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The last comment was left on Fri Jul 23 19:59:59 EDT 1999

Terry Thompson (, Fri Jul 23 19:59:59 EDT 1999

I am reseraching the Copes family of Pike County, Mississippi and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana


Very nice. Thanks for telling me about it. Doris

chuck evans (, Tue Jul 20 12:31:45 EDT 1999

Lynet Parrish (, Tue Jul 20 03:43:43 EDT 1999

I hope to be able to confirm and extend my genealogy through as many generations as possible. I appreciate your timely response to my query. Lynet

Margery Isdell (, Mon Jul 19 20:32:55 EDT 1999

This is a great site, have found alot of information that is useful

Kory Franken (, Mon Jul 19 16:00:42 EDT 1999

Linda Richardson (, Mon Jul 19 13:23:06 EDT 1999

Anne Hawn Smith (, Sun Jul 18 15:40:18 EDT 1999

Great site! This will be a great help to me.

Joseph Bolton (, Sun Jul 18 00:39:06 EDT 1999

Fascinating site, I am researching Lemuel Revell who lived in Somerset Co. MD. He married Elizabeth Parsons and had about 9 children mary, Levin H. Burton C. Lemuel B William T., Edward T, Elizabeth, John, and Rebecca. i am trying to find out if he is a descendent of Randal Revell who came to Somerset Co. Md. in 1663.

BARBARA WHITEHEAD (ROSE12660@AOL.COM), Sat Jul 17 19:11:26 EDT 1999


Barbara Nitzel (, Sat Jul 17 18:50:37 EDT 1999

Barbara Nitzel (, Sat Jul 17 18:38:54 EDT 1999


Clara Nolan (, Tue Jul 13 22:39:00 EDT 1999

My grandfather was Dr.Earnest J Waddey from Eastville. His third marriage produced my mother, his only living child. I am in the process of planning a trip to Eastville to show the area to my children. Are there any surviving Waddeys in the area? Thank you for this compilation of all the geneology records.

Gus Wilgus (, Tue Jul 13 18:30:25 EDT 1999

Hi: It's been awhile since I looked at the site. Recently came across info at the Md & Del Archives that leads me back into Accomack County with my Wildgoose/Wilgus line in the 1660's and 1670's would appreciate any info on the surname Wildgoose or similar spellings poping up in any family lines or other documents. Thanks,

Gus Wilgus, Emerald Isle, NC

James Browning (, Tue Jul 13 11:20:09 EDT 1999

Your web site is very interesting. Hope it helps me find information of my family of Lucas.

Billy Layfield (, Mon Jul 12 20:30:53 EDT 1999

Thank you for posting the map of Accomack County. I also located information that was helpful in my geneology research.

Thanks again.

Pamela Wright-Brunache (, Mon Jul 12 18:30:22 EDT 1999

I was born & raised in Capeville. Would like to know if anyone has any info to share on either Wrights or Smiths. My father was Jenever Wright (d. 1989) & my mother is Leona Smith Wright

Ruth E Williams (, Mon Jul 12 15:44:56 EDT 1999

Although I am a Ghote, I guess I can put my name in this guest book.After many years, I have decided to stop looking and write up everything I have about the Joynes family . If anyone has any information about this family, please let me know. Barbara, How do you keep up with this site? Keep up the good work

Susan Floyd Buckland (, Sun Jul 11 19:12:02 EDT 1999

Susan Floyd Buckland (, Sun Jul 11 19:10:44 EDT 1999

Trying to find parents of Joseph Berry Floyd who owned and operated a ship from Cape Charles to Boston. Lost his life at sea and was married to Lavenia Nottingham. Son's name Victor Levin Floyd who fought in the Civil War.

Susan Floyd Buckland (, Sun Jul 11 18:56:17 EDT 1999

Brandy Broadwater (PlayCSA, Sun Jul 11 18:26:20 EDT 1999

I think I found some really helpful things here! I'm trying to trace back my family tree, especially any ancestors that may have fought in the War Between the States. Thanks for everything!

Annegell McCants (, Sat Jul 10 22:43:47 EDT 1999

Interesting information especially the primary sources. Found your site by a search for the Burton family...where I keep running into brick walls. Observation: interesting that Dr. Burton has done work on both the Burton and the Dunton family. In the 1860 SC census my ancester, Maj. George W. Burton, is listed as living in Duntonsville (Edgefield Cty, SC). Have tentatively traced G.W. (born 1829) to Beverly (1796-1870) to Allen Burton (b? - d.1808 Edgefield Cty, SC)...but there seem to be SO MANY ALLEN Burtons!

Edna Cox Beckey (, Sat Jul 10 10:16:00 EDT 1999

I have just started to research my family. I am truly a novice in the field. My grandparents lived in Va. and my parents migrated to Pa. during the depression. I know very little about my background only by word of mouth. My father was a youger son and I am his youngest child so most of their history was lost by the time it got to me. I'd say I have my work cut out for me.

My father was Marion Roy Cox husband of America Gertrude Hawkes

My grandfather was George WAshington Cox husband of Missouri Tennessee Tibbs.

MY great grandfather was Alpheus Madison Cox husband of Catherine King

My great-great grandfather was Henry Cox husband of Matilda Tibbs.

Mark Gardner (, Thu Jul 8 18:04:26 EDT 1999

Some of my family is on your website. I am related to the Leatherburys and Bagwells of Northampton.

Reba Masterson Shepard (, Thu Jul 8 06:58:05 EDT 1999

Seek parents of Martha Lucinda Drummond who married Aaron Peterson, of Ohio and Illinois.

Jennifer Belda (JLBelda@aol. com), Thu Jul 8 01:50:19 EDT 1999

Lamont Dalton Nottingham (, Tue Jul 6 15:00:06 EDT 1999

Two areas of interest:

(1) One of these days, when I'm not so busy, I would like to explore the Nottinghams of Capeville. My parents, paternal grandparents and great-grandparents, etc. are buried next to the Methodist Church, but I would like to take it back futher to the original ancestor.

(2) Also, have bumped into several Nottinghams here in West Virginia. Would like to make an Eastern Shore-West Virginia connection if such exists.

Lamon , Tue Jul 6 14:59:56 EDT 1999

Paul Reed (, Tue Jul 6 07:17:56 EDT 1999

Researching Jeptha Johnson, Parramore, Robinson, Nicholas Perkins, Ephraim Summers, VanLandingham. Found this site and it is an excellent research help!

Paul Reed (PREED648), Tue Jul 6 07:14:52 EDT 1999

Madge C. Belda (, Tue Jul 6 03:17:46 EDT 1999

Your web site was a ray of sunshine after hitting so many blank walls. Any information on the Belda family in the Cape Charles or surrounding area will be greatly appreciated. Beginning chart for Donald, son of Jocquine Pedro born in 1905 now deceased. Family migrated from Spain. Lost touch with cousins in the area.

Andrew M. Erickson (, Mon Jul 5 15:10:54 EDT 1999

Nicely done! When time permits at a later date I will return, to post a few inquiries regarding the Bowdoins, the Harmanson's, the Savages, etc. Thanks for the helpful information!

Glenda Barnes (, Mon Jul 5 12:23:55 EDT 1999

Very nice site. My grandmother was a Skinner, daughter of Richard Skinner born in Perry co., Ohio in 1841. His father was Eli Skinner, son of John S. Skinner, son of Samuel Skinner Jr., son of Samuel Skinner and on back. Anyway, if anyone sees this and is on this line please contact me. Thanks.

Howard West (, Fri Jul 2 21:21:55 EDT 1999

I will give comments later. I haven't had time to search yet.

John Lynwood Mouring, Jr. (, Thu Jul 1 23:36:02 EDT 1999

Thanks for this Site! I am descended from several lines on the Eastern Shore. I shall return. (With Questions and comments) Thanks, JLMjr

Clifford Allan Parks (, Wed Jun 30 18:24:22 EDT 1999

Amos Spady (, Wed Jun 30 09:38:49 EDT 1999

Mary Jane Poole (, Wed Jun 30 00:34:15 EDT 1999

Being refered here by Martha Marble, I must say I really like your site. It has alot to offer the genenalogist in most every way.

However, I would be sorry if I didn't ask, under your genenalogy programs you had nothing in there for a Mac. Reunion is a wonderful program and one which some people might be interested in viewing. If so, please go to, I think several people might be surprised. Since the new imacs have come to be such a quick sellers on the market, it makes it more affordable and simple to get on the web and that is a terrific way to do genealogy. No, I truly don't work for Macintosh!! Just a mac lover. Just try to remember us mac users every once in awhile please.

Mary Jane Poole Poolesville, MD

A. A. Lloyd (, Mon Jun 28 23:53:34 EDT 1999

I appreciate the significant amount of work put into this. Unfortunately, I did not find the ancestor I was looking for---one of the Baylys. Maybe later.

Eddy Sims (, Sun Jun 27 17:20:47 EDT 1999

Eddy Sims (, Sun Jun 27 17:10:09 EDT 1999

James Dennis (, Sun Jun 27 14:05:39 EDT 1999

Back after a long absence looking for information on my DENNIS family. Descend from Donnock DENNIS (b c 1645 d c 1716), looking for his parents still.

Marta Shores (, Sun Jun 27 13:55:32 EDT 1999

Thank you for the info on Accomack County and the Eastern Shore. My roots begin at Tangier and I am seeking as much info as I can about my family.

Carolyn S. Jaussi (, Sun Jun 27 12:23:53 EDT 1999

Alan Bull (, Sun Jun 27 04:29:08 EDT 1999

Thank You for interesting site.

Betty Buckner (ES355TDS@AOL.COM), Sat Jun 26 22:19:21 EDT 1999

Just learned of this website, hoping that I will find someone who has info on the CRIPPEN FAMILY.

Carolyn S. Jaussi (, Sat Jun 26 16:00:32 EDT 1999

Hubert V. Prettyman (, Sat Jun 26 11:54:09 EDT 1999

Great maps! I had read the Whitelaw books at the Univ. of Delaware, but your maps make it easier to understand the lands ancestor John Prettyman (d. 1688) was involved with.

susan tait porcaro (, Sat Jun 26 09:15:52 EDT 1999

Karon Mazie (, Thu Jun 24 17:45:33 EDT 1999

Hello, I am looking for my gg grandfather Parker West, wondering if it could possibly be John Parker West. All I know is Parker West. Born about 1800 in VA. Leads keep point to Accomac. He migrated to Ohio, married, my great grandmother, Frances Bertha West, was born in Ohio, about 1826, migrated to IL, she married John Kuhn Cramer in 1852, Adams Co IL, migrated to Washington County then Dodge County NE, she died there in 1889, he in 1894. They had 10 kids, one named John Parker Cramer. Wondering if there is any Native American blood in the line??? Frances had at least 2 brothers, Isaac and Alexander, and at least 2 sisters, Esther and Lydia. Thank you, Karon

Marty Benton (, Thu Jun 24 08:35:32 EDT 1999

thanks for this web site!

boni blalack (, Wed Jun 23 13:59:16 EDT 1999

Elizabeth Juhala-Borders (, Tue Jun 22 16:09:18 EDT 1999

I believe we make a connection thru daughter Sarah D. Groves who married William Amber in Pendleton co. KY .They moved to Rush Co. IN and produced a family. If this is a connection with you, Please let me know. Lizzie

Mike Apperti (, Tue Jun 22 00:11:54 EDT 1999

I have just browsed your web page and was happy to find all this information I have been researching not only my own family, but also helping some local people research their Native American connections...I am looking forward to some more browsing....Mike Apperti

Deborah Outten Fisk (, Mon Jun 21 23:28:24 EDT 1999

Great site. Found interest in the Outten site and was happy to correspond with Karen Stephens. Hope to update her account of the Virginia Eastern Shore Outtens.

Dianne Sweeney (, Mon Jun 21 23:16:55 EDT 1999

Just started searching in earnest for ALL my family. It is great to find a web site with so many topics. I think my great-grandmother's family was from the Eastern Shore (at least that is what I have been told. Wish me luck!

PAUL E. REED (PREED648@AOL.COM), Mon Jun 21 08:40:35 EDT 1999

Researching: PARRAMORE, ROBINSON, GARRISON, JOHNSON, KELLY, BUNTING, MARSHALL.. Great website to cover all of these!

Descended from Elizabeth JOHNSON, who m. William Bradford. Elizabeth daughter of Rachel Bunting and Jonathan Johnson .. or was it Obedience Johnson.. seeking documentation.

Paul Reed

Joann Lucas Conrad (, Mon Jun 21 00:02:33 EDT 1999

My Third & fourth gGrandfathers were from Snow Hill Worchester CO MD Parker LUCAS (1776-1831) and Whittington BOWEN, SR (1741-?1814). My 2nd gGrandfather, Solomon LUCAS was b:1802-1851), & married to Elizabeth Merrell b: (?1805-??) in Accomack CO. VA 1820 Can anyone visiting this site give me any information on these families? Thank you. Joann

Estelle (, Sun Jun 20 22:17:02 EDT 1999

Any information on the history of Savage Neck and inparticular Smith Beach? Very interesting information. Thank you.

Jack Harris (, Sun Jun 20 20:23:16 EDT 1999

Searching high & low for my Scarborough ancestors. Having best luck low.

Judy Shockey (, Sun Jun 20 17:39:30 EDT 1999

This website is very interesting and I think it is the better one on the easternshore.I have found a lot of information on my family. I am very interested in the SURNAMES-WALLER,SCOTT,ARNOLD.If anyone has infomation on Isaac H.WALLER(b.1818)in Md.and married Susan ARNOLD b1836)in Va., daughter of William ARNOLD of Va.,It would be deeply appreciated.Also infomation on George T. B. SCOTT(b.1770-d.1840).Who was his wife and what happened to his son Samuel Scott?Is it possible that George T. B. SCOTT was from Northampton Co.Va. and married to Ann ? Scott? I am the GGGrand daughter of his Grandson Samuel Scott (b.1803).

, Sun Jun 20 00:57:09 EDT 1999

Joyce Patterson (, Sun Jun 20 00:56:54 EDT 1999

Richard E. Jester (, Sat Jun 19 15:47:18 EDT 1999

Very good site. Richard Jester (1632-1689) was my GGGGGGGrandfather. I am descended from his son, Thomas. Richard died at Accomack. Thomas was still there in 1704.

Jenny Bradshaw (, Fri Jun 18 04:30:11 EDT 1999

Harry F. Blalock (, Fri Jun 18 01:56:14 EDT 1999

I've been told that blalock is a Scottish name?

Harry F. Blalock (, Fri Jun 18 01:46:24 EDT 1999

My father was Harry Sr. Born & died in Arkansas

nina kelso thornton (, Thu Jun 17 17:27:01 EDT 1999

I have been checking this site frequently to see if I could find info. on my ancestors on both my grandfather Powell originally of Quimby and my grandmother Cherrix of Chincoteague. I am also interested in gaining information on Charlotte Sharpley Russell of Chincoteague. My grandfather was Thomas Powell. His sisters were Edna, Mary, Alice, Winnie and Pearl. Approx. birth dates 1893. Grandfather's mother remarried a Farlow who had two sons, John and Jim. John married Edna and Jim married Winnie and Mary married a Cropper. On my grandmothers side are the Cherrix. My grandmother's name was Rebecca, her sisters were: Bertha and Alice and her brothers were Andrew, Jim, and ALVIN Birth approx. 1890-95 My interest is in finding my native - american heritage. My interest in Charlotte Sharpley Russell is in finding out about my native-american heritage. I am interested in tribal names and origin. Charlotte was my great-great grandfather's wife. She was indian. Other names in this family are Julia, Alice, Jo and Famey.

Joan Hackathorn (, Thu Jun 17 11:49:30 EDT 1999

CONNIE BAILEY GLASS (, Wed Jun 16 22:38:10 EDT 1999

Hi, To my suprise something of the Eastern Shore and Accomac County! M.K ,what a great job. Been a long time and low and behold there is your and Linda's name . You guys have done a great job!I will continue to look at this from time to time. Take care Connie Bailey Glass Class of '67 and related to M.K. & Barry

George C. Robbins, Jr. (, Wed Jun 16 13:15:51 EDT 1999

Great website. I am currently taking up where my grandfather left off many years ago. Any info from anyone on the descendants of Obedience Robbins would be greatly appreciated. I currently have about 80 pages of info dating back to 750A.D. in Italy, but we have some major holes that we are trying to fill in, especially in England. Thanks for the great work and keep it up and running.

