Reviews of Books Related to the Genealogy and History of the Eastern Shore


Recollections of Rev. Adam Wallace, Peninsula Circuit Rider 1847-1865

Edited, with Notes and Biographical Sketch by Joseph DiPaolo
Foreward by Dr. Frederick E. Maser

Reviewed by Rebecca Miller, ghote

Little has been written about Methodism on the Delmarva Peninsula, save for the biography of Joshua Thomas, also written by Adam Wallace. In the early days, the Methodists were not meticulous record keepers and much of the history has been lost, or so we thought. This magnificent effort of the Rev. DiPaolo in producing writings of Adam Wallace, annotated for the modern reader, unveils the peninsula for the remaining two decades of the antebellum period. There is much social and political history to be mined from the material which has been heretofore unavailable. My Business Was to Fight the Devil is a good read for those interested in religion, family political and social history of the region.

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