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"V", Patience (marriage to Thomas Marshall(Mjr.)) (i167), b.1682-d.1768


(Dixon), Mary F. (marriage to Edward M. Hallett(Sr.)) (i2850), d.1879


(Kennedy), Claire (marriage to Charles "Charlie" R. Marshall) (i22593)


(Major), Margaret (marriage to William D. James) (i12198)
(Major), Margaret (marriage to William D. James) (i12198)


(Moore), Cecill (marriage to Thomas Marshall) (i7)
(Moore), Mary (marriage to George Marshall) (i13), b.1658-d.1724


(N)(wife of George W. Purnell) (marriage to George Washington Purnell) (i27125)


(N), Delena Mae (marriage to James Riley Wyatt(Sr.)) (i27268)
(N), Katie (marriage to Wilmer T. Richardson) (i27341)
(N), Lena B. (marriage to William Taylor) (i27176)
(N), Martha Mary (marriage to William Edward Lewis) (i27294)
(N), Mary Ann (marriage to George H. Wyatt) (i27299)
(N), Nancy Emma (marriage to Elias Henry Lewis) (i27282)
(N), Susan (marriage to James Riley Taylor) (i27191)


(Sterling), Hannah (marriage to James Bunting) (i19720)


1st wife(wife of Esme Waller) (marriage to Esme Marshall Waller(Col.)) (i4954)
1st wife(wife of John Rogers) (marriage to John Rogers) (i1633)


Abdell, Abel (marriage to Rachel Johnson) (i515), d.1812


Adams, Mary (marriage to James Fairfax Dashiell) (i5072)


Addison, Elizabeth "Betsy" (marriage to Ismy Bunting(Jr.)) (i1546), d.1833
Addison, Peggy (marriage to John Brown Bradford) (i572)


Adkins, Rita E. (marriage to Harley Hobson Taylor) (i27329)


Agnes(wife of Frank Marshall) (marriage to Frank Thomas Marshall) (i425)


Alaska, Laura V. (marriage to Sewell E. Bradford) (i27199)


Alexander, Anna North (marriage to Eustace Barron Rogers(Rear Admiral)) (i2392), d.1908


Allen, William (marriage to Patience Marshall) (i280), b.1725-d.1790


Ames, Dora E. (marriage to Jennings Wise Nottingham) (i2378), b.1892-
Ames, Harvey T. (marriage to Sally C. Mapp) (i3651), b.1880-d.1959
Ames, Lottie (marriage to James Bailey Bell) (i2622)
Ames, Margie (marriage to William Kendall Read) (i2455)
Ames, Mary F. (marriage to Jefferson "Jeff" D. Mapp) (i3009), b.1869-d.1947


Anderson, John (marriage to Elizabeth Marshall) (i357)


Andrew, Mary (marriage to Thomas Henry Purnell) (i23091), b.1864-d.1925


Andrews, Lotty F. (marriage to Charles Crawford Read) (i2873), b.1885-d.1970


Ann(wife of Jonathan Bunting) (marriage to Jonathan Bunting) (i20379)


Arlington, Ann "Nancy" (marriage to Elisha W. Mears(Sr.)) (i818), d.1838


Armenda(wife of John S. Bunting) (marriage to John "Shepard" Bunting) (i15299), d.1886


Ashby, Cornelia (marriage to H. Clyde James) (i2945), b.1878-
Ashby, Elizabeth (marriage to William Mears(Rev.)) (i816), d.1837
Ashby, Ida L. (i2162), b.1860-d.1900
Ashby, James "Frank" Franklin (i2929), b.1878-d.1957
Ashby, James (marriage to Margaret "Emma" Emily S. Johnson) (i2156), b.1807-d.1872
Ashby, John "Coley" Colbourn (marriage to Effie C. James) (i3653), b.1882-d.1962
Ashby, John H. (marriage to Ida L. Ashby) (i2926), b.1845-d.1923
Ashby, Sarah Ann "Nannie" (marriage to John E. Frost) (i2069), b.1865-d.1947
Ashby, Willard Stiff (i2932), b.1882-d.1957
Ashby, William T. (marriage to Clara Lavinia James) (i3661), b.1881-


Atkinson, Angelo (i4844), d.1789
Atkinson, Angelo (i4854)
Atkinson, Ann (i4858)
Atkinson, Benjamin (i4857)
Atkinson, Benjamin (marriage to Leah A. Marshall) (i95), d.1790
Atkinson, Elizabeth (i4856)
Atkinson, Elizabeth (marriage to Hezekiah Tilney) (i275)
Atkinson, George (i4855)
Atkinson, Issac (i4853)
Atkinson, John (i4843), b.1757-
Atkinson, Joshua (i4852)
Atkinson, Levinah "Lizzy" (i4846)
Atkinson, Nancy (i4845)
Atkinson, Sarah (i4851)
Atkinson, Sarah Marshall (i1517), b.1759-


Ayres, Annie R. (i1712), b.1857-d.1936
Ayres, Bettie P. (i619), b.1854-d.1896
Ayres, Blackstone Drummond (i1871), b.1896-d.1986
Ayres, Daisy Cropper (i1715), b.1869-d.1955
Ayres, Edmund (i617), b.1846-
Ayres, Edmund (marriage to Kasiah "Cessy" Johnson) (i504), b.1775-d.1834
Ayres, Edmund B. (i532)
Ayres, Elizabeth (i1873)
Ayres, Harriett Elizabeth (i620), b.1854-
Ayres, Henrietta Dawson (i548), b.1871-d.1930
Ayres, James Kellam (i540), b.1833-d.1917
Ayres, James R. (i553), b.1859-
Ayres, John (i615), b.1836-
Ayres, John Cropper (i1872), b.1899-d.1926
Ayres, John Hack, (Dr.) (i1714), b.1865-d.1932
Ayres, John J. (i535), b.1806-d.1855
Ayres, John William Gillet (i555), b.1865-d.1940
Ayres, Lewis (i618), b.1850-
Ayres, Malinda Upshur (i559), b.1880-
Ayres, Margaret L. (i616), b.1842-
Ayres, Mary (i1874), b.1901-d.1988
Ayres, Mary Gillet (i568), b.1900-d.1903
Ayres, Mollie (marriage to John C. Mapp) (i2216), b.1867-
Ayres, Peter Thomas Hack (i552), b.1858-d.1880
Ayres, Richard Johnson (i531), b.1801-d.1872
Ayres, Richard Johnson, (Jr.) (i541), b.1835-d.1910
Ayres, Richard Stephen (i614), b.1833-d.1885
Ayres, Sabra (i1713), b.1859-d.1862
Ayres, Sallie (i537)
Ayres, Sallie Virginia Hack (i554), b.1862-d.1915
Ayres, Sarah Bayne (i545), b.1870-d.1930
Ayres, Son (i1708), b.1861-d.1861
Ayres, William J. (i536)


Badger, James Kellam (marriage to Elizabeth W. Carpenter) (i2044), b.1854-d.1929
Badger, Margaret G. (marriage to Samuel Washington Dunton) (i1980), b.1823-d.1859


Bagwell, Margaret (marriage to Jacob Marshall) (i66)


Bailey, Unknown, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i14767)


Ball, Clara (i602), b.1862-
Ball, Edward (marriage to Harriet A. Johnson) (i596), b.1823-


Barnes, Robert Lee (marriage to Elsie Gentes Dowty-Doughty) (i2452)
Barnes, William T. (marriage to Juliet F. Bunting) (i15604), b.1843-d.1921


Barton, Fannie Pearl Magdaline (marriage to Thomas Spence Smith(Jr.)) (i6842)


Battaile, Mary Louis (marriage to John William Gillet Ayres) (i565), b.1866-d.1941


Bayly, Elizabeth A. (i1934), b.1841-
Bayly, George G or J (i1933), b.1841-
Bayly, Rodney N. (marriage to Sally A. S. Brickhouse) (i1932), b.1813-d.1860
Bayly, Thomas L. (marriage to Margaret A. Mapp) (i3003), b.1889-
Bayly, William D. (i1935), b.1847-


Beach, Bessie H. (marriage to Samuel "Sam" Moman James) (i2948), b.1891-


Beauchamp, Susan (marriage to Levin Parker) (i7212)


Beavans, Amanda P. (i28110), d.1856
Beavans, Elizabeth Selby (i28111), b.1811-d.1886
Beavans, Rowland, (Jr.) (marriage to Priscilla Selby) (i28065), b.1777-


Bell, Alfred Thomas (i2025), b.1853-d.1933
Bell, Ann (marriage to John Purnell Marshall(Capt.)) (i4953), d.1820
Bell, Baily (marriage to Mary Coleburn Dunton) (i2018), b.1818-d.1897
Bell, Carrie E. (i2029), b.1862-d.1888
Bell, Charles Custis (i2026), b.1855-d.1930
Bell, Charles Rogers (marriage to Alice M. Dunton) (i2090), b.1883-d.1967
Bell, Elizabeth "Bettie" Colbourn (i2021), b.1842-d.1889
Bell, James (marriage to Susan Jane Bunting) (i15335)
Bell, James Bailey (i2022), b.1847-d.1904
Bell, Mary Anna "Marianne" (i2024), b.1851-d.1920
Bell, Mary Susan (marriage to Samuel Washington Dunton) (i1983), b.1821-
Bell, Nebraska Phillips (i2028), b.1860-d.1947
Bell, Sally "Sallie" Hendren (marriage to Ernest "Buzz" Lynwood Mapp) (i2627), b.1899-d.1993
Bell, Virginia "Jennie" C. (i2027), b.1857-d.1889
Bell, William George (i2023), b.1849-d.1906


Belote, Bethel "Bettie" H. (marriage to John C. Mapp) (i2213), b.1871-d.1893
Belote, Elizabeth W. (i2939), b.1897-
Belote, Frederick (marriage to Sabra B. Johnson) (i1744), b.1862-
Belote, George T., (Jr.) (marriage to Elizabeth W. Johnson) (i2936), b.1858-d.1934
Belote, Hezekiah (marriage to Margaret Ann Ward) (i14182), b.1796-d.1845
Belote, Mary 'Polly' (marriage to George Brickhouse) (i651)


Benthall, Sinah (marriage to Rickards Dunton) (i692)


Bernard, Miranda (marriage to William Henry Harmanson Dunton) (i716)


Bessie(wife of Roscoe Milbourne) (marriage to Roscoe C. Milbourne) (i23320)


Birckhead, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Henry Marshall) (i392), b.1813-d.1880


Bird, Charles L. (i1763), b.1880-d.1957
Bird, Charles L. (i1893), b.1907-d.1962
Bird, Nellie (marriage to Blackstone Drummond Ayres) (i2433), b.1906-
Bird, Solomon S. (marriage to Mary (E or F) Dowty-Doughty) (i1759), b.1838-d.1906
Bird, Stanley Milton (i1892), b.1909-d.1919
Bird, William L. (i1762), b.1869-d.1891


Birdsong, Thomas Butler, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Posey Purnell) (i14786), b.1859-d.1940


Bishop, D. Pasher (marriage to Viola Quillen) (i27316)
Bishop, Dolly (marriage to William Allen Marshall) (i334), b.1781-d.1842
Bishop, Roy Glen (marriage to Lillian Phillips Wise) (i4671), b.1900-


Bixby, William Herbert (marriage to Lidey Hamilton Rogers) (i2390)


Blakeslee, Mariette (marriage to Truman Bishop Handy) (i7198)


Bloxom, Polly B. (marriage to Richard Johnson) (i518), d.1825


Blunt, Edmund (marriage to Eugenie Bunting) (i15679)


Boggs, Arthur W. (i1850), b.1843-d.1853
Boggs, David (marriage to Elizabeth Jane Denny) (i16695), b.1813-d.1883
Boggs, Elizabeth "Eliza" Evina (marriage to John K. Rogers) (i1852), b.1813-d.1880
Boggs, Emillie (i1851), b.1847-
Boggs, Henry J. (marriage to Elizabeth S. Rogers) (i1847), b.1814-d.1858
Boggs, Luther Nottingham (marriage to Mollie Beach Dunton) (i2605), b.1846-d.1923
Boggs, Rachel (marriage to William West Rogers) (i1686), b.1784-
Boggs, Rebecca Ann (i16697), b.1839-d.1917


Booth, Maria (marriage to James Rogers) (i1837)


Boston, Charles Bishop (i4630), b.1840-d.1913
Boston, Charles Cornelius (i4637), b.1897-
Boston, Daisy Maude (i4651), b.1880-d.1967
Boston, Elizabeth Evelyn (i27260), b.1887-
Boston, Esau (marriage to Sarah Ann Marshall) (i363), b.1810-d.1855
Boston, Ethel (i27258), b.1885-
Boston, Ezra Smith (i4632), b.1846-d.1917
Boston, Harold Lee (i4644), b.1877-d.1943
Boston, Ira Howard (i4647), b.1884-d.1942
Boston, Irma deLearsey (i4649), b.1889-d.1961
Boston, Lillian Watson (i4642), b.1875-d.1946
Boston, Mary Esther (marriage to John William Taylor) (i27183), b.1874-d.1941
Boston, Pansy Ellen (i4639), b.1905-
Boston, Ray Alonzo (i4638), b.1899-d.1906
Boston, Sarah Elizabeth Ann (i4634), b.1848-d.1890
Boston, William Samuel (i4627), b.1835-d.1911
Boston, William Thomas (marriage to Erexine "Zenie" C. Marshall) (i27255), b.1824-d.1892


Boush, Marguerite Heloise Isabelle (marriage to Eustace Barron Rogers(Rear Admiral)) (i2394)


Bowden, James Edward (marriage to Lorena L. Dunton) (i2784), b.1873-d.1941
Bowden, John W. (marriage to Lettie A. Dowty-Doughty) (i2053), b.1844-
Bowden, Louella Mildred (marriage to Cyrus William Taylor) (i27245)


Bowen, (N) (marriage to Emma Kate Lewis) (i27295)
Bowen, Charles H. (marriage to Ellen Henrietta Purnell) (i14748), b.1826-
Bowen, Charles H. (marriage to Ellen Jane Purnell) (i16140), d.1850
Bowen, Cornelia "Caroline" (marriage to Zadock Marshall(Jr.)) (i135)
Bowen, Eliza (marriage to John Fisher Purnell) (i16349), b.1803-d.1857
Bowen, George E. (marriage to Annie Maria Purnell) (i16136)
Bowen, Jane (marriage to Zadock Purnell) (i16112), d.1836
Bowen, Maria Mary (marriage to Moses Purnell) (i16164)
Bowen, Raymond E. (i27296), b.1904-
Bowen, Rose E. (i14749), b.1849-
Bowen, Rose E. (i28314), b.1850-


Bradford, Agnes (i27270), b.1902-
Bradford, Avery (marriage to Mary M. Taylor) (i27170)
Bradford, Brown (marriage to Peggy Johnson) (i508), d.1795
Bradford, Charlotte Elizabeth (i27196), b.1860-
Bradford, Child (i1603), b.1795-d.1800
Bradford, Dewey H. (i27271), b.1902-
Bradford, Elizabeth (i27193), b.1854-
Bradford, Everett E. (i27274), b.1908-
Bradford, Ezra (i571), b.1794-d.1800
Bradford, Henry S. (i27275), b.1909-
Bradford, John (i27194), b.1855-
Bradford, John Brown (i570), b.1794-d.1850
Bradford, Joseph (i27197), b.1862-
Bradford, Margaret F. (i573), b.1822-d.1860
Bradford, Rosella (i27273), b.1905-
Bradford, Sally (i27272), b.1904-
Bradford, Sewell E. (i27198), b.1879-
Bradford, Sewell E. (i27276), b.1910-d.1979


Bradley, Hester Emily (marriage to James Elzey) (i17131), b.1838-d.1917


Bredell, Maria E. (marriage to Elisha Littleton Purnell) (i14750), b.1810-d.1836


Brereton, Thomas (marriage to Sarah "Sally" Marshall) (i294)


Brickhouse, Cincinatus (i1791), b.1842-d.1888
Brickhouse, George (i645), d.1831
Brickhouse, George (i661), b.1794-d.1860
Brickhouse, George A. (i1789), b.1826-
Brickhouse, Horace (i1790), b.1834-
Brickhouse, Jane W. (i655), b.1780-
Brickhouse, John (i657), d.1837
Brickhouse, John (marriage to Sophia Rogers) (i476), d.1808
Brickhouse, Major (i644), d.1806
Brickhouse, Margaret "Peggy" R. (i663), b.1799-d.1839
Brickhouse, Mary (i643), b.1755-
Brickhouse, Polly N. (i662), b.1795-d.1850
Brickhouse, Polly N. (marriage to Matthew H. Dunton) (i662), b.1795-d.1850
Brickhouse, Sally A. S. (i1788), b.1818-d.1870
Brickhouse, Sally Joynes (i656), b.1783-d.1859
Brickhouse, Susanna (marriage to Rickards (Ricketts) "Dickie" Dunton) (i726), d.1827


Bridell, Esther (marriage to Zadock P. Henry) (i15929), b.1802-d.1845


Brittingham, Delilah (marriage to John Drummond Marshall) (i324)
Brittingham, Emily (marriage to Harvey or Henry T. Bunting) (i15302), b.1845-
Brittingham, Henry Lawrence (i16857), b.1888-d.1965
Brittingham, Henry Lawrence (marriage to Mary Bredelle Polk) (i16853), b.1859-d.1906
Brittingham, James Francis (i16859), b.1894-
Brittingham, Mary (marriage to Esme Marshall) (i16607)
Brittingham, William (marriage to Charlotte Bunting) (i15304), b.1815-d.1889
Brittingham, William Polk (i16858), b.1892-d.1911


Broadwater, Levin James Madison Parker (marriage to Amanda P. Beavans) (i28113), b.1815-d.1869
Broadwater, Priscilla Selby (i28116), b.1854-d.1911


Brooks, (N) (marriage to Anna Selby) (i28071)


Brown, Unknown (marriage to Sabrah Simkins) (i20208)


Buchanan, Henry T. (marriage to Annie Jacob Mapp) (i3632), b.1867-d.1926


Buckmaster, Margaret (marriage to William Purnell Marshall) (i146), b.1789-


Bull, Edward, (Boole) (marriage to Margaret Ann Ward) (i667)
Bull, Michael, (Boole) (marriage to Adeline 'Angela' Dunton) (i2030)


Bulman, Robinson C. (marriage to Louisa Gunter) (i1652), b.1847-


Bundick, Richard (marriage to Rachel Bunting) (i15290)
Bundick, Tabitha (marriage to Robert Rogers) (i624), b.1755-d.1824


