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(Fay), Bridget (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i19029)


(N)(wife of Adam Watt) (marriage to Adam Watt) (i25897)


(Thorowgood), Ann (i17617), b.1618-d.1688


Abbott, David D. (i6591)
Abbott, George (marriage to Sarah Custis) (i6584), d.1785
Abbott, James Justice (i6589), d.1803
Abbott, Samuel C. (i6592)
Abbott, Thomas (i6590), d.1778


Abdell, Shepherd (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Kendall) (i18213)


Adair, George H. (marriage to Frances Elizabeth Scherer) (i18470), b.1824-d.1899


Addison, Alice M. (marriage to James Ambler Jarvis) (i18459), b.1860-d.1880
Addison, Alice M. (marriage to James Ambler Jarvis) (i18459), b.1860-d.1880
Addison, Elizabeth "Betsy" (i1546), d.1833
Addison, John, (V) (marriage to Ann Eastburn Kellam) (i24666), b.1821-d.1873
Addison, Nancy S. (marriage to William M. Savage) (i18932), b.1817-d.1860
Addison, Peggy (i1549), d.1833
Addison, Robert (i1548), d.1833
Addison, Sallie (marriage to Thomas B. Fisher) (i18125), b.1811-d.1870
Addison, Thomas (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" James) (i1541), d.1786
Addison, William (i1545), d.1833


Ailworth, James J. (marriage to Sarah "Sally" T. Parramore) (i17928), b.1810-d.1850
Ailworth, Robert Lee (marriage to Ellen Kendall) (i18195), b.1865-d.1954


Alexander, Anne (i17780), b.1715-d.1782
Alexander, Anne Casson (i18604)
Alexander, Elizabeth Ashton (i18661), b.1781-d.1821
Alexander, George Dent (i18665), b.1744-
Alexander, Gerrard (i17778), b.1712-d.1760
Alexander, Gerrard (marriage to Mary Dent) (i17778), b.1712-d.1760
Alexander, Gerrard Dent (i18658), b.1738-d.1800
Alexander, Gerrard, (III) (i18660), b.1773-d.1853
Alexander, John (i17769), b.1711-d.1763
Alexander, Mary (i18662), b.1783-
Alexander, Mary Ann (i18656), b.1736-d.1793
Alexander, Parthenia (i17782), b.1715-
Alexander, Phillip G. (i18664), b.1742-d.1785
Alexander, Robert (i18663), b.1740-
Alexander, Robert, (Mjr.) (marriage to Anne Fowke) (i17487), b.1688-d.1735
Alexander, Susan Pearson (i18621), d.1845
Alexander, William (i18602), b.1758-d.1803


Ambler, Benjamin Mason (i18776), b.1850-
Ambler, Eliza Chew (i18780)
Ambler, James Murray (i18778), b.1854-
Ambler, John (marriage to Anna Maria Mason) (i18773), b.1821-d.1891
Ambler, John Cary (i18782), b.1859-
Ambler, Lucy (i18774), b.1848-d.1918
Ambler, Lucy (marriage to Landon Randolph Mason) (i18774), b.1848-d.1918


Ames, Catherine C. (i18963), b.1806-d.1840
Ames, Catherine Custis (i18542), b.1798-d.1878
Ames, George Christian (i18962), b.1801-
Ames, Jesse (marriage to Mahala C. Milby) (i17913)
Ames, Nancy (marriage to John Milby) (i17911)
Ames, Richard (marriage to Margaret Christian) (i18961), d.1822
Ames, Richard, (Rev.) (marriage to Catherine Christian) (i28870)
Ames, Thomas (marriage to Sarah "Sally" Christian) (i18541), d.1817
Ames, Thomas (marriage to Susanna "Sukey" Wise) (i18541), d.1817
Ames, Zorobable (marriage to Margaret Christian) (i18960), d.1810


Anderson, Edward W. (marriage to Estella F. Kellam) (i18472), b.1844-d.1885
Anderson, Mary Bruce (marriage to Thomas Seddon Bruce) (i18641)


Ann(wife of James Justice Abbott) (marriage to James Justice Abbott) (i18326)
Ann(wife of Robert Thorowgood) (marriage to Robert Thorowgood) (i17585)
Ann(wife of Thomas Custis) (marriage to Thomas Custis) (i18599)
Anne(wife of Kendall Harmanson) (marriage to Kendall Harmanson) (i13639), d.1760
Anne(wife of Peter Dent, Jr.) (marriage to Peter Dent(Jr.)) (i17853)


Applewhite, John (marriage to Elizabeth Woodard) (i11353)


Arbuckle, Anne C. (i18313)
Arbuckle, Edward (i18309), d.1820
Arbuckle, Edward (marriage to Anne Custis Williams) (i18309), d.1820
Arbuckle, George (i18304)
Arbuckle, George Washington (i18311), d.1838
Arbuckle, James (marriage to Tabitha Scarburgh Custis) (i18303), d.1785
Arbuckle, James, (Jr.) (i18305)
Arbuckle, Katherine (i18306)
Arbuckle, Margaret (i18307)
Arbuckle, Mary (i18308)


Archdeacon, Anne (marriage to John Nimmo) (i19204)


Armistead, Elizabeth (i851), d.1818
Armistead, Ellison (marriage to Sussanah Christian) (i245), d.1792


Ashby, James (marriage to Matilda Hack) (i18387)
Ashby, Leah (marriage to Griffin Wesley Callahan) (i17904), b.1805-d.1895


Ashton, Jane Alexander (marriage to Gerrard Dent Alexander) (i18659), d.1783


Avery, Isaac (marriage to Esther Cable) (i17892)
Avery, Isaac (marriage to Margaret Stringer) (i17892)
Avery, Isaac W. (i14305), d.1822
Avery, Samuel S. (i14306), b.1788-d.1791


Ayres, Annie R. (i1712), b.1857-d.1936
Ayres, Daisy Cropper (i1715), b.1869-d.1955
Ayres, James Kellam (marriage to Sallie Upshur Hack) (i540), b.1833-d.1917
Ayres, James R. (i553), b.1859-
Ayres, John Hack, (Dr.) (i1714), b.1865-d.1932
Ayres, John William Gillet (i555), b.1865-d.1940
Ayres, Peter Thomas Hack (i552), b.1858-d.1880
Ayres, Richard Johnson, (Jr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Hack Dawson) (i541), b.1835-d.1910
Ayres, Richard Stephen (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Hack) (i614), b.1833-d.1885
Ayres, Sabra (i1713), b.1859-d.1862
Ayres, Sallie Virginia Hack (i554), b.1862-d.1915
Ayres, Son (i1708), b.1861-d.1861


Bacon, Rebecca (marriage to Preeson Bowdoin(Jr.)) (i14307)


Badger, Lillian May (marriage to William R. Fisher) (i18108), b.1872-


Bagwell, Elizabeth "Bettie" M. (i26331), b.1834-d.1922
Bagwell, Isaiah N. (marriage to Rosey S. Revell) (i17960), b.1812-d.1862
Bagwell, Sally W. (i26316), b.1830-d.1855
Bagwell, Thomas Poulson (marriage to Sarah Hamilton Wise) (i26317)


Bailey, Helen (marriage to Richard Brown) (i17797), b.1725-


Baird, H. K. (marriage to Frances Thorowgood) (i19146)


Baker, Nannie Louise (marriage to Benjamin Mason Ambler) (i18777)


Ballard, Caroline E. (marriage to James Dennis Hack) (i18527), b.1839-d.1866


Bardin, John (marriage to Daughter Woodard) (i11351)


Barlow, Elizabeth (marriage to Michael Christian) (i1013)


Barnes, John, (Jr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Jacob) (i18068), d.1794
Barnes, Robert (i18069), d.1872
Barnes, Samuel (i18071), b.1822-
Barnes, William (marriage to Sarah Bullitt) (i18721)


Battaile, Mary Louis (marriage to John William Gillet Ayres) (i565), b.1866-d.1941


Bayley, Araminta Rogers (marriage to William Sydney Winder) (i6801), b.1806-
Bayley, Edmund, (II) (marriage to Tabitha Custis) (i198), b.1693-d.1750


Baylor, James Bowen (marriage to Ellen Carter Bruce) (i18650)


Bayly, Ann Upshur (marriage to William Digby Seymour) (i6811), b.1799-
Bayly, Edmund W. (i18232), b.1825-d.1848
Bayly, Elizabeth H. (marriage to Samuel H. Scarburgh) (i28184), b.1810-d.1833
Bayly, Esther Burton Parramore (i17917), b.1821-d.1843
Bayly, James Upshur (i18234), b.1828-d.1828
Bayly, James Upshur (marriage to Esther Burton Parramore) (i13974), b.1796-d.1821
Bayly, John Hill (marriage to Margaret Skirvan Wilson) (i6810), b.1792-d.1828
Bayly, John Tomplins (i28241), b.1823-d.1843
Bayly, Margaret (i28242), b.1827-d.1827
Bayly, Mary Parramore (i1807), b.1818-d.1863
Bayly, Rachel Upshur (i18230), b.1819-d.1888
Bayly, Robert (marriage to Anne C. Arbuckle) (i18314)
Bayly, Sarah Upshur (marriage to Nathaniel James Winder) (i2323), b.1808-d.1869
Bayly, William Pettit (marriage to Elizabeth C. Parramore) (i13963), b.1820-d.1848
Bayly, William W. (i18229), b.1817-d.1818


Bayne, Anne (marriage to Thomas Dent) (i17517), d.1725
Bayne, Colmore (marriage to Elizabeth Smith Hack) (i18492), b.1774-d.1816
Bayne, Elsworth (marriage to Catherine Fowke) (i17491)
Bayne, John F. (marriage to Anne C. Arbuckle) (i18317)
Bayne, Martha Hawkins (i17805), b.1726-d.1775
Bayne, Martha Melinda Hack (i18502), b.1809-d.1836
Bayne, Oceana (marriage to Lloyd Fulton Cropper) (i18507), b.1844-d.1870
Bayne, Sarah Ann (i18493), b.1804-d.1867


Beall, John (marriage to Mary Madaline Dent) (i17855), b.1728-
Beall, Verlinda (marriage to William Dent) (i17859), b.1736-


Beavans, Margaret Custis (i18380), d.1792
Beavans, Nathaniel (marriage to Tabitha Custis Scarburgh) (i18379), d.1792
Beavans, Nathaniel, (Jr.) (i24266)
Beavans, Tabitha (marriage to Nehemiah Marshall*) (i18133), d.1811
Beavans, Tabitha Custis Scarburgh (i18381), d.1792
Beavans, Walter (i18382), d.1792
Beavans, William Henry (i18383), d.1803


Bell, Frances (i18447)
Bell, James A. (marriage to Charlotte Ann Scherer) (i18445), d.1847
Bell, James C. (i18449)
Bell, Lorenzo J. (marriage to Elizabeth C. Parramore) (i17931), b.1827-d.1861


Benson, Robert (marriage to Charlotte Ann Scherer) (i18446), d.1851


Billups, Mary Lilly (marriage to Thomas Williams) (i18028), b.1785-d.1857
Billups, Susannah (marriage to Thomas Williams) (i18027), b.1770-d.1804


Blackford, Lancelot M. (marriage to Eliza Chew Ambler) (i18781)


Blackstone, Henrietta Elizabeth (marriage to George T. Scarburgh) (i18349), b.1842-d.1886
Blackstone, John (marriage to Eleanor Dent) (i17848)
Blackstone, John (marriage to Elizabeth Wise) (i18549), d.1800
Blackstone, John Wise (i18550)


Boisnard, John, (Dr.) (marriage to Nancy Parsons) (i18259), d.1813
Boisnard, John, (Dr.) (marriage to Nancy Parsons) (i18259), d.1813


Bolling, Mary Tabb (marriage to William Henry Fitzhugh Lee) (i18294)


Bolton, Elizabeth (i11457)
Bolton, Luke (i11456)
Bolton, Richard (marriage to Frances Langston) (i11455), d.1787


Booth, George (marriage to Jemimah West) (i19119), d.1755
Booth, Jemima (i19328)
Booth, John (marriage to Esther Cowdry) (i18059), d.1798
Booth, Martha (i19329)
Booth, Sophia (i19327)
Booth, William (i18060), b.1798-d.1821


Borum, Delely (marriage to William Williams) (i18035), b.1812-d.1887


Boswell, Abraham (marriage to Elishe Jacob) (i18050), d.1775
Boswell, Elizabeth (i18051), d.1775
Boswell, Elizabeth (i18756), b.1790-
Boswell, Elizabeth F. (i18754), b.1784-d.1790
Boswell, Frankey (i18052), d.1775
Boswell, George F. (i18757), b.1791-
Boswell, James (marriage to Margaret Jacob) (i18074)
Boswell, John (i18759)
Boswell, Martha Finley (i18755), b.1786-
Boswell, Mary (i18758), b.1793-
Boswell, Peter (marriage to Ann Bayne Finley) (i18753), d.1795
Boswell, Sarah (i18063), d.1775
Boswell, William (i18760)


Bowdoin, Alice Graham (i18853)
Bowdoin, Ann Steele (i18837), b.1843-d.1850
Bowdoin, Arthur Upshur (i18838), b.1846-d.1850
Bowdoin, Charles Teackle (i18831), b.1850-d.1875
Bowdoin, Charles Teackle (marriage to Louise "Susie" Bowdoin Smith) (i18831), b.1850-d.1875
Bowdoin, Charles Teackle (marriage to Louise "Susie" Bowdoin Smith) (i18831), b.1850-d.1875
Bowdoin, Elizabeth (i13615), b.1754-
Bowdoin, Elizabeth (i18841), b.1848-d.1850
Bowdoin, Elizabeth (marriage to Custis Kendall(Mjr.)) (i13263), d.1746
Bowdoin, Elizabeth Upshur (i14157), b.1807-d.1881
Bowdoin, Elizabeth Upshur (marriage to William Gilmore Smith) (i14157), b.1807-d.1881
Bowdoin, Frances (i13622)
Bowdoin, Frances Banister (i14151), d.1808
Bowdoin, George Edward (i14160), b.1816-d.1853
Bowdoin, George Edward (i18847), d.1851
Bowdoin, Hannah (i13617), b.1765-
Bowdoin, Henry J. (i18854), d.1922
Bowdoin, Isabella Graham (i18846), b.1844-
Bowdoin, James (i13618), b.1766-d.1775
Bowdoin, James Boutineau (i14153), b.1800-d.1812
Bowdoin, James Edward (i18850), b.1853-
Bowdoin, John (i18812), b.1787-
Bowdoin, John (marriage to Grace Stringer) (i13262), b.1732-d.1775
Bowdoin, John R. (i18418), b.1819-d.1894
Bowdoin, John, (Jr.) (i13613), b.1756-d.1786
Bowdoin, Lavinia Teackle (i18849), b.1851-
Bowdoin, Lloyd (i18834), d.1850
Bowdoin, Louisa (i18851), b.1854-d.1887
Bowdoin, Louisa A. (i14155), b.1800-d.1824
Bowdoin, Margaret (i13616), b.1758-d.1801
Bowdoin, Margaret Susan (i14158), b.1807-d.1826
Bowdoin, Margaret Susan (marriage to Nathaniel James Winder) (i14158), b.1807-d.1826
Bowdoin, Mary (i13619), b.1764-
Bowdoin, Mary Ann (i18848), d.1872
Bowdoin, Nannie Steele (i18833), d.1850
Bowdoin, Peter (i13614), b.1761-d.1829
Bowdoin, Peter (i18835), b.1838-d.1850
Bowdoin, Peter (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Smith) (i13614), b.1761-d.1829
Bowdoin, Peter Smith (i14154), b.1796-d.1875
Bowdoin, Peter Smith (marriage to Susan M. Jacob) (i14154), b.1796-d.1875
Bowdoin, Peter Smith, (Jr.) (i24784), b.1820-
Bowdoin, Preeson, (Jr.) (i13771), b.1760-
Bowdoin, Preeson, (Sr.) (marriage to Sarah Eyre) (i13768), d.1768
Bowdoin, Sarah (i13620), b.1768-d.1775
Bowdoin, Severn (i18836), b.1840-d.1850
Bowdoin, Severn Eyre (i14159), b.1811-d.1889
Bowdoin, Susan (i18842), b.1849-d.1850
Bowdoin, Susanna (i13621), b.1773-d.1836
Bowdoin, Susanna (marriage to John Custis(Col.)) (i6340), b.1704-d.1727
Bowdoin, Virginia (i18839), b.1846-d.1914
Bowdoin, William Graham (i18844), b.1842-d.1911
Bowdoin, William Jacob (i18421), b.1822-d.1855


Bradford, John (marriage to Esther P. Ridley) (i18942), b.1809-d.1850


Bray, Robert (marriage to Ann (Thorowgood)) (i17619), d.1681


Brazier, Zachariah (marriage to Elizabeth Fowke) (i17817)


Brent, Giles (marriage to Jane Chandler) (i17481), d.1693
Brent, Sarah (marriage to George Mason(IV)) (i17883)


Brickhouse, Cincinatus (i1791), b.1842-d.1888
Brickhouse, George (marriage to Sally B. Fisher) (i661), b.1794-d.1860
Brickhouse, John N. (marriage to Catherine Custis Ames) (i18543), b.1795-d.1870
Brickhouse, Smith L. (marriage to Elizabeth W. Nottingham) (i17989), d.1834
Brickhouse, Susan T. Wise (i18544), b.1820-d.1870


Bridges, Betty Thorowgood (i19230)
Bridges, Francis (marriage to Mary Moseley) (i19229)


Brittingham, Anne (marriage to Francis Thorowgood) (i7093), d.1720


Brodie, Mary (marriage to William Thorowgood Nimmo) (i19203)


Bronaugh, Jeremiah (marriage to Sempha Rosa Enfield Mason) (i17511), b.1702-d.1749


Brooke, Mary (marriage to Peter Dent) (i17525), b.1709-d.1781


Brown, Ann (i17802), b.1732-
Brown, Cecilia (i17800), b.1732-
Brown, Christian (i17791), b.1720-
Brown, Elizabeth (i17794), b.1723-
Brown, Frances (i17785), b.1713-d.1746
Brown, Gustavus (i17784)
Brown, Gustavus, (Dr.) (marriage to Frances Fowke) (i17489), b.1689-d.1762
Brown, Jane (i17798), b.1728-
Brown, Mary (i17789), b.1717-
Brown, Richard (i17796), b.1725-
Brown, Sarah (i17787), b.1715-


Browne, Mary (marriage to Hancock Custis) (i11749)


Bruce, Albert Carson (i18642), b.1850-
Bruce, Anne Seddon (i18654), b.1867-d.1888
Bruce, Charles (marriage to Sarah Alexander Seddon) (i18639), b.1826-d.1896
Bruce, Charles Morelle (i18645), b.1853-d.1895
Bruce, Ellen Carter (i18649), b.1858-
Bruce, Ellen Carter (marriage to James Marion Morson) (i18607), b.1820-d.1862
Bruce, James Douglas (i18653), b.1862-d.1923
Bruce, James Roy (i18647), b.1854-d.1855
Bruce, Marion (i18644), b.1852-d.1852
Bruce, Philip Alexander (i18648), b.1856-
Bruce, Sarah (marriage to James Alexander Seddon) (i18624), b.1822-d.1882
Bruce, Thomas Seddon (i18640), b.1849-
Bruce, William Cabell (i18651), b.1860-d.1895


Bull, Richard, (Boole) (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" James) (i1544), d.1787


Bullitt, Alexander Scott (i18710), b.1762-d.1816
Bullitt, Annie Christian (i18712)
Bullitt, Cuthbert (marriage to Helen Scott) (i18709), b.1740-d.1770
Bullitt, Frances (i18718), b.1765-
Bullitt, Helen Eleanor Grant (i18722), b.1770-d.1808
Bullitt, Sarah (i18720), b.1767-
Bullitt, Thomas James (i18716), b.1763-d.1783


Bunbury, Anne (marriage to Richard Fowke) (i17826), b.1740-


Bundick, Elizabeth Sarah Savage (i18334), b.1812-d.1836
Bundick, John S. (marriage to Ann Custis West) (i18332), b.1785-d.1821
Bundick, Mary Ann Custis (i18335), b.1814-d.1848


Bunting, Ismy, (Jr.) (marriage to Elizabeth "Betsy" Addison) (i11276), d.1830


Burdett, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Chandler) (i17466)
Burdett, Sarah (marriage to Gerard Fowke(Jr.)) (i17484), d.1745


Burell, Alexander (marriage to Eleanor Dent) (i17865), b.1740-


Burke, Charles Sinclair Taylor (marriage to Ida Oswald Mason) (i18792)
Burke, Charles Sinclair Taylor (marriage to Ida Oswald Mason) (i18792)


Burris, Peggy (marriage to Samuel S. Williams) (i26112)


Burton, Esther (marriage to Thomas Parramore) (i14006), b.1773-d.1797


Butler, Edward George Washington (marriage to Frances Parke Lewis) (i18270), b.1800-d.1888
Butler, Lawrence Lewis (i18271), b.1837-d.1898


