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Last Updated 3 July 2000

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Where Did Your Ancestors Live in Accomack County?

Where Did Your Ancestors Live in Northampton County?
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What is a Gazetteer?
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You can find Accomack County and Northampton County geographic sites on USGS maps at the following address:USGS MAP SEARCH

What is a gazetteer? It is a strange sounding word that has a very basic meaning. According to the dictionary, a gazetteer is a noun and is pronounced as follows: gazetteer (gàz´î-tîr´). It is, quite simply, a geographic dictionary or index.

The GHOTES Eastern Shore Gazetteer is a collection of geographic names for waterways, land masses, towns and villages, plantations, etc. It is hoped that readers will feel free to submit additional information on the listings provided as well as suggestions for new listings, particularly archaic listings for places that no longer exists or whose names have changed. Archaic listings will be tremendously helpful to the genealogical and historical researcher because many such place names appear in old deeds and wills and cannot be found on modern reference maps.

Having trouble viewing the images within the Gazetteer? Sometimes viewing images requires that one install helper applications to his browser. I have found that LViewPro is an excellent graphics and images viewer. If you do not have this program, go to the following address (for Win95: http://www.lview2.com/lvsetup.exe) (for Win3x: http://www.lview2.com/lvdload2.htm) and download it. Install it onto your hard drive. After installation, go to your browser's options page and install it as a helper application (I'm referring to Netscape since I do not use any other browser). The graphics and images used in the Gazetteer were created with LviewPro.

Please submit updates and corrections to the Gazetteer! This Gazetteer is by no means complete and is constantly under construction: . I have a great deal of work left to do just to provide the basics for Accomack County. Additionally, I am certain that I have already omitted many place names and some descriptions may be inaccurate and/or incomplete. Readers are encouraged to submit corrections griffin2@mindspring.com or ghotes@esva.net.

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