Bunting, Alicia Lisha (i15567), b.1862-
Bunting, Alonzo L. (i15625)
Bunting, Ann (i15282), d.1771
Bunting, Ann (i15468), b.1792-d.1820
Bunting, Ann Maria (i15656), b.1808-d.1864
Bunting, Ann Mary (i23), b.1724-d.1772
Bunting, Anna (i15599)
Bunting, Arthur (i15597)
Bunting, Benjamin F. (i15547)
Bunting, Betsey (i19689)
Bunting, Betsy (i15467), b.1792-
Bunting, Boyan (i15557)
Bunting, Bridget (i26), b.1724-
Bunting, Caroline (i15637), b.1852-
Bunting, Charles S. (i15312), b.1866-d.1922
Bunting, Charlotte (i15303), b.1832-d.1912
Bunting, Charlotte (i19709), b.1787-
Bunting, Clyde (i15595)
Bunting, Coleman (i11274)
Bunting, Cornelius "Neil" (i15330), b.1876-
Bunting, Earl (i15560)
Bunting, Edward J. (i11264), d.1848
Bunting, Edward W. (i15647), b.1867-
Bunting, Elijah (i11239), d.1823
Bunting, Elishe (i19711), b.1787-
Bunting, Elizabeth (i15579), b.1820-
Bunting, Elizabeth (i19592), d.1829
Bunting, Elizabeth Betsey (i11237), b.1788-
Bunting, Ellen (i15320), b.1870-
Bunting, Emily Emma (i15642), b.1859-
Bunting, Emma (i15601)
Bunting, Eugenie (i15678), b.1842-d.1916
Bunting, Euphamy (i45)
Bunting, Evelyn (i15571)
Bunting, Fuller (i15594)
Bunting, George (i22), b.1724-d.1734
Bunting, George Robert (i15635), b.1846-d.1927
Bunting, George S. (i11249), b.1820-d.1858
Bunting, George W. (i11265), d.1848
Bunting, George W. (i15543)
Bunting, George William (i15602)
Bunting, George, (III) (i11243)
Bunting, George, (Jr.) (i11240), d.1825
Bunting, George, (Sr.) (i40), b.1750-d.1811
Bunting, Georgianna (i15631)
Bunting, Gillet (i11259), b.1823-
Bunting, Gillet "Gillie" F. (i15331), b.1845-d.1928
Bunting, Ginny (i19708), b.1787-
Bunting, Hagar (i15546)
Bunting, Harry or Henry (i11275)
Bunting, Harvey or Henry T. (i15300), b.1829-d.1922
Bunting, Henry Clay (i15310), b.1843-d.1889
Bunting, Henry Clay (marriage to Susan Jane Bunting) (i15310), b.1843-d.1889
Bunting, Holloway (i15280), d.1808
Bunting, Holloway (i15665), b.1808-
Bunting, Holloway (marriage to Tamar Marshall) (i18), b.1695-d.1776
Bunting, Ida (i15598)
Bunting, Isaac Thomas (i11263)
Bunting, Ishmael Isma (i41), b.1760-d.1816
Bunting, Ismy, (Jr.) (i11276), d.1830
Bunting, James (i15283), b.1784-
Bunting, James (i15566)
Bunting, Jane Elizabeth (i15657), b.1811-d.1896
Bunting, Jemima (i15663), b.1815-d.1816
Bunting, Jennie (i15645), b.1863-
Bunting, John (i11233), b.1775-d.1802
Bunting, John (i15466), b.1792-
Bunting, John "Shepard" (i11244), b.1802-d.1887
Bunting, John H. (i11262), b.1815-d.1838
Bunting, John J. "James" (i15583), b.1830-
Bunting, John Shepard (i15307)
Bunting, John T. (i15329), b.1874-d.1884
Bunting, Jonathan (i21), b.1724-d.1791
Bunting, Jonathan (i39), b.1747-d.1808
Bunting, Jonathan (i11272)
Bunting, Jonathan (i15279), d.1815
Bunting, Joseph S. (i15545)
Bunting, Josie (i15553)
Bunting, Juliet F. (i15603), b.1847-
Bunting, Leonora (i15680), b.1844-d.1844
Bunting, Levin (marriage to Ann Bunting) (i15234), b.1748-d.1797
Bunting, Lonnie (i15564)
Bunting, Margaret (i15286)
Bunting, Mary (i11238)
Bunting, Mary Caroline (i19678), b.1870-
Bunting, Mary Missouri "Manie" (i15322), b.1872-d.1965
Bunting, Melissa A. (i15321), b.1871-
Bunting, Melissa G. (i15544)
Bunting, Minnie (i15591)
Bunting, Molly (i15605)
Bunting, Nancy (i11236)
Bunting, Nancy (i11270)
Bunting, Nancy (i15292), d.1791
Bunting, Nancy (i15655)
Bunting, Oliver (i11257), b.1827-d.1901
Bunting, Otho (i15593)
Bunting, Peggy (i11235)
Bunting, Peggy Marshall (i15281), b.1784-
Bunting, Polly (i11266)
Bunting, Polly (i11271)
Bunting, Rachel (i24), b.1725-d.1795
Bunting, Rachel (i15289)
Bunting, Rachel Ann (i15639), b.1855-
Bunting, Rebecca (i27), b.1724-
Bunting, Richard L. (i19710), b.1787-d.1820
Bunting, Rosanna (i11267)
Bunting, Rosanna "Rosey" A. (i15308), b.1838-d.1910
Bunting, Sally (i11245)
Bunting, Sally (i15859)
Bunting, Sally (i19712), d.1820
Bunting, Sally T. (i15334), b.1857-
Bunting, Samuel (i19707), b.1787-
Bunting, Samuel Clyde (i15589), b.1840-d.1909
Bunting, Severn (i38)
Bunting, Solomon (i15569)
Bunting, Solomon (i15585), b.1832-
Bunting, Solomon (i15659), b.1813-d.1883
Bunting, Solomon Dixie (i15592), b.1874-d.1953
Bunting, Solomon T. (i19706), b.1787-
Bunting, Solomon, (Jr.) (i15284), d.1823
Bunting, Solomon, (Sr.) (i15274), b.1727-d.1787
Bunting, Susan (i15288)
Bunting, Susan Ann (i15573)
Bunting, Susan Jane (i15311), b.1849-
Bunting, Susan Jane (marriage to Henry Clay Bunting) (i15311), b.1849-
Bunting, Susanna (i11273)
Bunting, Sylvester (i15596)
Bunting, Sylvester (i15629)
Bunting, Sylvester T. (i15587), b.1836-
Bunting, T. Letcher (i15561), b.1888-d.1945
Bunting, Tabitha (i11234)
Bunting, Tamar (i25), b.1724-
Bunting, Tamar (i44)
Bunting, Teackle S. (i15305), b.1833-d.1916
Bunting, Thomas (i43), d.1797
Bunting, Thomas (i15287)
Bunting, Thomas (i15644), b.1862-
Bunting, Tinsey (i15570)
Bunting, Virginia "Virgie" (i15549), b.1891-d.1975
Bunting, William (i42)
Bunting, William (i11241), d.1818
Bunting, William (i15278), b.1752-d.1819
Bunting, William (i15465), b.1791-d.1820
Bunting, William (i15641), b.1857-
Bunting, William Henry (i15314), b.1869-
Bunting, William Henry (i15581), b.1822-
Bunting, William, (Jr.) (i15664), b.1817-d.1907


Burdette, Clara (marriage to George Washington Purnell(Dr.)) (i14784)


Butler, Henry Stirling (marriage to Peggy Marshall Bunting) (i15650)


Button, Mary (marriage to William Selby) (i28105)


Byrd, Rebecca (marriage to Robinson Nottingham) (i2362), b.1831-d.1861
Byrd, William J. (marriage to Sarah Adaline Henry) (i16871), b.1829-d.1860


Cameron, Sarah "Sally" (marriage to Milby Selby Purnell) (i27112), b.1785-


Campbell, Bernice Lanta (marriage to Raymond Lee Taylor) (i27331)
Campbell, Josephine (marriage to Edward Zadock Purnell) (i16146)
Campbell, Margaret H. (marriage to Littleton Upshur Treherne) (i1753), b.1838-
Campbell, Sarah (marriage to Isaac Purnell) (i27115), b.1814-


Carey, Ethan Allen (marriage to Adaline Henry) (i16869), b.1874-d.1953
Carey, John W. (marriage to Georgianna Bunting) (i15632)


Carpenter, Aden Halloway (marriage to Elizabeth Dunton) (i2061), b.1828-d.1922
Carpenter, Anne (i2066), b.1854-
Carpenter, Annie J. (i2064), b.1849-d.1950
Carpenter, Catherine S. (i2035), b.1847-
Carpenter, Charles F. (i2038), b.1852-d.1926
Carpenter, Elizabeth W. (i2043), b.1857-
Carpenter, George S. (i1908), b.1838-
Carpenter, George W. (i2036), b.1848-d.1872
Carpenter, Harriett (i2065), b.1852-
Carpenter, James Stewart (marriage to Adeline 'Angela' Dunton) (i2031), b.1800-d.1891
Carpenter, John Azel (i1907), b.1832-
Carpenter, John G. (i2037), b.1850-d.1928
Carpenter, Laruetta V. (i1906), b.1830-d.1881
Carpenter, Lucy (marriage to Rickards Dunton) (i693)
Carpenter, Lucy Ann S. (i1905), b.1828-d.1855
Carpenter, Samuel G. (marriage to Elizabeth "Betsy" W. Nelson) (i1902), d.1850
Carpenter, Susan "Sally" A. (i2034), b.1845-d.1930
Carpenter, Thomas Flurnoy Stanholt (i2042), b.1854-d.1945


Carruth, M.K. (marriage to Sadie Smith) (i6846)


Chaille, Dolly (marriage to Esme Purnell) (i304)


Chesser, Melissa (marriage to John "Shepard" Bunting) (i11256)
Chesser, Ruth Ann (marriage to T. Letcher Bunting) (i15562), b.1892-d.1972


Clark, Levin James (marriage to Sarah Gertrude Davis) (i27969), b.1870-d.1949


Clarvoe, Eliza M. J. (marriage to George W. Bunting) (i11268)


Clay, Henry S., (Jr.) (marriage to Katherine Tankard Wise) (i4656)


Clayville, Charles Wesley (marriage to Emeline C. Smith) (i6746)


Clegg, Rosanna (marriage to Rickards Dunton) (i691)


Clifton, Calvin Walter (marriage to Dollie Harmon) (i27363)
Clifton, Harry Carlton (marriage to Nadine Harmon(Dr.)) (i27365)


Coffin, Margaret (marriage to Charles Houston Purnell) (i16340), b.1855-d.1890


Coleburn, Mary (marriage to William Dunton) (i708), b.1782-d.1829


Coleman, Beatrice Marie (marriage to Edmund "Boots" Mapp James) (i3737), b.1895-d.1928


Collins, Elisha (marriage to Virginia Purnell) (i16129)
Collins, Hubert Leigh (marriage to Dorothy Lee Jester) (i12963), b.1923-
Collins, Martin (marriage to Henrietta Esme Elzey) (i4878), b.1831-d.1901
Collins, O. D. (marriage to Susan Marshall) (i349)
Collins, Thomas H. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Purnell) (i16743)


Colonna, Addie May (marriage to James "Frank" Franklin Ashby) (i2930), b.1879-d.1908
Colonna, Clara F. (marriage to Virgil O. Dunton) (i2746), b.1876-d.1971
Colonna, Eva May (marriage to George "Bee" Ricketts Dunton) (i2754), b.1871-d.1955
Colonna, Lucy "Moosie" Jackson (marriage to Thomas Flurnoy Stanholt Carpenter) (i2705), b.1864-d.1946
Colonna, Theodocia (marriage to Gillet "Gillie" F. Bunting) (i15332), b.1868-d.1918


Comfort(wife of William Stakes) (marriage to William Marshall Stakes) (i49)


Conquest, Margaret "Peggy" (marriage to John Bunting) (i11242)


Cooper, Helen Fletcher (marriage to Carroll Chase Sturgis) (i22847), b.1892-d.1959


Copes, Virginia "Rinie" D. (marriage to Thomas Flurnoy Stanholt Carpenter) (i2702), b.1861-d.1892


Corbin, C. Dale (marriage to Virginia "Virgie" Bunting) (i15550), b.1884-d.1948
Corbin, Corbin "Corb" Fletcher Douglas (marriage to Mary Missouri "Manie" Bunting) (i15323), b.1864-d.1943
Corbin, Corbin "Corb" Fletcher Douglas (marriage to Mary Missouri "Manie" Bunting) (i15323), b.1864-d.1943


Costen, Peggy (marriage to Zadock Marshall(Sr.)) (i133)


Cottman, Elizabeth B.C. (marriage to William Thomas "John" Purnell) (i14733), b.1824-d.1889


Covington, Royston Truitt (marriage to Emory Dunton Mapp) (i3006), b.1894-


Cowan, Luther T. (marriage to Elizabeth R. Rogers) (i2404), b.1884-d.1974


Cox, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Henry Marshall) (i391), b.1815-d.1837


Craig, Ethel Dunlap (marriage to Ira Howard Boston) (i4648), d.1956


Crockett, George Vera (i1717), b.1886-d.1890
Crockett, John A. (marriage to Bettie P. Ayres) (i1716), b.1850-d.1912


Cropper, Esther Nutter (marriage to Daniel Rogers(Gov.)) (i1682)


Cummings, Eliza (marriage to Robert Isaac Handy) (i7188)


Custis, Ann "Annie" Douglas (marriage to John Waddey Leatherbury) (i2315), b.1881-d.1941
Custis, Catharine P. W. (marriage to Robert J. Poulson) (i2124), b.1813-d.1896
Custis, John E. (i2309), b.1859-d.1861
Custis, John T. W. (marriage to Elizabeth "Eliza" White Waddey) (i2307), b.1836-d.1895
Custis, Thomas P. (i2308), b.1858-d.1928


Daley, Hannah (marriage to William Birckhead Marshall) (i22596)


Daniel, James R. V. (marriage to Mary Ayres) (i2437)


Darby, Sarah (marriage to Thomas John Marshall(Mjr.)) (i282)


Dashiell, Ellen (marriage to Joseph Gunby Scott(Jr.)) (i885), b.1901-d.1956
Dashiell, Erastis Seth (marriage to Sarah Hester Marshall) (i347)
Dashiell, Erastus S., (Dr.) (marriage to ?Sallie Marshall) (i15920)
Dashiell, Fisher (i19846)
Dashiell, George Adams (i5073), b.1787-
Dashiell, George, (Col.) (marriage to Elizabeth Marshall) (i4837), b.1690-d.1748
Dashiell, George, (III)(Rev.) (i19844), b.1770-d.1852
Dashiell, George, (Jr.)(Col.) (i188), b.1743-d.1799
Dashiell, James Fairfax (i4839), b.1761-d.1817
Dashiell, John (i4841), b.1765-
Dashiell, Josiah or Joseph (i4842), b.1768-
Dashiell, Robert, (Dr.) (i19843), b.1769-d.1814
Dashiell, Rufus W., (Dr.) (marriage to Laura Fassitt Henry) (i16879), b.1850-d.1900
Dashiell, Tubman (i4840), b.1763-
Dashiell, William D. (i19845)


Davenport, Serena Burr (marriage to Henry Francis Handy) (i7196)


Davis, Charles E. (marriage to Mahalah C. Purnell) (i27696), b.1834-d.1918
Davis, Edward (i27970), b.1874-
Davis, Mary Hester (i27971), b.1877-
Davis, Phoebe Jennie (marriage to Charles Bishop Boston) (i4631), b.1873-
Davis, Sarah Gertrude (i27968), b.1878-d.1933


Dawson, Elizabeth Hack (marriage to Richard Johnson Ayres(Jr.)) (i542), b.1842-d.1893


Delastatius, Joseph (marriage to Eleanor Selby) (i28100)
Delastatius, Joseph Taylor (i28108), b.1794-


Dennis, Arthur Emerson (marriage to Sallie M. Jacob) (i2885), b.1864-d.1908
Dennis, Mary E. (marriage to James F. Purnell) (i14743), d.1889
Dennis, Michael (marriage to Ainsley James) (i1533)
Dennis, Olin Burbage (marriage to Lenore Louise Henry) (i16921), d.1978
Dennis, Sally (marriage to George Dashiell(Jr.)(Col.)) (i19842)


Denny, Ann Matilda (i16692), b.1832-
Denny, Elizabeth Jane (i4950), b.1818-d.1862
Denny, George W. (i16693), b.1835-
Denny, Isaac M. (i16690)
Denny, James (marriage to Matilda Marshall) (i132), d.1845
Denny, James Fisher (i16689)
Denny, John Purnell Marshall (i4949), b.1812-d.1890
Denny, Mary Torbert (i4951), b.1820-d.1886
Denny, William T. (i16691)


Derby, Henry Wise (marriage to Lillian Mapp Dowty-Doughty) (i3703), b.1907-
Derby, Mary Charlotte (marriage to John Hack Ayres(Dr.)) (i1870), b.1874-d.1967


Detwiler, Albert Leon (marriage to Hulda Mae Dunton) (i2780), b.1884-


Dickson, Sarah Ann (marriage to Robert Isaac Handy) (i7187)


Dinges, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Reuben Henry Lewis(Sr.)) (i27284)


Dirickson, Catherine Covington (marriage to Zadock Purnell) (i16111)
Dirickson, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to Zadock Purnell Henry(Jr.)) (i16861), b.1832-d.1918


Dixon, Lucy A. (marriage to Edward M. Hallett(Sr.)) (i2846), b.1834-d.1858
Dixon, Sabra F. (marriage to Edward M. Hallett(Sr.)) (i2849), b.1842-d.1873


Dolby-Dalby, Sarah Wilkins (marriage to George Robert Jacob) (i2881), b.1863-d.1912


Dolly(wife of Herman Purnell) (marriage to Herman Lloyd Purnell) (i27147)


Donohoe, Ida Rose (marriage to Curtis Covington Taylor) (i27308)


Dougherty, Breddell Henry (i16888), b.1882-d.1960
Dougherty, Ellen Myers (i16885)
Dougherty, James Fassitt, (Dr.) (i16884), b.1869-d.1898
Dougherty, Laura Henry (i16886), b.1872-d.1873
Dougherty, William Byrd Polk (i16887), b.1878-d.1890
Dougherty, Zadock James (marriage to Hester Adeline Henry) (i16881), b.1835-d.1923


Doughty, Henry Clinton (marriage to Priscilla Selby Broadwater) (i28117), b.1845-d.1931


Douglass, Andrew Ellicott (marriage to Ida Emily Whittington) (i436)
Douglass, Andrew Ellicott (marriage to Ida Emily Whittington) (i436)


Downes, Thomas "Tom" Henry, (Dr.) (marriage to Alice A. Simkins) (i3040), b.1845-d.1895


Downing, Margaret H. (marriage to Frederick Waddey) (i1805), b.1850-d.1900
Downing, Unknown (marriage to Euphamy Bunting) (i15291)


Dowty, Beulah Pearl (i1773), b.1885-d.1890
Dowty, E. Upshur (i1774), b.1885-d.1974
Dowty, John (i2052), b.1853-
Dowty, John L. (i609), b.1853-
Dowty, Maudie F. (i1771), b.1882-d.1882
Dowty, Richard T. (i608), b.1850-d.1913
Dowty, T. P. (marriage to Sarah A. Dunton) (i1951)
Dowty, Thomas (i607), b.1850-
Dowty, Unknown (marriage to Sallie Smith) (i6848)


Dowty-Doughety, Peggy S. (i611), b.1858-


Dowty-Doughty, Betty V. (i1772), b.1883-d.1961
Dowty-Doughty, David Jackson (marriage to Emily Idora "Donie" Dowty-Doughty) (i2794), b.1857-d.1936
Dowty-Doughty, Edward D. (i2101), b.1862-d.1864
Dowty-Doughty, Elijah "Eli" (i2050), b.1846-d.1926
Dowty-Doughty, Elizabeth "Bettie" A. (i2103), b.1867-
Dowty-Doughty, Ellison Rix "Ricks" (i2109), b.1880-d.1918
Dowty-Doughty, Elsie Gentes (i1900), b.1938-
Dowty-Doughty, Emily (i2989)
Dowty-Doughty, Emily Idora "Donie" (i2102), b.1864-d.1948
Dowty-Doughty, George Edward (i2106), b.1872-d.1947
Dowty-Doughty, George W. (marriage to Annie J. Carpenter) (i2723), b.1850-d.1926
Dowty-Doughty, Henry W. (marriage to Josephine "Jodie" Dowty-Doughty) (i2711), b.1867-d.1960
Dowty-Doughty, Ivan L. (i2112), b.1886-d.1948
Dowty-Doughty, James Andrew (marriage to Caroline "Carrie" V. Dunton) (i2564), b.1855-d.1921
Dowty-Doughty, John Alfred (i2991), b.1915-d.1988
Dowty-Doughty, John Martin (marriage to Sally Dunton) (i2047), b.1821-
Dowty-Doughty, John Merritt (marriage to Lillian "Lillie" May Mapp) (i2988), b.1869-d.1969
Dowty-Doughty, Josephine "Jodie" (i2108), b.1877-d.1966
Dowty-Doughty, Julia Ann (i2104), b.1870-
Dowty-Doughty, Leonard Crawley (i1775), b.1887-d.1976
Dowty-Doughty, Leonard Crawley, (Jr.) (i1898), b.1917-d.1974
Dowty-Doughty, Lettie A. (i2051), b.1849-
Dowty-Doughty, Lillian Mapp (i2990), b.1906-d.1977
Dowty-Doughty, Lloyd Thomas, (Lt. Cdr.) (i2110), b.1884-d.1972
Dowty-Doughty, Major Robertson (i610), b.1854-d.1937
Dowty-Doughty, Major Robertson (i1776), b.1908-
Dowty-Doughty, Major Robertson (i1901), b.1953-d.1953
Dowty-Doughty, Major Robertson (marriage to Catherine "Kitty" F. Johnson) (i603), b.1806-d.1861
Dowty-Doughty, Margaret Elizabeth (marriage to Elijah "Eli" Dowty-Doughty) (i2710), b.1844-d.1928
Dowty-Doughty, Maria "Maggie" Tom (marriage to John Ivan Mapp) (i2970), b.1867-d.1951
Dowty-Doughty, Mary (E or F) (i606), b.1847-d.1934
Dowty-Doughty, Rosina "Rose" G. (marriage to William George Bell) (i2092), d.1931
Dowty-Doughty, Thomas Major (marriage to Mary Anna Dunton) (i2098), b.1836-d.1925


