Master Index for Top Map Accomack County 1600-1800



Abbott, Ayme (female) Mason A150

Abbott, Elizabeth A133, A138

Abbott, George A120

Abbott, John A133, A138, A139, A150

Abbott, Leah (Shield?) A139

Abbott, Mason A133

Abbott, Richard A135

Abbott, Robert A138

Abbott, Sarah (Justice) A120

Abbott, Susanna A138

Abbott, William A138

Abdel, Margrit A181

Abdel, Thomas A181

Adair, Dr. William A140, A141

Addison, John A135

Adkins, Robert A179

Ailworth, Comfort A130

Aleworth, Dorcas (female) A130

Aleworth, James A133

Aleworth, Jonathan A130

Aleworth, Susannah A133

Aleworth, William A130

Alexander, Ann A179

Alexander, James A179

Allen, Edmund A187

Allen, Elizabeth Matthews A147

Allen, Samson A170

Allen, Tabitha A187

Alworth, John A130

Anderson, Comfort A153

Anderson, Mary A145, A157, A159

Anderson, William A145, A153, A157, A159, A160

Andrews, Andrew A182

Andrews, Elizabeth A147

Andrews, Isaac A147

Andrews, Isthmael A147

Andrews, Leah A126

Andrews, Mary A126

Andrews, Mary Ann A147

Andrews, Nathaniel A147

Andrews, Robert A126

Andrews, Sarah A182

Andrews, Susanna A135

Andrews, William A126, A135, A137, A172

Arbuckle, Edward A141

Arbuckle, Katherine A126

Arbuckle, William A126

Ardis, Anne A180

Ardis, Daniel A180

Ardis, Edward A180

Ardis, James A180

Ardis, Robert A180

Ardis, William A183

Ardis, William Chance A180

Armitrader, Archibald A136

Armitrader, Elizabeth A147

Armitrader, George A134

Armitrader, Littleton A134, A136, A147

Armitrader, Lucretia (of Thomas Fisher?) A134

Armitrader, Sacker A147

Armitrader, William A147

Armitrading, Henry A147

Asgood, Bartholomew A166

Ashley, Charles A139, A140

Atkinson, Robert A179

Aylworth, William A130

Ayres, Esther A178

Ayres, Frances A178

Ayres, John A178

Ayres, Mary A178

Ayres, Richard A178

Bailey, Edith A162

Bailey, John A162

Baily, Isaac A126

Baily, John A137

Baily, Lishee (female) A126

Baker, Henderson A166

Baldwin, John A180

Baldwin, Patience Drummond (Massey) A180

Barritt, George A169

Barritt, Thomas A169

Bayly, Ann Drummond A129

Bayly, Edmund A147

Bayly, Edward A140, A147

Bayly, Elenor A147

Bayly, John A140, A147

Bayly, Mary A169

Bayly, Robert A147, A169

Bayly, Thomas A129, A147

Bayne, Colmore S. A169

Bayne, George W. A169

Bayne, John F. A163

Bayne, Sally A163, A169

Bayne, Sarah Drummond A147, A163

Bayne, Walter A147, A163, A166, A168, A169, A170

Beard, Ann Hack Pitt A163

Beard, Catherine (Pitt) A163

Beard, Charles A163

Beard, Margaret Hatton (Kellam) A163

Beard, Matthew A163

Beasly, Henry A129

Beavans, Anne A171

Beavans, Mary A139, A171, A175

Beavans, Mary Lane A172

Beavans, Nathaniel A133, A139

Beavans, Tabitha A171

Beavans, Thomas A176

Beavans, Walter A172

Beavans, William A133, A139, A140, A171, A172

Beavans, William M. A166, A167

Belk, Grace A174

Belk, William A174

Bell, Bridgett A133

Bell, Comfort A126

Bell, Edward A133

Bell, Elizabeth A126, A133

Bell, John A133, A184

Bell, Joseph A126

Bell, Levin A184

Bell, Mary A133

Bell, Oliver A126

Bell, Robert A126, A184

Bell, Sally A184

Bell, William A133, A184

Benson, James A180

Benson, Nathaniel A180

Benson, Tabitha A166

Benson, William A180

Bensten, Ambrose A166

Bensten, Jonathan A166

Bensten, Rebeccah A166

Benston, Alexander A166, A167

Benston, Ambrose A167

Benston, Anabell A167

Benston, Ann A182

Benston, Edith A166

Benston, Edward A167

Benston, Elizabeth A166, A167

Benston, Ezekiel A166

Benston, Francis A149, A166, A182

Benston, Grace A166

Benston, Hannah A166

Benston, Hill A166

Benston, James A130, A167

Benston, Jesse A166

Benston, John A159, A166

Benston, Jonathan A166

Benston, Joseph A166

Benston, Joshua A166

Benston, Leah A181

Benston, Mary A149, A166

Benston, Massey A166, A167

Benston, Micajah A166

Benston, Nathaniel A167

Benston, Rachel A166

Benston, Rebecca A167

Benston, Rosewell A166

Benston, Sarah A166

Benston, Sturgis A181

Benston, Tabitha A167

Benston, William A166, A167

Berry, Aben A126

Berry, James A140

Berry, John A140

Bird, Bridgett A133

Bird, Catherine A136

Bird, Daniel A151

Bird, Elijah A133

Bird, Elizabeth A128

Bird, Jacob A133

Bird, John A128

Bird, Major A128, A133

Bird, Margaret A151

Bird, Nathaniel A128, A136

Bird, Sarah A128

Bird, Solomon A126, A128

Bird, Susannah A151

Black, Sarah A120

Black, William A120

Blaike, Joseph A169

Blair, Anne Makemie A159

Blair, Thomas A147, A159

Blake, Ann A163

Blake, Bridget A173

Blake, Charles A174

Blake, Daniel A173

Blake, Dennis A163

Blake, Eliah A173

Blake, Elias A173

Blake, Hannah A174, A187

Blake, Jabez A170

Blake, Jane A129, A173

Blake, John A140, A174, A187

Blake, Jonathan A146

Blake, Joseph A146, A147, A163, A173, A174

Blake, Rebecca A174

Blake, Sarah A174, A187

Blake, Slocomb A163

Blake, Sophia A147

Blake, William A129, A173, A174

Bloxom, Argal A126

Bloxom, Azariah A129

Bloxom, Catharine A126

Bloxom, George A135

Bloxom, Jacob A126

Bloxom, John A126, A145, A175

Bloxom, Joshua A126

Bloxom, Levin A129

Bloxom, Lucretia A126

Bloxom, Major Simpson A126

Bloxom, Margaret Simpson A126

Bloxom, Mary A126

Bloxom, Moses A126

Bloxom, Nanna A135

Bloxom, Naomi A126

Bloxom, Nicholas A126

Bloxom, Rachel A126

Bloxom, Richard A126, A138

Bloxom, Sarah A129, A175

Bloxom, Scarburgh A138

Bloxom, Severn A126

Bloxom, Solomon A129

Bloxom, Stephen A126, A135, A138

Bloxom, Thomas A126

Bloxom, William A126, A129

Bloxom, Woodman A126, A135

Bloxum, John A126

Bloxum, Johnson A126

Bloxum, Mary A126

Boggs, Joseph A147, A159

Bonnewell, Thomas A137

Booth, Comfort A147

Booth, Crippen A187

Booth, George A139, A147, A157

Booth, John A147, A157, A160, A187

Booth, Katherine A157, A160

Booth, Martha A157

Bootin, Agnes A166

Bootin, Elizabeth A162

Bootin, Howell A162

Bootin, John A166

Bootin, William A166

Boston, Betsy A166, A168

Boston, Betty A130

Boston, Isaac A166, A168

Boston, Solomon A129, A130, A132, A133, A140

Bowdoin, Peter A143

Bowdoin, Susannah Preeson A143

Bowles, John A172

Bowman, Catharine A132

Bowman, Edmond A132, A184

Bracy, Elizabeth A129

Bracy, Robert A129, A130

Bradford, Elizabeth A120

Bradford, John A140

Bradford, Nathaniel A120

Bradford, Tabitha A140

Bradhurst, Elizabeth A162, A163

