rest. I received a message from aol it couldn't be downloaded at thaT TIME.

Some how it did not save it to down load at a later time. So could someone please resend #51 to me. I would appreciate it very Much.

Sorry For the trouble. Cleo

Thomas Brown (, Sat Feb 28 11:34:00 EST 1998

I have thoroughly enjoyed your website so far and I hope that I might be able to contribute something to your collection of information. I have more than a few family photos which I would like to have scanned and added to your collection if you are interested. Please respond with information regarding any particular size or format that is required for the submission of these photos. Thank you. Hope to visit the area again soon. Tom Brown

Dick Craft (, Fri Feb 27 21:02:50 EST 1998

Well organized-full of significant research information.

Looking for connection between Richard Warrington and prior generations. Richard Warrington is in 1850 Census of Worcester Co. Maryland as 84 years of age. Born in Maryland circa 1766. A very knowledgeable member of Ghoats suggests the Richard Warrington ancesters I search for are not of the early Warrington Eastern Shore arrivals but appears to be the son of a minister named Alexander Warrington who arrived in Maryland in 1740/1750. Does anyone have additional clues I can follow?

Jennifer (Gardner) Williams (sleep ron @ yahoo woo. com (it my husbens)), Fri Feb 27 00:15:01 EST 1998

I am looking for info on Martin Gardner in York co VA About 1670-1715

LLOYD J. KELLAM (, Thu Feb 26 22:57:27 EST 1998

Doris Brostrom (, Thu Feb 26 21:20:28 EST 1998

Very interesting site. Looking for name of Bloxom,or Blocksome or any variation. Family left Bloxom,Va in 1700's for Sussex County,DE.

roger scott justis (just food), Wed Feb 25 19:49:15 EST 1998

need information on john and betty justis offspring as follows margert marie george rogers

Edward Phillip Hickman III (, Tue Feb 24 23:20:52 EST 1998

Looking for info on the Hickmans.

Edward Phillip Hickman III (, Tue Feb 24 23:19:36 EST 1998

Elwood Douglas Twiford (, Tue Feb 24 00:50:20 EST 1998

Looking for information on Twiford's that would have settled in Currituck & Dare Counties in North Carolina.

William Husband (, Sun Feb 22 22:06:48 EST 1998

I'm looking for surnames Husband, Ferguson, Jones. Imigrated to U.S in late 1800's to early 1900's to upper state N.Y. (Blaisdel, Buffolo area.

Leland Blalock (, Sun Feb 22 21:44:09 EST 1998

Thanks for letting me view your web site,very good.

Brian Whitman (, Sun Feb 22 10:10:20 EST 1998

Donald L. Butler (, Sat Feb 21 23:49:17 EST 1998

I enjoyed your site very much. Your photos of early eastern shore people and places take one back in time. I hope to visit the area sometime late this year. My thanks to Barbara, Dr. Bill, and Cleo for their kind assistance. I hope to get to know you all better. How does one become a member of GHOTES?

A. B. Craig (, Sat Feb 21 21:49:54 EST 1998

Just looking for Family of John Bowen in the 1800's don't know what Co. And the Dilley family of Faquier and Stafford Co. in the 1770's

DAMON R. EVANS (, Sat Feb 21 19:21:39 EST 1998

BECKY (, Sat Feb 21 00:51:44 EST 1998

Looking for any information on the Doughty's

Barbara Baldwin Emken (, Thu Feb 19 20:19:07 EST 1998

On my first try on this web site, I had incredible success tracking ancestors. Am ready to try again!!

Susan Ashby Mergler (, Wed Feb 18 19:44:26 EST 1998

Dava Ladymon (, Sun Feb 15 16:01:53 EST 1998

I have been looking for a site on this area of the country. Thanks.

del griffin (, Sat Feb 14 22:58:02 EST 1998


Margaret Ann Walker (, Sat Feb 14 19:28:35 EST 1998

I have lived in Cape Charles all my life and would not trade it for the world. I like it over across the bay but only for a visit. This is a layed back kind of place and you can't beat it. Well thanks for listening.. bye bye..

E P Parks III (Home23417), Fri Feb 13 20:49:01 EST 1998

Very interesting site for relatives of eastern shore families

Stacy Sinclair (, Fri Feb 13 09:35:26 EST 1998

Dan Sadberry (, Thu Feb 12 15:58:32 EST 1998

Rick Wall (, Wed Feb 11 11:08:23 EST 1998

Your site is wonderful. I've just begun to do a little research ( Twiford and James on theEastern Shore) and I wish all site were as helpful as this one.

Thanks, Rick Wall

Dale McGee Jones (, Tue Feb 10 22:00:32 EST 1998

This is my first visit and am looking forward to all that I know I'll find. I will be back.