Drummond, Ann (marriage to William Justice) (i210), b.1743-d.1801
Drummond, Rosa A. (marriage to William L. Bird) (i1889), b.1875-d.1891


Dryden, Joshua Mills (marriage to Mary M. Marshall) (i23018), b.1845-d.1873


Duer, Martha (marriage to Robins W. W. Mapp) (i2198)


Dukes, Charlotte (marriage to Parker Purnell) (i27109)
Dukes, Priscilla (marriage to Alton Wade Taylor) (i27354)


Duncan, William Lemuel (marriage to Audrey Quillen) (i27323)


Dunton, Ada (i698)
Dunton, Adeline 'Angela' (i731), b.1825-d.1881
Dunton, Alice Frances (marriage to Francis "Frank" Bushrod Mapp) (i2208), b.1848-d.1931
Dunton, Alice M. (i2089), b.1880-d.1939
Dunton, Ambler J. (i2116), b.1879-d.1926
Dunton, Ann (i680), d.1799
Dunton, Ann (i696)
Dunton, Ann C. (i711), b.1800-d.1824
Dunton, Anne Coleburn (i725), b.1828-
Dunton, Beckie (i2014), b.1860-d.1860
Dunton, Betsey (i697)
Dunton, Bettie Custis (i2016), b.1865-d.1954
Dunton, Bettie J. (i2084), b.1872-d.1926
Dunton, Caroline "Carrie" V. (i1974), b.1854-d.1922
Dunton, Caroline Mercer (i2008), b.1846-d.1853
Dunton, Carrie (i2558), b.1884-d.1963
Dunton, Carrie Elizabeth (i2011), b.1855-d.1856
Dunton, Catherine "Kate" (i2559), b.1889-d.1973
Dunton, Catherine Sabra (i719), b.1809-
Dunton, Charles C. (i2088), b.1878-d.1957
Dunton, Custis Harmanson (i2009), b.1846-d.1864
Dunton, Custis Mercer (i722), b.1816-d.1896
Dunton, Daniel (i705)
Dunton, Daughter (i1961), b.1857-d.1857
Dunton, Eliza (i739), b.1850-
Dunton, Elizabeth (i679), d.1818
Dunton, Elizabeth (i733), d.1856
Dunton, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas James) (i679), d.1818
Dunton, Emeline "Emma" (marriage to John Ricketts Dunton) (i1964), b.1815-d.1885
Dunton, Emily "Emma" S. (i734), b.1832-d.1870
Dunton, Emma (i1959), b.1851-
Dunton, Ernest (i2083)
Dunton, Ernest Mapp, (Sr.) (i2557), b.1882-d.1968
Dunton, Florence "Hattie" Harriet (i2079), b.1863-d.1914
Dunton, George (i703)
Dunton, George "Bee" Ricketts (i2081), b.1868-d.1940
Dunton, George F. (i738), b.1848-d.1920
Dunton, George W. (i1973), b.1848-
Dunton, Harry Clifford (i2093), b.1882-d.1919
Dunton, Helen Douglas (marriage to Robert Dunton James(Jr.)) (i3741), b.1898-
Dunton, Henry Richard (i1988), b.1847-d.1875
Dunton, Hulda Mae (i2094), b.1886-d.1981
Dunton, Isaac (i704)
Dunton, James Monroe (i724), b.1823-d.1869
Dunton, James Thomas (i2013), b.1859-d.1863
Dunton, Jane (i684), d.1776
Dunton, John B. (i1993), b.1855-
Dunton, John C. (i700)
Dunton, John P. (i1972), b.1849-d.1905
Dunton, John Ricketts (i718), b.1806-d.1865
Dunton, John T. (i2096), d.1985
Dunton, Joshua F. (i1953), b.1843-
Dunton, Koskinsko (i1969), b.1840-d.1906
Dunton, Lafayett H. (i1975), b.1857-d.1865
Dunton, Littleton W. (i2010), b.1853-d.1887
Dunton, Lloyd W. (i735), b.1835-d.1901
Dunton, Lorena L. (i2095), b.1888-d.1971
Dunton, Luch Matilda (i701)
Dunton, Lucy Ann (i1989), b.1852-d.1878
Dunton, Margaret "Maggie" Susan (i1970), b.1844-d.1933
Dunton, Mary "Lucy" G. (i2586), b.1850-d.1890
Dunton, Mary Ann (i706), b.1813-
Dunton, Mary Anna (i737), b.1844-d.1925
Dunton, Mary Coleburn (i723), b.1819-d.1894
Dunton, Mary Woodson (i1949), b.1834-d.1866
Dunton, Matilda (i683)
Dunton, Matthew H. (i695)
Dunton, Matthew H. (marriage to Polly N. Brickhouse) (i695)
Dunton, Mercer E. (i2015), b.1861-d.1939
Dunton, Mollie Beach (i2012), b.1856-d.1890
Dunton, Murer E. (i2017), b.1867-
Dunton, Nebraska D. (i1960), b.1854-d.1858
Dunton, Patrick Henry (i1971), b.1846-d.1932
Dunton, Patrick Henry (marriage to Emory G. Mapp) (i1971), b.1846-d.1932
Dunton, Pattie P. (i1952), b.1840-d.1876
Dunton, Peggy S. (i678), d.1797
Dunton, Rickards (i677), b.1730-d.1821
Dunton, Rickards (Ricketts) "Dickie" (i702), b.1790-d.1865
Dunton, Robert (i1968), b.1834-
Dunton, Rosannah (i681)
Dunton, Sally (i732), b.1828-d.1854
Dunton, Samuel (i1957), b.1846-
Dunton, Samuel Washington (i720), b.1811-d.1865
Dunton, Sarah (i682)
Dunton, Sarah A. (i1950), b.1837-
Dunton, Smith L. (i699)
Dunton, Sophia Elizabeth (i721), b.1813-
Dunton, Susan (i740), b.1850-
Dunton, Thomas (i2082)
Dunton, Thomas Kellam (i717), b.1804-d.1865
Dunton, Thomas R. (i1967), b.1832-d.1872
Dunton, Thomas Rickets (i736), b.1839-d.1896
Dunton, Thomas Ward (i2537), b.1870-
Dunton, Virgil O. (i2080), b.1865-d.1939
Dunton, Virginia "Jennie" Sophia (i1994), b.1857-d.1890
Dunton, William (i694), b.1775-d.1835
Dunton, William (marriage to Elizabeth 'Betty' Rogers) (i479), d.1773
Dunton, William Henry Harmanson (i715), b.1802-d.1838
Dunton, William M. (i1958), b.1849-
Dunton, William T. (i1986), b.1843-d.1844
Dunton, William Thomas (i1987), b.1845-d.1908


Easter, De La Warr (marriage to Sarah Bayne Ayres) (i547), b.1870-d.1930


Edmonds, LeRoy Smith (marriage to Eunice Rogers) (i2406), b.1880-d.1909


Eliza E.(wife of George W. Purnell) (marriage to George Washington Purnell(Jr.)(Dr.)) (i14739), b.1821-
Eliza E.(wife of Washington Purnell) (marriage to Washington Purnell) (i27148), b.1830-
Elizabeth "Betty"(wife of Jonathan Bunting) (marriage to Jonathan Bunting) (i37), d.1809
Elizabeth(wife of Clyde Rogers) (marriage to Clyde W. Rogers) (i2421)
Elizabeth(wife of John Milbourne) (marriage to John R. Milbourne) (i23318)
Elizabeth(wife of William Marshall) (marriage to William Marshall) (i17448)


Elliott, Willia A. (marriage to Charles Watts Mapp) (i2233), b.1878-


Ellis, Emily (i17166), b.1857-
Ellis, Georgeana (i17164), b.1851-
Ellis, Hester W. (i17158), b.1844-
Ellis, John C. (marriage to Leah Whittington Parker) (i7211), b.1814-d.1870
Ellis, John C., (Jr.) (i17157), b.1842-
Ellis, Leah Jane (i17160), b.1846-d.1880
Ellis, Mary (i17163), b.1849-d.1870
Ellis, Robert (i17165), b.1853-
Ellis, William (i17162), b.1848-


Elzey, Arnold (i17128), b.1830-d.1908
Elzey, Charles (marriage to Patience Killiam) (i4871), b.1795-d.1881
Elzey, Henrietta Esme (i4877), b.1838-d.1909
Elzey, Henry C. (i17129), b.1833-
Elzey, James (i17130), b.1835-d.1909
Elzey, Levin W. (i17127), b.1827-
Elzey, Rachel L. (i17125), b.1825-d.1904
Elzey, Robert Martin Luther (i17123), b.1822-d.1886
Elzey, Sally (marriage to Esme Marshall Waller(Col.)) (i4955), d.1797
Elzey, William K. (i17121), b.1820-d.1877


Eneu, Margaret (marriage to William Bowdoin Robins Selby) (i14711), b.1822-d.1848
Eneu, Rebecca (marriage to William Bowdoin Robins Selby) (i14714), b.1823-d.1902


Ennis, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to Josiah Mitchell Marshall) (i129), b.1815-d.1897
Ennis, Samuel (marriage to Rachel Marshall) (i144)


Evans, Custis (marriage to Elizabeth Catherine Purnell) (i16134)
Evans, Ebenezer (marriage to Sophia Marshall) (i93)
Evans, Polly (marriage to John Brickhouse) (i658), b.1790-d.1834
Evans, Rose (marriage to Thomas Bunting) (i20380)
Evans, Unknown (marriage to Peggy Simkins) (i20204)


Everett, Laura H. (marriage to William Hall Hopkins) (i1862), b.1885-d.1963


Eyre, Thomas (marriage to Mary Ann Dunton) (i707)
Eyre, Thomas (marriage to Mary Ann Dunton) (i707)


Fairfax, James (marriage to Elizabeth Marshall) (i21982), d.1739


Farrell, Elizabeth (marriage to William "Charles" Marshall) (i408)


Fassitt, Laura Louise (marriage to Thomas Nathaniel Chapman Tingle) (i16812), b.1847-d.1939


Fauquier, Amy (marriage to Frank Southy Whittington) (i444)
Fauquier, Amy (marriage to Frank Southy Whittington) (i444)


Fears, Frederick H. (marriage to Nadine Harmon(Dr.)) (i27366)


Finney, Elizabeth F. (marriage to William S. Rogers) (i1841), b.1825-d.1883


Finsterwald, (N) (marriage to Evelyn V. Harmon) (i27359)


Fisher, Elizabeth "Betty" (marriage to John Purnell Marshall(Capt.)) (i16686), b.1767-d.1802
Fisher, Hester "Hesse" (marriage to Isaac Marshall Purnell) (i16011), b.1765-d.1855
Fisher, Rose (marriage to George Dashiell(Jr.)(Col.)) (i187), b.1745-d.1799
Fisher, Sally B. (marriage to George Brickhouse) (i1785), b.1802-d.1850


Fitchett, Edward C. (marriage to Mary Woodson Dunton) (i2520), b.1830-d.1875
Fitchett, Eliza (i676), b.1849-
Fitchett, Emeline P. (marriage to Thomas Kellam Dunton) (i1943), b.1815-d.1858
Fitchett, Harriett (marriage to Robins W. W. Mapp) (i2195), b.1835-
Fitchett, John Robert (marriage to Frances "Fannie" O. Simkins) (i3023), b.1826-
Fitchett, Maggie Tamar (marriage to Wade Wilkins Hallett) (i3581), b.1866-d.1933
Fitchett, Margaret Sarah (marriage to John A. Simkins) (i2275), b.1828-d.1876
Fitchett, Mary (i673), b.1839-
Fitchett, Rosy A. (marriage to George S. Bunting) (i15578)
Fitchett, Symaria (i675), b.1846-
Fitchett, William Edward (i674), b.1842-d.1905
Fitchett, William J. (marriage to Mary W. Ward) (i670)


Fitzgerald, Aritence (i15273), b.1772-
Fitzgerald, Thomas (marriage to Ann Mary Bunting) (i15272)


Fitzsimons, Alice (marriage to Henry "Harry" Marshall Lankford) (i903), d.1937


Fleming, Grace (marriage to William Selby(Jr.)) (i28077), b.1754-d.1809


Fletcher, Corbin D. (marriage to Catharine W. Poulson) (i2841), b.1833-d.1865
Fletcher, George (i2160), b.1848-
Fletcher, Mahaly (i2161), b.1853-
Fletcher, Nathan R. (marriage to Margaret "Emma" Emily S. Johnson) (i2155)
Fletcher, Robert T. (i2842), b.1865-
Fletcher, Rose "Roseanne" L. (i2159), b.1845-


Floyd, Ellen S. (marriage to Leonard J. Nottingham) (i2348), b.1835-d.1908
Floyd, John (marriage to Mary Brickhouse) (i646)
Floyd, Jonathan Brickhouse (i649)
Floyd, Lucille Smith (marriage to Harry Milton James) (i3720), b.1895-
Floyd, Peggy (i650)
Floyd, Sallie Dix (marriage to Alfred Thomas Bell) (i2486), b.1874-d.1958
Floyd, Sophia Rogers (i648), d.1801


Fooks, Julia T. (marriage to Albert G. W. Marshall) (i22934)


Forbes, Widow (marriage to William Bunting) (i15651), d.1808


Fosque, Ann (i797)
Fosque, Elizabeth (i799)
Fosque, Fluvianna (marriage to John A. Goffigon) (i15723)
Fosque, John (i803), d.1817
Fosque, John (i1673)
Fosque, Mary (i801)
Fosque, Nathaniel (i795), b.1778-
Fosque, Nathaniel (i805)
Fosque, Nathaniel (marriage to Anne West) (i792), b.1743-d.1777
Fosque, Unknown (marriage to Daughter2 West) (i1672)


Foster, Arthur D., (Col.) (marriage to Georgia Richardson Smith) (i6898)
Foster, C. F. (marriage to Alexine "Ella Roberta" B. Marshall) (i22830)
Foster, Ella (i22834), b.1861-
Foster, Unity (marriage to Edward D. Johnson) (i1878)
Foster, Unity (marriage to Edward D. Johnson) (i1878)


Franklin, Andasia E. (marriage to Zadock Thomas Marshall Purnell) (i16138), b.1827-d.1884
Franklin, Ann C. H. (marriage to William Holland Marshall) (i154)
Franklin, Mary J. (marriage to James Robins Spence Purnell(Dr.)) (i14757), b.1809-d.1893
Franklin, Peter (marriage to Ann Henry) (i16262)
Franklin, Rachel (marriage to Thomas M. Purnell) (i16118), d.1827


Frost, Elizabeth O. (i2072), b.1856-d.1889
Frost, Fannie H. (i2731), b.1865-
Frost, Francis "Frank" S. (marriage to Emily "Emma" S. Dunton) (i2067), b.1820-
Frost, John E. (i2068), b.1853-d.1915


Frye, Leander Jackson (marriage to Margaret W. Jacob) (i2895), b.1863-d.1946


Fulwell, Elizabeth (i750)
Fulwell, Unknown (marriage to Elizabeth Dunton) (i747)
Fulwell, Victor Augustus, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth "Betsy" Simkins) (i1662), d.1799


Garrison, Catherine (i1671)
Garrison, John (i1670)
Garrison, John (marriage to Daughter West) (i1668)
Garrison, John W. (marriage to Margaret Amelia Handy) (i7190)
Garrison, John W. (marriage to Susan Marshall Handy) (i7190)
Garrison, Samuel Burton (i1669)


Gaskins, Harmon (marriage to Bridget Bunting) (i30), d.1771
Gaskins, John (i32)
Gaskins, Lela (marriage to Ernest Milton James) (i3662), b.1888-d.1955
Gaskins, Thomas (i31)


Genevia A.(wife of Sylvester Bunting) (marriage to Sylvester Bunting) (i15630)


Gentes, Maybell V. (marriage to Leonard Crawley Dowty-Doughty) (i1897)


Gibbs, Virginia Louise (marriage to Joseph Thomas Mapp) (i3686), b.1908-
Gibbs, Virginia Louise (marriage to Joseph Thomas Mapp) (i3686), b.1908-


Gibson, Unknown, (husband of Lyla Henry) (marriage to Lyla Henry) (i16845)


Gillespie, Lucille N. (marriage to Joseph Gunby Scott(Jr.)) (i886)


Gladding, Elizabeth (marriage to George Bunting(III)) (i11253)


Gladson, Margaret Elizabeth, (Gladstone) (marriage to Willard Stiff Ashby) (i2933), b.1878-


Glover, Unknown, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i14766)


Godwin, Emily Jane or Joynes (marriage to William Thomas Dunton) (i1930), b.1846-d.1920
Godwin, John Henry (marriage to Martha Robins Selby) (i14800)


Goffigon, Ann B. (i1723), b.1849-
Goffigon, Beulah L. (marriage to Wade Wilkins Hallett) (i3578), b.1868-d.1902
Goffigon, Esther W. (marriage to Jesse Jarvis Simkins(Dr.)) (i2262)
Goffigon, Frances D. (marriage to Jesse Jarvis Simkins(Dr.)) (i2261), b.1812-d.1831
Goffigon, George T. (i1724), b.1852-d.1870
Goffigon, John A. (i1727), b.1859-d.1894
Goffigon, Olevia S. (i1719), b.1848-d.1897
Goffigon, Southey Lee (i15724), b.1859-d.1895
Goffigon, Tyelly F. (i1726), b.1856-
Goffigon, William B. (i1725), b.1854-
Goffigon, William P. (marriage to Margaret F. Bradford) (i1718), b.1818-d.1889


Goodwin, Sally (marriage to George R. Jacob) (i2879), b.1854-d.1911


Gore, Elizabeth Jeanette (marriage to William "Bunn" Marshall Scott) (i894), b.1910-d.1999


Griest, Frederic Erle (marriage to Marion Jannette Marshall) (i414), b.1884-d.1976


Griffith, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to Robert Jacob Hallett) (i2857), b.1829-d.1874
Griffith, Elizabeth Sarah (marriage to Thomas Rickets Dunton) (i2085), b.1854-d.1947
Griffith, Mary E. (marriage to William E. Waddey) (i2295), b.1831-d.1896


Gunby, Hiram H., (Dr.) (marriage to Emily Whittington) (i448), b.1832-


Gunter, Catherine Sarah (i589), b.1857-
Gunter, Edward Virgil (i588), b.1855-d.1928
Gunter, Elton Edward (i1748), b.1886-d.1962
Gunter, John W. (i586), b.1849-d.1875
Gunter, John W. T. (marriage to Sarah 'Sally' A. Johnson) (i583)
Gunter, Joseph S. M. (marriage to Louisa B. Johnson) (i577), d.1845
Gunter, Julia (i12959)
Gunter, Louisa (i584), b.1844-
Gunter, Martha S. (marriage to Sidney M. Johnson) (i2163)
Gunter, Mary Lee (i1749), b.1889-d.1974
Gunter, Maude (i12957)
Gunter, Philip B. (i587), b.1852-
Gunter, Rosa Mae (i1888), b.1914-d.1980
Gunter, Rosa Mae (marriage to Levin Smith James(Sr.)) (i1888), b.1914-d.1980
Gunter, Virginia (i590), b.1860-
Gunter, Walter (i12958)
Gunter, William (i585), b.1848-


