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(Thorowgood), Abbott, Addison, Alexander, Ambler, Ames, Arbuckle, Armistead, Avery, Ayres, Bagwell, Barnes, Bayly, Bayne, Beavans, Bell, Blackstone, Bolton, Booth, Boswell, Bowdoin, Brickhouse, Bridges, Brown, Bruce, Bullitt, Bundick, Butler, Cable, Callahan, Calvert, Carraway, Chandler, Christian, Clegg, Conway, Corbin, Cowdry, Cox, Cropper, Custis, Daniel, Darby, Dawson, Dent, Dix, Donell, Drew, Drummond, Evans, Ewing, Eyre, Finley, Fisher, Fitzhugh, Floyd, Fowke, Gilmer, Hack, Haggoman, Handy, Harmanson, Haynes, Henry, Higgins, Hooe, Hopkins, Howard, Huie, Hunter, Jacob, James, Jamison, Jarvis, Jenne, Johnson, Joynes, Justice, Keeling, Kellam, Kemps, Kendall, Kennard, Knox, Langston, Lawson, Lee, Lewis, Lofland, Luker, Marshall, Marshall*, Marshall****, Martin, Mason, Massie, Melvin, Michael, Milby, Moncure, Morson, Moseley, Murdough, Nelson, Nimmo, Nottingham, Parker, Parramore, Parsons, Peter, Pettit, Peyton, Phripp, Powell, Prentis, Read, Read or Reed, Revell, Ridley, Robins, Rogers, Sampson, Sandford, Saunders, Savage, Sayer, Scarburgh, Scherer, Scott, Seddon, Seymour, Singleton, Slocum, Smith, Snead, Spady, Spratt, Stith, Stratton, Stringer, Tarvin, Teackle, Tenant, Thorowgood, Tompkins, Turner, Walke, Walker, Waters, Watt, Wescott, West, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Williams, Willoughby, Wilson, Winder, Wise, Woodard, Woodhouse, Wright, Yeardley, Yerby

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This journal was updated in December, 2001, and is a compilation of information provided in Meyer & Dorman, "Adventures of Purse & Person" (Purse & Person), Dietz Press, Richmond VA, 1987, the Thorowgood Family chart by John Harvie Creecy (Creecy Chart) found at the Virginia Archives, and the generous files of Bill Wilkins, Ye Old Ghote, and Paul Traynor, of Richmond, VA. To this was added information from other Ghotes and visitors to this page.

The Thorowgood family was suggested for the Ghote library for several reasons: so many surnames are linked to this family and its members settled both the eastern and "western" shores of Virginia. Even if not related to this family, so many families were transported to the colony by the Thorowgood merchants and the name is forever tied to the settlement of the Virginia colony and the early province of North Carolina. To give the reader an idea of the bredth of this family, Julia Boggs wife of U. S. Grant, and Mary R. Custis wife of Robert E. Lee, were Thorowgood descendants.

This is a compilation of the research of many. Each has his or her own method of recording, circa birthing and citing. It was compiled with joy and should be enjoyed in use. After all, genealogy is fun. Use this information as a guide not an absolute.

The Thorowgood descendants also includes a small part of the Custis family. I understand there is a set of books out now on this family which might be useful if you are searching this surname. Descendants of Adam Thorowgood also includes several surnames which are already posted at the ghote, such as Fisher, West, Scott, and others. Use the search engine at this web site and enjoy.

I wish to express my thanks to Vern Skinner for sharing his work on the Thorowgood ancestors in England and especially to Bill Wilkins and Paul Traynor for giving their entire collections of Thorowgood research to this journal.

A QUESTION: What, if any, relationship was there between Adam Thorowgood I and Mrs. Anne Keeling, wife of Thomas. Anne and Thomas Keeling lived in close proximity to Adam Thorowgood and their descendants intermarried. Anne and Thomas Keeling named two of their sons Adam Keeling and Thorowgood Keeling. Anne and Thomas Keeling arrived in the Virginia colony on the "John & Dorothy" in 1634; Adam Thorowgood was Captain of the "John & Dorothy." According to McIntosh’s "Ages of Residents of Lower Norfolk County," Anne Keeling was a few years younger than Adam Thorowgood I. Anne’s name is not included in what is known of Adam Thorowgood’s siblings. However, with eight brothers, it seems likely that Adam had more than his one known sister, Frances. None of this information is enough on which to base the theory that Anne Keeling was the sister of Adam Thorowgood; the strongest being the names she gave her sons. Because of the possibility of Adam and Anne being siblings and since their descendants will intermarry and may be of use in research, Anne Keeling’s descendants are included with this journal. Any information which might enhance or negate the possible relationship between Adam Thorowgood and Anne Keeling is appreciated.

