Mason Beach Fruit Farm


How We Operate


Our hope is that you will enjoy our farm surroundings on Butchers Creek adjoining Chesapeake Bay waters.  Family and supervised youth groups are most welcomed.  Please be aware that water hazards exist and instruct your children accordingly.  Refer to the <safe & enjoyable visit> and <farm layout> links on the main page that identifies the water hazard areas as well as other considerations to ensure you enjoy your visit.  The fruit farm has been operated by the previous owner for at least 15 years and planted the blueberries and most of the apple and pears.  We have purchased the farm in 1998 and have operated under the you-pick/honor system.  Most recently, only the blueberries can picked by our customers


The farm is now open Thursday through Saturday and closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and now Wednesday. The hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Yes, a very few try to beat the system and not pay – they will be identified and told not to come back.  The price for all fruit is now $1.00/lb. The price are not being increased because of the present economic conditions.


New customers should come down the driveway to the Fruit Farm Office, the small white building on the right of the drive.  Inside you will find information on what is currently ripe and its location.   If possible, please bring your own picking containers.  Some picking buckets are available in the office.  Remember to pre-weigh your containers.  When you have finished your picking, please come back to the office for final weighing and payment using the weighing scale in the office.  Follow the weighing instructions and weight- price lookup tables as needed on the bulletin board.  There are plastic bags for carrying your fruit home.  Please leave our containers at the office.   Also checks are acceptable as no change container is now available. 


Please refer to the fruit availability schedule on our main web page that summarizes when the various fruits are expected to be ripening and the time span of harvest.  Also, we keep Fruit Farm flyers with the latest fruit update and picking schedule printed on the back in the office and in a white information box on the fence at the entrance to the farm.  You are welcome to check with us regarding availability.  Please call 757-442-7287 or email us at


July 8, 2015