Patricia Ann Scherzinger (, Tue Feb 10 01:07:57 EST 1998

Loved it all. You have done a great job. I have found (what I have looked at very interesting) I have alot of ancestors from these two counties as I was born in Nassawadox and have generations that came before me. Will make more commetts later. Thanks Pat

Coles Marsh (, Mon Feb 9 18:02:38 EST 1998

Great to find such good information on the Eastern Shore. All my family are from the Shore. Byrds & Marshes. The Marsh family came to the Shore from Smiths Island..Marsh was the second sir name on Smith Island.. Walter Marsh, you guessed it he married a Tyler..The Byrds were around Mearsville, Atlantic.. Edward Byrd 1645.. Thanks for keeping the wonderful history of the Land of Pleasent Living alive.. Coles

Thomas B. Bayse (, Mon Feb 9 18:00:58 EST 1998

Donald E. Julian (, Sun Feb 8 20:16:01 EST 1998

Have been working on the julian,julien,jullian,julion, family tree for about 10 years would anthing thing these names thanks Don Julian

George Lawson (, Sun Feb 8 13:42:05 EST 1998

Excellent website. I have an extensive genealogy on Pioneer Jame Clark who settled in Augusta County in 1700. Interested? Let me know.

Betty Guy Austin (, Sat Feb 7 19:50:05 EST 1998

I have not use this service, therefore I have not comment.

Larya DeBow (, Sat Feb 7 08:24:50 EST 1998

I'm in here looking for my grandmother, Donald and Mary Jane Bellessa are doing Our family history. They are having so much fun . You have been a big help to them. Thanks

Betty A. Oliveira (, Thu Feb 5 20:15:15 EST 1998

Thanks for all you are doing to help us, principally those, like me, that are living in foreign countries, as Brazil. I have done genealogical research for a long time about my north american ancestors in Virginia. Betty A. Oliveira

Robert C. Boothe (, Thu Feb 5 14:13:31 EST 1998

Harv Hopkins-Garriss (, Wed Feb 4 17:01:20 EST 1998

Harv Hopkins-Garriss (, Wed Feb 4 17:00:47 EST 1998

Bette Picone (, Wed Feb 4 10:35:15 EST 1998

Enjoyed my visit....I will be back

Peggy Yost (, Wed Feb 4 07:15:26 EST 1998

My grandparents were Margaret & Charles Justis of Parksley. lots of information.

virginia wessells schroeder (ginger450), Tue Feb 3 18:28:49 EST 1998

my sister gave me the address for the decendants of James Wessells. looking it over i realized i have no idea what it all means!! i have limited information about my family and would like to know more. your guest book was at the end of the list soooo.......... i don't know where this will lead but i'm working on it thanks virginia schroeder

Patricia L. Healy (, Mon Feb 2 22:47:28 EST 1998

very interesting I found information on one of my ancestor's, Edmund Scarburgh.

Edgar Melvin Crockett, Jr. (, Sun Feb 1 09:44:25 EST 1998

Very informative as I have been interested in Tangier Island and its history. Understand it was settled by a John Crockett in the 1600s.

I believe I still have some relatives there.

Joan A. Sullivan , Fri Jan 30 17:11:41 EST 1998

As I just happened upon your web site, I need to look at my research before I return. I know that a branch of my family hails from the tidewater Virginia area. Surname is Upson, but beyond that, I have to check..

Joann Lucas Conrad (, Fri Jan 30 16:56:19 EST 1998

My Third & fourth gGrandfathers were from Snow Hill Worchester CO MD Parker LUCAS (1776-1831) and Whittington BOWEN, SR (1741-?1814). My 2nd gGrandfather, Solomon LUCAS was (?1802-1851), & married to Elizabeth Merrell B (?1805-??) in Accomack CO. VA 1820 Can anyone visiting this site give me any information on these families? Thank you. Joann

carla pippin smith (, Fri Jan 30 11:18:50 EST 1998

Hazel (Jacob)Pace (Rt. 4 Box 5050 Bonners Ferry, Id. 83805), Thu Jan 29 17:55:10 EST 1998

I am interested in your GHOTES page because my grandfather(Severn E. Jacob) originated from Va.His family had been residents of Northampton Co. for a long time when he left there in 1849. He didn't marry until he was 50 years old, hence he could be my grandfather and born in 1834. I would dearly love to find out his father's name, if anyone has records that would help me in my search I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you. HPace

Hazel Pace (Rt. 4 Box 5050 Bonners Ferry, Id. 83805), Thu Jan 29 17:52:46 EST 1998

I am interested in your GHOTES page because my grandfather originated from Va.His family had been residents of Northampton Co. for a long time when he left there in 1849. He didn't marry until he was 50 years old, hence he could be my grandfather and born in 1834. I would dearly love to find out his father's name, if anyone has records that would help me in my search I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you. HPace

Vesta Susan Cadieu (, Wed Jan 28 12:58:36 EST 1998

Thanks. I have found a wealth of info on the Baker family in the Staton Family history. My mother's family is from the Eastern Shore. The Surnames are Baker, Somers, Byrd, Savage, Bloxom and Mears.

