The Will of Ann Southy Littleton

Ann Southy Littleton's WILL
Northamption Co., VA 1656

Will 1656, Northamption Co., VA
Littleton, Ann, widow of Col Nathaniel Littleton, Esq 1656/28 Oct

To my younger son Southy Littleton (<15) all my land at Nandue as by a patent dated 1636 taken in his name, according to he bounds therof and seven Negroes, viz, Robin and his wife Fallassa and her three sons, little Tony, and Jane the dau of Peter. To my dau Heaster Littleton six negroes, viz, Congo and his wife Cossongo and her two children, Isaake the son of old Tony, and Besse the dau of Paul ..Francis Pott her facofee in truste Also to my dau Hester ..the key to be kept in the custody of one of my trustees, viz, Lt Col Edward Douglas or Capt Francis Pott. To my kinsman Mrs Thomas Harman the 1st mare coult that comes forth from my stock. To my godson Mr Argoll Yardley the 2nd mare coult as aforesaid. And the 3rd mare coult to the eldest child of Capt Roger Marshall. To my three godchildren Sara, Edward and Elizabeth Douglas the children of my neighbor Lt Col Edward Douglas ..To my servant Susanna Price My dau Heaster (abt 8)to be with Mrs Eyres until 10 and Mrs Ayres to have 800# t as formerly paid her yearly. And I request my kind neighbor Mrs Issibella Douglas to take my said dau until 14 . My son Edward Littleton extr. Of the remainder of my estare, viz all my land at Magattey Bay, ten Negroes, three Irish Servents, and one English servant. If all my children die without issue thanth e real estate to go to James Littleton, Esq., of Shropsheire near Ludlowe. My friends Lt Col Edward Douglas, Francis Doughty, minister and preacher of this parish, and Capt Francis Pott trustee.

Witt: Francis Pott, Daniell Baker f 22
(note: the devisee Littleton Scarburgh is the son of Col Edmund
Scarburgh and Mary his wife f 24)

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