Anita Martin (, Mon Jun 14 22:34:51 EDT 1999

I have just been give this site address. I plan to spend a great deal of time searching for relitives. I hope now and again that your information will spill over the Md. Va. line.

Betty McBride (pinywoods@dialaccess), Mon Jun 14 00:34:28 EDT 1999

I am looking for the McIntosh family. I seem to remember my grandmother saying her grandparents came from Va. Enjoyed your genealogy Thanks

Sandy Glass (, Sat Jun 12 00:23:46 EDT 1999

Elizabeth Castro (, Thu Jun 10 12:52:12 EDT 1999

I was very pleased to find your web sight and plan to return when I have more time.

Verbenia Collins-Finney (, Tue Jun 8 19:24:42 EDT 1999

jean stanfill (mother 312, Tue Jun 8 17:51:42 EDT 1999

Jim Flannery (, Tue Jun 8 11:40:18 EDT 1999

Source of useful info about Va eastern shore.

Wendell Woodard (, Mon Jun 7 10:03:21 EDT 1999

I'm looking for any information on Warren Woodard Thanks

Carma Davis (, Sun Jun 6 08:22:32 EDT 1999

Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Rick Ferrell (, Sat Jun 5 16:32:07 EDT 1999

Doing genealogy work on the Sneeds(Sneads).

Helen Nichols Battleson (, Sat Jun 5 16:25:56 EDT 1999

I saw this site mentioned on the VA State Library List. I have a couple of lines that were there early. Thomas Graves, and my Beach line that was later in Somerset Co., MD & Sussex Co., DE.

Kenny Ainsworth (, Fri Jun 4 21:02:35 EDT 1999

Appears very informative .I haven't had time to view it all. Thanks for your work

, Thu Jun 3 20:49:03 EDT 1999

Juanita Via Sparks (, Thu Jun 3 20:09:41 EDT 1999

It is very interesting and all of Virginia is especially interesting to me as with the help of nice people on the Internet I have traced the Via roots back to the early 1600's. Keep up the good work

mae fitchett (, Thu Jun 3 19:27:11 EDT 1999

This is very interesting. I'd like to see more information about the orignial inhabitants of the Eastern Shore, the Indians, and information about the origins of slaves on the shore. Looks like a good site to learn and contribute. I will visit again and I hope to contribute in some way.

Ken Yarberry (, Thu Jun 3 17:39:29 EDT 1999

Very nicely organized site. I am new to Virginia Beach and most of my ancestors avoided Virginia for some reason. But I did enjoy going through your information. Nicely done.


Judith Baxter-Warrington (, Tue Jun 1 08:27:49 EDT 1999

What a great site! Found lots of new information about Warringtons and am excited about exchanging information with other Warringtons.

Dr. Richard Warren Scott (, Mon May 31 21:38:13 EDT 1999

I have extensive and documented geneaology information on the Scott and Crocketts of Accomack County. My search at present centers around the parents and derivation of Tully and Tabitha(Martin) Scott(married in 1841). One of his sons was John W. Scott who married Mary C. Read in 1873. One of John's sons was Willis Ray Scott who is my grandfather. One of his sons was Herman Willis Scott(Born 12/9/1912)-This is my father. They lived in Onancock until about 1918 then moved to Brambelton Ave in Norfolk.

My research on the Crocketts center around the Cashville,Va area --- John Crockett 1792 to the present. My grandmother was Beatrice Evelyn Crockett (Born 6/24/1889) - her father and mother was John William Crockett (born 2/8/1864 and Kate Rebecca Hauck(born 7/7/1860) they were married 3/28/1883.

I have more if it is needed.

Chuck Lokey (, Sun May 30 23:44:27 EDT 1999

Good to find you. I am descended from Samuel Young (my GGGGndFth), from Oak Hall, VA in Accomack County. The Youngs migrated to Somerset County, MD sometime in the early to mid 1800's. I noticed from your web site an Ezekiel Young. Anyone with information on him and his possible relationship to Samuel, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chuck

samra hicks mims (, Sat May 29 16:12:09 EDT 1999

Would like to hear about Hicks Family from Powhatan Co.Va. (1750-1800)

George Yeardley Scarborough (, Fri May 28 21:17:34 EDT 1999

Noreen Skillman (, Thu May 27 12:46:42 EDT 1999

Noreen Skillman (DSkil96232), Thu May 27 12:23:48 EDT 1999

None Yet!!

Jeff Colby (, Wed May 26 18:27:24 EDT 1999

doing some family research last fall and stumbled in by accident. trying to get info on bradfords of accomac, starting with a nathaniel b.(c.1658-90) and his 2 sons by different marriages, william via alice fisher smith and john via joan franklin. this site gave me valuable clues on william's side through fisher info . according to family legend this branch later took off to ohio c.1803 under an ezra bradford b.c.1761. from other sources it seems john's descendants branched out to fauquier co. va c.early 1700's and thence early settlers of kentucky,tennessee,alabama, and louisiana, founding a string of newspapers along the way. these folks achieved a level of fame/notoriety but william's/ezra's people once in ohio were pretty low key. this side of our tree has some big gaps between 1730s and 60s but evedently married into armitrader(trader), bonniwell, and le cato clans. everbody seemed to have 9 kids. any little thing helps. hope to hear from somebody. hope this doesn't get garbled.

Maryanne Cox (Calleekat), Wed May 26 17:51:16 EDT 1999

This is a great resourse. I am looking into my husband's mother's family - Samuel Henry Wheatley, B: 10/28/1891, Trappe, MD, DOD: July 25, 1970; his father, Ascombe Wheatley, no other information known. Also looking for Rosaleee Saunders, B: 4/4/1894, Talbot Co, DOD: 10/16/1968, Trappe. No other information. Any help most welcome.

Ron Stockton (, Mon May 24 21:49:19 EDT 1999

Rose Marie Lewis (, Mon May 24 20:40:20 EDT 1999

I am looking into my father's family line:Lewis, Farrell; Ransone, Taylor I have been able to go back to my gggrandfather's and gggrandmother's name in Gloucester Co., Va. About the mid 1800's. I would lide to go further but am running into some walls.

Margaret Ayers Dibble (, Mon May 24 17:29:52 EDT 1999

I am researching the Ayers/Ayres Family. The family story goes, that Samuel Oren and his brother John, were returning to VA. from the Battle of New Orleans. They stopped at the Bewley home in TN, where Samuel met Hannah. On telling his father he was returning to TN to marry Hannah, his father gave him a horse, some money and a slave. This was his share of the homeplace or he was disinherited. I am not sure where in Va. Samuel was from, there are several other counties besides Accomack, that have Ayers/Ayres. If anyone can shed some light on who Samuel's father was, it would be a great help. Will be back to visit and explore your site further. Thanks Margaret

Richard Martin (, Sun May 23 18:13:17 EDT 1999

I am in the process of restoring a 19th century graveyard near Wachapreague. The names are Willis,Dunton and Custis. There is mention of the property and its early owners in Whitelaw. Any info about these people would be appreciated. rdmartin

Elizabeth Kellum (, Sun May 23 16:44:34 EDT 1999

stephen gibb (stephen, Sun May 23 10:13:33 EDT 1999

stephen gibb (stephen, Sun May 23 09:56:16 EDT 1999

Jeffrey Alan Corbin (, Sat May 22 16:28:45 EDT 1999

Carolyn Higgins (, Sat May 22 15:36:24 EDT 1999

Gordon A. Crowson (, Thu May 20 20:37:57 EDT 1999

I stumbled on to this by putting my name in aol search. It is very interesting, but I don't know much about using the web.

Max Godwin (, Tue May 18 20:17:45 EDT 1999

I was born in Sanford, Accomac County, ESVA. I am trying to find out as much as I can on the Godwin's of Sanford. William Spencer Godwin, et al. Also Levin F. Badger. Also Archibald Godwin listed in the reconstructed census of Virginia in 1760 in Northampton County, VA. I am really trying to trace of any of these ancestors were in the Revolutionary War.

Sherri Winn (, Tue May 18 19:57:34 EDT 1999

ann ray (, Tue May 18 12:46:28 EDT 1999

I came here looking for my Grand mothers HILLs family tree. She came to california via Canada. her family origionated in Surry England.If anyone has info on her (OR Pacience Hill) Lowley, Dews of Surry, England. I would like to get in touch. Also I am searching her husdands family Perrine & Robson of Virginia (early 1900), & Rinehart of Pitsburg PA. Great site!!! Thanks Ann

, Tue May 18 04:45:52 EDT 1999

James B. Godwin (, Mon May 17 22:24:00 EDT 1999

I am delighted to discover this site. If anyone has information concerning Vianna Gray Godwin I would appreaciate hearing from you. Both Vianna and Gray appear in my family's names. James B. Godwin

Peggy Joyner Frisbie (, Mon May 17 13:42:43 EDT 1999

Have just recently found your web site. It is great and I am finding it very helpful. My ancestors from your area are the Benthalls, Hunts, Wilkins, and Knotts. The info is wonderful, especially the maps. Also the info from Bill Wilkins and the work he has done on the Wilkins family is great. Keep up the good work!! Peggy Frisbie

family is outstanding. Keep up all the good work. I appreciate it! Peggy Frisbie

Michael Fein (H: W:, Mon May 17 12:34:06 EDT 1999

I was stationed at Cape Charles AFS from June of 1978 through July of 1981. The experience of the natural wonder of the area was just incredible. The fishing, the wildlife and the history! Not to forget about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

I'm quite curious as to the final disposition of the site on which Cape Charles AFS was situated. Can you please respond with the answer.

I would really love to revisit the area sometime in the near future.

Do you have any more detailed pictures of the area? For example, Cheapside, Townsend and the area where the AFS was?

Bob Stewart (, Sun May 16 18:09:15 EDT 1999

A very well informative and well done site

Buddy Viers (, Sun May 16 18:07:14 EDT 1999

Seeking info on William and Willy (f) Vier b 1804 and 1805 Va. Moved to Tn. Warren, Wilson and Dekalb Co. about 1829. Fourteen children, Eliza Jane b. 1825 Va, Mary (Polly) b 1827 Va, William R. b. 1929 Tn, Rebecca b 1830 Tn, Elizabeth b 1834 Tn, Martha b 1836 Tn, Delphia b 1837 Tn, Thomas L. b 1838 Tn (my G grand), Parthena b. 1840 Tn, Jerusha Parilee b 1845 Tn

Buddy Viers (, Sun May 16 17:43:32 EDT 1999

Seeking info on William and Willy (f) Vier b 1804 and 1805 Va. Moved to Tn. Warren, Wilson and Dekalb Co. about 1829. Fourteen children, Eliza Jane b. 1825 Va, Mary (Polly) b 1827 Va, William R. b. 1929 Tn, Rebecca b 1830 Tn, Elizabeth b 1834 Tn, Martha b 1836 Tn, Delphia b 1837 Tn, Thomas L. b 1838 Tn (my G grand), Parthena b. 1840 Tn, Jerusha Parilee b 1845 Tn

Donna Smith Baker (, Sat May 15 11:10:40 EDT 1999

Have just recently discovered my gggrandfather's name (Ezekiel Smith). His son was James E. Smith. I am trying to piece together the tangents (cousins etc.). Don't know much more and can't find it on the Miles Files or Mears Collection. Anyone with information...please e-mail me. GREAT SITE!

Edna Cates (, Fri May 14 22:49:47 EDT 1999

I really found it very informative.

Liz Lindon (MEL OT, Tue May 11 13:38:25 EDT 1999

This is a wonderful site! Everyone has done a great job with it. Even tho I'm not sure if the Eaton, Merrideths, and Taylors are my line, I have truly enjoyed reading all of the info you have included! Thanks for sharing.

Agatha T. Mears (, Mon May 10 15:09:33 EDT 1999

Judith Showell Loeber (jimloeber@eo7), Sun May 9 23:38:45 EDT 1999

I'm a descendent of Captn. William Burton and wife Anne Stratton of Accomac thru son Woolsey who married Anne Leatherbury, Dau of Perry and Comfort Bagwell Leatherbury Burton. Also descend from Captn Graves of Jamestown,Living on W.B.'s land grant of 1677 in what is now Del.I have been writing a family history of this place and have researched geneology since 1966, when I was 12! Nice to see others at work on same hunches, which end at the boundarys of my state. Have traveled to Accomac library and courthouse, most helpful folks there, but this is GREAT! I have the Delaware Prettymans, Waples, Leatherburys, Hi to Doc Burton, it's been a few...

John Hopkins (, Sun May 9 22:42:49 EDT 1999

Not sure if I signed before Nice work you folks are doing I am related to the Chandlers of Accomack and Hopkins of Somerset Co MD Thanks for all the labors of love John Hopkins

preston t epperson (, Sun May 9 13:48:02 EDT 1999

just found this site and will look at it good since I was born in Virginia.

Joe Selby Downes (, Sun May 9 12:10:04 EDT 1999

Just had time for a quick look. Will definately return. Thanks!

Robert D. Cross Trower (, Sun May 9 06:52:42 EDT 1999

Good job ----laid out very well with lots of info

Elizabeth Carol Carpenter DeRoberts (, Sat May 8 14:10:34 EDT 1999

Thank You for this site!!! Will be coming home soon,haven't been home in 9years .

Dale McGee Jones (, Sat May 8 10:20:07 EDT 1999

It's a beautiful day on Del-Mar-Va.

Wilson Matthews (, Sat May 8 07:25:04 EDT 1999

Tom Boyd (, Fri May 7 17:37:47 EDT 1999

Really appreciate accessing your web site. Have found information on Scarborough and Andrews lines which has been most helpful. Will be visiting often. Thanks for all the work that goes into putting together a super site.

Rick Carter (, Fri May 7 11:29:11 EDT 1999

Very nice site. Looking for infor on Carter's who may have lived on lower eastern shore in early 1800's.

Elizabeth Savage , Thu May 6 22:25:37 EDT 1999

An interesting site with lots of cool recipies and neat geneoligies.

Mary Jane Coleman (, Thu May 6 05:37:00 EDT 1999

Always in search of more info on Chincoteague, VA: JOHN MERRY JESTER b. 1765ish, Sign Post, VA (nr. Horntown): MAJOR PETTIT b. 1725's & JOHN GOOTEE b. 1800? Worcester Co, MD-VA line. Ghotes gives me hope.

Frank Collins (, Wed May 5 21:35:03 EDT 1999

Philip L. Brown (, Mon May 3 22:48:52 EDT 1999

Glad I found you. I am originally from Quinby, born at Nassawadox, Hospital.

Been gone since Thirteen. Remember the shore very well.

Kenneth E. Smith (, Mon May 3 18:34:45 EDT 1999

Great site!!!! Just looking around my Smith family came from Accomack Co. VA. Thanks for the fun.. Hope I find some Smiths of mine , trying to find out if Valintine Smith had more than one son, (Bayly) and maybe if Valintine had a brother or sister. Thank you again.

Ed Smith

john w wheeling (, Sat May 1 22:42:35 EDT 1999

Lee Henry (, Sat May 1 21:59:09 EDT 1999

I am a direct descendent of Hugh Henry, Sr. who was born about 1715. He was born either in Scotland or in Accomac County. He married Mary Donelson and moved to Pittsylvania County, Virginia in about 1740. I recently found an entry in the Mears Collection at the Eastern Shore public library stating that a Hugh Henry, Sr. was married to a Sarah Handy and had a son named William Blair Henry. I am reasonably sure that there is a connection but I am not sure how. Is this the same Hugh Henry, Sr., or a near relative? Can you help?

Lee Henry, Austin, Texas

Mary Ellen Barson (, Sat May 1 15:58:02 EDT 1999

I'm a novice internet user, but have been doing genealogy for years. I'm looking forward to learning more about GHOTES.