Kennis Austin (, Wed Jan 28 10:39:56 EST 1998

I am very glad that I was given this website. I have started to research the history of my family, the Wallops. What information I have gathered is from the elderly members of my family and from records at the Accomack County courthouse. I am hoping this site will provide me with additional resources to continue my research.


William S. Walker (, Tue Jan 27 19:51:25 EST 1998

Thank You for an informative and interesting site.

Jim Lokenbauer (, Tue Jan 27 16:51:39 EST 1998

Nice & Easy!

Karen Lehman , Tue Jan 27 16:15:01 EST 1998

Michael Kane (, Tue Jan 27 12:11:46 EST 1998

found it intriguing can't wait till it gets updated!

Michael Kane (, Tue Jan 27 12:11:19 EST 1998

Darrin R. Alfred (, Mon Jan 26 19:10:40 EST 1998

Great page! I spent the summer of 1997 on the Eastern Shore recording the gardens at Eyre Hall. I was pleased to see the picture up on your page. I throughly enjoyed my time there and meeting the warm and interesting people of the Eastern Shore. Thanks!

Sandy Thompson (, Mon Jan 26 03:05:16 EST 1998

I have thoroughly enjoyed this site! The names I am researching are BRATTON, MEREDITH, HUGHES, CHILDRESS, PERKINS.

george williams (, Sun Jan 25 23:05:29 EST 1998

looks good,but I am having a hard accessing

, Sat Jan 24 23:19:46 EST 1998

Clyde T. Willard (, Sat Jan 24 21:51:38 EST 1998

Am researching the ancestors of WILLIAM WILLARD, b 1755 in Leesburg, Va. His father's name is thought to be William also, b. abt 1730 in Va. and married in Leesburg. Young William was brother to ISAAC, JOSEPH, ANN, JEAN, ELENDAR, JOHN & MARY WILLARD. Like your webpage great! Clyde

Beverley John Clarkson (, Sat Jan 24 13:47:04 EST 1998

I'm looking forward to using your resources in my genealogy search. And also in my attempt to prove to my father-in-law that the internet is an excellent source of information.

Mary Mina Beall Sandoval (, Fri Jan 23 17:15:47 EST 1998

This is a great site. Thanks to all those who have put it together and maintain it. Here are just a few surnames on my father's side: Beall, Benton (Bentonne), Zehring, Sprinkle, Townsend, Chambers, Higgins, Kennedy and Case. Any matches welcome.

Addie P. Howell (, Fri Jan 23 17:10:32 EST 1998

Someone told me about your Home Page and I think its great but was disappointed when I did not find some one researching my surname of PARRAMORE. I am looking for information on all PARRAMORE who lived in Accomack Co. and the names of those who maried into the family. John PARRAMORE who came to America in 1622 and ended up living in Accomack Co is my 7th generation grandfather. I hope some one who is interested in the family will see this and contact me. Addie P. Howell

Eve Rogers Mapp McCray (, Thu Jan 22 20:39:24 EST 1998

Looks like an interesting www site. Hope to spend some time in here sometime soon! eve

Saralinda Jones Orr (, Thu Jan 22 10:06:25 EST 1998

Do you GHOTES have a mailing address? My mother is very interested but does not yet have a computer so she is not online. Would you please send to her information on your group with a mailing address? In the meantime, I will have her over here so she can see what your website looks like. Thank you very much. She is: Mrs. Mason Jones, Box 37, Gladwyne, PA 19035. She read about you in the Delaware Genealogical Society newsletter.

Cathy Porcheron (, Tue Jan 20 14:46:34 EST 1998

Searching for information on the Matteson Family in Rochester NY, early 1900s. Father, William; mother, Anabelle, sons, William and Frank daughter Barbara.

Jim Young (, Tue Jan 20 13:22:48 EST 1998

Decendant of Louisa Lewis I have a photo or her and her Husband Philip Price Curious to find relationship back to Fielding Lewis

Jim Young (, Tue Jan 20 13:22:16 EST 1998

Decendant of Louisa Lewis I have a photo or her and her Husband Philip Price Curiuos to find relationship back to Fielding Lewis

James W. Beall (, Tue Jan 20 13:07:22 EST 1998

My great grandmother was Louisa Ewell Beall. Her parents were Charles Ewell and Maria Wishart Ewell (both born abt. 1798). They lived in Cincinnati, OH when Louisa married Theodore Beall about 1864. Cin. 1850 census show all Ewell's as born in VA. Several of the children burial records indicate they were born in Accomack Co, VA. There names are William H. S., Elisabeth A., Maria W., Mary Ann, Sarah S., Rebecca W. Louisa F., Charles T., and Benjamin Franklin. I would been interested all information relating to the Charles Ewell famiy in Accomack Co.

