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The table to the right shows how many "hits" we're getting on our Home Page Hit Counter, which shares a spot near the top right corner of our home page. That's a live counter, updated in real time. Refresh this page to see new numbers. That's just the home page all by itself. The website as a whole draws much more traffic than that, between our Restaurant Guide, our Business Index, our scrapbooks, our genealogy files, the best weather page on the Shore, and everything else we have to offer. is the most popular website on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. That's why we call it The Shore's Home Page

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Home Page Hits
as of 9:30 am

This Last Average
Day  3,999  15,441  15,282
Week  66,977  105,112  107,155
Month  451,642  467,415  466,746
Year  4,838,119  6,457,541  5,535,755

* The daily tally starts at 2 AM,
and the week begins on Monday.

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