Will of Nathaniel Bell, Sr., 
6th Great Grandfather of Patricia Ann Scherzinger
Proved February 25, 1799

Transcribed and Shared by Patricia Ann Scherzinger, Ghote

In the Name of God  Amen:

I Nathaniel Bell Senior of the County of Accomack and State of Virginia being of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner following to wit:

FIRST:  I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wife Susannah the following negroes to wit: Elijah, and Pegg, also a wilde cherry chest of drawers, a _____china chest, two best beds and furniture, two first choice of slaves, two firs, choice of ploughs and harrows with harness belonging thereto, a fine safe, six best swine and best yoke of stears and all my crop that is on the
plantation growing the year that I die and all the hogs and half my cyder casks also a_____and_____of the first choice of cows.

ITEM:  I lend unto my wife during her life or widowhood the following negroes to wit: Edmond and Tabby and her increase and at my wifes death or marriage I give and bequeath the aforesaid negroes Edmund and Tabby and her increase to be equally divided between my daughters Nancy Satchell and Susannah Palmer.

I also lend to my wife the use of the still and what belongs to it during her life or widowhood, and at her death or marriage i give the said still and what belongs to it to my son Nathaniel Bell.

ITEM:  I give and bequeath unto my son Nathaniel Bell all the tract and Plantation of land whereon I now live to him and his heirs forever, upon condition that he does not bring any charge or claim against my estate for the Fifty pounds legasy which was left to him by his grandmother Mary S. Bell and in case that he makes the demand against my Estate for the said fifty pounds my will and desire is that he my son Nathaniel shall forfit and pay this sum of Six hundred pounds to be raised out of the above plantation which said sum of six hundred pounds if forfited I give and bequeath to be equally divided amongst all my grandchildren.

ITEM:  I also give to my Son Nathaniel, Platto, Stifney and Comfort also a Tract of Land on Hog Island and all Sandy Island to him and his heirs forever and the tract of Land called Spring it forever.

ITEM:  I also give and bequeath to my son Nathaniel Bell the following negroes viz: Jim, Lucy, Stephin, Sam, Levin and Melley and her increase, one bed and furniture, a large looking glass, a walnut desk, a Pitty Auger, a cross cut saw and one half of my cyder.

ITEM:  I lend to Sally Bell the widow of my Son Robert Bell Decd the sum of the one third part of the plantation whereon the said Robert Decd during her widowhood also the one third part of the following negroes to wit, Abram, Caleb and Lettie and her increase and at her the said Salleys death or remarriage which ever shall first happen I lend the said one third part of
the land and negroes to the heirs of Robert Bell Decd namely Peggy and Polly Bell.  I also lend unto my grand daughters Peggy and Polly Bell the children of my son Robert Bell Decd the remaining part or two thirds after the said negroes Abram, Caleb and Lettie and her increase.  My will and desire is that my Son Robert heirs shall have the lone of all the other profits of mine that I formerly lent them or that he was in possession of also one looking glass, second choice one copper kettle, one hand mill to be equally divided when they come of age or marry and should they dye without heirs my desire is that the property lent them should go to my son Nathaniel Bell, Nancy Satchel and Susanna Palmer.

I desire that my son Nathaniel Bell may take care of the property lent to my Granddaughters till they arrive to lawful age or marriage.  I give and bequeath unto Daughter Nancy Satchel the following negroes to wit: Abel, Leah and Anny and her heirs and Betty and her increase, a bed and furniture, a dining table and looking glass and a small oval Table and the other property
of mine which is in her possession.

ITEM:  I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Susanna Palmer the following slaves to wit: Southy, Sabra, Jinny, Dinah, Comfort and her increase.  A bed and furniture, a dressing table and cabinet painted blue and the other property 
of mine which she has possession of.

ITEM:  I give and bequeath all my cattle (not before given) sheep to be equally divided between my wife Susannah, my Son Nathaniel and Daughters Nancy and Susannah.

ITEM:  I give and bequeath the remainder of my slaves and horses not before given away to my wife and daughters Nancy and Susannah. I do hereby appoint my wife Susannah and Son Nathaniel Bell executors and executrix to this my last Will and Testament in testamony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this tenth day of December in the year of our Lord Seventeen Hundred and Ninetysix.

Signed, Sealed, published and                          Nathaniel Bell   (Seal)
delivered in the presence of
Golding Ward
William Harmon
Littleton Ward

At a court held for Accomack County Feb. 25, 1799 the said Last Will and Testament of Nathaniel Bell Sr. was proved by the oaths of Littleton Ward and Golding Ward witness thereto and ordered to be recorded.

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