Dan Cadenhead (, Mon Jan 19 21:12:34 EST 1998

Always looking for the surname Cadenhead on passenger list.All help appreciated

NORMAN A. STEVENS (TOAD@BLAST.NET), Mon Jan 19 17:36:03 EST 1998


keep up the good work

zack norville (, Mon Jan 19 15:31:14 EST 1998

need conection to zachry taylor, va, 1600'00s to zackary taylor addington b c 1850. also info in 1600's for marshall, willoughby, flood, and others. can u suggest a researcher? thanks, zachary samuel norville, box 853, dalton, ga 30722 0853, fax 706 226 7519. thanks

Arthur King Fisher (, Mon Jan 19 14:03:34 EST 1998

Had not visited this site for a year or more. Am amazed at how much info is here. My especial thanks go to the Miles cousins for all their labors and what they are sharing with us.

Ann B. Suthowski (, Sun Jan 18 21:44:00 EST 1998

Interested in Bell asnd Mears families from Accomack County, Virginia. Your page is neat!!!! Look forward to sharing with you. Also interested in knowing if any descendants of these families belong to DAR or Confederate Daughters of America Please e-mail.

Robert Scarborough (, Sun Jan 18 13:46:21 EST 1998

Has anyone traced the descendants of Colonel Edmund Scarborough of Onancock who died about 1671? There is a chapter in a book by Jewel Davis Scarborough published in the late 1950s that traces his descendants through several generations. Does anyone know of any other source?

John Palmer-Felgate (, Sat Jan 17 17:31:29 EST 1998

Nice page but what is it about?


Andrea Vandegrift Holland (, Fri Jan 16 22:11:15 EST 1998

M Elizabeth Montgomery (, Fri Jan 16 18:17:23 EST 1998

Very good! I want to return when I have more time,

Darlene Hofer (, Fri Jan 16 14:57:22 EST 1998

Really enjoyed your site. I am researching the surname Savage. I was just made aware that this family was one of the early settlers of the eastern shore of VA.

Bonny Lewandowski (, Thu Jan 15 20:35:31 EST 1998

Website is great! Has really helped with my research.

Jo Bull Barnes & Robert Lee Barnes (, Thu Jan 15 17:59:23 EST 1998

We are both from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Have just taken a quick look at this site. It looks great! We hope to start researching the Bulls and the Barnes soon.

Debbie Ferguson (, Thu Jan 15 07:53:00 EST 1998

Searching Doughty's/Dowty; Anyone w/ info on parents, etc. of Peter Doughty, (children, Hezekiah, Elisha and Sarah), please contact. We know Peter was dead in 1772 and wrote his will on 18 Nov 1766 (Northampton Co). Perhaps Roland was his father, however there were many Peter Doughty's/Dowty's back then and not all from our line. Thanks. Super website!

Philip Preston THOMAS Sr. (, Wed Jan 14 00:46:58 EST 1998

Jo Zsembery (, Tue Jan 13 20:56:14 EST 1998

Feels like home

Kaye Don Thompson (, Tue Jan 13 01:20:33 EST 1998

Looking for the parents of Richard H. Drummond, b. 8 Sep.1793 in Accomac Co., Va. and died 6 Sep. 1865 in Kidder, Caldwell Co., Mo. He was in Washington, D.C. at the time of the 1810 Fed. Census. He married Zipporah Auld of Arundal Co., Md. 1830 they were living in St. Louis Co., Mo. 1840 to 1850 the family was in Laffeyette Co., Mo. and in 1860, Richard and two daughters and a granddaughter were living in Caldwell Co., Mo.There is a possibility that Richard's parents were William and Ann Robinson (Smith) Drummond, but I need verification.

Kaye Don Thompson , Tue Jan 13 01:10:12 EST 1998

Tom Stant (, Mon Jan 12 19:39:58 EST 1998

Found some useful threads!! Looking for ancestors of James Stant/Accomac Co (circa 1700's) and Milton H. Stant (circa 1900) who may have gone to IN

Philip Turner (, Mon Jan 12 12:31:15 EST 1998

I am looking for my Melson, Prewitt and Turner ancestors who lived in Accomack County before 1800.

Philip L. Goldsborough (, Sun Jan 11 21:55:53 EST 1998

Ruth Bowden Mascari (, Sun Jan 11 18:36:03 EST 1998


Barbara J. Munro (, Sun Jan 11 17:39:38 EST 1998

I'm researching the BURN family from Chester and Delaware Ctys., Pa., but my Mother's family is from the northern neck of Virginia. I found your site to be very good and informative about the part of Virginia that I know very little about, the eastern shore. I love the humor too!!

