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Andrews, Bayly, Blount, Bowman, Bryant, Burton, Carroll, Christian, Cooke, Cropper, Darby, Davezac, Davis, Drummond, Ellegood, Floyd, Galt, Giles, Guy, Hall, Harmanson, Hastings, Herring, Jennings, Kendall, Ker, Kerr, Littleton, Marshall, Maxfield, McCord, Moore, Morgan, Nicholson, Parker, Parrish, Pearse, Pridgen, Rasin, Respess, Revell, Reverdy, Robins, Rowley, Savage, Scarborough, Scarburgh, Seymour, Shepherd, Snead, Stratton, Stringer, Tilney, Watson, West, Wilkinson

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The Andrews family of Northampton County is one which connects to many others on the eastern shore. Many descendants of William Andrews settled and stayed on the Virginia and Maryland shore, or moved into Delaware and New Jersey. William Andrews is also the progenitor for Andrews in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas and Texas.

Much of the information in this journal was compiled by Linda Harris and is being placed here so that other ghotes might make additions and corrections. This first edition of the Andrews Journal is complicated, in that the information was mixed with that of Judy Stell in an attempt to aid in getting Linda's information in a format for the web. Not all references have been included, but will be when a more finalized edition of this journal is posted. There is speculative material included, and it is so marked.

Please note the other Andrews in Northampton County which are shown in the text for William Andrews. In particular, these are Garrett Andrews/Anderson, Joane Andrew and her son, John Andrew, and possibly another William Andrews. If you might have anything which would assist in proving a relationship to any of these, we'd like to have it!

While Linda puts together references and Judy continues to sort out duplicate entries, we invite you to send us your additions and corrections. This journal only goes out eight generations, which should allow anyone trying to tie into any of these families the information to make the connection. Please include the reference number used in this journal and your references. If you perhaps have information already posted to the ghote site on any of the families included here, please let us know--we'd like to note these in this journal for anyone wishing to continue a particular surname.

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Linda Harris -

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