Buxton, Thomas (marriage to Margaret Jamison) (i17716)


Cable, Elizabeth "Betty" (i11730), b.1727-d.1753
Cable, Esther (i11728), d.1759
Cable, Sarah (i18258), d.1783
Cable, Sarah (marriage to William Parsons(Jr.)) (i18258), d.1783
Cable, Thomas (marriage to Sorrowful Margaret Custis) (i11719), d.1743


Caile, Margaret Hall (marriage to Gustavus Scott) (i18747)


Callahan, Ann (i18898)
Callahan, Ann Luker (i28867), d.1883
Callahan, Elizabeth (i18899)
Callahan, Elizabeth Luker (i28863), d.1888
Callahan, Griffin Wesley (i1085), b.1803-d.1841
Callahan, Griffin, (Rev.) (marriage to Susanna Luker) (i1084), b.1759-d.1833
Callahan, James Wesley (i18896)
Callahan, John Wesley (i28866)
Callahan, Margaret Susan (i18894), b.1830-d.1893
Callahan, Mary Rose (i18900)
Callahan, Sarah (i28865)
Callahan, Susan Christian (i28864), d.1892
Callahan, Thomas G. (i18902)


Calvert, Cornelius (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i18567), b.1725-d.1804
Calvert, Eleanor (marriage to John Parke Custis) (i11743), d.1811
Calvert, John (marriage to Peggy Walke) (i17765)
Calvert, John (marriage to Peggy Walke) (i17765)
Calvert, Mary (i21518)
Calvert, Sarah (i17634)
Calvert, Sarah (marriage to Lemuel Thorowgood) (i17634)
Calvert, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i17725)


Campbell, Isaac (marriage to Jane Brown) (i17799)


Carraway, Elizabeth (i19080)
Carraway, John, (IV) (marriage to Margaret Keeling) (i19079)


Cartwright, Sarah (marriage to Adam Keeling) (i18557)


Cary, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Thorowgood) (i17745)


Casson, Sarah (marriage to William Alexander) (i18603)


Cate, Anna L. (marriage to Thomas W. Jarvis) (i18457)
Cate, Anna L. (marriage to Thomas W. Jarvis) (i18457)


Chambers, Unknown (marriage to Ann West) (i19118)


Chamblin, Martha Keppler (marriage to Roger Temple Dawson) (i18499)


Chandler, Anne (i17463), b.1650-
Chandler, Anne (i17479)
Chandler, Jane (i17478)
Chandler, Job (marriage to Ann Thorowgood) (i17461), d.1660
Chandler, Mary (i17480)
Chandler, Richard (i17465), d.1697
Chandler, Richard (i17477), d.1714
Chandler, William (i17464), d.1685
Chandler, William, (Jr.) (i17476), b.1678-d.1730


Chew, Eliza Margaretta (marriage to James Murray Mason) (i18771), d.1824


Chinn, Joseph William (marriage to Mary Anne Smith) (i26221)


Christian, Ann (i242), d.1803
Christian, Catherine (i28869)
Christian, Elizabeth (i1054)
Christian, Elizabeth (i1086)
Christian, Elizabeth (i18563)
Christian, Esther (i246), b.1762-d.1834
Christian, George (i1055)
Christian, George (i28871)
Christian, George Edward (i1078), b.1788-d.1831
Christian, John (i1057), d.1821
Christian, John (i1077), b.1786-d.1822
Christian, Margaret (i180), d.1784
Christian, Margaret (i240)
Christian, Margaret (i1075), d.1831
Christian, Michael (i184), d.1783
Christian, Michael (i1063), d.1795
Christian, Michael, (Dr.) (marriage to Rose Powell) (i878), d.1736
Christian, Priscilla (marriage to Alexander Scott Bullitt) (i18711)
Christian, Rose (i1056), d.1822
Christian, Rosetta "Rose" (i249), d.1792
Christian, Sarah (i1096), d.1736
Christian, Sarah "Sally" (i1058)
Christian, Susannah (i1079), b.1724-d.1781
Christian, Susannah "Susy" (i1062)
Christian, Sussanah (i244), d.1810
Christian, Thomas (i1064)
Christian, William (i844), d.1773
Christian, William (i1053), b.1750-d.1800
Christian, William Armistead (i1076), d.1840
Christian, William Armistead (marriage to Elizabeth Seymour) (i1076), d.1840
Christian, William M. (marriage to Susannah Thorowgood) (i18562), d.1805
Christian, William S. (i17956), b.1826-d.1907


Church, Anne (marriage to Argall Thorowgood) (i17559), b.1678-d.1743
Church, Patience (marriage to William Thorowgood(Capt.)) (i17573), d.1749


Clapton, Thomas (marriage to Ann West) (i19117)


Clark, Unknown (marriage to Anne Dent) (i17861)


Clegg, Jacob (i13444)
Clegg, Thomas (marriage to Margaret Harmanson) (i13443)


Cocke, Elizabeth (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i17540), d.1730
Cocke, Elizabeth (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i17540), d.1730
Cocke, Nicholas (marriage to Frances Lawson) (i17599)
Cocke, Nicholas (marriage to Frances Lawson) (i17599)


Coleburn, John (marriage to Elizabeth Scarburgh) (i23969)


Comfort(wife of Argoll West) (marriage to Argoll Yardley West) (i11798), d.1754


Conner, Lewis (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i17576), d.1734


Conway, Anne (marriage to John Moncure(Jr.)) (i18678), d.1772
Conway, John Moncure (i18701), b.1779-d.1864
Conway, Mildred Stone (i18705), b.1837-d.1911
Conway, Walker (marriage to Ann Moncure) (i18700), d.1786
Conway, Walker Peyton (i18703), b.1805-d.1884


Corbin, John Bacon (marriage to Sarah Jane Hack) (i18520), b.1826-
Corbin, Malinda (i18521)
Corbin, Scarburgh (marriage to Adam Watt) (i18154)
Corbin, William (i18522)


Core, Besty or Betty M. (marriage to William Henry Beavans) (i18384), d.1803


Costin, Annie L. (marriage to Edgar J. Spady) (i18010), b.1838-d.1911
Costin, Ellison Louis (marriage to Maria Hopkinson Smith) (i18829), b.1835-d.1910
Costin, Ellison Louis (marriage to Maria Hopkinson Smith) (i18829), b.1835-d.1910
Costin, Robert Spady (marriage to Katherine Purnell G. Parker) (i18870), b.1828-d.1893
Costin, Susan "Suky" (marriage to James Williams) (i18016), d.1823


Courtenay, Robert Graham (marriage to Annie Christian Howard) (i18715), b.1813-d.1864


Cowdry, Betsey (i18057), d.1778
Cowdry, Esther (i18058), d.1821
Cowdry, Thomas, (II) (marriage to Sarah Jacob) (i18054), d.1778
Cowdry, Thomas, (III) (i18062), d.1778
Cowdry, William (i18056), d.1778


Cox, Catherine (i28868), b.1774-
Cox, James (marriage to Susannah Christian) (i1082), d.1784


Coxe, Esther Maria (marriage to Lorenzo Lewis) (i18277), d.1839


Craigdallie, Hugh (marriage to Mary Thorowgood) (i17642)


Craighill, James B. (marriage to Margaret S. Smith) (i18827), b.1838-d.1913
Craighill, James B. (marriage to Margaret S. Smith) (i18827), b.1838-d.1913


Cropper, Anna Corbin (marriage to George Washington Arbuckle) (i6824), b.1795-d.1860
Cropper, Anna Corbin (marriage to George Washington Arbuckle) (i6824), b.1795-d.1860
Cropper, Catherine Adelia (marriage to Peter Bowdoin Smith) (i18821), b.1839-d.1915
Cropper, Catherine Adelia (marriage to Peter Bowdoin Smith) (i18821), b.1839-d.1915
Cropper, Colmore Corbin (i18505), b.1832-d.1881
Cropper, George Waters (marriage to Martha Melinda Hack Bayne) (i16628), b.1802-d.1852
Cropper, George Waters, (Jr.) (i18504), b.1830-d.1831
Cropper, John Bayne (i18503), b.1829-d.1835
Cropper, Lloyd Fulton (i18506), b.1835-d.1870
Cropper, Sabra Corbin (marriage to John William Upshur Hack) (i16626), b.1799-d.1879
Cropper, Virginia (marriage to Nicholas Gassoway Dawson) (i18496), b.1839-


Custis, Ann (i6339), d.1792
Custis, Ann (i6354), d.1761
Custis, Ann (i6421), b.1725-d.1790
Custis, Anne (i18593), b.1755-d.1764
Custis, Catherine (i18583), b.1783-d.1839
Custis, Daniel Parke (i11706), b.1711-d.1757
Custis, Edmund (marriage to Elizabeth Drummond) (i12186)
Custis, Edmund R. (i18596), b.1791-d.1837
Custis, Edmund, (II) (i6318), b.1706-d.1748
Custis, Edmund, (III) (i6353), b.1728-d.1768
Custis, Edward Hill (i18300), b.1809-
Custis, Eleanor "Nelly" Parke (i11745), b.1779-d.1852
Custis, Elisabeth (i19156)
Custis, Elizabeth (i6313), b.1681-d.1715
Custis, Elizabeth (i6348), d.1767
Custis, Elizabeth (i18591)
Custis, Elizabeth "Betty" (i6342), b.1732-d.1745
Custis, Elizabeth (marriage to John West("Great John")) (i6348), d.1767
Custis, Elizabeth Cassie (marriage to William R. Parramore) (i17926), b.1803-d.1835
Custis, Elizabeth E. (marriage to John R. Bowdoin) (i18420), b.1839-d.1899
Custis, Elizabeth E. (marriage to John R. Bowdoin) (i18420), b.1839-d.1899
Custis, Elizabeth L. (marriage to Richard Bayly Winder) (i18863), b.1831-d.1850
Custis, Elizabeth Parke (i18260), b.1776-d.1832
Custis, Frances (i11907)
Custis, Frances "Fanny" (i18601), d.1807
Custis, Frances Parke (i18302)
Custis, George Washington Parke (i11744), b.1781-d.1857
Custis, Hancock (i11702), b.1676-d.1709
Custis, Hancock (i11733), b.1680-d.1728
Custis, Hancock (i18221)
Custis, Hancock (i18572), d.1748
Custis, Henry (i11703), b.1677-d.1709
Custis, Henry (marriage to Tabitha West) (i12455)
Custis, Henry (marriage to Tabitha West) (i12455)
Custis, Henry, (Capt.) (i6325), b.1683-d.1732
Custis, Henry, (II) (i6326), d.1751
Custis, Henry, (Lt. Col.) (i6337), b.1743-d.1793
Custis, Henry, (Lt. Col.) (marriage to Matilda Hack) (i6337), b.1743-d.1793
Custis, John (i6336), d.1764
Custis, John (i11900), d.1745
Custis, John (i18573), b.1778-d.1848
Custis, John (i18580), b.1807-d.1837
Custis, John (marriage to Anne Kendall) (i11900), d.1745
Custis, John Parke (i11742), b.1754-d.1781
Custis, John T. W. (i2307), b.1836-d.1895
Custis, John, (Capt.) (i6349), b.1750-d.1809
Custis, John, (Col.) (i6316), b.1704-d.1732
Custis, John, (III)(Col.) (marriage to Margaret Michael) (i6314), b.1653-d.1704
Custis, John, (IV)(of "Arlington") (i11704), b.1678-d.1749
Custis, John, (Jr.) (i18216)
Custis, Leah (i11903), b.1710-
Custis, Leah (i11908)
Custis, Levin (i11901), b.1706-d.1735
Custis, Margaret (i6332), d.1820
Custis, Margaret (i6383), d.1782
Custis, Margaret (i18589)
Custis, Margaret "Peggy" Parke (i18217), b.1742-d.1768
Custis, Martha Elizabeth Ann (i18289), b.1806-
Custis, Martha Parke (i18262), b.1777-d.1854
Custis, Martha Parke (i18301), b.1755-d.1772
Custis, Mary Anne Randolph (i11747), b.1807-d.1873
Custis, Peter (i18600), d.1814
Custis, Robinson (i6327), d.1764
Custis, Robinson (i18594), d.1798
Custis, Samuel (i18587)
Custis, Sarah (i6320), b.1700-d.1770
Custis, Sarah (i6338)
Custis, Sarah (i18590)
Custis, Sorrowful Margaret (i6402), d.1750
Custis, Southey (i11899), b.1704-
Custis, Susan M. (marriage to James H. Parramore) (i17945), b.1809-d.1878
Custis, Susanna Upshur (i11909), b.1738-d.1779
Custis, Tabitha (i6319), b.1700-d.1770
Custis, Tabitha (i11906)
Custis, Tabitha Scarburgh (i6331), d.1778
Custis, Tabitha Scarburgh (marriage to Henry Custis(Capt.)) (i6312), b.1685-d.1730
Custis, Theophilus (i11902), d.1733
Custis, Thomas (i6328), d.1751
Custis, Thomas (i18575), b.1753-d.1811
Custis, Thomas (i18578), b.1802-d.1840
Custis, Thomas (i18588)
Custis, Thomas (i18598), d.1814
Custis, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Custis) (i6311), b.1684-d.1721
Custis, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Luker) (i18575), b.1753-d.1811
Custis, Thomas B. (marriage to Mary Burleigh Parramore) (i873)
Custis, Thomas Whittington (i6317), b.1708-d.1748
Custis, Thomas, (Mjr.) (i6343), b.1726-d.1764
Custis, William P. (i18585), b.1788-d.1838
Custis, William Samuel (i18581), b.1809-d.1876


Cuthriell, Joseph A. (marriage to Irene E. Thorowgood) (i19144)


Dandridge, Martha (marriage to Daniel Parke Custis) (i11741), b.1731-


Daniel, Margaret Eleanor (marriage to Walker Peyton Conway) (i18704), d.1837
Daniel, Travers (marriage to Frances Moncure) (i18675), b.1741-d.1762
Daniel, Travers, (Jr.) (i18676), b.1768-


Darby, Harriet Burleigh (i1035), b.1785-d.1840
Darby, John (marriage to Esther Christian) (i247), b.1751-d.1789
Darby, Mary (i861)
Darby, Mary (marriage to Thomas Parramore) (i861)


Darrell, William (marriage to Anne Fowke Mason) (i17889)


Dashiell, Clara Georgia (marriage to James Dennis Hack) (i18528)


Dawson, Arthur (i18500), b.1846-d.1900
Dawson, Charles Gassoway (i18497), b.1841-d.1900
Dawson, Elizabeth Hack (i542), b.1842-d.1893
Dawson, Henrietta Malinda (i18501), b.1848-d.1900
Dawson, Nicholas Gassoway (i18495), b.1839-d.1900
Dawson, Roger Temple (i18498)
Dawson, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Ann Bayne) (i18494), b.1787-d.1844
Dawson, Susannah Marbury (marriage to George Dent) (i19223)


Deeble, Jane H. (marriage to Ellison Armistead Hopkins) (i857), b.1810-d.1891


DeJean, Peter (marriage to Letitia Dent) (i17845)


Dennis, Charlotte James (marriage to Cave Jones Hack) (i18525), b.1813-d.1902


Dent, (i19189)
Dent, Ann (i17838)
Dent, Ann Herbert (i19950), b.1756-
Dent, Anne (i17523), b.1692-
Dent, Anne (i17860), b.1734-
Dent, Barbara (i17868), b.1746-
Dent, Eleanor (i17847)
Dent, Eleanor (i17864), b.1737-
Dent, Elizabeth (i17518), b.1686-d.1699
Dent, Elizabeth (i17526), b.1697-d.1760
Dent, Elizabeth (i17831)
Dent, Elizabeth (i17850), b.1727-d.1796
Dent, Ellen (i19227)
Dent, Ellen Wrenshall (i19239)
Dent, Emily Marbury (i19241)
Dent, Frances (i19191)
Dent, Francis (i19225)
Dent, Frederick Fayette (i19224), b.1786-d.1873
Dent, Frederick Tracy (i19237)
Dent, George (i19181), b.1755-d.1812
Dent, George (i19949)
Dent, George Wrenshall (i19236)
Dent, George, (Col.) (i17521), b.1690-d.1754
Dent, George, (Jr.) (i17829), d.1785
Dent, Gerard (i17520), b.1688-
Dent, Henrietta (i19190)
Dent, John Cromwell (i19235)
Dent, John, (Gen.) (i17841), b.1732-d.1809
Dent, Joseph (i19185)
Dent, Joseph Cromwell (i19226)
Dent, Julia Boggs (i19242), b.1826-d.1902
Dent, Letitia (i17843)
Dent, Lewis (i19238)
Dent, Lucy (i17856), b.1733-
Dent, Margaret (i17834)
Dent, Martha (i19186)
Dent, Mary (i17846), d.1793
Dent, Mary (i19240)
Dent, Mary (marriage to Gerrard Alexander) (i17846), d.1793
Dent, Mary Eleanor (i19184)
Dent, Mary Madaline (i17854), b.1731-
Dent, Peter (i17524), b.1694-d.1757
Dent, Peter, (Jr.) (i17851), b.1728-d.1785
Dent, Philip (i17828), b.1695-
Dent, Priscilla (i19228)
Dent, Rebecca (i17832), d.1770
Dent, Richard (i17869), b.1748-d.1818
Dent, Sarah (i17849)
Dent, Theodore (i19183)
Dent, Thomas (i17516), b.1685-d.1725
Dent, Thomas (i17862), b.1735-d.1790
Dent, Thomas (i19188)
Dent, Thomas Marshall, (Capt.) (i19948), b.1761-
Dent, Walter (i17866), b.1744-d.1820
Dent, William (i17858), b.1730-d.1805
Dent, William (i19182)
Dent, William (i19187)
Dent, William (marriage to Elizabeth Fowke) (i17513), b.1660-d.1705
Dent, William, (Jr.) (i17519), b.1687-d.1695


Derby, Mary Charlotte (marriage to John Hack Ayres(Dr.)) (i1870), b.1874-d.1967


Dinwiddie, Elizabeth (marriage to Gerard Fowke) (i17813)
Dinwiddie, John, (Mjr.) (marriage to Sempha Rosa Enfield Mason) (i17510), d.1726


Dix, Henry (i18365), b.1844-
Dix, James Henry (marriage to Catherine T. C. Scarburgh) (i18369)
Dix, John (i18366), b.1846-
Dix, John Savage (marriage to Sarah "Sally" H. Scarburgh) (i18364), b.1806-d.1850


Dodge, Mary, (widow) (marriage to William Thorowgood) (i18977)


Dolby, Catherine H. G. (marriage to Henry B. Kendall) (i24727), b.1800-d.1867


Donell, Ann (i26259)
Donell, Elizabeth (i26257)
Donell, Ellin (i26258)
Donell, Frances (i26260)
Donell, James (i26262)
Donell, John (marriage to Anna Teackle Smith) (i26246)
Donell, John, (Jr.) (i26247)
Donell, John, (Jr.) (marriage to Ann Gilmer) (i26247)
Donell, Mary Ann (i26261)
Donell, William (i26263)


Downes, Thomas Albert (marriage to Arinitha Spady) (i18012), b.1821-d.1897


Downing, Arthur Wainhouse, (Dr.) (marriage to Mary Parramore Bayly) (i1806), b.1815-d.1901
Downing, Mary E. (marriage to William T. Fisher) (i18127), b.1839-d.1866
Downing, Sarah Belle (marriage to James Ambler Jarvis) (i18460), b.1856-d.1918
Downing, Sarah Belle (marriage to James Ambler Jarvis) (i18460), b.1856-d.1918
Downing, William (marriage to Margaret Scarburgh) (i24265)


Dowty, Sally T. (marriage to Isaac W. Avery) (i18793)


Drew, Elizabeth (i11466)
Drew, Langston (i11460), b.1769-
Drew, Lucy (i11468)
Drew, Polly (i11464)
Drew, Sarah (i11463)
Drew, William (i11462)
Drew, William (marriage to Sarah Langston) (i11459)


Drummond, Ann (i12188), d.1797
Drummond, Barbara (marriage to Nehemiah Watt) (i16592), b.1703-d.1756
Drummond, Drake (marriage to Rose Thorowgood) (i7080), d.1718
Drummond, Elizabeth (i12185), d.1783
Drummond, Francis Thorowgood (i7081), d.1741
Drummond, George (i12184), d.1766
Drummond, John (i12183), d.1776
Drummond, Richard (i12192), d.1794
Drummond, Susanna (i12194), d.1794
Drummond, William (marriage to Bradhurst Scarburgh) (i11846), d.1776


Drysdale, Thomas, (Dr.) (marriage to Mary Anne Smith) (i19022), d.1797


Dunton, Ann "Nancy" Jacob (marriage to William S. Williams) (i17972), b.1788-d.1867
Dunton, Joshua F. (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Wilkins) (i1953), b.1843-
Dunton, Rosina Burton (marriage to William Nottingham Williams) (i24827), b.1823-d.1844


Easter, Mary (marriage to Francis Thorowgood) (i19155)


Edelen, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Dent) (i17863), b.1748-d.1816


Edey, Elizabeth (marriage to Adam Keeling) (i18560)