Judith Marshall Stell (e-mail


JOHN THOROGOOD born about 1440, lived at Chelston Temple, Hertfordshire. An old and honorable family of Kensington, Middlesex, England, this is the family of Thorogood of Cheshunt. His son:

THOMAS THOROGOOD born in 1470, lived at Chelston Temple, Hertfordshire, England. His sons:


2. JOHN THOROGOOD b.c. 1500

JOHN THOROGOOD born about 1500, a Gentleman at Kensington, Middlesex, England. His son:

JOHN THOROGOOD born about 1530, lived at Frelsted, Essex County, England. He married ANNE LUCKING, daughter of THOMAS LUKYN on Essex. Their children:

1. JOHN THOROGOOD born May 12, 1576 2. ISABEL THOROGOOD born March 17, 1578 3. WILLIAM THOROWGOOD 1579-1625 - Continued in this family journal 4. THOMAS THOROGOOD born March 12, 1580, m. ___ Flower 5. JOAN THOROGOOD born July 26, 1582 6. LAWRENCE THOROGOOD m. _ Mountjoy

(Ancestors of Adam Thorowgood prepared by Vernon L. Skinner with references: "Harrison, Waples & Allied Families;" The Baltimore Sun, 21 July 1907, 28 July 1907, 13 October 1907, 20 October 1907, 31 October 1907, 3 November 1907; Parish Register, Felstead, County Essex, England; Harlaien Society, "Miscellaneous Essex Pedigrees;" Harlaien Society, "Visitation of Norfolk, 1664;" Harlaien Society, "Visitation of Hertfordshire;" "Norfolk Families")


Thorowgood/Thurrigood Smith son of Thomas Smith, grandson of Richard Smith d. 1797 NH Co.;

Thoroughgood/Thorowgood F. Dalby/Daulby son of John Dalby d. 1796 NH Co.;

Thorogood "Thorney" Marshall 1850-1915, mulatto, freed 1864 Accomack

PERSONS TRANSPORTED BY ADAM THOROWGOOD: "Capt Adam Thoroughgood, 5350 acs, lying Nly upon Chesopean Bay, to begin at the first Cr. of that river, running to a broad cr. that shooteth behind a long point of land Wly, into the maine land Ely, up the Riv. to a little island shooting into Chesopean Riv., E. upon the same, this land lying upon the west side & if in case these bounds or neck of land does not include the sd. 5350 acs, then he shall measure upon the first sd. Cr. soe farr as the remainder of his sd. acs. shall extend. Sd. land granteds at the especiall recommendation of him from their Lordshipps and other his Majesties most Honble. private Counsell to the Govr. & Counsell of State of Va. 24th of June 1635. Also due as followeth: 50 acs. for his personal adv. 50 acs for per adv of his wife Sarah Thorowgood & 5350 acs. for trans. of 105 persons. Trans. of himselfe, wife Sarah, and Thomas Thorowgood, Franceis Newton, James Leading, Stephen Bernard, Joh. Newarke, Edward Pitts, Rich. Jenerie, Wm. Edwards, Dennis Russell, John Bernards, Jon. Waters, Jos. Leake, Thomas Brooks, Jon. Moise, Jon. Penton, Edward Parish, Thomas Melton, Augustine Warner, Tho. Chandler, Andrew Chant, John Persie, Edward Wallis, Thomas Boulton, Robert Heasell, Richard Johnson, Margaret Bilbie, Jane Proseer, Jane Westerfield, Ann Spark, Susan Colson, in the "Hopewell" in 1629; John Harris, John Lock, Andrew Boyer, Thomas Boyer in the "True Love" in 1628; Thomas Keeling, Rachel Lane in the "Hopewell" 1628; William Hines, Edward Reynolds, Wm. Hookes, Edward Palmer, Edward Jones, John Dyer in the french ship in 1629, Victo Fraford, Casandra Underwood, Merciful Halley, Ann Long, Dorothy Wheeler, Ann Allerson, in the "Africa"; Eliz. Gosmore in the "Christpopher & Mary"; Franceis Bramly in the "Ark"; John Writt, Wm. Fawne, Wm. Was, George Mee, Gilbert Gye, John Enies, James Wilson, Daniel Hutton, Wm. Gastrock,Wm. Speed, Jon. Reynolds in the "Hopewell" in 1633; Jon. Wakefield, James Belly, Patrick Blacock, Stephen Swaine, John Cowes, Ann Boulton, in the "Bona Adventure" in 1634; Wm. Fletcher in "Middleton" in 1634; Robert Westwell in the "Merchants Hope" in 1634; Robert Spring in the "John & Dorothy"; Adam Thorowgood, Edward Windham, Cob. Howell, Tho. Creaser, Henry Hill, Roger Ward, Jon. Withers, Wm. Holton, Wm. Kempe, Humphrey Heyward, Jon. Alporte, Symond Stanfield, Robert Gainie, Thomas Smith, George Whitehead, Henry Franklin, Jon. Hill, Joseph Sedgewick, Arthur Eggleston, Richard Poole, Jon. Holton, Stephen Withers, Christ. Newgent, Jon. Brewton, Thomas Atmore, Mary Hill, Henry Wood in the "John & Dorothy" in 1634; Wm. Burroughs, Ann Burroughs, Ann Whitthorne, Eliza. Creaser, Eliza Curtisse, Mary Hill, Jr. Wm. Atkins." Others Transported or Arriving on a Thorowgood ship: Thomas Marshall transported by Capt. Adam Thoroughgood 1635, county unknown; Thomas Keeling transported himself and Ann his wife on the "John & Dorothy" in 1634 (note Thomas Keeling came to the colony early transported by Adam Thorowgood on the "Hopewell" in 1628);

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