Court Order pertaining to ANN EASDELL (ISDELL), May 30, 1693

Recorded in "Northampton County Court Order Book XVII, 1689-1698; Page 235

The following is a transcription of a photocopy of a legal document obtained December 29, 1998 from the Northampton County Courthouse, Eastville, Virginia, by G.L. Isdell, II. (Alterations have been made only to clarify any unusual spelling and punctuation; further the first use of any name has been capitalized and all names are in Bold in order for ease of further reference; G.L. Isdell, 10/07/99). The specific item is within a particular court record which is a long list of items pertaining to numerous individuals with whom the court dealt.

These are to desire if any person can give the subscribed intelligence of a dark grey mare with a while blaze down her face branded with the letters "G:E" on the maare (mare's) side; would stray the last of February past if any person can & will bring her to me at my mother Easdell's or give me certain intelligence of her they shall bee satisfied in reason for their paines (pains) by me.
        May the 10th., 1693
        Ann Easdell
        her marks.
This 30
th. day of May, Adom, (anno domino) 1693 this note sett (set) up
at court.

Teste- Dan Merchess, clerk
Recorded - Dan Merchess, clerk, Co. Northampton

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