Bradhurst, John A162, A163

Bradhurst, Tabitha A163

Bratten, James A166

Bratten, Nehemiah A166

Bratten, Sophia A166

Bratten, William A166

Briamer, Mary A135

Brimer, Bridgett A135

Brimer, John A135

Brimer, Robert A135

Brimer, Samuel A135

Brittingham, James A166

Brittingham, John A166, A169

Brittingham, Leah A169

Brittingham, Marey A166

Brittingham, Polly A166

Brittingham, William A165, A166

Broadwater, Caleb A162, A171

Broadwater, Caty A162

Broadwater, Charles A128

Broadwater, Comfort A162

Broadwater, David A162

Broadwater, Elias A162

Broadwater, Esther A162

Broadwater, Ezekiel A162

Broadwater, Jacob A162

Broadwater, James A162, A169

Broadwater, Joseph A162

Broadwater, Joshua A162

Broadwater, Lucretia Bird A128

Broadwater, Phebe A162

Broadwater, Savage A162

Broadwater, William A162, A169

Brookes, Francis A135, A157

Brooks, Henry A135, A150

Brown, John A135

Browne, Devorax A162

Browne, Edmond A161

Browne, Tabitha A162

Browne, William A174

Brownebill, Henry A173

Budd, Joan A140

Budd, Thomas A140

Buncle, Alexander A147

Buncle, Anne Drummond A147

Bunting, Elizabeth A162

Bunting, Esme (male) A162

Bunting, George A162

Bunting, Jonathan A162

Burch, John A187

Burton, Abner A130

Burton, Annabella A138

Burton, Catherine A126

Burton, Eligals (male) A179

Burton, John A133, A138, A141, A184

Burton, Pricilla A179

Burton, Robert A126

Burton, Samuel A139, A179

Burton, Tabitha A139

Burton, William A120, A150

Byswick, James A138

Byswick, Prudence Jarvis (McDaniel) A138

Cade, Sarah A169

Cade, Thomas A169

Cain, Ann Townsend A170

Cain, Leah A163, A170, A179

Cain, Martha A163

Cain, William A163, A179

Cane, John A163

Carew, Solomon A146

Carey, Margaret A146

Carey, Solomon A146

Chance, Patience A192

Chance, Rhoda Laughlan A176

Chance, William A172, A176, A192

Chandler, Usley (female) A170

Chandler, William A170

Chapman, Mary A184

Chapman, Pierce A170

Chapman, William Jr. A184

Chase, Sarah A158

Chase, William A158

Clark, George A135

Clayton, Thomas A187

Cliffe, Margaret A135, A136

Clifft, John A135, A136

Coe, John A126

Coe, Sarah A126, A134

Coe, Timothy A126, A134

Coleburn, Elizabeth Scarburgh A140

Coleburn, John A140

Coleburn, Robert A140

Collee, Job A147

Colley, Sylvanus A147

Collins, Anne A176

Collins, Bridget A172

Collins, George A175

Collins, James A176

Collins, John A172, A174

Collins, Joshua A176

Collins, Leah A176

Collins, Martha A176

Collins, Mary A176

Collins, Phebe A176

Collins, Rachel A175

Collins, Stephen A176

Collins, Sterling A176

Collins, Thomas A174, A176

Collins, Timothy A176

Conquest, James A147

Conquest, William A147

Copes, Daniel A179

Copes, Elizabeth A179

Copes, Giles A179

Copes, Revel A179

Copes, Robert A179

Copes, Sally A179

Corbin, Agnes D. A146, A171, A180

Corbin, Ann A151, A157

Corbin, Ann Ward A180

Corbin, Barbara A140, A147, A175

Corbin, Coventon A140, A147, A151, A162, A175, A180, A181, A187

Corbin, David A151

Corbin, Elizabeth Revell Horsey A180

Corbin, George A141, A146, A147, A151, A157, A162, A170, A171, A172, A180, A187

Corbin, George Bonewell A162

Corbin, Joyce A157

Corbin, Mary A157, A162

Corbin, Rachel A151, A157

Corbin, Ralph A147, A151, A157, A162

Corbin, Robert A151, A157

Corbin, Sarah A162

Cord, John A172

Cord, Rachel A180

Cord, William A180

Core, Edmund A140

Core, Levin A140

Core, Sarah A140

Core, Zerobabel A140

Cropper, Catharine Bayly A147

Cropper, Coventon Corbin A166

Cropper, John A147, A166

Cropper, Thomas A166, A180

Cropper, William D. A141

Crosswell, George A132

Croston, Francis A172

Croswell, George A147

Cullver, Mary Willson A166, A179

Cullver, Nathan A166, A179

Custis, Ann A149, A187, A190

Custis, Bridget A141, A147, A162

Custis, Edmund A147, A163, A187, A190

Custis, Elizabeth A126, A140, A163, A168, A187, A190

Custis, Elizabeth Drummond A147, A163

Custis, Hancock A147, A161, A162

Custis, Henry A126, A149, A187

Custis, John A141, A143, A144, A149, A161, A162, A168, A187, A190, A191

Custis, Levin A162

Custis, Mary A161, A162

Custis, Robinson A140, A187

Custis, Sarah A144, A149, A161, A168, A187

Custis, Scarburgh A187

Custis, Sorrowful Margaret A187

Custis, Southy A161, A162

Custis, Tabitha A162

Custis, Theophilus A147

Custis, Thomas A126, A140, A149, A168, A178, A187, A190

Custis, William A132, A147

Custis, Yeardley A140

Dalby, Susanna Kendall A175

Dalby, William A175

Daniel, Alexander A176

Daniel, Dorothea A176

Daniel, Jane A176

Daniel, Mary A176

Daniel, William A176, A172

Davis, Betty A180

Davis, Charles A147

Davis, Henry A140

Davis, Major A140

Davis, Naomi A141, A145

Davis, Samuel A141, A145

Davis, Susanna A140

Davis, Thomas A140

Davis, William A140, A180,

Dazey, William A187

Delastatius, Esther A171

Delastatius, Ezekiel A140, A170, A171

Delastatius, Katherine A162

Delastatius, Leah A170

Delastatius, Lemuel A170

Delastatius, Mary A170, A171

Delastatius, Peter A170, A171

Delastatius, Polly A170

Delastatius, Sebastian A162, A170, A171

Delastatius, Severn A147

Delastatius, William A170

Dennis, Esther Marshall A179

Dennis, Henry A166

Dennis, James A166

Dennis, Littleton A166

Dennis, Morris A138

Dennis, Shadrack A182

Denwood, Levin A131

Devorix, Elizabeth A184

Dickerson, Edward A171

Dickerson, George A170

Dickerson, Leah A170

Dickerson, Mary A176

Dickerson, Michael A171, A176

Dickeson, Abraham A171

Dickeson, Rachel A171

Dickinson, Edward A147

Dickinson, Jesse A147

Dickinson, Leah A147

Dickinson, Sarah A147

Donelson, John A140

Donelson, Rachel A140

Douglas, George A147, A162, A172, A178, A180

Douglas, Tabitha A172, A178, A187

Douglas, Walter A178, A187

Downing, Agnes D. A171

Downing, Anne A171

Downing, Arthur A147

Downing, Samuel A171, A174

Downing, Sarah A147

Downing, William A170, A171, A174

Drummond, Ann A129

Drummond, Anne A147

Drummond, Bradhurst Scarburgh A163

Drummond, Charles A147, A150

Drummond, Comfort A147, A150

Drummond, Elizabeth A147

Drummond, George A147, A163

Drummond, Hill A178, A180

Drummond, Nancy Fletcher A150

Drummond, Patience A180

Drummond, Richard A129, A147, A150

Drummond, Sabra A178, A180

Drummond, Spencer A147, A150

Drummond, Thomas A147

Drummond, William A147, A163

Drummond, William R. A173, A171

