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The last comment was left on Wed Nov 26 09:14:42 EST 1997

Samuel L. Collins (, Wed Nov 26 09:14:42 EST 1997

It appears that from birth and marriage records in Philly that my GGGrandfather, Capt Joseph Collins was born on the Eastern Shore. Names of links in the family include Taylor and Carmine as well as other Accomack names. When I am able I supply more info, but am excited to disover this page. Please offer suggestions.

Teresa Howard (, Wed Nov 26 00:31:41 EST 1997

Looking for any information on the Riggin family from Sanford Va. also any info. on the Howard family from Hallwood Va. .

Teresa Howard (, Wed Nov 26 00:29:13 EST 1997

Looking for any information on the Riggin family from Sanford Va. also any info. on the Howard family from Hallwood Va. .

Donna Bonnewell (, Mon Nov 24 19:14:01 EST 1997

After 3 hours of cruising the genealogy sites on the net I landed at your ghotes house. What a relief! I am a ghote by marriage. My husband's families-Bonnewell/Stant-have been difficult to locate. Anyone with any info. please e-mail. For Miles ancestors, there is a small family cemetary in our Virginia front yard with Miles on the headstones. Located in Sanford.

J'nell POWELL Avenia (, Mon Nov 24 15:39:46 EST 1997

Shelli Crockett (, Mon Nov 24 15:15:23 EST 1997

Hi!! I'm from Tangier and I enjoyed the articles you had on my wonderful island home. I hope to more in the future.

Iva Thompson (, Mon Nov 24 14:00:44 EST 1997

This is a fatastic site - great job on graphics as well as data! I did have a problem accessing Red Bank Baptist Church records. Message came back that it was not on this server. Glitches do happen. Hope to get it one of these days,. Thanks for all the hard work.

Iva Thompson , Mon Nov 24 13:58:49 EST 1997

Nonie Kenney (, Sun Nov 23 16:53:39 EST 1997

I think your site is wonderful and you have made an interesting topic of a unique name.

Is there anyone in MD, DE and surrounding area that has done any research on the MITCHELL family - any of them??? Please e-mail me. Thanks.

KAY NELSON (, Sun Nov 23 01:16:20 EST 1997

My maiden name was Lichtenwalter. Most Americans having that name in their line come from a single ansestor who came to Allentown, PA. around 1700. If you are related please let me know that you are interested. I am looking for related names- Minnick, Essig,Denney.Thanks for this website.

c pullins (cpullins@main-net), Sat Nov 22 22:45:31 EST 1997

looking for information on george lynch b. 3-21-1847 married Martha Arehart b. 3-11-1848 m. 12-9=1863

William Robert CROSHAW (, Sat Nov 22 21:18:58 EST 1997

A friend told me he had found people looking for CROSHAWs so I came browsing and found your site. Very interesting. I'll be back. I'm one of the Canadian Croshaws and have traced my roots back to England. There are some Croshaws in Indianapolis who emigrated from England in 1962 for those who are interested. Bye now.

AL CROSS (ADC64@AOL.COM), Sat Nov 22 20:49:32 EST 1997


Clarence Thomas Province (, Sat Nov 22 17:47:58 EST 1997

I have strings to this area going back to +-1728 named Thomas Province some times spelled Provence and Provance on the same document if you come by this name please give me a call I'm looking for ship records mainly. thanks C.Province Fax 6164717559

Willis Schroader (, Wed Nov 19 20:40:32 EST 1997

Looking for any information on Schroader's

Neil Larry Rozier (, Wed Nov 19 12:57:20 EST 1997

Searching for information on Rozier's and Floyd's in Virginia in the 1600's.

Cindi Gray (, Tue Nov 18 23:18:22 EST 1997

I was told about this web site by someone trying to help my on my hunt for any connections to my Truitt ancestors.

DeBrazil (, Mon Nov 17 20:45:53 EST 1997

great I copied 3 of your recipes they sound great now im going to try them THANK YOU Dee

Dale Wilson (, Sun Nov 16 19:58:23 EST 1997

Just surfing through trying to find family links to Maryland & Delaware Your site is not as easily accessed as some others in your area. Please try to improve upon it.

joel king (, Sun Nov 16 02:01:52 EST 1997

doing king family research and am new at the game. thanks for the great site and would love to hear from other king family researchers.

Glenn Brumfield (, Sat Nov 15 11:43:36 EST 1997

Elizabeth Belle Flowers (

, Fri Nov 14 15:54:20 EST 1997

Marianne Brittingham ( ), Fri Nov 14 15:24:15 EST 1997

I was thrilled today to find this home page. I am researching the Brittingham family and am looking for the right people to share information with. I have some immediate questions: where is the location of the Brittingham house in Princess Anne?

Aprill M. Justis (, Fri Nov 14 13:05:55 EST 1997

Tim Bagwell (, Thu Nov 13 23:09:57 EST 1997

Wish I knew how to get more on the Bagwell family geneology, new to process and just stumbling through..

Iva Thompson (, Thu Nov 13 22:55:31 EST 1997

Iva Thompson (, Thu Nov 13 22:55:26 EST 1997

Judy Howard (, Thu Nov 13 21:17:19 EST 1997

This site has been most informative. I am researching the Killmon Family of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. My great-grandparents were William Thomas Killmon and Sarah (Martin) Killmon from Accomack and Northampton counties. I really enjoyed reading about my an- cestry on the Killmon family. I have added a lot of information to my genealogical reseach. Thanks!

Judy Howard (, Thu Nov 13 21:16:15 EST 1997

This site has been most informative. I am researching the Killmon Family of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. My great-grandparents were William Thomas Killmon and Sarah (Martin) Killmon from Accomack and Northampton counties. I really enjoyed reading about my an- cestry on the Killmon family. I really have added a lot of information to my genealogical reseach. Thanks!

Thomas Andrews (, Thu Nov 13 01:01:25 EST 1997

I have really enjoyed looking at your web site. Rest assured I will be back. I am searching for information on William Andrews in the 1600's in Accomack County. Thanks again for all the info.

Thomas Heywood Stambaugh (, Wed Nov 12 16:37:25 EST 1997

Thomas Heywood Stambaugh (, Wed Nov 12 16:37:24 EST 1997

C M Williams Jr (, Tue Nov 11 13:08:22 EST 1997

Linda Barnes Lanzisera (, Tue Nov 11 07:38:26 EST 1997

I am hoping to find information on the family of Lewis (Levin) Barnes, son of John & Sallie Barnes of Accomack, Va. Captain Levin Barnes (my great great grandfather was born January 1837 in Accomack County, Va. and died September 2, 1912 in Broomes Island, Md. I am hoping through Ghotes I will be able to find answers to many of may unanswered questions.

Robert L. Melson (, Tue Nov 11 07:24:48 EST 1997

Just passing through . Will check in occasionally.

Mervin Burgard (, Tue Nov 11 00:56:17 EST 1997

I am helping a friend search for his family related to Henry Francis LYTE (wrote Abide With me and other hymns). Saw the Lyte name in your tree. Please have whoever is interested in the Lytes contact me. Thank you. Mervin Burgard

Grace W. Lane (, Mon Nov 10 09:28:02 EST 1997

Very excited about your web site and look forward to all the wonderful information I will find.

Monette Thompson Gossett (, Sun Nov 9 16:40:08 EST 1997

I am trying to learn about the ancestry of Charles Thompson born in l760 in Dinwiddie, VA. Charles was a revolutionary war veteran and he had a brother named Amos who fought on the British side and who had a son named Little Berry. I'd love to know who Charles' parents were and their country of origin. Thanks..gossmon

BRENDA SUE (Gross) THOMAS (, Sat Nov 8 23:53:07 EST 1997

Like this section. Husband PHILIP PRESTON THOMAS SR has historical connections here. I was born in SALISBURY MARYLAND USA ..Father ROBERT GROSS from SWORDS CREEK VA ...Mother HAZEL IRENE BASHAM ..Born in Kentucky...

PHILIP PRESTON THOMAS SR (, Sat Nov 8 23:05:05 EST 1997

Mary (, Sat Nov 8 15:19:20 EST 1997

A unique, interesting and wonderful site. Keep up the good work. Looking for my Thurston & Williams ancestos.

Edward Nye Sawyer (, Fri Nov 7 13:24:31 EST 1997

Have enjoyed browsing through your data

Nancy Anderson (, Thu Nov 6 09:30:42 EST 1997

I like it - thanks for all the work.

Iva Thompson (, Wed Nov 5 14:56:21 EST 1997

Great site. Thanks for all the data.

Mahalinda (Linda) White Martin (, Tue Nov 4 22:03:28 EST 1997

This is very interesting and a great way to find connections to family trees. I am originally from Parksley and have long Eastern Shore roots.

Mahalinda W. Martin (, Tue Nov 4 21:43:13 EST 1997

This is very interesting and a great way to find connections to family trees.

Eve Bundick Dager (, Tue Nov 4 20:13:34 EST 1997

Your web site is very well organized and helpful!

Eve Bundick Dager (, Tue Nov 4 20:13:11 EST 1997

Your web site is very well organized and helpful!

Mike Denwood (, Tue Nov 4 17:16:47 EST 1997

Looks interesting. As Denwoods were in VA in 1635, perhaps I should sign on.

HOWARD R. BELOTE (BELOTE@JUNO.COM), Mon Nov 3 15:32:55 EST 1997

As an amature genealogist, I appreciate the efforts pf all those who have compiled this information and made it available to others, like myself who are looking for family history.

Julian Livingston (, Mon Nov 3 13:08:35 EST 1997

Clever title, glad you're here. I'm working on the Campbell family and I will be back.

justin gantt (202), Mon Nov 3 10:43:20 EST 1997

dustin b (202), Mon Nov 3 10:43:16 EST 1997

dustin b (202), Mon Nov 3 10:37:58 EST 1997

dustin nutter (202), Mon Nov 3 10:34:49 EST 1997

justin gantt (202), Mon Nov 3 10:32:31 EST 1997

justin gantt (202), Mon Nov 3 10:31:37 EST 1997

Marlana Taylor (, Sun Nov 2 11:10:31 EST 1997

just looking for BAGWELL family info-Thanks

Jennifer Blaylock (D JADE SKY@AOL.COM), Sat Nov 1 18:21:18 EST 1997

Deborah Stant Barnes (, Fri Oct 31 18:10:12 EST 1997

Ruth J. Parsons Schaich (, Fri Oct 31 14:06:37 EST 1997

I am researching the PARSONS family which appears to have originated in Maryland on the Eastern Shore.