Guy, Elizabeth Amanda (i2118), b.1827-d.1849
Guy, John, (Jr.) (marriage to Elizabeth James) (i1553), b.1763-d.1795
Guy, John, (Jr.) (marriage to Elizabeth James) (i1553), b.1763-d.1795
Guy, Thomas H. (i1559), b.1795-d.1828


Hack, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to Richard Stephen Ayres) (i1709), b.1830-d.1904
Hack, Sallie Upshur (marriage to James Kellam Ayres) (i549), b.1823-d.1880


Hall, Elisabeth (marriage to Robert Nairn Marshall) (i387), b.1781-d.1838
Hall, Eliza Landreth (marriage to Ephraim King Richardson) (i19885)
Hall, Esther Fountain (marriage to Robert Henry Marshall) (i374), d.1815
Hall, Harriett (marriage to Rickards (Ricketts) "Dickie" Dunton) (i729), b.1800-d.1860
Hall, Richard Fuller (marriage to Hannah Elizabeth Henry) (i16916), b.1902-d.1961


Hallett, Edward M. (i2855), b.1872-d.1873
Hallett, Edward M. (i2856), b.1879-
Hallett, Edward M., (Sr.) (i2136), b.1828-d.1884
Hallett, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ann (i2861), b.1865-d.1951
Hallett, Margaret A. (marriage to William W. Mapp) (i2188), b.1824-
Hallett, Mary Elizabeth (i2851), b.1854-
Hallett, Michael D. (i2853), b.1866-d.1870
Hallett, Michael D. (marriage to Elizabeth H. Jacob) (i2135), b.1787-d.1844
Hallett, Otis M. (i2854), b.1870-d.1951
Hallett, Robert J. (i2860), b.1862-d.1893
Hallett, Robert Jacob (i2137), b.1832-d.1890
Hallett, Wade Wilkins (i2852), b.1864-d.1933
Hallett, William R. (i2138), b.1839-
Hallett, William R. (i2139), b.1844-


Hammond, Hester (marriage to James F. Purnell) (i14744)
Hammond, Mary (marriage to Zadock Purnell) (i16115), b.1803-d.1850


Hancock, Royce David (marriage to Irma deLearsey Boston) (i4650), b.1893-


Handy, (N) (marriage to Molly Selby) (i28079)
Handy, Anna Pendleton (i7206), b.1855-d.1864
Handy, Anna Williamson (i7210), b.1864-
Handy, Blanche (i7203), b.1860-
Handy, Charles Edward (i7207), b.1859-
Handy, Edward James (i7191), b.1822-d.1856
Handy, Esther (marriage to George Dashiell(III)(Rev.)) (i28777), b.1771-d.1834
Handy, George Pendleton (i7202), b.1857-
Handy, Helen Amelia (i7204), b.1851-
Handy, Henry (marriage to Mary Jackson Marshall) (i376), b.1785-d.1845
Handy, Henry Francis (i7195), b.1826-d.1871
Handy, Ida (i7209), b.1861-
Handy, Isaac William Ker, (Rev.) (marriage to Mary Jane Rozelle Purnell) (i16335), b.1815-d.1878
Handy, Jennie (i7208), b.1861-
Handy, Kate (i7201), b.1853-
Handy, Margaret Amelia (i7189), b.1819-d.1849
Handy, Mariette Bishop (i7205), b.1853-
Handy, Mary (marriage to Robert Jenkins Henry) (i15940)
Handy, Mary Elizabeth (i7192), b.1824-d.1870
Handy, Robert Isaac (i7186), b.1817-d.1862
Handy, Serena Cushing (i7200), b.1849-
Handy, Susan Marshall (i7199), b.1832-d.1864
Handy, Truman Bishop (i7197), b.1829-d.1872
Handy, William Selby (i28082)


Hargis, Unknown (marriage to Julia Ann Dowty-Doughty) (i2105)


Harmanson, Caroline Evans (marriage to Custis Mercer Dunton) (i2002), b.1816-d.1846
Harmanson, Margaret "Peggy" F. (marriage to John Simkins) (i1666), b.1780-d.1805
Harmanson, Sophia (marriage to Rickards Dunton) (i688), b.1755-d.1794


Harmon, Clifford (i27237), b.1904-
Harmon, Cordelia Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Henry Taylor) (i27179)
Harmon, Dollie (i27362), b.1923-
Harmon, Dorson G. (i27232), b.1896-
Harmon, Evelyn V. (i27358), d.1974
Harmon, Frank "Jake" (i27357)
Harmon, Harold Lavanzel (marriage to Ethel M. Taylor) (i27310)
Harmon, Kaiser Wilhelm (i27234), b.1897-
Harmon, Lawrence (i27361), b.1913-d.1983
Harmon, Lloyd Hilton, (Sr.) (i27239), b.1908-
Harmon, Maggie Jerome (marriage to Miles Henry Taylor) (i27214)
Harmon, Margie Anner (marriage to Kendall Theodore Taylor) (i27220)
Harmon, Nadine, (Dr.) (i27364), b.1932-
Harmon, Richard (i27230), b.1896-
Harmon, Rouse C. (marriage to Rosalie Taylor) (i27226)
Harmon, Roxie M. (i27235), b.1900-
Harmon, Russell L. (i27360), b.1912-d.1983
Harmon, Simion Barah (marriage to Sallie E. Taylor) (i27181)
Harmon, Stanley (i27236), b.1902-d.1974
Harmon, Virginia Spence (marriage to Joseph William Taylor) (i27223)


Harms, Marguerite (marriage to Henry "Harry" Marshall Lankford) (i4600), d.1948


Harrison, Achsah (marriage to George Washington Purnell) (i16150), b.1878-d.1947
Harrison, Jesse (marriage to Jane W. Brickhouse) (i665)
Harrison, Sarah Mary (i4952)
Harrison, Seth (marriage to Elizabeth Ann P. Marshall) (i142)
Harrison, Zepporah (marriage to Zadock Marshall(Jr.)) (i19847)


Hash, Ernest M. (marriage to Elinor Lee Wise) (i4659), b.1915-


Hastings, Mary E. (marriage to Clifford Harmon) (i27238)
Hastings, Rita (marriage to Richard Harmon) (i27231)


Hattie S.(wife of Richard Dowty) (marriage to Richard T. Dowty) (i1658), b.1860-d.1907


Hatton, Sarah Frances (marriage to Francis "Frank" Bushrod Mapp) (i2205), b.1838-


Hauk, Mildred (marriage to Milton Theodore Taylor) (i27335)


Hayes, Elizabeth (marriage to George Esme Marshall) (i4881)
Hayes, John (marriage to Nancy Bunting) (i15757)


Hayman, Madeline Estelle (marriage to Breddell Henry Dougherty) (i16889), b.1894-d.1981


Hayward, Mary Augusta "Mame" (marriage to Rush Porter Marshall(Sr.)) (i410), b.1862-d.1926


Heller, Carolyn "Carrie" Madeline (marriage to George Irving Purnell) (i27139), b.1888-d.1935


Henderson, Arthur D. (marriage to Margaret Mapp) (i3647), b.1870-d.1964
Henderson, Cornelius G. (marriage to Susan R. Johnson) (i580), b.1834-
Henderson, Levin (marriage to Charlotte "Charlotty" Purnell) (i16169)
Henderson, Margaret F. (marriage to John R. Read) (i640)
Henderson, Mary James (i16170)
Henderson, Sally L. (marriage to Frederick C.or G. Mapp) (i25201), b.1857-d.1877
Henderson, Sarah (marriage to Michael Marshall**) (i15370)


Hendren, Alice (marriage to Alfred Thomas Bell) (i2642), b.1861-d.1899


Henry, Adaline (i16868), b.1871-d.1973
Henry, Adaliza R. M. (marriage to John A. Purnell) (i16120), b.1821-
Henry, Ann (i15942), b.1793-d.1824
Henry, Charles Tingle (i14782), b.1864-
Henry, Edward (i14773), b.1846-d.1904
Henry, Edward B. (i16846), b.1877-d.1937
Henry, Edward Bridell (i16841), b.1825-d.1839
Henry, Edward, (Mjr.) (marriage to Sarah "Sally" Elizabeth Marshall) (i145), b.1764-d.1824
Henry, Elizabeth (i15943), b.1795-d.1829
Henry, Elizabeth G. (i16874), b.1837-
Henry, Emma D. (i16865), b.1866-d.1866
Henry, Frank (i14777), b.1855-
Henry, George Edward (i14772), b.1851-d.1940
Henry, George Edward, (Jr.) (i16894), b.1878-d.1943
Henry, George Washington (i14776), b.1853-d.1914
Henry, Gertrude (i15936), b.1791-d.1837
Henry, Gertrude (marriage to William Fleming Selby(Dr.)) (i15936), b.1791-d.1837
Henry, Hannah Elizabeth (i16915), b.1908-d.1989
Henry, Henrietta Washington Purnell (i14770), b.1849-d.1929
Henry, Hester Adeline (i16880), b.1842-d.1923
Henry, Hetty Mary (i15945), b.1804-
Henry, James Purnell (i14774), b.1848-
Henry, John Dale (i16898), b.1880-d.1965
Henry, John Dirickson P. (i16863), b.1862-d.1943
Henry, John Purnell M. (i15941), b.1788-d.1837
Henry, John William (i16842), b.1827-d.1889
Henry, Laura Ann M. (marriage to John Edward Henry Marshall) (i127), b.1813-
Henry, Laura Fassitt (i16878), b.1839-d.1882
Henry, Laura Margaret (i14778), b.1858-d.1882
Henry, Lenore Louise (i16919), b.1915-d.1980
Henry, Lyla (i16844), b.1882-d.1963
Henry, Margaret Campbell (i16913), b.1904-d.1990
Henry, Mary Ann (i16847), b.1829-d.1894
Henry, R. W., (Dr.) (marriage to Laura Margaret Henry) (i14779)
Henry, Robert Burton (i16904), b.1895-d.1972
Henry, Robert Edward (i16900), b.1914-d.1947
Henry, Robert Jenkins (i14775), b.1851-
Henry, Robert Jenkins (i15938), b.1785-d.1822
Henry, Robert Jenkins (marriage to Esther Henrietta "Hetty" Purnell) (i14746), b.1819-d.1893
Henry, Sally (i15944), b.1801-d.1859
Henry, Sally Mary (i14780), b.1861-
Henry, Sally Mary (i16903), b.1884-d.1962
Henry, Sarah Adaline (i16870), b.1834-d.1917
Henry, Zadock P. (i14731), b.1798-d.1870
Henry, Zadock P. (marriage to Sarah "Sallie" Mary Purnell) (i14731), b.1798-d.1870
Henry, Zadock Purnell (i16901), b.1887-d.1964
Henry, Zadock Purnell, (III) (i16866), b.1867-d.1955
Henry, Zadock Purnell, (Jr.) (i16860), b.1831-d.1904
Henry, Zaidee Kenly (i16917), b.1913-


Hester (marriage to Harvey or Henry T. Bunting) (i15301)


Hickman, Anne (marriage to James F. Johnson) (i1731), b.1876-d.1895
Hickman, Edward Thomas (marriage to Rachel Ann Bunting) (i15640)
Hickman, Thelma (marriage to Ollie C. Quillen) (i27327)


Higbee, John C. (marriage to Lettie A. Dowty-Doughty) (i2056), b.1854-


Hill, Julius T. (marriage to Emily Emma Bunting) (i15643)


Hobbs, Walter G. (marriage to Helen Richardson) (i27339)


Hoff, Margaret Elizabeth (marriage to Zadock Purnell Henry) (i16902), b.1891-d.1962


Holland, Elizabeth "Betsey" (marriage to Thomas Prideaux Marshall) (i152)


Holman, Unknown (marriage to Minnie "Belle" Sturgis) (i22852)


Holst, Lillian (marriage to Walter Simcoe Wise (Jr.)) (i4661), b.1913-


Hopkins, Laura Upshur (i563), b.1885-
Hopkins, Susan C. (marriage to Edmond J. Poulson) (i854), b.1802-d.1874
Hopkins, William Ellyson (marriage to Sallie Virginia Hack Ayres) (i560), b.1861-d.1923
Hopkins, William Hall (i564), b.1887-d.1962


Horsey, John Leatherbury (marriage to Mary Marshall Skinner) (i1523), b.1777-d.1835


Houston, Mary (marriage to Matthew Purnell(Cpt.)) (i16008), d.1822


Hudson, Clara (i22604)
Hudson, Florence Arvetta (marriage to Alton Wade Taylor) (i27353)
Hudson, Howard S. (marriage to Mary "Alice" Derickson Marshall) (i7118)
Hudson, L. (marriage to James Purnell) (i27368)
Hudson, Martha W. (marriage to John Purnell Marshall(Dr.)) (i158), d.1854
Hudson, Mildred (marriage to Boyan Bunting) (i15558)


Hunt, Cornelius "Neely" (i1922)
Hunt, Teackle (i1921), d.1860
Hunt, Thomas O. (marriage to Margaret B. Nelson) (i1918), d.1850


Hunter, Unknown (marriage to Eveline Smith) (i6850)


Hurst, Mary Elizabeth Berry (marriage to Lyttleton Bowen Purnell) (i16751), b.1845-d.1917


Hutchinson, Unknown (marriage to Sally Purnell) (i22281)


Ison, Bernice (marriage to Thomas Jacob Mapp) (i24236)
Ison, Bernice (marriage to Thomas Jacob Mapp) (i24236)


Itasca W.(wife of Hallett Mapp) (marriage to Hallett Wales Mapp) (i2998), b.1916-d.1980
Jackie(wife of Ralph Purnell) (marriage to Ralph Roosevelt Purnell) (i27143)


Jackson, Noah (marriage to Jane Elizabeth Bunting) (i15658)


Jacob, Ann Elizabeth (i2154)
Jacob, Anne "Annie" Bett (i2890), b.1874-d.1945
Jacob, Betsy Harmanson (i2153)
Jacob, Clarence Cecil (i2903), b.1889-d.1980
Jacob, Elizabeth H. (i1565), b.1804-d.1859
Jacob, George R. (i2149), b.1840-d.1903
Jacob, George Robert (i2880), b.1862-d.1920
Jacob, Hancock (i2889), b.1870-
Jacob, Hancock, (III) (marriage to Ann James) (i1562), d.1819
Jacob, Hancock, (III) (marriage to Ann James) (i1562), d.1819
Jacob, Jefferson Davis (marriage to Bettie Custis Dunton) (i2612), b.1861-d.1944
Jacob, Juliet (i2899), b.1873-
Jacob, Margaret (i2148)
Jacob, Margaret D. (i1567), d.1844
Jacob, Margaret W. (i2894), b.1867-d.1921
Jacob, Mary Susan (i2151), b.1845-d.1915
Jacob, Richard H. (i2152), b.1848-d.1867
Jacob, Richard Henry (i2888), b.1868-d.1942
Jacob, Richard Henry (marriage to Elizabeth Wescott) (i3617), b.1906-d.1958
Jacob, Robert Clark (i1568), b.1813-d.1860
Jacob, Robert Clark (i2900), b.1876-d.1930
Jacob, Sallie M. (i2884), b.1862-d.1921
Jacob, Samuel Thomas (i2902), b.1883-d.1954
Jacob, Sarah A. (i2898), b.1870-d.1948
Jacob, Sarah A. (marriage to Joseph Thomas Mapp) (i2898), b.1870-d.1948
Jacob, Sarah Ann (i1569)
Jacob, Smith Nottingham B. (i2901), b.1880-d.1932
Jacob, Smith Nottingham B. (marriage to Susie B. H. Mapp) (i2901), b.1880-d.1932
Jacob, Thomas Hancock (i2150), b.1842-d.1921
Jacob, William H. (i1566)


Jacobs, Edward Briddell (marriage to Margaret Purnell Selby) (i14803)


Jacques, John (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Handy) (i7193)


Jagger, William (marriage to Mary Elisabeth Seaman) (i15669)


James, Ainsley (i1532)
James, Alfred (i2954)
James, Ann (i752), d.1833
James, Cassandra "Cassey" (i760), d.1837
James, Clara Lavinia (i2955), b.1880-d.1953
James, Delitha T. (marriage to James F. Johnson) (i1728), b.1839-d.1886
James, Edmund "Boots" Mapp (i3019), b.1895-d.1973
James, Effie C. (i2951), b.1882-d.1947
James, Elizabeth (i751), b.1777-d.1845
James, Ernest Milton (i2957), b.1882-d.1954
James, H. Clyde (i2944), b.1876-d.1956
James, Harry Milton (i3018), b.1890-d.1973
James, Hezekiah "Pet" Pettit (i2946), b.1877-d.1970
James, Hezekiah Pettit (marriage to Cassandra Sarah Mapp) (i2953), b.1856-d.1935
James, John S. (marriage to Margaret C. James) (i1577), d.1833
James, Kathryn (i3020)
James, Laura "Sissy" Malana (i2959), b.1887-d.1957
James, Laura "Virgie" (i2952), b.1888-d.1941
James, Levin Smith, (Jr.) (marriage to Margaret "Maggie" Susan Dunton) (i2551), b.1839-d.1916
James, Levin Smith, (Sr.) (i2441), b.1901-d.1963
James, Levin Smith, (Sr.) (marriage to Rosa Mae Gunter) (i2441), b.1901-d.1963
James, Malana W. (marriage to John C. Mapp(Jr.)) (i2184), b.1812-d.1851
James, Margaret "Peggy" (i756), d.1833
James, Margaret C. (i1576), d.1833
James, Margaret E. (marriage to William John Mapp) (i2992), b.1852-d.1896
James, Mary Lovie (marriage to William Y. Johnson) (i1881), b.1880-d.1965
James, Orris Browne (i2956), b.1889-d.1971
James, Robert (i755)
James, Robert (i1530), b.1753-d.1833
James, Robert (marriage to Sarah Marshall) (i278), d.1759
James, Robert Dunton (marriage to Katherine "Kate" Mapp) (i2442), b.1864-d.1929
James, Robert Dunton, (Jr.) (i3017), b.1899-
James, Rosanna "Rosey" (i753), d.1833
James, Rosey (i1536)
James, Sally (i1535)
James, Samuel "Sam" Moman (i2947), b.1880-
James, Samuel Moman (marriage to Malana Susan Mapp) (i2943), b.1849-d.1929
James, Susan "Susey" (i1534)
James, Susan "Susie" Ann (i2958), b.1885-d.1969
James, Thomas (i748), d.1818
James, Thomas (i1531)
James, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Dunton) (i748), d.1818
James, William D. (i754), d.1818
James, William Ira (marriage to Elizabeth A. Johnson) (i1573), b.1807-d.1852


Jarman, Clara Helen Toadvine (i19880), b.1857-
Jarman, George Richardson (i19879), b.1856-
Jarman, Henry Harris (i19881), b.1859-d.1864
Jarman, Samuel H. (marriage to Sallie Maria Richardson) (i19878)
Jarman, Sarah (marriage to Angelo Atkinson) (i4847)
Jarman, William B. (marriage to Edith Purnell) (i27138), b.1878-


Jarvis, Henry Watts (marriage to Mary Ann Riley) (i16795), b.1805-d.1850
Jarvis, Laura M. (marriage to Jesse Jarvis Simkins(Dr.)) (i2265), b.1816-d.1872
Jarvis, Louise A. (marriage to Robinson Nottingham) (i3099), b.1879-d.1960
Jarvis, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Kendal Taylor) (i27172)
Jarvis, Mary Hannah (marriage to George Yerby Kerr) (i18455), b.1858-d.1881
Jarvis, Sarah "Sally" (marriage to Arthur Simkins) (i1585), d.1832