Dubberly, Annabella A180

Dubberly, John A180

Dukes, Frances Gillet A172

Dukes, Robert A172

Duncan, Caleb A172

Duncan, Eli A147

Duncan, James A133

Dunn, Moses A170

Dunston, Jacob A145

Dyer, John A172

Eire, Daniel A129

Eliot, Abigail Collee A147

Eliot, William A177

Elkington, Anne A147

English, Mary Flack A140

Esham, Daniel A132

Esham, Gertrude Bowman A132

Evans, Ann Mary A131, A147

Evans, John A131, A158

Evans, Levin A131, A147

Evans, Nathaniel A147

Evans, Riley A147

Evans, Susannah A149

Evans, Thomas A126, A149

Ewell, Arcadia A145

Ewell, Charles A145, A146

Ewell, Comfort Taylor A141, A145

Ewell, Covington A170

Ewell, Edward A146

Ewell, Jedidiah A141, A145, A147

Ewell, Leah A145

Ewell, Maria A146

Ewell, Mary A170

Ewell, Peggy A145

Ewell, Solomon A141, A145

Ewell, William A145

Eyre, Neech A148

Eyre, Thomas A148

Eyres, Benjamin A120

Feddeman, Ann A162

Feddeman, Elizabeth A162

Feddeman, Esther A162, A180

Feddeman, Jamima A162

Feddeman, Joseph A162, A170, A172, A179

Feddeman, Meshack A169, A170, A172

Feddeman, Samuel A163, A170

Feddeman, Shadrack A170

Feddiman, Henrietta A172

Feddiman, Henry A172

Feddiman, William A172

Fiddiman, Isaiah A180

Field, John A180

Finney, Anne A142, A175

Finney, Comfort A153

Finney, Henry F. A175

Finney, John A142, A175

Finney, Sarah A142, A150, A175

Finney, Thomas W. A150

Finney, William A142, A153, A175

Fish, John A172, A181

Fisher, Anne A139

Fisher, Elizabeth A134

Fisher, Fenwick A184

Fisher, George A139

Fisher, John A128, A134

Fisher, Maddox A128

Fisher, Marthew (female) A139

Fisher, Phillip A128, A134, A139

Fisher, Roberson A139

Fisher, Sarah A126

Fisher, Shadrach A135

Fisher, Susana A133, A134

Fisher, Teackle A126

Fisher, Thomas A126, A128, A133, A134

Fitchett, Anne A126

Fitchett, John A126

Fitchett, Joshua A126

Fitchett, Margaret A126

Fitchett, Salathiel A126

Fitchett, Shady (female) A126

Fitchett, Susanna A126

Fitchett, Thomas A126

Fitchett, William A126

Fitchett, Witherington A126

Fittiman, Samuel A170

Fitzgerald, Bridget A170

Fitzgerald, David A170

Fitzgerald, Elisha A170

Fitzgerald, Sally A170

Flack, Comfort A140

Flack, John A181

Flack, Robert A140

Fletcher, Henry A134, A136, A147, A150

Fletcher, Thomas A138, A150, A158

Fletcher, William A134

Flowers, Richard A172

Flowers, Susannah A172

Foreman, Anne Pitt A163

Foreman, Robert A163

Foster, Elizabeth A147, A174

Foster, John A147

Foster, Thomas A174

Foxcroft, Daniel A147, A157

Franklin, John A160, A185

Freeman, William A177

Furniss, Samuel A140

Gale, George A133

Gale, Leah Littleton A168

Gale, Levin A133, A168

Gale, Margaret Gordon A133

Gale, Matthias A133

Garrett, Elisha A170

Gascoigne, Thomas A176

Gascoigne, William A176

Gaskins, Elizabeth A176

Gaskins, Henry A176

Gaskins, John A176

Gaskins, Thomas A176

Gaskins, William A176

Germaine (Jarman), William A132

Gibson, James A143

Gibson, Sarah Preeson A143

Gilbert, Elizabeth A174

Gill, Thomas A138

Gillet, Ann A172

Gillet, George A179

Gillet, Jarman A172

Gillet, John A172, A179

Gillett, Ann Frances Ayres A178

Gillett, Ayres A178, A179

Gillett, James A178, A180

Gillett, Jane A172

Gillett, John A178, A180

Gillett, Joseph A178

Gillett, Margaret Douglas A178

Gillett, Thomas A172

Gilliott, Germaine A147

Gladding, Alice A139

Gladding, Howell A139

Gladding, Jehu A170

Gladding, Mary A130

Gladding, Sally A170

Gladding, Solomon A130

Gladen, John A162, A147

Glading, Leah A162

Glading, Sarah A162

Glanning, John A179

Glanning, Jonathan A179

Glasby, John A139

Glasby, William A139

Glaspie, John A135

Glaspie, Leah A135

Glass, Christopher A174

Glass, Parthena A174

Glenn, Catherine A174

Glenn, James A174

Glenn, Lazarus A174

Godwin, Daniel A147

Godwin, Devorax A147

Godwin, Edmund A147

Godwin, Susanna A147

Godwin, William A147

Gootee, Andrew A168

Gootee, John A166

Gootee, Joseph A166

Gootee, Leah Pitt A168

Gootee, Lisney A166

Gootee, Polly A166

Gootee, Rachel A169

Gordon, William A133

Gore, Comfort A183

Gore, Daniel A126, A180, A183, A192

Gore, John A183

Gore, Joyce A183, A192

Gore, Mary A183

Gore, Mary Andrews A126

Gore, Maximilian A182, A183, A192

Gore, Raymond A136

Gore, Selby A183, A192

Gore, Susanna A183

Gore, Thomas T. A180, A183, A192

Gore, William A183, A192

Goutee, Elizabeth Johnson A169

Goutee, Joseph A169

Goutee, Mary A166

Gowtee, John A169

Gowtee, Mary Lisney A169

Gray, Ann A126, A181

Gray, Miles A126, A181

Griffith, John A182

Griffith, Mary A182

Hack, George A139

Hack, Matilda A139

Hack, Peter A139

Hack, Sarah A139

Haggaman, John A172

Haggaman, Patience A172

Hall, Catherine Philby A151

Hall, Daniel A151, A158, A162, A170

Hall, Dixon A162

Hall, Henry A151

Hall, John A147, A151

Hall, Molly A151

Hall, Nathaniel A145

Hall, Thomas A151

Hamerin, Elizabeth Johnson A128

Hamerin, John A128

Hamilton, Isaac A132

Hamilton, Mary A132

Hamilton, Robert A132

Hargis, William A180, A181

Harman, Edward (Negro) A174

Harman, Patience (Negro) A174

Harmanson, George A185

Harmanson, John A147, A187

Harmanson, Susannah Kendall A147

Harris, William A162

Harrison, Rhoda Marshall A175

Hazard, Ann A167

Hazard, David A167

Henderson, Catherine A163

Henderson, Charlotte A171

Henderson, James A175, A176

Henderson, Jesse A147

Henderson, Lemuel A163, A176

Henderson, Richard A171

Henderson, Samuel A165, A171

Henderson, Scarburgh A176

Henry, James A126, A128

Henry, Sarah A126

Hickman, John A174

Hill, Abraham A180

Hill, Anne Towles A180

Hill, Arthur A166

Hill, Elisha A166

Hill, Elizabeth A166

Hill, Jane A136

Hill, Mary A178

Hill, Richard A137, A178

Hill, Robert A136

Hill, Sarah A166

Hinman, Ann A126

Hinman, Argol A126

Hinman, Bayly A126

Hinman, Elizabeth A126

Hinman, George A126

Hinman, Grace A126

Hinman, Hannah A126

Hinman, Isaiah A135

Hinman, Jaca (female) A126

Hinman, John A126, A135

Hinman, Major A147

Hinman, Mary A126

Hinman, Nanney A126

Hinman, Richard A126

Hinman, Sarah A126

Hinman, Thomas A126

Hinman, William A147, A148

Hoffington, John A140

Hoffington, Mary A140

Holden, Anne Makemie A159

Holden, George A159, A166, A167, A168, A169

Holland, Sally Taylor A141

Holland, Samuel A141

Hope, Annabella A133