LAWSON CANTRELL (, Thu Oct 30 08:32:18 EST 1997

LAWSON CANTRELL , Thu Oct 30 08:31:26 EST 1997

Jack Massey (, Wed Oct 29 21:36:54 EST 1997

Walter Manby (, Wed Oct 29 20:41:49 EST 1997

Thanks for setting up this website

Carol Platt (, Wed Oct 29 13:48:51 EST 1997

This is a wonderful site! I am searching for a Sarah J. Kellam born October 1865 in NC. Parents were John H. and Elizabeth Kellum. Sarah married a David Brooks Tickle 9/11/1881 in Guilford Co., NC. Many roads seem to lead to the Eastern Shore. I have found more Kellams here than anywhere else on the web. If you have a connection, please let me know. I have been told that she was American Indian.

George E. Matthews (, Tue Oct 28 22:32:25 EST 1997


Barbara Wroten , Tue Oct 28 09:07:25 EST 1997

I always enjoy checking out your homepage, So many interesting pictures, and documents to look at and read. Thanks again keep up the great work!

Anna Hall (shustring2 @, Tue Oct 28 02:18:23 EST 1997

To whom it may concern: I like it, you have a neat page here.

Dana Beck (, Tue Oct 28 00:37:34 EST 1997

I just love the site. It helped me with my homework.


Dr. Richard D. WHITE, Jr. (, Mon Oct 27 13:59:41 EST 1997

Am excited about your Eastern Shore genealogical website. Will be glad to contribute the work that has been done on my family. Both my father and mother are from very old Eastern Shore of Virginia families. My father is from Cape Charles (White, Read, Williams, etc) and my mother is from Onancock (Parks, Kellam, James, etc).

Austin M Wilgus (, Mon Oct 27 07:30:55 EST 1997

Thanks, I m a newcomer to genealogy and the cyberworld. Have some roots in the Greenbackville area through the Hudson & Connor lines. Does anyone have any information on an Edward Farebrother? Edward married Maria Connor of Worcester Co. in 1844 . They had a daughter Drucilla. Edward died at sea about 1850. Maria married John H. Young of Greenbackville in 1851. Drucilla Farebrother married Jesse L. Hudson of Klej Grange in 1877. Jesse & Drucilla were the parents of my Grandmother,Viola Maria Hudson who married Austin Wilgus of Delaware in 1900. Maria Young is buried in the All Saints cemetary in Stockton.

Tom Palmer (, Sat Oct 25 23:42:54 EDT 1997

great to see the site! just discovered it tonight (10/25). look forward to visiting often. thanks. tom, karen, lauren, kristen, rachel, & aaron

nassawadox roots!!

Gail Parks Richards (, Fri Oct 24 20:34:15 EDT 1997

Can't wait to really have time to peruse this site carefully. Lots of exciting links, and I think I'll find some new family links too.

diane manzella (, Thu Oct 23 12:35:33 EDT 1997

Am hoping to find some information about the Estern Shore in reference to population, foliage, wildlife, ect. Research for nursing 101 project. Thanks for everything.

Ethan Maxon (, Wed Oct 22 19:47:24 EDT 1997

Alice King (, Wed Oct 22 10:55:34 EDT 1997

What a wonderful site !! Have it bookmarked for future reference as I have the Fitchett (from Poughkeepsie, NY) in my family tree as well as Heath by marriage. If I find a connection will let you know ! LOVE the pictures !!

Robert Cruse (, Tue Oct 21 01:37:00 EDT 1997

My father's parents were Jesse Lynn Cruse from North Carolina and Eva Blanche Lewis Who was the daughter of Robert Lewis and Mary Carmine who I believe lived near Cheriton.

James Dennis (, Mon Oct 20 17:06:51 EDT 1997

Phil May (, Mon Oct 20 16:54:03 EDT 1997

Molly Skeen (, Mon Oct 20 16:23:47 EDT 1997

Enjoyed the visit!! Researching the following Eastern Shore surnames: TURNER, TILGHMAN, MALLETT, DIZE (DISE), GILDING (GOULDEN). Would enjoy hearing from others who may be working on the same lines.

(, Sun Oct 19 20:11:26 EDT 1997

I have family bibles dating back to 1792. My anme is Smith. Any one with intrest contact me.

Jim Bratt (, Sun Oct 19 18:27:36 EDT 1997

Thanks for the help with this. Looking for more info on Robert Tindall of Jamestown. Originally was among the first to explore the land of Virginia and drew a map of the area. He later settled with others the village of Jamestown. I would like to know more about his descendents and or his ancestors.

al cross (adc64), Sat Oct 18 22:21:12 EDT 1997

i am interested in the trower family roots keep up the good work

, Sat Oct 18 17:30:13 EDT 1997

Glenmore Shelton (, Fri Oct 17 21:01:34 EDT 1997

Referred to this page by e-mail from someone with MD GenWeb. Am told my Fleet Chelton ancestor came from Accomoke prior to Somerset.

Ben Onyett (, Fri Oct 17 16:32:14 EDT 1997

I'm looking for all to any information about William,Thomas,John Onyet entering this country in 1819. From Pitley England.

forrest works (, Fri Oct 17 13:04:24 EDT 1997

Louise Marie Ward (, Wed Oct 15 08:57:21 EDT 1997

looking for Grandmother: Amanda Plowman Rider. Married Charles Beaston Rider Amanda probably died May 1901.

R. Garry Cherricks (, Tue Oct 14 16:59:47 EDT 1997

melba reid (, Tue Oct 14 12:40:49 EDT 1997

I am looking for a recipe for pumpkin fritters. I am a total product of the eastern shore, va I cannot believe the eastern shore is on the web.

melba reid (, Tue Oct 14 12:40:48 EDT 1997

I am looking for a recipe for pumpkin fritters. I am a total product of the eastern shore, va I cannot believe the eastern shore is on the web.

Philip A. Turner (, Tue Oct 14 09:48:11 EDT 1997

Philip A. Turner , Tue Oct 14 09:45:18 EDT 1997

nancy floyd midgette (pgmidgette), Mon Oct 13 19:21:10 EDT 1997

Am interested in families named Floyd, Elliott Dennis and G. Fred. Also the surname Dennis. These folks were from Birdsnest, VA.

Wanda Rider Lowe (, Mon Oct 13 11:33:20 EDT 1997

I know that my grandfather, Charles Beston Rider, was born around 1870's on Deal Island, MD. I am looking for a birth certificate info. I think his father's name was Noah Rider. I am interested in when the Rider's came to MD and from where.

Wanda Rider Lowe (, Mon Oct 13 11:21:56 EDT 1997

Bruce Penland (, Mon Oct 13 11:01:52 EDT 1997

This is a wonderfully built site. My relations on the shore are:Gibb/Doughty/Ward/Mathias.

Aline Boss Wimbrow (, Sun Oct 12 17:54:29 EDT 1997

My sister recently sent me an article from THE VIRGINIAN PILOT about GHOTES and we just received the EASTERN SHORE NEWS with the article about your meeting in Nassawadox. Most of my ancestors lived on the Eastern Shore, but we live in middle TN. We have acquired much info from Northampton and Accomack courthouses but still have questions. Plan to use your web site and will share info.

JOHN K THOMSON (, Sun Oct 12 12:00:49 EDT 1997

Mary Sue (, Sat Oct 11 19:16:16 EDT 1997

MEARS, TRADER, HUSSEY, STOKES. October 11, 1997. I'm looking for any information concerning these names on the Eastern Shore from about the 1830's to present. Thanks for any help.

buzzy elliott (buzzye6969), Sat Oct 11 11:19:50 EDT 1997

Great web site

Jessica Kellam (, Fri Oct 10 21:32:42 EDT 1997

Van Turner (, Fri Oct 10 15:09:00 EDT 1997

I am a descendant of Robin ANDREWS b 1771 Accomack Co. VA.

Michael Mead (, Fri Oct 10 10:29:27 EDT 1997

Great site. Researching MEAD, KEENE, TUBMAN and variations of speelings of each.

Mike Mead, Vienna VA

Athey D. Turlington (, Thu Oct 9 22:06:56 EDT 1997

very nice.

Betty Guy Austin (, Thu Oct 9 21:02:40 EDT 1997

I am interested in learning more about your web sights. I am looking for the Guy family who immigrated into Virginia in the 1600's. Robert, Thomas,William, John, and James Guy are some of the early immigrants. Who might contact to get more information?

Betty Guy Austin (, Thu Oct 9 20:48:50 EDT 1997

I am interested in learning more about your web sights.

Sharon Weller (, Thu Oct 9 17:42:38 EDT 1997

Trying to help my Grandmother serch for her husbands family / Williams. I'm new at this so I hope I can help her.

Bruce R. Aydelotte (, Thu Oct 9 17:19:32 EDT 1997

since I signed your guestbook before I viewed the site I can't comment....however, you came highly recommended

Joe Overman (, Wed Oct 8 21:09:07 EDT 1997

Born in Southside, Va, 1941. Married to Sandra Lynn Tarr of Chincoteague. Her parents are Tarrs and Savages. My family decends from Overman and Hedspeth. All four families have deep roots along coastal Virginia and North Carolina. Very interested in ES families and geneology.

DON MAPP (, Wed Oct 8 01:36:40 EDT 1997

Excelent Homepage. I have some info about the history of the Eastern Shore that I will post to you at a later date. I also have much of the Mapp genealogy from 1654 to present that I will share.

Thanks for the page.

Thomas C. Brickhouse (Brickhouse@hopwood.lynchburg.e ), Mon Oct 6 17:22:41 EDT 1997

Virginia McKenzie (, Mon Oct 6 15:45:13 EDT 1997

I am searching for David Melton whose family moved to SC; had son -- Michael Melton (married Temperance Cason and Alexander Sanders McKenzie who moved to McNairy Co., Tenn and married Sarah Elizabeth Arnett Virginia McKenzie, Ft. Worth TX

Anne Boos (, Sun Oct 5 22:02:20 EDT 1997

Very interesting, Well planned with lots of information.