Edwards, Anne (marriage to William Thorowgood) (i17459)


Eilbeck, Anne (marriage to George Mason(IV)) (i17882)


Elizabeth "Bettie" B.(wife of Joseph Wescoat) (marriage to Joseph J. Wescott) (i18906), b.1835-d.1904
Elizabeth Maria(wife of William Scarburgh) (marriage to William Meredith Scarburgh) (i24058)
Elizabeth(?Floyd or Roberts) (marriage to William Booth) (i18061)
Elizabeth(wife of Benjamin Harmanson) (marriage to Benjamin Harmanson) (i13749)
Elizabeth(wife of Charles West) (marriage to Charles West(Mjr.)) (i19065)
Elizabeth(wife of Henry Scarburgh) (marriage to Henry Scarburgh(II)) (i18342), d.1789
Elizabeth(wife of Thomas Woodard, Jr.) (marriage to Thomas Woodard(Jr.)) (i11312)


Ellegood, Rebecca Aitchson (marriage to James Thorowgood(Jr.)) (i17739)


Ellis, Charles (marriage to Margaret Keeling Nimmo) (i19208)


Emily(wife of Francis West) (marriage to Francis West) (i18320)


Evans, Anne Kitson (i18393), b.1812-d.1901
Evans, Caroline Dorsey (i18399), b.1814-
Evans, Edward (marriage to Louisa A. Bowdoin) (i18813)
Evans, Edward (marriage to Louisa A. Bowdoin) (i18813)
Evans, Elizabeth Mildred (i18392), b.1808-d.1842
Evans, John Kitson (marriage to Margaret T. Jacob) (i18391), d.1815
Evans, Margaret "Peggy" Teackle (i18400), b.1815-d.1845
Evans, Margaret "Peggy" Teackle (marriage to Tully Wise Parker) (i18400), b.1815-d.1845
Evans, Thomas Edward (i18402), d.1839


Ewing, Elizabeth (i1095), d.1852
Ewing, Gustavus (marriage to Elizabeth Christian) (i1093)
Ewing, John (i1094), d.1833
Ewing, Victor (i17906), d.1833


Eyre, Emily Ann (i18878)
Eyre, John (i13763), b.1768-d.1855
Eyre, John (i18875), b.1828-d.1829
Eyre, Littleton (i13765), b.1761-d.1789
Eyre, Littleton (marriage to Bridget Harmanson) (i13286), b.1715-d.1768
Eyre, Margaret "Peggy" (i13762), b.1765-d.1799
Eyre, Neech (marriage to Isabel Harmanson) (i13449), b.1703-
Eyre, Robert Taylor (i18880), d.1834
Eyre, Sarah (i13453), b.1738-d.1760
Eyre, Sarah (i13767), b.1770-d.1789
Eyre, Severn (i18876), b.1831-d.1914
Eyre, Severn, (Jr.) (i13766), d.1781
Eyre, Severn, (Sr.) (i13452), b.1735-d.1773
Eyre, William Littleton (i13764), b.1772-d.1808
Eyre, William Littleton, (Jr.) (i18874), b.1806-d.1852


Fentress, Mary R. (marriage to John Francis Thorowgood) (i19139)


Finley, Ann Bayne (i18752), b.1757-d.1795
Finley, Charles (marriage to Martha Hawkins Bayne) (i17806), b.1722-d.1775
Finley, Charles Bayne (i18751), b.1755-
Finley, Elizabeth (i18750), b.1753-
Finley, Hugh (i18762), b.1761-
Finley, James (i18766), b.1770-
Finley, John Bayne (i18764), b.1764-
Finley, Martha Bayne (i18761), b.1759-
Finley, Mary (i18767)
Finley, Thomas (i18765), b.1768-
Finley, Walter (i18748), b.1751-
Finley, William (i18749), b.1751-


Finney, Catherine "Kate" Rose (marriage to James H. A. Lofland) (i18360), b.1850-d.1903
Finney, Catherine Bowman (marriage to George Washington Arbuckle) (i18312), b.1800-d.1831
Finney, Catherine Bowman (marriage to George Washington Arbuckle) (i18312), b.1800-d.1831
Finney, Edward Bowman (marriage to Virginia Bowdoin) (i18840), b.1836-d.1913


Fisher, Charles (i182), b.1774-d.1785
Fisher, Charles F. M. (i18117), b.1830-d.1865
Fisher, Elizabeth (i18130)
Fisher, Elizabeth (marriage to Hugh Gordon Seymour) (i17954), b.1797-d.1864
Fisher, Elizabeth (marriage to William P. Custis) (i18586), b.1797-d.1864
Fisher, James (i181), d.1795
Fisher, James (i1066), d.1822
Fisher, John (i18129)
Fisher, Juliette Ann (marriage to Thomas Custis Parramore) (i17934), b.1836-d.1903
Fisher, Louise Este (marriage to William Cabell Bruce) (i18652)
Fisher, Margaret (i183), b.1776-d.1784
Fisher, Margaret Sarah (i15180), d.1848
Fisher, Mary "Polly" B. (i18111), b.1797-d.1832
Fisher, Mary W. (i18109), b.1825-d.1886
Fisher, Sally A. (i18128), b.1839-d.1850
Fisher, Sally B. (i1785), b.1802-d.1850
Fisher, Samuel P. (i18119), d.1883
Fisher, Samuel Wise (i18115), b.1800-d.1836
Fisher, Thomas B. (i18124), b.1806-d.1870
Fisher, Thomas B., (Jr.) (marriage to Margaret Christian) (i179), d.1778
Fisher, William R. (i18105), b.1825-d.1908
Fisher, William R. of F. (marriage to Rose Christian) (i1786), b.1764-d.1805
Fisher, William R. of F. (marriage to Sarah Yardly Johnson) (i1786), b.1764-d.1805
Fisher, William Roland (i15181)
Fisher, William T. (i18126), b.1832-


Fitchett, Hannah E. (marriage to George W. Williams) (i17979), b.1835-d.1855
Fitchett, Virginia Upshur (marriage to William Nottingham Williams) (i24828), b.1833-d.1914
Fitchett, William Joshua (marriage to Helen Robinson Jarvis) (i18463)
Fitchett, William Joshua (marriage to Helen Robinson Jarvis) (i18463)
Fitchett, William Polk C. (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Williams) (i17974), b.1817-d.1839


Fitzhugh, George (marriage to Mary Mason) (i17885), d.1722
Fitzhugh, Mary Lee (marriage to George Washington Parke Custis) (i11746)
Fitzhugh, Thomas (marriage to Anne Fowke Mason) (i17890), b.1688-d.1719
Fitzhugh, William (i17887), d.1742


Floyd, Catherine "Kate" (i25761), b.1840-
Floyd, James (marriage to Mary Rose Callahan) (i18901)
Floyd, James Frederick (i25758), b.1834-d.1901
Floyd, Lavinia Teackle (i25759), b.1836-d.1837
Floyd, Nannie Teackle "Annie" (i25762), b.1842-d.1906
Floyd, William Kendall (i25760), b.1837-d.1902
Floyd, William Satchell (marriage to Ann Teackle Smith) (i25741), b.1805-d.1843


Forbes, John (marriage to Elizabeth Marshall****) (i19947)


Fossaker, Mary (marriage to Chandler Fowke(Capt.)) (i17808), d.1783


Fowke, Adam (i17467), b.1661-
Fowke, Ann (i17818), b.1729-d.1732
Fowke, Ann (i17822), b.1737-
Fowke, Anne (i17486), b.1689-d.1739
Fowke, Catherine (i17490), b.1694-
Fowke, Catherine (i17810)
Fowke, Chandler (i17819), b.1732-d.1810
Fowke, Chandler, (Capt.) (i17807), b.1695-d.1744
Fowke, Chandler, (Jr.) (i17811), b.1717-
Fowke, Elizabeth (i17470), b.1668-d.1702
Fowke, Elizabeth (i17497), d.1732
Fowke, Elizabeth (i17816), b.1727-
Fowke, Frances (i17488), b.1691-d.1744
Fowke, Gerard (i17809)
Fowke, Gerard (i17812), b.1718-
Fowke, Gerard, (Col.) (marriage to Ann Thorowgood) (i17462), b.1606-d.1669
Fowke, Gerard, (III) (i17485), b.1687-
Fowke, Gerard, (Jr.) (i17468), b.1662-d.1735
Fowke, John (i17815), b.1724-d.1740
Fowke, Mary (i17469), b.1667-d.1701
Fowke, Richard (i17825), b.1741-
Fowke, Roger (i17494), b.1697-d.1727
Fowke, Sarah (i17821), b.1734-d.1739
Fowke, Susanna (i17823), b.1739-
Fowke, William (i17827), b.1743-d.1743
Fowke, William Chandler (i17814), b.1723-


Fowler, Pembroke (marriage to Argall Thorowgood) (i17554), d.1692
Fowler, Pembroke (marriage to John Thorowgood(Jr.)) (i17546), d.1719


Frances(wife of John Tompkins) (marriage to John Tompkins) (i18225)


Freeland, Carter Penn (marriage to Henry Llewellyn Daingerfield Lewis) (i18284), d.1890


Gale, Levin (marriage to Leah Custis) (i11904)


Garnett, Henry Wise (marriage to Marian Morson) (i18613)


Garrard, William (marriage to Frances Bullitt) (i18719)


Garrett, Robert Major (marriage to Susan Comfort Winder) (i18861), b.1808-d.1853


Gaskins, Alice Peachy (marriage to John Moncure(III)) (i18680)


Gatewood, Lucy Ann (marriage to William Augustas Moncure) (i18687)


Gay, Mary Susan (marriage to Lawrence Lewis Butler) (i18272), d.1881


Gillett, Tabitha (marriage to John Custis) (i18574), b.1775-d.1822


Gilmer, Ann (i26249)
Gilmer, Ann (marriage to John Donell(Jr.)) (i26249)
Gilmer, Charles (i26253)
Gilmer, Jane (i26248)
Gilmer, Louisa (i26251)
Gilmer, Mary Ann (i26250)
Gilmer, Robert (i26254)
Gilmer, Sarah (i26255)
Gilmer, Susan (i26256)
Gilmer, William (i26252)
Gilmer, William (marriage to Mary Anne Smith) (i19023), d.1799


Girest, Sally E. (marriage to Thomas Upshur Teackle Smith) (i26245), d.1871


Glassell, Unknown (marriage to Margaret C. Scott) (i18735)


Godwin, Daniel (marriage to Sarah Jacob) (i18055), d.1779
Godwin, Mary (marriage to John Stringer) (i25803), b.1767-d.1801


Goffigon, Elizabeth (marriage to Isaac Smith(III)) (i19026)
Goffigon, Elizabeth (marriage to Powell Johnson) (i18097), d.1797
Goffigon, Lucy Ellen (marriage to Edgar J. Spady) (i18009), b.1835-d.1859
Goffigon, Margaret "Peggy" (marriage to John Williams) (i17969), d.1836


Gore, Comfort Quinton (marriage to John Harmanson Winder) (i26230), d.1816
Gore, Susanna (marriage to Custis Kendall(Jr.)) (i18200), d.1770


Graham, John (marriage to Christian Brown) (i17792), b.1720-
Graham, Mary Ann Teackle (marriage to George Edward Bowdoin) (i18843), d.1853


Grant, Ulysses Simpson, (President) (marriage to Julia Boggs Dent) (i19243), b.1822-d.1885


Green, Joshua (marriage to Jane Chandler) (i17482), d.1699


Greenfield, Kenelm Truman (marriage to Margaret Dent) (i17835)


Griffith, John H. (marriage to Elizabeth S. Ridley) (i18940), b.1813-d.1857


Grinnalds, Southy (marriage to Sarah Custis) (i6586), d.1803


Guion, George Seth (marriage to Rosina Christian Winder) (i1030), b.1806-
Guion, George Seth (marriage to Rosina Christian Winder) (i1030), b.1806-


Guy, Bridget (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i19132)
Guy, Lucretia (marriage to John Kendall) (i13656), b.1765-d.1823


Hack, Amanda Brown (i18514), b.1825-d.1899
Hack, Ann (i18482), b.1749-d.1792
Hack, Ann Q. S. (i18535), b.1803-d.1827
Hack, Anna "Nannie" (i18476)
Hack, Caroline Susan Ballard (i18531), b.1866-
Hack, Cave (i18518), b.1844-d.1858
Hack, Cave Jones (i18524), b.1801-d.1844
Hack, Charlotte (i18436), b.1784-d.1820
Hack, Charlotte Dennis (i18529), b.1861-
Hack, Elizabeth (i18388), d.1817
Hack, Elizabeth (i18480), b.1749-d.1804
Hack, Elizabeth Ann (i1709), b.1830-d.1904
Hack, Elizabeth Smith (i18491), b.1776-d.1812
Hack, Frances (i19510), b.1745-
Hack, Frances Ann (i18439), b.1790-d.1837
Hack, George (i6423), b.1743-d.1817
Hack, George T. P. (i18443), b.1838-d.1840
Hack, Glenmore Waters (i18530), b.1864-
Hack, Henry Clay (i18516), b.1844-d.1916
Hack, James Dennis (i18526), b.1838-d.1869
Hack, John William (i18513), b.1823-d.1849
Hack, John William Upshur (i18512), b.1797-d.1855
Hack, Louisa (i18534), b.1843-
Hack, Margaret H. (i18435), b.1774-d.1849
Hack, Mary "Molly" (i18437), b.1787-d.1828
Hack, Mary Virginia (i18532), b.1869-
Hack, Matilda (i18324), b.1741-d.1819
Hack, Matilda (marriage to Henry Custis(Lt. Col.)) (i18324), b.1741-d.1819
Hack, Melinda M. (i18508), b.1786-
Hack, Melinda Upshur (i18523), b.1799-
Hack, Peter (i18474), d.1821
Hack, Peter Thomas Upshur (i18509), b.1795-d.1824
Hack, Peter, (III) (i18488), b.1754-d.1844
Hack, Peter, (Jr.) (marriage to Ann Custis) (i6422), b.1717-d.1802
Hack, Sallie Brown Upshur (i18511), b.1797-d.1874
Hack, Sallie Upshur (i549), b.1823-d.1880
Hack, Sallie Virginia (i18533), b.1840-
Hack, Sally (i18438), d.1845
Hack, Sarah Jane (i18519)
Hack, Scarbugh Corbin (i18517), b.1833-d.1897
Hack, Thomas P. (i18442), b.1817-d.1850
Hack, Thomas P. (marriage to Margaret Hack Scherer) (i18442), b.1817-d.1850


Hackett, Unknown, (husband of Mary Thorowgood) (marriage to Mary Anne Thorowgood) (i17750)


Haggoman, Elishe (marriage to William Johnson) (i18095)
Haggoman, Elizabeth "Betty" (i11767), d.1762
Haggoman, John, (III) (i18077), d.1790
Haggoman, John, (Jr.) (i11764), d.1764
Haggoman, John, (Sr.) (marriage to Sarah Powell) (i11763), d.1764
Haggoman, Robert (i18078), d.1788
Haggoman, Sarah (i11765), b.1732-d.1764
Haggoman, William (i228), d.1764
Haggoman, William (i18080), d.1799
Haggoman, William, (Jr.) (i18048), d.1827


Hall, Lucy (marriage to Thorowgood Keeling) (i17622)


Haly, Mary E. (marriage to Charles Morelle Bruce) (i18646)


Hanbury, Frederick (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i19136)


Handy, Betty (marriage to George Waters) (i13772), b.1749-
Handy, Elizabeth (i18377), d.1782
Handy, Thomas (marriage to Ann Scarburgh) (i18375), d.1782
Handy, Thomas Henry (i18376), d.1782


Hannah(wife of George Harmanson) (marriage to George Harmanson) (i13744)


Hanson, Samuel (marriage to Ann Brown) (i17803), b.1732-


Harbert, Anne (marriage to George Dent(Col.)) (i17522), d.1764


Hardy, William George, (Jr.) (marriage to Lucy Dent) (i17857), b.1723-d.1772


Harmanson, Argall (i11782), b.1690-d.1734
Harmanson, Barbara (i13249), b.1698-
Harmanson, Benjamin (i13432), b.1726-d.1761
Harmanson, Bridget (i11783), b.1706-d.1768
Harmanson, Elishe (i11786), b.1704-
Harmanson, Elishe (i13751)
Harmanson, Elishe (marriage to George Mason Kendall) (i11722), b.1719-d.1775
Harmanson, Elizabeth (i13272), b.1732-
Harmanson, Elizabeth (i13641), d.1774
Harmanson, Elizabeth (i13747), b.1751-
Harmanson, Elizabeth (i13752)
Harmanson, Esther (i13753)
Harmanson, George (i13431), b.1724-d.1762
Harmanson, George, (Col.) (marriage to Elizabeth Yeardley) (i11778), b.1673-d.1735
Harmanson, Henrietta (i11784), b.1708-d.1736
Harmanson, Henrietta (marriage to William Kendall(IV)) (i11784), b.1708-d.1736
Harmanson, Isabel (i13248), b.1702-d.1737
Harmanson, Isabel (i13642), b.1754-d.1754
Harmanson, John (i13746), b.1749-d.1783
Harmanson, John Kendall (i13754)
Harmanson, John Stoughton (i13640), b.1754-d.1755
Harmanson, John, (III) (i13271), b.1732-
Harmanson, John, (Jr.) (marriage to Isabel Harmanson) (i13221), b.1700-d.1732
Harmanson, Katherine (i13750)
Harmanson, Kendall (i13270), d.1755
Harmanson, Margaret (i11781), b.1700-
Harmanson, Margaret (i14186), d.1833
Harmanson, Mary (i13748), d.1762
Harmanson, Mathew T. (i14185), d.1833
Harmanson, Matthew (marriage to Elizabeth Bowdoin Kendall) (i13666), b.1769-
Harmanson, Rose Ann (i11785), b.1717-d.1760
Harmanson, Sarah (i13269), b.1732-d.1735
Harmanson, Susanna (i13745), b.1755-d.1799


Harper, Jacmaine (marriage to William Thorowgood) (i17712)
Harper, Mary A. (marriage to Samuel Williams) (i18033), b.1808-d.1860


Harriet(wife of William Kendall) (marriage to William Kendall) (i18209)


Harrison, Caile (marriage to Thomas James Bullitt) (i18717)
Harrison, Mary (marriage to Chandler Fowke) (i17820), d.1831
Harrison, Richard (marriage to Elizabeth Dent) (i17837)


Hart, Marvin or Samuel A. (marriage to Amanda Brown Hack) (i18515)


Hawkins, Eleanor (marriage to George Dent(Jr.)) (i17830)
Hawkins, Mary Eleanor (marriage to Peter Dent(Jr.)) (i17852)


Haxall, Charlotte Taylor (marriage to Robert Edward Lee(Jr.)) (i18298), b.1848-d.1872


Haynes, Frances (marriage to John Thorowgood(Jr.)) (i17700)
Haynes, Henry (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i17639), d.1786
Haynes, Henry, (Jr.) (i17640)


Hays, John (marriage to Ann Christian) (i243), d.1803


Heath, Rufus (marriage to Susan T. Wise Brickhouse) (i18545), b.1814-d.1842


Helen P.(wife of Charles Fisher) (marriage to Charles F. M. Fisher) (i18118), b.1828-d.1860


Henderson, Elizabeth (marriage to George Christian) (i28872)
Henderson, Elizabeth (marriage to George Christian) (i28872)
Henderson, Sarah (marriage to John Custis) (i18577), b.1781-d.1823


Hendren, Pocahontas (marriage to John Ambler Mason) (i18788)
Hendren, Pocahontas (marriage to John Ambler Mason) (i18788)


Henry, Annie B. (i25894)
Henry, James, (Judge) (marriage to Sarah Scarburgh) (i23970)
Henry, William M. Blair (marriage to Elizabeth Hack) (i18481), d.1781


Herbert, Palina (marriage to John Williams) (i18045)


Higgins, Elizabeth B. (i18486)
Higgins, Mary Hack (i18487)
Higgins, Michael H. (marriage to Mary Hack Read) (i18485), d.1825
Higgins, Michael H., (Jr.) (i17919), b.1819-d.1896
Higgins, Michael H., (Jr.) (marriage to Mariana Parramore) (i17919), b.1819-d.1896
Higgins, Sudie L. (i25300), b.1847-


Hill, Dorsey (marriage to Elizabeth Bell Jacob) (i18405), d.1812


Hinman, Amanda A. W. (marriage to John R. Bowdoin) (i18419), b.1829-d.1883
Hinman, Amanda A. W. (marriage to John R. Bowdoin) (i18419), b.1829-d.1883


Holbeck, Alice, (widow) (marriage to William Thorowgood) (i17460)


Holbrooke, Jane (marriage to John Ewing) (i17905), d.1785


Holland, James (marriage to Sarah Woodard) (i11376)


Holt, George (marriage to Ann Custis) (i6404), d.1758


Hooe, Anne (i18669), b.1739-
Hooe, Gerrard (i18666), b.1733-
Hooe, John (marriage to Anne Alexander) (i17781), b.1704-d.1766
Hooe, John, (Jr.) (i18668), b.1737-
Hooe, Mary Anne (i18672), b.1756-
Hooe, Rice (i18670), b.1741-
Hooe, Sarah (i18671), b.1742-
Hooe, Seymour (i18667), b.1735-


