6. Martha3 Bowen (William2, William1) birth date unknown. Martha died 1780 in Worcester Co., MD.

She married twice. She married John Purnell after 1717. John was born about 1673. John was the son of Thomas Purnell(I). John died 1742 in Worcester Co., MD, at 69 years of age. He made a will in Worcester Co., MD, April 15, 1741. John's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, March 3, 1742. John owned land at "Cold Harbor," "Paggi," "Fairfield," and "New Fairfield." In 1716-17, he was named executor for the will of John Bayly and in 1720 was named in the will of his brother, Thomas. In his will, he named his children and a grandson, Purnell Rackliffe.

Probably the John Purnell Sr. who stated his age as 60 in 1733 and 64 in 1736.

She married William Selby after 1741. William was born about 1683. William was the son of Daniel Selby and Mary Parker. William died 1762 in Worcester Co., MD, at 79 years of age. He made a will in Worcester Co., MD, August 13, 1761. (transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley, Ocean City Lifesaving Museum)

William's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, March 4, 1762. His father left him "Matiemkim" in Accomack VA and "Dublin." William was named in his brother, Parker's, will of 1705. William named his wife, Martha, and grandsons Chessed, William and Lemuel Purnell, leaving them "Simpleton" and "Middle."

She made a will in Worcester Co., MD, February 13, 1780. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Co., MD Wills JW4, p.51)

Martha's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, October 13, 1780. Martha was legatee of her father's estate and shown as daughter of William and wife of John Purnell on March 13, 1735. (Vernon L. Skinner, Maryland Probate Records, Prerogative Court Abstracts, 1731-1737, Libers 11-15)

Martha named her grandsons, Robert Purnell, Thomas Purnell Sturgis, granddaughter Martha Sturgis and daughter, Martha Sturgis, and grandchildren: John, Thomas Purnell, Joshua and Mary (no surnames).

It is not known which of her sons was father to Robert Purnell or if grandsons John and Joshua had the surname Purnell.

Martha Bowen and John Purnell had the following children:

child + 31 i. Martha4 Purnell.

child 32 ii. Mary Purnell. Mary died 1752 in Worcester Co., MD. The administrative account for her estate (45:10) shows her three sisters as wife of Outten Sturgis, wife of Arthur Johnson and wife of John Jenkins.

child 33 iii. Bathseba Purnell. She married twice. She married William Walton before 1751. She married Arthur Johnson about 1752. She is shown as wife of Arthur Johnson in the administrative account for her sister, Mary, in 1752.

child + 34 iv. Hezekia Purnell.

child + 35 v. John Purnell.

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