Michael Buker (, Sat Oct 4 19:19:25 EDT 1997

Clarence Thomas Province (, Sat Oct 4 18:22:13 EDT 1997

searching for info on Thomas Province (ProvEnce) back in apx. 1734 in Frederick Co. around Stephenson but closer to the state line.

Clarence Thomas Province (, Sat Oct 4 18:19:27 EDT 1997

searching for info on Thomas Province (ProvEnce) back in apx. 1734 in Frederick Co. around Stephenson but closer to the state line.

Marti Dart (, Sat Oct 4 18:03:51 EDT 1997

Well done! I saw the article on your conference in the Virginian Pilot, too!

Ernest R. Gillespie (, Fri Oct 3 16:59:57 EDT 1997

I am interested in communicating with anyone who has information about the GIllepsie familly on the Easter Shore. My father, Earl Gillespie, was born in Atlantic and I have researched his lineage to a Pete Gillespie (1853). There is information regarding a Jordan familly who willed two plantations to grandsons William and John Gillespie sometime in 1790. I have detail information from the census records that go back to Pete Gillespie (metioned above) and would like to know if this Pete is connected to the Jordan's grandsons.

Thanks in advance

Cass Griffin (, Thu Oct 2 16:07:33 EDT 1997

Love the olde ghotes! Searching for early DAVIS family and others who moved to MD about 1665.

Regena Watson Haugh ( ), Thu Oct 2 15:32:01 EDT 1997

C. R. V. Hall (, Thu Oct 2 09:53:40 EDT 1997

Great site. Glad to have found it. Researching my own family lines: Hall, Johnson, Sterling, Bonneville, Briddell, Webster, Dixon, Adams, Landon, Wilson, Howard, Ford, Boston, Ward, Horsey, Revell

Harold Stengle (, Wed Oct 1 16:50:04 EDT 1997

A very nice site. I have most of the Stengle genealogy including all from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. At a later date I will try to use this site to locate what happen to my fathers half brother many years ago. The last known location was in the Willoughby Spit part of Norfolk.

Carolyn Budd Layne (, Wed Oct 1 09:36:15 EDT 1997

Great site. Looking forward to using it.

Riley C. Conover Jr. (, Wed Oct 1 09:33:40 EDT 1997

Riley C. Conover Jr. , Wed Oct 1 09:29:19 EDT 1997

Shirley A. Ashburn (, Wed Oct 1 00:33:22 EDT 1997

Marilyn Borden (, Tue Sep 30 22:44:18 EDT 1997

I appreciate all your efforts in putting this impressive site. I am a direct descendant of David Bagwell and appreciate all the information on the Bagwells and Leatherburys. You have made my research trip next year an easier task. I reside in northern Illinois and would be happy to do lookups if anyone is stumped on an Illinois branch of a family.

Little, George Fisher (, Tue Sep 30 18:51:49 EDT 1997

I have really enjoyed surfing your URL. Will keep on checking in from time to time. I was born at the Nassawadox hospital Dec.3, 1937, son of Anne Walston Fisher and George Reed Sutton Little (Hampton). Grandparents were Ruth Tyler Fisher and Benjamin Thomas Fisher. Good luck and keep up the good work.

Ray Walker (, Tue Sep 30 17:01:50 EDT 1997

Fascinating Web site. I'd appreciate any information anyone can provide concerning my father's family. My father's name is Ernest Mears Walker (born, I believe, in 1919, now deceased)) and he had three siblings: brother Bryce (or Brice), sisters Peggy Harmon and Tillie Johnson. Their father was named Roland Walker; he lived in Leemont, Va., in Accomack County and died in the mid-1950s. I'd appreciate any information anyone might have. Thanks.

Jeanne Hargis (, Tue Sep 30 15:12:43 EDT 1997

What a great place GHOTES is! I'll be back often and hope to share information from my research over the past 20 years with anyone.

James H. Gradeless (, Tue Sep 30 15:07:02 EDT 1997

An article in the Virginia Pilot caught my eye and your sight look interesting. Paticularly the story about the Twiford girl. I am doing the Twiford line and I know that the Twifords that I am working on came from Accomac County. I have not yet got to the Eastern Shore but intend to. Great Sight!

MARKUS P. EPPS (MEPPSM@MHOUSE.AUC.EDU), Tue Sep 30 13:57:19 EDT 1997


Barry Kenyon Mears (< /B>, Tue Sep 30 11:22:39 EDT 1997

Thomas H. Childers (, Tue Sep 30 08:38:23 EDT 1997

Dan H. Heflin, Jr. (, Mon Sep 29 20:43:38 EDT 1997

It will take some time to explore all the features of this site. I'm new to genealogy, but I'm learning fast. My Mother's family was from Eastern Shore, and I plan to share what I have learned and will learn with others who are interested. They were the Taylors.

Dianna K. Brickhouse Dozier (, Mon Sep 29 11:48:30 EDT 1997

As a native Eastern Shore african american woman living in Middletown Connecticut I am delighted to find all of this information on the web. Keep up the good work. I am thinking of reserching my family, who both maternally and paternally are from the Eastern Shore, Northampton County. This is a great place to start!

Christopher Beard (, Sun Sep 28 19:46:14 EDT 1997

Thanks for offering this helpful site.

KAY C. KENWALL (, Sun Sep 28 19:07:40 EDT 1997

Researching Kellams of Accomac Co and Princess Anne Co.(Va Beach). Great site, very glad to have found it. Will check in often.

Harry S. Meade (, Sun Sep 28 17:40:09 EDT 1997

Just found out about you today. Plan to come back. Think this is a great idea.

Tina Hasty (, Sun Sep 28 17:27:24 EDT 1997

I love your site it's the best I have found. Tina

E. Franklin Hodges (, Sun Sep 28 03:38:23 EDT 1997

I read the article in the Va. Pilot and thought I would take a look see. Thanks.

Albert J. Stevens (, Sat Sep 27 19:11:02 EDT 1997

Found site very interesting. I am doing research on the John A. Stevens Family from Kellar VA. Yhis site may be of use to me later.

william m. martin (, Sat Sep 27 11:33:03 EDT 1997

have a common ans. john martin from east shore moved to hampton som time in late 1700s

George Core (, Sat Sep 27 10:35:58 EDT 1997

Great site. Have been researching CORE, BUNTING, GUY, PARKER & EAST families for quite a few years. Be glad to share.

John F. Carroll, Jr. (, Sat Sep 27 07:12:39 EDT 1997

My roots to the Shore are emotional - am a Methodist preacher's kid who lived in Cheriton the early '50s. I worked summers at a couple of tomato graders, later as a deckhand on the Kiptopeke-Little Creek ferry system - after college, I ending here on the mainland! I carry good feelings for the Shore and its people!

Frank Perry (, Sat Sep 27 00:22:13 EDT 1997

Wife's ancestor John Duberly, Accomack, Co., 1696 Widow, Grace, and Estate sued in behalf of John Paradice, orphan. Why? Hope Web Site will glean answer. Glad you mounted it.

JStevens , Fri Sep 26 23:15:55 EDT 1997

Since 'your email address' frame does not fit my entire address it's: Since I am Black, I did not see anything regarding Black ancestry on the Eastern Shore. Stevens is my last name, which was adapted from one of the slave owners probably located in Northampton County. While at the California State University library in San Bernardino, I discovered that Eastville, Virginia has the oldest recorded court records. (I lived on the Eastern Shore for 18 years and never knew that bit of historical data). I noticed that the surname Stevens was listed in the book. I'm interested in the White ancestry as well as the Black ancestry. How does both Black and White ancestrial ties link together? I really don't expect an answer because alot past history concerning American slavery has been swept under the carpet, especially on the Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Nancy Lloyd (, Fri Sep 26 21:43:09 EDT 1997

Jeanne Hargis (, Fri Sep 26 21:36:57 EDT 1997

I read the article in the Virginian Pilot this morning and since I have been searching Easter Shore genealogy for many years, thought I would drop in and see what is going on here.

George J. Hebert (, Fri Sep 26 21:18:17 EDT 1997

Will be checking back. My interest is in Ames, Gray, Mears, etc.. preceding movement of John Wesley Ames friom the Eastern Shore to Nansemond Co. in the 1800s.

Sue J. Vess (Sue25Lacy), Fri Sep 26 20:53:36 EDT 1997

I have Greatgrand parents from Accomack and Northampton Counties thier names were Tom Henry Sturgis 1826, Kate Jacob Spady 1848 and Great, great name Jacob Spady and Lizzie Dennis. If anyone know anything about these family please e-mail me. I have more imformation. Thank you. Sue Vess

Garland Ames (, Fri Sep 26 20:14:53 EDT 1997

Read about this page in Norfolk, VA newspaper. My father left the shore prior to 1917.

Perry Wise Bussard (, Fri Sep 26 17:30:15 EDT 1997

read about web page in the Virginian Pilot. I'm sure this is an exciting venture!!

Barry Hope Johnson (, Fri Sep 26 14:32:46 EDT 1997


Alice Sterling Mullen (, Fri Sep 26 08:50:05 EDT 1997

My Great Grandmother was Emma Goffigon. She married William Henry Sterling, Sr. and moved to North Carolina. Later she moved back to Virginia Beach. Her son William Henry Sterling, Jr. was my grandfather. He owned and operated the Princess Anne Inn In Va. Beach until his death. The property is still in the family. Jean Mihalyka has an abstract of the family bible she did for me several years ago. Please feel free to post it on your WEB site.

P.S. This is a wonderful Wb design!

Thank you,

Alice Mullen 708 High Point Ave. Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

Dorothy Barco Bangert (, Fri Sep 26 08:33:37 EDT 1997

Read article in today's Virginia Pilot about your seminar. Would like to be put on your mailing list.

You mentioned the name Downing. That is one of my lines (my grandmother was a Downing of NC). Would be interested in what information you may have on early Downing settlers in your area. Capt. Wm Downing settled in Tyrrell County, NC and died 1-4-1739. Can't find out where he come from, VA or England. In 1716 William Downing declared Bankruptcy (as a Wool Draper) in England and the debt was still being honored in his grandson Henry Downing's will. Would love to chat more about this line as I find it very interesting. Thank, Dorothy

Edwin B. Robertson (, Tue Sep 23 23:35:48 EDT 1997

Jacklyn Russell (, Tue Sep 23 23:05:34 EDT 1997

Would be happy to help with contacts of old families from the Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. My families are Hopkins, Thorntons, Birch, Russells, Walkers.

