Apprenticeship of JOHN ALLPHEY to GEORGE ISDELL; May 26, 1698.

Recorded in the Northampton County Court, Eastville, VA Deed & Wills Book No XVI; page no. 205. A copy of this deed was obtained from the Northampton County Courthouse, Eastville, VA as attested by Clyde E. Gibb, Clerk, by Katheryn B. Belote, D'y Clerk. The photocopy was obtained in 1978.

In transcribing I have attempted to reproduce the actual spellings, punctuation (including the actual use of the words "and" versus "&"), as noted in the handwritten court records; with interpretation as necessary in parenthesis. G.L. Isdell, II September 17, 1998.

Virginia:        Wee William Waters & Ralph Pigot of Northampton County in Virginia by Virtue of an Order of Court dated the 9th. of December 1697; doe (do) hereby binde (bind) John Allphey sonne (son) to John Allphey deceased and him doe Apprentice putt (put) unto George Isdell (sic) of this county to serve him the said George Isdell in all lawfull commands & until such time as hee (he) shall attaine (attain) unto the Age of Twenty one yeares (years); Provided that hee the said George Isdell doe provide sufficient food and rayment (rainment) for the said John Allphey duringe (during) the time of his servitude; And at the expiration of his service he give him A two year old hiefer and a good Ewe Sheep, Provided also if the Court should at any time hereafter see just cause upon complaint made to remove him the said John Allphey from the said George Isdell then this Indenture to bee Void & of Noo (no) Efffect. Witness our hands & seales May the 26th 1698.
Wm. Waters, ye seale (marks)
Ralph Pigot ye seale (same marks)
George Easdell, his marks (a printed Capital "GE"), ye seale (same marks from above)

Acknowledged in open Court of the said County by the Said Wm. Waters & Ralph Pigot Gent (gentlemen) and George Isdell as their Acts & Deeds & Ordered."

  1. the left hand margin is handwritten the following)"To be Recorded, Teste: Dan Merchee (seal )
  2. Recorder: Dan Merchee (seal) Co Northampton"

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