Hope, Charles A185

Hope, George A133

Hope, Lydia A133

Hope, Rachel A185

Hope, Thomas A133

Hopman, James A130

Horsey, Mary A184

Horsey, Smith A170, A184

Houston, Anne Nanny Benston A166

Houston, Francis A170

Houston, Joseph A166

Houston, Margaret A170

Howard, Ann A147

Howard, Anne Fitchett A126

Howard, Daniel A147

Howard, John A147

Howard, Keziah A147

Howard, Mary A147

Howard, Nathaniel A147

Howard, Polly A147

Howard, Solomon A126, A147

Howard, William A147

Howell, Elizabeth Mifflin A148, A184

Howell, Samuel A148

Hudson, Anthony A136

Hudson, Elizabeth A136

Hudson, Esther A136

Hudson, James Gray A139

Hudson, John A136

Hudson, Molly A136

Hudson, Nathaniel A136

Hudson, Raymond A136

Hudson, Robert A136

Hudson, William A136

Hunn, Ann A148, A184

Hunn, Patience Mifflin A148, A184

Hunt, Ann A172

Hunt, Azariah A172

Hunt, John A172

Hunt, Mary Tankred A172

Hutchinson, Elizabeth A162

Hutchinson, James A162

Hutchinson, John A137, A162

Hutchinson, Mary A137

Hutchinson, Sarah A162

Hutson, Scarburgh A136

Hutson, William A136

Ingram, James A171

Ingram, Mary A171

Jackson, Mary Marshall A167

Jackson, William A167, A180

Jacob, Adah A147

Jacob, Adranah A147

Jacob, Richard A147

Jarvis, Ann A138

Jarvis, Robert A138

Jarvis, Willliam A138

Jeffery, Alexander A140

Jenifer, Ann A126, A180, A183

Jenifer, Daniel A120, A126, A133, A141, A152, A180, A183, A187, A192

Jenifer, Daniel of St. Thomas A133, A180

Jenkins, Ralph A172

Jenkinson, Comfort A162

Jenkinson, Custis A162

Jenkinson, Elizabeth A162

Jenkinson, John A162

Jenkinson, Mary Anne A162

Jenkinson, Moses A162

Jenkinson, Robert A162

Jenkinson, Sarah A162

Jenkinson, Susanna A162

Jenkinson, Thomas A162

Jerman, William A184

Jervis, Robert A135

Jester, Francis A137

Jester, Mary A126, A137

Jester, Richard A137

Jester, Samuel A126, A137

Jester, Sarah A137

Jester, Thomas A137

Jinkins, Thomas A162

Jinkinson, Ralph A170

Johnson, Affradosie A134

Johnson, Alexander A169

Johnson, Azariah A176

Johnson, Crippen A134

Johnson, Elizabeth A128

Johnson, Ellinor A128

Johnson, Francis A174

Johnson, George A128, A134

Johnson, Isaiah A128

Johnson, Jenny A134

Johnson, John A128, A134, A172, A176

Johnson, Josephus Maria A128

Johnson, Joshua A134

Johnson, Liddya A134

Johnson, Mary A128

Johnson, Morris A146

Johnson, Patience A134

Johnson, Robert A149

Johnson, Rosanna A174

Johnson, Samuel A128, A134, A135

Johnson, Sarah A128

Johnson, Solomon A126, A133, A134

Johnson, William A134, A146, A162

Johnson, Zadock A134

Jones, John A187

Jones, Thomas A147

Joyne, Edward A172

Joyne, Sarah Tankred A172

Joynes, Attalanta A172

Joynes, John A172

Joynes, Levin A126

Joynes, Rhodah A172

Justice, Catherine A120

Justice, James A120

Justice, Ralph A120, A126

Justice, Sarah A120

Justice, William A120, A126

Kellam, John A126

Kelly, Catharine A133, A135

Kelly, Daniel A126

Kelly, David A126

Kelly, Dennis A133

Kelly, Edmond A126, A133, A135

Kelly, Esther A139

Kelly, Famey A126

Kelly, George A133, A135

Kelly, Griffin A133

Kelly, John A126, A133, A139

Kelly, Joseph A126, A135

Kelly, Rachel A126

Kelly, Sarah A133

Kelly, Tabitha A133

Kelly, William A133

Kempe, James A159

Kempe, Naomi Anderson A159

Kendall, Anne A147, A187

Kendall, Esther L. Robins A185

Kendall, Jabez A175

Kendall, John A141, A142, A147, A150, A171, A175, A185, A187

Kendall, Joshua A175

Kendall, Lemuel A142, A175

Kendall, Mary A147, A153, A171, A175

Kendall, Mary Taylor A141

Kendall, Mason A147

Kendall, Sarah A147

Kendall, Sorrowful Margaret Custis A187, A190

Kendall, Susanna A142, A147, A175

Kendall, Tabitha Watts A142, A175

Kendall, William A129, A140, A142, A147, A171, A187, A190

Kenet, Elizabeth A174

Kenet, William A174

Kennet, Elizabeth A146

Kennit, William A146

Ker, Agnes D. Corbin A141, A146, A147, A171

Ker, John S. A141, A146, A147, A171, A180, A183

Ker, John Shepherd A162

King, Anne Makemie A147, A159

King, Robert A147, A159

Knox, Esther Towles A180

Knox, Nicholas A180

Lamberson, Abraham A169

Lamberson, Sarah A169

Lane, Israel A181

Lane, Jane A181

Lane, Polly A181

Lane, Walter A172

Lane, Zilpah (female) A181

Latchum, Elizabeth A147

Latchum, George A147

Latchum, Martha A147

Latchum, Sarah A147

Laughlin, Mary A176

Laws, John A147

Laws, Jonathan A138

Laws, Mary A138

Laws, William A147

Layfield, Elizabeth A137, A170

Layfield, George A137, A145, A170

Layfield, Sarah A145

Laylor, Jane A150

Laytor, Nicholas A150

Lee, Annabella A180

Lee, Francis A180

Lee, Hancock A147, A171

Lee, Judith A171

Lee, Kendall A147

Lee, Mary Kendall A147, A171

Lee, Richard A147, A171

Lewis, Parker A187

Lindsey, Matthias N. A185

Lingo, Ansley A128

Lingo, Tabitha A128

Lisney, Ralph A166, A169

Lisson, Morris A169

Lisson, Winifret A169

Litchfield, Elizabeth A129, A131

Litchfield, Ezekiel A129, A131, A132

Litchfield, Francis A129, A131, A132

Litchfield, John A132, A133

Litchfield, Sarah A132

Litchfield, Susanna A132

Litchfield, Zadock A132

Little Free School Land A160

Littleton, Bowman A184

Littleton, Esther A165, A184, A187

Littleton, Nathaniel A165

Littleton, Sarah A173

Littleton, Southy A165, A168, A173, A179, A184

Littleton, Susanna A165

Lofly, Cornelas A176

Logan, John A172

Loughland, Charles A162

Loughland, Cornelius A162

Loughland, Dorman A162

Loughland, John A162

Loughly, Mary A162

Loughly, Pricilla A162

Lowen, Alice A137

Lowen, William A137

Lucas, Comfort A136

Lucas, Eleanor A133

Lucas, Elijah A133

Lucas, Fortune (female) A135

Lucas, Jebez A147

Lucas, Levin A135, A136

Lucas, Mary A136

Lucas, Mary Millechoppe A133, A135

Lucas, Persevella (female) A135, A136

Lucas, Selby A159

Lucas, Solomon A133, A147

Lucas, Southy A136

Lucas, Thomas A133, A135, A136

Lucas, William A133, A135, A147

Lucus, Jabez A147

Macarty, Bayley A139

Macarty, Darby A147

Mackerty, Hannah A147

Maddux, Sarah Michael A175

Maddux, Thomas A175

Makemie, Anne A147

Makemie, Elizabeth A147

Makemie, Francis A147, A159

Makemie, Naomi Anderson A147, A159

March, John A179

March, Martha A179

Marchant, Ann A162

Marcy, John A170

Marshall, Beautifilia A177

Marshall, Betty A180

Marshall, Bridget A180

Marshall, Charles A180

Marshall, Comfort A180