Jenkins, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to William Edward Fitchett) (i2457), b.1851-d.1932
Jenkins, Sallie (marriage to Elijah Bunting) (i11258)


Jester, Clifford Stanley (marriage to Mary Lee Gunter) (i1750), b.1886-d.1955
Jester, Clifford Stanley, (Jr.) (i12960)
Jester, Dorothy Lee (i12962), b.1924-d.1998
Jester, Emma Maude (i12961)


Johnson, Abel B. (i516), d.1812
Johnson, Catherine "Kitty" F. (i594), b.1820-d.1875
Johnson, Edmund S. (marriage to Jane Dunton) (i685), d.1807
Johnson, Edward D. (i1877), b.1898-d.1921
Johnson, Elizabeth (i513), d.1812
Johnson, Elizabeth (marriage to George Bunting(Sr.)) (i11232)
Johnson, Elizabeth A. (i1572), d.1854
Johnson, Elizabeth W. (i2167), b.1868-d.1922
Johnson, Ellen (i2165), b.1862-
Johnson, Frank (i2166), b.1866-
Johnson, Harriet A. (i591), b.1821-d.1870
Johnson, Henry B. (marriage to Elizabeth G. Henry) (i16875), b.1832-d.1870
Johnson, James F. (i581), b.1839-d.1895
Johnson, Jeptha (marriage to Rosanna "Rosey" James) (i1571), b.1786-d.1850
Johnson, Jeptha (marriage to Rosanna "Rosey" James) (i1571), b.1786-d.1850
Johnson, John (i1735), b.1867-
Johnson, John C. (i582), b.1841-
Johnson, John Whittington (marriage to Elizabeth Sophia Turner) (i1937)
Johnson, John Y. (i574), b.1805-d.1850
Johnson, Jonathan (i35), b.1745-
Johnson, Joshua (marriage to Rachel Bunting) (i33), b.1722-d.1772
Johnson, Kasiah "Cessy" (i502), b.1775-d.1834
Johnson, Laban (i34), b.1744-
Johnson, Leah Wainhouse (marriage to Richard Johnson Ayres) (i538), b.1799-d.1882
Johnson, Louisa B. (i576), d.1845
Johnson, Margaret (i592)
Johnson, Margaret (i1736), b.1870-
Johnson, Margaret "Emma" Emily S. (i1574), b.1822-
Johnson, Margaret "Maggie" A. (i1876), b.1865-
Johnson, Margaret "Maggie" A. (marriage to Robert H. Johnson) (i1876), b.1865-
Johnson, Margaret Ada (i1738), b.1876-
Johnson, Marion (marriage to Ethel Boston) (i27259)
Johnson, Mary (i593)
Johnson, Mary (i16877), b.1862-
Johnson, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Rogers) (i19496)
Johnson, Mary Amelia (marriage to William John Mapp) (i2993), b.1877-d.1933
Johnson, Mary J. (marriage to John P. Dunton) (i2560), b.1865-d.1918
Johnson, Moses (i16876), b.1861-
Johnson, Obedience, (III) (marriage to Rachel Bunting) (i36), d.1795
Johnson, Oren Fanklin (i1884), b.1905-d.1996
Johnson, Othner (marriage to Lettie A. Dowty-Doughty) (i2058), b.1857-
Johnson, Peggy (i507), d.1800
Johnson, Polly (i520)
Johnson, Rachel (i514), d.1824
Johnson, Richard (i517), d.1824
Johnson, Robert H. (i1734), b.1865-d.1898
Johnson, Robert H. (marriage to Margaret "Maggie" A. Johnson) (i1734), b.1865-d.1898
Johnson, Rosa (marriage to Gillet Bunting) (i11260)
Johnson, Sabra B. (i1743), b.1881-
Johnson, Samuel M. (i1739), b.1879-d.1952
Johnson, Sarah "Addie" A. (marriage to Charles L. Mapp) (i2249), b.1873-d.1916
Johnson, Sarah "Addie" A. (marriage to Harry W. Mapp) (i2249), b.1873-d.1916
Johnson, Sarah 'Sally' A. (i575), b.1819-
Johnson, Sidney (i2164), b.1859-
Johnson, Sidney M. (i1575), b.1829-d.1870
Johnson, Solly (marriage to Susan Ann Marshall) (i353)
Johnson, Susan R. (i579), b.1834-
Johnson, Susanna "Sukey" (i509)
Johnson, Thomas (marriage to Mae Louise Mapp) (i3695)
Johnson, William (i1733), b.1863-
Johnson, William P. (i511), d.1836
Johnson, William Y. (i1737), b.1875-


Jones, (N) (marriage to Anna Selby) (i28070)
Jones, Amelia (marriage to Ernest Franklin Purnell) (i16144)
Jones, Horace Elton (marriage to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ann Hallett) (i3595), b.1844-d.1917
Jones, Indiana Louise (marriage to John Dale Henry) (i16899), b.1891-d.1969
Jones, Jesse (marriage to Sally Louise Purnell) (i16132)
Jones, Stanley Moncure (marriage to Elsie Gentes Dowty-Doughty) (i2453)


Joynes, Anna Elizabeth (i19865), b.1839-
Joynes, Bertha Lee (marriage to William Wallace Thomas) (i2576)
Joynes, David James (i19866), b.1841-
Joynes, Edmund G. (marriage to Eleanor Ann Drummond Richardson) (i19864), b.1820-d.1864
Joynes, Emma Ruth (marriage to John K. Mears) (i15717), b.1886-d.1962
Joynes, Ephraim Wilson (i19868), b.1845-
Joynes, George Richardson (i19867), b.1843-
Joynes, Margaret T. (marriage to Thomas Kellam Dunton) (i1946), b.1819-d.1898


Justice, Ellen Hester (marriage to George Robert Bunting) (i15636), b.1850-d.1917
Justice, Ralph (marriage to Sarah Marshall) (i64), d.1759
Justice, William (i825), b.1739-d.1762


Kastner, Jewel (marriage to John T. Dunton) (i2097), d.1953


Keenholts, Lellie May (marriage to Henry Lewis Seaman) (i15696)


Keith, James (marriage to Rebecca Ann Boggs) (i16698), b.1836-d.1898
Keith, Thomas Voshell (i16701), b.1876-d.1954


Kellam, Elizabeth (marriage to George F. Dunton) (i2113), b.1836-d.1925
Kellam, Lillian May (marriage to Robert Clark Jacob) (i3619), b.1883-d.1963
Kellam, Mary "Mamie" G. (marriage to Koskinsko Dunton) (i2541), b.1860-d.1930


Kelly, Mary Marie V. (marriage to Charles F. Carpenter) (i2039), b.1860-d.1941
Kelly, Otho (marriage to Josie Bunting) (i15554)


Kelpin, Attie Frances (marriage to George "Bogie" Thomas Mapp) (i3678), b.1912-d.1975


Kendall, Sarah (marriage to Richard Rogers) (i632)


Kenley, Elizabeth S. (marriage to Harry Selby Purnell(MD & Col.)) (i23241), b.1881-d.1978
Kenley, Elizabeth S. (marriage to Harry Selby Purnell(MD & Col.)) (i23241), b.1881-d.1978
Kenley, Margaret Campbell (marriage to George Edward Henry(Jr.)) (i16895), b.1879-d.1971


Kennard, Sally Stratton (marriage to John Evans Nottingham) (i2338), b.1829-d.1917


Kerby, Elizabeth (i162)
Kerby, Mary (i161), d.1765
Kerby, Robert (marriage to Elizabeth Marshall) (i124), d.1763


Kerr, Abel (i1820), b.1844-
Kerr, Alice Yerby (i2333), b.1853-d.1926
Kerr, Charles (i2329)
Kerr, Edward (i1815), b.1827-
Kerr, George Yerby (i2334), b.1856-d.1881
Kerr, George, (Dr.) (i1814), b.1825-d.1892
Kerr, Heber (i1818), b.1837-
Kerr, Hugh (i1816), b.1831-d.1868
Kerr, James (i1817), b.1837-
Kerr, John (i1821)
Kerr, John (marriage to Mary Jacob Waddey) (i1811), d.1847
Kerr, Severn P. (i1819), b.1839-


Kilgore, Virgil Leo (marriage to Freda Virginia Taylor) (i27349)


Killiam, Elizabeth "Betty" Maybelle (i4873), b.1808-
Killiam, Henrietta (i4869), b.1800-
Killiam, Patience (i4870), b.1803-d.1883
Killiam, William (marriage to Henrietta "Hetty" Waller) (i4868), b.1775-
Killiam, William Cottman (i4872), b.1806-
Killiam, William Waller (i17120), b.1805-


King, Robert Skipwith (marriage to Eliza Leatherbury) (i2320)


Klinberg, Unknown (marriage to Anna Bunting) (i15600)


Lambden, Mary A. (marriage to William Henry Bunting) (i15582)


Lankford, Clarence Pinckard (marriage to Emily Estelle "Stell" Marshall) (i427), b.1864-d.1950
Lankford, Henry "Harry" Marshall (i902), b.1881-d.1948
Lankford, Henry Fillmore (marriage to Ida Anna Marshall) (i406), b.1856-d.1935
Lankford, John Alphens (marriage to Ella Foster) (i22835)
Lankford, Maggie L. (marriage to Ernest Mapp Dunton(Sr.)) (i3309), b.1882-d.1960
Lankford, Maggie L. (marriage to Ernest Mapp Dunton(Sr.)) (i3309), b.1882-d.1960
Lankford, Milton Stewart (marriage to Florence Charles Whittington) (i438), b.1873-d.1952
Lankford, Milton Stewart (marriage to Florence Charles Whittington) (i438), b.1873-d.1952
Lankford, Priscilla Pinckard (i907)


Larmore, Sarah J. (marriage to William Samuel Boston) (i4628)


Laurie, Annie (i15684), b.1871-d.1913
Laurie, Margaret Jagger (i15683), b.1869-
Laurie, Mary (i15682), b.1867-d.1867
Laurie, William Wooden (marriage to Frances Forbes Seaman) (i15681)


Leatherbury, Edwin Jacob (i2316), b.1879-d.1964
Leatherbury, Eliza (i2319), b.1886-d.1933
Leatherbury, Frederick W. (i2317), b.1884-d.1921
Leatherbury, John Waddey (i2314), b.1874-d.1938
Leatherbury, Ralph Purnell (marriage to Sarah Martha Taylor) (i27243)
Leatherbury, William Jacob (i2313), b.1871-d.1943
Leatherbury, William Jacob (marriage to Rebecca Harmanson Waddey) (i2310), b.1847-d.1899


Lecates, Fannie E. (marriage to William F. Pollitt) (i17169), b.1882-


LeCato, Bernard (marriage to Annie Winder) (i2429), b.1875-d.1925
Lecato, Mary "Mae" A. (marriage to Henry Richard Dunton) (i2583), d.1906


Lee(wife of Otis Hallett) (marriage to Otis M. Hallett) (i3591), b.1872-d.1933


Lee, Judge Baker P. (marriage to Mary Esther Simkins) (i3030)


Lewis, Abby Ella (marriage to John Whitson Seaman) (i15686)
Lewis, Alford J. (i27285), b.1908-
Lewis, Anna K. (i27287), b.1910-
Lewis, Elias Henry (i27208), b.1878-d.1993
Lewis, Elias Holland (i27288), b.1912-
Lewis, Eliza A. K. (i27286), b.1909-
Lewis, Emma Kate (i27209), b.1883-
Lewis, Hilary Pitts (i27290), b.1915-
Lewis, Mary Alice (marriage to John Whitson Seaman) (i15685)
Lewis, Mary B. (i27292), b.1917-
Lewis, Reuben Henry, (Sr.) (i27283), b.1907-
Lewis, Thomas P. (marriage to Leticia "Ellen" Taylor) (i27207)
Lewis, William Edward (i27293), b.1918-


Little, Doris Davis (marriage to Charles Hayward Marshall(Sr.)) (i421), b.1897-d.1986
Little, Janet Davis (marriage to Rush Porter Marshall) (i416), b.1895-d.1985


Long, Lucille (marriage to Ralph Roosevelt Purnell) (i27142)


Lowes, Elizabeth K. (marriage to Harold Lee Boston) (i4645), d.1937


Maddox, Charlotte (marriage to Moses Purnell) (i16166), d.1821


Mapp, Alf Johnson (i25199), b.1897-
Mapp, Alfred Nathaniel Hancock (i1579), b.1815-d.1875
Mapp, Alfred Nathaniel Hancock (i2963), b.1886-d.1949
Mapp, Alfred Nathaniel Hancock, (Jr.) (i2176), b.1855-d.1929
Mapp, Alice Bell (i2222), b.1870-d.1974
Mapp, Annie Jacob (i2908), b.1867-d.1954
Mapp, Bettie V. (marriage to Major Robertson Dowty-Doughty) (i1764), b.1862-d.1882
Mapp, Carrie O. (marriage to David Dunton Mapp) (i2227), b.1892-d.1974
Mapp, Cassandra Sarah (i2175), b.1855-d.1900
Mapp, Charles L. (i2248), b.1861-d.1932
Mapp, Charles Watts (i2232), b.1875-d.1936
Mapp, Clara (i2191), b.1847-d.1860
Mapp, Clara F. (i2204), b.1866-d.1870
Mapp, David Dunton (i2223), b.1873-d.1924
Mapp, Edmond C. (i2211), b.1856-d.1857
Mapp, Edmund R. (i2252), b.1864-d.1950
Mapp, Edmund Wainhouse Poulson (i1584), b.1834-d.1913
Mapp, Elizabeth (i2260), b.1875-d.1970
Mapp, Elizabeth S. (i2974), b.1895-
Mapp, Elizabeth Susan (i2978)
Mapp, Ella (i2240)
Mapp, Emory Dunton (i3005), b.1894-d.1952
Mapp, Emory G. (i2246), b.1857-d.1921
Mapp, Emory G. (marriage to Patrick Henry Dunton) (i2246), b.1857-d.1921
Mapp, Ernest "Buzz" Lynwood (i2975), b.1898-d.1980
Mapp, Francis "Frank" Bushrod (i1583), b.1832-d.1893
Mapp, Francis B. (i2220), b.1866-d.1918
Mapp, Frederick C.or G. (i2193), b.1853-d.1911
Mapp, George "Bogie" Thomas (i2969), b.1898-d.1980
Mapp, Hallett Wales (i2997), b.1913-d.1969
Mapp, Harry Llewellyn (i2968)
Mapp, Harry P. (i2983)
Mapp, Harry W. (i2182), b.1868-d.1892
Mapp, Idra Llewellyn (i2177), b.1857-d.1941
Mapp, Ivan Doughty (i2973), b.1893-
Mapp, Jefferson "Jeff" D. (i2202), b.1861-d.1932
Mapp, John C. (i2201), b.1856-d.1860
Mapp, John C. (i2212), b.1858-d.1952
Mapp, John C. (marriage to Cassandra "Cassey" James) (i1012), b.1789-d.1855
Mapp, John C. (marriage to Cassandra "Cassey" James) (i1012), b.1789-d.1855
Mapp, John C., (Jr.) (i1580), b.1816-d.1850
Mapp, John Ivan (i2179), b.1863-d.1929
Mapp, John Robins (i2909), b.1870-d.1889
Mapp, John Robins (marriage to Mary Susan Jacob) (i2907), b.1846-d.1884
Mapp, Joseph Thomas (i2241), b.1878-d.1946
Mapp, Joseph Thomas (i3016)
Mapp, Joseph Thomas (marriage to Sarah A. Jacob) (i2241), b.1878-d.1946
Mapp, Judson Montague (i25198), b.1876-
Mapp, Julia (i24235)
Mapp, Katherine "Kate" (i2259), b.1869-d.1936
Mapp, Laura (i2966)
Mapp, Lillian (i2967)
Mapp, Lillian "Lillie" May (i2183), b.1875-d.1947
Mapp, Mae Louise (i2977)
Mapp, Malana Susan (i2174), b.1851-d.1896
Mapp, Malana Susan (i2187), b.1851-d.1896
Mapp, Margaret (i2180), b.1865-d.1870
Mapp, Margaret (i2910), b.1872-d.1934
Mapp, Margaret A. (i3002), b.1891-
Mapp, Marvin R. (i3013), b.1903-d.1904
Mapp, Mary "Mamie" C. (marriage to Major Robertson Dowty-Doughty) (i1767), b.1864-d.1891
Mapp, Mary E. (i2190), b.1846-d.1860
Mapp, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to John C. Johnson) (i1875)
Mapp, Mary Wilkins (i2976)
Mapp, Olivia (i2247), b.1860-d.1860
Mapp, Peggy (i2219), b.1864-
Mapp, Ralph (i2982)
Mapp, Reginald Moss (i2979), b.1908-d.1996
Mapp, Richard Benjamin (i2230), b.1873-d.1933
Mapp, Robert (i2203), b.1865-d.1870
Mapp, Robert Clark Jacob (i2911), b.1875-d.1967
Mapp, Robins W. W. (i1582), b.1829-d.1883
Mapp, Sallie Ann (marriage to George R. Jacob) (i2876), b.1844-d.1877
Mapp, Sallie Tyson (i2984), b.1891-
Mapp, Sally C. (i2915), b.1877-d.1952
Mapp, Sarah K. (i2218), b.1862-
Mapp, Severn Ernest (i2178), b.1860-d.1882
Mapp, Sidney (i2965)
Mapp, Susie B. H. (i2916), b.1881-d.1965
Mapp, Susie B. H. (marriage to Smith Nottingham B. Jacob) (i2916), b.1881-d.1965
Mapp, Thomas H. (i2194), b.1856-d.1870
Mapp, Thomas Jacob (i24234), b.1915-d.1989
Mapp, Trower (i2964), b.1890-d.1891
Mapp, Vera Alan (i2917), b.1884-d.1961
Mapp, Wesley N. (i3012), b.1899-d.1905
Mapp, William Haywood (i2996), b.1900-d.1971
Mapp, William John (i2192), b.1850-d.1931
Mapp, William M. (i2181), b.1867-d.1934
Mapp, William R. (i2221), b.1868-
Mapp, William W. (i1581), b.1821-d.1870
Mapp, Willie E. (i2239), b.1877-
Mapp, Wyatt Slater (i25200), b.1908-


Margaret R.(wife of William Johnson) (marriage to William P. Johnson) (i512), d.1850
Margaret(wife of Laban Rogers) (marriage to Laban Rogers) (i1626)
Margaret(wife of Levin Marshall) (marriage to Levin Marshall) (i4863)
Margaret(wife of Nathaniel Fosque) (marriage to Nathaniel Fosque) (i796)


Marsh, Lilly (marriage to Ivan L. Dowty-Doughty) (i2835), b.1889-


Marshall**, Benjamin, (Jr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Betsey Bunting) (i15294)
Marshall**, Esther (marriage to Thomas Marshall) (i19754), b.1748-d.1786
Marshall**, George (i15295), b.1808-d.1832
Marshall**, Michael (i15369), b.1807-d.1837
Marshall**, Nancy (i15366), b.1805-


Marshall*, Sarah (marriage to Custis Rogers) (i1628)