M. Dean Kreps (, Sun Jan 11 14:19:59 EST 1998

Cleo Boothe (, Sun Jan 11 13:55:51 EST 1998

Hi, I am researching the Boothe, Jester, Lewis families of accomack co & North Hampton Co. I need info on a marriage date on Parker Jester m. Addie Murray, Isaac Jester & (Ike) Jester m Margaret Bowden. parker b.May 14, 1864-dAug 22,1939. Isaac b Mar 4,1892-d July 1968. Also Kendall Jester Married Elizabeth Lewis m 6/10/1833. I need b &d dates also. If any one has info please e-mail me at

ps Your page is wonderful Thanks Cleo Boothe

Rita Paige Bradford Krizek (n/a), Sun Jan 11 11:54:09 EST 1998

I just found this site and I am really impressed. I am looking for information on the Bradford family. John Granberry Bradford who married Julia Hester Baker is my great-grandfather. I have no information of birth or death dates. I can be reached at (703)765-6073.

Stephen R. Fooks (, Sat Jan 10 21:35:35 EST 1998

Cleo Boothe (, Sat Jan 10 11:47:45 EST 1998

This site is fantastic. I am amazed at the information that is available. Truly great site

Thanks for all the hard work Cleo Boothe

Cleo Boothe (, Wed Jan 7 22:14:47 EST 1998

You have a wonderful site.I am very pleased to find relatives on the Boothe,Jester's,Lewis's,Bowden's. Keep up the good work. It is a wonderful share group for a great cause.

Thanks Cleo Boothe

Jo Zsembery (, Tue Jan 6 16:34:42 EST 1998

I am looking for information about Suthard(Suthey) Washington TAYLOR born 1842 in Accomack Co Virginia. I am his great gdtr. He married a Mary Mersereau and lived in Staten Island until he was killed in the great train wreck. I hope someone can help me go backwards. Thank you in advance.

p. mcculloch (, Tue Jan 6 16:28:04 EST 1998

Can you provide me some information on the town of Harborton? I see where the site is currently still under construction. Also... can you tell me something about life, in general, on the Delmarva? Why does so much real estate seem to be for sale? What is the state of the economy, etc?

Terry Ann Ewell (, Tue Jan 6 08:56:39 EST 1998

Great to see the Eastern Shore and its venerable families being recognized. About twenty years ago, I started researching my family concentrating on the EWELLS. (The Ewells in Princess Anne County, VA, etc., are of the same branch as those on the Eastern Shore & of MD). I also have some information on ANNIS, BARNES, TAYLOR, and many other names. Thanks to my Aunt, Martha Simpson, I am attempting to organize the material using the Family Tree Maker. If anyone is interested in exchanging info, my address is Terry A. Ewell, P.O. Box 12, Wallops Island, VA 23337.

gisela (JRILEY7152@AOL.), Mon Jan 5 22:02:46 EST 1998

Great side. Hope to do research on Thornton (Chincoteague)

William K. Faber (, Mon Jan 5 20:56:16 EST 1998

I trace my ancestry back to early coastal Virginia with the name Nuckles (originally Nuckolls) and one reference states that the first Nuckolls was a member of the Jamestown colony. Does anyone know of a listing of the members of the Jamestown colony?

Doyle Lumpkin , Sun Jan 4 12:42:44 EST 1998

244Janeway Ln. Jacksboro Tenn. 37757

Elizabeth Hinson (, Sat Jan 3 19:24:18 EST 1998

I have just started compiling the family tree which my great-aunt Henrietta Fitchett Jacob began in the 1970's. She traced our family to John Parramore (1605 - 1676) and to Joshua Fitchett (d.1710). I found the Ghote's web page on my first search of the Internet. I was very excited to find the transcripts of the wills of a few ancesters already! Thanks to everyone who was involved in putting these pages together.

Elizabeth Hinson

Rachel Upshur Dunton Wills (, Sat Jan 3 19:06:33 EST 1998

Hi! I am looking for help in researching my Eastern Shore lines, particularily the lines of Godwin, Mears, Pitts and Churn. I live in West Point, Va, but was born and raised in Onancock. My parents still live there. If anyone is researching these lines, please let me know.

Cleo Boothe (, Sat Jan 3 17:12:07 EST 1998

My inlaws are from chincoteague. I am related to the Boothe's Lewis's and Jester. If anyone has any info please let me know via e-mail.

I enjoyed your site. I will be back. Many Thanks Cleo Boothe

Edward Richardson Gladding,Sr. (, Fri Jan 2 21:52:37 EST 1998

Congratulations on a very interesting site. Hope to be able to add to it in the future.

Dolores Wyant (, Fri Jan 2 13:26:34 EST 1998

Love this site. Hoping to someday find more about John Dubberly in late 1600 and early 1700's.

Robert M Porter (, Fri Jan 2 00:26:15 EST 1998

great site

ANDREA WEST (rwest 1@mail, Wed Dec 31 17:29:24 EST 1997


ANDREA WEST (WEST 1@ BRIGHT NET . COM), Tue Dec 30 19:56:16 EST 1997


ANDREA WEST , Tue Dec 30 19:51:43 EST 1997

Ann Shackelford (, Tue Dec 30 17:25:26 EST 1997

My first visit. Couldn't get in,server busy... but will return. Looking for info on parents of Charles Henry Shackelford. Gloucester County.