Marshall, Daniel A177, A179, A180

Marshall, Elizabeth A180

Marshall, Esme A128

Marshall, Euphamy A180, A181, A182

Marshall, Fanny A175

Marshall, Isaac A176, A177

Marshall, Jennifer A180

Marshall, John A167, A175, A180

Marshall, Leah A175

Marshall, Levin A180

Marshall, Mary A167, A176, A180

Marshall, Nancy A175

Marshall, Patience A180

Marshall, Peggy Wise A180

Marshall, Peter A180

Marshall, Polly A175

Marshall, Rosannah A180

Marshall, Sarah A179, A180, A182

Marshall, Skinner A180, A182

Marshall, Solomon A179, A180

Marshall, Sophia A180

Marshall, Stephen A175

Marshall, Susanna A182

Marshall, Tabitha A175

Marshall, Thomas A128, A180

Marshall, William A170, A175, A176, A177, A180, A181

Martial, Annabella Lee A180

Martial, Mason Watt A175

Martin, Martha Osborn A180

Martin, Thomas A180

Mason, Barshaba A147

Mason, Bennet A133, A147

Mason, Edmund A147

Mason, Eleanor A131, A147

Mason, John A136, A147, A185

Mason, Mary A136

Mason, Middleton A131, A147

Mason, Rachel A131

Mason, Robert A150

Mason, Solomon A136

Mason, Temperance A150

Mason, William A131, A147

Massey, Adkins A171

Massey, Alexander A134, A159, A169

Massey, Ann Broadwater A171

Massey, Caleb A171

Massey, Elizabeth A169

Massey, John A168, A169

Massey, Patience Drummond A180

Massey, Stephen A171

Massey, Thomas A169, A171

Massey, William A168, A169, A180

Massie, Alexander A169

Matthews, Ann A140

Matthews, Anne A147, A173

Matthews, Arcady (female) A173

Matthews, Charles Stockley A140

Matthews, Comfort Davis A145

Matthews, Elizabeth A147, A162

Matthews, Ephraim A173

Matthews, Esther A147

Matthews, Evans A147

Matthews, George A145, A173

Matthews, Hannah A147

Matthews, Hessee A147

Matthews, Isaiah A145

Matthews, James A147

Matthews, John A147, A171

Matthews, Joseph A140, A147

Matthews, Keziah A147

Matthews, Mary A147

Matthews, Nancy A140

Matthews, Naomi Davis A145

Matthews, Rebecca A147

Matthews, Robins Kendall A147

Matthews, Southy A140

Matthews, Staton A140, A147

Matthews, Tabitha A140

Matthews, Thomas A145, A147

Matthews, Thomas S. A140, A147

Matthews, William "Blackbeard" A171

Matthews, William A147, A162

Mattthews, Joseph A147

Mayo, Peter A185

Mayo, Susanna A185

McBright, Ann A162

McBright, Hugh A162

McCartee, Darby A138

McCartee, Hannah A138

McDaniel, Prudence Jarvis A138, A135

McLean, John A175

McMaster, Samuel A180

McMaster, William A180

McMath, Zadock A174

Mears, Jonathan A126, A157, A158

Mears, Joyce A157, A158

Mears, Mary Joyne A172

Mears, Molly A126

Mears, Robert A126

Mears, Ziporah A126

Mellichops, Elizabeth A133, A140

Mellichops, Ellenor A140

Mellichops, John A133

Mellichops, Nicholas A140

Mellichops, Richard A133

Melson, Joshua A174

Melson, Margaret Taylor A170

Melson, Mary A174

Melson, Samuel A170

Melvin, James A166

Melvin, Mary A166, A181

Melvin, Samuel A166

Melvin, Smith A166, A181

Merchant, Benjamin A162

Merchant, John A162

Mercy, Jane A169

Mercy, John A169

Mercy, Littleton A169

Mercy, Tabitha A169

Mercy, Thomas A169, A170

Mercy, William A169, A170

Merril, Isaac A165

Merril, Levin A180

Merril, Rachel A165

Merril, Rebecca Towles A180

Merril, Sarah A165

Merril, Thomas A165

Merril, William A147, A165

Merrill, Ann Feddeman A162

Merrill, Comfort Marshall A167

Merrill, Elizabeth A162

Merrill, Esau A165

Merrill, George A167

Merrill, Hannah A165

Merrill, Joseph A162

Merrill, Thomas A176

Merrill, William A162, A165, A167

Metcalfe, Elizabeth A176

Metcalfe, George A176

Methodist Church A126

Methodist Episcopal Church A171

Michael, Adam A144, A149, A168, A175

Michael, Ann Tilney A129

Michael, Joachim A129, A140

Michael, John A129, A144, A147, A149, A175

Michael, Margaret A129

Michael, Sarah A149

Michael, Sarah Littleton A168

Michael, Simon A129, A140, A147, A175

Michael, Susanna A129, A140, A147

Michael, William Wainhouse A129

Michael, Yardley A149, A175

Miers, Elizabeth A170

Miers, Joseph A170

Mifflin, Ann Walker A173, A180, A184

Mifflin, Anne Eyre A148

Mifflin, Anne Walker A135, A174

Mifflin, Daniel A135, A148, A173, A174, A180, A184, A192

Mifflin, Eyre (female) A148, A184

Mifflin, George A148

Mifflin, Jonathan W. A135, A173, A174, A180

Mifflin, Mary A184

Mifflin, Rebecca A148, A184

Miflin, Edward A184

Milbourn, Nathan A130

Milbourn, Sophia A162

Milburn, Anne Jacob A147

Milburn, Elijah A159

Milburn, Margaret Matthews A147

Milburn, Mary A159

Milburn, Michael A147

Milburn, Nathan A162

Milburn, Ralph A162

Milburn, Rebecca A162

Milburn, William A162

Miles, Ann A167

Miles, Roger A150, A167

Millechop, Mary A133, A137, A138

Millechop, Nicholas A126, A133, A137, A138

Millechops, Elizabeth Teackle A126

Milligan Jacamen (female) A140

Milligan, John A140, A159

Millman, Mary A174

Millman, Thomas A174

Mills, Hessy Kelly A126

Mills, John A167

Mills, Robert A167

Milman, Ann A170

Milman, Ephraim A170

Milman, Michael A170

Milman, Nicholas A170

Milman, Peter A170

Milman, Thomas A170

Miskell, Teage A126, A157

Mongon, Phillip (Negro) A135

Moore, Catherine A151

Moore, Edward A131, A134, A150, A151, A162

Moore, Francis A131

Moore, James A126

Moore, Katherine A162

Moore, Risdon A180

Moore, Scarburgh A180

Morain, John A139

Morain, Rebeckah A139

Morgan, Anne A136

Morgan, Arnold A139

Morgan, Betty A139

Morgan, John A136, A139

Morgan, Mary A139

Morgan, William A138, A139

Morris, Comfort Gillet A172

Morris, Dennis A126, A138, A190

Morris, Gilbert A166, A173

Morris, Jacob A126

Morris, John A126, A130, A138, A147, A166, A174, A186, A190

Morris, Joseph A172

Morris, Judith A126

Morris, Mary A174

Morris, Sarah A126, A138, A147

Morrison, Hannah Pitt A168

Morrison, John A168

Moyser, Thomas A176

Murraine, John A139, A140

Murray, Elizabeth A180

Nedham, John A162

Neech, Daniel A147

Needham, Eleanor A176, A176

Needham, John A176

Needham, Mary A176

Needham, Michael A176

Newcom, Babtis A126

Newton, Ann A126

Newton, Joseph A126, A163

Newton, Sterlin A163

Nicholson, Arcadia A140, A145

Nicholson, Elizabeth A145

Nicholson, John A145

Nicholson, William A140, A145

Nickson, Ann A177

Nickson, Thomas A177

Nock, Benjamin A128

Nock, Elijah A128

Nock, Elizabeth A128

Nock, George A128

Nock, John A128

Nock, Levi A128

Nock, Rose A128

