Cape Charles High School

Provided by Jennifer Doughty Hall

The following persons graduated from Cape Charles High School in 1920

Page Wilfred Powell,
Emily Parks Ames,
Fannie Esther Bilich,
Amy Ida Burbage,
Margaret Evelyn Carmean,
Clarence Roland Fitchett,
Deborah Venita Fulcher,
Susan Fitchett,
Christine Frost Gladstone,
Willian Albert Richardson,
Ruth Aleen Guy,
Mary Evelyn King,
Helen Elisabeth Lowe,
Wilson Thoman Townsend,
Hary Day Wilkins,
Elisabeth Catherine McAllen,

The Faculty

Mr. David Wilbur Peters,
Mr. David P. Smith Jr.
Miss Sara Doughty,
Miss Preston Ambler,
Mill Edna Cole,
Miss Lois Showalter,
Miss Addie Wessels.

The publication this material came from is in excellent condition for being 78 years old.  The pictures are incredible and personal information is included in the biographies of each student and faculty member-- relative to the "senior year".

Jennifer Doughty Hall

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