(, Tue Sep 23 00:49:51 EDT 1997

(, Tue Sep 23 00:49:30 EDT 1997

(, Tue Sep 23 00:48:31 EDT 1997

(, Mon Sep 22 23:55:58 EDT 1997

Amy Porter Drummond , Mon Sep 22 15:24:03 EDT 1997

Carol Timpson (, Sun Sep 21 21:54:50 EDT 1997

Looking for any information or genealogy on William Roper aprox 1634 & the Vaux family or Vaulx or Graves or Croshaw. I have every sort of documents from 1677 on to the present on the Timsons who were related to the Ropers, would enjoy exchanging with anyone who is willing to go to the records of the county or the library and send me anything on the folks mentioned or anyone you think maybe related.

Jim Sample (, Sun Sep 21 21:11:57 EDT 1997

My interest is in the Douglass and Nutter families of the eastern shore

Jimmie Rush (@Veldonna), Sat Sep 20 11:26:19 EDT 1997

I have family in Virginia- Names. Webb, Vincent, Stuart, Dye, and Cottrill. Cottrell.

Mary Whitlow , Thu Sep 18 18:25:25 EDT 1997

Didn't have time to look much, but wrote down website. Will be back!

Chris Matthews (, Thu Sep 18 16:18:15 EDT 1997

Hi, I'm collecting old legends and folklore of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland. If anyone has any stories whether they're old stories that your grandparents used to tell or if it's a well known legend, please send it my way. Thanks. Chris

Rosalyn Mitchem (, Thu Sep 18 08:36:33 EDT 1997

What a wonderful site. Researching, Forrest, Quinn and Mitchem, Will be back often.

dott Koch , Thu Sep 18 08:16:29 EDT 1997

Am interested in clark,jones, owenby, wolfe, 10610 NW 22nd Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

Andrew Potts (, Wed Sep 17 11:05:58 EDT 1997

Bill Ward (, Tue Sep 16 09:07:07 EDT 1997

Great looking site. Seeking information of the Clegg family from Northampton Co. Would like to share information with any researcher. Have considerable infomation after VA but little in VA.

Fred Bagwell (, Tue Sep 16 00:35:10 EDT 1997

Very nice and informative site. Found some Bagwell information but not my line. Would like to hear from any Bagwell, or any one researching the Bagwell name.

Marie FOX Cenedella ( ), Mon Sep 15 22:55:24 EDT 1997

Very interesting site, beautiful maps. Thank you for this opportunity to ask if any member is searching FOX surname, also TURLINGTON. I would be happy to correspond with them and share what I have on the two surnames above mentioned, which I have from early 1800's in Warwick Co. Thank you, Marie FOX Cenedella

garry orange (, Mon Sep 15 00:54:06 EDT 1997

Tina Rice (, Sun Sep 14 15:44:10 EDT 1997

1st time here, found it very interesting. Will visit again when I have more time. I am researching my family tree, currently working on the CARR family Roanoke, VA area.Appreciate any help,thanks!

Thomas Bundick, Jr. (, Fri Sep 12 23:01:39 EDT 1997

Wow. Nice work!

ronda killmon (, Fri Sep 12 19:49:30 EDT 1997

Impressive site!

Linda Motyl (, Fri Sep 12 19:27:31 EDT 1997

Shirley Barham (, Mon Sep 8 13:18:49 EDT 1997

I have really enjoyed my first visit to this site and I am sure I will return. Reading the history of your towns, has added destinations to my trip to Virginia.

Thanks for having me.


, Sun Sep 7 22:41:09 EDT 1997

Arnold & Phyllis Rampey (, Sun Sep 7 15:46:14 EDT 1997

Very good web site. Enjoyed looking it over. It is very well done.

Raoul J. Benoit (, Sun Sep 7 07:11:31 EDT 1997

I have browsed this web site about 8 or 9 times and have thoroughly enjoyed each visit. I am researching about 10 surnames from the Eastern Shore that are in my family tree and I could not ask for a better type of genealogy site that is as geographically oriented. Although I have yet to make any connection, I am convinced that there is a new name or birth date or, marriage date just waiting for me to find at your site. Looking forward to many more visits. I just thought I would let you know that I met one of your old Ghotes , Linda Buras at another genealogical web site and she told me how nice your web site was. That was how I first found you. At her encouragement, I am planning on attending your conference at the end of September for the day on that Saturday. Looking forward to meeting you.

Raoul J. Benoit (, Sun Sep 7 07:11:29 EDT 1997

I have browsed this web site about 8 or 9 times and have thoroughly enjoyed each visit. I am researching about 10 surnames from the Eastern Shore that are in my family tree and I could not ask for a better type of genealogy site that is as geographically oriented. Although I have yet to make any connection, I am convinced that there is a new name or birth date or, marriage date just waiting for me to find at your site. Looking forward to many more visits. I just thought I would let you know that I met one of your old Ghotes , Linda Buras at another genealogical web site and she told me how nice your web site was. That was how I first found you. At her encouragement, I am planning on attending your conference at the end of September for the day on that Saturday. Looking forward to meeting you.

Richard Andrews (, Sat Sep 6 18:36:58 EDT 1997

Nicely done site.

Elise Courtney H. Markham (, Fri Sep 5 22:15:20 EDT 1997

Carol Vaughn (, Fri Sep 5 10:36:03 EDT 1997

Nice site. I am looking for information on traditional herb or plant use on Virginia's Eastern Shore, with the object being to put together an historical herbal with local flavor. I expect to find this information through oral history, and perhaps through women's journals, receipt books, household papers, etc. Any information would be appreciated!

Clarence Province , Wed Sep 3 20:38:54 EDT 1997 Clarence Province

Mary Ruffin Viles (, Wed Sep 3 17:00:06 EDT 1997

found you via a posting on Va HIST list serve.

Bruce Wayne Rasco (75562,2757 compuserve), Tue Sep 2 19:22:26 EDT 1997

I have done research on the Trotters of Virginia. My grand father was Homer Lee Trotter. I have traced him back through James Trotter Sr.b abt 1725 Scottland, d. August 17, 1783 in Brunswick Co., Va. Wife Ann (?) ,married abt 1743 and died before 1781. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Wayne Rasco

Marc E. Reinhardt (, Mon Sep 1 14:38:53 EDT 1997

Signing in for a second time, this time with a new email address dedicated to my genealogical research. I've found this site a great resource since February 1997. Names I'm researching for on the Eastern Shore include Waterfield, Gray, Bunting, and Ward. Other names for future family tracing include Lewis, Addison, and Doughty. Look forward to meeting the whole GHOTE herd at the upcoming conference.

Matt HARRIS (, Sat Aug 30 17:02:49 EDT 1997

Great looking site! I was hoping to find HAMMONTREE data. I'll post it I get some definite info.

Bob Kellams (, Sat Aug 30 14:45:40 EDT 1997

Nice site ! Looking for information on kellams, kellems, kellem, killam, etc. in Accomack Co. Virginia

Connie Meade(Colonna)Caruso (, Sat Aug 30 12:35:01 EDT 1997

joe iamartino (joeiamartino.007@worldnet.att. ), Thu Aug 28 20:17:21 EDT 1997

I am looking for Stephen Horsley who left Accomac in 1662 for E.S. MD I haven't looked at the site yet but hope to find some info. Rgds JI

Barbara Schuyler Williams (, Tue Aug 26 09:52:31 EDT 1997

What a wonderful web site - full and informative! Lived on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the 70s-80s and now immediate family members live here in the Stafford County/Fredericksburg area.

, Mon Aug 25 20:41:03 EDT 1997

Joanne Watson Percy ( I have researched the following Eastern Shore surnames: Armitrader, Bagwell, Beach, Bloxom, Bull, Elliott, Eyre, Garrison, Groton, Harman, Jordan, Kellam (3 lines), Lecatt, Mapp, Mathews, Mears (2 lines), Nottingham, Revell, Roberts, Savage,Scarburgh, Shepherd, Simpkins, Stockley,Taylor, Watson (2 lines), & Wharton. Would be interested in hearing from anyone interested in any of these names. I live in Texas.

Connie Lee (, Sat Aug 23 13:55:04 EDT 1997

I am researching the Boone's and the Hagy's. They are both supposed to have originated from Virginia or West Virginia. The family members I asked arent' real sure. McKinley Boone married Ollie Boone(don't know maiden name. Calip I Hagy married Nancy Rector. Any information on any of these names would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much.

Laura Ann WIlliamson ( , Fri Aug 22 18:19:41 EDT 1997

Marc Cheshire (, Tue Aug 19 07:53:30 EDT 1997

I see that you're researching the CHESSER family, which is a variant spelling of CHESHIRE. Any information you have on these families would be appreciated. I am researching the CHESHIRE family, which settled in St. Mary's County, Maryland in 1664.

Morning Dalton Parker (, Sun Aug 17 23:45:33 EDT 1997

Hello...was browsing and ran across your page. Nice job. Keep those keys pumping out the information on families! I was checking out your Dalton info....thanks.

Susan Wyatt (, Sun Aug 17 22:33:40 EDT 1997

I am looking for the Wyatt family which settled in the Mississippi area. At this point I have very little information about them, but hope to have more soon. My husband, John Walter Wyatt, is the son of John Burnett Wyatt of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your wonderful site!

Dick Matteson (, Sun Aug 17 20:25:50 EDT 1997

Nicely organized...very helpful!! I have ancestors that were roaming about (and settled) in Accomack County in the 1660s -80s. Teagues, Covingtons, Denwoods, Woolfords, Corzines(Cussins, etc.) and Possibly Loftons, Smiths and Ives and Perkins. Later they all left for Maryland and relief from the Virginia Clergy! Some were definately Quakers and the others may also have been ..or Presbyterian.

Captain C.J.Carroll (, Sun Aug 17 16:35:22 EDT 1997

Very good paage

I am searching the Holland and Dougherty side of my family.With roots in Somerset,Co.Maryland

Wilmer O. Lankford (, Sun Aug 17 16:27:14 EDT 1997

Just discovered this site and am pleased that it exists. My Accomack roots are in the Lewis family of Hunting Crek.

