131. John5 Bishop (Capt.) (Benjamin4, William3, Mary2 Bowen, William1) was born 1754. John died 1820 in Worcester Co., MD, at 66 years of age.

He married twice. He married Ann Goderd. He married Rhoda Hopkins 1813. Chart by Charles Bishop at Snow Hill library shows John 1754-1820 as son of William Bishop d. 1807 and brother of Charles Bishop d. 1805. Dr. William R. Bishop shows that Charles Bishop d. 1805 was rather the son of Joseph Bishop d. 1774 and that Cpt. Charles Bishop d. 1796 was the son of William d. 1807. So, it is unclear as to John's father and for now, this will follow the William Bishop's chart. According to Harry Covington, John's tombstone is near Mt. Wesley in Worcester County, MD.

John Bishop(Capt.) and Ann Goderd had the following children:

child 238 i. Charles6 Bishop. Charles died 1810 in Worcester Co., MD.

child 239 ii. Nancy Bishop was born about 1779. She married John Sturgis(V) in Worcester Co., MD, June, 1797. John was born in Worcester Co., MD after 1774. John was the son of John Sturgis(IV) and Mary Purnell. John inherited remainder of his father's land at "Rochester."

1800 census: 2M-10, 1M26-45, 1F26-45 1810 census: probably the John 1M-10, 1M10-16, 1M16-26, 1M26-45, 2F10-16, 1F16-26, 1F26-45, 1F45+ 1820 census - is he the John Sr.

John Sturgis marriages: Nancy Bishop in 1797; Polly Waters in 1805; Mary Rownd in 1816. This his first wife was Nancy Bishop is by deduction through Worcester marriage records, census and the various John Sturgis; however, there appears to be some sort of relation to Major Mumford d. 1816.

John is probably the John Sturgis, executor of estate of Major Mumford in 1816 and who Mumford called 'friend.' Major Mumford also named John Sturgis, son of John in his will.

John Sturgis married a Nancy Bishop in 1797. It is not proved that it was Nancy, daughter of John Bishop d. 1820.

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