137. Sabora5 Bishop (Benjamin4, William3, Mary2 Bowen, William1) was born about 1760. Sabora died 1790 at 30 years of age.

She married James Wilson (Dr.). James died 1802 in Worcester Co., MD. Administration April 23, 1802; bonds by Joshua Prideaux, Jacob White and John J. Williams. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Co. Will Book JBR, f.301)

Sabora Bishop and James Wilson(Dr.) had the following children:

child 240 i. Mary6 Wilson. She married Jacob White.

child 241 ii. Jane Wilson. Jane died before 1826. She married twice. She married Littleton Sturgis in Worcester Co., MD, 1805. Littleton was born about 1780. Littleton was the son of Zadock Sturgis and Zipporah(wife of Zadock Sturgis). Littleton died 1811 in Worcester Co., MD, at 31 years of age. Littleton is shown in the 1810 census with 1M-10, 2M16-26, 1F16-26, 1F45+. 1820 census shows his widow: 1M10-16, 1F26-45.

She married John Sturgis in Worcester Co., MD, 1820. John was born 1795. John was the son of Zadock Sturgis and Zipporah(wife of Zadock Sturgis). John died 1865 in Worcester Co., MD, at 70 years of age. John married twice, his first wife being the widow of his brother, Littleton. John had three other daughters by Andesia Evans, all born between 1830 and 1840; all appear to have died young. The 1850 census shows John & Jane Sturgis with Sally M. Q. Sturgis and Martha A. Purnell, age 9, in their Worcester Co. household.

John's will was dated July 20, 1865 and filed August 8, 1865, naming daughter Mary J. Sturgis, 18 acres, son Zadock; sureties H.R. Pitts, J. H. Sturgis, Robert Franklin. Inventory filed August 2, 1865; amount: $967.30. List of Debts, amount: $600.00. Accounts September 11, 1866. Payments to both children. (TT#8/433, EH#5/123 (or 270), EH#5/127, TPP#6/459)

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