Hopkins, Ann Wainhouse (i1015), b.1801-d.1854
Hopkins, Charles A. (i853), d.1826
Hopkins, Ellison Armistead (i856), b.1808-d.1887
Hopkins, Matthew (marriage to Mary Brown) (i17790), b.1717-
Hopkins, Maximilian (marriage to Elizabeth Armistead) (i852), d.1818
Hopkins, Susan C. (i854), b.1802-d.1874
Hopkins, William Ellyson (marriage to Sallie Virginia Hack Ayres) (i560), b.1861-d.1923


Hopkinson, Mariah (marriage to Isaac Smith(III)) (i19027), b.1773-d.1806


Horn, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Stephen Woodard) (i20156), b.1784-d.1875


Howard, Annie Christian (i18714), b.1825-d.1912
Howard, Charles (marriage to Mary Catherine Winder) (i18865), b.1830-
Howard, John (marriage to Annie Christian Bullitt) (i18713), b.1769-d.1843
Howard, Mary E. (marriage to Albert Carson Bruce) (i18643)


Hughes, Sarah (marriage to Hugh Finley) (i18763)


Huie, Ann Foster (i18726), b.1806-
Huie, George William (i18724), b.1802-
Huie, Helen Scott (i18727), b.1808-
Huie, James (marriage to Helen Eleanor Grant Bullitt) (i18723), b.1770-d.1808
Huie, Thomas J. (i18725), b.1804-


Hulings, Maria Patton (marriage to Lloyd W. Williams) (i18022), b.1824-d.1893
Hulings, Mary Rebecca (marriage to Goodwin Gardner Williams) (i18024), b.1827-d.1912


Hunter, Fowler (i19212)
Hunter, John (i19210)
Hunter, Thomas (i19211)
Hunter, Thomas (marriage to Peggy Thorowgood) (i17704), d.1767
Hunter, William (marriage to Elizabeth Keeling) (i17652)
Hunter, William (marriage to Elizabeth Keeling) (i17652)


Hurtt, William Gilmore (marriage to Clara Harmanson Kellam) (i18186), b.1855-d.1942


Ingram, John (marriage to Sarah Calvert) (i17728)


Ireland, Gilbert (marriage to Ann Dent) (i17839)


Isdell, William (marriage to Sally A. Savage) (i18954)


Jacob, Anne Stratton (i18424), b.1801-d.1855
Jacob, Arthur James, (Jr.) (marriage to Scarbugh Corbin Hack) (i26271), b.1827-d.1860
Jacob, Charlotte Hack (i18430), b.1806-d.1854
Jacob, Clark (marriage to Margaret Powell) (i11790), b.1701-d.1735
Jacob, Elishe (i18049), d.1774
Jacob, Elizabeth (i18067)
Jacob, Elizabeth (i18422), b.1798-d.1803
Jacob, Elizabeth "Betty" (marriage to John Haggoman(Jr.)) (i11771), d.1787
Jacob, Elizabeth Bell (i18404), b.1793-d.1835
Jacob, Esau (marriage to Elizabeth "Betty" Haggoman) (i11768), b.1708-d.1775
Jacob, Margaret (i18073), d.1775
Jacob, Margaret "Maggie" Wilson (marriage to Charles Smith(Dr.)) (i18823), b.1843-d.1922
Jacob, Margaret "Maggie" Wilson (marriage to Charles Smith(Dr.)) (i18823), b.1843-d.1922
Jacob, Margaret T. (i18390), b.1789-d.1859
Jacob, Mary (i18075), d.1775
Jacob, Mary (marriage to John Scarburgh) (i24062), d.1853
Jacob, Octave (marriage to Ellen Bruce Morson) (i18609)
Jacob, Robert (A. or Clark), (II)(Col.) (marriage to Elizabeth Hack) (i18389), b.1766-d.1808
Jacob, Robert Clark, (III) (i18423), b.1798-d.1803
Jacob, Rosannah (i18076), d.1775
Jacob, Sarah (i18053), d.1779
Jacob, Susan M. (i18416), b.1796-d.1885
Jacob, Susan M. (marriage to Peter Smith Bowdoin) (i18416), b.1796-d.1885
Jacob, Susanna "Anne" (i18064), d.1784
Jacob, Teackle (White or William) (marriage to Rachel Upshur Bayly) (i18231), b.1811-d.1883
Jacob, William E. (i18429), b.1803-d.1821


James, Bridget (i1090), d.1761
James, Lemuel (marriage to Columbia Williams) (i18039), b.1827-d.1899
James, Margaret "Peggy" (i1092), d.1795
James, Margaret "Peggy" (marriage to Nathaniel Savage) (i756), d.1833
James, Michael (i1089), d.1761
James, Robert (marriage to Elizabeth Christian) (i278), d.1759
James, Susan (i759), d.1798


Jameson, Margaret C. (marriage to Smith Severn Nottingham) (i17986), b.1822-d.1906
Jameson, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Smith Severn Nottingham) (i17985)


Jamison, John (i17717)
Jamison, Margaret (i17715)
Jamison, Neil (marriage to Pennebruck Thorowgood) (i17714)


Jarvis, Elizabeth W. (marriage to Custis Kendall) (i14193), b.1801-d.1867
Jarvis, George A. (i18466), b.1864-d.1904
Jarvis, Helen Robinson (i18461), b.1852-
Jarvis, Henrietta Sarah (i18002), b.1829-d.1910
Jarvis, Henrietta Sarah (marriage to George Nichols Hack Scherer) (i18002), b.1829-d.1910
Jarvis, James Ambler (i18458), b.1848-d.1930
Jarvis, John W. (i18001), d.1820
Jarvis, Margaret A. (i17999), d.1844
Jarvis, Mary E. (i17995), d.1838
Jarvis, Mary Hannah (i18455), b.1858-d.1881
Jarvis, Sarah Frances Hack (i18464), b.1856-d.1918
Jarvis, Thomas W. (i18456), b.1846-
Jarvis, Thomas William (i17997), b.1817-d.1872
Jarvis, Thomas William (marriage to Mary Hannah Scherer) (i17997), b.1817-d.1872
Jarvis, William Belle (marriage to Margaret Williams) (i17994), b.1790-d.1829


Jenne, Charlotte (i850), b.1794-
Jenne, Esther (i18929), d.1852
Jenne, Jabez (i846), b.1782-
Jenne, Michael (i849), b.1794-
Jenne, William (i848), b.1782-
Jenne, William (marriage to Elizabeth Ewing) (i196), d.1794
Jenne, William (marriage to Margaret Christian) (i196), d.1794


Jermy, William (marriage to Ann (Thorowgood)) (i17618), d.1666


Johnson, Ann (i18084), d.1755
Johnson, Edmund (marriage to Mary "Polly" Savage) (i18936), d.1818
Johnson, Famey (marriage to Levin Marshall*) (i18142)
Johnson, Isaac (i18089), d.1774
Johnson, John H. (i18937), d.1852
Johnson, John T. (marriage to Catherine M. Scarburgh) (i26001)
Johnson, John Y. (marriage to Margaret Sarah Fisher) (i15179), d.1851
Johnson, Keziah (marriage to William Christian) (i1005), d.1761
Johnson, Margaret "Peggy" (i18098), d.1825
Johnson, Margaret (marriage to Michael R. Savage) (i1102), d.1817
Johnson, Maritta "Etta" (marriage to William R. Fisher) (i18107), b.1847-d.1869
Johnson, Mary (i18091), d.1774
Johnson, Matilda (marriage to William Christian) (i845), d.1773
Johnson, Nannie Lou (marriage to John Cary Ambler) (i18783), d.1908
Johnson, Peggy (i18090), d.1774
Johnson, Powell (i18096), d.1773
Johnson, Rosy M. (marriage to Caleb Savage(Jr.)) (i18951), b.1811-d.1852
Johnson, Sarah (i18092), d.1774
Johnson, Sarah Yardly (i1787), b.1769-d.1820
Johnson, Spencer (i18082), d.1745
Johnson, Thomas (i18103), d.1774
Johnson, Thomas (marriage to Mary Powell) (i18081), d.1768
Johnson, William (i18094), d.1774


Jones, Sallie Elzy (marriage to John Custis Wilson(Jr.)) (i26079), b.1793-d.1850


Joynes, Edward (marriage to Nancy Kendall) (i18211), d.1838
Joynes, Kendall (marriage to Sally Milby) (i17909)
Joynes, Mary Stockley (marriage to George Parker Scarburgh) (i18347), b.1815-d.1885
Joynes, Thomas Robinson, (Jr.) (marriage to Sally W. Bagwell) (i26315), b.1829-d.1868
Joynes, Watkins (i17910), d.1822


Justice, Amelia Sandra (marriage to Samuel Barnes) (i18072)
Justice, James (marriage to Sarah Custis) (i897), d.1769
Justice, Susanna (i18325), b.1769-d.1774


Katherine(wife of Thomas Walke) (marriage to Thomas Walke(Jr.)) (i19033)


Keeling, Adam (i18556), d.1771
Keeling, Adam (i18559), d.1805
Keeling, Adam, (Capt.) (i11434), b.1639-d.1683
Keeling, Adam, (Capt.) (marriage to Ann Martin) (i11434), b.1639-d.1683
Keeling, Adam, (Jr.) (i11435)
Keeling, Alexander (i11436), d.1704
Keeling, Ann (i11406), d.1672
Keeling, Ann (i11440)
Keeling, Ann (i17591), d.1744
Keeling, Ann (i17671)
Keeling, Ann (i17914), d.1679
Keeling, Ann (marriage to Robert Thorowgood(Jr.)) (i17591), d.1744
Keeling, Anna (i17656)
Keeling, Daughter (i17608)
Keeling, Daughter (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i17608)
Keeling, Edward (i17662)
Keeling, Edward (i19735)
Keeling, Elizabeth (i11439)
Keeling, Elizabeth (i17651), d.1764
Keeling, Elizabeth (i17669)
Keeling, Elizabeth (i17695), d.1763
Keeling, Elizabeth (i17915), d.1671
Keeling, Elizabeth (marriage to Argall Thorowgood) (i17651), d.1764
Keeling, Frances (i17660)
Keeling, Francis (i17693), d.1763
Keeling, Grace (i17670)
Keeling, Henry (i17657)
Keeling, John (i11438)
Keeling, John (i17661)
Keeling, John Thorowgood (i17691), d.1768
Keeling, Lucy (i17624)
Keeling, Lucy (marriage to Horatio Woodhouse(Capt.)) (i17624)
Keeling, Margaret (i17659)
Keeling, Margaret (i19078)
Keeling, Mary (i17658)
Keeling, Mary (i17696), d.1763
Keeling, Robert (i17668)
Keeling, Robert (i17694), d.1763
Keeling, Sarah (i17627)
Keeling, Thomas (i11437), b.1674-d.1715
Keeling, Thomas (i18558), d.1784
Keeling, Thomas (i19736)
Keeling, Thomas, (Lt.) (marriage to Ann (Thorowgood)) (i11426), b.1608-d.1664
Keeling, Thorowgood (i17616), d.1679
Keeling, Thorowgood (i17667)
Keeling, William, (Capt.) (i17628), d.1753
Keeling, William, (Capt.) (marriage to Amy Woodhouse) (i17628), d.1753
Keeling, William, (III) (i17692), d.1768
Keeling, William, (Jr.) (Capt.) (i17663), d.1768
Keeling, William, (Jr.) (Capt.) (marriage to Mary Thorowgood) (i17663), d.1768


Kellam, Ann Eastburn (i18409), b.1820-d.1892
Kellam, Arthur (i18181), b.1851-
Kellam, Clara Harmanson (i18185), b.1860-d.1911
Kellam, Elise (i18412)
Kellam, Estella F. (i18471), b.1848-d.1895
Kellam, Francis (marriage to Frances Elizabeth Scherer) (i18469), d.1852
Kellam, James Custis (i18183), b.1857-d.1903
Kellam, John (i18182), b.1855-
Kellam, John Custis Parramore (i17921), b.1838-
Kellam, John Henry (i18415)
Kellam, Rebecca (i18411)
Kellam, Robert Jacob (i18414)
Kellam, Samuel Edmund Downing (marriage to Louisa Catherine Kendall) (i18179), b.1824-d.1878
Kellam, Samuel Edmund Downing, (Jr.) (i18187), b.1863-d.1927
Kellam, Samuel H. (i18180), b.1849-
Kellam, Susan (i18413)
Kellam, Thomas H. (i1049), b.1826-
Kellam, Thomas H. (marriage to Harriet Burleigh Darby Parramore) (i872)
Kellam, Thomas Hatton, (Col.) (marriage to Elizabeth Bell Jacob) (i18406), b.1790-d.1841
Kellam, Thomas Hatton, (Col.) (marriage to Sallie Brown Upshur Hack) (i18406), b.1790-d.1841
Kellam, Thomas Hatton, (III) (marriage to Sudie L. Higgins) (i25299), b.1849-
Kellam, Thomas Hatton, (III) (marriage to Sudie L. Higgins) (i25299), b.1849-
Kellam, Thomas Hatton, (Jr.) (i18407), b.1819-d.1907


Kelly, Abel (marriage to Rosey T. Savage) (i18956), b.1829-d.1859


Kemps, James (i17720)
Kemps, Thomas (marriage to Sarah "Sally" Scarburgh Thorowgood) (i17719)


Kendall, Adah (i13629), d.1802
Kendall, Ann (marriage to Henry Custis(Capt.)) (i6321), b.1696-d.1760
Kendall, Anne (i18214), d.1789
Kendall, Anne (marriage to John Custis) (i18214), d.1789
Kendall, Bowdoin (i13630), d.1809
Kendall, Custis (i14176), d.1822
Kendall, Custis (i18167)
Kendall, Custis, (Jr.) (i13624), d.1813
Kendall, Custis, (Mjr.) (i11725), b.1708-d.1781
Kendall, Elizabeth (i11753), b.1748-d.1789
Kendall, Elizabeth "Bessie" A. (i18193), b.1869-
Kendall, Elizabeth Bowdoin (i14175), d.1824
Kendall, Elizabeth Custis (i14194), b.1822-d.1859
Kendall, Ellen (i18194), b.1875-d.1946
Kendall, Esther (i13424), d.1738
Kendall, George (i13626), b.1759-d.1784
Kendall, George (i18203)
Kendall, George Mason (i11721), d.1755
Kendall, George S. (i18177), b.1848-d.1870
Kendall, Henrietta (i11727)
Kendall, Henry B. (i18171), d.1834
Kendall, James B. (i18205), d.1828
Kendall, John (i13623), d.1794
Kendall, John (i18189), b.1780-d.1809
Kendall, John C. (i18173), b.1816-d.1867
Kendall, Juliett (i18175), b.1846-
Kendall, Leah (i11724), d.1720
Kendall, Littleton (i11723), d.1730
Kendall, Littleton (i11751), b.1736-
Kendall, Littleton (i13628), d.1813
Kendall, Louisa Catherine (i18178), b.1828-d.1911
Kendall, Margaret (i13631), d.1802
Kendall, Margaret "Peggy" (i11720), d.1735
Kendall, Margaret "Peggy" (i18212), d.1823
Kendall, Mason (marriage to James Watt(Jr.)) (i11760), d.1724
Kendall, Nancy (i18210), d.1823
Kendall, Peter (i13627), b.1768-d.1787
Kendall, Probable Son (i18206), d.1779
Kendall, Sally (i18204)
Kendall, Sarah (i18170)
Kendall, Sarah Cable Brown (i18168)
Kendall, Sorrowful Margaret (i13625)
Kendall, Thomas (i11752), b.1741-d.1775
Kendall, Thomas Littleton (marriage to Susan T. Wise Brickhouse) (i25666), b.1813-d.1870
Kendall, Thomas Preeson (i18169), d.1807
Kendall, Thomas S. (i18176)
Kendall, William (i18164), d.1795
Kendall, William (i18208), d.1841
Kendall, William (marriage to Nancy Parsons) (i18164), d.1795
Kendall, William (marriage to Nancy Parsons) (i18164), d.1795
Kendall, William H. (i18191), b.1821-d.1885
Kendall, William, (III) (marriage to Sorrowful Margaret Custis) (i6403), b.1687-d.1720
Kendall, William, (IV) (i11726), d.1736
Kendall, William, (IV) (marriage to Henrietta Harmanson) (i11726), d.1736
Kendall, William, (Jr.) (i18166)


Kennard, Ann Wise Stratton (i18251), b.1832-d.1848
Kennard, Sally Stratton (i2338), b.1829-d.1917
Kennard, William (marriage to Ann Wise Stratton) (i18250), b.1794-d.1877


Kerr, Catherine (marriage to William Christian) (i1072), b.1759-d.1799
Kerr, Elizabeth (marriage to William B. Seymour) (i13536), b.1771-d.1811
Kerr, Elizabeth Revell Corbin (marriage to William Digby Seymour) (i14005)
Kerr, George Yerby (marriage to Mary Hannah Jarvis) (i2334), b.1856-d.1881
Kerr, George Yerby (marriage to Mary Hannah Jarvis) (i2334), b.1856-d.1881
Kerr, George, (Dr.) (marriage to Sarah Caroline Winder) (i1814), b.1825-d.1892
Kerr, Hugh (marriage to Ann "Annie" Elizabeth Yerby) (i1816), b.1831-d.1868
Kerr, Sally (marriage to Edmund W. Bayly) (i18233), b.1829-d.1859


Key, John (marriage to Cecilia Brown) (i17801), b.1732-


Keziah(wife of John Smith) (marriage to John Smith) (i19082)


King, John (marriage to Helen Scott Huie) (i18728)


Kingman, Robert, (Capt.) (marriage to Mary Sayer) (i17536)


Kitty(wife of Robert Haggoman) (marriage to Robert Haggoman) (i18079)


Knox, Barbara (i18140)
Knox, John (i18138)
Knox, Nicholas (marriage to Barbara Marshall*) (i18137), d.1829
Knox, Robert (i18139)


Langston, Elisabeth (i11469)
Langston, Frances (i11454), b.1751-d.1780
Langston, Isaac (i11471)
Langston, Leonard, (Jr.) (marriage to Ann Woodard) (i11372), b.1720-d.1780
Langston, Luke (i11470), b.1747-
Langston, Lydia (marriage to Thomas Woodard(Sr.)) (i11317)
Langston, Sarah (i11458), d.1780


Law, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Parke Custis) (i18261)


Lawson, Anne (i17600)
Lawson, Anthony (i17596)
Lawson, Anthony (i17677)
Lawson, Anthony, (Lt. Col.) (marriage to Ann Keeling) (i17594)
Lawson, Charles (i17676)
Lawson, Frances (i17598)
Lawson, George (i17597)
Lawson, Margaret (i17544)
Lawson, Margaret (marriage to John Thorowgood(Col.)) (i17544)
Lawson, Mary (i19036)
Lawson, Thomas (i17593), d.1703
Lawson, Thomas (marriage to Rose Thorowgood) (i17593), d.1703
Lawson, Thomas, (Capt.) (i17602), b.1703-d.1735
Lawson, Thomas, (Jr.) (i17675)


Leah(wife of William Seymour) (marriage to William Seymour) (i17952), d.1796


Leatherbury, Edward R. (marriage to Elizabeth "Bettie" M. Bagwell) (i26330), b.1825-d.1913


Lee, Alexander (i18740), b.1815-
Lee, Anne Carter (i18295), b.1839-d.1862
Lee, Charles (marriage to Margaret C. Scott) (i18734), b.1758-d.1815
Lee, Eleanor Agnes (i18296), b.1841-d.1873
Lee, Elizabeth Gorden (i18738), b.1813-
Lee, George Washington Custis (i18290), b.1832-d.1913
Lee, Joshua (marriage to Mary Woodard) (i11374)
Lee, Martha (marriage to William Fitzhugh) (i17888)
Lee, Mary Custis (i18291), b.1835-d.1918
Lee, Mildred Childe (i18299), b.1846-d.1905
Lee, Robert Eden (i18736), b.1810-d.1843
Lee, Robert Edward, (Gen.) (marriage to Mary Anne Randolph Custis) (i11748), b.1807-d.1869
Lee, Robert Edward, (Jr.) (i18297), b.1843-d.1914
Lee, William Henry Fitzhugh (i18292), b.1837-d.1891