Barbara England (, Sat May 1 00:58:11 EDT 1999

I find this site a wonderful place.Just until this past week I could not find anything on the WISE family.This is my husbands side.His mother was a WISE and she passed away at his age of 6.No one would tell us anything of this family.Finally last Sunday I found out his great great fathers name so now the search is on. barbara

Ruth Janet Parsons Schaich (, Fri Apr 30 21:52:03 EDT 1999

I am researching the Parsons family of Maryland. It is possible that the first to enter this country was John Parsons in Accomack Co., Va in the mid 1600's. This fact is still to be proved.

Ruth Janet Parsons Schaich (, Fri Apr 30 21:49:24 EDT 1999

Baylor Nichols (, Fri Apr 30 12:40:04 EDT 1999

Great site! I'm researching the Savage family. My mother was Nellie Walters Savage and was born near Wallops Island. My father was Harrison McKinnley Nichols and was a Baptist minister in Parksley and Hollies Baptist Church in Keller. I live in West Point, Virginia.

Barbara Poindexter (, Thu Apr 29 02:36:41 EDT 1999

, Tue Apr 27 22:17:15 EDT 1999

Jamie Watson (, Tue Apr 27 00:42:17 EDT 1999

Just dropping in to see what you have on The Heath's. I am the great grandaughter of Alonzo Heath and Margaret Elizabeth Taylor, if anyone has more info please contact me or my mother, Linda Edwards.

, Mon Apr 26 19:46:06 EDT 1999

robyn (, Sun Apr 25 16:55:01 EDT 1999

Sharon Liberatore (, Sat Apr 24 22:08:21 EDT 1999

D.R. McPherson (, Fri Apr 23 13:35:21 EDT 1999

Just beginning my visit. My Nash Family came into Northumberland Co. in 1635 and am trying to find information on the composition of the original Shires and/or Counties existing in 1634. Hope to visit again. Thank you.

Ronald W. Fisher (, Fri Apr 23 12:46:50 EDT 1999

I just discovered this web page and I'm VERY interested in reseaching my father's family tha lived on the Eastern Shore of Va.

David L. Wiser (, Thu Apr 22 09:45:59 EDT 1999

looking for ancestors as far back as i can go. gran's name was fannie hazel powell. she married raphael passaro and dad was one of their children. raphael died and gran married john l. wiser. dad used passaro some days, wiser on others, didn't officially change his name to wiser til 1947. looking for powells, bradfords browns

Thomas Myron Doughty Jr. (, Tue Apr 20 15:13:25 EDT 1999

Bert L. Sharp (com>BLSMWS@AOL>com), Tue Apr 20 11:53:56 EDT 1999

Searching for information about Francis Sharp in 1600's and early 1700's.



Thomas Thorowgood (, Sun Apr 18 17:55:42 EDT 1999

Linda Heath-Edwards (, Fri Apr 16 16:37:15 EDT 1999

To anyone who may be interested in researching the names HEATH, TAYLOR, MEARS, MAPP, or FOX. I have submitted a research notebook to The Eastern Shore Public Library with all the information I have found so far. Please feel free to stop by the library and ask Miles Barnes to show you my notes. Also feel free to contact me for questions or comments. My email address is Thanks ! Linda Heath-Edwards

W. Brian Jones (Jones@CompuServe.COM), Thu Apr 15 20:51:38 EDT 1999

Well Done! Your efforts will greatly help future researchers!

Cindy Clark (, Thu Apr 15 12:13:39 EDT 1999

Very interesting! The William D Wallace who was married to Martha Andrews is my gggggg-grandfather. Three of William and Marthas daughters married three Andrews brothers. I am trying to put together how these Andrews boys were related to their wives mother, Martha Andrews Wallace.

Anne Van Patten (, Wed Apr 14 09:28:31 EDT 1999

A wonderful site! I am searching for any info on Daniel JOYNES, b. abt 1810. He was a sailmaker in Baltimore, MD. I know the family had strong ties to Delaware and the Eastern Shore of MD. If you would have any info on this family, please let me know. Daniel's son, Oliver, was my great-great grandfather.

James Manford Dwight (, Tue Apr 13 16:23:20 EDT 1999

Was looking for Bedford County. My GGGGfather was Captian Simon Miller of the Bedford Malitia; b.1746. Could not find Bedford County, but had a good time looking at your site. Thank You for your alls hard work. God Bless , James Manford Dwight of San Antonio, Texas.

Mary Lou Jester Branson (, Mon Apr 12 18:47:35 EDT 1999

I apologize - I played around with it and printed the maps after all!. Now, who is this Sarah Jester at A137 and how do I find out the dates when all of these many Jesters were recorded on Accomack? (Sarah, however, is the only one the Jester List on Rootsweb doesn't seem to have tracked). GREAT SITE! Thank you so much, mlb

Mary Vaughan (, Mon Apr 12 16:26:41 EDT 1999

Looking for information on Joseph Crockett Parker of Accomack County - his parents - where born

JE PARKS (, Sun Apr 11 01:40:09 EDT 1999

, Sat Apr 10 14:37:54 EDT 1999

Teri Woods (, Sat Apr 10 01:19:54 EDT 1999

My brother recently told me about this web site. I have no idea how he came across it. This site interests me because up until about 10 years ago, I believed that our family surname was Jackson. I was surprised to find that it was actually Mears with a strong connection to the Eastern Shore. Thank you for a source of family history.

Janie Budd (, Fri Apr 9 19:18:50 EDT 1999

Hope your site can help me. Looking for info on the Gastineau, Marvel, Messick and Russell families in the 1700's in Accomack Co. Thanks, Janie Budd

Jan Hill (, Thu Apr 8 22:12:12 EDT 1999

Love your web site! I'm researching the following: Moore/Minshall/Carsley/Berriman. Also, Hill/Rogers/Prettyman/Leatherbury

Cassie Keeton Griffin (, Thu Apr 8 10:14:08 EDT 1999

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. It doesn't seem like enough thanks for all the great work and effort that has been put into this, but it is heartfelt!

Margaret James Morton (MMorton912@AOL), Wed Apr 7 21:37:47 EDT 1999


Boyd J. Christiansen (, Wed Apr 7 17:48:43 EDT 1999

This is a great endeavor, and I have sent an e-mail message requesting membership.

Reba Shepard (, Tue Apr 6 23:10:55 EDT 1999

Have just begun to look you over. Was told you have information on the Drummonds of the eastern shore of Virginia, and I seek the parents of my ancestor, Benjamin Drummond, who married Eunice Berry in Hamilton Co., Ohio in 1815. Parents may be John Drummond and Martha, died in Ohio.

Peggy H. Mitchell (, Tue Apr 6 22:07:00 EDT 1999

I really like this site.The recipes are wonderful, especially the sweet potatoe biscuits.I'm from the eastern shore of MD and we too ate them.My VA. connections are WHARTONS. Peggy

Barry Miller ( ;, Mon Apr 5 14:40:40 EDT 1999

Kathy Marshall Tull (, Sun Apr 4 09:27:15 EDT 1999

Could not believe that I found alot of information on my who lived in Accomac County area. Thank you for the information.

Richard Hart (, Sun Apr 4 04:50:53 EDT 1999

Barbara Kellam Latham (, Fri Apr 2 16:25:05 EST 1999

I have enjoyed reading many parts of this website. I have been searching for Kellams on and off (mostly off) for most of my adult life. I continually search various lists for the Kellam surname. If anyone has done Kellam research I would like to open a correspondence with them. I am stuck in the late 1700s and can't make links to the Kellams from earlier years.

Thanks for the help.

Georgia Elliott (, Fri Apr 2 09:08:55 EST 1999

I think it is a great site, that a lot of work has been put into it. Has anyone thought of maybe doing a list of cemetery inscriptions, I think that would be a great help to many....georgia

michele bennett-parker (, Thu Apr 1 22:59:58 EST 1999

very interesting site-i am a descendant of john,james and teackle bennett,of hacks neck va.

joy kellam tyler (, Thu Apr 1 22:56:25 EST 1999

James M. Bagwell (, Thu Apr 1 13:40:14 EST 1999

Just signed on, will comment later, OK? I found this site through Pat Bagwell who lives in Texas.

Joany Hughes (, Wed Mar 31 16:32:08 EST 1999

I am looking for HARRISON Elliot Shrievs born NOV.5,1910-died Jan.22,1982.Mother was Mary Shrieves.Could have been a Churn before marrying a Shrieves.

malcolm w. ewell (, Wed Mar 31 08:18:03 EST 1999

Enjoyed very much browsing at your site.

Particularly was fascinated with all the Ewell data in the Miles Files.

Betty Lou Marshall Johnson (, Tue Mar 30 22:28:53 EST 1999

I was born and raised in Cape Charles and really do enjoy your site. As a matter of fact, the story about the summer visits on the ES was written by my 2nd cousin, Jeri. Keep up the good work.

Pauline Knisley Winchell (, Tue Mar 30 02:05:31 EST 1999

Thank you so much for helping me find out where my ancestors, Capt. Thomas Welborn and Hill Drummond, lived. Finding this information is really exciting!

Donna Porcelain (, Mon Mar 29 22:24:11 EST 1999

Just love your site. Just found it and found a lot of information on the WISE surname. Thanks so much, I have been on your pages now for 5 1/2 hours. I just can't get enough.

Thanks again, Donna

Jacqui Chalifoux (, Mon Mar 29 18:09:27 EST 1999

I was wondering how to get into discussions with the other people who have questions. I can answer some of those, and have some of my own. My family comes from Chincoteague, and the names I'm interested in are Savage, Teackle, Linton, and Wessels(I had a great grandma Wessels in Chincoteague). When I go to email anyone on the questions page, it says my email isn't registered and have to go to Mail and Group something or other. Please tell me how to do this so I can get involved with discussions too. Thank you! Jacqui

Betty Adkins (, Sun Mar 28 20:27:49 EST 1999

Hi, I'm grateful that I have found your page. My ancestors were I believe one of the first to have been here in Accomack. My lineage is Watsons, Scarboroughs, Bennetts, Wise, Turlingtons, etc. So this is very helpful to me. I am a beginner researching my roots, I have only been doing this for a year and last September while researching my Watson line, I fell in the Scarboroughs and Bennetts. Thanks for all the information and I will keep coming back. Betty

Carl Mcnutt (, Sun Mar 28 17:25:23 EST 1999

I am researching the Cowdrey line in Northampton and thought I would stop and see if anyone else was researching this line.

Jim Bell (, Sun Mar 28 15:53:27 EST 1999

Congratulations to those of you who have worked on Ghotes. You have done a great job.

C. Collins (, Sat Mar 27 20:44:09 EST 1999

Very interesting , lots of good information.

William Quinby Steinmetz (, Sat Mar 27 20:08:37 EST 1999

I recently came upon this website while browsing for info on my ancestors from Accomac where I spent my summers growing up at Roseland. I am the grandson of Margaret Bird (Steinmetz)who lived at Roseland between 1922 and 1961 when she died. She was born in Washington D.C and is part of the Bird (Byrd) lineage. I am related to the following families and am seeking information on them. Mears;Downing;Kellam:Ebourne;Edmunds;Fosque;Bull;Armitrader;Garrison; Beach;Garrett;Chance; and of course Byrd or Bird. I am currently seeking information on the ancestors of Ann or Peggy Downing (born 1797) in Accomac. I live in San Francisco , California. I have recently reviewed the Mears geneokogy database and found much of my familily information which I am very pleased to have. There are some errors and omissions which I whould like to correct and add to. My parents are buried in Accomac. William Steinmetz

Jeanne Hargis (, Sat Mar 27 18:16:39 EST 1999

Someone at the Ghotes site posted information stating that Lillian Bailey Read (born Jan. 31, 1874 in Bayview, and died June 18, 1918 in Port Norfolk, Portsmouth, Va.) was the daughter of John Richard Read and his first wife. That is incorrect. Actually she was the daughter of John Richard Read and and his second wife, Elizabeth Ann Wilkins. I have other information on this family which I will be happy to share.

Roxanna Marshall Parks (, Sat Mar 27 12:59:40 EST 1999

Would like any information concerning my hertiage. I am the daughter of Dorsey E. Marshall,Sr. of Saxis,Virginia. His father's name was Sevester Marshall. Mother Lillianner. Fathers sisters___Hattie Bull,Adeline Mister Huldah Mister Hill,Nola Dennis Vessie Linton and a brother Clifton Marshall, .

, Sat Mar 27 12:24:49 EST 1999

Wesley Colley Jr. (, Fri Mar 26 23:13:47 EST 1999

Glad I finally found out some information on the Goffigon side of my family. Am looking forward to corresponding with someone from the family.

david john core (, Fri Mar 26 18:56:33 EST 1999

very interested in this name is david john core 05/08/62 and married to maryjane clark core 06/15/65 from buffalo ny.i am from salisbury md and born in delaware county pa.we have 1 daughter named lindsey marie core 12/19/95.born in syracuse ny.we reside there father is john dean core 03/29/45 and married to janet marie crouthers core 01/22/ grandfather herbert lee core is listed in this website as is my grandmother beaulah beauchamp. i do not see any thing past my grandparents.i would like to be a help as our families have grown and are not located in your can contact me at to hear a response.thanks,david john core

Wilhelm D. Dix (, Fri Mar 26 14:59:41 EST 1999

Very interesting site. Please put me on your mailing list.

Ms. Haley Goffigon (, Fri Mar 26 07:16:58 EST 1999

, Fri Mar 26 07:16:04 EST 1999

Linda Heath Edwards (, Fri Mar 26 00:25:03 EST 1999

I am looking for information on any Heaths or Taylors from the Eastern Shore. My great grandfather was Louis D. Heath and my grandfather was Alonzo W. Heath. My grandmother was Margaret Elizabeth Taylor-Heath. Her parents were Thomas and Rebecca Taylor of Quinby, VA. Thanks, Linda H. Edwards

P.S. Nice Web Site!

Amber Twiford (, Thu Mar 25 19:49:02 EST 1999

Just looking for some family history here. Wish me luck!

Dave and Amy Carlson (, Wed Mar 24 21:36:37 EST 1999

This website has offered valuable information on my family heritage, the Bennett's.

James Franklin Houser (, Wed Mar 24 17:14:08 EST 1999

I am researching the Maximillan Robinson and the Robinson family who were in Blue Ridge Va. in about 1750, also the Homrighhausen, Hisey and Rowzee family from Va.

Joy Kellam Tyler (, Tue Mar 23 21:57:02 EST 1999

looking for surnames: kellam, finney, savage, harmon, parks, pettit. researcher of arican descent looking for my ancestors from the eastern shore of virginia.

Harold Franklin Gladding (, Mon Mar 22 15:50:21 EST 1999

Heard about this web page from Denis Wood. I was born and reared in Tasley, Va. I am now doing genealogy on the Gladding Family.

Bob Shores (, Sun Mar 21 23:21:12 EST 1999

Have some roots on ES of Va. Maybe more than I know about. Hope to get some answers.

Ellen Anne (Hinman) Dimond (Edimond), Sat Mar 20 21:36:00 EST 1999

judy roberts (, Fri Mar 19 20:22:49 EST 1999

judy roberts , Fri Mar 19 20:21:38 EST 1999

Richard Burwell (, Fri Mar 19 20:04:10 EST 1999

I was just referred to your page by a cousin. I haven't had the opportunity to look at the page but I am excited about it. I'll write more next time. Thanks for what seems to be a most enriching treat.

Jeffrey wallace (, Fri Mar 19 17:04:52 EST 1999

George H Smith (, Fri Mar 19 15:47:39 EST 1999

Glad I found you.Your Web Site was listed in Ancestry magazine.I'm doing research on the Bloxom family.Thanks!


connie boggs-wright , Fri Mar 19 12:45:17 EST 1999

i bring you greetings in the name of Jesus and from south jersey! I am the daughter of dora rogers-boggs, daughter of william t. rogers and dora westcott-rogers. i was looking at the web site to try to find some information about eastern shore for my mother and also looking to begin to track my family roots. my father is chaunchey l. boggs, son of helen nock- boggs, and thermon boggs. i just want to thank you at this time and you will hear from me again in the near future. my mother and i live in south jersey, any of the family in the onancock area will know how to contact us via family members. God bless and have a blessed day.