C.N. Sheap (, Sun Aug 17 16:17:50 EDT 1997

Very good. Have found the material very interesting and very easy to locate.

C. N. Sheap (BRYD57), Sun Aug 17 16:15:20 EDT 1997

BEN YOUNG (, Sat Aug 16 19:58:17 EDT 1997

Just stumbled accross your web site, working on the, Coleman,Savage, Harmanson,Pugh, Tying, and Durant families.

penny culver , Sat Aug 16 15:15:24 EDT 1997 penny culver

Seeking parents of Levin Watson born ca. 1750 Accamac Co., Va. had son Levin who married Elizabeth Patey of Worcester Co., Maryland.

Jeannie (, Sat Aug 16 09:31:43 EDT 1997

Nice site, well organized and easy to navigate. The site reflects that your web master has put some time and labor into making it useful to the genealogy community. Keep adding information...that's what the future is all about for us genealogist.

James d Peacock (, Fri Aug 15 21:16:32 EDT 1997

A very nice web site to bookmark.

Robert J. Stevens (snevets@Execpc.Com), Fri Aug 15 13:20:20 EDT 1997

some of my ancestors were from Virginia, Specifically William Gates of Botetourt who married Mary Howell abt 1790-1812. Their son Harvey married Rhoda Thrasher the Daughter of Frederick Thrasher of Berelcay County abt 1830-1835. We have a pedigree from that date but havent ben able to verify William and Mry Howell but thing William's father was an Edward Gates (abt 1751)

Bob Savage (, Thu Aug 14 19:28:05 EDT 1997

Geoff Moist (, Thu Aug 14 10:17:23 EDT 1997

You've got some interesting information. Thanks, I enjoyed it.

John Ward (, Wed Aug 13 20:21:58 EDT 1997

Just checking out to make sure everything is OK! :-)

William Brady Reed (, Tue Aug 12 23:21:21 EDT 1997

Dixie J. Grinnalds ( , Mon Aug 11 22:24:28 EDT 1997

Great Site: I am researching...Grinnalds,Cropper,Bull, James, Accomack County..Daugherty and Accomac as well as Locustville. Virginia. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Denell Williams-Parker (, Mon Aug 11 20:27:42 EDT 1997

Denell Williams-Parker (, Mon Aug 11 19:50:16 EDT 1997

J. Steve Julian Sr (FSTARS), Sun Aug 10 18:50:11 EDT 1997

I have researched Rene de St. Julien (Rene Julian), Bohemia Manor,Cecil Co, etc. If anyone has an interest in the Julians in Maryland and their desecendants you may contact me JSJ

Russ Rickards (, Sun Aug 10 17:44:36 EDT 1997

Good site, as many of my earliest lines started in Accomack. I'll have to list some of my info, when I find out what you're looking for.

Katherine JINES (, Sun Aug 10 12:51:28 EDT 1997

Lots of information.

Capt.C.J.Carroll (, Sat Aug 9 22:58:32 EDT 1997

Very nice page, looking for the HOLLAND and Doughtery families on the EASTERN SHORE

Amanda Blalock Duell (, Sat Aug 9 13:45:47 EDT 1997

Very informative. Thanks.

JOE BRADFORD (, Fri Aug 8 20:01:22 EDT 1997

I am researching data on the name BRADFORD. Purnell Bradford b. abty 1760 was my GGGG Gradfather. I think he may have come from the4 VA area. Any info would be helpful.

James Hicks (, Thu Aug 7 18:35:32 EDT 1997

My mother is a Belote from the Eastern Shore. She lives in Norfolk and loves geniology. I'm in Seattle Wa.

Can you give me a phone number that I can tell her about. She does not do the internet thing. I believe she would very much like to attend your session up there.

Thanks J.D. Hicks

Ssue Sharp (, Thu Aug 7 11:09:53 EDT 1997

I am a decendant of Samuel Washington Marshall, 1802-1890, Accomack County, through my mother's side of the family. I have received information on the family from Moody Miles in Woodbridge, Va and am interested in any additional information that comes to light . I had the pleasure of visiting Accomack County last October with my husband when we visited my mother in Norfolk. It was a wonderful experience.

Richard Lee Burton (, Thu Aug 7 10:44:44 EDT 1997

Joan Dolan Clarke (, Thu Aug 7 05:51:42 EDT 1997

A friend clued me in about this site. Hope I'm not tresspassing--my research is in Worcester Co. MD. Searching for POWELL, GRAY, WEST, BLANCHARD, DAVIS. Have good documentation on many of these ancestors. I've been away from this for 10 years. Delighted to have a new computer w/access to the web. I want to subscribe and contribute . How do I go about it? I'm in Las Vegas, NV--20 yrs. before that in San Diego, CA.

Cliff.W , Wed Aug 6 22:54:01 EDT 1997 Cliff.W

Dolores Wyant (, Wed Aug 6 19:51:01 EDT 1997

Love Ghotes! I've gotten so much help. One question, how is the chat room accessed?

Ruth Ashworth (, Wed Aug 6 08:37:59 EDT 1997

I am researching Rebecca Drummond(1726-1783)

Debra Lathem (, Tue Aug 5 00:55:17 EDT 1997

Love the ghotes logo and the accompanying sense of humor! Anything on any Brightwells would be appreciated, I'm sure we all connect somewhere.

Alva Chastain (, Sun Aug 3 22:35:09 EDT 1997

This is a very interesting site that I happened upon while researching one of my ancestors..Randall Revell. I intend to return to explore your many resources.

hal welborn (, Sun Aug 3 20:14:17 EDT 1997

Joan Spiker (, Sat Aug 2 21:57:41 EDT 1997

What a terrific site! Most of my earliest ancestors came from the Eastern Shore of Virginia and then into Somerset County MD.

Kasey Greene (
, Sat Aug 2 16:16:17 EDT 1997

I love the internet and I'm glad that the Eastern Shore has a part in it.

Richard Crotwell (, Sat Aug 2 07:46:14 EDT 1997

Enjoyed your site and will be back again. I am working on CRUTCHFIELDS, CAVINESS, LEDBETTER and sometime in the future KERR.

barbara wroten (, Thu Jul 31 22:24:12 EDT 1997

iam very interested in geneology,history,etc; glad to have found your page.

DON BELLESSA (GB1956@MIDWEST.NET), Thu Jul 31 12:11:58 EDT 1997


frances drummond waines (, Thu Jul 31 08:38:43 EDT 1997

Dennis G. Upshur (, Tue Jul 29 21:18:30 EDT 1997

Just found this site. Will spend time in the future looking up all the UPSHUR information I can find. Looks great!

Nancy Taylor Sorrells (, Tue Jul 29 12:25:34 EDT 1997

I enjoyed the visit. I am researching my Accomack roots, in particular Capt. Lynn Floyd Taylor who was keeper at Metomkin Life Saving Station

Harry Littleton (, Sun Jul 27 19:41:05 EDT 1997

Excellent site!!

Elizabeth (, Sat Jul 26 16:53:36 EDT 1997

I forgot to add the name Boulware/Bohler to my list the earliest record I have on this name is Hannah a widow who came to Wilkes (now Lincoln) Co. Ga circa 1785. Since she received a Grant I would assume she or her deceased husband (name unknown was connected to the American Revolution. It is said she and her family came from Va. by wagon to this land. One of her neighbors was a Marshall. She had a son who married on of his daughters. I would love to lhear from anyone who may know something about these early people.

, Sat Jul 26 16:41:19 EDT 1997

Elizabeth (, Sat Jul 26 16:41:17 EDT 1997

I forgot to see if anyone is doing any research on Boulware/Bohler name. the earliest I have is a Hannah Bohler who recieved land in Lincoln Co. Ga. circa 1786 . Some say she and her children came by wagon to that county. Thanks for any help on this name.

Elizabeth (, Sat Jul 26 16:40:27 EDT 1997

I forgot to see if anyone is doing any research on Boulware/Bohler name. the earliest I have is a Hannah Bohler who recieved land in Lincoln Co. Ga. circa 1786 . Some say she and her children came by wagon to that county. Thanks for any help on this name.

Elizabeth (, Sat Jul 26 16:38:15 EDT 1997

I forgot to see if anyone is doing any research on Boulware/Bohler name. the earliest I have is a Hannah Bohler who recieved land in Lincoln Co. Ga. circa 1786 . Some say she and her children came by wagon to that county. Thanks for any help on this name.

Elizabeth (, Sat Jul 26 16:26:24 EDT 1997

I am enjoying this web site. I am researching Johnson, Dedge/D'Auge, Smith, Gore and several other families. Most of them went to South Georgia in the early 1800's. If any one wants information on these names from Georgia I will be happy to trade info with them,

Roderick Bland Williams (, Fri Jul 25 12:02:53 EDT 1997

LuAnn Powers (, Thu Jul 24 08:56:22 EDT 1997

Forgot to put the 1 in my E-mail address yesterday.

LuAnn Powers (, Wed Jul 23 10:26:46 EDT 1997

Nice site. I'm Looking for my Virginia roots, the names are: SPENCER, COLCLOUGH, DURHAM and ROBINSON. There are others, this is enough for now.

Janet Garcia (, Tue Jul 22 01:08:08 EDT 1997

Having been born in Chincoteague but living in Hawaii for the last 31 years it's hard to do research from so far away. Had some success at the State Library in Richmond finding marriage records and census information. Relatives Birch and Sharpley from Chincoteague.

Amy Garrison (, Mon Jul 21 14:10:28 EDT 1997

Robb Fletcher (, Sun Jul 20 20:41:58 EDT 1997

Great site! I am researching FLETCHER and like many others, I would like info on William Fletcher I, beyond what is on the Fletcher website.

Jack F. Robinson (Jackf..robinson.@worldnet.att.)

, Sun Jul 20 18:53:02 EDT 1997

This has the makings of a great meeting place for people working Eastern Shore roots. Well organized and I'm sure will be patronized since it is so professional. I am researching Outtens of the USA and assosicated familes would like to hear from anyone.

Sylvia Oliver Rowe (, Sun Jul 20 16:01:36 EDT 1997

Sylvia Oliver Rowe (, Sun Jul 20 16:00:48 EDT 1997

Jim Roberts (, Sun Jul 20 11:15:01 EDT 1997

Just browsing. Looking for a possible starting place, but based on questionable data.