Lewis, Angela (i18274), b.1801-
Lewis, Charles Conrad (i18282), b.1839-
Lewis, Edward Parke Custis (i18280), b.1837-d.1864
Lewis, Eleanor Agnes Freire (i18285), b.1805-
Lewis, Eleanor Parke (i18268), b.1799-
Lewis, Fielding Augustine (i18286), b.1807-
Lewis, Frances Parke (i18269), b.1799-d.1875
Lewis, George (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Johnson) (i18100)
Lewis, George Washington Custis (i18287), b.1810-
Lewis, Henry Llewellyn Daingerfield (i18283), b.1843-d.1890
Lewis, James M. (marriage to Virginia Thorowgood) (i19148)
Lewis, John Redman Coxe (i18278), b.1834-
Lewis, Lawrence (marriage to Eleanor "Nelly" Parke Custis) (i18267), b.1767-d.1839
Lewis, Lawrence Fielding (i18275), b.1802-
Lewis, Lawrence Fielding (i18279), b.1834-
Lewis, Lorenzo (i18276), b.1803-d.1839
Lewis, Lydia (marriage to Samuel Barnes) (i25031)
Lewis, Martha Betty (i18273), b.1801-
Lewis, Martha Eleanor Parke (i18288), b.1813-


Littleton, Sarah (marriage to Adam Michael) (i4620), b.1661-d.1720


Lofland, Alfred (marriage to Cassandra W. Scarburgh) (i18354), b.1815-d.1897
Lofland, Amelia (i18355), b.1840-
Lofland, James H. A. (i18359), b.1849-d.1932
Lofland, Margaret "Kate" E.C. (i18357), b.1844-d.1922
Lofland, Sarah Emmeline Frances (i18356), b.1842-d.1923


Lomax, Mary (marriage to Gerard Fowke(Jr.)) (i17483)


Long, James, (Dr.) (marriage to Jane Herbert Dent Wilkinson) (i19953)


Lovett, Amy (marriage to Francis Thorowgood(Jr.)) (i17578), d.1778
Lovett, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Keeling) (i18554)
Lovett, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Keeling) (i18554)


Luker, Anne (i18087), d.1774
Luker, Elizabeth (i18968), d.1824
Luker, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Custis) (i18968), d.1824
Luker, Luke (marriage to Ann Johnson) (i1080), d.1774
Luker, Luke (marriage to Susannah Christian) (i1080), d.1774
Luker, Rose (i18086), d.1774
Luker, Sarah (i18088), b.1756-d.1830
Luker, Susanna (i1083), d.1803


Lyne, William Henry (marriage to Cassandra Oliver Moncure) (i18689), b.1843-d.1887


Mackie, Elizabeth T. (marriage to John W. Thorowgood) (i17736)
Mackie, John (marriage to Mary Thorowgood) (i17706)
Mackie, John (marriage to Mary Thorowgood) (i19216)


Mackubin, James (marriage to Gabriella Peter) (i18266), b.1830-d.1904


Maddox, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Michael) (i11812), b.1651-


Malbones, Randolph (marriage to Lucy Keeling) (i17625)


Manning, Sarah (marriage to Francis Thorowgood) (i19737), d.1828


Mapp, George S. (marriage to Catherine C. Ames) (i18964), b.1807-d.1868


March, Francis Andrew (marriage to Mildred Stone Conway) (i18706), b.1825-d.1911


Margaret(wife of Benjamin Williams) (marriage to Benjamin Williams) (i17992)
Margaret(wife of Hillary Stringer V) (marriage to Hillary Stringer(V)) (i13755), b.1737-d.1823
Margaret(wife of John Woodard) (marriage to John Woodard) (i11319)
Margaret(wife of Son Kendall) (marriage to Probable Son Kendall) (i18207), d.1823


Marshall****, Elizabeth (i19946)
Marshall****, Sarah L. (marriage to John Dent(Gen.)) (i17842), b.1735-d.1795
Marshall****, Thomas Hanson (marriage to Rebecca Dent) (i17833), b.1731-d.1801


Marshall*, Barbara (i18136), b.1765-
Marshall*, Betsy (i18147), d.1826
Marshall*, George (i18144), d.1817
Marshall*, George Beavans (i18135), d.1792
Marshall*, John (marriage to Mason Watt) (i11857), d.1766
Marshall*, John, (Jr.) (i18131)
Marshall*, Levin (i18141), b.1762-d.1801
Marshall*, Nancy Drummond (i18134), b.1784-d.1810
Marshall*, Nehemiah (i18132), b.1762-d.1784


Marshall, Claudia Burwell (marriage to James Bruce Morson) (i18611)
Marshall, Ebby or Ibby (i18145)


Martin, Ann (i11414)
Martin, Ann (i11424), b.1706-
Martin, Ann (marriage to Adam Keeling(Capt.)) (i11414)
Martin, Elizabeth (i11415), b.1676-d.1750
Martin, Elizabeth (i11425), b.1709-
Martin, Frances (i11417), b.1676-
Martin, Grace (marriage to Alexander Keeling) (i11411)
Martin, Joel (i11401), b.1638-d.1715
Martin, Joel (i11421), b.1699-
Martin, Joel, (Jr.) (i11418), b.1679-
Martin, John (i11412), b.1669-
Martin, John (i11420), b.1697-
Martin, John (marriage to Ann Keeling) (i11405), b.1616-d.1666
Martin, Joseph (i11423), b.1704-
Martin, Mary (i11382), b.1660-d.1715
Martin, William (i11413), b.1671-
Martin, William, (Jr.) (i11422), b.1702-d.1769


Mary Ann(wife of Charles Scarburgh) (marriage to Charles Scarburgh) (i18338), d.1760
Mary(wife of Elisha Woodard) (marriage to Elisha Woodard) (i11370)
Mary(wife of Francis Thorowgood) (marriage to Francis Thorowgood(III)) (i19129)
Mary(wife of John Thorowgood) (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i17607)
Mary(wife of William Martin) (marriage to William Martin) (i11419)
Mary(wife of William R. Fisher) (marriage to William R. Fisher) (i18106), d.1862
Mary(wife of William Roland Fisher) (marriage to William Roland Fisher) (i15182)


Mason, Anna Maria (i18772), b.1824-d.1863
Mason, Anne Fowke (i17499), b.1715-
Mason, Dinah (marriage to Robert Thorowgood) (i17586)
Mason, Elizabeth (i17507)
Mason, French (i17504), d.1748
Mason, George, (II) (Col.) (marriage to Mary Fowke) (i17498), b.1670-d.1716
Mason, George, (III) (Lt. Col.) (i17503), b.1690-d.1735
Mason, George, (IV) (i17881), b.1725-d.1792
Mason, Gerard (i17512), d.1715
Mason, Ida Oswald (i18791), b.1888-
Mason, James Murray (i18770), b.1798-d.1871
Mason, John (i18768), d.1798
Mason, John Ambler (i18787), b.1880-
Mason, Landon Randolph (i18775), b.1841-d.1923
Mason, Landon Randolph (marriage to Lucy Ambler) (i18775), b.1841-d.1923
Mason, Landon Randolph, (Jr.) (i18790), b.1884-
Mason, Lucy Randolph (i18789), b.1882-
Mason, Mary (i17884), d.1760
Mason, Nicholson (i17506), d.1716
Mason, Randolph Fitzhugh (i18786), b.1878-d.1918
Mason, Richard Chichester (i18784)
Mason, Sempha Rosa Enfield (i17509), b.1703-d.1761


Massie, Dade (marriage to Parthenia Alexander) (i17783), b.1708-
Massie, Dade, (Jr.) (i18673), b.1734-


Matthews, Margaret (marriage to Victor Ewing) (i17907), d.1817


Mayo, Peter (marriage to Susanna Teackle) (i17895), d.1800


McCandlish, Elizabeth (marriage to James Robinson Nimmo) (i19206)


McCrosky, Samuel Smith, (Rev.) (marriage to Elizabeth Bowdoin) (i14161), b.1754-d.1803


McPheeters, James Granberry (marriage to Susan Thorowgood) (i19231)


Mears, Demary S. (marriage to Samuel H. Scarburgh) (i28185)


Melvin, James (marriage to Betsy Marshall*) (i18148), d.1826
Melvin, James Walker (i18150)
Melvin, John L. (i18149)
Melvin, Samuel (i18151)
Melvin, Samuel J. (i18152)


Meredith, Wyndham R. (marriage to Anne Morson) (i18620)


Michael, Adam (i11699), d.1689
Michael, Esther (i4958)
Michael, John (i18162), d.1686
Michael, John (marriage to Margaret Christian) (i239), b.1746-d.1793
Michael, John, (Sr. "The Elder") (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i11737), d.1678
Michael, Margaret (i6315), b.1657-
Michael, Patience (i4957)
Michael, Patience (marriage to Michael Christian) (i185), d.1747
Michael, Rose (i4956)
Michael, Sarah (i1001), b.1655-d.1697
Michael, Simon (i11740), d.1686
Michael, William Christian (i4959)


Milby, Adial (marriage to Elizabeth Christian) (i1067), d.1775
Milby, Hester Walter (marriage to George Christian Ames) (i28710), b.1805-d.1840
Milby, John (i1071), d.1801
Milby, Mahala C. (i17912)
Milby, Sally (i1070)


Mincey, Elizabeth "Betsey" (marriage to Isaac Woodard) (i11356)


Moncure, Alice Peachy (i18682), b.1796-
Moncure, Ann (i18699), b.1748-d.1779
Moncure, Anna George (i18692), b.1831-
Moncure, Cassandra Oliver (i18688), d.1897
Moncure, Eustace Conway (i18696)
Moncure, Fanny W. (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Moncure) (i18694), b.1840-d.1867
Moncure, Frances (i18674), d.1762
Moncure, Frances A. (i18683), b.1797-
Moncure, Hannah Hull (i18685), b.1801-
Moncure, John (marriage to Frances Brown) (i17786), b.1713-
Moncure, John James (i18690), b.1829-
Moncure, John, (III) (i18679), b.1772-d.1822
Moncure, John, (IV) (i18681), b.1793-
Moncure, John, (Jr.) (i18677), b.1746-d.1772
Moncure, Lucy Maria (i18698), b.1850-
Moncure, Richard Travers (i18697), b.1848-
Moncure, St. Ledger Landon (i18695), b.1834-
Moncure, Thomas Gaskins (i18684), b.1799-
Moncure, Thomas Jefferson (i18693), b.1832-d.1867
Moncure, William Augustas (i18686), b.1803-d.1895
Moncure, William Cassius (i18691), b.1830-


Montgomery, Elizabeth (marriage to Walter Dent) (i17867), b.1741-d.1800


Moore, Mary "Molly" Tabitha (marriage to John Custis Parramore Kellam) (i17922), b.1841-d.1901
Moore, William (marriage to Mary Woodhouse) (i19051)


Morson, Alexander (marriage to Anne Casson Alexander) (i18605)
Morson, Alice (i18615), b.1852-
Morson, Anne (i18619), b.1859-
Morson, Charles Bruce (i18614), b.1850-
Morson, Ellen Bruce (i18608), b.1845-
Morson, Frank (i18618), b.1857-
Morson, James Bruce (i18610), b.1847-
Morson, James Marion (i18606), b.1817-d.1868
Morson, Marian (i18612), b.1849-d.1888
Morson, Thomas Seddon (i18617), b.1854-


Moseley, Edward, (Col.) (marriage to Rose Thorowgood) (i14522), b.1661-d.1736
Moseley, Mary (i19209)
Moseley, Tully (marriage to Amy Thorowgood) (i18570)
Moseley, William (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i17638), d.1772
Moseley, William, (Capt.)(Jr.) (marriage to Mary Sayer) (i17535)
Moseley, William, (III) (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i15085), d.1750


Mudd, Eleanor (marriage to George Tarvin) (i19192)


Murdough, James (marriage to Molly Walke) (i17761)
Murdough, John (i19220), b.1765-


Murray, Anna Maria (marriage to John Mason) (i18769), d.1798
Murray, Heron Campbell (marriage to Cordelia Cary Williams) (i18043), b.1811-d.1880
Murray, Julia Morris (marriage to Henry J. Bowdoin) (i18855)


Nancy (marriage to Langston Drew) (i11461)


Neale, Hamilton Smith (marriage to Elizabeth Bowdoin Smith) (i18825), b.1821-d.1890
Neale, Hamilton Smith (marriage to Elizabeth Bowdoin Smith) (i18825), b.1821-d.1890
Neale, William (marriage to Elizaabeth Teackle Smith) (i26220), b.1786-d.1849


Nelson, Charles (marriage to Sally B. Fisher) (i18121), d.1829
Nelson, Cincinnatus (i18123), d.1850
Nelson, Sally F. (i18122), d.1840


Newton, Lemuel (marriage to Anne Lawson) (i17601)
Newton, Lemuel (marriage to Anne Lawson) (i17601)


Nicholson, Betty (marriage to Adam Thorowgood) (i17632)
Nicholson, Dinah (marriage to Robert Thorowgood(III)) (i17731), d.1782
Nicholson, Dinah (marriage to Robert Thorowgood(III)) (i17731), d.1782
Nicholson, James Macon (marriage to Arinthia Darby Parker) (i1043), b.1807-
Nicholson, Mary (marriage to French Mason) (i17505)


Nickerson, Hannah (marriage to Francis Thorowgood) (i19738), d.1865


Nimmo, James (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i17724)
Nimmo, James Robinson (i19205)
Nimmo, John (i17727)
Nimmo, Margaret Keeling (i19207)
Nimmo, William Thorowgood (i17726)


Nimo, Elizabeth (marriage to William Thorowgood) (i17722)
Nimo, Elizabeth (marriage to William Thorowgood) (i17722)


Noble, George (marriage to Mary Ann Alexander) (i18657)
Noble, George (marriage to Mary Ann Alexander) (i18657)


Nottingham, Ann Scarburough (marriage to Thomas Nottingham Williams) (i18020), b.1798-d.1874
Nottingham, Edith (marriage to John Williams) (i17967), d.1787
Nottingham, Elizabeth W. (i17988), d.1834
Nottingham, George Smith (marriage to Sally Williams) (i17983), b.1789-d.1860
Nottingham, John (i17990), d.1827
Nottingham, John Evans (marriage to Sally Stratton Kennard) (i1824), b.1828-d.1902
Nottingham, Juliet (i17987), d.1827
Nottingham, Mary S. (marriage to William Williams) (i18018), d.1797
Nottingham, Richard (marriage to Mary "Polly" B. Fisher) (i18112), d.1832
Nottingham, Sally (i18102), d.1822
Nottingham, Smith Severn (i17984), b.1814-d.1899
Nottingham, Thomas, (Jr.) (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Johnson) (i18099), d.1788
Nottingham, William (i18101), d.1825
Nottingham, William Jacob (i18113), b.1812-d.1893
Nottingham, William P. (marriage to Charlotte L. Winder) (i18859), b.1806-d.1876
Nottingham, William Thomas (marriage to Margaret Sarah Williams) (i2465), b.1820-d.1859


Oakham, John (marriage to Ann Keeling) (i17620)


Offley, Sarah (marriage to Adam Thorowgood(I)(Capt.)) (i11735), b.1609-d.1657


Osborne, Daniel (marriage to Elizabeth Drew) (i11467)


Outten, Rosey (marriage to Robert Barnes) (i18070)


Overzee, Simon (marriage to Sarah Thorowgood) (i17471), d.1660


Page, Thomas Nelson (marriage to Anne Seddon Bruce) (i18655), b.1853-d.1922


Parke, Frances (marriage to John Custis(IV)(of "Arlington")) (i11705), b.1685-d.1714


Parker, Anna Maria (marriage to Peter Hack) (i18475), b.1782-d.1821
Parker, Arinthia Darby (i1041), b.1807-
Parker, Caroline Burleigh (i1040), b.1805-d.1808
Parker, Catherine (marriage to John Custis(Capt.)) (i18571), b.1753-d.1840
Parker, Elizabeth Darby (i1039), b.1803-d.1803
Parker, George Littleton (i18871), b.1791-d.1796
Parker, George Littleton Smith (i26234), b.1803-d.1806
Parker, George, (VI)(Judge) (marriage to Elizabeth Smith) (i18867), b.1761-d.1896
Parker, George, (VI)(Judge) (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Eyre) (i18867), b.1761-d.1896
Parker, George, (VI)(Judge) (marriage to Susanna Smith) (i18867), b.1761-d.1896
Parker, John Andrews (marriage to Harriet Burleigh Darby) (i1036), b.1779-d.1810
Parker, Katherine Purnell G. (i16783), b.1834-d.1907
Parker, Margaret "Maggie" Stratton (marriage to Severn Eyre) (i18877), b.1840-d.1899
Parker, Margaret Eyre (i18868), b.1814-d.1839
Parker, Rachel (marriage to James F. Thorowgood) (i19233)
Parker, Sally Bagwell (i18794), b.1789-d.1814
Parker, Sally Bagwell (marriage to Hillary B. Stringer) (i18794), b.1789-d.1814
Parker, Sarah (marriage to Luke Woodard) (i11364)
Parker, Sarah A. (i1042), b.1809-d.1814
Parker, Scarburgh (marriage to Henry Custis(II)) (i6329)
Parker, Severn Eyre, (of Northampton Co.) (i16394), b.1787-d.1836
Parker, Tully Wise (i18401), b.1816-d.1856
Parker, Tully Wise (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Teackle Evans) (i18401), b.1816-d.1856
Parker, William Andrews (marriage to Margaret A. Parramore) (i18479), b.1787-d.1842
Parker, William O. (marriage to Susan Christian Wise) (i25290)


Parkhust, William C. (marriage to Mary E. Jarvis) (i17996), d.1838


Parramore, Ann Teagle (i17935), b.1799-d.1876
Parramore, Elizabeth A. (i17948), d.1918
Parramore, Elizabeth C. (i17930), b.1828-d.1884
Parramore, Emory (i17920)
Parramore, Esther Burton (i17916), b.1798-d.1821
Parramore, Harriet Burleigh Darby (i865), b.1810-d.1860
Parramore, Harriet Burleigh Darby (marriage to John C. Parramore) (i865), b.1810-d.1860
Parramore, Henrietta (i870), b.1832-d.1907
Parramore, James H. (i17944), b.1807-d.1894
Parramore, James H. W. (i17949), b.1836-d.1875
Parramore, John C. (i867), d.1834
Parramore, John C. (marriage to Harriet Burleigh Darby Parramore) (i867), d.1834
Parramore, Margaret (i17950), d.1846
Parramore, Margaret A. (i18478), b.1787-d.1816
Parramore, Mariana (i869), b.1824-d.1881
Parramore, Mariana (marriage to Michael H. Higgins(Jr.)) (i869), b.1824-d.1881
Parramore, Mary B. (marriage to Robinson Custis) (i6333), b.1728-d.1785
Parramore, Mary Burleigh (i866), d.1836
Parramore, Sarah "Sally" T. (i17927), b.1821-d.1861
Parramore, Sarah S. (i17943), b.1804-d.1881
Parramore, Southy S. (i17946), b.1832-d.1897
Parramore, Thomas (i862), b.1761-d.1832
Parramore, Thomas (i868)
Parramore, Thomas "Tom" (marriage to Anna "Nannie" Hack) (i18477), d.1815
Parramore, Thomas (marriage to Mary Darby) (i862), b.1761-d.1832
Parramore, Thomas Custis (i17933), b.1831-d.1892
Parramore, William R. (i17925), b.1798-d.1850
Parramore, William R. (i17932), b.1830-d.1886
Parramore, William, (Jr.) (i17923), b.1767-d.1841
Parramore, William, (Sr.) (marriage to Sarah Custis) (i863), b.1741-d.1816
Parramore, William, (Sr.) (marriage to Sarah Seymour) (i863), b.1741-d.1816


Parsons, Anne "Nancy" (i18255), d.1796
Parsons, Elizabeth (i18257), d.1796
Parsons, Esther (i18246), d.1806
Parsons, Margaret "Peggy" Wise (i18256), b.1791-d.1865
Parsons, Nancy (i18165), d.1806
Parsons, Nancy (marriage to William Kendall) (i18165), d.1806
Parsons, Sarah Cable (i18254), b.1773-d.1864
Parsons, Thomas (i18245), d.1796
Parsons, Thomas (marriage to Anne Wise) (i18245), d.1796
Parsons, Thomas (marriage to Arinthia A. Ridley) (i18946), b.1839-d.1940
Parsons, William (marriage to Elizabeth "Betty" Cable) (i11731)
Parsons, William, (Jr.) (i11732)
Parsons, William, (Jr.) (marriage to Sarah Cable) (i11732)


Peace, Ann (marriage to William Meredith Scarburgh) (i24057)


Peele, David (marriage to Mary "Molly" Woodard) (i11358)


Penn, William (marriage to Elizabeth Dent) (i17836), d.1753


Penny, John (marriage to Elizabeth Martin) (i11416)


Peter, Gabriella (i18265), b.1844-d.1920
Peter, George W. (i18264), b.1801-d.1877
Peter, Thomas (marriage to Martha Parke Custis) (i18263), b.1767-d.1834


Pettit, Sally Custis (i18329), d.1798
Pettit, Susan B. (marriage to Samuel Wise Fisher) (i18116), d.1852
Pettit, Thomas (marriage to Ann Custis) (i18327), d.1777
Pettit, Thomas, (Jr.) (i18336), d.1785


Peyton, Catherine Storke (marriage to John Moncure Conway) (i18702)
Peyton, Chandler (i18742)
Peyton, Chandler (marriage to Eliza B. Scott) (i18742)
Peyton, Henry (marriage to Susanna Fowke) (i17824), b.1744-
Peyton, Yelverton (i18733)
Peyton, Yelverton (marriage to Margaret C. Scott) (i18733)