Walter L. Shepherd (, Fri Mar 19 07:22:01 EST 1999

Thanks for the site. I have ancestors who originated in the area (AMES)and will use the site to gain and exchange information.

Ruth Andrews Lee (, Thu Mar 18 15:30:18 EST 1999

I am interested in the Andrews family in NC,VA,GA,TX. Your research is truly amazing!

Christina Hornsby (, Wed Mar 17 22:38:46 EST 1999

My fathers family is from the Exmore area. My Grandmothers maiden name was Custis. I know quite a bit about the Custis family, but not much is known about the Hornsby family. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Hornsby Heritage?

martin f. willett (, Wed Mar 17 19:53:49 EST 1999

I am just beginning to research my family on the shore.I myself born just outside of town of Accomac.Thanks for having this available!

K.Morris (, Wed Mar 17 17:29:52 EST 1999

Have vistited the ghotes files on many occassions - always find something interest and informative - am new at geneology and am working on the Justis/Justice and Lewis Families of Accomack and Northampton Cty

tami Utesch (, Wed Mar 17 16:43:37 EST 1999

Joyce Feger (, Wed Mar 17 12:13:43 EST 1999

doing my family history so far the names are Bacon, Matthews, Ennis and Price.

John Chattin (, Tue Mar 16 19:45:53 EST 1999

I loved your Web site. Very professional. I especially liked the old photos.

Ken Killmon (, Tue Mar 16 00:13:40 EST 1999

Hi Jack, I thanks you for the steer. I believe I have found 2 of my relatives. Will follow up on some of the related web sites mentioned.

Barbara K. Latham (, Mon Mar 15 20:39:12 EST 1999

Thanks for keeping this site current. I have enjoyed looking at all things Eastern Shore.

Dale Adkins , Mon Mar 15 19:49:23 EST 1999

Leland E. Whitehead (, Mon Mar 15 10:38:58 EST 1999

I am researching my family, and my great, great grandfather was Severn Whitehead. The archivist at the Virginia State Library told me that was a common name on the Eastern Shore. My first record of him is his marriage bond of Dec. 23, 1837 taken out in Norfolk County, probably in Portsmouth Parish. I am beginning to search records for Northampton Co to find a link if there is one.

Brenda Kellam Schilling (, Mon Mar 15 10:37:17 EST 1999

Ken Killmon (, Sun Mar 14 23:51:14 EST 1999

I am interested in learning of any one who can lead me to a search for any the Killmon family who lived on the Virginia eastern shore. Any names or references would help. Thanks.

, Sun Mar 14 15:03:15 EST 1999

Cheryl (, Sat Mar 13 20:48:24 EST 1999

Still looking for info on Devereaux Godwin in England. Have all the info I need here in America. Thanks!

Ruth Cowdrey Hill (, Thu Mar 11 18:09:54 EST 1999

I am a descendent of Elkington Savage (son of John Savage and Mary Robins). Elkington Savage married Mary and/or Winneford (?). A daughter from this marriage was Esther Savage who married Thomas Cowdrey. I am trying to find the father of this Thomas Cowdrey back to Benjamin Cowdrey. Benjamin had sons William, Thomas, Benjamin and daughters Frances and Ann. Any help for the COWDREY's of Eastern Shore of Virginia will solve most of my Cowdrey problems. THIS WEB SITE IS AMAZING!

Ruth Cowdrey Hill Cedar City, Utah

Jeffrey A. Waldo Sr. (, Wed Mar 10 23:15:10 EST 1999

Born in Bayview, 1957. Family names: Fisher, Staten, Morris, & Waldo. Currently working on gathering all information relating to these families.

Jeffrey A. Waldo Sr. (, Wed Mar 10 22:32:36 EST 1999

Born in Bayview, 1957. Family names: Fisher, Staten, Morris, & Waldo. Currently working on gathering all information relating to these families.

Ed Bridenbaugh (, Wed Mar 10 22:29:03 EST 1999

My wife's family were Tilghman's (now Tillman). Would like to find the history of Tilghman Island and also find anyone who has done research on Tench Tilghman.

Thanks, Ed

Brent Riehl (, Wed Mar 10 17:05:34 EST 1999


I thought I would take a quick browse through. My granrmother's maiden name was Ruth Bird. Somewhere along the family history, the names 'Bird' and Byrd were the same. It may have been before the 1700's. You have a wealth of information. thanks.

Carol (, Tue Mar 9 12:34:39 EST 1999

Just found your website as I was looking for information on a THOMAS BELL that arrived in Virginia in 1624/25 from England on the ship DUTY and settled on Virginias eastern shore. Does anyone out there have more information?

SYDNEY C. PHILLIPS (, Mon Mar 8 13:29:00 EST 1999

Great page~!!. Wish I could tract Benjamin Phillips back to Ireland, like I can his wife!. Maybe soon I will be able to. Thanks

Carmine Corrado (4713 Threechopt Road Hampton, Virginia), Sat Mar 6 17:36:06 EST 1999

A great site. we love it

Littleton Corbin MacDorman (, Sat Mar 6 15:22:15 EST 1999

I have traced my Corbin ancestory back to a George Corbin who immigated to the ESVA between 1750 and 1790. He may have been married to Grace Savage (daughter of Capt John Savage, son of Thomas Savage) and/or Susannah Duparks (widow of Peter Duparks). I am seeking to find when he arrived on the ESVA, where he lived, where he originated from in England or elsewhere, and who where his parents, ancestors, etc. Anybody out there know anything? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Mac.

Bob Ross (CINCDEUCE@ISLC.NET), Fri Mar 5 10:47:13 EST 1999

I'm looking for my Gx4 Gf. He was born in VA and migrated to central SC. His name was John J. Ross and he was born in 1798-99.

Sara Elizabeth Hickman Price (, Fri Mar 5 09:44:09 EST 1999

Virginia ( COX ) Crawford (, Thu Mar 4 15:50:37 EST 1999

Hi There: Just found your page and had to look and see if maybe we was kin folks; I'm trying to research my family names..So Far I Think My People Came From N.Carolina..Your Have a Nice Page Here and i will Come Back And Visit When I Have More Time..Mean While Please Visit My Husbands Website At: Virginia ( COX ) Crawford

Boyd J. Christiansen (, Wed Mar 3 17:58:28 EST 1999

I am looking for descendents of Samuel Tilton Russsel, Sr., born 25 Jan 1879, Parksley, Accomack, Virginia, died 15 Feb 1922, Welbourne, Worcester, Maryland --and-- Benjamin P.Ward born 8 Feb 1839, Maryland died 9 Sep 1907, Pocomoke City, Worcester, Maryland These men would both be great-great-grandfathers on my mother's side. I currently reside in Utah. Thanks-Boyd

Susan Sedlazek (, Tue Mar 2 17:45:05 EST 1999

Trying to validate information on George Corbin, husband of Grace Savage. I've seen much unofficial documentation that links him to the Corbins of Warwickshire, England, making him the brother to Henry Corbin, the emigrant to Virginia. Anyone with official record of him? Any birth records for a George Corbin (1655-1713), presumably his son born on the Eastern Shore?

Elton W. Bennett (, Tue Mar 2 16:13:40 EST 1999

Who, from the eastern shore can tell me anything about the old Plantation in Accomac,county on the seaside known as Mount Pleasant? This site is not far from Parksley, Va. This plantation was once own by the John Vernon Wise family and George Douglas Wise who was his father. I would be greatful for anyone's help on this subject. Thank you.

Joann Sipple Kieffer (, Tue Mar 2 13:07:01 EST 1999

My interest in this area is its early history. My ancestors lived in Accomack County in the 1600s.

Thomas Dally (, Tue Mar 2 08:54:15 EST 1999

Looking for info of John Dally 1616-1691, mariner, around 1650, paying tax for 16 year old son. Also any info about a devistating hurricane in 1650's.

Richard B. Corbin (, Sun Feb 28 20:07:05 EST 1999

searching Corbin And Savage family lines on the Eastern Shore

Reba (, Sun Feb 28 16:57:18 EST 1999

Hi there!

I am the granddaughter of the late Sue and Thomas Reed of Onancock, VA and the late Otto and Lucy Milbourne of Marion Station, MD.

I was just browsing for any information on the REED'S of Accomack County or the MILBOURNE'S of Wicomico County in Maryland. Enjoyed your site.

Sandra Sturgis Tipton (, Sat Feb 27 11:20:46 EST 1999

This site is awesome! I am researching the STURGIS family from the Eastern Shore. The earliest person of whom I am reasonably sure existed is Daniel Sturgis b. 1708 Accomack Co, VA.

Again, great site! Thanks!

Joyce Patterson (, Sat Feb 27 00:49:19 EST 1999

I am researching the Marshalls of Accomac and Northampton counties and looking for any and all info on a Sinah (Sinai) Marshall and her children, namely Samuel Marshall, Frank Marshall,Susan Marshall, Mary Marshall, and William Marshall. Sinah's children moved to Maryland before the 1880 MD census was taken and listed but Sinah was not listed ,therefore, we believe that she remained in VA but we could not find her on any census after 1860. She was listed in Samuel Harmon's household and her children were listed as Mulatto. I would appreciate any help with this research.

Susan Scott Robinson (, Thu Feb 25 13:36:59 EST 1999

I am interested in the geneological history of the Scott, Moore, Hudson, Peed families of the Eastern Shore.

Phil Hanna (, Wed Feb 24 22:14:17 EST 1999

I am descendent from the line of Abraham Michaux and Suzanne Rochet. She was known as Little Nightcap in our family records because when she was plucked from her bed for a night time boat escape out of France she was wearing her nightcap. oneof her daughters, Anne Madeline Michaux, b. 1710, m. Richard Woodson, and was known as the Mother of Presbyterianism in East Virginia. This from family records.

My connection with the Michaux line is through a daughter of Suzanne and Abraham, also named Suzanne who married John Quinn. One of their daughters married into the Morton family, and a Morton married into the Hanna line from which I am descended. This is all relatively new to me though, so it is quite interesting to find your records, especially as they match or compliment our records. Phil Hanna / Columbia, Kentucky Feb. 24, 1999

Judith (, Wed Feb 24 10:36:03 EST 1999

John G. Brockenberry (, Tue Feb 23 17:13:25 EST 1999

Rita R. Rock (, Tue Feb 23 12:22:26 EST 1999

James David Smith (, Mon Feb 22 14:06:36 EST 1999

Just looking... very impressive!

Diane Shackleford (, Mon Feb 22 09:16:43 EST 1999

patrick miles (, Mon Feb 22 09:13:10 EST 1999

Sherry Lynn Price (, Sun Feb 21 21:53:15 EST 1999

I found your website as a result of my search for the Haymans in my ancestry, as I am a direct desendant of the Captain Hayman who brought the Hayman potato to the Eastern Shore. I'm looking forward to learning more about my heritage. Sherry Lynn Price

Deborah Evelyn Cherrix McKinney (, Sun Feb 21 15:47:56 EST 1999

I am trying to locate/research my father's family. They are from Chincoteague Island. My grandmother was Evelyn Thornton and grandfather was George A. Cherrix. My grandmother was born April 10, 1915(?) died in 1980 or 81, and my grandfather in 1935 or 1936. My grandfather had been married previously to a woman named Mary Ellen (?) and had five children with her. These children were basically grown when he and my grandmother married. They also had five children, Esley Lee, my father, born November 25, 1925 and died July 27, 1998, Carroll Burton, Norman James, Margaret Lou, and David Norman. The only two that remain are Carroll Burton and David Norman, who still live on the island. No one seems to know much of anything about our family history/background. I would reaaly like to find out where my island roots lie. Any help that you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Betty Kennedy (, Sat Feb 20 17:06:36 EST 1999

Thanks for the great work. I recently found out my husband is a direct descendant of Jeanne Madelin MICHAUX daughter of Abraham MICHAUX and Susanna ROCHET. I continue to verify dates & name spellings. You did bring me back one more generation in the Rochet line. Thanks again. Jeanne Madelin has also been spelled Jane Magdalen and she married John Peter (Jean Pierre) LEGRAND and they settled in Goochland Co., VA.

Dave Tunnell (, Wed Feb 17 19:27:05 EST 1999

Very nice.

Linda C. Dumas (, Wed Feb 17 14:04:35 EST 1999

Researching Dennis, Stone, Garrett, Hale

Shirley (, Wed Feb 17 11:29:30 EST 1999

Great site!!! Looking for info on Hezekiah B. GASKINS of Heathsville, Northumberland Co.

Wendi Cherry (, Tue Feb 16 16:43:22 EST 1999

My family is from Pungoteague, Craddockville and the Boston (Painter) area of Accomac County. I am searching the names Bailey and Hatton. The farthest back I have is William Henry (b. 1847) and his wife Frances Bailey (b.1854), they were married in 1871. They had about 10 children . Does anyone have any other information on them ?

donald lewis mccready, jr. (none), Mon Feb 15 20:59:01 EST 1999

thanks to your site, i was able to trace my father's geneaology on both sides. his father was lewis henry mccready and his mother was ella corbin. the abundance of information that i found in the miles files has meant more to me than i could ever express. my only wish is that my father could have lived long enough to have seen all of the splendid information that you have provided me with. keep up the good work! thank you! donald lewis mccready, jr. p.o. box 1188 dayton, va 22821

sherry randall (, Mon Feb 15 03:57:49 EST 1999

Stephen Edwin Sanford (, Sun Feb 14 17:58:30 EST 1999

Just starting to look for Selby & Sanford relatives!

Bonnie Dailey (, Sun Feb 14 07:43:17 EST 1999

Bob Doenges (, Sat Feb 13 15:44:44 EST 1999

Donna Smith Baker (, Sat Feb 13 15:41:43 EST 1999

What a great site. I have been searching for info on both sides of my family tree. All roots are on the Eastern Shore I am the grandaughter of Walter & Annie (Scott)Smith. They had two daughters, Margaret and Geraldine and a son (my father) Donald Carroll Smith....all of Onancock.The oldest sister, Margaret moved to Pennslyvania and had a son with the last name of Hamilton. My grandfather, Walter, had a brother named Tom from Onancock and he had a son named Conrad who was a dentist in Onancock until perhaps the late seventies or early eighties. I have been told that that side of the Smith family is also researching the family tree, but have not heard from them or know how to get in touch. On my mothers side....I am the grandaughter of Carrie Scott Davis and Ralph W. Wolfe (an orphan from Germany). My step-grandfather was Harry Winslow Davis from the Elizabeth city, NC area. Both Harry and Carrie had many bothers and sisters. One of my grandmothers brothers was named Leonard Scott. My great grandmother, (Anna Scott, I think)had a sister named Sadie from Modestown. I remember visiting her as a child and going fishing with her son Earl. The dead end in this seems to be with my bloodline grandfather Ralph Wolfe. All I know about him is that he lived his life in an orphanage and remarried after divorcing my grandmother and moved to Missouri (I think). He was a musician and a watchmaker. I have seen pictures of him in the orchestras that he played in in the 20's & 30's. If anyone can help me with ANY of these names or have information of who to contct, PLEASE E-mail me. I am nt getting any younger and SOMEBODY has to record this stuff before it is lost forever! Thanks, Donna Carroll Smith Baker Chesapeake, Virginia

Donna Smith Baker (, Sat Feb 13 13:37:11 EST 1999

E. J. German (, Sat Feb 13 08:07:13 EST 1999

Great Site! Interested in confirming some web-published speculation that Robert Jarman of Kent and Baltimore Counties, Md. (Bal Co Will of 1722) was connected (unnamed son ??) to William and Dorothy Jarman of Accomack. His connections in Kent County were with William Galloway and William's f-i-l, Hendruck Enloes. Robert was owed money from the estate of Gerrardus Wessells (Kent, 1709). Would appreciate any leads.

