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The name "Belote" has been around for many years. Some believe that it is of Dutch or English descent while others believe it to be French. Maybe through the genealogical research....one day we will know for sure.

In the research of my paternal ancestry....I have collected alot of information on the surname Belote. On the lighter side of things, Belote is one of the most popular card games in France. The game has only been shown to be around France for the last 70 years but it is very popular. On the heavier side of things, in "Ye Kingdome of Accawmacke or The Eastern Shore of Virginia In The Seventeenth Century" by Jennings Cropper Wise-Published 1967 by Regional Publishing Company on Page 72 it states,"To this day, traces of Dutch blood are to be found on the peninsula, and there are a few Dutch names such as Sloat from Van Slot, and Beloat from Billiot". This statement was made due to the fact that Englishmen had settled in Holland before they came to Virginia. Alot of Frenchman had settled in England to avoid religious persecution (huguenots). The first Belote in Virginia records (John Billiard) shows up in 1623. The first to show up in Conneticut records show up in 1740. Among the Senior Line descended from Devonguilla, is a great-great grandaughter who married John Balliol. They founded Balliol College in Oxford. They were the parents of King John in 1292. After he was deposed the Balliols left Scotland. And in 1333, Edward Balliol was proven legitimate King of Scots during the reign of Robert I.

There are many people who made a mark with their name "Belote". No matter how it was spelled, it still stood out. Though the name Belote has many different spellings, the name has survived through many countries, generations and changes. I have come across at least 28 ways in which the name Belote has been spelled over the years. They are: Beloat, Billiard, Billiotte, Bellett, Billiott, Blewitt, Bloet, Billyoate, Billyott, Belotte, Ballou, Blewett, Bellows, Bluat, Beloate, Balliol, Belewe, Biliot, Belleau, Blouette, Bailleul, Belot, Bellew, Belloe, Bellot, Bluet, Bloiet, Bellotte. Of these the most common spellings were Bellett, Bellotte, Belot.

The family is recorded as of Moreton, in Cheshire, England. In France, it is known as a personal name from Belleau, a Loc N. (local name) Norman. Doomsday shows Belot and Belet as Tenants in Chiefs and there is a Bellew in the Rolls of Battell Abbey. The old Origin is of French-meaning "Pretty, handsome, Fine". Another origin is Biblical, Elisheba meaning "God has Sworn". Elisheba was the wife of Aaron and the Mother of John the Baptist. The name has translated to Elizabeth and shortened to Isabel and further reduced to Bel & Bell (e). The addition of the french diminutives-et (te) and ot (te) rendered it into the sense of "Little Bel" or son of Bel. Another possibility is a flemish word "biel" referring to the ships bell which sounds from the first boat in a convoy or fleet or the name for the person ringing that bell such as a first mate, showing a symbol of force. Belote was also the spelling for 13 families that lived in Eastern North Carolina and Virginia in 1790.

I hope someone may find this informative or interesting.

Tammy Belote Elvenia ohana@esva.net

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