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Barton, Jerry Tyson. The Tyson Family History: Descendants of John & Susanika Tyson, Vol. I. (Georgetown, TX: Tyson Genealogy Network, 1996). Sold out, however, copy should have been donated to ESPL.

Barton, Jerry Tyson. Tyson Family History Vol. II: Descendants of Uriah & Mary Tyson (Georgetown, TX: Tyson Genealogy Network, 1997). Jerry T. Barton

Brickhouse, Grady Gordon. The Brickhouse Family History 1640-1995 (xx:xyz, 1995 (1987, 1992)). Available from the aughor at 251 Hall St, Phoenixville, PA 19460, 587 pp, indexed.

Burghard, August. America's First Family: The Savages of Virginia (Philadelphia: Dorrance 7 Company, 1974). ISBN 0-8059-2038-2. LC # 4-62069.

The following family genealogy booklets, usually about 50 typed pages each, were researched and written by Mary Frances Carey, 31415 Horntown Rd, New Church, VA 23415. Photocopies are available from her for $25.00 each. Note, this price does not apply to the aforereferenced book by Carey. Interested persons should contact her regarding the availability/price of that publication. (Thanks to Olde Ghote M. K. Miles for providing this listing.)

John Bird of Muddy Creek, One Line of Descent, 1989.

From Bonwell to Bonneville, 1988.

Nathaniel Bradford of Accomack County, VA, One Line of Descent, 1997.

The Bunting Family of Jenkins Bridge, 1981.

Bundicks of Accomack County, The Metompkin Line, 1993.

Bundicks of Accomack County, The Parksley Line, 1994.

Bundicks of Accomack County, The Bradford Neck Line, 1995.

Bundicks of Accomack County, VA, the Gargatha Line, 1996.

Bulls of Accomack County, VA, 1994.

Thomas Cary of Monye Creek & Worcester Co, MD Descendants, 1983.

Colonna Lands, 1996.

John William Davis of Wattsville, VA, Ancestors and Descendants, 1983.

John Wesley Davis, Ancestors and Descendants, 1984.

Finneys of Meadville, Accomack County, VA 1993.

Fletchers of Wallops Neck, Accomack County, VA 1984.

William Hickman of Accomack County, VA, Descendants, 1984.

A Holland Family of Maryland, 1995.

Captain Robert W. Hurley, Ancestors and Descendants, 1983.

Hildred Clark Johnson and Parental Ancestors, 1986.

Elijah Hasting Justice and Parental Ancestors, 1986.

John Kelly of Muddy Creek, 1992.

The Laws Family of Accomack County, VA, 1991.

The Lewis Family of Hunting Creek, One Line of Descent, 1981.

The Mason Family of Keogtank, Accomack County, VA, 1990.

Bayside Marshalls, for Barry W. and Moody K. Miles III, 1992.

Bartholomew Mears of Accomack County, One Line of Descent, 1989.

Nelson, The Accomack County, VA Line, 1987.

Poulsons of Accomack County, VA, 1991.

The Satchell Lineage, 1988.

An Accomack County Savage Line (Griffin Savage), 1988.

Samuel T. Taylor, Ancestors and Descendants, 1982.

Trader Revision, 1992, to the original Messongo Traders, 1980.

James Tull, Maryland Ancestors and Virginia Descendants, 1990.

The Ancestors of John William Watefield, 1992.

Peter Watson of Swansicutt Creek and One Line of Descent, 1983.

Littleton T. Williams of Chincoteague Island, VA, Descendants, 1985.

Wilkersons of Accomack County, VA, 1993.

Wrights of Accomack County, VA, 1994.

Youngs of Accomack County, VA, 1988.

Crowson, Elmer T., comp. Life as Revealed Through Early American Court Records; including the Story of Col. John Custis of Arllington, Queen's Creek, and Williamsburg. (Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1981).

Deats, Edwin, Compiler. Underhill Genealogy Vol. VI (Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1980). Has section on the ES Underhills.

Dennis, John V. The Dennises of Beverly and Their Kin, Volumes I and II (xx:xx, xxxx). Chronicals the Dennis family who lived at Beverly on the Pocomoke River. Available from the aughor at 410-651-2952 or Box 578, Princess Anne, MD 21853.