John H. Crouthers (JCrouthers), Fri Feb 12 19:07:05 EST 1999

The best I've see yet. John

sandy (, Wed Feb 10 14:59:46 EST 1999

Just visiting.

Patricia K. Anderson (, Wed Feb 10 12:34:00 EST 1999

Very nice site. Thanks for the work you have put into it.

Patricia Ann Marshall (, Tue Feb 9 18:57:24 EST 1999

Thank you very much

BOB BROWN (, Tue Feb 9 14:31:05 EST 1999

I am interested in information on:(1) the family of Czpt. Peter JONES of Tidewater Va. in the mid 1600's, (2) the DANIELS family of Pitt Co. NC my grandmother was Margaret (Maggie) DANIELS b. about 1880, (3) the Robert L. Brown family of Halifax Co. NC b. about 1868. Any, and all, help would be appreciated. e-mail me

Elizabeth Moore (, Sun Feb 7 21:54:39 EST 1999

Some kind soul e-mailed your address after I had posted my query in a Maryland section. I am researching the DELESTATIUS, DELLASTATIUS, DELASTASHIES line,& trying to find some info re my g-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth b.1832.

Beth Austin (, Sun Feb 7 18:31:19 EST 1999

Great Web site. Interesting comments on Quakers.

Robert Fitchett (, Sun Feb 7 12:14:43 EST 1999

My word! where have you been. I've been looking for a page like this for 15 years. I am the eldest off a branch of the Fitchetts who migrated to North Carolina. My great grand father, Elias Green Fitchett came to north west Virginia during the civil war.In your herd of Ghotes you have what I believe to be a many many greats grandfather. I am not an experienced genealogical researcher but I am interested in finding my forefathers. I am 65 years old, retired from the U.S. Air Force and the Postal Service. I am a square dance caller and teacher and teach the AARP 55 Alive Driving program for old farts. I have a ton of material on the Fitchetts down stream from Joshua which I will be happy to share. Just communicating with prospective Kuzns :-) would be a thrill. Will someone please get bach to me. I miss you.

Lora Lynn Mustoe (, Fri Feb 5 01:10:33 EST 1999

Carol Sikes (, Wed Feb 3 17:13:46 EST 1999

I enjoyed my visit to your site very much. It offers a lot of information and is organized very well. The photos were wonderful and it gave me a warm feeling to think that I was looking at buildings and places my ancestors walked by.

Thank you for a job well done.

Dan Blades (, Wed Feb 3 09:35:53 EST 1999

I was glad to see someone has started a genealogy base of information for the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I am attempting to trace my Maryland ancestors who originally came from your area in 1669. He was Robert Blades who was in Accomack County in July 1666. I have a John and William Blades who were early settlers to Virginia in 1652. I have not been able to obtain any further information on these 3 Blades such as their country of origin, what ship they were passengers on, where exactly they lived in Virginia, etc. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Perhaps there are some source materials available that you could direct me to. Thanks. Dan Blades

Susan Whealton West (, Tue Feb 2 20:37:00 EST 1999

I enjoyed my most recent visit to the Eastern Shore, as well as, your most informative website. I am looking for any info on the WHEALTONS I can find. Thanks.

Ralph Tabor Williams (, Tue Feb 2 02:50:23 EST 1999

A friend gave me your URL. I am impressed. Also, I descend from Scarboroughs and Revells. Glad to find a place where researchers are interested in them.

ruth E Williams (rew3900, Mon Feb 1 12:00:16 EST 1999

Is anyone familiar with William Thomas Joynes 1913-1942. He married Fannie Sturgis 1918-1990. They had one child. William Thomas Jr, I am looking for the Father of william thomas Sr. Thanks

Barbara Palosky (, Sun Jan 31 03:26:16 EST 1999

Your pages are great. Praise the Lord!!

Jack Partelow (, Sat Jan 30 14:46:10 EST 1999

This is my first visit to the site. It's a great idea. Most of my ancestors came from New England..Conn primarily now all over the U.S. Partlow and and Partelo are commom spellings. Pattillo is said to be a branch in the south. I have been working on my branch of the family since 1972..would like to hear from any PARTELOW family in the ghotes area.

Nathan Herring (, Fri Jan 29 23:23:13 EST 1999

Excellent stuff here under decendants of John Stringer... I matched up some history that my paternal grandfather had researched, and it seems that John would be my 12G grandfather. Wow! He had researched as far back as John Herring and Rebecca ? having the son Richard Herring who married Sarah Anders. She's #151 in the database. I also found some cool ancilliary information about those Herrings directly under her that I didn't know.

There are some questions I have about the format of the information at the top of the page which seems to be either in shorthand or badly spellchecked. Either way, it'd be nice to know what it meant and/or where the sources are from.

Again, this is great information! Thanks!

Barry Wessells (6 Parker st . Onancock Va), Fri Jan 29 16:26:39 EST 1999

Lorraine G. Fitchett (, Fri Jan 29 16:09:53 EST 1999

Iam orginally from Cape Charles, Virginia. I graudate from Northampton County High School in 1973. My parent were the late Jacob and Gladys Fitchett. Wow! I was surprise to see a web site for Northampton County, etc.

Lorraine G. Fitchett , Fri Jan 29 16:03:59 EST 1999

Tina Rice (, Wed Jan 27 22:32:34 EST 1999

I have been researching my Mother's family for a while now, and haven't added much to the information I currently have- from Family Bible, Mother, Aunt. I am trying to find more information about my Grandfather and his parents. gf: Frank Pyotte Carr, b April 25,1900 in Tazewell Co., VA m. Mary Mahala Light, b. June 2,1907, they later moved to Roanoke, VA gr-gf: Harvey Hoge Carr, b. March 27,1867 in Giles County, VA m. Cora Angela Whitlock, b. Feb. 21,1870 gr-gr-gf: William Howard Carr, b. July 17,1842 in Giles Co. VA?? m. Mary Ann Oliver, b. Aug. 10,1846 in Giles Co VA Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tina Rice

Clint hatton, Jr. (, Tue Jan 26 21:35:38 EST 1999

I was referred to this site by a friend as a place to find info on eastern shore VA families. I look forward to exploring your site.

Verna M. Williams (, Tue Jan 26 19:02:46 EST 1999

Looking for maps. Yours are not detailed enough, but your page is great on other info. vmw

Dan Tuzo (, Mon Jan 25 12:01:02 EST 1999

Looking for records of French Huguenots in early 1600's Virginia, specifically for the names of Tuzo,Tezou or more likely Tuseau.Trying to verify presence at Jamestown during the starving time,or in records up to 1776 when the family left for Bermuda.

edward oree wilkins (, Mon Jan 25 11:08:30 EST 1999

i think the site is great. this is the best work on the wilkins that i have ever seen. i believe that i and in this line of wilkins, but have not found out where is my line 1great grandfather--james henry wilkins born n.c. 1822...grandfather-william edward wilkins-born autauga co al.1855---father-oree wilkins born dale co ala--edward oree wilkins-born 1939 in dale co ala sons mark and michael wilkins............

George Core (, Mon Jan 25 10:47:16 EST 1999

Please anyone. I'd like a recipe for old fashioned Eastern Shore Sweet Yeast Rolls.

Ruth E Williams (rew3900, Sun Jan 24 23:19:24 EST 1999

My goodness! Ghotes has really grown since I checked it at my son's house in August. I finally went on line and I am busy writing up the family history of the Joynes Family. Any new information would be appreciated. I am so old, I had better hurry up and type fast.

Barbara:.anytime is a good time for a Ghotes Reunion!

Elizabeth Curtis Graham (, Sun Jan 24 13:01:32 EST 1999

Jenelle Corbin Hershock (, Sun Jan 24 13:00:57 EST 1999

This was an exiciting find!

Jim Lokenbauer (, Sat Jan 23 23:30:04 EST 1999

Hi! It's even a nicer site! Everytime I come back, I usually find something interesting. Just wanted to let you know: Anyone looking for Tigner,Tignor information can find a great source at

(, Sat Jan 23 11:38:26 EST 1999

Burton, my wife's father, John Edward Burton 1896-1957 was born on Chinqoteage Island VA parents were John E Burton 1856-19 birthplace not known but he was a sailor with the Coast Guard according to a census. Wife of John E Lucinda M Williams 1858-1900 born in Delaware parents of John E Burton William F Burton 1820-1894 and Margaret A ?? parents of Lucinda M Williams E. F. Williams (presumably in Delaware) and Sophia ??

Would love to hear from anyone who could add to this information.

Jim Mann, Annapolis MD

Gerry koller (, Sat Jan 23 07:03:30 EST 1999


Jeff Bedell (, Fri Jan 22 22:21:53 EST 1999

Doing research on Nancy SAILOR, born in VA abt 1795, daughter of John SAILOR and Mary MINEAR.

, Thu Jan 21 21:21:47 EST 1999

Paul Wendell Goss (, Thu Jan 21 21:21:31 EST 1999

Mary Holland Cape (, Thu Jan 21 17:59:02 EST 1999

I am just beginning to research my Eastern Shore roots. Thanks for having this available!

Betty Irsik (, Thu Jan 21 01:59:23 EST 1999

I have been in contact with some of your members and received some help. I am searching for Elliott's in the Northampton area. If anyone has any information on Henrietta SCOTT b. dec 1841 who married John W ELLIOTT b. abt 1840. I would be very greatful. I have been unable to identify her parents. Also John T ELLIOTT b. abt 1820 m. 13 Jan 1834 to Margaret DOWNES b. abt 1820 information on either person would help. John T ELLIOTT was the ward of William S SMITH and Margaret DOWNES the ward of John E NOTTINGHAM at the time of their marriage. Please let me know if you have anything to share.

Thanks Betty

mary vincent (, Tue Jan 19 12:56:22 EST 1999

I am looking for information on Thomas Sharp, pastor of St. Luke's church, Isle of Wight county 1699-1708. Thomas Sharp received land patent in Louisa county 1716. I believe he had a son Robert, a grandson Robert, Sr. and great-grandson Robert, jr. Robert, jr. had William Sharp born about 1740.

Patricia Mae (Hull) Fulton (, Mon Jan 18 21:50:25 EST 1999

Clever and interesting site. Well-designed!!! Haven't explored it all, as yet.

Bob Haynes (, Mon Jan 18 16:12:57 EST 1999

Looking for ANY information about ZACHARIAH NELSON, father of THOMAS KING NELSON. THOMAS was b. 1752 Fox Island, Tangier, Va., d. 1853 Crisfield, Md. Thanks for any help.

George Ann Cahen (, Sun Jan 17 20:29:35 EST 1999

I am looking for information regarding Thomas Walton, 1660-1719, born either in New Kent or York County, Virginia. He had sons named Timothy I, William, and Thomas. He died in Chowan County, NC. Any information regarding his family would be most appreciated.

Bob Haynes (, Sat Jan 16 15:01:54 EST 1999

Bill Blasingame (, Sat Jan 16 13:33:52 EST 1999

I came upon your site a few weeks ago and wrote in the gust book. As a result of that, I recieved an e-mail from Elton Bennett whom I happened to remember in growing up in Cape Charles. I would appreciate any information about Wise Latimer, Atley Bailey,Wallace Williams and anyone else who graduated from CCHS in the early 40's. I think your website is a wonderful piece of information. Thank you.

Samuel Drummond Godwin III (, Sat Jan 16 12:14:44 EST 1999

Just getting started in tracing family roots. Grandpa was from Accomac Co.

, Sat Jan 16 10:06:33 EST 1999

Very Nice Site I Really Enjoyed It, I Am Looking For Info On ELIZABETH MARSHALL Who Married My Grandfather HENRY EDMOND FLOWERS In 1797 At Johnston Co NC. Thank You

Alice Bailey (, Fri Jan 15 23:54:41 EST 1999

This is my first visit here. I was given your site by Jim? whom I had found through and his file on Thomas Leatherbury. I am related to Thomas Leatherbury by way of the Coulters. I am eighth generation. I just found about the additional relations recently from another Coulter cousin. It is always nice to find others that may be researching similar family lines. Alice

Jane Ivie (, Fri Jan 15 21:38:03 EST 1999

I'm looking for Holden ancestry in Virginia. Help?

Jane Ivie , Fri Jan 15 21:36:42 EST 1999

Jane Ivie , Fri Jan 15 21:36:40 EST 1999

Penny Moore (, Fri Jan 15 20:01:38 EST 1999

Great work on the web site. I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I married 4 years ago and moved to Delaware. I still have alot of family and friends there and visit has often as I can. This site will be great to look at when I can not be there.

Jeanne Polries (, Fri Jan 15 15:02:07 EST 1999

Looking for my Abrams ancestors of Accomack and Northhampton counties

Cheryl (GODWIN) Laurence (Snail: 30547 Sharoak Rd. New Church, VA 23415), Fri Jan 15 12:22:39 EST 1999

Info on DEVEREAUX GODWIN is greatly appreciated. Before and after arriving in America. Thanks!

Deborah (Hurlbert)Valiquette (, Fri Jan 15 10:38:25 EST 1999

If any one has any imfo on the family of Hurlbert, I would dearly love to hear from you. What I have is a John Hurlbert, brn in Wethersfield, Hardford, Connecticut in and around 1640. He was married to Lydia Kitchen in Wethersfield. She was born in and around 1644. They had 1 child, Thomas Hurlbert born 1660. Any one able to add to any of this please do get in touch with me. I do know that a decendant of John Hurlbert , Moses Hurlbert came to Canada in the year of 1785 to Augusta Township.

Elton W. Bennett ( ), Thu Jan 14 22:29:31 EST 1999

Wow! Wow! Wow! I can't believe what has happen to me tonight. A call from my son in UPS in tacoma,Wash enlighten me to this website just and hour ago I have imediately found several lost/found old friends from Cape Charles. All my brothers and I grewup there. Billy Blasingame and Raymond Dise a tremendous hello from Hayward,Edward,Ralph(Pete)Bennett's kid brother Elton. Thanks to those responsible for this very special occasion to me. Later!

James Richard Nicholson (, Thu Jan 14 12:20:31 EST 1999

Happened into your site by accident - thoroughly enjoyed it - Thanks

Dorris Owens Henson (, Thu Jan 14 06:57:16 EST 1999

Leola Rutledge (, Wed Jan 13 22:32:19 EST 1999

Hello, I've been looking for a place in MD. called Christfield which I could not at first find. After putting the question on the internet I found that is is still in existence and is on the Eastern Shore. That is the reason that I visited your website. I am researching ancestors in MD. as well as in Virginia where I was born. My great-grandfather was George Allen Johnson and was born, according to a marriage certificate that I sent for, in Crisfield and was the son of George Johnson and his wife Adeline Saunders, both African-Americans. I am trying to find information on the two of them and then back farther to whoever I can find. Are Somerset County and Crisfield in your group of places or do I need to write to another genealogy group? Thank you so much for any help that you can supply and I have enjoyed visiting your website.

Leola Rutledge

J Scott Willett (, Wed Jan 13 16:39:27 EST 1999

Searching for info on any willett's that may have migrated southward to Chatham/Lee/Moore County NC during 1700's to early 1800's. Specifically any that might be related to William W. Willett b. 1818 in chatham co. NC

Allen and Betty Johannes (, Mon Jan 11 09:54:30 EST 1999

Have just discovered that a possible ancestor, Thomas Poynter, lived in Northampton Co in 1666--found on Tax Records.

Believe that he moved on the MD--Somereset Co.

I am going to enjoy looking at all the info on this area.

Plan to visit next fall. Betty

Allen and Betty Johannes , Mon Jan 11 09:52:15 EST 1999

Jackie Rieger Scallorn (, Sun Jan 10 16:30:18 EST 1999

Found your page while searching for John L. Rieger and Pamelia Eckles.

BUFORD L. TAWNEY (BLT4U@GVA.NET), Sun Jan 10 14:11:10 EST 1999


Ann B. Suthowski (, Sat Jan 9 11:48:39 EST 1999

How do I excess the membership list ?

Ann B. Suthowski (, Fri Jan 8 21:32:34 EST 1999

I have sent an e-mail to place me on your mailing list and to find others who researching the same families. In case you did not receive the mail, the families that I am researching are: Bell , LeCato, Mapp, Bradford, and Mears.

