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This section of the GHOTES Web site is dedicated to Chincoteague, Chincoteaguers, and Chincoteague lovers. We'll be adding stories, maps, photos, census information, and family trees. We begin with a file showing the descendants of Arthur Cherricks of Chincoteague and some Chincoteague reminiscences, both from our own Olde Ghote Dr. William S. Burton, now known to ghotes everywhere as Dr. Bill.

Dr. Bill grew up in Chincoteague and still knows it well. He will be sending us other information and materials soon. (He's also going to let me see his old photos when next I visit the Eastern Shore, and maybe he'll let us post some to this section.)

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Meanwhile, enjoy. 

Chincoteague Photo Album

Descendants of Arthur Cherricks

Chincoteague in the Thirties

A Little Chincoteague History

Chincoteague Grave Stones in the GHOTES Virtual Cemetery:

Andrews Cemetery
Ridge Cemetery

1870 Census of Chincoteague and AssateagueA transcription from the original Census. Data on the individuals in 241 families, showing their name, race, gender, occupation, real property and personal property.

District of the Islands Civil War Union Veterans and Widows Prepared by Gail MWalczyk
Taken from: Walczyk, Gail M., The Eleventh Census of The United States 1890 Special Schedule - Union Veterans And Widows Bundle 180, (Coram NY: Peter's Row 2001) pp 1-8.

Other Chincoteague Links
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More history and photos. Excellent material from Lillian Rew's history.

The Ash Wednesday Storm

Assateague Island National Seashore


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