Marshall, (Ann) (i4), d.1687
Marshall, ?Isme (i23184), b.1764-
Marshall, ?Sallie (i15919)
Marshall, Albert G. W. (i22886), b.1841-
Marshall, Alexine "Ella Roberta" B. (i395), b.1843-d.1919
Marshall, Ann (i462), b.1688-d.1704
Marshall, Charles (i22900), b.1842-
Marshall, Charles "Charlie" R. (i22592), b.1862-
Marshall, Charles Hayward, (Sr.) (i420), b.1893-d.1961
Marshall, Charles Thomas (i399), b.1823-d.1871
Marshall, Charles William Birckhead (i394), b.1842-d.1912
Marshall, Daughter (i19775)
Marshall, Daughter (i20975), b.1859-
Marshall, Edward A. (i17449), b.1812-d.1878
Marshall, Edward Washington, (Dr.) (i339), b.1832-d.1896
Marshall, Elizabeth (i62), b.1699-d.1752
Marshall, Elizabeth (i83), d.1796
Marshall, Elizabeth (i102), d.1753
Marshall, Elizabeth (i300), b.1753-
Marshall, Elizabeth (i329), b.1780-
Marshall, Elizabeth (i356)
Marshall, Elizabeth (i7226), b.1783-d.1814
Marshall, Elizabeth (i16694), b.1796-d.1800
Marshall, Elizabeth (i17452), b.1816-
Marshall, Elizabeth (i22898), b.1836-
Marshall, Elizabeth Ann P. (i141), b.1808-
Marshall, Elizabeth Hester (i397), b.1820-d.1899
Marshall, Elizabeth Purnell Prideaux (i1116)
Marshall, Elizabeth Purnell Prideaux "Betsy" (i1527), b.1800-
Marshall, Emily Estelle "Stell" (i426), b.1868-d.1954
Marshall, Erexine "Zenie" C. (i22894), b.1845-d.1914
Marshall, Esme (i296), b.1720-d.1784
Marshall, Esme (i327), b.1779-
Marshall, Esther (i377), b.1787-
Marshall, Eugene (i22902), b.1846-
Marshall, Frances (i22903), b.1848-
Marshall, Frank Thomas (i424), b.1863-d.1933
Marshall, George (i6), b.1659-d.1713
Marshall, George (i4879), d.1788
Marshall, George (i22901), b.1844-
Marshall, George Bishop (i345)
Marshall, George Esme (i4880)
Marshall, George M. (i22892), b.1848-
Marshall, George Washington (i130), b.1819-
Marshall, George Washington (i136)
Marshall, Georgeann (i22594), b.1865-d.1865
Marshall, Gordon Alexander Lafayette (i16983), b.1840-
Marshall, Hattie Evelyn (i428), b.1870-d.1956
Marshall, Henry (i290), d.1802
Marshall, Herbert (i22891), b.1846-
Marshall, Hester Drummond (i354), b.1841-d.1841
Marshall, Ida Anna (i405), b.1854-d.1943
Marshall, Isaac (i106), b.1750-
Marshall, Isaac (i16980), d.1829
Marshall, Isaac H. (i22899), b.1840-
Marshall, Isaac, (Capt.) (i147), d.1797
Marshall, Isaac, (Jr.) (i79), d.1761
Marshall, Isaac, (Sr.) (i60), b.1685-d.1751
Marshall, Jacob (i61), b.1720-
Marshall, James (i291), d.1783
Marshall, Jeptha Purnell (i19836), b.1790-
Marshall, John (i5), b.1656-d.1720
Marshall, John (i101), d.1797
Marshall, John (i283), b.1752-d.1785
Marshall, John (i286), b.1794-
Marshall, John (i15784), b.1600-d.1685
Marshall, John (i15851), d.1753
Marshall, John (i19765), b.1773-d.1786
Marshall, John Benjamin Sheppard (i341)
Marshall, John D. (i337), b.1807-d.1868
Marshall, John D. (i355), b.1845-d.1846
Marshall, John Drummond (i321), d.1800
Marshall, John E. (H.) (i22897), b.1834-
Marshall, John Edward Henry (i126), b.1807-d.1870
Marshall, John Nairn (i396), b.1816-
Marshall, John Purnell (i138), b.1802-d.1870
Marshall, John Purnell, (Capt.) (i118), b.1761-d.1829
Marshall, John Purnell, (Dr.) (i157)
Marshall, John, (Jr.) (i58), b.1690-d.1750
Marshall, Josiah Mitchell (i128), b.1808-d.1882
Marshall, Lavinia A. (i17450), b.1816-
Marshall, Leah A. (i85), d.1803
Marshall, Letitia (i26426), b.1809-
Marshall, Levin (i84), d.1751
Marshall, Levin (i288)
Marshall, Levin (i15848)
Marshall, Margaret E. (i350)
Marshall, Margaret P. (i358), b.1815-d.1845
Marshall, Marion Jannette (i413), b.1888-d.1916
Marshall, Martha "Ellen" (i16981), b.1835-
Marshall, Mary (i9)
Marshall, Mary (i295), d.1783
Marshall, Mary (i330), b.1782-d.1815
Marshall, Mary (i19055), b.1768-
Marshall, Mary (i22895), b.1830-
Marshall, Mary "Alice" Derickson (i7117), b.1854-
Marshall, Mary "Elizabeth" (i16982), b.1838-
Marshall, Mary "Polly" (i120), d.1832
Marshall, Mary A. (marriage to Isaac Bredell Purnell) (i16756)
Marshall, Mary Caston (i1107), b.1799-
Marshall, Mary Jackson (i375), b.1795-
Marshall, Mary M. (i22887), b.1840-d.1867
Marshall, Mary P. (marriage to Thomas M. Purnell) (i16117), d.1818
Marshall, Mary Virginia "Jennie" (i403), b.1850-d.1932
Marshall, Mary Virginia "Jennie" (marriage to Joseph Coulbourn (Coleburn or Colburn) Whitt (i403), b.1850-d.1932
Marshall, Mary Whittington (i388), b.1809-d.1872
Marshall, Matilda (i131), b.1794-d.1863
Marshall, Matthew Purnell (i22588), b.1876-d.1876
Marshall, Patience (i279), d.1776
Marshall, Patience (i292), d.1773
Marshall, Patience (i4864), d.1784
Marshall, Purnell Matthew (i22589), b.1879-d.1922
Marshall, Rachel (i16), d.1732
Marshall, Rachel (i82)
Marshall, Rachel (i121), d.1810
Marshall, Rachel A. (i159)
Marshall, Robert (i22896), b.1832-
Marshall, Robert Henry (i369), b.1750-d.1814
Marshall, Robert Henry (i390), b.1813-d.1886
Marshall, Robert Nairn (i386), b.1780-d.1825
Marshall, Robert Whittington (i16984), b.1845-
Marshall, Ronna (i26379)
Marshall, Rosena (i22890), b.1847-
Marshall, Rush Porter (i415), b.1891-d.1973
Marshall, Rush Porter, (Sr.) (i409), b.1860-d.1898
Marshall, Ruth A. (i22889), b.1844-
Marshall, Sally (i160)
Marshall, Sally (i7116), b.1836-
Marshall, Sarah (i63), d.1751
Marshall, Sarah (i81)
Marshall, Sarah (i109), b.1748-d.1803
Marshall, Sarah (i272), b.1724-d.1760
Marshall, Sarah (i332), b.1786-d.1809
Marshall, Sarah "Sally" (i293)
Marshall, Sarah "Sally" (i26424), b.1812-d.1870
Marshall, Sarah "Sally" Elizabeth (i122), b.1763-d.1829
Marshall, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Marshall) (i81)
Marshall, Sarah Ann (i362), b.1812-d.1897
Marshall, Sarah Hester (i346)
Marshall, Sophia (i80), d.1754
Marshall, Stephen (i19764), b.1770-d.1786
Marshall, Susan (i348)
Marshall, Susan Ann (i352), b.1835-
Marshall, Sylvester Kelly (i342)
Marshall, Tabitha (i86)
Marshall, Tamar (i15), b.1703-d.1778
Marshall, Theophilus (i284), b.1755-d.1804
Marshall, Thomas (i1), b.1626-d.1704
Marshall, Thomas (i3), b.1661-d.1687
Marshall, Thomas (i100), d.1753
Marshall, Thomas (i318), b.1746-d.1791
Marshall, Thomas (i15822), b.1776-d.1808
Marshall, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Marshall) (i100), d.1753
Marshall, Thomas John, (Mjr.) (i281), b.1725-d.1773
Marshall, Thomas Prideaux (i151), b.1777-d.1834
Marshall, Thomas Purnell (i1115), d.1809
Marshall, Thomas, (Mjr.) (i59), b.1692-d.1760
Marshall, William (i14), b.1692-d.1716
Marshall, William (i287), b.1779-d.1820
Marshall, William "Charles" (i407), b.1857-d.1909
Marshall, William Allen (i333), b.1759-d.1816
Marshall, William Birckhead (i22595), b.1867-d.1937
Marshall, William Henry (i137), b.1807-d.1870
Marshall, William Holland (i153), b.1802-
Marshall, William M. (i22893), b.1842-
Marshall, William Purnell (i123), d.1844
Marshall, William Sheppard (i344)
Marshall, Zadock H. (i22888), b.1842-
Marshall, Zadock, (Jr.) (i134), b.1815-d.1870
Marshall, Zadock, (Sr.) (i119), d.1836
Marshall, Zipporah P. (i360), b.1812-d.1838


Martin, Jay Joseph (marriage to Priscilla Pinckard Lankford) (i908), b.1894-d.1973
Martin, Margaret Neill (marriage to William Henry Purnell) (i16337), b.1825-d.1895


Mary "Mae" P.(wife of Carroll Sturgis) (marriage to Carroll Chase Sturgis) (i22850)
Mary C. or E.(wife of John W. Henry) (marriage to John William Henry) (i16843), b.1840-d.1915
Mary(wife of Thomas Marshall) (marriage to Thomas Marshall) (i2), b.1638-d.1704


Mason, Cordelia Frances (marriage to William Thomas Rogers) (i2397), b.1852-d.1936
Mason, Ida (marriage to Calvin Lawrence Purnell) (i27145)
Mason, Unknown (marriage to Molly Bunting) (i15606)


Massey, Mary Jane (marriage to Clinton Boston Taylor) (i27251)


Matilda(wife of Zorobabel Rogers) (marriage to Zorobabel Rogers) (i1609), d.1789


Matthews, Lelia (marriage to George Sanders Payne) (i366)


Maude(wife of Richard Mapp) (marriage to Richard Benjamin Mapp) (i2231)
May(wife of Paul Purnell) (marriage to Paul J. Purnell) (i27146)


Maynard, Charles Mapp (i3015)
Maynard, Emmett (marriage to Ella Mapp) (i3014)


Mayson, Leah (marriage to Solomon Bunting(Jr.)) (i15285)


McCabe, Larry (marriage to Ida E. Sturgis) (i22851)


McCarder, Virginia (marriage to William Samuel Boston) (i4629)


McCoy, Virginia Kern (marriage to Charles Watts Mapp) (i2236)


McCready, George (marriage to Nancy Bunting) (i15298)


McGregor, Annie (marriage to William Robert Purnell) (i16148), b.1886-d.1957


Meade, Anna Ruth (marriage to Roland Holland Taylor) (i27347)
Meade, Mary Lillian (marriage to Edward Lee Taylor) (i27343)
Meade, Nellie Elizabeth (marriage to Ernest William Taylor) (i27345)


Mears, Ann "Nancy" Arlington (marriage to Elisha W. Mears) (i820)
Mears, Elisha (marriage to Comfort West) (i808), d.1798
Mears, Elisha W. (i819), d.1838
Mears, Elisha W., (Sr.) (i811), d.1839
Mears, Elizabeth J. M. (i823), d.1837
Mears, Ernest L. (marriage to Elizabeth W. Belote) (i2940), b.1883-
Mears, Fannie W. (i2417), b.1884-d.1947
Mears, Frank C. (i2414), b.1879-d.1917
Mears, James (i812)
Mears, John K. (i2418), b.1887-d.1970
Mears, John Wesley (marriage to Margaret Rogers) (i2409), b.1848-d.1913
Mears, Luther (i813)
Mears, Luther C. (i2416), b.1883-d.1939
Mears, Mary Fosque (i814)
Mears, Mary G. (marriage to John G. Carpenter) (i2689), b.1864-d.1912
Mears, Phoebe (i2415), b.1881-d.1881
Mears, Rogers Bagwell (i2413), b.1877-d.1933
Mears, William, (Rev.) (i815), d.1835


Mellen, Clayton Andrew (marriage to Madeline Marie Taylor) (i27351)


Melvin, Elizabeth "Jenny" J. (marriage to Ellison Rix "Ricks" Dowty-Doughty) (i2829), b.1884-


Mercer, Frances B. (marriage to Leonard Crawley Dowty-Doughty(Jr.)) (i2450)

Merrill or Fleming

Merrill or Fleming, Elizabeth Holland (marriage to Lemuel Selby) (i14708), d.1798


Merrill, (N) (marriage to Eleanor Townsend) (i28090)
Merrill, Elizabeth (i28093)
Merrill, Leah Selby (i28092)
Merrill, Sally (i28091)
Merrill, Unknown (marriage to Tabitha Bunting) (i15296)


Merz, Lillian (marriage to Rush Porter Marshall) (i417), b.1907-d.1978


Metcalf, Nannie L. (marriage to Edmund R. Mapp) (i2253), b.1885-d.1961


Metzler, Federick (marriage to Bess Ellen Purnell) (i27144)


Michael, Mary (marriage to John Marshall(Jr.)) (i99), b.1703-d.1737


Milbourne, John R. (i7262), b.1846-
Milbourne, John W. (marriage to Elizabeth Hester Marshall) (i398)
Milbourne, Roscoe C. (i23319), b.1875-


Milby, Ann (marriage to Richard West) (i782)


Miles, Olivia (marriage to John Shepard Bunting) (i15575)


Mills, John Edwin (marriage to Minnie "Belle" Sturgis) (i22840), b.1854-


Mitchell, Edward Purnell (i16458)
Mitchell, Elizabeth (marriage to George Bunting(Jr.)) (i11261)
Mitchell, Henry Pinkney (marriage to Henrietta Washington Purnell Henry) (i14771), b.1850-d.1906
Mitchell, Henry Pinkney (marriage to Henrietta Washington Purnell Henry) (i14771), b.1850-d.1906
Mitchell, Isaac (marriage to Sally Henry) (i16452), d.1829
Mitchell, John Purnell (i16905)
Mitchell, John Purnell, (Jr.) (i16907)
Mitchell, Lemuel (i16456)
Mitchell, Lemuel L. (i16909)
Mitchell, Lemuel Purnell (i16906), b.1824-
Mitchell, Marion R. (i16911)
Mitchell, Mary (marriage to Robert Jenkins Henry) (i15939)
Mitchell, Robert (marriage to Sarah Marshall) (i115)
Mitchell, Sallie P. (i16912)
Mitchell, Sidney J. (i16910)


Molly(wife of Isma Bunting) (marriage to Ishmael Isma Bunting) (i11269), d.1820


Molnar, (N) (marriage to Pauline Wyatt) (i27303)


Moore, Ellen (marriage to George Edward Dowty-Doughty) (i2107), b.1873-d.1956
Moore, Mary H. (marriage to William Handy Richardson) (i28345), b.1829-
Moore, Nannie (marriage to George Samuel Handy Richardson) (i19873)
Moore, Unknown (marriage to Catherine Rogers) (i2423)


Morton, George B. (marriage to Bettie J. Dunton) (i2774), b.1868-d.1940


Mumford, Charles Edward, (Jr.) (marriage to Zaidee Kenly Henry) (i16918), b.1910-d.1977
Mumford, Martha, (widow of James) (marriage to John Purnell Marshall) (i140), b.1815-


Muncy, Virginia Thomas (marriage to Thomas Voshell Keith) (i16702), b.1878-d.1963


Murray, Harriet J. "Hettie" (marriage to George Washington Purnell) (i27127), b.1859-d.1918
Murray, Margaret (marriage to Henry R. Nottingham) (i3078), b.1861-


Nairn, Mary (marriage to Esme Marshall) (i297), b.1732-d.1767


Nelson, Elizabeth "Betsy" W. (i1779), b.1807-d.1870
Nelson, Margaret B. (i1781), b.1809-d.1866
Nelson, Mary "Polly" S. (i1780), b.1808-d.1880
Nelson, Southy, (Jr.) (marriage to Sally Joynes Brickhouse) (i1778), b.1781-d.1812


Newton, Charlotte (marriage to Lawrence Baker Sheppard) (i2424)


Nichols, Margaret (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15660)


Nock, Elizabeth (marriage to Salatheil Milby West) (i806), d.1833
Nock, George Robert (marriage to Caroline Bunting) (i15638)
Nock, James (marriage to Jennie Bunting) (i15646)
Nock, John Hyslop Fosque (marriage to Kathryn James) (i3749), b.1911-d.1978
Nock, Samuel (marriage to Sally Bunting) (i11246)


Nottingham, Alfred (i1827), b.1838-
Nottingham, Alfred Parker (i2341), b.1852-d.1853
Nottingham, Ann "Annie" Wise Stratton (i2343), b.1856-
Nottingham, Benjamin (marriage to Sophia S. Thomas) (i2596), b.1840-d.1906
Nottingham, Elisheba (i105), b.1738-
Nottingham, Emeline (i1831), b.1848-
Nottingham, Emeline Waddy (i2358), b.1869-d.1887
Nottingham, Eva (i2355), b.1860-d.1880
Nottingham, George Wilkins (i2354), b.1859-d.1909
Nottingham, Harriet (marriage to Edward R. Waddey) (i1799), b.1807-d.1866
Nottingham, Helen (i1829), b.1842-d.1908
Nottingham, Helen (i2357), b.1867-d.1938
Nottingham, Henry R. (i2342), b.1855-d.1936
Nottingham, Herbert (i2353), b.1857-d.1938
Nottingham, Ida (i2352), b.1855-d.1922
Nottingham, Isabel Wise (i2375), b.1874-d.1958
Nottingham, Jennings Wise (i2377), b.1878-d.1941
Nottingham, John (i90)
Nottingham, John Evans (i1824), b.1828-d.1902
Nottingham, Katherine Teackle (i2374), b.1871-d.1872
Nottingham, Lelia (marriage to William "Willie" J. Simkins) (i2289), b.1865-d.1940
Nottingham, Leonard Bell (i2345), b.1860-d.1918
Nottingham, Leonard Bell (marriage to Emeline Waddey) (i1823), b.1805-d.1877
Nottingham, Leonard J. (i1825), b.1831-d.1909
Nottingham, Lucy Galt (i2370), b.1869-d.1937
Nottingham, Margaret "Peggy" Mapp (marriage to Thomas Hancock Jacob) (i2891), b.1842-d.1915
Nottingham, Maria "Ridie" J. (marriage to James Bailey Bell) (i2493), b.1863-d.1941
Nottingham, Maria Robins (i2359), b.1874-d.1875
Nottingham, Maria Robins (i2360), b.1876-d.1911
Nottingham, Marianna Y. (marriage to Robinson Nottingham) (i2365), b.1842-
Nottingham, Mary E. (marriage to William E. Waddey) (i2296), b.1846-d.1931
Nottingham, Mary Floyd (i2356), b.1866-d.1936
Nottingham, Michael (marriage to Tabitha Marshall) (i87), b.1727-
Nottingham, Rebecca (i1830), b.1845-
Nottingham, Robert (i91)
Nottingham, Robert Lee (i2346), b.1863-
Nottingham, Robinson (i1826), b.1833-d.1834
Nottingham, Robinson (i2361), b.1835-d.1918
Nottingham, Robinson (i2376), b.1876-d.1950
Nottingham, Rose "Rosa" Mary (marriage to Edward Virgil Gunter) (i1745), b.1862-d.1929
Nottingham, Sally B. (i2344), b.1859-
Nottingham, Samuel Yeardley (i2368), b.1864-d.1931
Nottingham, Severan Parker, (Dr.) (i1828), b.1840-d.1912
Nottingham, Severn P. (i2369), b.1867-
Nottingham, Sydney (i2351), b.1853-d.1922
Nottingham, William Kennard (i2347), b.1865-d.1892
Nottingham, William Robert (marriage to Elizabeth O. Frost) (i2073), b.1863-d.1893
Nottingham, William Thomas (marriage to Laruetta V. Carpenter) (i2465), b.1820-d.1859
Nottingham, William Thomas (marriage to Lucy Ann S. Carpenter) (i2465), b.1820-d.1859