Sue Armstrong (, Fri Jan 8 17:37:44 EST 1999

Hi. I have really enjoyed using your family information and recipes. I am looking for information on Armstrong,Shaffer,Cox,Crouse,Robinson,Austin.

Sue Armstrong (, Fri Jan 8 17:35:16 EST 1999

Hi. I have really enjoyed using your family information and recipes. I am looking for information on Armstrong,Shaffer,Cox,Crouse,Robinson,Austin.

Deborah Ames Selby (, Fri Jan 8 17:17:12 EST 1999

I enjoy and really appreciate this you have any information on the slaves in Northampton county...i would like to trace my ancestors in this county ...(maiden name Ames),...I really love this site...thanks.


kenneth W. Stith (, Thu Jan 7 22:56:42 EST 1999

looking forward to see more of your web pages. will be adding some of if to my Family History. My line is from Richard Stith and Lucy Hall keep up the good work!!!! If I can help just ask????


Tony Albrecht (, Wed Jan 6 20:59:49 EST 1999

Hi! I found your site while looking for info on the family of my great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Broadwater, who was born in Horntown (now Modest Town?) in the 1830s and orphaned shortly thereafter. She married Hermann Albrecht in Philadelphia in the 1850s. This is all we know about her so far.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Bob Svenson (, Wed Jan 6 15:39:53 EST 1999

I am researching my family name, SVENSON, my grandfather was Wilfred R. Svenson and died in 1981. Any information is appreciated. My great or great/great grandfathers name was not Svenson, it was Nielson or Nielsson he immigrated from Sweden. I would like to trace back before him.

Thank you, Bob Svenson

Lorraine Barrows Yeager Pritt (t/, Tue Jan 5 18:56:54 EST 1999

Julie Tomlinson (, Tue Jan 5 15:27:37 EST 1999

Have just discovered your site, and am happy to find new information about our family, especially the origin of the name Lovick as a given name. Have suspected that Philip Pearse (Pierce)'s mother was a Lovick and your site lists this. Will email with inquiry about source of this info. Julie Pierce Tomlinson (father: Lovick Pierce)

Thomas Vetra (, Tue Jan 5 12:58:47 EST 1999

Have researched Vetra (Vittory,Vitre,etc.) for 11 years in all 50 US states,Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Latvia,, still looking for John Vittory (m Mary Jones 1800 Som Cty) . Where did he come from?

Thomas Vetra (, Tue Jan 5 12:58:29 EST 1999

Have researched Vetra (Vittory,Vitre,etc.) for 11 years in all 50 US states,Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Latvia,, still looking for John Vittory (m Mary Jones 1800 Som Cty) . Where did he come from?

Thomas Vetra (, Tue Jan 5 12:40:19 EST 1999

Olivier de JouŽtte de Ponthieu (, Tue Jan 5 07:49:51 EST 1999

How and why are you concerned by Ponthieu ? Thanks for your job, I would like to meet my very large family

GLENN MARCUM (GMARCUM101), Mon Jan 4 14:50:57 EST 1999

Michelle Siner Breyer (, Sun Jan 3 21:09:31 EST 1999

I am researching the Siner, Correll, Davidson and Fulton names. Thank you for your site. I look forward to finding out all kinds of info about my family and forwarding what I find out.



William G Blasingame (, Sun Jan 3 17:37:19 EST 1999

I was born in Cape Charles and lived there until after WW II.I have many fond memories of the area and would like to hear from someone still living in the area. My father and Mr George Savage owned Savage and Blasingame's Drug Store. I understand that the Savage boys are still operating the store.

Richard R. Harris (, Sun Jan 3 16:15:00 EST 1999

Betty Adkins (, Sun Jan 3 13:12:35 EST 1999

Hi, A friend of mine told me about your homepage and I had to link on to it. My ancestors on my mothers side are all from Accomack, Virginia and most of the names I have seen are relation to the ones that I have so I will keep your site on my favorites. Pages like this make genealogy all worth while, thank you very much for this. I am starting a homepage, just beginning though, and I am through geocities/Heartland/Woods/7902. It's just in the process of being put up and I am fairly new at doing a homepage. I have two email addresses and I try to use the one above for my genealogy. I just wanted to say thanks again for putting this page on and I will visit it often. Betty

Betty Adkins , Sun Jan 3 13:05:30 EST 1999

Jane Ball (, Sat Jan 2 16:05:58 EST 1999

Thank you so much for such a well done web site. Just dropped by because I use to spend my summers on the shore when I was a child in the 1940's. My mother, Jane Goodwyn, worked for Dr. Burleigh N Mears until 1937 in Belle Haven.. We visited every summer after that and stayed with his son BNMears, Jr. at Silver Beach. Oh, how I would love to see some of the people I remember from then. Haven't been back in too many years. Lost track of the whole family after Dr. Wayne Mears died. Good luck and I'll be back with some recipes from Essie Mears if I can find them.

Deborah Jodell (Revell) Fortman (, Sat Jan 2 14:22:13 EST 1999

I am jumpimg with excitement over finding this page, it was sent to me by David James Revelle, who I just recently have had contact with, and found we are from the same Revelle line. Thank you for all your hard work and putting it online for others. Deb Revell Fortman

Mark Milby (, Sat Jan 2 09:00:21 EST 1999

Looking for info on a John Milby, who bought land on Nandua Creek, from Jenkins Price, in 1653

Steve F. (, Fri Jan 1 21:18:53 EST 1999

Just got back from 4 days in Accomac Co. putting cable wires back up. Was in Onancock to Greenbackville and in between. Interesting area, I could feel the history of the area just driving through it. All the abandoned houses really spooked me out, made me wonder what life in the past was like, thats why I surfed in.

Carl S. Bolt & Laila A. Bolt (, Fri Jan 1 18:55:28 EST 1999

Was very interested in finding your file. I have just recently started trying to trace family. We are interested in Bolt's from Neb. Daley's from Mo.and Utah and Calif. - DeLapp's from New Jersey.- and Poole's from Neb.Would appreciate any help you can give. Thank you, Laila

Donald E. Reasonover (, Fri Jan 1 17:27:25 EST 1999

Your site is well organized, congradulations to the hard working web-master.

Was looking for any information on surname Reasonover, German immigrant circa 1700, thought to have entered colonies with English either into Virginia or North Carolina.

Mary Bull (, Fri Jan 1 16:27:30 EST 1999

Frederick B. Scott (, Fri Jan 1 13:11:39 EST 1999

I forgot to add that I live in Gig Harbor, WA so research is by long range.

Frederick B. Scott (, Fri Jan 1 13:09:41 EST 1999

Nice to have a page. I am still seeking info on grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Scott b. Hog Island 1838 d. Chincoteague 1944. Married Leah Ann Clark who died about 1880. Married Leah's sister, Rachel Jane who died 1934. Anyone know of Benjamin's father, Charles?

Robin Rice Badley (, Fri Jan 1 12:21:36 EST 1999

Very nice! I was searching for BADLEY and LANEY families on the eastern shore of Maryland. But I enjoyed your site. Thanks -

Robin Rice Badley


Gary Bellamy (, Thu Dec 31 19:34:48 EST 1998

Looking for information on the BELLAMYs that left Va for Tn in late 1700s

Carol (, Thu Dec 31 19:00:12 EST 1998

Just browing. I am at a total loss with one of my names,James Hart b about 1767.. when I come across anything Eastern Shore, I check.

Lynda Wilson (, Thu Dec 31 09:52:39 EST 1998

Researching Broadwaters in SC. Think they came from Va in Accomack county.

SANDRA (ASHER) TILER (SNICKERS50@WEBTV.NET ), Thu Dec 31 00:27:22 EST 1998

this is great . i've been looking for a link to the eastern shore of Va. hope to learn alot more than i already know, which is very little. just gettin started , but it is very intrigueing stuff. i really love it when i get material that bring my anscesters to life. surnames ASHER(ASHURST),AMIS, BALL, GILBERT, BAKER, SOMMERS,CADIEU, DAVIS, BLEVINS, MELTON,SMITH,BINGHAM, AND JOHNSON.

SANDRA (ASHER) TILER (SNICKERS50@WEBTV.NET ), Thu Dec 31 00:22:22 EST 1998

this is great . i've been looking for a link to the eastern shore of Va. hope to learn alot more than i already know, which is very little. just gettin started , but it is very intrigueing stuff. i really love it when i get material that bring my anscesters to life.

Juli Martin Rainwater (, Wed Dec 30 21:02:47 EST 1998

This site is very helpful in my search of my Martin roots. It's great having a centralized site to center this part of my research. My father is Jerry Dale Martin, who was born in Saxis. Thank you for all the work you've put into these pages.

Carol (, Wed Dec 30 17:40:30 EST 1998

I'm looking for information on a very distant relative. THOMAS CORNISH who came to America from England on the ship Duty in 1620-25 and settled on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Anyone out there have any information they can share with me?

Christine Simpson CustisMueller (muellerc), Wed Dec 30 15:08:58 EST 1998

I am originally from Willis Wharf, Virginia and the daughter of Charles Elmore Simpson and Alice Elizabeth Kelley Simpson. My grandmother on my Mother's side was Mamie Killmon Kelley and my grandfather was Orville A. Kelley.

I was excited to read about the Crocketts as I know I am related to Davy Crockett from my grandfather's side of the family. His mother was Irene Crockett (I think) It could have been his grandmother.

I shall be checking often. Thanks for having this information.

Jack Gracey (, Wed Dec 30 11:16:58 EST 1998

A very informative, well organized site. As I proceed further back in time researching my Somerset Co. MD ancestors, I suspect I will uncover some linkages to Eastern Shore, VA families.

Patricia (East) Denney (, Wed Dec 30 09:15:30 EST 1998

Very nice web page.

Thomas P. Kehoe (, Tue Dec 29 20:56:46 EST 1998

I am interested in the early history of Accomack and Northampton Counties. From information provided to me by my mother's family, I know that I am a descendent of Nathaniel Littleton and Ann Southey, who lived on the Eastern Shore in the mid-1600's. Do you have suggestions on readings that would profit me? Tom Kehoe

Evangeline Taylor (, Tue Dec 29 12:41:55 EST 1998

Jack Goforth (, Tue Dec 29 09:02:55 EST 1998

Kenneth A. Miles (, Mon Dec 28 18:58:56 EST 1998

I would like to follow up on the connection, if any, to the Miles family in Wales

Dane Hall (, Mon Dec 28 18:51:00 EST 1998

Made a long sought connection via the Miles information.

Thank you.

George Core (, Mon Dec 28 08:39:46 EST 1998

Still looking for a recipe for good old fashioned Eastern Shore sweet yeast rolls.

robin hurst (, Sun Dec 27 14:42:12 EST 1998

i was just surfing by and came across your web page. i'm searching for the HHURST family, and have very good success with the web sites that are here for virginia. thanks

Mary Ann Jones (, Sat Dec 26 11:41:47 EST 1998

Joe L. Alverson, II (, Wed Dec 23 22:46:38 EST 1998

Al Barnes (, Wed Dec 23 19:11:33 EST 1998

Have made many visits to this site and learn somehing new each time.

chuck evans (, Wed Dec 23 18:26:09 EST 1998

thanks and happy holidays to gail, frank and jennings l.

, Wed Dec 23 18:23:14 EST 1998

chuck evans (, Wed Dec 23 18:21:26 EST 1998

Doug Askew (, Wed Dec 23 08:09:10 EST 1998

Good Morning, Thank you for your efforts. I was reading through MD Digest and traced to your site. I am researching the name Askew and now believe that our family branch in western Virginia came from MD. So, I continue to look. Sincerely, Doug Askew

Aaron Savage (, Tue Dec 22 23:46:46 EST 1998

I am looking for information dealing with the family of Lawrene Thomas Savage of Chincoteague, or of Wyle Maddox of hincoteague.

Gailyn Bower (, Tue Dec 22 19:14:52 EST 1998

I am just starting research on ancestors in Princess Anne & Pocomoke (Adams, Sexton, McDaniel, Adreon) - no luck at your site but will be visiting both town libraries after Christmas to see what I might be able to find. To the gentleman from Colorado - I too spent my summers in Cheriton - I most certainly remember Kiptopeke and Smith's Beach (along with the hotel at Wilkins Beach) and Paul's - the best crabcakes in the world!

Anna L. Martin (, Tue Dec 22 13:25:07 EST 1998

David A. Fluhart (, Tue Dec 22 13:00:55 EST 1998

This is a very interesting website. I will be visiting often. I'm interested in any family history of the Fluhart, Isdell, Wilson, or Simpson last names. Thanks, David

NJ Herzman (, Tue Dec 22 03:21:29 EST 1998

Haven't a single ancestor from Virginia, but I dropped in because I didn't know what GHOTES was all about. My forebears were New Englanders! Good Luck to all of you Virginians! Isn't genealogy fun?

Pat Ramsey (, Mon Dec 21 20:32:46 EST 1998

Thank you for this great site. While I was not born on the Eastern Shore, I was raised there and graduated from Parksley High School. Hope to return for a visit soon. Thanks again. Pat Ramsey, Newport News, VA

Alan Dansey (, Mon Dec 21 16:51:20 EST 1998

I came here looking for DANSEY relatives. They were and still are in Virginia but I guess in the wrong part! Anyway it was fun visiting. Thanks,

Alan Dansey, Dunton, Bedfordshire, England

, Sun Dec 20 12:15:54 EST 1998

Mike and Roberta Thornton (, and, Sun Dec 20 12:15:41 EST 1998

This is our first visit, Uncle Al Barnes gave told us about you.

Debi Remer (, Sun Dec 20 08:49:47 EST 1998

I love this site. I am looking for Nathaniel and Judith Jones. Nathaniel was in Northumberland County in 1650. His daughter Sarah married Francis Gray.

William A. Seely (, Sat Dec 19 17:48:18 EST 1998

A pleasant site and a GREAT CONTRIBUTION!

Nick Brown (, Sat Dec 19 16:01:18 EST 1998

I'm looking for an ancester named Robert Drake, a lineal descendent of King Edward I of England, came to Accomac, Virginia in 1636. May be related to Sir Bernard Drake, who was related to Sir Francis Drake. Hopefully your site will enlighten me. tks.

Sally L Riner (, Sat Dec 19 13:12:58 EST 1998

Tell me about Hayman potatoes? Are they a special one that is grown only on the East Coast? Can we get them from a catalog? I enjoyed your sight very much. Thanks for sharing it with me

Sally L Riner (, Sat Dec 19 13:10:06 EST 1998

Tell me about Hayman potatoes? Are they a special one that is grown only on the East Coast? Can we get them from a catalog? I enjoyed your sight very much. Thanks for sharing it with me

Gary Speck (, Sat Dec 19 12:28:54 EST 1998


Stumbled onto this site on a recommendation form a SPECK name discussion group I am a member of. I have a lot of ancesters that settled in the VA/MD/NC area, and just by browsing hit a few familiar surnames. I will return.

Gary Speck (CA)

Gilda Flier (, Fri Dec 18 11:17:42 EST 1998

none at this time

(, Thu Dec 17 23:28:37 EST 1998

Bonnie (, Thu Dec 17 13:48:04 EST 1998

Thank you for another source of information.

J. Dixon (Judy, Thu Dec 17 00:43:57 EST 1998

I find these sites very interesting and think they are an excellent service to those doing family research. Thank you. Yours is very well done.

Georgia Elliott (, Thu Dec 17 00:03:35 EST 1998

For me your website is just great, I found my grandfater on your website and was able to trace my family back to my 7th great grandfater, being the Mears family, my grandfather being Earl Preston Mears. Thanks more than I can say...

Margaret Johnson (, Wed Dec 16 22:18:44 EST 1998

Was just passing through the websights and seen this one and I probably sometime down the road will be looking for information.

Edgar Albert Jerman Jr. (, Wed Dec 16 02:47:46 EST 1998

Found one of my ancestors via Wayne Stich's list of marriages for Bird/Byrd in Accomack County. Alfred Miles and Bettie Bird (Elizabeth Byrd) Thank you. aj

Donna Cloud Janness (, Tue Dec 15 16:57:47 EST 1998

very well organized. easy to get around in.Thank you for all your hard work. Have enjoyed the history.