Judy Ann Dale Bell (, Sat Jul 19 21:42:19 EDT 1997

I,m not realy a new guest - just have a new email address. I still receive mail at, but would like to receive the digest at the above address. Should I re-subscribe? or unsubscribe? Thank you all for hours of enjoyment. Hope to get the hang of uploading etc. so I can share my info.

Shirley Powell-Cohen (, Sat Jul 19 19:09:55 EDT 1997

Looking for relatives with the surnames of POWELL, HUDSON, WATSON, NOCK, BUNTING

Lee Ann Moreland (, Sat Jul 19 19:00:10 EDT 1997

Liked your site very much. I've been looking for sites where I can do more research on the FISHER, SUPINGER and ORAN lines. I'm a descendant of Amos Fisher who married Lucinda Supinger in 1831 and then Sara Oran in 1845. I have so far only been able to trace from Shenandoah Co to Fredricks co the to MD. If anyone happens across any information I would be greatly appreciated.

Mary Marshall Loftus (SEWHATSUP), Sat Jul 19 08:46:20 EDT 1997

First visit to your site for this sister of Judy Marshall Stell, a contributing documentalist (Boy Oh Boy is that a great word ..she might like that one) I have only pulled up random areas to read and enjoy so far. VERY IMPRESSIVE.

John Little (, Sat Jul 19 08:37:33 EDT 1997

Shirley Combs (, Thu Jul 17 12:34:34 EDT 1997

Connie Whaley (, Wed Jul 16 17:45:54 EDT 1997

I appreciate the work you have done on your page. I am researching early Va. surnames 1625-1750 of POWELL, PLACE, FITZGERALD, GRAVES, BURNETT.

, Tue Jul 15 21:15:45 EDT 1997

Mark Benz (, Sun Jul 13 19:26:35 EDT 1997

Interesting. My wife is a descendant of Rev Wyatt, a minister at Jamestown in 1621. I am trying to confirm that and/or get documents to that effect.

Nancy Waddell (, Sun Jul 13 11:21:53 EDT 1997

Our internet server was down for 3 days and all our mail was returned to senders. Tghe last volumn I got was #113. I really enjoyed your digest and would hate not to receive it. We are still searching for the parents of William Bundick who left Accomack in 1780 for Louisiana. Thank you! Nancy Waddell e-mail

Shirley Hollis Rice (, Sat Jul 12 00:14:55 EDT 1997

Thanks for being there!

Dolores Wyant (, Fri Jul 11 12:48:10 EDT 1997

We visited the library in Accomack last April and obtained this address, but I lost it. But was very excited to find you through a search on the net. I've added it to my favorite places in my computor and expect to visit often. I fell in love with the Easter Shore.

Anthony Revels (, Fri Jul 11 08:42:31 EDT 1997

Good Job. Outstanding work

Earl M. Tigner (, Wed Jul 9 23:34:21 EDT 1997

Tigners have an early interest in Eastern Shore and name (also Tignal, Tignall ,etc. up to five or six variations can be found in original Accomack county records. Tignerss from Accomack fought in Revolution.

Captain J. Lee Johnson, USN (, Sun Jul 6 22:31:05 EDT 1997

My thanks to you for your excellent, and extensive, work in building this site. My mother is an Upshur, which is my connection to the Eastern Shore. (I only lived there for two years, until I was two years old, in Eastville.)

Nancy L Jeffs (, Fri Jul 4 11:55:30 EDT 1997

Great page. Do you have a mail list.? I'm especially interested in the Richardson and Howards in your sur-name list.

Jim Huggins (JHugg12934), Fri Jul 4 10:48:46 EDT 1997

I have gotten more data from GHOTES members over the past couple of months than I can possibly digest over the next year. A great home page and a great team. It wonderful to be associated with people we find as GHOTES.

Sam Murrell (, Thu Jul 3 13:12:17 EDT 1997

Surfing Genealogy. As with many others in this country, I have many ancestors from the Jamestown era. Hope to find some new info on my folks.

Martha Miles Kilmon (, Wed Jul 2 20:50:28 EDT 1997

What a great Page! I haI've come across messages from people that I knew a long time ago!

Laurie Goleman (, Wed Jul 2 02:50:41 EDT 1997

Martha M. Kilmon (, Tue Jul 1 10:01:43 EDT 1997

johnnie weaver (, Tue Jul 1 06:04:00 EDT 1997

Johnny L. Weeks (, Mon Jun 30 14:03:04 EDT 1997

, Sun Jun 29 20:47:38 EDT 1997

hal welborn (, Sun Jun 29 20:47:08 EDT 1997

New on AOL and just found Ghotes. Am researching early Welborn ancestors who resided in Accomac County 1610 -1700.Anxious to identify local researcher in Accomac County. Look forward to exploring Ghotes site data. Hal Welborn

Margaret Udell (, Sat Jun 28 22:44:57 EDT 1997

Just heard about your site in local genealogical society newsletter. I have an ancestor named John Wise, and trying to discover whether or not he is descended from the immigrant John Wise in 1635 and his many- Johned family. My John Wise was on Mercer Co., Missouri censuses for 1850 and 1860, married to Ann, and he and his wife and four of the children were born in Virginia. He would have been born about 1814. Do I stand a prayer of getting all the Johns sorted out and a conn- ection (or lack of one) established? Thanks for any interest in my problem. Margaret

atippett (, Sat Jun 28 09:34:27 EDT 1997

very interesting site. any information out there on Gov. Edward DIGGES (1650--Va) and his daughter Catherine? Did she marry William HERNDON? Thanks.

Bob Gooden (, Thu Jun 26 23:56:40 EDT 1997

I am looking for anything on the CUSTIS, HINMAN surnames as I presently have nothing. Just starting on these surnames, my father in law was John Harvey Custis, 1907-1971 and his mother was a Hinman. I understand that there is a Hinman association, I'd sure like to get a copy of their genealogy. Great site Barbara Cox, thanks for the suggestion that I look in here. Bob Gooden

Connie Whaley (, Thu Jun 26 08:23:41 EDT 1997

Great site. I Saw that Ghotes members were researching some of my family names, FITZGERALD, GRAVES and POWELL. I would like to hear from others searching for these families.

Dale Grissom (, Wed Jun 25 13:22:31 EDT 1997

Certainly a great amount of useful information and contacts with others researching the same lines. I have many connections in eastern shore Virginia and Maryland: PARKER, TRUITT, FLETCHER, GORDY, CADE, ELZEY, BARLOW, CHRISTOPHER. Will be visiting your site often. Does anyone have the maiden name of SARAH, WIFE OF GEORGE PARKER? He was the son of JOHN PARKER AND TABITHA TRUITT. Was her name SARAH COX? Thanks again for your wonderful site.

, Wed Jun 25 11:13:14 EDT 1997

, Wed Jun 25 11:13:11 EDT 1997

Harold E. Welborn (, Wed Jun 25 11:12:26 EDT 1997

Am descendant of John Welborn, migrated from England to Jamestown 1610 Heirs moved to Accommac Va. My line moved to NC, then to KY.Am now researching to establish identity of early ancestors. Hope to use your services. Regards.

Thomas Peter Steindler (, Tue Jun 24 18:27:22 EDT 1997

I am a descendent of Henry Carsley (b. 1601), who arrived in Virginia in 1623, on my mother's side (Joan Anderson Long). My mother's father, Thomas Hobbes Long, was a registered member of the Order of the First Families of Virginia. I am delighted to come across your web site. I am also interested in information about becoming a member of the Order of the First Families of Virginia, where indeed I now reside (McLean, outside of Washington, D.C.). If anyone has information on this, please let me know.

Bettie Dall (, Mon Jun 23 14:25:43 EDT 1997

VERY INTERESTING. Haven't had time to brouse yet

RAOUL J. BENOIT JR. (RBENOIT617@AOL.COM), Sat Jun 21 16:54:14 EDT 1997


Dennis Goffigan (, Thu Jun 19 00:30:42 EDT 1997

Michael D. Mead (, Thu Jun 19 00:13:24 EDT 1997

Super site! Really attractive and informative, and very readable. Looking for MEAD(E), KEENE, GAITHER, LeCOMPTE, TUBMAN, and lots of others. I'll come back to this site!

Betty Gordy Schulz (, Thu Jun 19 00:11:22 EDT 1997

Nice info, easy to use-thanks for that. Looking for info. on GORDY/GORDAN/GORDON, Ardian who showed up in Old Somerset Co., MD on 8 June 1675-transported by William Brereton who used his headright. Does anyone have info. on ships arriving at that time period to the VA eastern shore, or know of this man? Please reply email:

Jeanne Steele (, Wed Jun 18 13:48:22 EDT 1997

Great site for research!

dennis goffigan (dgoffigan, Wed Jun 18 01:33:29 EDT 1997

beverly beander (, Mon Jun 16 13:37:49 EDT 1997

I am looking for information on Nathaniel Benford and his family. They lived in or around Charles City Courthouse during the early 1800's. If anyone has any information on the Benford family please contact me. I have enjoyed visiting this site there is so much information on related subjects. I am sharing this site with all friends seeking information on Virginia. Thank you so much.

Theo Strik (, Sun Jun 15 22:02:56 EDT 1997

Edna Cates (, Sat Jun 14 17:27:52 EDT 1997

Edna Cates (, Sat Jun 14 17:23:10 EDT 1997

Phyllis D. Lewis (, Sat Jun 14 11:56:12 EDT 1997

I am from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I have information on the Dix family and also on the Moore family. If anyone has information on the Colonna family and specifically on Elijah Colonna it would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone has any info on the Dix family as well.

jeannie greene , Fri Jun 13 15:15:48 EDT 1997

Carolyn Bloxom (, Thu Jun 12 23:33:05 EDT 1997

Jack Kilmon (, Thu Jun 12 15:50:27 EDT 1997

I am interested, of course, in any research that has been conducted on the Killmon/Killmon/Kilman/Killman surname.

