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William B. Marshall Family Bible
New Town, Maryland
Posted by Judith Marshall Stell 

Robert Henry Marshall born in Somerset County Maryland on the old Marshall homestead situated on the left bank of the Pocomoke River, July 3, 1813. Died 1886 at Crisfield, Somerset County, 73 years, 6 months, 1886

Elizabeth Birckhead born Talbot County, July 1, 1813. Died at Pocomoke City, Worcester County, Maryland in her 67th year

Robert Henry and Elizabeth Marshall’s children:
    Charles William Birckhead Marshall born Snow Hill, Worsester Co. Md. January 4, 1842 married ___
    Alixine Marshall born Snow Hill, Md. August 15, 1843
    Mary Alice Marshall born at Rhoboth, Md. January 6, 1854 married Hamond S. Hudson

Charles William Birckhead Marshall’s children

    Charlie R. Marshall born November 27, Thanksgiving Day at quarter before midnight 1862 in New Town Maryland. Died January in Philadelphia married Claire
    Georgeann Marshall born January 31, 1865 at 10:30 p.m. in Newtown Md. Died July 5, 1865 at 10:00 a.m., overdose of paragoric
    William Birckhead Marshall born August 19, 1867 at Newtown Md. Died July 14, 1937, Camden, New Jersey married Hannah Daley
    Matthew Purnell Marshall born March 27, Onancock, Va. Died April 5, 1876
    Purnell Marshall born April 23, 1879 Onancock, Va. Died February, 1922 Halifex, California
William Birckhead Marshall and Hannah Daley’s child
    Ruth Veronica Marshall born January 23, 1903 Camden, NJ. Died April 22, 1965 married Edward Jaskolski, married Richard Phillps

Bible records transcribed by Mark Papaycik and submitted to me by Marianne P. MacMaster

Note: Robert Henry Marshall, son of Robert Nairn Marshall & Mary Whittington m. 1st Mary Cox

Elizabeth Birckhead was married first to William H. Lankford

Charles William Birckhead Marshall married in 1861 Georgianna C. Purnell

Judith Marshall Stell
November 20, 1999

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