Phillip, John R. (marriage to Mary Antionette Thorowgood) (i19151)


Phripp, Anne (i17757)
Phripp, John, (III) (i17756)
Phripp, John, (Jr.) (marriage to Mary Anne Thorowgood) (i17749)


Pinson, Unknown (marriage to Polly Drew) (i11465)


Pollock, Abraham David (marriage to Elizabeth Gorden Lee) (i18739)


Poole, Sarah (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i17542), d.1743
Poole, Sarah (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i17542), d.1743


Portlock, Emma W. (marriage to Americus Scarburgh(Capt.)) (i24040), d.1798


Poulson, Edmond J. (marriage to Susan C. Hopkins) (i855), b.1801-d.1884


Powell, Ann (marriage to John West) (i19113)
Powell, John (marriage to Sarah Yeardley) (i998), b.1674-d.1718
Powell, Margaret (i11788), d.1735
Powell, Mary (i11789), d.1774
Powell, Rose (i879), b.1700-d.1761
Powell, Sarah (i1002), d.1764
Powell, Yardley (i11787), d.1734


Preeson, Thomas, (Col.) (marriage to Esther Cable) (i11729), b.1720-d.1756
Preeson, Thomas, (Col.) (marriage to Esther Kendall) (i11729), b.1720-d.1756


Prentis, Eliza (i14170), b.1791-d.1791
Prentis, Eliza Jackson (i18800), b.1815-
Prentis, Elizabeth Riddick (i18807), b.1824-
Prentis, John B. (i14168), b.1787-d.1787
Prentis, John Brooks (i14169), b.1789-
Prentis, John Brooks (i18806), b.1822-
Prentis, Joseph (i14166), b.1783-d.1851
Prentis, Joseph (i18809), b.1831-
Prentis, Joseph (marriage to Margaret Bowdoin) (i14162), b.1754-d.1808
Prentis, Joseph, (Jr.) (i18801), b.1816-
Prentis, Louisa Josephine (i18810), b.1833-
Prentis, Margaret Susan (i18796), b.1810-
Prentis, Maria Louisa (i18808), b.1826-
Prentis, Marianna Saunders (i18798), b.1812-d.1847
Prentis, Mary Ann (i14172), b.1796-
Prentis, Peter Bowdoin (i18804), b.1820-
Prentis, Robert Riddick (i18802), b.1818-d.1871
Prentis, Robert W. (i14171), b.1794-
Prentis, William (i14167), b.1785-d.1785
Prentis, William B. (i14165), b.1780-d.1780


Price, Katharine Gordon (marriage to William Graham Bowdoin) (i18845)


Purnell, Catherine Godden (marriage to Severn Eyre Parker(of Northampton Co.)) (i16393), b.1796-d.1848


Rachel(wife of James Watt) (marriage to James Watt) (i18156), d.1777


Randolph, Eliza Llewellyn (marriage to James Murray Ambler) (i18779), b.1862-d.1910
Randolph, Lucy (marriage to Richard Chichester Mason) (i18785)


Ransome, James (marriage to Elizabeth Williams) (i18030)

Read or Reed

Read or Reed, Ann V. (i17941), b.1840-
Read or Reed, Benjamin E. (i17942), b.1843-
Read or Reed, Enoch (marriage to Ann Teagle Parramore) (i17937), b.1803-d.1876
Read or Reed, William Parramore (i17940), b.1840-d.1892


Read, Edmund (marriage to Ann Hack) (i18483), b.1758-d.1836
Read, Lyttleton Savage, (Sr.) (marriage to Mary W. Fisher) (i18110), b.1825-d.1892
Read, Mary Hack (i18484), d.1848


Reed, Sarah (marriage to Littleton Kendall) (i18201)


Revell, John Bagwell (marriage to Ann Wainhouse Hopkins) (i1016), b.1795-d.1835
Revell, John Bagwell (marriage to Rosey D. Seymour) (i1016), b.1795-d.1835
Revell, Rosey S. (i17959), b.1819-d.1842


Richason, John (marriage to Ann Martin) (i17621)


Riddick, Richard Henry (marriage to Marianna Saunders Prentis) (i18799)
Riddick, Susan Caroline (marriage to Joseph Prentis) (i18795), d.1833


Ridley, Arinthia A. (i18945), b.1836-d.1904
Ridley, Elizabeth S. (i18939), b.1822-d.1906
Ridley, Esther P. (i18941), b.1825-d.1850
Ridley, John (i18949), d.1852
Ridley, Lousiana (i18947), b.1840-d.1850
Ridley, Rosina T. (i18943), b.1826-d.1855
Ridley, William (i18948), d.1852
Ridley, William W. (marriage to Elizabeth Savage) (i18938), d.1851


Roberts, Edward Powell (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Williams) (i17975), b.1816-d.1872


Robins, Arthur, (III) (i13446), b.1734-
Robins, Arthur, (Jr.) (marriage to Margaret Harmanson) (i13445)
Robins, Barbara (marriage to Argall Harmanson) (i13430), b.1697-
Robins, Edward T. (marriage to Anne Stratton Jacob) (i18425), b.1800-d.1860
Robins, Joseph W. (i18428), b.1842-d.1867
Robins, Susan M. (i18426), b.1833-d.1857
Robins, Temple Nelson (marriage to Maria Hopkinson Smith) (i26218), b.1797-d.1843
Robins, William J. (i18427), b.1839-d.1866


Robinson, Leigh (marriage to Alice Morson) (i18616)
Robinson, Mary (marriage to Argall Thorowgood) (i17557)


Rogers, Edward (i18927), d.1833
Rogers, James W. (i18921), b.1817-d.1864
Rogers, Jane (i18928), d.1833
Rogers, Nathaniel W. (marriage to Ann Ritter Savage) (i18919)
Rogers, Robert (i18920), d.1833


Roland, William (marriage to Elizabeth Kendall) (i13542), d.1793


Rosetta E.(wife of James Kendall) (marriage to James B. Kendall) (i18998)
Rosie "Rosa" A.(wife of Samuel Fisher) (marriage to Samuel P. Fisher) (i18120), b.1863-d.1902


Roy, William, (of Essex Co.) (marriage to Elizabeth Mason) (i17508)


Rush, Murray (marriage to Louisa Bowdoin) (i18852), b.1852-d.1887
Rush, Richard Henry, (Col.) (marriage to Susan Bowdoin Yerby) (i18432), b.1825-d.1893


Rutherford, A. Hawksley, (Jr.) (marriage to Rosalie Seddon) (i18636)


Ryley, John (marriage to Amanda Brown Hack) (i26274)


Sampson, John (marriage to Ann Custis) (i18553), d.1758
Sampson, Margaret (i18992), b.1781-d.1784
Sampson, Stephen (marriage to Ann Custis) (i18328), d.1781


Sanders, Thomas (marriage to Rachel Woodard) (i11367)


Sandford, John (marriage to Sarah Woodhouse) (i17570), d.1693
Sandford, Mary (i19039)
Sandford, Mary (marriage to Anthony Walke) (i19039)
Sandford, Susanna (i17569), d.1750
Sandford, Susanna (marriage to Argall Thorowgood(Jr.)) (i17569), d.1750


Sarah(wife of Spencer Johnson) (marriage to Spencer Johnson) (i18083)


Saunders, John, (Capt.) (marriage to Mary Thorowgood) (i17553), d.1734
Saunders, Jonathan (i17683), d.1734
Saunders, Margaret (i17685), d.1734
Saunders, Mary (i17684), d.1734
Saunders, Robert (marriage to Sarah Bowdoin) (i14174)


Savage, Ann Ritter (i1537), d.1833
Savage, Caleb (marriage to Elizabeth Ewing) (i17908), d.1794
Savage, Caleb R. (i18958), d.1852
Savage, Caleb, (Jr.) (i18950), d.1850
Savage, Elizabeth (i18933), d.1852
Savage, Elizabeth (i18934), d.1852
Savage, Elizabeth H. (i13638), b.1795-
Savage, Elizabeth Smith (i26181)
Savage, Esther A. (marriage to B. Franklin Wescott) (i18912), b.1829-d.1911
Savage, Franklin (i18957), b.1839-d.1850
Savage, George (marriage to Elizabeth Harmanson) (i13635), b.1746-
Savage, George (marriage to Sarah Smith) (i13635), b.1746-
Savage, George S. (i1103), d.1819
Savage, George S. (i18917), d.1829
Savage, George, (Jr.) (i19172), b.1800-
Savage, John (marriage to Susan James) (i758), d.1798
Savage, John T. (i18918), d.1829
Savage, Littleton (i19173), b.1800-
Savage, Margery Sultenstall (i19174)
Savage, Maria Teackle (marriage to Severn Eyre Parker(of Northampton Co.)) (i14085), b.1792-d.1815
Savage, Mary "Polly" (i18935), d.1852
Savage, Mary Ann (i26078), b.1796-d.1820
Savage, Mary Ann (marriage to John Custis Wilson(Jr.)) (i26078), b.1796-d.1820
Savage, Mary Burton (marriage to William Littleton Eyre(Jr.)) (i14090), b.1804-d.1866
Savage, Mary Susan (marriage to Hezekiah Pitts Wescott(Jr.)) (i18910), b.1836-d.1913
Savage, Michael R. (i1101), d.1829
Savage, Nathaniel (i757), d.1818
Savage, Preeson (marriage to Esther Jenne) (i18930)
Savage, Robert (i18959), d.1852
Savage, Rosey T. (i18955), b.1834-d.1860
Savage, Sally A. (i18953), d.1870
Savage, Susan Ellen (marriage to Henry Parke Custis Wilson) (i14089), b.1801-d.1852
Savage, Susanna "Susan" (i1100), b.1797-d.1848
Savage, Thomas (i18952), b.1829-d.1850
Savage, Thomas Lyttleton (marriage to Lauretta A. Winder) (i14088), b.1798-d.1855
Savage, Unknown (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" James) (i1538)
Savage, William (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" James) (i1539), d.1779
Savage, William Burton (marriage to Susanna Smith) (i19019), d.1811
Savage, William Lyttleton (i26182), b.1802-d.1810
Savage, William M. (i18931), d.1852


Sayer, Frances (marriage to Thomas Lawson(Capt.)) (i17603)
Sayer, Francis, (Mjr.) (marriage to Katherine Walke) (i17534)
Sayer, Mary (i17533), d.1724
Sayer, Mary (marriage to Adam Thorowgood(III)(Lt. Col.)) (i17533), d.1724


Scarburgh, Americus (marriage to Sarah Yardley West) (i258), b.1723-d.1774
Scarburgh, Americus, (Capt.) (i772), b.1750-d.1818
Scarburgh, Americus, (III) (i18881), b.1799-d.1852
Scarburgh, Americus, (IV) (i18887), b.1840-d.1871
Scarburgh, Ann (i18374), d.1782
Scarburgh, Ann (i24044)
Scarburgh, Ann R. (i18367), d.1831
Scarburgh, Bennett (i18340), d.1767
Scarburgh, Bennett (i18372), d.1799
Scarburgh, Bradhurst (i6359)
Scarburgh, Cassandra (i24046)
Scarburgh, Cassandra W. (i18353), b.1819-d.1893
Scarburgh, Catherine (i24048)
Scarburgh, Catherine M. (i18883), b.1832-d.1856
Scarburgh, Catherine T. C. (i18368)
Scarburgh, Charles (i18337), d.1762
Scarburgh, Charles (i24263)
Scarburgh, Charlotte B. (i18352), b.1846-d.1850
Scarburgh, Edward Benton (i18888), b.1842-d.1860
Scarburgh, Elizabeth (i6360)
Scarburgh, Elizabeth (i24047)
Scarburgh, Elizabeth A.P. (marriage to Thomas Custis) (i12237), b.1811-d.1848
Scarburgh, Elizabeth P. C. (i18361), d.1831
Scarburgh, George (i18344), d.1831
Scarburgh, George (i24041)
Scarburgh, George Mifflin Dallas (i24052), b.1846-d.1933
Scarburgh, George Parke (i24049)
Scarburgh, George Parker (i18346), b.1807-d.1879
Scarburgh, George T. (i18348), b.1836-d.1850
Scarburgh, Harriet Jane (i24054), b.1822-d.1850
Scarburgh, Henry (i18339), d.1760
Scarburgh, Henry Thomas (i18886), b.1836-d.1856
Scarburgh, Henry, (II) (i18341), d.1770
Scarburgh, Henry, (III) (i18371), d.1789
Scarburgh, Henry, (Jr.) (marriage to Margaret Custis) (i6385), d.1745
Scarburgh, John (i17901), b.1752-d.1794
Scarburgh, John (i18889), d.1818
Scarburgh, John (i24262)
Scarburgh, John (marriage to Tabitha Custis) (i6355), b.1680-d.1743
Scarburgh, John A. (i18893), d.1834
Scarburgh, John William (i24051), b.1848-d.1856
Scarburgh, Joseph (i24055), b.1823-d.1861
Scarburgh, Juliet J. (marriage to John C. Kendall) (i18174), b.1817-d.1850
Scarburgh, Margaret (i18373), d.1762
Scarburgh, Margaret (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i260), b.1721-
Scarburgh, Margaret A. (i18362), b.1804-d.1850
Scarburgh, Mary Emeline (i24053), b.1820-d.1852
Scarburgh, Mitchell Thoroughgood (i18884), b.1834-d.1912
Scarburgh, Samuel H. (i18891), b.1805-d.1833
Scarburgh, Sarah (i6358)
Scarburgh, Sarah (i18343), d.1789
Scarburgh, Sarah "Sally" H. (i18363), b.1806-d.1850
Scarburgh, Sarah Sallie Ann (i24056), b.1826-
Scarburgh, Sarah Satchell (i18350), b.1838-d.1853
Scarburgh, Southy Satchell (i18351), b.1841-d.1841
Scarburgh, Susan (i24045)
Scarburgh, Susan T. (i18370), d.1831
Scarburgh, Tabitha Custis (i18378), b.1745-d.1786
Scarburgh, Vienna (i24063)
Scarburgh, William Meredith (i24042), b.1786-d.1821


Scherer, Charlotte Ann (i18444), b.1817-d.1908
Scherer, Frances Elizabeth (i18468), b.1827-d.1852
Scherer, George (marriage to Frances Ann Hack) (i18440), b.1783-d.1846
Scherer, George Nichols Hack (i18450), b.1820-d.1867
Scherer, George Nichols Hack (marriage to Henrietta Sarah Jarvis) (i18450), b.1820-d.1867
Scherer, Henrietta Sarah Rowles (i18451), b.1850-d.1963
Scherer, Margaret "Maggie" J. (i18453), b.1851-d.1888
Scherer, Margaret Hack (i18441), b.1812-d.1853
Scherer, Margaret Hack (marriage to Thomas P. Hack) (i18441), b.1812-d.1853
Scherer, Mary Hannah (i17998), b.1823-d.1912
Scherer, Mary Hannah (marriage to Thomas William Jarvis) (i17998), b.1823-d.1912
Scherer, Samuel (i18473), b.1832-


Scott, Alexander (i18729), b.1740-
Scott, Catherine (i18730), b.1741-
Scott, Christian (i18743), b.1745-
Scott, Eliza B. (i18741)
Scott, Eliza B. (marriage to Chandler Peyton) (i18741)
Scott, Esther (marriage to Richard Drummond) (i12193)
Scott, Gustavus (i18746), b.1753-d.1777
Scott, Helen (i18708), b.1739-d.1770
Scott, James (marriage to Sarah Brown) (i17788), d.1782
Scott, James, (Jr.) (i18707), b.1742-
Scott, John (i18731), b.1742-
Scott, Louisa Quarles (marriage to James Alexander Seddon(Jr.)) (i18628), d.1894
Scott, Margaret (marriage to John Williams) (i17968), d.1793
Scott, Margaret C. (i18732)
Scott, Margaret C. (marriage to Yelverton Peyton) (i18732)
Scott, Margaret E. A. (marriage to Nathaniel S. Wescott) (i18908), b.1832-d.1864
Scott, Margaret Gorden (marriage to Robert Eden Lee) (i18737)
Scott, Maria C. (marriage to James W. Rogers) (i1992)
Scott, Robert (i18744), b.1749-
Scott, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Johnson) (i18093), d.1774
Scott, William (i18745), b.1751-
Scott, William (marriage to Frances Bell) (i18448)


Seddon, Anna Park (i18631), b.1852-d.1863
Seddon, Arthur Marson (i18632), b.1854-d.1886
Seddon, Charles Bruce (i18637), b.1859-d.1866
Seddon, Elvia Bruce (i18625), b.1846-d.1882
Seddon, James Alexander (i18623), b.1815-d.1880
Seddon, James Alexander, (Jr.) (i18627), b.1850-d.1895
Seddon, Rosalie (i18635), b.1858-
Seddon, Sarah Alexander (i18638), d.1907
Seddon, Sarah Bruce (i18634), b.1856-d.1873
Seddon, Thomas (i18626), b.1848-d.1930
Seddon, Thomas (marriage to Susan Pearson Alexander) (i18622), b.1776-d.1831
Seddon, William Cabell (i18629), b.1851-


Selby, Harriet Fleming (marriage to Peter Thomas Upshur Hack) (i18510), d.1824
Selby, Sarah 'Sallie' T. (marriage to Peter Thomas Upshur Hack) (i551), b.1806-d.1824


Sewall, Mary (marriage to William Chandler) (i17473), b.1658-d.1693


Seymour, Digby (marriage to Rose Powell) (i876), d.1751
Seymour, Elizabeth (i13989)
Seymour, Elizabeth (i17955), d.1828
Seymour, Elizabeth (i17961)
Seymour, Elizabeth (marriage to William Armistead Christian) (i17955), d.1828
Seymour, George (i17965)
Seymour, George Christian (i17953), d.1803
Seymour, Hugh Gordon (i13986), b.1797-d.1855
Seymour, Leah (i17964)
Seymour, Leah B. (i13988), b.1807-d.1841
Seymour, Margaret (i13990)
Seymour, Rose (i17962)
Seymour, Rosey D. (i17958)
Seymour, Sarah (i864), b.1739-d.1802
Seymour, William (i17951), d.1776
Seymour, William (i17963)
Seymour, William B. (i13984), b.1773-d.1821
Seymour, William Digby (i13987), b.1800-d.1839


Simkins, Sarah "Sally" (marriage to John Kendall) (i18190), b.1784-d.1850


Simpson, Anne (marriage to Jonathan West) (i1611), d.1796
Simpson, Zipporah (marriage to James Boutineau Bowdoin) (i18816)
Simpson, Zipporah (marriage to James Boutineau Bowdoin) (i18816)


Singleton, Isaac (marriage to Susannah Wainhouse Thorowgood) (i17741)
Singleton, Nancy (marriage to Isaac Woodard) (i11287), b.1784-d.1856
Singleton, Peter (i18564)


Slawson, Kate L. (marriage to William Cabell Seddon) (i18630), d.1887


Slocum, Salley (i18552), d.1784
Slocum, Thomas (marriage to Susanna Upshur Custis) (i18538), d.1784
Slocum, William, (Jr.) (i18551), d.1784


Sloss, Mary (marriage to Levin Yardly Winder(Gov.)) (i7264)


