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Somerset County Tax Lists for Years 1727, 1730, 1733, 1744, 1748, 1753, 1757 & 1759

Transcribed by Rebecca F. Miller
Publisher: Maryland, Miller's Choice, 1998.
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If you've overlooked Tax Lists as a superb source of genealogical and historical data, the Somerset County Tax Lists will convince you to add them to your list of favorite tools. Since males became taxable at age 16, these records help you estimate the birth dates of males. Careful reading and comparisons also allow estimates of marriage and death dates.

Individuals are listed in these rolls according to their Hundred and in household order. This organization is especially helpful to searches of two or more individuals who bear the same name since they can be distinguished by location, persons in the households, and neighbors. Widows who were heads of houshold are also listed. Each tax list is indexed separately with a special alpha-phonetic (not soundex) form.

Reviewed by Gail M. Walczyk, ghote

T-1 1727. Paper, 33pp. 1900 names ($9.25)
T-2 1730. Paper, 34pp. 2300 names ($7.50)
T-3 1733. Paper, 46pp. 2500 names ($7.50)
T-4 1744. Paper, 21pp. 1400 names ($7.50)
T-5 1748. Paper, 19pp. 1600 names ($7.50)
T-6 1750. Paper, 22pp. 1530 names ($9.25)
T-7 1753. Paper, 19pp. 1600 names ($7.50)
T-8 1757. Paper, 25pp. 1600 names ($7.50)
T-9 1759. Paper, 25pp. 1750 names ($9.25)

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