Reviews of Books Related to the Genealogy and History of the Eastern Shore

A Boston's World

(Genealogy and social history of a Virginia Eastern Shore canine.)

With Notes and Photos

by Mickey

Reviewed by Anne Nock

In the introduction to his book, A Boston's World (1998), leading Canine-American author, Mickey, writes:  "Because Eastern Shore dogs and people always want to know as much as possible about your ancestry, I think I should say a little more about my canine family..." whereupon he notes his bloodlines in some detail.  Though penned by a blueblood Boston Terrier, the book appeals to dogs of all breeds (even mixed breeds), for it speaks of universal doginterests, joys, frustrations and hopes.  Mickey's hope is that dogs and dog lovers everywhere will gain pleasure from his literary effort.  Peggy Swan, friend of the author, says of the book, "There's more in Mickey's mind than meets the eye:  he has unknowingly penned a lesson in life for people as well as for dogs." For more information, go to   (orders: 800-788-3196 office hours; 410-780-0043 anytime)

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