An affadavit made by

Louis Augustus Howard Barnes

Posted by Web Houlgrave, Ghote

About this affadavit  ...

I recently came into a bundle of genealogy research notes compiled by the late Virginia Martin of Accomac (mostly Barnes and Parker stuff).

Virginia's sister Katherine was my grandfather's sister-in-law (wife of Herbert Barnes).  She gave the notes, many of which are are handwritten, to my grandfather and I got them from my mother after my grandmother's death.

Louis Augustus Howard Barnes  was the greatgrandson of John Barnes (of Hunting Creek; son of Arthur, John II, John I).

Web Houlgrave
August, 1999

        "I, Louis Augustus Howard Barnes, of Hunting Creek, Accomac County,
Virginia, eighty-one years of age but of sound memory, do certify that the
John Barnes whose will was probated at a court held for Accomac County
October 28, 1799, and recorded in Wills &C. (1798-1800), pages 254-255, was
my great grandfather;"
        "That the Arthur Barnes mentioned in the said will was my grandfather, and
that the said Arthur Barnes was the son of the said John Barnes by his first
wife, whose maiden name was Rachael Scarborough;"
        "That the Tabitha Barnes mentioned in the said will was the second wife of
the said John Barnes, and that their children, referred to but not mentioned
by name in the said will, were Robert, Parker, and Bridget Barnes;"
        "That the said Robert Barnes for many years kept a blacksmith shop in the
neighborhood og Guilford;"
        "That the said Parker Barnes, who was a familiar figure about Hunting Creek
in my youth, was the father of Katherine, Elizabeth, Mary, Nancy, Alfed
James, John, Parker, William George, and Thomas Henry Barnes;"
        "And that the said Bridget Barnes died a spinster."
        "I further certify that the statements made above are based partly on my
own knowledge and experience, and partly on my memory of the household
conversations of my father, Louis Scarborough Barnes."

                       "LAH Barnes"

"Subscibed and sworn to this day of August, 1935 before me H.A.
Littleton, Notary Public - My term of Office expires 2/26/1937 (with

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