Edwards, Lucy Ames. Ames, Measrs, and Allied Lines

Eichelberger, N. Pierce. The Mapp Family of the Eastern Shore of Virginia (xx:xx, 1972)

Griffin, Jr., A. Ray. Along The Neuse, The Craven Bryan Griffin Family, 1728-1993 (Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1993). Available from the author

Griffin, Jr., A. Ray. The Jerom Griffith Family of Northampton County, Virginia, 1644 - 1727, Supplement Number One To Along The Neuse, The Craven Bryan Griffin Family, 1728-1993 (Danville, VA: Griffin, 1995). available from author at

Lynch, James B., Jr. The Custis Chronicles, The Years of Migration (Camden, ME: Picton Press, 1992). ISBN 0-929539-70-2. LC# 92-62069.

Marsh, Benjamin Franklin. The Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin Marsh (xx:xx,xxxx), indexed, 17 pp. An account of his life and life on Smiths Island in the 1800s. Available from Peters Row.

Mason, Emille D. Margaret's Journey (Eastville, VA: Hickory House, 1999). Hickory House.

Mason, Emille D. The Unknown Hero Will West at Kerr Place (Eastville, VA: Hickory House, 1996). Hickory House.

Nottingham, W. J., Bible Record (Philadelphia, PA: A. J. Homan & Co, 1881). Owned by Mrs. L. T. Nottingham, Cape Charles VA.

Savage-Armstrong, George F. The Ancient and Noble Family of the Savages of the Ards (London: Marcus, Ward & Co., Ltd, 1888). out-of-print. Copies are available for research at: DAR Library, Washington DC; Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Stone, Letta Brock. The West Family Register (Washington DC: W. F. Roberts Inc, 1929) reprint available from Higginson Book Co, Salem MA, call 1-508-745-7170.

Turman, Nora Miller. George Yeardley, Governor of Virginia and Organizer of the General Assembly in 1619 (Richmond, VA: Garrett & Massie, Inc., 1959). LC# 59-13020.

Trotter, Mrs. Millard Smith The Godwin Ancestry (Utica, NY: The Widtman Press, Inc., 1972).

Upshur, John Andrews Upshur Family in Virginia (Richmond, VA: The Dietz Press, Inc., 1955)

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Walczyk, Gail M., and Rebecca Furniss Miller. A Primer on the Crocketts of the Eastern Shore (xx:xx, xx). Available from Walczyk at Peters Row at

Walczyk, Gail M., and Rebecca F. Miller. Four Generations of The Evans Family of The Eastern Shore (Coram, NY: Peter's Row, 1997). Available from Walczyk at Peters Row at

Walczyk, Gail M. Four Generations of The Parks Family of The Eastern Shore (Coram, NY: Peter's Row, 1997). Available from Walczyk at Peters Row at

Walczyk, Gail M. Descendants of Walter H. Marsh 1801-1854 (Coram, NY: Peter's Row, 1996). Available from Walczyk at Peters Row at

Walczyk, Gail M. The Spence Family of Chesapeake islands 1640-1870 (Coram, NY: Peter's Row, 1997). Available from Walczyk at Peters Row at

Willett, Albert J. The Willett Families of North America, 2 Vol (by the author, 451 Hallmark Rd, Fayetteville NC 28303).

Wilkinson, M. M. Genealogy of Wilkinson and Kindred Families (Shelby, MI: Shelby Book Store, 1949).

Wilkins, James Richard. Pioneers & Patriots: A History of the John Wilkins and Some Related Families of Virginia (Winchester, VA:xxxx, 1980)

Wise family of ES information in this article: Wise, Nell. "Pamlico History a Gem for Genealogists," The Sun Journal of New Bern, NC, 5 Aug 1978.

Wise family of ES information in this book: Hardy, Marion William. A Glimpse of Pamlico County

Wise, Jennings Cropper Col. John Wise of England and Virginia (1617-1695), His Ancesters and Descendants (VA Historical Society, 1916, 1994 rept by Tuttle Antiquarian Books, Inc.) [available at 28 South Main St. PO Box 541, Rutland, Vermont 05701.

Wise, Matthew N. The Littleton Heritage: Some American Descendants of Col. Nathaniel Littleton 1605-1654 of Northampton County, Virgninia and His Royal Forebears (Columbia University, 1955). Available: 2120 Stonemill Dr, Salem VA 24153-4667.

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