Physician's Accounts

1785 - 1795, approx.

Late 18th Century Northampton County, Virginia

I believe that Mrs. Jean Mihalyka, "Dean of Northampton County Genealogy" to many,  found and typed these pages, although the pages themselves have no notation of such, nor of where they were found, nor of the physician whose accounts these were. They hold interest as a list of persons living at the times indicated,  in most cases treated for some ailment or other, and possibly of having sufficient means to pay a physician.

If anyone reading this page has more information about this physician or this list, please let us know so we can add to this glimpse into Northampton Cox


    Capt. Stewart Holt
    John Glyson

    Mr. John Upshur, Senr
    John Stringer, Esq.
    Mr. McCroskey
    Mr. Littleton Kendall
    Mr. William Kendall, Senr.
    Able Nottingham
    Mr.Biggs, schoolmaster
    Robert Hudson (Lewis Town)
    John Scott
    Joseph Ball, Esq.
    J.L. Harmanson
    Griffin Stith
    Mr. Richard Pollard (Mr.Pollard lives at present in Culpepper County. Account sent to Mr. Wm Austin of Richmond for collection )
    Bennett Tompkins, Esq.
    Spense Wilson
    Mr.Robert Wren, tailor
    Mr.Weems at Dr. Winders
    William Ward
    Capt John Wilkins, Occohannock

    Mrs. Elizabeth Rohins
    Mr. John S.Harmanson
    Mrs. Grace Bowdoin
    Col. John Darby
    Mrs. Thomas
    Isaac Smith
    Mr.Mattw Harmanson
    Mr.Hancock Jacob, Sr. (medicine for Jacob,Jr.)

    Mr. William Carpenter
    Mr. David Jonos
    Thomas Butter, pilot
    John Moore
    Mr. Seth Powell
    Col.John Robins (medicine to Mrs.Robins )
    Pau1 Fibin
    Josiah Heath
    Andw Ailken, Apothecary, Baltimore,Md.
    Mr. Robert Martin (Snow Hill)
    Mr. Garrison
    Mr. Thomas Jarvis
    Mr. Arthur Evans (medicine for daughter)
    Miss Molly Bowdoin
    Mr. James Upshur

    Mr.John Savage
    Dr. Winder
    Mr. Thomas Upshur, Senr
    Maj. Nath'1 Darby
    Isaac Dunton
    Freshwater Heritage
    Ralph Dixon
    Ricarts Dunton (visit to daughter,Polly)
    Mr. James Wilson
    Mrs. Waterfield
    Thomas Hunt
    Levin Nottingham
    William Jacob (for Mrs. Jacob)
    Stewart Saunders (for Mrs. Saunders)
    Mrs. Sampson
    Capt Thomas Paramour
    Arlington Estate
    Thomas Rippon
    John Roberts at Dr. Winders
    Mrs. White,    Occohonnock (for son, Wm. also for
    Joseph White)
    Mr.William Christian

    Mr. Devorax Godwin
    N. Wilkins
    Arthur Addison
    Mr. Benjamin Stratton
    Miss Peggy Kendall
    William Smith
    Mr. William Kendall, Junr
    Thomas Dolby, Senr. Esc.
    Col. Henry Custis
    Mr. John Palmer

    Thomas Goffigon
    Nath'l Holland
    Mr. Robert C. Jacob
    Mr. John Frost at George Savage's
    Babel Jones
    R. Westerhouse
    Mrs. Margaret Moore (one item charged to "your Mother")
    William Stratton Charles West, Senr.

    Dr. Tankard
    John Stratton, Junr.

    Maj. Nath'l Darby to his sister's acc't in April

    Maj. Nath'l Darby to his subsription for freedom of Jacob, 1st January.
    Westerhouse Widgeon
    Abram Moore


    Date Torn :
    Mr.John Repess
    Nath'l Goffigon

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