Smith, Aaron, (Cpt.) (marriage to Elizabeth Carraway) (i19081)
Smith, Ann (i19068)
Smith, Ann (marriage to Jonathan West) (i19068)
Smith, Ann Teackle (i19168), b.1816-d.1891
Smith, Anna Teackle (i25988), b.1781-d.1798
Smith, Bridgett (i19071)
Smith, Charles (i18985), b.1762-d.1798
Smith, Charles (i26239), b.1798-d.1804
Smith, Charles, (Dr.) (i18822), b.1832-d.1907
Smith, Charles, (Jr.) (i19167)
Smith, Easu (i18066), d.1796
Smith, Elizaabeth Teackle (i19164), b.1798-d.1857
Smith, Elizabeth (i19017), b.1760-d.1808
Smith, Elizabeth "Betty" (i19072), d.1760
Smith, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Custis) (i18592), b.1758-d.1773
Smith, Elizabeth (marriage to William Thorowgood) (i17713)
Smith, Elizabeth Bowdoin (i18824), b.1838-d.1900
Smith, Elizabeth Robinson (marriage to Peter Hack(III)) (i18489), d.1786
Smith, Elizabeth Teackle (i19170), b.1822-d.1886
Smith, Emily Hopkinson (i26241), b.1804-d.1894
Smith, Fairfax (i19562)
Smith, Francis Hopkinson (i26210), b.1797-d.1872
Smith, Isaac (i26242), b.1806-d.1806
Smith, Isaac, (III) (i19024), b.1768-d.1846
Smith, Isaac, (IV) (i19169), b.1820-d.1856
Smith, Isaac, (Jr.) (i6430), b.1734-d.1813
Smith, Isaac, (Sr.) (marriage to Sarah West) (i19012), d.1760
Smith, John (i19063), b.1756-
Smith, John (i25986), b.1775-d.1775
Smith, John Teackle (i26244), b.1827-d.1827
Smith, John Thorowgood (i25989), b.1784-
Smith, John Thorowgood (i25990), b.178-
Smith, Joseph Hopkinson (i26240), b.1803-d.1806
Smith, Louisa Bowdoin (i18819), b.1829-d.1842
Smith, Louise "Susie" Bowdoin (i18830), b.1845-d.1875
Smith, Louise "Susie" Bowdoin (marriage to Charles Teackle Bowdoin) (i18830), b.1845-d.1875
Smith, Margaret "Peggy" (i14152), b.1766-d.1800
Smith, Margaret "Peggy" (marriage to Peter Bowdoin) (i14152), b.1766-d.1800
Smith, Margaret S. (i18826), b.1841-d.1925
Smith, Maria (i19166)
Smith, Maria Hopkinson (i18828), b.1843-d.1910
Smith, Maria Hopkinson (i26219), b.1800-d.1865
Smith, Mary Anne (i19021), b.1779-d.1852
Smith, Mary Anne (i19165)
Smith, Mary Jane (i26243), b.1826-d.1826
Smith, Molly (i19563), b.1760-
Smith, Peter Bowdoin (i18820), b.1830-d.1899
Smith, Robert or Herbert (marriage to Susannah Wainhouse Thorowgood) (i17742)
Smith, Sally (i19564), b.1760-
Smith, Sarah (i19016), b.1764-d.1800
Smith, Sarah (i19066)
Smith, Susanna (i19018), b.1770-d.1848
Smith, Thomas (i25985), b.1772-d.1793
Smith, Thomas (marriage to Anne Fowke Mason) (i17891), d.1764
Smith, Thomas (marriage to Susanna "Anne" Jacob) (i18065), d.1784
Smith, Thomas Upshur Teackle (i19171), b.1830-d.1880
Smith, Thorowgood (i19062), b.1756-
Smith, Thorowgood (i25987), b.1775-
Smith, Thorowgood (i26238), b.1796-d.1796
Smith, William (marriage to Anne Thorowgood) (i19126)
Smith, William Gilmore (i18817), b.1801-d.1876
Smith, William Gilmore (marriage to Elizabeth Upshur Bowdoin) (i18817), b.1801-d.1876
Smith, William Gilmore, (Jr.) (i18818), b.1827-d.1839


Snead, Charles (i19283), d.1792
Snead, Edward Ker (marriage to Helen Robinson Jarvis) (i18462), b.1828-
Snead, Edward Ker (marriage to Helen Robinson Jarvis) (i18462), b.1828-
Snead, Sarah Christian (i858), b.1784-d.1845
Snead, Sarah Christian (marriage to John Harmanson Winder) (i858), b.1784-d.1845
Snead, Smith, (Jr.) (marriage to Rosetta "Rose" Christian) (i19279), d.1792


Spady, Arinitha (i18011), b.1831-d.1864
Spady, Edgar J. (i18008), b.1829-d.1911
Spady, Elizabeth M. (i18006)
Spady, John H. (marriage to Margaret A. Jarvis) (i18000), d.1844
Spady, Southy W. (i18014), b.1840-
Spady, Thomas S. (marriage to Elizabeth Williams) (i18005), b.1787-d.1841
Spady, Thomas William (marriage to Margaret "Maggie" J. Scherer) (i18454), b.1840-d.1918
Spady, Thomas William (marriage to Margaret "Maggie" J. Scherer) (i18454), b.1840-d.1918
Spady, Virginia E. (i18013), b.1838-d.1911


Sparrow, Katherine (marriage to Edmund Custis(II)) (i6350), b.1713-d.1770


Spratt, Adam (i17699), d.1737
Spratt, Amy (marriage to Henry Woodhouse(Jr.)) (i17655)
Spratt, Francis (i17697), d.1737
Spratt, Henry, (Mjr.) (marriage to Frances Thorowgood) (i17565), d.1737
Spratt, Thorowgood (i17698), d.1737


Stephens, Kitty B. (marriage to Hillary Stringer(VI)) (i14303)


Stevens, George A. (marriage to Caldonia Thorowgood) (i19153)


Stith, Drury (i19176)
Stith, Griffin, (Jr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Smith) (i19015), b.1753-d.1794
Stith, Mary Elizabeth (i19175), b.1786-d.1851
Stith, William (marriage to Sarah Smith) (i19014), b.1757-d.1794


Stockley, Hannah Ellen, (Stoakley) (marriage to William H. Kendall) (i18192), b.1835-d.1882
Stockley, Mary (marriage to George Parke Scarburgh) (i24050)


Stoddert, Benjamin (marriage to Letitia Dent) (i17844)


Stone, Ann (marriage to Roger Fowke) (i17495), d.1761


Stratton, Ann Wise (i18249), b.1801-d.1832
Stratton, Benjamin, (Jr.) (i18248), b.1800-
Stratton, Benjamin, (Jr.) (marriage to Esther Parsons) (i18247), b.1762-d.1817
Stratton, Edward (marriage to Mary Ann Francis Wilson) (i18236), b.1799-d.1827
Stratton, John (i18237), b.1820-d.1823
Stratton, Sarah (i18253), b.1806-
Stratton, Sarah "Sally" (marriage to Edward Hancock Custis Wilson) (i26081), b.1801-d.1875
Stratton, William Douglas (i18252), b.1804-
Stratton, William Edward (i18238), b.1822-d.1828


Stringer, Anne "Nancy" Teackle (i13760), b.1775-d.1790
Stringer, Archibald Godwin (i26154), b.1801-
Stringer, Child (i13442), b.1744-d.1760
Stringer, Elizabeth Teackle (i26153), b.1796-d.1806
Stringer, Grace (i13439), b.1731-d.1792
Stringer, Hillary B. (i14302), b.1785-
Stringer, Hillary B. (marriage to Sally Bagwell Parker) (i14302), b.1785-
Stringer, Hillary, (IV) (marriage to Elishe Harmanson) (i13435), b.1705-d.1744
Stringer, Hillary, (V) (i13438), d.1790
Stringer, Hillary, (VI) (i13758), b.1762-d.1790
Stringer, John (i13440), d.1761
Stringer, John (i13756), d.1806
Stringer, Margaret (i13441), b.1728-d.1763
Stringer, Margaret (i17893), d.1760
Stringer, Margaret Teackle Kendall (i26152), b.1796-d.1806
Stringer, Mary Ann (i26151), b.1792-d.1806
Stringer, Sarah "Ann" (marriage to John Thorowgood(Col.)) (i14523)
Stringer, Sarah "Sally" (i26150), b.1788-d.1806
Stringer, Susanna (i26155), b.1801-d.1806
Stringer, Thomas (i13757), b.1760-d.1793


Strother, Benjamin, (Mjr) (marriage to Mary Mason) (i17886), d.1765


Sturgis, Margaret Ann (marriage to Samuel Edmund Downing Kellam(Jr.)) (i18188), b.1866-d.1965
Sturgis, Virginia Catherine (marriage to James Custis Kellam) (i18184), b.1862-d.1928


Susannah(wife of George Drummond) (marriage to George Drummond) (i12187), b.1729-


Sweeney, Major (marriage to Ann Dent) (i17840)
Sweeney, Prudence Ann (marriage to James Wesley Callahan) (i18897)


Tabb, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth H. Teackle) (i17894), d.1800


Tarvin, Ann (i17877), b.1732-
Tarvin, Ann (i19198)
Tarvin, Elizabeth (i17876), b.1726-
Tarvin, George (i17870), b.1721-
Tarvin, George (i19194), b.1744-
Tarvin, George (i19199)
Tarvin, John (i17874), b.1724-
Tarvin, John (i19196)
Tarvin, Martha (i17875), b.1723-
Tarvin, Nancy (i19195), b.1746-d.1750
Tarvin, Nancy (i19201)
Tarvin, Rebecca (i17878), b.1736-
Tarvin, Richard (i17871), b.1722-
Tarvin, Richard (i19193), b.1742-
Tarvin, Richard (i19197)
Tarvin, Richard (marriage to Elizabeth Dent) (i17527), d.1742
Tarvin, Thomas (i17873), b.1730-
Tarvin, William (i17872), b.1727-
Tarvin, William (i19200)


Taylor, Grace Dumcombe (marriage to William Littleton Eyre) (i18873), b.1780-d.1809
Taylor, Margaret (marriage to Severn Eyre(Sr.)) (i13761), b.1739-d.1812
Taylor, Revell (marriage to Ebby or Ibby Marshall) (i18146)
Taylor, Samuel M. (marriage to Ann Custis West) (i18333), d.1841
Taylor, Susan "Ann" Arinthia (marriage to Thomas Hatton Kellam(Jr.)) (i18408), d.1867


Teackle, Ann Stockley (marriage to Isaac Smith(III)) (i19025), b.1788-d.1862
Teackle, Caleb (marriage to Elizabeth Harmanson) (i6431), b.1745-d.1786
Teackle, Catherine (i18386)
Teackle, Catherine (marriage to Charles Smith) (i18984), b.1768-d.1798
Teackle, Elizabeth C. (marriage to Isaac Smith(Jr.)) (i6429), b.1742-d.1822
Teackle, Elizabeth H. (i14300), d.1797
Teackle, George H. (i14299), d.1799
Teackle, George, (Dr.) (marriage to Frances Banister Bowdoin) (i18811), b.1770-d.1809
Teackle, Leah (marriage to Peter Bowdoin) (i14156), b.1780-d.1852
Teackle, Margaret (marriage to George Hack) (i6365), b.1749-d.1823
Teackle, Margaret (marriage to William Parramore(Jr.)) (i17924), b.1765-d.1824
Teackle, Sarah (marriage to Bowdoin Kendall) (i18202), b.1759-d.1783
Teackle, Susanna (i14301), d.1800
Teackle, Susanna Brown Upshur (marriage to Francis Hopkinson Smith) (i26209), b.1800-d.1881
Teackle, Upshur (marriage to Margaret Custis) (i6384), b.1719-d.1755
Teackle, William (i18385), d.1777


Tenant, Elizabeth (i17674), d.1743
Tenant, James, (Jr.) (i17672), d.1741
Tenant, James, (Rev.) (marriage to Elizabeth Thorowgood) (i17575), d.1727
Tenant, Samuel (i17673), d.1741


Terrill, George (marriage to Emily Ann Eyre) (i18879)


Thelaball, Mary (marriage to Adam Thorowgood) (i17631)


Thompson, Unknown (marriage to Louisa A. Bowdoin) (i18814), d.1828
Thompson, Unknown (marriage to Louisa A. Bowdoin) (i18814), d.1828


Thomson, Ann (marriage to George Mason(III) (Lt. Col.)) (i17880), b.1699-d.1762
Thomson, Unknown, (wife of George Mason III) (marriage to George Mason(III) (Lt. Col.)) (i17879)


Thorowgood, Abigail (i17644), d.1750
Thorowgood, Adam (i17561), d.1719
Thorowgood, Adam (i17581), d.1723
Thorowgood, Adam (i17630), d.1750
Thorowgood, Adam (i17701)
Thorowgood, Adam (i19128), b.1736-
Thorowgood, Adam (marriage to Mary Woodhouse) (i17561), d.1719
Thorowgood, Adam (marriage to Mary Woodhouse) (i17561), d.1719
Thorowgood, Adam, (I)(Capt.) (i11734), b.1603-d.1640
Thorowgood, Adam, (II)(Lt. Col.) (i11716), b.1638-d.1685
Thorowgood, Adam, (III)(Lt. Col.) (i17529), b.1662-d.1709
Thorowgood, Adam, (III)(Lt. Col.) (marriage to Mary Sayer) (i17529), b.1662-d.1709
Thorowgood, Adolphus (i19744), b.1825-
Thorowgood, Amy (i17646)
Thorowgood, Amy (marriage to William Thorowgood) (i17646)
Thorowgood, Ann (i17455), b.1630-d.1703
Thorowgood, Ann (i17583), d.1721
Thorowgood, Ann (i17743)
Thorowgood, Anne (i15083), d.1692
Thorowgood, Anne (i17690), b.1739-
Thorowgood, Anthony (i17549), d.1705
Thorowgood, Argall (i17528), b.1659-d.1704
Thorowgood, Argall (i17650), d.1755
Thorowgood, Argall (i17688)
Thorowgood, Argall (i17729), d.1753
Thorowgood, Argall (marriage to Elizabeth Keeling) (i17650), d.1755
Thorowgood, Argall (marriage to Elizabeth Keeling) (i17650), d.1755
Thorowgood, Argall, (Jr.) (i17568), b.1687-d.1719
Thorowgood, Argall, (Jr.) (marriage to Susanna Sandford) (i17568), b.1687-d.1719
Thorowgood, Argill (i19131)
Thorowgood, Argoll (i17710), d.1763
Thorowgood, Caldonia (i19142), b.1852-d.1927
Thorowgood, Casana (i19746), b.1836-
Thorowgood, Corenia (i19742), b.1830-d.1907
Thorowgood, Elizabeth (i11736), b.1633-d.1670
Thorowgood, Elizabeth (i15084), b.1692-d.1712
Thorowgood, Elizabeth (i17574), d.1727
Thorowgood, Elizabeth (i17637), d.1776
Thorowgood, Elizabeth (i17708)
Thorowgood, Elizabeth (i17723), b.1749-d.1808
Thorowgood, Elizabeth (i18566)
Thorowgood, Elizabeth (i19135)
Thorowgood, Elizabeth (i19218)
Thorowgood, Emerline (i19741), b.1823-
Thorowgood, Fletcher (i19149), b.1867-d.1868
Thorowgood, Frances (i17564), d.1737
Thorowgood, Frances (i17709)
Thorowgood, Frances (i19145), b.1860-
Thorowgood, Frances (marriage to John Wainhouse Thorowgood) (i17709)
Thorowgood, Francis (i7066), b.1665-d.1716
Thorowgood, Francis (i17686), d.1726
Thorowgood, Francis (i19137), b.1787-
Thorowgood, Francis (i19154)
Thorowgood, Francis, (III) (i17689), d.1784
Thorowgood, Francis, (Jr.) (i17577), d.1740
Thorowgood, Francis, (Jr.) (i19745), b.1827-d.1827
Thorowgood, George (i19739), b.1828-d.1862
Thorowgood, Irene E. (i19143), b.1856-d.1883
Thorowgood, Jacamine N. (i17647)
Thorowgood, James (i17734), d.1782
Thorowgood, James (marriage to Susannah Thorowgood) (i17734), d.1782
Thorowgood, James F. (i19232)
Thorowgood, James Manning (i19740), b.1820-
Thorowgood, James, (Jr.) (i17738), d.1818
Thorowgood, John (i17539), d.1735
Thorowgood, John (i17606), d.1763
Thorowgood, John (i17681), d.1755
Thorowgood, John (i17687), d.1801
Thorowgood, John (i19130)
Thorowgood, John (i19133), b.1788-d.1819
Thorowgood, John (marriage to Daughter Keeling) (i17606), d.1763
Thorowgood, John (marriage to Daughter Keeling) (i17606), d.1763
Thorowgood, John (marriage to Margaret Walke) (i17681), d.1755
Thorowgood, John (marriage to Margaret Walke) (i17681), d.1755
Thorowgood, John (marriage to Mary Anne Thorowgood) (i17681), d.1755
Thorowgood, John Francis (i19138), b.1816-
Thorowgood, John Harper (i17707)
Thorowgood, John Harper (i19214), d.1796
Thorowgood, John W. (i17735), d.1820
Thorowgood, John Wainhouse (i17611), d.1864
Thorowgood, John Wainhouse (marriage to Frances Thorowgood) (i17611), d.1864
Thorowgood, John, (Col.) (i14524), b.1661-d.1701
Thorowgood, John, (Col.) (marriage to Margaret Lawson) (i14524), b.1661-d.1701
Thorowgood, John, (Jr.) (i17545), d.1719
Thorowgood, John, (Jr.) (i17609), d.1803
Thorowgood, John, (Jr.) (i17751), b.1752-d.1787
Thorowgood, Lemuel (i17633), d.1785
Thorowgood, Lemuel (marriage to Sarah Calvert) (i17633), d.1785
Thorowgood, Lovett (i19127), b.1734-
Thorowgood, Margaret (i17538), d.1723
Thorowgood, Margaret (i17550), d.1750
Thorowgood, Margaret (i17679)
Thorowgood, Margaret (i17752)
Thorowgood, Margaret (marriage to Thomas Walke(III)) (i17550), d.1750
Thorowgood, Margaret (marriage to Thomas Walke(III)) (i17679)
Thorowgood, Mary (i17552), d.1734
Thorowgood, Mary (i17641)
Thorowgood, Mary (i17649)
Thorowgood, Mary (i17664), d.1751
Thorowgood, Mary (i17705)
Thorowgood, Mary (i17747)
Thorowgood, Mary (i19215)
Thorowgood, Mary (marriage to William Keeling(Jr.) (Capt.)) (i17664), d.1751
Thorowgood, Mary (marriage to William Keeling(Jr.) (Capt.)) (i17664), d.1751
Thorowgood, Mary Anne (i17678)
Thorowgood, Mary Anne (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i17678)
Thorowgood, Mary Anne (marriage to Thomas Walke(III)) (i17678)
Thorowgood, Mary Antionette (i19150), b.1869-d.1945
Thorowgood, Mary Sanford (i17768), d.1766
Thorowgood, Mitchel (i7022), b.1757-d.1815
Thorowgood, Peggy (i17703)
Thorowgood, Pembrook (i17614), d.1749
Thorowgood, Pennebruck (i7023), b.1760-d.1763
Thorowgood, Penny (i17754)
Thorowgood, Priscilla (i17587), d.1713
Thorowgood, Robert (i17531), b.1669-d.1702
Thorowgood, Robert (i28015), b.1754-
Thorowgood, Robert Nicholson (i17733)
Thorowgood, Robert, (III) (i17730), d.1774
Thorowgood, Robert, (Jr.) (i17590), d.1755
Thorowgood, Robert, (Jr.) (marriage to Ann Keeling) (i17590), d.1755
Thorowgood, Rose (i7079), b.1694-d.1720
Thorowgood, Rose (i17532), b.1672-d.1709
Thorowgood, Rose (marriage to Thomas Lawson) (i17532), b.1672-d.1709
Thorowgood, Sarah (i17456), b.1631-d.1658
Thorowgood, Sarah (i17582), d.1721
Thorowgood, Sarah (i17732)
Thorowgood, Sarah "Sally" Scarburgh (i17718), b.1762-d.1775
Thorowgood, Susan (i17737), d.1874
Thorowgood, Susan (i17746)
Thorowgood, Susannah (i17702), d.1820
Thorowgood, Susannah (marriage to James Thorowgood) (i17702), d.1820
Thorowgood, Susannah Wainhouse (i17740)
Thorowgood, Thomas (i17588), d.1726
Thorowgood, Thomas (i17744)
Thorowgood, Thomas (i17753)
Thorowgood, Thomas Scarburgh (i7021), b.1755-d.1763
Thorowgood, Virginia (i19147), b.1863-d.1930
Thorowgood, William (i17453), b.1579-d.1635
Thorowgood, William (i17645), d.1788
Thorowgood, William (i17711), d.1799
Thorowgood, William (i17721), d.1780
Thorowgood, William (marriage to Amy Thorowgood) (i17645), d.1788
Thorowgood, William John (i19141), b.1850-d.1943
Thorowgood, William, (Capt.) (i17572), d.1724
Thorowgood, Yeardley (i17584), d.1721


Thrillwind, Blandinah (marriage to Robert Thorowgood(Jr.)) (i17592), d.1760


Thrower, Robert Smith (marriage to Henrietta Sarah Rowles Scherer) (i18452), b.1854-d.1932
Thrower, Robert Smith (marriage to Henrietta Sarah Rowles Scherer) (i18452), b.1854-d.1932


Tilgham, Elizabeth (marriage to John Custis Wilson(Jr.)) (i26080), b.1796-d.1815


Tompkins, Anne Kendall (i18242), d.1789
Tompkins, Bennett (i18243), b.1755-d.1794
Tompkins, John (i18224), b.1751-d.1820
Tompkins, John (marriage to Anne Kendall) (i18215), b.1718-d.1757
Tompkins, John Custis (i18222), b.1748-
Tompkins, Margaret "Peggy" Custis (i18226), b.1774-d.1823
Tompkins, William (i18223), b.1750-


Townsend, Sabra (marriage to John Scarburgh) (i24264)
Townsend, Sabra P. (marriage to John Scarburgh) (i18890), b.1791-d.1856
Townsend, Unknown (marriage to Susanna Drummond) (i12195)


Trevathan, Mary (marriage to Thomas Thorowgood) (i17589), d.1733


Tucker, George (marriage to Louisa A. Bowdoin) (i18815), b.1775-d.1861
Tucker, George (marriage to Louisa A. Bowdoin) (i18815), b.1775-d.1861


Tunnell, Sally Q. (marriage to Americus Scarburgh(III)) (i24024), b.1802-d.1827


Turlington, Mary Jane (marriage to Americus Scarburgh(III)) (i18882), b.1802-d.1855


