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Will of Arthur Bradford II
Will of John S. Martin
Will of William Burton
WIll of Robert Parker
Will of Robert Fisher- 1602
Will of Richard Allarde
Will of George Maplisden- 1590
Will of William S. Martin

Will of Arthur Bradford II


24th of April 1815 Accomack County, Accomack Virginia  I Lend to son Laban my land plantation where I now live until he shall have heir then give Land & premises to him and heirs forever, Also lend 15 acres Land joining land of Servern Richardson, who I bought from, until heir.

 I lend to son Arthur 50 acres in the swamp being land called "Bradford Land" on the north John Bell, on the east John Lingo, and the south Smith HysLop, then heirs forever,

 I lend 15 acres swamp purchased from S.Richard to heirs forever,  If Laban dies it goes to Arthur if without heirs, If Arthur dies it goes to Laban.

To wife Ann 1/3 part Of all my land while living (dower right).

To Arthur a negro boy Tony and his heirs forever, I lend to Ann a negro woman Rachel then give to Laban.

 To Laban 1/2 of my still and 6 tubs, cider casks and his heirs forever.

 To Severn Richardson 50 pounds. Lend to Severn Richardson bed & furniture I lendt him when married then give to his son James,  I lend to daughter Elizabeth Roberts 2 beds & furniture then give to Elizabeth forever, I give Arthur gun.

 I give wife Ann all remaining Parts of my estate,

 Note: Arthur had passed one slave on to John in 1777; and one slave to Laban in 1757.


Will of John S. Martin



1. Daughter Edna (widow Julius Beloate) part of farm NW of Railroad- also give

farm known as "Weaver Place" I bought from John C. Weaver.

2. Daughter Margaret w/o George Custis Phillips part of farm.

3. To Alice L. Martin rest & residue of farm not given to Edna & Mary.

4. Son John W. the whole of farm divised to me by brother William.

5. Smith Phillips Place ( purchased from Frank Bell & wife) to Mary & Alice.

6. Have amply advanced to daughter Mary Belote so give her nothing in this will

except her share in residue.

7. Wife as law provides (Susan Annie),

8. Exec. sell at auction 20 acres of White Marsh & my part of Parrimore Lots &

with proceeds pay all debts,

9. All child pay equally the debt on the farm. I have given son John W. & pay

equally the rent due my brother's widow.

10. Any balance equally to children including Mary.

11. John W. executor and court request no security. $7,000 bond not made


Will of William Burton

18 Feb 1695


To Eldest son William land on the seaboard side, situate in Forked Neck near where I now Live. To 3rd son Thomas Burton the South side of the said Forked Neck. To 6th son Stratton Burton land purchased of Col.John West & adj. the land given Thomas. To 2nd son John Burton 500A., being 1/2 of 1000 A.in Sussex County in the Territories of Pennsylvania granted me by patent called Long Neck. To 4th son Benjamim 600 A. near Assateag on the seaboard side in Somerset County, MD. The other 1/2 of the 1000 A.in Sussex County was conveyed by me to Thomas Bagwell, of Accomack, dee. To 5th son Joseph Burton 387 1/2 on the North side of Idian River in Sussex County, Pa. being 1/2 775 A. purchased of John Parker. To 7th son Woolsey Burton 387 A. being the other 1/2 of said tract. To sons William, Thomas, & Stratton my interest in Cedar Island in Accomack County. To 8th son Jacob Burton 450 A., near Lewis Towne in Pennsylvania on Indian River, being part of 600 A. purchased of Thomas Jones & adj the land given my son John-- The other 150 A. was due Bagwell of Accomack. To Ann Burton. To dau. Agnes Revell To grandchildren Frances, Elizabeth, & Edward Revell. Wife Ann & son William Ex'rs. Capt. William Custis, William Nock & son in law John Revell ovrseers in Accomack & John Hill of Lewis Town, Pa. Witt: John Revell,Robert Scott. James Smith, and Robert Edge.