Onley, Lida H. (marriage to William Henry Bunting) (i15315)
Onley, Lida H. (marriage to William Henry Bunting) (i15315)


Outten, Matthew (marriage to Rachel Marshall) (i92), d.1773


Parker, George (marriage to Esther Marshall) (i378), b.1780-d.1841
Parker, Leah Whittington (i383), b.1813-d.1892
Parker, Levin (i382), b.1810-
Parker, Lorenzo D. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Parker) (i385)
Parker, Mary Elizabeth (i384), b.1808-
Parker, Robert (i381), b.1806-d.1837


Parkes, Cora D. (marriage to Charles S. Bunting) (i15313), b.1869-d.1944
Parkes, Cora D. (marriage to Charles S. Bunting) (i15313), b.1869-d.1944


Parks, Effie L. (marriage to William M. Mapp) (i2980), b.1875-d.1952
Parks, Elizabeth (marriage to Edmund Scarburgh) (i28016)


Parsons, Charles Wilmore (marriage to Lenore Louise Henry) (i16920), d.1963


Payne, Ambrose (i364), b.1833-d.1868
Payne, George Sanders (i365), b.1835-d.1927
Payne, Horace (marriage to Adelia "Delaphine" Purnell) (i22277)
Payne, Jacob (marriage to Margaret P. Marshall) (i359), b.1802-d.1854
Payne, William Horace (i367), b.1840-d.1929


Peale, Sarah (marriage to Isaac Marshall(Sr.)) (i76)


Peed, Arinthia Beulah (marriage to Frederick C.or G. Mapp) (i2999), b.1863-d.1934
Peed, Lillian Christian (marriage to Clarence Cecil Jacob) (i2904), b.1898-


Peggy(wife of John Fosque) (marriage to John Fosque) (i804)
Peggy(wife of William Simkins) (marriage to William Simkins) (i20209)


Peters, Norman M. (marriage to Elizabeth Evelyn Boston) (i27261)


Phillips, Elizabeth "Eliza" Emily (marriage to Ezra Smith Boston) (i4633), b.1855-d.1913
Phillips, Herman Ray (marriage to Ida Evelyn Scott) (i896), b.1890-d.1965
Phillips, L. J. (marriage to Ann B. Goffigon) (i15726)
Phillips, Louis James (marriage to Olevia S. Goffigon) (i1720), b.1837-d.1910
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Arthur M. Rogers) (i1858)
Phillips, Noah (marriage to Rachel L. Elzey) (i17126), b.1826-d.1905
Phillips, Unknown (marriage to Betty Rogers) (i1641)


Pierce, William H. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Handy) (i7194)


Pitts, Mary H. (marriage to Sylvester Kelly Marshall) (i343)
Pitts, William Dale (marriage to Erexine Sarah Purnell) (i16331), b.1816-d.1897


Polk, Elizabeth "Lizzie" T. (i16854), b.1870-d.1871
Polk, Mary Bredelle (i16852), b.1864-d.1940
Polk, Samuel (i16849), b.1866-d.1867
Polk, William Thomas Gilliss (marriage to Mary Ann Henry) (i16848), b.1805-d.1875


Pollitt, Annie (i17171), b.1876-
Pollitt, John (marriage to Leah Jane Ellis) (i17161), d.1880
Pollitt, John E. (i17170), b.1874-
Pollitt, Robert C. (i17172), b.1878-
Pollitt, William F. (i17167), b.1872-


Porter, Fletcher (marriage to Rosalie Taylor) (i27225)
Porter, Priscilla Virginia (marriage to Charles Thomas Marshall) (i400), b.1831-d.1880


Poulson, Catharine W. (i2127), b.1834-d.1864
Poulson, Charlotte Custis (i2134), b.1850-d.1929
Poulson, Edmond J. (i855), b.1801-d.1884
Poulson, Edmund J. (i1023), b.1837-d.1859
Poulson, Elizabeth A. (i1020), b.1825-d.1845
Poulson, Elizabeth A. B. (i2123), b.1835-
Poulson, Elizabeth T. (i2128), b.1836-d.1920
Poulson, Infant (i1022), b.1830-d.1830
Poulson, James (i2130), b.1840-d.1904
Poulson, James (marriage to Elizabeth James) (i1556), b.1768-d.1840
Poulson, James (marriage to Elizabeth James) (i1556), b.1768-d.1840
Poulson, James B. (i1560), b.1803-d.1859
Poulson, John Custis (i2132), b.1847-d.1865
Poulson, Mary D. (i2129), b.1838-d.1908
Poulson, Robert J. (i1561), b.1806-
Poulson, Robert J. (i2133), b.1849-d.1882
Poulson, Sarah Custis (i2131), b.1842-d.1926
Poulson, Susan F. (i1021), b.1828-d.1839
Poulson, Thomas H. G. (i2121), b.1832-


Powell, Annanias W. (marriage to Sarah H. Tingle) (i16195), b.1813-
Powell, Anne W. (marriage to John Simkins) (i1665), b.1782-d.1801
Powell, Della (marriage to Howard Dale Quillen) (i27320)
Powell, Lillian Marie (marriage to Elias Holland Lewis) (i27289)
Powell, Lillian Marie (marriage to Hilary Pitts Lewis) (i27291)
Powell, Sidney W. (marriage to Hester W. Ellis) (i17159), b.1845-d.1870


Prideaux, Unknown, (Mrs. Isaac Marshall) (marriage to Isaac Marshall(Capt.)) (i148), d.1792


Priscilla(wife of William White) (marriage to William White) (i28096)


Purnell, Adaliza (i22911), b.1848-
Purnell, Adelia "Delaphine" (i22276), b.1846-
Purnell, Anna (i19057), b.1788-d.1788
Purnell, Anne "Nancy" (i309)
Purnell, Annie Maria (i16135), b.1831-d.1850
Purnell, Arthur (i27130), b.1881-d.1900
Purnell, Azariah (marriage to Mary Marshall) (i16052), d.1800
Purnell, Benjamin (marriage to Elizabeth Marshall) (i301), b.1740-d.1796
Purnell, Bess Ellen (i27136), b.1896-
Purnell, Calvin Lawrence (i27135), b.1894-
Purnell, Catherine (i16125), b.1860-d.1865
Purnell, Charles Houston (i16339), b.1848-d.1906
Purnell, Charlotte "Charlotty" (i16168)
Purnell, Clementine (i16791), b.1840-
Purnell, David (i16734)
Purnell, Delphine H. (marriage to William Horace Payne) (i368)
Purnell, Edgar H. (i14760), b.1832-
Purnell, Edith (i27131), b.1886-
Purnell, Edward John (i14756), b.1835-d.1840
Purnell, Edward Zadock (i16145), b.1862-d.1955
Purnell, Eleanor R. (i16787)
Purnell, Elenora W. (i14737), b.1851-d.1894
Purnell, Elijah Bowen (i16351), b.1840-d.1854
Purnell, Elisha Littleton (i14728), b.1804-d.1849
Purnell, Elizabeth (i14765)
Purnell, Elizabeth (i19060), b.1794-
Purnell, Elizabeth (i22907), b.1838-
Purnell, Elizabeth (marriage to John Marshall) (i116), d.1803
Purnell, Elizabeth Catherine (i16133), b.1821-d.1850
Purnell, Elizabeth Marshall (i16171), d.1830
Purnell, Elizabeth Posey (i14785), b.1860-d.1929
Purnell, Ellen (i22283)
Purnell, Ellen Henrietta (i14747), b.1829-
Purnell, Ellen Jane (i16139), b.1830-d.1853
Purnell, Elmira Church (i16748), b.1833-
Purnell, Erexine Sarah (i16330), b.1816-d.1892
Purnell, Ernest Franklin (i16143), b.1860-d.1926
Purnell, Esmay or Esme Bowen (i16350), b.1827-d.1851
Purnell, Esme (i303), b.1774-d.1807
Purnell, Esther Henrietta "Hetty" (i14745), b.1820-d.1899
Purnell, George Collier (i14753), b.1831-d.1868
Purnell, George Irving (i27132), b.1889-d.1966
Purnell, George Washington (i16149), b.1869-d.1915
Purnell, George Washington (i27124), b.1854-d.1924
Purnell, George Washington, (Dr.) (i14762), b.1836-d.1905
Purnell, George Washington, (Dr.) (marriage to Mary "Molly" Outten Purnell) (i16090), b.1776-d.1844
Purnell, George Washington, (Jr.) (i14789), b.1891-d.1960
Purnell, George Washington, (Jr.)(Dr.) (i14738), b.1820-
Purnell, George William Cottman (i14734), b.1844-d.1897
Purnell, Georgianna Caroline (marriage to Charles William Birckhead Marshall) (i22587), b.1837-
Purnell, Harry Selby, (MD & Col.) (i23242), b.1879-d.1946
Purnell, Henry Alexander Frank (i16130), b.1843-d.1845
Purnell, Herman Lloyd (i27133), b.1890-
Purnell, Huldah (marriage to Zadock Marshall(Sr.)) (i16510), d.1796
Purnell, Ida C. (i27151), b.1873-
Purnell, Isaac (i27113), b.1812-d.1870
Purnell, Isaac Bredell (i14754), b.1833-
Purnell, Isaac Marshall (i16010), b.1765-d.1798
Purnell, Isaac Marshall (i16746), b.1837-
Purnell, Isabella A. (i27122), b.1848-
Purnell, James (i14736), b.1849-
Purnell, James (i23541)
Purnell, James (i27123), b.1849-
Purnell, James F. (i14742), b.1849-
Purnell, James Robins Spence, (Dr.) (i14729), b.1804-d.1848
Purnell, Jane (i27118), b.1835-
Purnell, Jimmie (i16126), b.1861-d.1865
Purnell, John (i16740)
Purnell, John (i16789), b.1842-
Purnell, John (i19058), b.1789-d.1789
Purnell, John (i27119), b.1837-
Purnell, John A. (i16119), b.1817-
Purnell, John A. (i22910), b.1846-
Purnell, John Cottman (i16753), b.1860-
Purnell, John Fisher (i16348), b.1796-d.1871
Purnell, John, (Cpt.) (i112), b.1770-d.1802
Purnell, Josephine Elizabeth Marshall (i16342), b.1836-
Purnell, Joshua Hodg(e) (i19059), b.1791-
Purnell, July Ann (i4608)
Purnell, Lavinia (i16744)
Purnell, Lavinia E. (i14741), b.1848-
Purnell, Levi (i16165), b.1773-
Purnell, Levi (i22906), b.1842-
Purnell, Lotty (i27116)
Purnell, Lyttleton Bowen (i16750), b.1839-d.1898
Purnell, Mahalah C. (i27121), b.1845-
Purnell, Margaret E. (i27120), b.1840-
Purnell, Maria (i16757), b.1836-d.1836
Purnell, Mary "Molly" (i16107), d.1809
Purnell, Mary "Molly" Outten (i114), b.1782-d.1838
Purnell, Mary "Polly" (i19766)
Purnell, Mary "Polly" Marshall (i310)
Purnell, Mary A. (i22908), b.1841-
Purnell, Mary Elizabeth (i16742), b.1823-d.1894
Purnell, Mary Jane Rozelle (i16334), b.1821-d.1848
Purnell, Mary Louisa (i14787), b.1866-d.1940
Purnell, Mary Louisa (marriage to Edward Henry Daniel Tingle) (i16807), b.1825-d.1913
Purnell, Mary Martha (i14761), b.1834-d.1839
Purnell, Mary Outten (i14735), b.1847-
Purnell, Matilda A. (i14740), b.1846-
Purnell, Matthew, (Cpt.) (i16007), b.1755-d.1791
Purnell, Milby Selby (i27110), b.1780-d.1830
Purnell, Moses (i16163), b.1784-d.1859
Purnell, Moses Theodore (i16341), b.1831-d.1865
Purnell, Parker (i27108), b.1785-
Purnell, Paul J. (i27134), b.1892-
Purnell, Peggy (i27117)
Purnell, Peter (i16065), d.1789
Purnell, Polly (i4607)
Purnell, Ralph Roosevelt (i27137), b.1900-d.1986
Purnell, Robert (i16067)
Purnell, Robert T. (i22909), b.1844-
Purnell, Sallie (i27150), b.1868-
Purnell, Sally (i22280), b.1835-
Purnell, Sally Louise (i16131), b.1818-d.1840
Purnell, Sally M. (i16108), b.1799-d.1834
Purnell, Sarah "Sallie" Mary (i14730), b.1813-d.1872
Purnell, Sarah "Sallie" Mary (marriage to Zadock P. Henry) (i14730), b.1813-d.1872
Purnell, Sarah "Sary" Marshall (i16068)
Purnell, Sarah (marriage to Isaac Marshall(Capt.)) (i150), b.1768-d.1803
Purnell, Stephen (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell Prideaux Marshall) (i156), d.1837
Purnell, Sylvester "Ves" (i27126), b.1878-
Purnell, Thomas (i16009), b.1751-d.1784
Purnell, Thomas (i16347), b.1790-d.1808
Purnell, Thomas (i16739)
Purnell, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Marshall) (i94), b.1738-d.1773
Purnell, Thomas Edward (i16741), b.1829-
Purnell, Thomas Henry (i16127), b.1864-d.1883
Purnell, Thomas Henry (i16141), b.1857-d.1943
Purnell, Thomas Henry Franklin (i16122), b.1824-
Purnell, Thomas M. (i16116), b.1794-d.1841
Purnell, Thomas Marshall (i113), b.1775-d.1816
Purnell, Thomas, (IV) (Col.) (marriage to Sarah Marshall) (i110), b.1745-d.1790
Purnell, Virginia (i16128), b.1864-d.1938
Purnell, Walter (Walton) (i23540)
Purnell, Washington (i16338)
Purnell, Washington (i27114), b.1815-
Purnell, Washington "Irving" (i22282), b.1843-
Purnell, William (i27111), b.1795-
Purnell, William H. (i16790), b.1845-
Purnell, William Henry (i16336), b.1826-d.1902
Purnell, William James Franklin, (Dr.) (i14763), b.1839-d.1896
Purnell, William Montgomery (i22915), b.1844-
Purnell, William Q. (i27149), b.1856-
Purnell, William Robert (i16147), b.1865-d.1937
Purnell, William Thomas "John" (i14732), b.1815-d.1872
Purnell, Wilmer Spence (i14768), b.1843-d.1904
Purnell, Wilmer Spence (marriage to Sarah Gertrude Timmons) (i14768), b.1843-d.1904
Purnell, Zadock (i111), b.1779-d.1807
Purnell, Zadock (i16064), b.1760-d.1811
Purnell, Zadock (i16110), b.1799-d.1841
Purnell, Zadock George Washington (i16123), b.1827-d.1906
Purnell, Zadock Thomas Marshall (i16137), b.1832-d.1898
Purnell, Zadock, (Col.) (marriage to Sarah Marshall) (i108), b.1725-d.1805


Pusey, Margaret B. (marriage to John J. Ayres) (i612), b.1812-d.1860


Quillen, Annie Kate (marriage to Peter L. Taylor) (i27218)
Quillen, Audrey (i27322), b.1907-
Quillen, Catherine N. (i27324), b.1909-
Quillen, Dewey (i27314), b.1898-
Quillen, G. Preston (i27317), b.1902-
Quillen, Howard Dale (i27319), b.1903-
Quillen, Ollie C. (i27326), b.1913-
Quillen, Paul (i27321), b.1905-d.1982
Quillen, Thomas J. (marriage to Mary Margaret Taylor) (i27216)
Quillen, Viola (i27315), b.1901-


Rackliff, Elizabeth (marriage to John Purnell(Cpt.)) (i15894), d.1841


Ravell, Lottie (marriage to Lemuel Purnell Mitchell) (i16908)


Rawls, Berniece May (marriage to Earnest John Waddey) (i21099)


Rea, Katherine (marriage to George Washington Purnell(Jr.)) (i14792), b.1898-


Read, Asa (i641), b.1856-
Read, Charles Crawford (i2871), b.1870-d.1953
Read, John (i637), b.1827-d.1830
Read, John R. (i639), b.1830-d.1858
Read, John R. (i2144), b.1837-d.1900
Read, Lillian Bailey (i2875), b.1874-d.1918
Read, Maria S. (i2870), b.1859-d.1859
Read, Mariah Elizabeth (i3603), b.1872-d.1937
Read, Mariah Elizabeth (marriage to John B. White(Jr.)) (i3603), b.1872-d.1937
Read, Richard H. (marriage to Margaret D. Jacob) (i2140), b.1813-d.1875
Read, Richard P., (Col.) (marriage to Margaret Anatha P. Rogers) (i634), b.1808-d.1884
Read, Sallie A. (marriage to Major Robertson Dowty-Doughty) (i1768), b.1870-d.1955
Read, Sarah (i638), b.1828-
Read, Sarah (i1777), b.1830-
Read, Sarah A. J. (i2143), b.1836-d.1869
Read, William Kendall (i642), b.1858-d.1925


Reese, M. Forney (marriage to Lucy Galt Nottingham) (i3095), b.1864-


Regester, Josephine (marriage to Isaac Marshall Purnell) (i16747)


Reis, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Purnell Selby) (i14806), b.1869-d.1946


Revell, Elizabeth Rebecca (marriage to Thomas H. Guy) (i2117), b.1802-d.1837
Revell, Sally (marriage to James B. Poulson) (i2120)


Richards, Catherine (marriage to Peter Purnell) (i16066)
Richards, George W. (marriage to Florence "Hattie" Harriet Dunton) (i2742), b.1861-d.1915


Richardson, Alice Mason (i19886), b.1858-
Richardson, Betsy Marshall (i312)
Richardson, Beulah (marriage to G. Preston Quillen) (i27318)
Richardson, David, (Capt.) (i19857), b.1788-d.1855
Richardson, Eleanor Ann Drummond (i19863), b.1814-d.1874
Richardson, Emma Elizabeth (marriage to Orris Browne James) (i12596), b.1896-d.1997
Richardson, Ephraim King (i19875), b.1825-
Richardson, Esme (i19858), b.1796-
Richardson, George (i19869), b.1816-d.1817
Richardson, George (marriage to Anne "Nancy" Purnell) (i2077), d.1830
Richardson, George (marriage to Mary "Polly" Marshall Purnell) (i311), b.1751-d.1804
Richardson, George Samuel Handy (i19872), b.1821-d.1896
Richardson, Georgia Anna (marriage to Lloyd W. Dunton) (i2076), b.1841-d.1912
Richardson, Harry W. (marriage to Isabelle "Belle" Taylor) (i27337)
Richardson, Helen (i27338)
Richardson, James Wilson (i19870), b.1818-d.1838
Richardson, John Moore (i19884), b.1858-
Richardson, Mary Elizabeth Purnell (i19871), b.1819-d.1841
Richardson, Mary Frances (marriage to John Walter Smith(Jr.) (Gov.)) (i6750)
Richardson, Molly (i19855)
Richardson, Nancy (i19856)
Richardson, Pearl Louise (marriage to Calvin Hershel Taylor) (i27305)
Richardson, Polly Marshall (i16500)
Richardson, Rodney Hall (i19887), b.1860-
Richardson, Sallie Maria (i19877), b.1834-
Richardson, Samuel C. (i19853), d.1850
Richardson, Solomon (marriage to Esther Roberts) (i524), d.1799
Richardson, Virginia S. (marriage to John W. Gunter) (i1649), b.1850-d.1890
Richardson, William Handy (i19876), b.1830-d.1898
Richardson, William Mackey (i19883), b.1856-
Richardson, Wilmer T. (i27340)


Riggin, Comfort (marriage to Angelo Atkinson) (i4849), b.1754-d.1826
Riggin, William Henry (marriage to Emily Whittington) (i447), b.1829-d.1854


Riggs, Margaret Peggy (marriage to Solomon Bunting(Sr.)) (i15277)


Riley, Elizabeth (i778)
Riley, George R. (i779)
Riley, Mary Ann (i16794), b.1815-d.1862
Riley, Stephen (marriage to Mary "Molly" Purnell) (i16793), b.1773-d.1829
Riley, Thomas (i777)
Riley, William (i776)
Riley, William (marriage to Elizabeth West) (i774), d.1778
Riley, William T. (marriage to July Ann Purnell) (i15890)


