Eyre Hall located in Northampton County on the bayside, with photo.

A quote from Whitelaw

"Since the early days of the Eyre ownership the home has been called EYRE HALL. An arrangement sketch of the property on an insurance policy to John Eyre in 1796 shows at the left the larger part with double chimneys, and to the right of it a story-and-a-half wing, as well as a separate brick kitchen. ... The story-and-a-half structure may bave been erected by Littleton Eyre for his first home here. Another policy issued just after 1800 shows that part to have been raised to a full two stories, as in the picture. The date of the large portion is conjectural, but the last quarter of the eighteenth century should be a conservative estimate." p. 191

Photos and more information about Eyre Hall may be found in Whitelaw, pp. 188-198. Above photo taken by Barbara Cox.

Eyre Hall is located in Northampton County on the bayside.

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