Shyama Peebles (, Thu Jun 12 07:58:19 EDT 1997

Wonderful Page Congratulations I am doing a One Name Study on the name Peebles and all variations Peeples/Pebles/Peoples etc - I would like to hear from anyone with those names in their family trees. Best Wishes to you all. Shyama Peebles, Coolgardie, Western Australia

Pat Thummel (, Wed Jun 11 00:33:46 EDT 1997

I am interested in the WEST family found in early records of Accomac Co. Va. Also wish to find the WALKER connection as my line is Walker WEST s/o William who went to Greenbrier in 1770s and Ky in 1780s.

jill markwood , Tue Jun 10 22:17:32 EDT 1997

Gayle Weiss (, Tue Jun 10 19:32:29 EDT 1997

DON GURLEY (DHGURLEY@BECHTEL.COM ), Tue Jun 10 15:25:23 EDT 1997


Cheryl Croston (, Mon Jun 9 17:19:10 EDT 1997

I was just doing some research on the Croston name for my daughter and ran across your web site. I'm relatively new to the WWW so I'm still completely blown away at the quantity of information available. Press a button and information comes at you from every corner of the globe. Isn't it wonderful? Good luck on your search .

Cheryl Croston (, Mon Jun 9 17:15:09 EDT 1997

I was just doing some research on the Croston name for my daughter and ran across your web site. I'm relatively new to the WWW so I'm still completely blown away at the quantity of information available. Press a button and information comes at you from every corner of the globe. Isn't it wonderful? Good luck on your search .

John E. Vail (, Sun Jun 8 22:40:38 EDT 1997

Nice web site

John E. Vail (, Sun Jun 8 22:40:28 EDT 1997

Nice web site

rebecca bridges (, Sun Jun 8 10:11:17 EDT 1997

Alek Petkovic (, Sun Jun 8 03:24:04 EDT 1997

What a terrific site in what seems to be a nice little corner of the world. I am from Perth Western Australia and a Ham Radio friend of Belford (Bud) Kellam, the old crab catcher, and his brother Russ who now lives across the water from there. Thank you for the nice insight into the region. I hope you keep adding more info and pictures to your site. I will visit your area one day and see it all first hand. Thanks again and good luck. Alek and Maryanne Petkovic.

Clyde T. Willard (, Sat Jun 7 21:58:48 EDT 1997

Checked your lines and my eyes are burning from trying to pick out either WILLARD or Dougherty. Wm Willard, a vet of the Rev. war was born in Leesburg, Va., 1755, but his parents came from Ireland. Can't find when or where. Any body ever hear of Ruffans Ferry?

Thomas E. Bull (, Sat Jun 7 21:50:41 EDT 1997

My Father was John William Bull born in Sanford VA in 1903 of Arcemus and Anna Bull any one having information about this family please e-mail or phone 540-635-5302

Danny Dixon (, Fri Jun 6 10:07:21 EDT 1997

I am looking for any infomation on a Thomas Green Dixon 1750-1827 wife Elizabeth his father Thomas Dixon 1726-1812 from Augusta co.,Va. wife Martha . Good site thanks for any help.

SHERRER, CHARLES E. (ISCES@EMORY.EDU), Thu Jun 5 12:55:15 EDT 1997


Jo Ann Hatch (, Thu Jun 5 08:55:48 EDT 1997

I am planning to move to Northampton County within the next year. I was looking for a non-denomination church to attend and be active in. We are buying a seven bedroom farm house and would like to become foster parents. If you can send me some contact numbers for these two items, I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you for opening this site.

Jo Ann

David Fletcher (, Wed Jun 4 23:26:09 EDT 1997


Pauline has done a wonderful job on Accomac Co. William Fletcher I, and descendents, with Selvey.

Check it out:


Amanda Mason-McLeod (

), Wed Jun 4 14:14:43 EDT 1997

Just searching for any Family who came from James and Mary Heathcoate Pickett. Family believes we are related to Pickett Family of Fauquier Co. I can't tell yet. Thanks. Found Related names in Maryland around turn of 1700.

Amanda Mason-McLeod (

), Wed Jun 4 14:07:01 EDT 1997

Just searching for any Family who came from James and Mary Heathcoate Pickett. Family believes we are related to Pickett Family of Fauquier Co. I can't tell yet. Thanks.

sonia langham (, Tue Jun 3 21:46:20 EDT 1997

Robert J. Snead (, Mon Jun 2 21:50:17 EDT 1997

Impressive collection of information. I'm very new to genealogy and have found some facinating information here. I'll be back often. RJS

James Paul Beachboard (, Sat May 31 22:58:39 EDT 1997

Mike Wessells (, Fri May 30 17:00:17 EDT 1997

The Eastern Shore of Virginia has been my home for all of my life. I'm very glad to see a homepage for my part of the world. Keep up the good work!

dduncan ( , Fri May 30 09:17:51 EDT 1997

Great! I did not know anything like this existed! I shall pass it on to others who may want to see it.

Fran Debnam (, Thu May 29 23:19:19 EDT 1997

Excellent site. Looking for Mordecai Cooke, Mordecai Throckmorton and Mordecai Debnam of Charles City County , all cousins living in the mid-to late 1700's. All were named for Mordecai Cooke who lived 100 years earlier. If anyone has run into these names, would appreciate e-mail.

Joanne Watson Percy (, Wed May 28 20:20:09 EDT 1997

I have gobs and gobs of ancestors who were on the Shore, and still have relatives there. I've been doing research for a number of years, mostly through books since I live in Texas. I'm really excited about learning about this web site.

Betty Griffis (, Tue May 27 20:53:08 EDT 1997

I am researching the Wm. Fletcher name, of Accomack Co. Va. b. ? d. 1710, married 1675 to Elizabeth Selvey. I would like to know if anyone knows if Wm. was born in Va. and if they have information about his father, I think he might have been born in England. I have enjoyed this layout, its the best I've seen. I have a lot of information on the Fletchers after they left Va. and went to N.C. and GA.

Elizabeth Brumfield (, Mon May 26 21:17:37 EDT 1997

Rebecca I. Bridges (, Mon May 26 20:39:50 EDT 1997

James Neal (, Sun May 25 21:21:55 EDT 1997

Louis Barnes (, Sat May 24 14:10:26 EDT 1997

Believe I am direct decendant of John Barnes who came to Accomac in 1659 (Anthony Steevens, trans.) Great-great grandfather was Lewis S. Barnes Barnes, son of John Barnes and Tabitha. Wish to trade info with others interested in this family line. Have info on Grandmothers father, George Washinton Barnes, Civil War Vet, wounded at battle of Fair Oaks, Va. He was married to Margaret Ann Taylor at Lemont in 1866. Also my mother (Bunting) was a decendant Eastern Shore Buntings who left the Shore ca. 1800 and moved to Poquoson. Her Grandfather was Edward Hopkins, son of David Hopkins from Somerset County. Wish to share info on any of these lines.

Mark L. Daniels (, Wed May 21 15:58:48 EDT 1997

I am interested in any family history of my great-grandparents and grand-parents of the John R. James family of Exmore-Belle Haven and the Hyslop family of Accomac and Exmmore. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks Mark Daniels

MONA HOGGE (, Wed May 21 15:38:18 EDT 1997

Richard M. Hatch (, Wed May 21 07:34:03 EDT 1997


My wife and I are in the process of moving to the Shore. We will be living at Holly Brook. We are very interested in the history of the old home and the people who lived there before us. The graveyard in the back is in fair shape but some of the gravesites cannot be identified. Who is out there?

Any info on this great place and the people who lived there would be appreciated.

Dr. Richard M. Hatch

DON MAPP (, Tue May 20 16:19:27 EDT 1997

Nice to be able to see info about the shore.

Carole Waters (, Mon May 19 13:07:47 EDT 1997

On going Waters research. They have a long history on Eastern Shore, just thought I'd check it out!

Cecilia Morrison (CRPATTON@MSN.COM), Sun May 18 23:34:40 EDT 1997

I'm searching through Va. for the surnames of Reel/Real and Murphy. Thanks for help you are able to give me.

Bettye Bloxom ( , Sun May 18 22:43:13 EDT 1997

Ed Onley (Onleyee@AOL.COm), Sun May 18 19:48:46 EDT 1997

My root started in Onley Virginia. I was born in Norfolk Virginia. I have only one line complete. I have visited the community only once. I plan on returning. Semper Fi, Ed

Mary M. Chambless (, Sun May 18 06:39:11 EDT 1997

Now I have a comment. Very nice. I enjoyed my visit. Have been researching Chambless/Chambliss in Tidewater Virginia for 30 years. There's an Addison line- Bristol Parish, Prince George County. Va. Thomas Addison m. Ann Chambless, he d. 1736. Have scant info, but will be happy to share. That's scant Addison. Lots of Chambless/ Chambliss and other intermarriage lines. Will share all for asking. Thanks again for letting me drop by. Mary M. Chambless Davis, Ok. 73030

Mary M. Chambless (, Sun May 18 06:21:08 EDT 1997

Have none. Just got here.

Betty White (, Sun May 18 00:38:53 EDT 1997

I was referred to this site because of the Fitchets here, but mine came from Mathews County. I would like to know how to connect there. Great site for your counties!

Patricia Dunford ( , Sat May 17 00:51:07 EDT 1997

JennyLinn (, Fri May 16 23:18:10 EDT 1997

Hi am just cruising the hoods, trying to find more genalogy folks and possibly hooking with someone who might have info about some of my family. Nice site thanks for having me!

, Thu May 15 22:50:27 EDT 1997

, Thu May 15 22:50:06 EDT 1997

Jane I. Boone (, Thu May 15 22:49:28 EDT 1997

I did what you said & came here first! - therefore, my comments must wait til later.

Scott O. Middleton (, Wed May 14 20:09:23 EDT 1997

Looking for info on the FITCHETT family of Northampton County (and Lancaster County as well). Other related surnames: Dixon, Dix, Costin, Parsons, and Simmons. Thank you for a great page!

Eve Gregory (, Wed May 14 11:48:21 EDT 1997

Interesting site. Nicely done, with great potential. Hope it grows. Good luck!