WIll of Robert Parker


Will 13 November 1671 : proved 4 April 1673.


To my wife and fellow traveler Jane Parker the rents of free land in Bosham aduring her life according to lease granted by she and mee to my son George Parker and by him to be paid to his mother Termina vite. To said wife in free land or Burgage Tenure in Meadhurst during her life or the minority of her and my sane John. To said wife the third part of free land in Southampton during Her life. To said wife the third part of profits de clara from land in Virginia. As my wife has desired to have only left her Twenty five pounds per annum during her life with a room or two furnished. To the which is she so leases she acquitting her former bequests above mentioned charging my son George who is of best ability and all the rest of her and my children to have speciall care of their dear mother.

To my son John Parker 100f(pound mark) at 21 years besides his living at Medhurst. To my ingrateful son John Martin 13 pence which with 120 f which he have already with my eldest daughter Abigaill is too much. To my daughter Margaret 60 f at 27 years. To youngest daughter Constance Parker 60 f at 21 years. If any of my daughters are willing to renounce their legacies in England and go to Virginia that daughter shall have far her portion rights due me, with Plantation, housing and stocks to her and her heirs for ever with Patent in the hands of Mr. John Wise at Oenacot in Notthampton County in Accomake the plantation in Anduen River. To Margaret Sherlock my apprentice 20s. To each of my servants 5s. To 8 poor men 8 pence apeece in the parish of Bosham. My grandfather John Parker did give 13s.4d. to St.Laurence in Southampton ever out of demise in tenure of Mr. Fetter Clarke where he and my father both lye buryed to be further continued as it hath been before. My son George Parker executor. Mr. William Peascod of Bosham and john Rawlings of Southamptan take my son John Parker into their tuition and shall be overseers. Witnesses: William Silverlock Henly Payell and William Pescodd


The Will of Robert Fisher- 1602



Robert Fisher of Redrith, Surrey, gent 28 March 44 Elizabeth, proved 30 April 1602. To the poor of Rederith six pounds. To my brother in law Master Peter Hilles six angels.To my sister his wife four sovereigns of gold. To my sister his wife four sovereigns of gold.To my nephew Peter Maplesden a sovereign,1 to his three men servants, Joshua, John and Richard, to each of them a French crown and to each of his three maids the like. To my cousin Katherine Banckes twenty shillings and my wearing linen, to Mary Banckes fifteen shelling, to my niece Lidia Bell two angels, to my sister Allen six angels, 1 to every one of her children one angel, to my cousin Osborne two French crowns, to my cousin Salloes his wife one sovereign, to Master Doctor Dawson Dionisius Halicar Nasseus Herodiam and Suetonius, to Master Butterton an angel, to my uncle Fisher six angels, to my brother Reder four pounds, to my sister Devenish three pounds, to my sister Browne four angels,to each of her children one angel, to my cousin Katherine Smith twenty shillings, to my cousin Cheesman twenty shillings, to his eldest son a French crown, to my cousin Master John Fisher and to each of his sisters, my loving cousins, a sovereign of gold, to my cousin Master H:Hall my Peter Martir's Common Places in Latin, to my cousin Edward Maplesden my Abridgement of Statutes, to my cousin Richard Maplesden of London a sovereign, to Master Arthur Barham all my other French and Italian books, to his wife a sovereign, to Mistress Mary Barham the like, to my cousin Bennet Barueham of London the like, to my sister Fisher and to each of her children an angel, to Margaret Fisher of Rederith the like, to my brother Walter Fisher of Maideston, gentleman, al my law books and abridgements of law made by myself and all my other books not before given, whom I make the sole executor &c.