Howard Gresham, Jr. (, Tue Dec 30 13:03:59 EST 1997

Looking for information on Brickhouse/Stevenson.

James Waine Carpenter Jr. (BNarrow@aolcom), Tue Dec 30 11:57:40 EST 1997

Ed Moore (, Mon Dec 29 20:54:53 EST 1997

My father is from the eastern shore. A town called Onanckok(??)His name is William Edward Moore Jr

Joe Bird (, Sat Dec 27 23:47:33 EST 1997

Great web site, from a nice place in America

Virginia Kellam Barrett (, Sat Dec 27 12:29:16 EST 1997

A cousin told me about your group and I decided to check it out. It's a great resource! Last week I was discussing Christmas memories with my mother and she recalled Rochester Cake her grandmother used to make...we were wondering if we could find the recipe somewhere and here it was! The question section would be easier to use if the names were somehow alphabetized. I look forward to using your site more. My parents are natives of the Shore and I'm interested in finding the ancestors of Revell Kellam (1813-1889).

Dorotha Reavis (, Sat Dec 27 10:02:15 EST 1997

I am searching for records on the Job Pearsall, Henry Begley and Samuel Newberry families

barbara belote (, Sat Dec 27 01:53:37 EST 1997

I am from the eastern shore and have done alot of research on the belote, brady, ruediguer and hinmen families. I would like more information on the hinman family as I have traced it as for the records on the shore will allow.

Michael Norddstrom (, Fri Dec 26 13:07:44 EST 1997

Hi! Surfs up in December!! It's been fun cruising the wed while visiting my folks.

Mike Biedermann (, Fri Dec 26 12:29:35 EST 1997

What a treat to go into a site and find it so well organized. Barbara, you have an excellent piece of work here. Your membership and concerned others should really be thankful to have this at their fingertips, with a chat room nonetheless. I am really impressed.

Dianna Vaughn (, Fri Dec 26 00:13:11 EST 1997

Great website. Searching for my TOWNSEND family history in Accomack County area. Includes JOHN TOWNSEND born 1644. Any TOWNSEND info or links would be appreciated. Thanks !

Judy Bell Waser (, Thu Dec 25 21:58:03 EST 1997

I am a descendent of Charles Bell of King George County. I am trying to find out more information on the family and on the Jetts of Fauquier Co. My mother was a Jett. We are planning a trip to Fauquier Co next week. Can you give us some tips? I hear there is a Belle Cemetary on Route 301? Please give me any helpful hints. Thank you.

Norman E. Hagen (, Wed Dec 24 23:15:15 EST 1997

Henry Buchanan (, Wed Dec 24 15:38:03 EST 1997

All of my father's kin is from the eastern shore. My grandfather, Henry I. Buchanan, and grandmother, Anna Godwin Buchanan were natives of Accomack county. Also have Mapp and Jacob as family names.

H. Van Der Ghote (, Mon Dec 22 19:24:20 EST 1997

Jean & Chuck Rogan (, Sun Dec 21 23:12:10 EST 1997

Found GHOTES while searching for any info on Virginia ancestors; looking for family trails----Farley, Batts, Whyte, Rogan & Montgomery. Your site is very impressive!!!

Bill Scharf (, Sun Dec 21 14:36:49 EST 1997

We're new to the Accomac County area (moving into a second home this May) and thought checking with a few web sites would help to give us a better feel for the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Bill & Rosemary Scharf

Patricia Castle-Reese (CastleCorb AOL), Sat Dec 20 22:08:33 EST 1997

I am researching the surnames of my ancestors (Black Americans) that were primarily from Accomak and Lancaster Cos., VA. I am especially interested in the following surnames: Corbin, Castor, Godwin, and Justice. I have plenty of information, but I need to fill in the blanks. I am also willing to share all that I have.

Thanks, Pat Reese 1738 Saint Paul Street Philadelphia PA 19140

Michael V. Marshall (, Thu Dec 18 16:02:14 EST 1997

Thrilled to find this site. I was born and reared on the Eastern Shore with my Dad's side of the family coming from Accomack County. I've been doing initial research within the family and am starting to seek other sources. Glad to find you all.

barbara crites charles (, Mon Dec 15 17:17:17 EST 1997

I'm a member ofThe Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society and I didn't realize this homepage existed until a friend told me about it. I haven't any comments yet, other than that, because I just got here.

e. M. Kellam , Sun Dec 14 10:23:16 EST 1997

Clark Graves (, Sat Dec 13 20:37:19 EST 1997

Finally back on track after extensive remodeling of house. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone at the convention in September. Hope we can do it again in 2000.

