1109. Thomas Rickets9 Dunton (Rickards (Ricketts) "Dickie"8, Rickards7, Elizabeth 'Betty'6 Rogers, Nathaniel Comfort5, Mary4 Marshall, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1) was born in Capeville, Northampton Co., VA March 1, 1839. Thomas died March 8, 1896 at 57 years of age.

He married Elizabeth Sarah Griffith in Northampton Co., VA, August 9, 1877. Elizabeth was born October 6, 1854. Elizabeth was the daughter of John H. Griffith and Elizabeth S. Ridley. Elizabeth died January 16, 1947 at 92 years of age. (Bill Burton, Bill Wilkins)

Thomas Rickets Dunton and Elizabeth Sarah Griffith had the following children:

child 1656 i. John T.10 Dunton. John died 1985. He married Jewel Kastner. Jewel died 1953.

child 1657 ii. Charles C. Dunton was born 1878. (Bill Burton) Charles died 1957 at 79 years of age.

child 1658 iii. Alice M. Dunton was born 1880. Alice died 1939 at 59 years of age. Her body was interred in Northampton Co., VA, Johnson Church. She married Charles Rogers Bell in Northampton Co., VA, October 2, 1907. Charles was born in Northampton Co., VA 1883. Charles was the son of William George Bell and Rosina "Rose" G. Dowty-Doughty. Charles died 1967 at 84 years of age. His body was interred in Northampton Co., VA, Johnson Church. (Bill Burton, Bill Wilkins)

child 1659 iv. Harry Clifford Dunton was born March 23, 1882. Harry died June 21, 1919 at 37 years of age. He married Doris C. Scott. Doris was born February 15, 1894. Doris died June 7, 1950 at 56 years of age. (Bill Burton, Bill Wilkins)

child 1660 v. Hulda Mae Dunton was born 1886. Hulda died 1981 at 95 years of age. She married Albert Leon Detwiler in Northampton Co., VA, May 24, 1911. Albert was born in PA 1884. Albert was the son of John Detwiler and Rhoda(wife of John Detwiler). (Bill Burton, Bill Wilkins)

child 1661 vi. Lorena L. Dunton was born July 19, 1888. Lorena died March 19, 1971 at 82 years of age. She married James Edward Bowden in Northampton Co., VA, September 4, 1918. James was born October 24, 1873. James was the son of Isaac T. Bowden and Mary(wife of Isaac Bowden). James died March 30, 1941 at 67 years of age. (Bill Burton, Bill Wilkins)

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