Nock, Thomas A140

Nock, William A128

Nock, Zadock A139

Northam, Arcady A131

Northam, Comfort A136

Northam, Custis A135

Northam, Easter A149

Northam, Elijah A149

Northam, George A147

Northam, Jacob A157

Northam, John A133, A135, A136, A147, A149

Northam, Keziah A149

Northam, Major A149

Northam, Mary A130, A137

Northam, Rebecca A133, A149

Northam, Sarah A135, A147

Northam, Southy A130, A131, A133, A149

Northam, Thomas A136, A139

Northam, William A135, A137, A149

Northam, Zorobabel A133, A135

Occraw, (colored man) A187

Onaughton, William A126

Osborn, Ezkell A180

Osborn, John A180

Osborn, Obadiah A180

Osborn, Patience A180

Osborn, Ratchell A180

Osborne, Attalanta A180

Owen, Elizabeth A146, A187

Owen, Jonathan A146, A173, A182, A187

Owen, Marie Blake A173

Owen, Mary A146, A182

Owen, Patience A146

Owen, Peter A146, A187

Owen, Rachel A146, A187

Owen, Samuel A146, A174

Owen, Timothy A146

Parker, Amey A135, A153

Parker, Anderson A135

Parker, Elizabeth A170

Parker, Florence A153

Parker, George A120, A153

Parker, John A135, A153

Parker, Phillip A170

Parker, Sacker A140, A162

Parker, Thomas A135

Parks, Charles A166, A170

Parks, John A166

Parks, Sally A166

Parradice, William A179

Parramore, Elizabeth A147

Parramore, Ezra A147

Parramore, John A141

Parramore, Sally Taylor A141

Parramore, Thomas A140

Parsons, John A134, A135

Patterson, Anderson A172

Patterson, Willliam A172

Payne, Samuel A176

Peale, Robert A143

Peale, Rose Yardley A143

Pearce, Betsy Bayne A166

Pearce, Gideon A166

Perry, Amey A126

Perry, Elizabeth A126

Perry, Ishmael A126

Perry, Jeptha A126

Perry, Margaret A126

Perry, Peggy A126

Perry, Thomas A174

Pettigrew, Ann A126

Pettigrew, James A126

Pettigrew, John A126

Pettigrew, Leah A126

Pettigrew, Nancy A126

Pettit, John A181

Pettit, Major A181

Pettit, Tabitha Smith A181

Philby, Catherine A151

Philby, George A151

Pitt, Anne A166

Pitt, Anne Hack A163

Pitt, Catherine A163

Pitt, Elizabeth A163

Pitt, Esther A170

Pitt, Hannah A168, A169

Pitt, Isaac A168

Pitt, Jabez A140, A147, A162, A163, A169, A170

Pitt, John A163, A168, A170

Pitt, Katherine A168

Pitt, Leah A168

Pitt, Martha A163

Pitt, Mary A170

Pitt, Milcah (female) A170

Pitt, Robert A163, A166, A170

Pitt, Samel Wilson A170

Pitt, Samuel A168

Pitt, William A168

Pocomoke Church A172

Potter, Ann Welburn A180

Potter, John A149, A180

Potter, Rhoda A149

Poulson, John A138

Powell, Edmund A136

Powell, James A140

Powell, Jonathan A170

Powell, Joseph A170

Powell, Sarah A170

Preeson, Browne A143

Preeson, Elizabeth Browne A143

Preeson, Hannah A143

Preeson, Thomas A131, A143, A179

Prettiman, John A129, A130

Price, Catharin A140

Price, Richard A140

Rabishaw, Catlin A147

Rabishaw, William A147

Radcliffe, Frances A160

Radcliffe, George A160

Radcliffe, John A160

Radcliffe, Nathaniel A160

Ratcliffe, Charles A150, A174

Ratcliffe, Elizabeth A150

Ratcliffe, Nathanie A143

Read, Ann A181

Read, Henry A181

Read, John A186

Read, William P. A187

Redden, John A166

Renny, John A128, A159

Renny, Mary Wise A159

Revell, Comfort Ann A187

Richardson, Edward A167

Richardson, Isaac A167

Richardson, Jacob A167

Richardson, John A167

Richardson, Margaret A167

Richardson, Rachel A167

Richardson, Ralph A167

Richardson, William Martial A167

Rideing, Thomas A143

Riggin, Stephen A126

Riley, John A126

Riley, Sarah A126

Riley, Thomas A126

Riley, William A126, A128

Roberts, Anne Eyre A148

Roberts, Humphrey A148

Robins, Agnes A163

Robins, Agnes Fitzgerald A170

Robins, Anne A187

Robins, Arthur A138

Robins, Barbara A187

Robins, Bowdoin A183, A187

Robins, Catherine A170

Robins, Daniel A183

Robins, Edward A184, A185, A187

Robins, Elizabeth A185, A187

Robins, Esther Littleton A185

Robins, John A147, A170, A176, A185, A187

Robins, Joseph A170

Robins, Josias A170

Robins, Joyce Gore A183

Robins, Levi A170

Robins, Littleton A187

Robins, Martha A170, A176

Robins, Mary A138, A176

Robins, Michael A163, A170

Robins, Obedience A187

Robins, Rachel A170

Robins, Sarah A170

Robins, Thomas A187

Robins, William A170, A176

Rodgers, Custis A126, A179

Rodgers, Elizabeth A162

Rodgers, Sarah A126, A179

Rose, Thomas A129

Ross, Mason A147

Ross, William A145, A147

Rowlely, William A177

Rowley, Arthur A172, A174

Rowley, Comfort A174

Rowley, Henry A174

Rowley, Margaret A177

Rowley, Rachel A172, A174, A177

Rowley, Rebeckah A172

Rowley, Rhoady (female) A172

Rowley, Richard A177

Rowley, William A172, A182

Royal, Benjamin A180, A181

Royal, Susannah A180

Royall, Tabitha A181

Rule, Agnes Douglas A178

Rule, James A178

Russell, Rachel Hinman A126

Russell, Robert A185

Russell, Thomas A126

Rydeing, William A143

Ryding, Rose Yardley A143

Sandford, Ann A159

Sandford, Elizabeth A159

Sandford, John A159

Sandford, Samuel A152, A160

Sandford, Thomas A159

Saunders, Keziah A126

Saunders, Samuel A126

Savage, Bridgett A139

Savage, Elizabeth A162

Savage, Esther A190, A192

Savage, Griffeth A139, A190

Savage, Littleton A150

Savage, Margaret Burton A150

Savage, Nathaniel L. A126

Savage, Sarah A190

Savage, William A162

Scarborough, Harriott A185

Scarborough, Richard A185

Scarburgh, Anne Kendall A185

Scarburgh, Bennet A161

Scarburgh, Bradhurst (female) A163

Scarburgh, Charles A140, A152, A161

Scarburgh, Edith Bayly A140

Scarburgh, Edmund A161, A180

Scarburgh, Elizabeth A161

Scarburgh, John A140, A163, A185, A187

Scarburgh, Margaret Robins A187

Scarburgh, Mary A180

Scarburgh, Matthew A185

Scarburgh, Peggy Kendall A185

Scarburgh, Samuel A185, A187

Scarburgh, Tabitha A140, A163

Selbly, Mary A166

Selby, Anne Drummond A147

Selby, Elizabeth A178

Selby, James A163, A165, A166

Selby, James Q. A173

Selby, John A147

Selby, Micajah A181

Selby, Parker A162

Selby, Sally A162, A170

Selby, William A161, A162, A163, A166, A170, A178, A187

Selby, Zilpah Lane A181

Shae, Daniel A147

Shae, John A147

Shae, Naomi A137

Shae, Nathaniel A137

Shae, Tabitha A147

Sharpley, Mary A147

Sharpley, Tabitha A147

Sharpley, William A147

Sharply, John A146

Shea, Elizabeth A147

Shepherd, Mary A147

Shepherd, William A147

Sherwood, William A120

Shield, Jonathan A139

Shield, Richard A139

Shield, Sacker A139