Nye Sawyer (, Sat Dec 13 09:10:27 EST 1997

Thankful to have discovered the GROTES web site and feel that it will be a great help in my genealogy research

Frank Courtney (, Wed Dec 10 14:30:21 EST 1997

This is the best site I have seen, thus far. A wonderful resource and I am proud to have joined the list of GHOTES.

Lee Isdell (, Wed Dec 10 12:12:36 EST 1997

George Stant (, Wed Dec 10 02:44:02 EST 1997

Interesting to see such a large gathering of STANTs. I have been doing genealogy on the STANTs off and on for many years. I come from the Eastern Shore of Delaware. Family split in early 1800s part going to Virginia and part to the Mid West. Perhaps at some point, I fit into your history of the STANTs. Interesting possibility.

George Stant

Charon Gray (, Tue Dec 9 18:41:25 EST 1997

(, Mon Dec 8 23:53:12 EST 1997

(, Mon Dec 8 23:52:19 EST 1997

dave garlock (, Sun Dec 7 21:42:32 EST 1997

Richard St.Arnauld (, Sat Dec 6 20:01:56 EST 1997

Looking for anyone who has access to the Newport News Shipyard records. I am helping a freind to find information on FREDRICK JACOB HEUTER who was born in Germany, immigrated to the US in 1873. He worked in the shipyard untill his death in 1920. He married Suzie Marie Baker of Nansemond Co 20 Oct 1885. also searching for DUKE ,NEWSOME in Nansemond

HOWARD BELOTE (BELOTE@JUNO.COM), Fri Dec 5 15:55:02 EST 1997


Tracy Boothe (, Thu Dec 4 21:03:41 EST 1997

Hi, my husband's family is from Chincoteague Island, they have lived there a long time. Their name is Boothe, but we are related the the Bowdens, the Lewis's and the Jester's. I will keep checking our page to see what I can find and I have told me mother in law, who has been researching the family for a few years. She may have some info for you. Thanks for you page, it looks great! Tracy : )

John H. Floyd III (, Wed Dec 3 18:48:59 EST 1997

I just discovered this site and enjoyed it very much. I was suprised to say the least t find the Photo of Liberty hall. The Middle two windows upstairs were my bedroom as I was growing up. My parents have wills from this era that I am willing to share. I am Not sure who put this together but I also have relatives that have done pretty extensive on Sally brickouse and I would be glad to point you to them

Thanks again John

David Mapp (, Wed Dec 3 17:28:18 EST 1997

I'm new on the net . I have been looking for years for information on the Mapp familf that settled on Eastern Shore around 1652 so it sure is nice to see this site on the net, as my mother and dad divorce when i was five ,that was fourty five ago. I know nothing about my dad's side of the family. I now live in texas so it is hard for me to search for information as there isn't many books around here to search for your family. I still have family that live in Virginia but having to go live with another family at age five there isn't as much of a relationship with them as i would like, also they don,t seem to be as interested in the family name as i am. Hope i'am not boring anyone, Thank: David Mapp

(, Tue Dec 2 18:43:03 EST 1997

A most impressive web site. You have really done an amazing job here! I have it bookmarked and will return soon as what you have here will take more than one visit. My web site is at, Researching, Salmon, Burnett, Mason, Carwile and Hudson.

Julie Ward (, Tue Dec 2 18:34:03 EST 1997

barbara browning (, Tue Dec 2 11:35:16 EST 1997

barbara browning , Tue Dec 2 11:34:35 EST 1997

Debbie Bundick Murray (, Sun Nov 30 21:16:35 EST 1997

This is a very interesting site. We are looking for Abbott Bundick father of William Bundick, Abbott's wife was Sophia James.

Austin Wilgus (, Sun Nov 30 20:30:52 EST 1997

Darryl Rowles (, Sun Nov 30 15:59:35 EST 1997

Well done web page - no crazy colors and backgrounds - worth bookmarking.

Joe Bradford (, Sat Nov 29 18:49:47 EST 1997

I am looking for information on Purnell Bradford b. abt 1760 in Worcester County MD. He married Edith Robinson. I believe his father came from Virginia. I believe his father lived on a farm next to one owned by William Purnell, and I also believe his father married a daughter of William Purnell. Any information, even if bad news, would be most helpful. Thank You. Joe Bradford, Justin Texas.

june ransaw , Sat Nov 29 13:16:49 EST 1997

Pat Staten (, Sat Nov 29 11:14:45 EST 1997

Researching STATON/STAYTON/STATEN; Seeking info on Charles Staton bn 1786 SC with connections to Accomack families. Unable to verify as of yet. Any help would be appreciated.

You have a great site, but so far no help to me!