Turner, Joseph Russell (marriage to Vienna Scarburgh) (i24064)
Turner, Sarah Parker (i28276)


Twiford, James H. (marriage to Margaret "Kate" E.C. Lofland) (i18358), b.1835-d.1908


Tyson, Luther (marriage to Rosina T. Ridley) (i18944), b.1830-d.1855


Underhill, Francis S. (marriage to Corenia Thorowgood) (i19743)


Upshur, Abel (marriage to Ann Hack) (i19009), b.1755-d.1790
Upshur, Ann (marriage to Custis Kendall(Mjr.)) (i18536), d.1738
Upshur, Ann (marriage to John Custis(Col.)) (i18536), d.1738
Upshur, Ann N. M. (marriage to John Eyre) (i18872), b.1780-d.1829
Upshur, Arthur Wilson (marriage to Esther Burton Parramore Bayly) (i17918), b.1817-d.1844
Upshur, George Parker (marriage to Margaret Eyre Parker) (i18869), b.1799-d.1852
Upshur, John Brown (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Stith) (i26235), b.1776-d.1822
Upshur, Juliet Littleton (marriage to Thomas Edward Evans) (i18403), b.1820-d.1893
Upshur, Laura A. E. (marriage to Severn Eyre Bowdoin) (i18832), b.1816-d.1898
Upshur, Margaret Michael (marriage to William Jacob Nottingham) (i18114), b.1810-d.1885
Upshur, Sarah "Sallie" Brown (marriage to Peter Hack(III)) (i18490), b.1767-d.1819
Upshur, Thomas Teackle (marriage to Elizabeth Teackle Smith) (i26227), b.1817-d.1889


Venable, Josephine (marriage to Arthur Marson Seddon) (i18633), d.1886


Waddey, Elizabeth "Eliza" White (marriage to John T. W. Custis) (i1803), b.1839-d.1866


Wainhouse, Margaret (marriage to William Haggoman) (i226), b.1710-d.1768
Wainhouse, Patience (marriage to John Thorowgood(Jr.)) (i17610)


Walke, Anthony (i19035)
Walke, Anthony (i19038), b.1692-d.1768
Walke, Anthony (marriage to Mary Sandford) (i19038), b.1692-d.1768
Walke, Elizabeth (i17758)
Walke, Elizabeth (i19034)
Walke, Fanny (i17762), b.1751-
Walke, Jonathan (i19040)
Walke, Katherine (i19031)
Walke, Margaret (i17682), d.1744
Walke, Margaret (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i17682), d.1744
Walke, Molly (i17760)
Walke, Nancy (i17766)
Walke, Peggy (i17764)
Walke, Thomas, (III) (i17748), d.1761
Walke, Thomas, (III) (marriage to Margaret Thorowgood) (i17748), d.1761
Walke, Thomas, (III) (marriage to Margaret Thorowgood) (i17748), d.1761
Walke, Thomas, (III) (marriage to Margaret Thorowgood) (i17748), d.1761
Walke, Thomas, (III) (marriage to Mary Anne Thorowgood) (i17748), d.1761
Walke, Thomas, (IV) (i17755), d.1797
Walke, Thomas, (Jr.) (i19032), d.1722
Walke, Thomas, (Sr.) (marriage to Mary Lawson) (i19037), d.1693


Walker, Alice Ann (marriage to Henry Clay Hack) (i22957)
Walker, John B. (marriage to Ann Teagle Parramore) (i17936), b.1796-d.1826
Walker, John W. P. (i17939), b.1824-d.1825
Walker, William P. (i17938), b.1819-d.1821


Wallace, Michael (marriage to Elizabeth Brown) (i17795)


Ward, Elizabeth (marriage to Joel Martin) (i11402)


Ware, Lucy Balmain (marriage to Edward Parke Custis Lewis) (i18281), b.1839-d.1864


Warren, Edmund Fuller (marriage to Sarah Frances Hack Jarvis) (i18465), b.1853-d.1918
Warren, Edmund Fuller (marriage to Sarah Frances Hack Jarvis) (i18465), b.1853-d.1918
Warren, Ella Jane Elizabeth (marriage to Peter Thomas Hack Ayres) (i556), b.1862-d.1895
Warren, James B. (marriage to Jacamine N. Thorowgood) (i17648)
Warren, James B. (marriage to Jacamine N. Thorowgood) (i17648)


Waters, George (i13459), b.1741-
Waters, Margaret (i13457), b.1748-
Waters, Margaret (i13462), b.1748-
Waters, Richard (i13461), b.1746-
Waters, Sarah (i13463), b.1750-
Waters, Thomas (i13460), b.1744-
Waters, William (marriage to Rose Ann Harmanson) (i13454), b.1705-d.1761
Waters, William, (Jr.) (i13458), b.1740-


Watson, James Henderson (marriage to Mary Emeline Scarburgh) (i24060), b.1816-d.1863
Watson, Rachel (marriage to Americus Scarburgh(Capt.)) (i17900), b.1765-d.1840
Watson, Virginia Elizabeth (marriage to George Mifflin Dallas Scarburgh) (i24059), b.1844-d.1890


Watt, Adam (i18153), d.1751
Watt, Ann (i18159)
Watt, James (i18155), d.1774
Watt, James (i18161)
Watt, James, (Dr.) (marriage to Sarah Michael) (i11758), d.1686
Watt, James, (Jr.) (i11759), b.1685-d.1716
Watt, Mason (i11858), d.1788
Watt, Nancy (i18157)
Watt, Nehemiah (i11859), d.1735
Watt, Nehemiah (i18158)
Watt, William (i18160)


Webb, Robert M. (marriage to Margaret Susan Prentis) (i18797)


Weddell, Henrietta "Hettie" Laurie (marriage to William W. Wilkins(Jr.)) (i18199), b.1855-d.1923


Wells, Henry (marriage to Frances Thorowgood) (i19217)


Wescott, Ann (i18913), b.1835-d.1850
Wescott, B. Franklin (i18911), b.1830-d.1882
Wescott, Hezekiah Pitts (marriage to Susanna "Susan" Savage) (i18903), b.1792-d.1852
Wescott, Hezekiah Pitts, (Jr.) (i18909), b.1828-d.1907
Wescott, Joseph J. (i18905), b.1824-d.1897
Wescott, Louis (i18914), b.1836-d.1850
Wescott, Mary E. (i18916), b.1838-d.1917
Wescott, Nathaniel S. (i18907), b.1826-d.1884
Wescott, Sally (i18904), b.1820-
Wescott, Severn (i18915), b.1836-
Wescott, Wright (marriage to Fanny Walke) (i17763)
Wescott, Wright, (Jr.) (i19221)


West, Ann (i19075)
West, Ann (marriage to George Scarburgh) (i24043)
West, Ann Custis (i18331), b.1794-d.1850
West, Anne (i17899), d.1736
West, Anne (i19163)
West, Anthony (i11794), d.1719
West, Argoll Yardley (i11795), d.1736
West, Bridget (i19100)
West, Cassey (marriage to George Scarburgh) (i18345), b.1777-d.1859
West, Charles (i19095), d.1794
West, Charles, (Jr.) (marriage to Sally Custis Pettit) (i18330), d.1835
West, Charles, (Mjr.) (i19073), d.1757
West, Elizabeth (i19101)
West, Frances Yeardley (marriage to Robinson Custis) (i18595), d.1797
West, Francis (i18319), d.1746
West, George Scarburgh (marriage to Margaret Susan Callahan) (i18895), b.1825-d.1898
West, Isaac Smith (i19102), d.1779
West, Jemimah (i19076), d.1753
West, John (i17898), d.1736
West, John (i19069), b.1672-d.1730
West, John, ("Great John") (i19116), d.1826
West, John, ("Great John") (marriage to Elizabeth Custis) (i19116), d.1826
West, John, ("The Younger") (marriage to Frances Yeardley) (i11793), d.1719
West, Jonathan (i19096), d.1787
West, Jonathan (marriage to Ann Smith) (i19096), d.1787
West, Joseph (i11796)
West, Kendall (i19099)
West, Matilda (i11797)
West, Nancy (i19114)
West, Sally (i19070), b.1718-
West, Sarah (i12244), d.1774
West, Sarah Yardley (i19094)
West, Tabitha (i12456)
West, Thomas (i19098)
West, Thorowgood (i19061), d.1756
West, Thorowgood (i19097)
West, Unknown (marriage to Sarah Smith) (i19067)
West, William H. (marriage to Anne C. Arbuckle) (i18318), d.1820
West, Yeardley (i19115), d.1787


Weston, Thomas G. (marriage to Joice Williams) (i18047), b.1807-d.1884


Wharton, Bagwell (marriage to Catherine Custis) (i18584), b.1770-d.1821
Wharton, John (marriage to Elizabeth Custis Williams) (i18323), b.1763-d.1811


White, Elizabeth (marriage to Francis Thorowgood) (i7065), b.1674-d.1705
White, Martha (marriage to John Wainhouse Thorowgood) (i17612)


Whitehead, Margaret Ann (marriage to Robert Riddick Prentis) (i18803), b.1826-d.1910


Whitehurst, Mary Antoinette (marriage to John Francis Thorowgood) (i19140)


Wickham, Charlotte (marriage to William Henry Fitzhugh Lee) (i18293), d.1863


Widgeon, George P. (marriage to Elizabeth M. Spady) (i18007), b.1811-d.1841
Widgeon, Unknown, (wife of George Jarvis) (marriage to George A. Jarvis) (i18467)
Widgeon, Unknown, (wife of George Jarvis) (marriage to George A. Jarvis) (i18467)


Wilkins, Henry (marriage to Ann Drummond) (i12189), d.1802
Wilkins, Margaret "Peggy" (i1954), b.1844-d.1865
Wilkins, Susan M. (marriage to William S. Christian) (i17957), b.1825-d.1852
Wilkins, Susan M. (marriage to William S. Christian) (i17957), b.1825-d.1852
Wilkins, William (i18197), b.1848-
Wilkins, William W. (marriage to Elizabeth Custis Kendall) (i18196), b.1799-d.1864
Wilkins, William W., (Jr.) (i18198), b.1850-d.1933


Wilkinson, Jane Herbert Dent (i19952), b.1798-
Wilkinson, William M., (Cpt.) (marriage to Ann Herbert Dent) (i19951)


Willett, Ada Forrest (marriage to William John Thorowgood) (i19152)


Williams, Anne Custis (i18310), d.1820
Williams, Anne Custis (marriage to Edward Arbuckle) (i18310), d.1820
Williams, Benjamin (i17991), d.1816
Williams, Columbia (i18038), b.1835-d.1899
Williams, Cordelia Cary (i18042), b.1845-d.1907
Williams, Edith Esther (marriage to William Roland Fisher) (i18104), d.1843
Williams, Elizabeth (i18004), d.1840
Williams, Elizabeth (i18029), b.1794-d.1820
Williams, Elizabeth Ann (i17973), b.1820-d.1902
Williams, Elizabeth Custis (i18322), b.1769-d.1831
Williams, Eugenia (i18040), b.1837-d.1919
Williams, George W. (i17978), b.1828-d.1855
Williams, Goodwin Gardner (i18023), b.1821-d.1864
Williams, James (i18015), d.1816
Williams, John (i17966), b.1754-d.1805
Williams, John (i17980), d.1815
Williams, John (i18044), b.1807-d.1888
Williams, John Scarburgh (i18025), d.1797
Williams, Joice (i18046), b.1809-d.1892
Williams, Lloyd W. (i18021), b.1815-d.1893
Williams, Louisa (i18036), b.1831-d.1843
Williams, Margaret (i17993), b.1797-d.1851
Williams, Margaret Sarah (i17976), b.1825-d.1850
Williams, Mary Lilly (i18041), b.1839-d.1923
Williams, Sally (i17982)
Williams, Samuel (i18032), b.1799-d.1855
Williams, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Haggoman) (i11766), b.1725-d.1789
Williams, Samuel S. (i17970), b.1776-d.1827
Williams, Sarah (i18031), b.1797-d.1823
Williams, Sarah Elizabeth (i18037), b.1833-d.1907
Williams, Thomas (i17981), d.1827
Williams, Thomas (i18026), b.1762-d.1823
Williams, Thomas Nottingham (i18019), b.1787-d.1823
Williams, William (i18017), b.1759-d.1801
Williams, William (i18034), b.1805-d.1855
Williams, William Nottingham (i24671), b.1815-d.1912
Williams, William S. (i17971), b.1782-d.1829
Williams, William, (Dr.) (marriage to Margaret Custis) (i18321), d.1820


Williamson, Charles (marriage to Elizabeth Walke) (i17759)
Williamson, Charles (marriage to Elizabeth Walke) (i17759)
Williamson, Elizabeth (marriage to John Thorowgood) (i19134)


Willoughby, John, (Jr.) (marriage to Nancy Walke) (i17767)
Willoughby, Thomas (i19222)


Wilson, Edward Hancock Custis (i26074), b.1794-d.1827
Wilson, Henry Parke Custis (i26077), b.1801-d.1875
Wilson, John Custis (i18219), b.1761-d.1830
Wilson, John Custis, (Jr.) (i26073), b.1784-d.1832
Wilson, John Custis, (Jr.) (marriage to Mary Ann Savage) (i26073), b.1784-d.1832
Wilson, John T. (i18239), b.1805-
Wilson, Margaret "Peggy" (marriage to John Custis Wilson) (i18220), b.1763-d.1825
Wilson, Margaret Skirvan (i18228), b.1800-d.1862
Wilson, Mary Ann Francis (i18235), b.1802-d.1862
Wilson, Mary Henrietta (i26075), b.1796-d.1800
Wilson, Peggy C. (i26076), b.1798-d.1800
Wilson, Sally J. (i18240), b.1806-d.1818
Wilson, Samuel (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Parke Custis) (i18218), b.1735-d.1790
Wilson, Sarah (i18241), b.1808-d.1811
Wilson, Unknown, (husband of Mary Thorowgood) (marriage to Mary Thorowgood) (i17643)
Wilson, William Witherspoon (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Custis Tompkins) (i18227), b.1766-d.1820


Winder, Charlotte L. (i18858), b.1810-d.1871
Winder, George E. (marriage to Annie R. Ayres) (i1865), d.1882
Winder, John Edward (i1033), b.1823-d.1897
Winder, John Harmanson (i1028), b.1784-d.1854
Winder, John Harmanson (marriage to Sarah Christian Snead) (i1028), b.1784-d.1854
Winder, John, (Dr.) (marriage to Susanna Harmanson) (i14298), b.1745-d.1822
Winder, Lauretta A. (i18857), b.1808-d.1879
Winder, Levin Yardly, (Gov.) (i7263), b.1787-d.1836
Winder, Mary Catherine (i18864), b.1833-
Winder, Nathaniel James (i2322), b.1794-d.1844
Winder, Nathaniel James (marriage to Margaret Susan Bowdoin) (i2322), b.1794-d.1844
Winder, Richard Bayly (i18862), b.1828-
Winder, Rosina Christian (i1029), b.1820-d.1857
Winder, Sarah Caroline (i2321), b.1830-d.1892
Winder, Susan Comfort (i18860), d.1853
Winder, William N. J. (i18866), b.1836-d.1861
Winder, William Sydney (i6802)


Wise, A. Tully (marriage to Mary Bowdoin) (i14173)
Wise, Ann Custis (i18546), b.1768-
Wise, Anne (i18244)
Wise, Anne (marriage to Thomas Parsons) (i18244)
Wise, Anne (marriage to Thomas Parsons) (i18244)
Wise, Cassandra "Casey" (marriage to Thomas Custis(Mjr.)) (i6344), b.1728-d.1803
Wise, Eleanor Douglas (marriage to William Samuel Custis) (i18582), b.1812-d.1866
Wise, Elizabeth (i18548)
Wise, Elizabeth Douglas (i19528)
Wise, John (i11757), b.1749-d.1760
Wise, John Robinson (i19525)
Wise, John, (IV) (marriage to Elizabeth "Betty" Cable) (i11754), b.1723-d.1769
Wise, Martha Washington (i19529)
Wise, Mary Robinson (marriage to Fairfax Smith) (i19396), b.1730-
Wise, Samuel (marriage to Susanna Upshur Custis) (i18537), b.1740-d.1778
Wise, Sarah Hamilton (i19530)
Wise, Susan Christian (i19526)
Wise, Susanna "Sukey" (i18540), b.1776-d.1798
Wise, Tabitha (i18547), b.1768-d.1783
Wise, Tabitha Scarburgh (i19527)
Wise, Tabitha Scarburgh (marriage to Edmund R. Custis) (i18597), b.1793-d.1855
Wise, Thomas (i18539), b.1777-d.1807
Wise, Tully Robinson (marriage to Anne Kitson Evans) (i18394), b.1808-d.1865
Wise, Tully Robinson, (II) (marriage to Sarah Luker) (i19520), b.1755-d.1817
Wise, Tully Robinson, (III) (i19524)


Wishart, Ann (marriage to William Keeling(Jr.) (Capt.)) (i17665), d.1767
Wishart, Ann (marriage to William Keeling(Jr.) (Capt.)) (i17665), d.1767
Wishart, Margaret (marriage to Mitchel Thorowgood) (i19219)


Woodard, Absilette (i11365)
Woodard, Ann (i11371)
Woodard, Daughter (i11350)
Woodard, Elisha (i11354), d.1789
Woodard, Elisha (i11369), b.1728-d.1798
Woodard, Elizabeth (i11352), d.1828
Woodard, Henry (i11379), b.1697-
Woodard, Henry (marriage to Mary Martin) (i11381), b.1659-d.1734
Woodard, Henry, (Jr.) (i11383)
Woodard, Isaac (i11286), b.1782-d.1863
Woodard, Isaac (i11355), b.1752-d.1790
Woodard, James (i11314), b.1778-
Woodard, Jesse (i11361), b.1757-
Woodard, Joel (i11384), d.1734
Woodard, John (i11318), b.1695-d.1765
Woodard, John (i11349), b.1740-d.1763
Woodard, John (i11368)
Woodard, John (i11377), b.1679-d.1734
Woodard, Luke (i11363), b.1759-d.1809
Woodard, Mary (i11373)
Woodard, Mary (i11380), b.1698-
Woodard, Mary (i11385)
Woodard, Mary "Molly" (i11357), b.1754-
Woodard, Mary (marriage to John Woodard) (i11393), b.1681-d.1734
Woodard, Rachel (i11366)
Woodard, Sarah (i11375)
Woodard, Stephen (i11315), b.1775-d.1831
Woodard, Thomas, (III) (i11313)
Woodard, Thomas, (Jr.) (i11311), b.1744-d.1835
Woodard, Thomas, (Sr.) (i11316), b.1718-d.1791


Woodhouse, Amy (i17629)
Woodhouse, Amy (marriage to William Keeling(Capt.)) (i17629)
Woodhouse, Elizabeth (i19048)
Woodhouse, Henry (marriage to Sarah Keeling) (i17626), d.1686
Woodhouse, Henry, (III) (i19043)
Woodhouse, Henry, (Jr.) (i17654)
Woodhouse, Horatio, (Capt.) (i17563)
Woodhouse, Horatio, (Capt.) (marriage to Lucy Keeling) (i17563)
Woodhouse, Isabella (i19046)
Woodhouse, John (i19049)
Woodhouse, Lucy (i19047)
Woodhouse, Mary (i17562)
Woodhouse, Mary (i19044)
Woodhouse, Mary (i19050)
Woodhouse, Mary (marriage to Adam Thorowgood) (i17562)
Woodhouse, Sarah (i17571), d.1749
Woodhouse, Sarah (i19045)


Wrenn, Eliza (marriage to Peter Bowdoin Prentis) (i18805)


Wrenshall, Ellen Bray (marriage to Frederick Fayette Dent) (i19234)


Wright, Christopher, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Keeling) (i17653)
Wright, Christopher, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Keeling) (i17653)
Wright, Katherine (i18569)
Wright, Stephen, (Cpt.) (marriage to Pembrook Thorowgood) (i17615), d.1748
Wright, Stephen, (Jr.) (i18568)


Yeardley, Argol, (II)(Capt.) (marriage to Sarah Michael) (i1000), b.1644-d.1682
Yeardley, Argoll (i11775), d.1683
Yeardley, Elizabeth (i11777), b.1676-d.1735
Yeardley, Frances (i11776), d.1704
Yeardley, Frances (marriage to Adam Thorowgood(II)(Lt. Col.)) (i11715)
Yeardley, John (i11774), d.1683
Yeardley, Sarah (i999), d.1718


Yelverton, Martha (marriage to Jesse Woodard) (i11362)


Yerby, Ann "Annie" Elizabeth (i18433), b.1834-d.1914
Yerby, George Teackle, (Dr.) (marriage to Charlotte Hack Jacob) (i2331), b.1802-d.1865
Yerby, Susan Bowdoin (i18431), b.1829-d.1889


Young, Edward J. (marriage to Sarah "Sally" T. Parramore) (i17929), b.1812-d.1869
Young, Ellen (marriage to Southy S. Parramore) (i17947), d.1860
Young, Mary Hannah (marriage to Mitchell Thoroughgood Scarburgh) (i18885), b.1838-d.1910

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