Shipman, Agnes A170

Shipman, William A147, A170

Sikes, Ann A153

Sikes, Robert A153

Silberthorne, William A147

Silverthorne, Abey A158

Silverthorne, Elizabeth A158

Silverthorne, Esther Fitchett A126

Silverthorne, John A157, A158

Silverthorne, Joshua A158

Silverthorne, Kendall A158

Silverthorne, Leah Hinman A126

Silverthorne, Sebastian A158

Silverthorne, Southy A126

Silverthorne, Tabitha A158

Silverthorne, William A158, A187

Simpler, Andrew A170

Simpson, Selby A126

Slocomb, William A168

Slocombe, Rebecca A137

Slocombe, Riley A137

Slocombe, Robert A137

Slocombe, Thomas A137

Small, Gillet A135

Small, James A133

Small, Levi A135

Small, Robert A135

Smally, Jane A157

Smally, Thomas A157

Smith, Bayly A150

Smith, Custis A162

Smith, Edward A145

Smith, Elizabeth A150, A180

Smith, Ellinor A192

Smith, Esther II Ayres A178

Smith, George A162

Smith, Grace Evans A158

Smith, Henry A170, A171

Smith, Isaac A126

Smith, James A183, A192

Smith, John A178, A180, A181, A183, A192

Smith, Marie A145

Smith, Ralph A150

Smith, Rebecca A162

Smith, Richard A180

Smith, Simon Jr. A158

Smith, Spencer A150

Smith, Susannah A158

Smith, Tabitha A180, A181, A183

Smith, Thomas A182, A183, A192

Smith, Thorowgood A141

Smith, Valentine A150

Smith, William A162, A167

Smith, Zorallingtine A150

Snead, John A157

Sparrow, Susannah Bird A151

Spencer, Robert A126

Spratt, Henry A176

Stanley, Christopher A140

Staten, Scarburgh (female) A147

Staton, Ann A147

Staton, George A170

Staton, James A147

Staton, Joseph A147

Staton, Thomas A147

Staton, Warrington A147, A170

Stayton, Elizabeth Drummond A179

Stayton, Thomas A179

Stephenson, Nanney A184

Sterling, Elizabeth A157

Sterling, Martha A157

Sterling, Richard A147, A157

Sterling, Sarah A147

Sterling, William A147, A157

Stevens, Elizabeth A170

Stevens, William A137, A170

Stewart, Comfort A162

Stewart, Daniel A162

Stewart, George A162, A181, A184

Stewart, James A184

Stockley, Airs A140

Stockley, Alexander A137, A140, A147

Stockley, Ann A137, A140

Stockley, Betty A140

Stockley, Capewell (female) A162

Stockley, Catharine A141

Stockley, Charles A137, A140, A147, A173, A184, A187

Stockley, Comfort Taylor A141, A153

Stockley, Elias A140

Stockley, Elizabeth A140, A187

Stockley, Francis A140

Stockley, George A140

Stockley, Jacob A140

Stockley, John A120, A140, A145, A17, A170

Stockley, Joseph A140, A141

Stockley, Kendall A162

Stockley, Margaret Allen A187

Stockley, Marie A145

Stockley, Mary A173

Stockley, Naomi A140, A141, A153

Stockley, Nathaniel A162

Stockley, Nehemia A140

Stockley, Rachel A140

Stockley, Rebecca A140

Stockley, Rhoda A170

Stockley, Sarah A140

Stockley, Thomas A140, A162, A170

Stockley, William A140

Stockley, Woodman A140, A174

Stran, James A130

Stratton, Elizabeth Stockley A140

Stratton, John A140, A147

Stringer, John A141, A146

Strinson, John A182

Strinson, Sarah Andrews A182

Tabb, Elizabeth H. A185

Tabb, Thomas A185

Tailer, Charles A141

Tailer, James A170

Tailer, Mary A141

Tailer, Samuel A141

Tankred, John A172

Tankred, Mary A172

Tankred, Sarah A172

Tarr, John A182

Tatham, Airs A139

Tatham, Ezekiel A139

Tatham, John A146

Tatham, Susanna A139

Tatham, Tabitha A139

Tatham, Thomas A139

Taylor, Abel A172

Taylor, Abigail A171, A174

Taylor, Ann A146

Taylor, Athalia A126

Taylor, Ayres A145

Taylor, Bartholomew A146

Taylor, Bridget A141

Taylor, Charles A171, A174, A180, A188

Taylor, Comfort A141, A144, A145, A153

Taylor, Crippen A126, A171

Taylor, Daniel A170

Taylor, Diedamia (female) A141

Taylor, Edward A141, A146

Taylor, Elias A140, A141, A144, A145, A146, A153, A175

Taylor, Elizabeth A145, A166, A172, A179

Taylor, Elizabeth Teackle A126, A141

Taylor, Esther A146, A147

Taylor, Grace A179

Taylor, Hannah A146

Taylor, Henry A145

Taylor, Jacob A131, A145, A147, A149, A171

Taylor, James A146, A151, A166, A171, A174, A179

Taylor, Jamima A174

Taylor, Jane A174

Taylor, Jennet A174

Taylor, Jeremiah A146

Taylor, Jesse A169

Taylor, Joane A174

Taylor, John A170, A177, A179

Taylor, Joseph A146, A179

Taylor, Joshua A141, A146

Taylor, Keziah A147

Taylor, Levin A169, A179

Taylor, Mary A169, A179, A189

Taylor, Molly A175

Taylor, Nancy A140, A170

Taylor, Naomi A145

Taylor, Patience A179

Taylor, Patience Bishop A141

Taylor, Pharaoh A147

Taylor, R. A187

Taylor, Rachel A169

Taylor, Rachel Rowley A172, A177

Taylor, Richard A126

Taylor, Rosanna A180

Taylor, Samuel A139, A170, A173, A174, A175, A179, A188, A189

Taylor, Sarah A174

Taylor, Selby A146

Taylor, Severn A170

Taylor, Shadrach A147, A171

Taylor, Staton A147

Taylor, Stephen A180

Taylor, Susanna A146, A149

Taylor, Tabitha A146

Taylor, Teackle A145, A179

Taylor, Thomas A172

Taylor, Thomas Teackle A126, A146, A141

Taylor, William A126, A139, A140, A141, A146, A147, A166, A172, A175, A177

Teackle, Caleb A185

Teackle, Catharine A137, A140, A141

Teackle, Elizabeth A126

Teackle, Elizabeth Harmanson A185

Teackle, George A185

Teackle, James Henry Dennis A120

Teackle, Jenesha A120

Teackle, John A120, A126, A137, A139

Teackle, Levin A126

Teackle, Reverend Thomas A126

Teackle, Thomas A137, A140, A141

Thomas, Bridget A143, A157

Thomas, George A143, A157

Thomas, Levin A143, A157

Thomas, Peggy A143, A157

Thomason, William A179

Thomolin, Samuel A133

Thompson, James A179

Thomson, Jemima A179

Thomson, John A179

Thomson, Mary A179

Thomson, Robert A179

Thomson, Sibella Adkins A179

Thornton, Anne A140

Thornton, Edward A140, A147

Thornton, Henry A140

Thornton, Jonathan A174

Thornton, Joshua A140, A146

Thornton, Mary A140

Thornton, Patience A140

Thornton, Rachel A140

Thornton, Tabitha A147

Thornton, William A140, A146

Thorton, John A146

Thorton, Sarah Tunnell A140

Tilghman, Esther A170

Tilghman, Joseph A170

Tilney, John A129

Toft, Annabella A180

Toft, Arcadia A180

Toft, Attalanta A180

Toft, Mrs Ann A126, A180, A183

Tomlynson, Samuel A172

Towles, Daniel A180

Towles, Elizabeth A147, A162

Towles, Henry A147, A162, A187

Towles, Job A162

Towles, Kendall A162, A180

Towles, Patience A180

Towles, Rebecca Lee A180

Towles, Thomas A162

Townsend, Elijah A179

Townsend, James A147

Townsend, John A166, A170

Townsend, Lazarus A176