Malcolm Webster Ewell, Jr. (, Sat Nov 29 10:57:36 EST 1997

Ginger L. Hart , Sat Nov 29 03:53:29 EST 1997

, Sat Nov 29 03:52:48 EST 1997

Debbie Saviola (, Fri Nov 28 01:29:21 EST 1997

Hi, just visited your sight,and I must say that I really enjoyed my visit. There is definately loads of information. I am researching GRAHAM. Most of them I think were probably from the IL area, but it is really unknown to me at this time. The earliest one that I have gotten, (from family resourses) is a Burrill Graham, Sr. Born late 1760's or early 1770's. Died between 1840 and 1850. His wife Rebecca (unknown maiden name), was born around 1779. There are 5 known boys, and 3 girls. The boys are Reuben, Nelson, Burrill (Jr) John, and Lewis. The girls names are unknown. This is all the information on him that I was given, so ... I hope someone can help me. I have just started my research, so...(well I'm sure you remember when you all just started)... it is a little overwhelming, but just like potatoe chips, you just can't settle for just one....Nice meeting you,and hope to hear from someone soon. Other surnames: PARTELOW, MAYS, NEAL, BOSWELL, LEONARD, COX, WALLS, WRIGHT...that is just a start for me for now. Thanks Again...Debbie (

Ruth Williams (None yet), Thu Nov 27 13:33:13 EST 1997

Great convention on Eastern Shore. Let's do it again soon. I'm still transcribing and Indexing Order Book 3 from Northampton Co.

Ruth Williams , Thu Nov 27 13:29:09 EST 1997

Samuel L. Collins (, Wed Nov 26 09:14:42 EST 1997

It appears that from birth and marriage records in Philly that my GGGrandfather, Capt Joseph Collins was born on the Eastern Shore. Names of links in the family include Taylor and Carmine as well as other Accomack names. When I am able I supply more info, but am excited to disover this page. Please offer suggestions.

Teresa Howard (, Wed Nov 26 00:31:41 EST 1997

Looking for any information on the Riggin family from Sanford Va. also any info. on the Howard family from Hallwood Va. .

Teresa Howard (, Wed Nov 26 00:29:13 EST 1997

Looking for any information on the Riggin family from Sanford Va. also any info. on the Howard family from Hallwood Va. .

Donna Bonnewell (, Mon Nov 24 19:14:01 EST 1997

After 3 hours of cruising the genealogy sites on the net I landed at your ghotes house. What a relief! I am a ghote by marriage. My husband's families-Bonnewell/Stant-have been difficult to locate. Anyone with any info. please e-mail. For Miles ancestors, there is a small family cemetary in our Virginia front yard with Miles on the headstones. Located in Sanford.

J'nell POWELL Avenia (, Mon Nov 24 15:39:46 EST 1997

Shelli Crockett (, Mon Nov 24 15:15:23 EST 1997

Hi!! I'm from Tangier and I enjoyed the articles you had on my wonderful island home. I hope to more in the future.

Iva Thompson (, Mon Nov 24 14:00:44 EST 1997

This is a fatastic site - great job on graphics as well as data! I did have a problem accessing Red Bank Baptist Church records. Message came back that it was not on this server. Glitches do happen. Hope to get it one of these days,. Thanks for all the hard work.

Iva Thompson , Mon Nov 24 13:58:49 EST 1997

Nonie Kenney (, Sun Nov 23 16:53:39 EST 1997

I think your site is wonderful and you have made an interesting topic of a unique name.

Is there anyone in MD, DE and surrounding area that has done any research on the MITCHELL family - any of them??? Please e-mail me. Thanks.

KAY NELSON (, Sun Nov 23 01:16:20 EST 1997

My maiden name was Lichtenwalter. Most Americans having that name in their line come from a single ansestor who came to Allentown, PA. around 1700. If you are related please let me know that you are interested. I am looking for related names- Minnick, Essig,Denney.Thanks for this website.

c pullins (cpullins@main-net), Sat Nov 22 22:45:31 EST 1997

looking for information on george lynch b. 3-21-1847 married Martha Arehart b. 3-11-1848 m. 12-9=1863

William Robert CROSHAW (, Sat Nov 22 21:18:58 EST 1997

A friend told me he had found people looking for CROSHAWs so I came browsing and found your site. Very interesting. I'll be back. I'm one of the Canadian Croshaws and have traced my roots back to England. There are some Croshaws in Indianapolis who emigrated from England in 1962 for those who are interested. Bye now.

AL CROSS (ADC64@AOL.COM), Sat Nov 22 20:49:32 EST 1997


Clarence Thomas Province (, Sat Nov 22 17:47:58 EST 1997

I have strings to this area going back to +-1728 named Thomas Province some times spelled Provence and Provance on the same document if you come by this name please give me a call I'm looking for ship records mainly. thanks C.Province Fax 6164717559

Willis Schroader (, Wed Nov 19 20:40:32 EST 1997

Looking for any information on Schroader's

Neil Larry Rozier (, Wed Nov 19 12:57:20 EST 1997

Searching for information on Rozier's and Floyd's in Virginia in the 1600's.

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