The Will of Richard Allarde,

the Elder-1593


Richard Allairdle the elder of the City of Rochester, Kent, 20 April 1593, proved 10 July 1593. To the poor of Biddenden three pounds six shillings eight pence, to be distributed by Mr. Whetcombe the pastor there, my cousin Evernden and my sons Henry and Richard Allarde. To the poor of Crambrooke forty shillings, to be distributed by the pastor there, Thomas Shefe, William Hider and Edmond Calvin. To the poor of Rounden forty shillings, to be distributed by Peter Maplesden, Robert Gibbondes and Edmond Gibbons. To the poor of Bennenden thirteen shillings four pence, to be distributed by Mr Jones, Richard Sharpe and John Wattes. To me poor of Tenterden thirteen shillings four pence, to be distributed by; Mr.Elye, Robert Stace and John Tilden, To the poor of Frittenden ten shillings, to be distributed by Mr. Graunger, William Oakes and Thomas Batherst. Similar bequests to be distributed to the poor of Halden by Mr. Zachary Scott and the pastor there, to the poor of Brooke by Mr.Henry Hall, my uncle Allarde and Thomas Hall of Wye,to the poor of Northiam by George Bisshopp and Richard Sharpe, to the poor of Sandhurst by the pastor there and John Wadttes, to the poor of Smarden by my cousin Evernden and Henry and Richard, my sons, to the poor of Rochester by Mr. Streton, Mr. Bucke and Mr. Cobham. To every of my aunts, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, kinsfolks, allies and friends, for a remembrance of my love towards them a ring of gold, with the form of a death's head in it of the price of twelve shillings for every man, and of the price of nine shillings for every woman: that is to say my brother Maye and my sister his wife, my brother Hider, and Richard his son and Phebe his daughter, my sister Cruttrall, my sister Crier, my cousin Thomas Shefe and his wife,l my cousin Alexander Courthopp, my son Richard Sharpe, my son Peter Maplesden and his wife, my son Richard Maplesden, Alice Kinge, Dorothy Coucheman, my son John Taylor and his wife, my son Richard Allard and his wife, my son Porter and his wife, my cousin John Evernden, George Ramsdenne, Josias Selliard, my son Henry Allarde and his wife, my son Richard Allard and his wife, my son Porter and his wife, my Son Godfrey and his wife, my son Henden and his wife, my son Francis Allard, John Berry the younger and my daughter his wife, THOMAZINE my wife, Henry Peter, Catherine and Lydia her children, my sister Fisher the elder, my aunt Maplesden and my cousins John Fisher, my cousin John Eppes and his wife, my cousin Calib Banckes and his wife, and my cousins Katherine and Mary Fisher daughters of my said sister Fisher all which said rings I will that my executors &c. shall cause to be made, provided and delivered within six months next after my decease. My sister Cryer's children. My sister Couchman's children. My cousin Lapham's wife. Henry, Richard and Frances Allarde, my sons. My brother William Hider of Crambrooke. My cousin John Evernden. My son Peter Maplesden. Mary, his now wife, my daughter. Richard Maplesden the eldest son of the said Peter, at eighteen. Robert Porter my son. Anne Porter, my daughter, his wife. To every one of my own daughters one goblet of sliver or silver and gilt. Walter Fisher, my wife's brother. Robert Fisher, my wife's brother. Stephen Lapham. My brother Francis Allard of Biddeuden. Lands lately purchased of Laurence Sharpe.Lands bought of John Whitfield. Lands in the occupation of William Gilbert. Nevell ,55.

 [ For reference to the above will my thanks are due to our friend William S. Appleton, tfsq. Richard Allarde must have matried the widow Of George AAaplisden.-- Henry F. Waters. ]


