First Generation

1. William1 Thorowgood was born in Norfolk, England May 12, 1579. William died May 16, 1635 in Norwich, Norfolk, England, at 56 years of age. Probate May 26, 1625 at Norwich.

He married three times. He married Anne Edwards. He married Alice Holbeck (widow). He married Mary Dodge (widow). William was Vicar at St. Botolph, Grimston, Norfolk County. He lived at Grimstone, County Norfolk, and was commissary to the Bishop of Norfolk. (Purse & Person p. 607; dob, children-Vernon L. Skinner research of Parish Register, Felstead, Co. Essex; Harlaien Society, Miscellaneous Essex Pedigrees; Harlaien Society, Visitation of Norfolk 1664; Harlaien Society, Visitation of Hertfordshire; Norfolk Families; Baltimore Sun 7/21, 7/28, 10/13, 10/20, 10/31 & 11/3/1907; Harrison, Waples & Allied Families)

William and Anne Edwards had children:

Sir Edward Thorogood Sir John Thorogood m. Frances Meautys Thomas Thorogood m. Ann Wyndham Edmund Thorogood m. Frances Smith William Thorogood m. Mary Mordant Thorogood d. 1630 Siege of Brenda Adam Thorogood b. 1602 d. 1642 Frances Thorogood m. Robert Griffith in 1611

William and Mary, widow of ___ Dodge, had a son: Robert Thorogood d. 1687/8 m. Anne Hewke

William and Alice, widow of ___ Holbeck

Adam is called his 7th son in "Purse & Person." There is NO proof that Ann, wife of Thomas Keeling, is William's daughter; this relationship is purely speculative based on her naming sons Adam and Thorowgood Keeling. Naming one son for a prominent friend is one thing, naming two sons? Ann's descendants are shown here as theory in hopes that someone may find more conclusive information that would shed some light on her surname. It also provides a research aid as her descendants married those of Adam Thorowgood.

William Thorowgood and Anne Edwards had the following children:

child + 2 i. Adam2 Thorowgood (I)(Capt.) was born about 1603.

child + 3 ii. Ann (Thorowgood) was born about 1618.

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