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This page is a report of when various Internet search engines last indexed our web pages. is a nexus site, meaning that it is a rich source of links to other sites because of the many indexes we provide, such as our Page of Subscriber Pages, our Page of Subscriber Domains, and our Geographic Index. As a result, we are frequently scanned by search engines indexing the web.

People often ask us how they can get their pages indexed by the major search engines. If your pages are hosted on our web server, then they'll be indexed when ours are. This is by far the easiest and best way. Search engines place a higher weight on sites found through a nexus site than any other way.

When we host your web pages, we do more than just give them a place to sit in cyberspace. We help draw traffic to your site. We are how people find things on the Eastern Shore. That's why we call it The Shore's Home Page

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