David W. York (, Tue Dec 15 00:08:09 EST 1998

Very interesting site. My ancestry comes from mainland Virginia and France. Grew up near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Just love Delmarva.

I wish to replicate the Cape Charles passenger train shed and wharf around the late forties to early fifties. My research is lacking in photos and maps of the Pennsylvania railroad in Virginia's Eastern Shore. Are there any historians at this site who can direct me to old photos and documents to aid in my research? I have not been able to pinpoint the time that the Cape Charles station was demol- ished. Plans for this building would be helpful in reconstructing it in miniture.

Thanks, David W. York Marriottsville, MD

amiee S.Coffey (930 Astern Way,#302, Annapolis,md. 21401), Mon Dec 14 21:30:16 EST 1998

grew up in onancock. graduated from OHS in 1960. still have relatives annd friends on shore. Just love this site.

William J. Neville (Bill) (, Mon Dec 14 06:47:55 EST 1998

Born and raised on Eastern Shore of Va. (Cape Charles) Just starting to get interested in my roots. I now live in Mt. Vernon Md. near Princess Anne.

Kevin Sparks (, Sun Dec 13 19:06:04 EST 1998

I'm just beginning to research my family history. I've been told that my family came to Tennessee from either Virginia or the Carolinas. Hope to find some info on your site. Thanks

Stan Bean (, Sun Dec 13 18:18:02 EST 1998

Excellant resource. I am a descendant of and researching the following. Polk, Bradford, Parker, Fisher, Coleburn, Smith and Revell.

sandy (, Sun Dec 13 09:13:54 EST 1998

I'm new to the Web site. I'm interested in Misters or Horners from Northampton Co. and Crisfield or Deals Island Md. Any information would be greatly welcomed.

Gene Wallace (Gene.Wallace@Nashville.Com), Sat Dec 12 13:55:51 EST 1998

First time to visit your web site. Hoping to find connection to the Wallace clan.

Michael J Ryan (, Sat Dec 12 11:02:56 EST 1998

Hi there! You have done a good job on this site !! I am an old Delaware boy far far from home (San Jose, CA)and was looking for a recipes for sweet potato yeast rolls. Have you a recipes? Thanks Michael j

chuck evans (, Fri Dec 11 16:49:51 EST 1998

ted parks please send me a workable e- mail address. i tried you at the one listed here and it apparently doesn't work........thanks, chuck evans

Geoffrey Shrieves (, Fri Dec 11 00:03:02 EST 1998

This site is simply fascinating, and such a great resource for the budding genealogist! My fathers family are pure Accomack County, and I've traced them back to 1740 so far, and am hoping to learn more from this site and some of the Ghotes themselves. I remember family vacations to Cheriton as a boy, visiting my great-grandmother and great-uncle, and the Cape Charles fair, the beach, Paul's drugstore, and so many other things! I'm now in Colorado, but missing the water right now. Thanks for such a great site, I'll be visiting often.

Allison Mills Duncan (, Wed Dec 9 12:53:43 EST 1998

Kimberly L. Crockett-Horne (, Wed Dec 9 01:18:22 EST 1998

Ginny Hammer (Moore613, Mon Dec 7 21:54:39 EST 1998

I am new to the genealolgy search and have some information that my ancestors Came to the colonies with Captain John Smith. Also it is rumored that we are related to Pocahnatus. The sur name that I am interested in is Thompson.

A. A. Lloyd (, Mon Dec 7 01:18:13 EST 1998


, Sun Dec 6 20:10:45 EST 1998

Schelley Walter ( I am related to Marie Eliza Belote who married Nathaniel Francis Walter. Unfortunately I know nothing of the Belote family including her parents. If anyone knows can you please advise. Thanks, your Canadian Connection.

Edith T Dean (, Sun Dec 6 00:20:10 EST 1998

Gene Wallace (, Sat Dec 5 15:00:08 EST 1998

Good. I see a number of references to names in my ancestry line. William Wallace, Thomas Rountree, Elizabeth Rountree, etc. How can I obtain additional information on these names?



Linda Eshem Haney (, Fri Dec 4 10:31:03 EST 1998

Searching for info on ESHAM/ISHAM/EASHUN/ESHUN. Daniel Eshun married 1) Margarett Howell, 2)Susanna Thomas, 3)Gartrude Bowman Cropper in 1650-1693. Need maiden name of wife of John Eshun who died in 1716/17. Need name of wife for Solomon Eshun who would have married around 1735. I would like to hear from anyone researching Esham and related family names.

linda Eshem Haney (, Fri Dec 4 10:19:27 EST 1998

James Lingo (, Fri Dec 4 06:38:47 EST 1998

Great Home Page



John Polk (, Thu Dec 3 01:37:10 EST 1998

Well organized

Maryanne Swontek (MSWONTEK@PROSVC.UMARYLAND.EDU), Tue Dec 1 15:06:14 EST 1998

I'm looking for my great-grandparents. My grandfather's name is Jackson Hall, born Sept. 1872 in Hallwood, VA. His parents are from VA. I beleive my great-grandmothers name is Larra Casey(?), born 1877 in Maryland. Her parents are from Maryland. I know they lived in Crisfield in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I have a Crisfield Post Office Enumeration 79 sheet 13, Lines 4-6. I'd like to found out who my great-great grandparents are. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Maryanne Swontek (MSWONTEK@PROCSVC.UMARYLAND.EDU), Tue Dec 1 14:39:15 EST 1998

I'm looking for my great-grandparents. My great=grandfather's name is Jackson Hall. I beleive my great-grandmothers name is Larra Casey(?) My great-grandfather was born Sept. 1872 in Hallwood, VA and moved to Crisfield. I believe my great-grandmother was born in Crisfield. I would love to find information on them.

Edward Stewart Maddox (, Mon Nov 30 21:15:21 EST 1998

Researching my family tree. Currently trying to get information on my grandfather (John D. Maddox 1872-1951) side of the family. John D. was married to Eva Mae Angus (1886-1954). They lived most of their lives in Stanaford, W. Virginia. They were both born in Virginia. Any help would be appreciated.

chuck evans (, Mon Nov 30 20:54:00 EST 1998

great site.question........or 2 questions....evans warf, va. was named after???does silverthorn ridge near bloxum, va,. still exhist. am working on some geneology researce and answers to these questions would help. have already asked gail w. at petersrow.she has been extremely helpful....thanks, chuck

Cindy Hawthorne (, Sun Nov 29 22:21:40 EST 1998

I may be able to fill in the blanks on numbers 121 and 122 of your chart. My ancestor, James Piper was married to an Eliza.




Margaret Ribble Caruthers (, Fri Nov 27 15:20:07 EST 1998

I'm just looking at different parts of Virginia when I found this site. Thank you for being here.

Barbara Scanlon (, Fri Nov 27 10:07:38 EST 1998

I found you while looking for William Blackstone. I was unable to find him in your Ghotes list. William was born 7 Feb 1837 and his parents were John Blackstone and Mary Pagdet. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Thomas Casey (, Fri Nov 27 02:10:24 EST 1998

I am a new genealogist attempting to research my Casey and Dye roots in the Portsmouth/Lebanon region. I am located in Mesa, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix. If anyone can give me some helpful online databases please e-mail me. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kesley Court (, Thu Nov 26 02:01:58 EST 1998

Eleanor Brundick (, Tue Nov 24 12:29:56 EST 1998

I am thrilled to find this information on the internet. I was just reading about one of my ancestors, Capt. Richard Hill, last night and was wondering if anyone knew his ancestry before he came to Amnerica. Today, I find his ancestors traced back to 720. What a shock!! Thank you so much. I am anxious to read more of your data.

Nancy Broadwater Walsh (, Mon Nov 23 20:32:33 EST 1998

I was given your location by another Broadwater researcher. I have been searching for my elusive progenitor for several years and hope to eventually make a connection with someone on GHOTES. You have a great site and enjoyed reading the family histories. Thanks

Nancy Broadwater Walsh

Melody Gunter Foster (, Mon Nov 23 19:43:11 EST 1998

My father Elton Eugene Gunter was born and raised on the Eastern Shore (northampton county/Franktown). I am researching his ancestry.

Dr. Linda Wise Skeete (, Mon Nov 23 14:09:38 EST 1998

What a wonderful website. I have roots in Accomac, Virginia and am currently introducing the area to my husband and young son. I am particularly interested in the history of African-Americans from this community. Would love to speak to others with similar interests.

Albert K. Barnes (, Sun Nov 22 12:22:43 EST 1998

Just found this on my new computer. I have been in contact with a cousin named Louis Barnes about my family history.

Mrs. Williams Class (, Fri Nov 20 09:42:04 EST 1998

We are sitting in class learning about the internet. We found your site and found it interesting. We just wanted to say HI. We all hope you have a great day.

Signed: Robert, Kevin, Kenny, Chris, Jamel, Mrs. Williams and our visiter Mrs. Brickhouse

Marcia Parker (, Thu Nov 19 08:59:19 EST 1998

Searching for information on the following families: PARKER, LINGO, BOTTOMER

Rev. Russell Meares (, Tue Nov 17 23:01:22 EST 1998

Interested in fa

Carroll Brown Hart (, Tue Nov 17 09:40:48 EST 1998

What a great contribution not only to preserving the history of the area, but providing a window into the past for others. My family interest involves the names, Blake, Savage, Diggs and Alexander

charles m henry (, Mon Nov 16 19:32:34 EST 1998

Sandra J. Coulter (Sandy Coulter), Sun Nov 15 18:52:34 EST 1998

You have a very useful web site. I'm searching for Coulters who migrated north to Delaware.

Sandi Belisle (, Sun Nov 15 15:58:37 EST 1998

Bonnie Munn (, Sun Nov 15 14:40:51 EST 1998

I recently discovered this site and I plan to spend as much time in it as possible. It is very interesting.

Monroe (, Sun Nov 15 01:47:57 EST 1998

I am looking for anyone named Cropes. Are there any more out there?

thomas b donaldson (, Sun Nov 15 01:04:06 EST 1998

Firstly, I love your site! It is evident that your members get both pride and enjoyment from your activity. Kudos to you.

Secondly, I am in the very initial stages of constructing a geneological tree of my family. Because both my maternal grandparents are from Virginia, I thought I would start with you guys.

I am African-American. There, that says a lot. Because Virginia was the most significant colony / state with respect to slavery, my task is all that more challenging and daunting, particularly when you consider the lack of, or destruction of, records.

I am hopeful that someone within your association would assist me in locating soureces of information regarding African American families or individuals, as slaves or free persons, in the Norfolk and Suffolk areas of Virginia.

I really would appreciate your assistance, and for the time you have spent reading and considering my request, I sincerely thank you.

God Bless you.

Thomas Donaldson

Pamela King (, Fri Nov 13 16:19:15 EST 1998

mock (betmoc@network, Thu Nov 12 22:04:40 EST 1998

looking for info on Nepoleon Bonaparte Barnes-1/4/1882 ms or al his father was Marcus L. barnes born;??

Bob Overall (, Thu Nov 12 15:47:33 EST 1998

In 1728 John and Margrett Cliffe sold 100 acres of land in Accomack Co. to John MASON, whose death was not noted but SOLOMON MASON sold 50 acres to Thomas and Mary LUCAS in 1748 and 50 acres to John MORGIN in 1749. I may be descended from this SOLOMON MASON and need help identifying his family. I have lots of interesting info to share!!

Thanks for a great web site !!

Stella Smith (, Wed Nov 11 20:11:16 EST 1998

Elizabeth I. Thorowgood (WEEBZM), Wed Nov 11 19:35:26 EST 1998

William S. Diggs, II. ( ), Wed Nov 11 19:07:26 EST 1998

My apologies to all you Mathews County people out there...I referred to Mathews County as St. Mathews County in error...I used to live in a small community outside Louisville, KY named St. Mathews, and I must have been daydreaming when I wrote my original notes last week.

My Great-Great-Grandfather, Captain William J. (Jones or Janes) Diggs, had 7 children of his own, and was one of 9 children in his own family, which lived in Mathews County.

Any assistance would be appreciated in tracing his 'roots'.

Rick Carraway (, Tue Nov 10 23:26:05 EST 1998

Great Work! I have gathered a lot of info about my VA ancestors from your site. I am working on the Nelson, Mason, and Carraway clans who all migrated to the Neuse River area of Carteret, Craven, and other coastal North Carolina counties from about 1702 to 1715. Your site is well-formatted....maybe I can feed back some info when I get my research finished....THANKS!

Arthur Satchell (, Tue Nov 10 22:48:09 EST 1998

I am looking for info on the following families from Northampton Co. Satchell, Mapp, Custis, Francis, Stratton, Thomas, Willis and Brickhouse.

Alice Christie (, Tue Nov 10 14:08:40 EST 1998

Just found your site and was suprised to see the Massey name listed. Tried to e-mail the listed reasercher Ronald Massey but for some reason it would not go through. Also just discovered Chincoteaque was in Accomack VA. The maps are a grat help. Alice

Patricia Fortney (, Tue Nov 10 00:51:41 EST 1998

enjoyed browsing; am researching TILGHMAN family from Gideon TILGHMAN born in Accomac County and d. in Somerset County, MD in 1720; any cousins out there??

Jerry B. Shirey II (, Mon Nov 9 18:58:06 EST 1998

One thing of interest to me would be more details about life on the shore in various times of history. I'm mentioning this for a selfish reason - I'm a (hopefully) budding author writing about a character who lived in this area, born about 1886 (the time of greatest interest would be about 1904 - 1906). I've been trying to find out more about the Shore at that time, things that might be of particuliar interest to an author. Just thought I'd mention it, anyway. :-) PS - any suggestions on where else I could look? THANKS for your time, and your efforts on the web site.


Kathryn Milnes (nee Ames) (, Mon Nov 9 16:55:42 EST 1998

Good site, I was looking for Ames or Milnes. I found some Ames but no Milnes as yet. I shall have to come back and have a look again.

Jennifer Ledfors (, Mon Nov 9 15:44:21 EST 1998

McLeans & Helleburtons of 1700,s in Virgina

Hugh A. Moore (, Mon Nov 9 15:05:51 EST 1998

I was looking for Princes Ann County but this where I arrived. I can't leave however without telling you tha I have enjoyed my visit, and probably found a son of one of my ancestors. Thank ou for an interesting few minutes.

Hugh A. Moore (, Mon Nov 9 15:04:46 EST 1998

I was looking for Princes Ann County but this where I arrived. I can't leave however without telling you tha I have enjoyed my visit, and probably found a son of one of my ancestors. Thank ou for an interesting few minutes.

Jerry Wright (, Sun Nov 8 21:03:09 EST 1998

Francis H Henderson (, Sat Nov 7 22:53:08 EST 1998

Your site looks very inviting. I am searching my father's family. His family originated in Bloxon, Accomack County. I know very little about his family. His name is Archie Poulson and his parents names are William Thomas Poulson and Matilda Susan Fisher Poulson. Archie was born 1899. He had an older brother, Willis. His youngest brother, Otho S Poulson talks fondly of your area.I found them in the 1900 Census living in Accomack County. They moved to Philadelphia soon after. I have found quite a few of Matilda's family, but nothing on William Poulson. He worked on the railroad as a pullman.



Lance Nickel (, Sat Nov 7 00:09:51 EST 1998

Locustville 4 life!!

Lance Nickel (, Sat Nov 7 00:08:40 EST 1998

Eastern Shore kicks ASS!

Yvonne Talbot (, Fri Nov 6 22:39:00 EST 1998

I have a lot of ancestors from Accomac Co. I am currently looking for information on William Thornton Born abt.1816. Married a Nancy born abt 1820.

Also John A. Birch born abt. 1865, Married 31 Dec 1901 to Clarice M. Birch. I think John's father is Lorenzo T. Mears born abt. 1834 married Sarah A. born abt. 1829.

Clarice M. Birch's Father is George P. Birch. Married Hester Ann.

