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What is Wildlife Rehabilitation?

Wildlife rehabilitation or rescue is taking in injured or baby wildlife and rehabilitating them so they can be released back into the wild as soon as possible.

I am licensed to just do mammals (including rabies vector) but do take every type of animal or reptile or birds. I have resources in the Virginia Beach area licensed for the birds. They will take them when I get them, including eagles and hawks.

How We Do It
(very, very short version)
Feedings depend on the age and condition of babies, some needing formula as often as once every three hours. Babies must be kept fed, warm, cozy and, as they get older, even challanged.

one of the wildlife release areasBabies need to be trained to live independently in the wild before release. The goal is to make everyanimal coming into our care an animal that can live happily and as safely as possible in the wild

Release cages for the animal's re-a release cage for wild animal rehabilitationentry into the wild are placed in various parts of the woods or fields so the animal can slowly adjust to release and its surroundings before being turned loose again in the wild.

picture of the new play pen
See the play pen
for the little guys

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25 August '08
Mr Chuck Leland recently donated a beautiful Gazebo Aviary - for all sizes of birds. And a birdcage just right for all those songbirds. They were given in Memory of his wife, Colette. Read more about this spendid gift on our Thank You page.


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