James Buckner Stokleu (, Tue May 13 21:52:15 EDT 1997

I am researching the Stokley,Stokely,Stokeley,Stockley,Vaughan,Vernelson,Buckner who all migrated from Virginia to eastern North Carolina in the 1700's. Any help would be appreciated and any information I have would be gladly exchanged. Great home page.

james Buckner Stokley (, Tue May 13 21:43:37 EDT 1997

I am researching the Stokley (Stokely,Stokeley,Stockley), Vaughan, Vernelson,and Buckner. All migrated from Virginia to eastern North Carolina in 1700's. Any information would be appreciated and information exchanged. Enjoy searching you home page.

George Ryan (, Tue May 13 18:46:00 EDT 1997

We were interested in the history of this area and checked out your web site.

Vesnelle Rorris (, Tue May 13 17:03:31 EDT 1997

I was just browsing and looking for information on Colin Johnson who married Mary anna Ellis 22/dec/1824 in Virginia. Mary Anna's parents were Thomas Ellis and Elizabeth Hurt.

Ricky Lynn (, Tue May 13 08:08:11 EDT 1997

What Can I Says.... I'm Speechless

Bob Ellis (, Mon May 12 00:39:14 EDT 1997

Just discovered your website. My grandparents, Oscar Duncan Watson and Rebecca Norma Mears, came from Accomac and my mother was born in Locustville. Thru Grandda Watson, I am related to Henry Bagwell, Richard Bennett, the Scarburgh's, Parker's and many others. It is past 12:30 AM as I write tis, so I will be getting back to you to see what we might share.

Don Schulz (, Sun May 11 02:05:33 EDT 1997

Julie W. (, Sat May 10 09:45:21 EDT 1997

Anthony Goffigan (, Fri May 9 16:55:46 EDT 1997

Betty Ashley (, Wed May 7 23:19:56 EDT 1997

Very interesting information. I am looking for anything on Gearing (Garrin, Geringe, etc) and Pullin (Pullen) who were in Virginia very early. I have them back to Culpeper and Rappahannock Cos. 1790s. Thanks so much!

lynne rentschler (, Wed May 7 01:27:03 EDT 1997

Thrilled with Mr. Miles' family journal Ancestors of Patience Hill!!

Bob Gootee (, Tue May 6 10:02:00 EDT 1997

Great site ! I was born and reared in Delmarva and spent my summers and vacations in Stockton, Md and Chincoteague. I'm seeking any information available for the surname GOOTEE.

Bob Gootee (, Tue May 6 10:01:00 EDT 1997

Great site ! I was born and reared in Delmarva and spent my summers and vacations in Stockton, Md and Chincoteague. I'm seeking any information available for the surname GOOTEE.

Roy West (, Tue May 6 02:59:00 EDT 1997

Have reason to believe that Peter West or his father name unknowen came from Jamestown and he was maryed to a Rebeca J.Young I would appreciate information on Peter West or Rebeca Young Thanks

Neale Clifton (, Mon May 5 20:31:51 EDT 1997

Looking for information about Thomas Clifton; early emigrant.


Tom Kasinger (WKPTEK@AOL.COM), Mon May 5 17:26:48 EDT 1997

Many of my forebears, through my paternal grandmother's mother [all in this instance] were born & raised in the colonial Tidewater, and so on through Civil War times. Some, such as one family, the Gilliam's, were prominent. I know I yet have distant cousins living there. For me, although they resided in the burned counties, records of them were saved. I am very fascinated, taken with eastern Virginia, it is meaningful to me in all ways.

ROBERT JOYNES (BJOYNES@AOL.COM), Mon May 5 00:05:51 EDT 1997


debbie dull (, Sun May 4 21:06:12 EDT 1997

Nice to see this new way to communicate with folks on the shore. I have lived away for 27 years. but still keep my childhood house in Onancock.

Gardner Jones (, Sun May 4 19:46:42 EDT 1997

Glad I found youall! Grew up in Cheriton in Northampton. Go back about once a year. Found your website by a very sad message from a member whose wife had died. A secial friend. Will contribute later.

Gardner from Cheriton.

Ron Matthews (, Sun May 4 19:14:44 EDT 1997

Excellent find. I am very interested in tracing the ancestry of both my family and that of my wife's. I have done some cursory research and need to spend a few days this summer in Eastville and Accomac. I would also be interested in learning more about your group and ways we may be able to assist one another.

Sylvia C. Bray (, Sun May 4 06:37:43 EDT 1997

miee S, Coffey (, Sat May 3 19:45:33 EDT 1997

was born in Onley va and grew up in Onancock,va. left shore in 1966 was formerly Amiee Savage

Kim Sullivan (, Thu May 1 13:51:52 EDT 1997

I am looking for any geneologic information anyone may have on the Dize (spelled Dize or Dise) families on Tangier Island. My grandfather was born and raised on the island.

Stewart Bagwell (, Wed Apr 30 22:36:20 EDT 1997

Am enjoying your information greatly--especially the Bagwell geneology section. Interesting info since I was born in Northampton county and graduated from NHS.

Richard A, Eldriddge (, Wed Apr 30 21:12:58 EDT 1997

Just checking access to several of the Web Pages I have copied from Eastern Shore Roots! Hey, I got on! That's better than I've done on most of them. Will check your page out in more detail later.

Richard in VaBchVa

Pat Adkins (, Wed Apr 30 13:16:10 EDT 1997

I just last weekend found that I had ancestors (RUSSELLS) who were in Accomack County Virginia in the early 1700s. I was looking for a place to search and found this page and have found it to be very informative and friendly. I am sure that I will find myself coming back very often to see what has been added.

Grayson Duer (, Tue Apr 29 21:11:52 EDT 1997

I have, recently, gotten interested in my family's genealogy and have enjoyed the ghotes pages. If anyone has any info about the Duer family, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Jennifer Groton Towert (, Tue Apr 29 19:57:11 EDT 1997

I was contacted by one of your members, Henry Martin, who is researching Groton/Grotens. My line of Groton's descend from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but there is obviously a distinct possiblity of a connection.

Patricia Griffin (, Mon Apr 28 20:28:12 EDT 1997


Bobbie Redden Leamer (, Sun Apr 27 17:33:10 EDT 1997

I saw Shari Handley's letter about your site on the DelMarVa Roots mail list and wanted to check it out.I am pretty new to genealogy, searching for my Grandparents' families, REDDEN and BEACHBOARD. Both grandparents were born in Girdletree, MD, and the Redden family I think is going to be only in MD and DE. However, I have seen some materials that indicate that the early Beachboards may have moved to Virginia.

Denise Mortorff (, Sun Apr 27 16:05:55 EDT 1997

Enjoyed this very much! The links were very useful, as well. I will return herein the near future. Do you think you will be adding any new documents re:Eastern Shore? I understand from something I read recently that some records of Northampton are at Accomack that have not been abstracted as such. It would be great to see these records on-line. Thanks again.

Ralph Fallin (, Sat Apr 26 22:19:46 EDT 1997

I sent you an e-mail at the address listed on this home page. It was returned. If you have a new address please e-mail it to me.

Iva S. Thompson (, Sat Apr 26 09:54:09 EDT 1997

This is my fist check-in, so haven't had time to look around. You have a great reputation and I am looking for ward to searching your data. Thanks!

Kelly Stith (, Fri Apr 25 21:58:06 EDT 1997

Came across a Stith and became curious. My family is of African-American descent from the Tidewater area. If I can be of any help, let me know.

Mark William Parsons (, Thu Apr 24 20:37:08 EDT 1997

My ancestry comes from your area and I've been told there is some good information on my lines. I'll be checking on those items!

Lee Balderston (, Thu Apr 24 14:48:32 EDT 1997

I enjoyed browsing on your page. My Virginia ancestors seem to have mostly been back in the Blue Ridge country, but I may recognise some collaterals. Keep up the good work.

Ron Gilliland (, Thu Apr 24 13:38:23 EDT 1997

Great page! I like it very much!

Pat Bruce (LINDYLOVE@AOL.COM), Mon Apr 21 16:04:26 EDT 1997

Just dropped by at someone's suggestion. Looking for my family roots in Accomac County, VA. PARKER LINE.

, Sun Apr 20 19:17:38 EDT 1997

Kim Wallace (, Sun Apr 20 13:42:08 EDT 1997

Our business is located in the old wheelwright shop in Accomac. We are looking for any info, pictures, history, etc. about the building.

Frederica Bunting (, Sun Apr 20 10:48:51 EDT 1997

I found this site very interesting. My father's family (Bunting) was from Accomack County; someday I hope to do some research on them.

Edward M Smith (, Sat Apr 19 10:17:15 EDT 1997

Researching Smith, Boggs, Walston from Somerset County and VA eastern shore

Wayne Fulks (, Thu Apr 17 19:53:32 EDT 1997

Diane Ames (, Thu Apr 17 16:05:38 EDT 1997

Edith Frampton (, Wed Apr 16 11:20:40 EDT 1997

Ray Montgomery (, Mon Apr 14 18:00:14 EDT 1997

Roger Pearson (, Mon Apr 14 17:20:13 EDT 1997

We are searching for information on Martha Lee, her father William Lee, and his father, Richard Lee: Martha married Abraham Lakin on 10-10-1717, and we are trying to verify the link through her father to his father.

Any information would be very gratefully received.




Frances Wentz Taber (, Mon Apr 14 16:29:56 EDT 1997

What a fabulous site! Mammoth amount of information, done professionally--well organized. Thank you for sharing! My interest was touched by a referral to the Marshall line (Margaret Marshall, 1792-1847, b. Culpeper County, m. Henry Sims).

Dan Cowden (

, Sat Apr 12 21:14:19 EDT 1997

Just visiting. Among my wife's ancestors are the Mallo's/Mallow's of the Covington, Virginia area, Rockingham county. I'll be back another time. It's tax weekend.

Jack Burn (, Fri Apr 11 19:17:06 EDT 1997

Thank you for leaving your comments.

Carl Word (carl27x), Fri Apr 11 14:32:10 EDT 1997

Looking for family members living in Virginia in Colonial times-names of Word and Viser. Thanks

Mel Ring (, Thu Apr 10 21:12:25 EDT 1997

Just happened by while searching for Abraham Bish, born in Montgomery County Virginia in 1813

Homer A. Dennewitz (, Wed Apr 9 10:26:18 EDT 1997

I haven't had a chance yet to peruse this page, but will do so.

I'm doing research on my wife's family----HUGHES. Namely I'm looking for information on an Iaasc Thomas Hughes that was born in 1824 in Virginia.

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