Robert Burton Marvel Married Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell.

William Bennett married Sally.

These are all my ancestors from Accomac Co. Virginia. If any one has information on them I would appreciate the help.

Sincerely, Yvonne Talbot

William S. Diggs, II (, Thu Nov 5 02:38:01 EST 1998

This site is the most incredible source of information that I have yet found, and a pure joy just to 'surf'.

I've traced most of my family back to the early Colonial days of Jamestown in 1606/1612, but know that I also have some roots on the Eastern Shore, including the Etter Family around St. Michaels, MD.

Would be interested in hearing from anyone with knowledge of above, along with knowledge of other direct descendents of Sir Dudley Diggs/Digges who settled in the St Mathews County area of Virginia.

Ruby Badger Pruitt (, Tue Nov 3 22:41:52 EST 1998

Searching my Badger Family tree, William H. Badger moved from Petersburg, Va to Ashe Co. NC where he made coffins and furniture. We believe his father was William H.Badger, who's parents could have been Joseph & Ann Badger. Trying to find out for sure who was related and how to William H. Badger. Thanks

Janie Melton (, Tue Nov 3 08:04:10 EST 1998

nothing at the present just signing in and looking around

Billie Gilmore (, Mon Nov 2 20:37:09 EST 1998

It seems like all my ancestors came thru Va. and many were from the Eastern Shore. This might be the help I need. Am a newcomer to genealogy. Newly retired.Have time to a degree but am isolated in the mountains of Mt.

Wes SIMPKINS (, Mon Nov 2 15:28:35 EST 1998

GREAT SITE!!! You have at least 3 surnames to which I'm connected to; SIMPKINS, EWELL, & MISTER....... Will come back and visit often, hopefully, there's a connection!!


Charles Dunton (, Sun Nov 1 21:09:44 EST 1998

I don't think I had ever seen a photo of my Aunt Laura, and there she was, Laura Smith, 1925-26 FNHS Girls Basketball Team. On the Internet, 30 odd years after she died.



Iva Thompson (, Sat Oct 31 20:34:21 EST 1998

You have made so many improvements and additions!! What a wonderful site to browse AND research. Thanks so much for all of your work.

Cece Bibby (, Sat Oct 31 11:49:54 EST 1998

I'm trying to find info on a Richard Spriggs b. ca 1750 in MD but who moved, at some point, to VA/WVA. He had children, among them a dau Elizabeth Spriggs who m. David Ayers Collum. I am trying to locate any info about Richard, his dau Elizabeth and her siblings.

Sandy (, Fri Oct 30 12:28:35 EST 1998

We are researching our home on Chincoteague.Our goals are to find out when it was built, history of the families who resided in the Savage home at 4420 N.Main street. We are looking for old pictures of the house and family members. To date we have researched but we've been unsucessfull in finding the date the house was built. Any info. or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. This site was exactly what we've been looking for Thanks again!

Kathy Ansley (, Thu Oct 29 07:32:03 EST 1998

I am looking for Hamilton's. My great grandmother's name was Maggie Glady's Hamilton She was born in or around 1884. She had an older brother possibly named George and she had a younger brother named possibly John. When she was around 4 or 5 years of age her father was killed on the railroad. Her mother then placed her and her younger brother in an orphanage in Fredonia, Kansas. Her older brother went with the mother at that time. She claimed for many years that she was born in Topeka, Kansas. After she grew up she went to search for her family and the orphanage had burned to the ground along with all of the records. She said her mother was believed to be full blooded scottish. My Grandfather searched and now that he has passed on my Mother and I continue this search. If any one knows anything of this story please contact me. I also have found this web site very informative.

Kathy Ansley (, Wed Oct 28 19:08:45 EST 1998

I am searching for any persons that may be able to help me with this problem. My Great Grandmother was an orphan. She was born around 1884 possibly in Topeka, Kansas she had two brothers though to be George and John Hamilton. Their father worked on the railroad and was killed when Maggie was on or around 5 years old. Maggie and her brother John were placed in an orphanage in Fredonia, Kansas. Years later she returned to find her brothers and she found that the orphaned burned along with all of it records. My Grandfather searched for years and turned up nothing and now my mother and I search for this. I would like to continue the search and hope that this will prove to be successful. If you have any info on this please feel free to e-mail me. Thank you very much

June Rodes (, Tue Oct 27 23:34:47 EST 1998

Susan Buchanan Chambers (, Tue Oct 27 11:27:50 EST 1998

Thanks for the great website! My father's family is from the Eastern Shore, so we spent a lot of summer vacations in Cape Charles. Would love to visit again some day. Enjoy the geneology listings. Looking for more on Godwins, Mapps and Jacobs.

Henry Barnard Thompson (, Mon Oct 26 20:05:33 EST 1998

I'm interested in finding information on the Thompson family as well as the Ward family starting with Nollie Ward. Please post or e-mail if you have any tips.

Thanks HBT

Cheryl Mason (, Mon Oct 26 17:17:02 EST 1998

I'm looking for information on my gg-grandfather John Henry Mason. He was said to have been born on the Eastern Shore of Virginia on 11/16/1823. He moved to Penn. at about age 16 and later fought for North in the Civil War. I've been trying to find out who his parents were and where he was born. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Glenn O. Thompson (, Mon Oct 26 12:35:52 EST 1998

Looking for Bagwell ancestors. ?>SC>AL>LA

Doris Welborn Frazier (, Mon Oct 26 07:44:25 EST 1998

Schelley Walter (, Sun Oct 25 03:23:37 EST 1998

My grandfather, John Henry Walter was born in Onley, Virginia and is buried in Mt Holly Cemetary in Onancock, Va. From what I have gathered his descendants are the only Canadians. I am also related to the Belote, Savage, Lecato, Kellam, all from the Eastern Shore, so I was delighted to find your group. I presently live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and prior to this was in the area of Montreal, Quebec Canada, and parts of Ontario, Canada. My father John Mervin Walter, lived for a short time in Quinby, Va so I was given the opportunity to spend some quality time there. Thanks again. Your Canadian connection.

Kathleen Kelsey (, Sat Oct 24 23:12:53 EDT 1998

Kathleen Kelsey (, Sat Oct 24 23:12:48 EDT 1998

Kathleen Kelsey (, Sat Oct 24 23:12:33 EDT 1998

Frank Cenky (, Fri Oct 23 15:30:25 EDT 1998

Thanks for your Web Site.

I have been searching for the Vessels|Wessels family for 15 years.

Thanks again

Sherill TOLER Urbanski (STOLERU@AOL.COM), Tue Oct 20 07:11:38 EDT 1998

My favorite site on the net,the very fastest to navigate! Researching MEARS;COVINGTON;PEED/PEAD; GASCOIGNE(all spellings) GLOVER;GATLIN;FISHER;PURIFOY; all names w/Virginia connections in early America.Happy to exchange info with others re these surnames.

George Carlsen (, Mon Oct 19 15:06:53 EDT 1998

I'm decended from the Welborns of Sulfar Springs, TX

Deborah Smith (, Sun Oct 18 14:42:22 EDT 1998

I'm so glad I found your page. I'm descended from William Whittington, born circa 1616, England, through Edward Whittington, Burrell (or Burwell) Green Whittington, and on to Burrell, Jr., who arrived in Texas circa 1855.

I'm interested in the Whittingtons and Littletons.

Keep up the good work!! Can I be an old ghote too?

Amos A. Spady Jr. (, Fri Oct 16 10:12:50 EDT 1998

New to Ghotes. Very interesting. I Am looking for the ancestors of William Spady who married Margaret Nottingham on July 16 1823. Help

Amos A. Spady Jr. (, Fri Oct 16 10:10:50 EDT 1998

New to Ghotes. Very interesting.

Ralph Truitt (, Tue Oct 13 20:09:40 EDT 1998

Got directed to this website by an Eastern Shore descendant after a chance meeting at work. I've been to the geneology library in Accomac and closer to the my family's home, the Snow Hill, MD library, but still have not found much about the family between the Revolution and the Civil War. My father's family descended from 4 Quaker brothers arriving in Accomac together in 1648(?). Three of them are named George, James John. George and James migrated to the Worcester County MD area, founded a Quaker church, and farmed large tracts between Salisbury and Berlin. This century, I'm a couple of generations removed from Reginald Truitt, and I'm named after his brother Ralph Purnell Truitt. Anyone with knowledge of the Snow Hill Truitt's, please say hello at

Miss Brandy (, Tue Oct 13 17:21:15 EDT 1998

I am a teacher from CA. doing a state report on Virginia, and all the knowledge you have would be greatly appreciated. :)

ANN D. RYAN (, Sun Oct 11 23:15:26 EDT 1998

Please note the NEW E-mail address. Finally have heard from you but it has been 3 weeks.

Names I am stuck on are Marshall, especially Bond Pardee Marshall and Skinner, his son.

Turlington in the Horntown and Sharptown

Field, and McMaster,

Angela Springer (, Sun Oct 11 17:03:39 EDT 1998

What a great find! I was totally delighted to find your website! I am looking for information on the WHEELTON (with innumerable spelling variations)FAMILY. LEVIN WHEELTON was a shoemaker that moved from Accomack County around the 1760's. He is possibly connected to ELISHUA WHEELTON,M.D., mentioned in the 1800 census for Accomack Parish. > Also, does anyone know what the various abriviations listed behind the names in the 1800 Census for Accomack Co. might mean, i.e. Scar., or Sh., or Poko., or Me go. ??? Would love to hear from anyone with WHEELTON connections! Thanks.

Hal Welborn (, Fri Oct 9 01:19:22 EDT 1998

For years, have been looking for ancestry of my gg gf James Welborn (Sp Elizabeth Dudley). Just developed information James may have been son of Daniel Welborne III, gg grandson of Capt Thomas Welborn (SP Arcadia Toft). So, will be exploring Accomac Welborns.

, Thu Oct 8 11:17:26 EDT 1998

Raymond A. Dise (Ray) (, Thu Oct 8 11:05:52 EDT 1998

This is my first visit to your web site and it is just what I have been looking for. I contacted Billy Barton ( and he gave me your web address. The reason I am interested in the Eastern Shore is because I was born in Cape Charles. My mother, Margaret (Maggie) Crockett, and my father, Mahlon A. Dise, were born on Tangier Island. My father left the island early in his career as a barber - he never liked working on the water - and my brother, William (Willie) and I were born in Cape Charles. My paternal grandfather was William West Dise (Billy West) and he worked for the Pennsylvania RR, and his wife, my grandmother, Ella Mae Eskridge, lived in Cape Charles. My father moved our family to Baltimore when I was 7 years old and I lived there until Nov 1948, at which time I joined the U. S. Air Force and was sent to San Antonio, Texas for basic training. I have lived in El Paso, Texas since Nov 1962 and have spent most of my adult life in Texas. My brother, Bill, lives in Crisfield. I am retired from Civil Service after working 35 years at White Sands Missile Range, NM for the Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory as an Electronic/Computer/Scientist/ Technician. Well, thanks for letting me share a little of my history. One of my hobbies is genealogy, hence the interest in the Eastern Shore. So, I guess it's time to close for now and not wear out my welcome.

Thanks again.

Ray Dise,, retired 69 year young senior citizen, El Paso, Texas.

Nan B. McComber (, Wed Oct 7 18:43:44 EDT 1998

It's a great site. Would like the following added, if possible:



Frances Bundick Colwell (, Wed Oct 7 17:28:45 EDT 1998

Enjoyed browsing through and found some people interested in the Bundicks so hope to hear from them.

Diane Crockett (, Wed Oct 7 12:03:53 EDT 1998

I think that it might be interesting to have a profile on some of the homes located on the Shore. It may be the history of the individual house..families who resided there...damage or construction revisions...could all be included in the history of the houses.

Cindy Hamilton Lynn (, Wed Oct 7 09:44:24 EDT 1998

I I am trying to find information on my father's family. My Grandfather was J.L.Hamilton, his wifw was Carrie L.Dix Hamilton. I could use any help available. I live in FL. Thank you

Pat Corbitt Johns (, Mon Oct 5 12:47:06 EDT 1998

Sure am glad that one of my genealogy friends referred me to your site.

, Sun Oct 4 20:07:09 EDT 1998

Helen Peterson (, Sun Oct 4 20:06:46 EDT 1998

So glad I found these interesting pages. I wish to be kept posted of the progress being done on the Chesnutt family and allied lines. Thanks so much for sharing and for the hard work you are doing, smile!

P.S. Was very very happy to find Betsy, wife of John Chesnut's last name as Driver!!! Wish I had the documentation/sources included, too. Thanks again.

Judith Partelow (, Fri Oct 2 22:51:14 EDT 1998

Are there any Partelows out there? I live on Cape Cod. Love to hear from you.

Betty Griffis (, Fri Oct 2 09:52:22 EDT 1998

Great Site, very interesting and informative.

Trish Olson (, Wed Sep 30 13:01:45 EDT 1998

Great site, thanks Bob Gootee for leading me here. I'm also looking for information the the following: Gootee/Gouty/Gowty/Dunn/Fletcher/Maxwell/Dunlop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Andy E. Blalock (, Sun Sep 27 10:12:50 EDT 1998

Allen J. Barwick (, Fri Sep 25 21:59:59 EDT 1998

Thanks for your site. Have found it very useful.

Edward Parks (, Thu Sep 24 22:08:14 EDT 1998

DANIEL ROBERT KEMM (, Thu Sep 24 10:45:20 EDT 1998

It is wonderful to see others that are interested in their family history. We need information on the Kemm family. I have been building a family tree of the Kemm's for the past 10 years and I am in need of authentic information of said family. We live in South Africa and our postal adress is : 18 Pan street Casseldale Springs South Africa 1560 If anybody has any information it will be appreciated. Thank You for this lovely facility.

Yours Truly Danny Kemm

Edward Feddeman (, Thu Sep 24 09:29:03 EDT 1998

Enjoyed browsing this site. I was vaguely aware that my family had roots extending to the Eastern Shore. Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and now living in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Looking forward to visiting this site again.

Joyce Loer Jones (, Wed Sep 23 23:55:55 EDT 1998

Interested in family genealogies for Scarburgh, West, Bagwell

, Tue Sep 22 22:55:45 EDT 1998

Dinah Lee Pascal (, Tue Sep 22 14:08:24 EDT 1998

This is great and has been very helpful to me as well as informative reading. Keep up the good work and thanks

Al Wills (, Tue Sep 22 11:18:01 EDT 1998

Always interested in the Wills family name and members from Virginia. Family lived in the Madison Heights/Lynchburg/Alta Vista area. I'm the son of Alfred Harris Wills, Grandson of Charles Alfred Wills and Nellie Ricketts Wills. Would be interested in a Wills reunion in 1999! Are You????

Al Wills (, Tue Sep 22 11:12:04 EDT 1998

Sandra Hamilton Christman (, Mon Sep 21 23:29:53 EDT 1998

I just stopped by to see if I could locate information about the Hamilton family of Northampton Co. Your site looks easy to navigate. Has anyone found a Website with access to the Va. State Library? If so please let me know.

Bill Richardson (, Sat Sep 19 15:48:14 EDT 1998

Building a WEB site for the Gootee family history and just wanted to check out your site.. Looks great.. Easy to navigate.. and informative!

SHIRLEY SPARROW (, Tue Sep 15 22:28:19 EDT 1998

I thank that this web site carrages a lot of information.

If there is any one out there that now Allie Ames parents and the

children that they had othen Allie Ames. He was married twice and

he had to sets of childre. He married Rose Johnson Febuary 26,1896

and later he married Emma Sarah Stevens July 28,1909 he children

with both of them. I don't know if Rose Johnson died and then he remarried.

Also i would like to know if there were slave farms on the Northampton

county area and were and who had these farms.

Thanks Just trying to get answers,hope to hear from someone soon

Allie was my great grandfather. Shirley Fitchett-Sparrow

Jeb (, Tue Sep 15 11:52:08 EDT 1998

Interested in Accomack County history particularly of Tangier Island. Is there net access to records and library?

micheal t. harmon (, Wed Sep 9 22:49:27 EDT 1998

just looking for family information

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