The Will of George Maplisden- 1590


George Maplisden. one of the Aldermen of the City of Rochester in the County of Kent. 1 Odober 32 Elizabeth, proved 28 January 1590. From the book Genealogical Gleanings in England. The poor of Rochester, of Maidstone,of Marden,of St. Margaret's near Rochester, of Frynsbury and of Stroode in Kent. The poor also of Woldham and of Chatham in Kent. Thomazine my wife shall have the use and occupation of the house wherein I now dwell during the years I have in the same. At her death then to Henry my son. To my nephew Peter Maplisden my lease of the barn and orchard without the East gate of the city, he yearly delivering to my wife the one half of all the apples and pears that shall happen to grow in the said orchard. To my nephew John Fisher my great gray stoned horse colt. To Katherine mine eldest daughter two hundred marks at one and twenty or day of marriage. To Lydia my second and youngest daughter, the same amount, paid in like sort. My said sons (sic) Henry and Peter at their ages of one and twenty. I hope my said daughters will be always dutiful and obedient to their mother, who hath been always very natural to them and careful over them. To my sister Katherine Fisher of Dentling in said county, widow, a piece of gold of thirty shillings. To Thomazine Eppes. here daughter, a piece of thirty shillings. To Katherine Fisher, another of her daughters, ten pounds at one and twenty or day of marriage.

To Mary Fisher another of her daughters (a like bequest). To Moretraill Woode and Endure Woode, children of Elizabeth Woode, one other of the daughters of the said Katherine my sister, now deceased, ten pounds apiece at their several ages of one and twenty or days of marriage. To my sister Goldsmithe's children now living five pounds apiece at one and twenty or days of marriage. To my sister Dorothy Gosling thirty shillings and to every of her children forty shillings apiece at one and twenty or days of marriage. To my cousin John Maplisden, Bachelor in Divinity, my great mare and here youngest colt. My cousin Edward Maplisden of Maidstone. My cousin Thomas Gaye. Edward Allaplisden of Marden aforesaid the elder, clothier. Robert Maplisden my cousin George Maplisden's son of Maidstone. John Colsone of Reynham, Kent. William Woodyer, of Cooling, and every of his children. I will and bequeath unto my said son Henry my term and interest in certain lands in Marden to me made by the Dean and Chapter of Christ and the Blessed Vigin Mary in Rochester. I make and ordain my trusty and well beloved nephew Peter Maplisden of Rochester and my trusty and wall beloved cousin Edward Maplisden of Maidestone my sole executors and my trusty and loving friend Mr.John Covell of Maidestone, my cousin George Maplisden of Maidston, Edmond Nott of Stowting and my cousin John Eppes of Defling to be my overseers. The residue of my goods &c., debts being paid and legacies and funerals discharged, I wholly give to Thomazine my well beloved wife. (Then follows his disposition of his lands, tenements &c.) Provision made for satisfaction of wife's dower and for bringing up and educating of children already born or hereafter to be born. To son Henry my mansion called Tilden ( in another place Silden) in the parish of Marden and my tenement and lands which I late purchased of Mr. Richard Tilden, lying &c. in the same parish, to him and the lawfully begotten heirs of his body, remainder to Peter my son, next to my two daughters Katherine and Lydia, then to my nephew Peter Maplisden, then to my cousins John, Edward and Richard Maplisden, the sons of mine uncle Jervis Maplisden deceased, and lastly to my right heirs foeever. Certain lands &c. to son Peter (among which some bought of John Walker and Robert Tilden), with provisions for entailing &c. I will that my said wife shall have the ordering, educating and bringing up of my said children for their better training up in the fear of God in virtue and learning until they shall severally attain and come to their ages of one and twenty years. John Eppes one of the witnesses.



Will of William S. Martin

24 Feb 1842



The part of my laod call " Lillaste" on land which is to run from a Spanish Oak to Edward O. Finney's land on the N. side be sold as soon as convenient after my death.

Give to son John S. Martin l/2 of balance of my land whatever kind provided son John S. pay son Smith 500 pounds. at the expiration of 2 years from time son John S. rec said 1/2 & if said John S. refuses to pay then said Land be bound & stand respons. to said Smith for 500 pounds.

 Give son John my man "Big Harris" provided pays each of sons, William S., Smith, and Henry N. 50 pounds.

Give son William S. the balance of land provided he pays Henry N.500 pounds at the end of 2 years.

Balance or Estate to my 5 daughters Margaret, Elizabeth, Catharine, Jane, Fanny.

Friend Littleton Willis exec.

Proved 28 March 1842 30,000 pound bond.


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