Nathaniel Bibby Appoints Thomas Swearingen his Attorney


From Nita Pearce <>

This file contains transcribed documents of Nathaniel Bibby ( b. Northampton Co. 1696 to Edmond II & Esther _____ Bibby). I believe this is due to the fact that the Bibby Estate, Northampton & Hogg Island was left to heirs of Elizabeth Benthall "by Common Law" in 1720 by older brother John Bibby.

Bibby ) letter to ) of Swearingen )att. 1748 Frederick Co. VA

KNOW ALL men by these presents that I Nathaniel Bibby of the County of Frderick son and Heir of Edmond Bibby late of Northampton County dec.d have assigned ordained and made and in my stead and place by these presents-------- and constitute my Trusty and well beloved friend Thomas Swearingen of the said County of Frederick Gent. to be my true and lawful Attorney For me and in my name and to myself to also sue for ----require and rcover & received all and every such Estate or Estates as shall be found in the Counties of Accomack and Northampton in the Coloney of Virginia and all and every the debts due and demands which were or belonging to the said Edmond Bibby dec'd and also all and every such Estate of Estte Debts Rents and Sums of money as are now due unto me as Heir at Law of said Edmond Bibby dece'd or from any person whatsoever in the Colony of Virginia aforesaid ar which at any Day or Times hereafter shall be due---- belonging or appertaining unto me by any manner of ways or means whatsoever from any person or persons whatsoever Giving or Granting unto my said attorney by these presents my full and whole Power Strength and Authority in and about the premises And upon Receipt of any such Estate or Estates Debts Rents and soms of money aforesaid accquitances and other discharges for me and in my name to do make Seal and Deliver And all and every other act and acts thing and things device and devicees in the law whatsoever needful and Necessary to be done in or about the premises for the Recovery of all or any such Estate or Estates Debts Rents or sums of money as aforesaid for me and in my name to execute and perform as full and largely and amply in every respect to all intents and instructions and purposes as I myself might or could do if I were personally present satisfying allowing and holding ________ and all and every such act and acts In Witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and searl this 3rd day of August 1748

Holding firm & Staple all & every such act or acts IN WITTNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 3 day of August 1748

Sealed & Delivered his

In the presents of Nathaniel Bibby seal

__ Johnston mark


At a Court Continued & held for Frederick County

on Fryday the 5th day of August 1748

Nathaniel Bibby in Open Court acknowledged this his Letter of Attorney to Thomas Swearingen _____ and it was on the motion of the said Sweringin Admitted to Record

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