Townsend, Mary A170, A176

Townsend, Rachel A170

Townsend, Sarah A170

Townsend, Stephen A170

Townsend, Thomas A170

Townsend, Zadock A187

Travally, John A131

Trewitt, Patience A120

Troy, Bridget A174

Truitt, Elizabeth A126

Truitt, George A120, A126

Truitt, Henry A126

Tull, Solomon A185

Tullie, Ketherin A169

Tunnel, Catherine A145

Tunnel, Scarburgh A145

Tunnel, Washburn A145

Tunnel, William H. A145

Tunnell, Charles A145

Tunnell, Comfort A173

Tunnell, Edmund A139, A173

Tunnell, Elias A173

Tunnell, John A139

Tunnell, Joseph A139

Tunnell, Mary A173

Tunnell, Nathaniel A140, A173

Tunnell, Rachel A139

Tunnell, Sarah A140

Tunnell, Scarburgh (male) A173

Tunnell, Susannah A173

Tunnell, Washburn A173

Tunnell, William A140

Tunnell, William Selby A162, A170

Turpin, Leah Parker A140

Turpin, William A140

Turville, William A174

Tyson, Matthias A132

Underhill, Elizabeth Feddeman A162

Underhill, William A162

Upshur, Ann Stockley A140

Upshur, John Sr. A129

Upshur, Margaret Downing A129

Upshur, Thomas A140

Vanelson, Charles A146, A172, A174

Vanelson, Elias A147, A174

Vanelson, Elizabeth A171

Vanelson, Guzaline A171

Vanelson, Martenus A171

Vanelson, Mary A174

Vanelson, Thomas A172

Vanelson, William A171, A174

Vaughan, Ann A140

Vaughan, Edward A140

Vaughan, Elizabeth A140

Veasey, Sally A185

Veasey, William A185

Vessells, William A149

Waggaman, Comfort A163

Waggaman, Elizabeth A170

Waggaman, Ephraim A163, A170, A184

Waggaman, Frances A177

Waggaman, Henry A163

Waggaman, Jacob A184

Waggaman, Jonathan A162, A163, A176

Waggaman, Joseph A170

Waggaman, Mary A170, A184

Waggaman, William E. A163, A170, A177, A184

Waggamen, Henry A177

Waggman, Jonathan A177

Waggman, Margaret Eliot A177

Waite, Diana A182

Waite, Joseph A182

Waite, William A182

Walker, Ann A180, A181

Walker, Daniel A181

Walker, Elizabeth A167

Walker, Henry A167

Walker, James A167, A181

Walker, Jane A181

Walker, John A135, A173, A174, A180, A188

Walker, Joseph A137, A140

Walker, Nehemiah A135

Walker, Peter A167, A181, A186

Walker, Sarah A135, A173

Walker, Sarah Taylor A174, A180, A188

Walker, William A137

Wallis, Nathaniel A159

Wallis, William A159

Wallop, Bridget A175

Wallop, Comfort A174, A175

Wallop, Elizabeth A142, A175, A178,

Wallop, George A172, A174, A175

Wallop, John A132, A142, A159, A166, A174, A175, A176, A182

Wallop, Rebecca A182

Wallop, Sarah A142, A175

Wallop, Skinner A142, A175, A178

Wallop, William A175

Waltham, William A132

Ward, Ann A180

Ward, Euphamy Marshall A181

Ward, John A181

Ward, Thomas A180

Warner, George A140

Warner, Isaac A133, A147

Warner, Sophia Blake A147

Warrington, Abbott A133, A140

Warrington, Alexander A172

Warrington, Catherine A147

Warrington, Comfort A149

Warrington, Elizabeth Mellichops A133, A140

Warrington, Joseph A147

Warrington, Margaret A172

Warrington, Southy A149

Warrington, Teackle A149, A172

Warrington, William A179

Washbourne, John A168

Waterfield, Jacob A176

Waterfield, William A176

Waters, Spencer A179

Waters, William A148

Watson, Arthur A132

Watson, Josiah A147

Watt, Adam A175

Watt, Barbara Drummond A175, A180

Watt, James A175

Watt, Mason (female) A175

Watt, Nancy A175

Watt, Nehemiah A175, A180

Watt, Sarah Michael A175

Watt, Scarburgh A175

Watts, David A173, A174

Watts, Dorothy A173

Watts, John A142, A173, A175

Watts, Priscilla A173

Watts, Rebecca A173

Watts, Sarah Wallop A142, A173, A175

Watts, William A174

Welburn, Benjamin A180

Welburn, Daniel A179, A180, A186

Welburn, Drummond A167, A180

Welburn, Francis A180

Welburn, Leah Smith A192

Welburn, Mason (female) A180

Welburn, Molly A180

Welburn, Sabra A172

Welburn, Samuel A180

Welburn, Sarah A180

Welburn, Thomas A140, A180, A186

Welburn, William A172, A180, A181

Welburne, Arcadia A180

Weldly, Rhodah Joynes A172

Weldy, William A172

Wellburn, James A180

Wessells, William A147

West, Alexander I A150

West, George A136

West, John A150, A152, A153, A160, A166, A179

West, Mary A150

West, Matilda A150, A160, A179

West, Susanna A136

Westerhouse, Reuben A176

Westerhouse, Sarah A176

Wharton, Bagwell A140, A175

Wharton, Catherine A175

Wharton, Esther Tunnell A140

Wharton, John A134, A139, A140, A146, A147, A172, A175, A187

Whealton, Arthur A181

Whealton, Elisha A174

Whealton, Joshua A147

Whealton, Mary A147, A176

Whealton, Thomas A147, A176

Whealton, William A173, A174, A176

Wheelton, Catherine A173

Wheelton, Elisha A173

Wheelton, John A173

Wheelton, Joshua A187

Whendon, David A175

Whendon, Ebenezer A175

White, Ambrose A172

White, Elizabeth A157, A163

White, Esther A141, A144

White, Jacob A157

White, William A141, A144, A163, A178

Whittington, Ann A145

Whittington, Arthur A145

Whittington, Attalanta Toft A180

Whittington, Betty A145

Whittington, Elizabeth Taylor A141, A153

Whittington, Esther A184

Whittington, George A145

Whittington, Rebecca A145

Whittington, Southy Littleton A145

Whittington, William A141

Whittington, William A145, A180, A184, A187

Wileson, Jehu A170

Wilkins, Anne Drummond A147

Wilkins, Henry A147

Wilkinson, Elizabeth Taylor A170

Wilkinson, Jacob A170

Wilkinson, Jesse A170

Wilkinson, Mary A169, A170

Wilkinson, Thomas A170

Wilkinson, William A170

Williams, Esther A141, A144, A146, A153

Williams, John A141, A144, A146

Williams, Margaret Custis A141

Williams, William A141

Williamson, David A147

Willis, John Jr. A187, A191

Willson, Rebecca Blake A174

Wilson, John Custis A161

Wilson, Margaret Custis A147, A161

Wilson, Peggy A147, A162

Wilson, Samuel A147, A161, A162

Wimberer, John A139

Wimbrough, John A139

Wimbrough, Rachel A139

Winder, Comfort Gore A183

Winder, John A183

Wise, George Douglas A178

Wise, James Douglas A178

Wise, John Jr. A178

Wise, Margaret Douglas A178

Wise, Sarah Russell A185

Wise, Tabitha Douglas A178

Wise, Tully R. A178

Wise, William A179

Wise, William E. A185

Wishart, Anne A146

Wishart, Hannah Taylor A141, A144, A146, A153

Wishart, James A141, A144, A146

Wishart, Joshua A144, A146

Wishart, Thomas A144

Wishart, William A146

Wyat, Rebecca A182

Yardley, Argoll II A175

Yardley, Sarah Michael A175

Young, Ezekiel A140

Young, William A126


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