Ritchie, Eliza Hamilton (marriage to Robert Clay Rogers) (i2386), b.1836-d.1869


Roberts, Catherine "Kate" Sarah (marriage to Edmund Wainhouse Poulson Mapp) (i2242), b.1838-d.1874
Roberts, Catherine Emery (marriage to Samuel Thomas Jacob) (i3629), b.1888-d.1961
Roberts, Esther (i523), d.1799
Roberts, George E. (marriage to Mary Anna "Marianne" Bell) (i2635), b.1850-d.1925
Roberts, Peggy (i525)
Roberts, Peggy (marriage to Job Stakes) (i51), d.1760
Roberts, William, (Jr) (marriage to Sarah Stakes) (i53)


Robertson, John L. (marriage to Peggy Roberts) (i526)


Robins, Bridget (marriage to Charles Scarburgh) (i499)
Robins, Helen (marriage to David Dunton Mapp) (i2224), b.1889-d.1910
Robins, John H. (marriage to Elizabeth "Bettie" A. Dowty-Doughty) (i2807), b.1861-
Robins, Martha "Patsy" McClemmy (marriage to John Atkinson Selby) (i316), b.1793-d.1837
Robins, Unknown (marriage to William James Franklin Purnell(Dr.)) (i14764)
Robins, William T. (marriage to Catherine S. Carpenter) (i2677), b.1846-


Robinson, Brittania (marriage to Thomas Marshall) (i15823)
Robinson, Sarah A. (marriage to Robert Martin Luther Elzey) (i17124), b.1828-d.1908


Rodgers, Levin (marriage to Rachel West) (i28055)


Rogers, Abel (i485), b.1728-d.1764
Rogers, Abel (i626), b.1778-d.1845
Rogers, Abel R. (i628), b.1784-d.1820
Rogers, Ann (i1599), b.1761-
Rogers, Ann (i1642)
Rogers, Anne (i488)
Rogers, Arthur M. (i1692), b.1824-d.1892
Rogers, Asa J., (Esq.) (i630), b.1794-d.1845
Rogers, Betty (i1640)
Rogers, Carroll Ashby (i1861), b.1878-
Rogers, Casandrah (i1624), d.1770
Rogers, Catherine (i2422)
Rogers, Clyde W. (i2420), b.1912-d.1997
Rogers, Comfort (i466)
Rogers, Custis (i1627), d.1786
Rogers, Daniel (i467), d.1752
Rogers, Daniel (i1638)
Rogers, Daniel, (Gov.) (i1622), b.1754-d.1806
Rogers, Elizabeth (i1625), d.1770
Rogers, Elizabeth (i1631)
Rogers, Elizabeth 'Betty' (i475), d.1797
Rogers, Elizabeth R. (i2403), b.1884-d.1966
Rogers, Elizabeth S. (i1690), b.1821-d.1902
Rogers, Elizabeth Wise (i1591), b.1744-d.1807
Rogers, Elmer A. (i2402), b.1882-d.1883
Rogers, Eunice (i2405), b.1885-d.1933
Rogers, Eustace Barron, (Rear Admiral) (i2391), b.1855-
Rogers, George (i1639)
Rogers, George M. (i1860), b.1873-d.1873
Rogers, George W. (i1845), b.1855-d.1856
Rogers, Hannah Scarburgh (i1614), d.1792
Rogers, Harry F. (i2400), d.1968
Rogers, James (i1594), d.1770
Rogers, James (i1635)
Rogers, James (i1681), d.1868
Rogers, John (i465), d.1757
Rogers, John (i1590), b.1738-d.1752
Rogers, John (i1597), b.1761-
Rogers, John (i1623), d.1804
Rogers, John (i1636)
Rogers, John (i19498)
Rogers, John K. (i1691), b.1823-d.1879
Rogers, John T. (i1855), b.1850-d.1855
Rogers, John Taylor (marriage to Lucy Ann Dunton) (i1990), b.1851-d.1907
Rogers, John Taylor (marriage to Virginia "Jennie" Sophia Dunton) (i1990), b.1851-d.1907
Rogers, John West (i1846), b.1858-d.1928
Rogers, Laban (i1595), d.1764
Rogers, Laban (i1637)
Rogers, Levin (i1632)
Rogers, Lidey Hamilton (i2389)
Rogers, Littleton (i12)
Rogers, Margaret (i1857), b.1851-
Rogers, Margaret Anatha P. (i633), b.1809-d.1831
Rogers, Mary (i468)
Rogers, Mary (i1601), b.1761-
Rogers, Nathaniel (i474)
Rogers, Nathaniel Comfort (i11), b.1670-d.1754
Rogers, Peggy (i1643)
Rogers, Peggy S. (i631), b.1798-d.1800
Rogers, Polly (i1618), d.1792
Rogers, Richard (i487)
Rogers, Richard (i622), b.1755-d.1827
Rogers, Richard (i625), b.1776-d.1814
Rogers, Richard (i1596), b.1758-d.1761
Rogers, Richard (marriage to Mary Marshall) (i10), d.1740
Rogers, Richard, (Jr.) (i469), d.1761
Rogers, Robert (i486), d.1757
Rogers, Robert (i621), b.1753-d.1827
Rogers, Robert (i623), b.1757-d.1757
Rogers, Robert (i1598), b.1761-
Rogers, Robert (i19497)
Rogers, Robert Bolton (i2396), b.1858-d.1899
Rogers, Robert Clay (i1840), b.1821-d.1904
Rogers, Sarah (i627), b.1778-d.1843
Rogers, Smith (i629), b.1787-d.1795
Rogers, Sophia (i473), d.1808
Rogers, Thomas Wise (i1593), d.1798
Rogers, Thomas Wise (i1610), d.1767
Rogers, Unknown (marriage to Matilda West) (i780)
Rogers, West (i781), b.1777-d.1788
Rogers, William (i1856)
Rogers, William A. M. (i1859), b.1868-d.1868
Rogers, William S. (i1689), b.1813-d.1866
Rogers, William Thomas (i1844), b.1851-d.1914
Rogers, William West (i1644), b.1785-d.1856
Rogers, Zorobabel (i1592), b.1752-d.1789
Rogers, Zorobabel, (Jr.) (i19569)


Rolley, Unknown (marriage to Ella Foster) (i22845)


Rollins, Edward Rice (marriage to Anna Gertrude Seaman) (i15694)


Rose Anna(wife of Abel Rogers) (marriage to Abel Rogers) (i489)


Rowe, Margaret "Maggie" Thomas (marriage to Solomon Dixie Bunting) (i27735), b.1880-d.1957
Rowe, Susan (marriage to Charles William Whittington) (i440), b.1890-d.1980
Rowe, Susan (marriage to Charles William Whittington) (i440), b.1890-d.1980


Rowles, Patience (marriage to James Rogers) (i1619), d.1795


Russell, Cora Lee (marriage to Rogers Bagwell Mears) (i3107), b.1875-d.1962


Russum, Ann (marriage to Daniel Rogers(Gov.)) (i1683)


Rutter, Caroline T. (marriage to Edward Kerr) (i2326)


Sallie S.(wife of John Bunting) (marriage to John J. "James" Bunting) (i15584)


Sanford, Ann J. (marriage to George Brickhouse) (i1783)


Sarah "Sallie" E.(wife of William Elzey) (marriage to William K. Elzey) (i17122)
Sarah(wife of John Marshall) (marriage to John Marshall) (i57), d.1720


Satchell, Emily (i2921), b.1866-
Satchell, Nellie R. (i2922), b.1874-
Satchell, Sarah (marriage to John Simkins) (i1667), b.1770-d.1835
Satchell, Thomas J. (marriage to Rose "Roseanne" L. Fletcher) (i2918), b.1826-


Saunders, Arthur (i2385), b.1868-
Saunders, James T. (marriage to Helen Nottingham) (i2382), b.1843-d.1891
Saunders, Mariah E. (marriage to John R. Read) (i2866), b.1841-d.1859


Savage, Emory E. (marriage to George H. Thomas) (i2579), b.1838-d.1916
Savage, Esther (marriage to Edmund Wainhouse Poulson Mapp) (i2243), b.1840-d.1916
Savage, Jennie Benton (marriage to Ivan Doughty Mapp) (i3688), b.1891-
Savage, Joseph B. (marriage to Virginia "Jennie" C. Bell) (i2658), b.1855-d.1930
Savage, Laura S. (marriage to Alfred Nathaniel Hancock Mapp) (i2171), b.1835-d.1877
Savage, Margaret "Maggie" (marriage to Herbert Nottingham) (i3088), b.1863-
Savage, Nathaniel (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" James) (i757), d.1818
Savage, Nathaniel (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" James) (i757), d.1818
Savage, Patrick W. (marriage to Sallie A. Simkins) (i3050), b.1854-d.1909
Savage, Samuel G. (marriage to Elizabeth J. M. Mears) (i824), d.1837


Scarburgh, Americus (marriage to Comfort West) (i258), b.1723-d.1774
Scarburgh, Charles (i498), d.1796
Scarburgh, Edmund (i497)


Scott, Doris C. (marriage to Harry Clifford Dunton) (i2778), b.1894-d.1950
Scott, Ida Evelyn (i895), b.1907-d.1997
Scott, Indiana (marriage to Zadock Purnell Henry(III)) (i16867), b.1875-d.1973
Scott, Joseph "Joe" Gunby (marriage to Hattie Evelyn Marshall) (i429), b.1863-d.1911
Scott, Joseph Gunby, (Jr.) (i884), b.1900-d.1969
Scott, William "Bunn" Marshall (i893), b.1905-d.1993


Seagrove, Herbert L. (marriage to Emily Dowty-Doughty) (i3701)


Seaman, Alice Bowen (i15690), b.1884-d.1885
Seaman, Anna Gertrude (i15687), b.1870-d.1944
Seaman, Charles Powell (i15675), b.1839-d.1913
Seaman, David Sands (i15689), b.1879-d.1954
Seaman, David Sands (marriage to Ann Maria Bunting) (i15666), d.1850
Seaman, Elisabeth (marriage to William Bunting) (i15652)
Seaman, Ellen Althouse (i15672), b.1832-d.1857
Seaman, Frances Forbes (i15674), b.1837-d.1893
Seaman, Henry Lewis (i15691), b.1887-d.1971
Seaman, John Whitson (i15676), b.1843-d.1922
Seaman, Maria Louisa (i15670), b.1834-d.1895
Seaman, Mary Elisabeth (i15668), b.1831-d.1917
Seaman, Mary Elizabeth (i15688), b.1876-d.1934
Seaman, Sarah Jane (i15673), b.1835-d.1864
Seaman, William Bunting (i15667), b.1829-d.1909
Seaman, William Henry (marriage to Margaret Jagger Laurie) (i15692)


Selby, Ann (marriage to Zadock Purnell) (i27105)
Selby, Anna (i28069), b.1794-
Selby, Benjamin Purnell (i14805), b.1865-d.1932
Selby, Eleanor (i28073), d.1793
Selby, Ezekiel (i28072), d.1794
Selby, Ezekiel (i28106)
Selby, Henry Clay (i14793), b.1844-d.1876
Selby, Henry Q. (marriage to Betsey Bunting) (i19690)
Selby, James (marriage to Eleanor Selby) (i28099), d.1794
Selby, James Bacon (i14709)
Selby, John (i28075), d.1796
Selby, John Atkinson (i14706), b.1793-d.1822
Selby, Leah (i26412), d.1802
Selby, Lemuel (i14707), d.1820
Selby, Levina (i28067)
Selby, Margaret (i28102)
Selby, Margaret "Peggy" (i28074), d.1812
Selby, Margaret Purnell (i14802), b.1861-d.1948
Selby, Martha Robins (i14799), b.1847-d.1919
Selby, Mary (i28101)
Selby, Mary Elizabeth (i16796), b.1815-d.1879
Selby, Mary Gertrude (marriage to George Washington Purnell(Dr.)) (i14783)
Selby, Mary Grace (i28081)
Selby, Mattie (i14801), b.1862-d.1873
Selby, Micajah (i28103)
Selby, Molly (i28078), d.1809
Selby, Peter (i28107)
Selby, Priscilla (i28109), b.1785-
Selby, Rebecca Eneu (i14797), b.1845-d.1876
Selby, Sally (i28080)
Selby, Sally (marriage to Lemuel Selby) (i28066)
Selby, William (i28104)
Selby, William Bowdoin Robins (i14710), b.1820-d.1885
Selby, William Bowdoin Robins, (Jr.) (i14804), b.1863-d.1933
Selby, William Fleming, (Dr.) (i15937), b.1785-d.1810
Selby, William Fleming, (Dr.) (marriage to Gertrude Henry) (i15937), b.1785-d.1810
Selby, William, (Jr.) (i28076), d.1804
Selby, William, (Sr.) (marriage to Levinah "Lizzy" Atkinson) (i28064), b.1716-d.1796


Shay, Teackle (marriage to Elizabeth Bunting) (i15580)
Shay, Teackle (marriage to Peggy Bunting) (i15297)
Shay, William (marriage to Sally T. Bunting) (i19680)


Sheppard, Harper Donelson (marriage to Henrietta Dawson Ayres) (i569)
Sheppard, Lavinia L. (marriage to Edward Washington Marshall(Dr.)) (i340), b.1832-d.1909
Sheppard, Lawrence B. (marriage to Sarah Bayne Ayres) (i546), b.1870-d.1893
Sheppard, Lawrence Baker (i1863), b.1897-
Sheppard, Richard Harper (i1864), b.1912-


Sherwood, Elizabeth (marriage to Theophilus Marshall) (i285), d.1803
Sherwood, Frances (marriage to John Marshall) (i15807), d.1802


Shockley, William (marriage to Sarah Martha Taylor) (i27242)


Showell, Hannah Elizabeth (marriage to George Edward Henry) (i16752), b.1861-d.1930


Silverthorn, (N) (marriage to Levina Selby) (i28068)


Simkins, Alice A. (i2278), b.1847-d.1928
Simkins, Ann (i768)
Simkins, Arthur (i763), d.1832
Simkins, Arthur (i2282), b.1853-
Simkins, Arthur D. (i2283), b.1854-d.1857
Simkins, Charles Roberts (i764), d.1806
Simkins, Coventon (i745)
Simkins, Coventon (i20205)
Simkins, Elizabeth "Betsy" (i767), d.1793
Simkins, Frances "Fannie" O. (i2268), b.1831-
Simkins, Henrietta F. (i2280), b.1851-d.1952
Simkins, Isaac D. (i765), d.1797
Simkins, Jesse (i2292), b.1860-
Simkins, Jesse Jarvis, (Dr.) (i1588), b.1804-d.1866
Simkins, John (i771), d.1852
Simkins, John (i2294), b.1866-
Simkins, John A. (i1589), b.1812-d.1871
Simkins, Maggie (i2293), b.1864-
Simkins, Mary E. (i2284), b.1854-
Simkins, Mary Esther (i2269)
Simkins, Nathaniel (i769)
Simkins, Peggy (i20203), d.1793
Simkins, Polly (i766)
Simkins, Sabrah (i20207)
Simkins, Sallie A. (i2281), b.1853-d.1900
Simkins, Sally (i746)
Simkins, Sally (i770)
Simkins, Sally (i2279), b.1849-
Simkins, Thomas (i743)
Simkins, William (i744)
Simkins, William (i20206), d.1797
Simkins, William "Willie" J. (i2288), b.1859-d.1923
Simkins, William (marriage to Ann Dunton) (i742), d.1793
Simkins, William Jarvis (i2270), b.1840-d.1844
Simkins, William Jarvis (i2271), b.1846-d.1854
Simkins, William, (Jr.) (marriage to Peggy S. Dunton) (i1660), d.1797


Simpson, Anne (marriage to Thomas Wise Rogers) (i1611), d.1796
Simpson, Southy (marriage to Hannah Scarburgh Rogers) (i1615), d.1794


Sinks, ?Sarah (marriage to Esme Marshall) (i328)


Skinner, Leah Marshall (i1521)
Skinner, Mary Marshall (i1522), b.1788-d.1806
Skinner, Molly (i1525)
Skinner, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Marshall Atkinson) (i1519)


Slater, James Mallory (marriage to Mary E. Simkins) (i2285), b.1850-


Small, Evaline or Emeline (marriage to Teackle S. Bunting) (i15306), b.1838-d.1890


Smart, Nathaniel (marriage to Nancy Bunting) (i15293), d.1798


Smith, Charity Maria (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15661)
Smith, Charlotte Whittington (i6896), b.1870-d.1896
Smith, Elizabeth (marriage to John Rogers) (i1634), d.1805
Smith, Elizabeth (marriage to William West Rogers) (i1685)
Smith, Emeline C. (i6745), b.1834-d.1927
Smith, Eveline (i6849), b.1879-
Smith, George (marriage to Ann Fosque) (i798)
Smith, George Washington Purnell (marriage to Elmira Church Purnell) (i16749)
Smith, Georgia Richardson (i6897), b.1872-
Smith, Gertrude (i6840), b.1866-
Smith, Harry LeCato (marriage to Jessie Estelle Whittington) (i442), d.1967
Smith, Harry LeCato (marriage to Jessie Estelle Whittington) (i442), d.1967
Smith, Jane (marriage to Solomon Bunting(Sr.)) (i15275)
Smith, John (marriage to Mary Fosque) (i802)
Smith, John Walter (i6839)
Smith, John Walter, (Jr.) (Gov.) (i6749), b.1845-d.1925
Smith, John Walter, (Sr.) (i6744)
Smith, Naomi Ethel (marriage to Joseph Franklin Taylor) (i27356)
Smith, Sadie (i6845), b.1876-
Smith, Sallie (i6847), b.1877-
Smith, Samuel (i6844), b.1874-
Smith, Samuel R. (marriage to Mary Marshall) (i331), b.1776-d.1846
Smith, Sarah (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15662)
Smith, Susanna (marriage to William West Rogers) (i1684)
Smith, Thomas Spence (i6747), b.1842-d.1915
Smith, Thomas Spence, (Jr.) (i6841), b.1868-
Smith, Whittington (i6843), b.1872-
Smith, William Henry Custis (marriage to Rosanna "Rosey" A. Bunting) (i15309), b.1830-d.1911


Snead, George Frederick (marriage to Henrietta Waddy Snead) (i1832), d.1842
Snead, Henrietta Waddy (i1680), b.1804-d.1850
Snead, Martha S. (i1836), b.1839-
Snead, Thomas (marriage to Nancy Waddey) (i1679)
Snead, Thomas Tully Lynch (i1835), b.1832-


Spady, Elizabeth (marriage to John A. Simkins) (i2272), b.1818-d.1841
Spady, John Thomas (marriage to Susan "Sally" A. Carpenter) (i2666), b.1838-d.1919


Sparrow, Leona Freeny (marriage to Harold Lee Boston) (i4646)


Spears, Unknown (marriage to Ann Rogers) (i1600)


Stakes, Job (i47), d.1755
Stakes, Sarah (i52), b.1755-d.1759
Stakes, William (i50), d.1755
Stakes, William (marriage to Rachel Marshall) (i46), d.1732
Stakes, William Marshall (i48)


Stapleton, Joseph Downer (marriage to Mary Louisa Purnell) (i14788), b.1853-d.1903


Stevens, John (marriage to Betsy Marshall Richardson) (i19852), d.1820
Stevens, John H. (marriage to Catherine Sarah Gunter) (i1655), b.1861-


Stevenson, Elizabeth Ann Christian (marriage to George Collier Purnell) (i16754), b.1831-d.1891


Stewart, Azariah Purnell (i19769), b.1806-
Stewart, Claud Benjamin (marriage to Susan "Susie" Ann James) (i3664), b.1883-d.1966
Stewart, John Milton (marriage to Laura "Sissy" Malana James) (i3669), b.1885-d.1957
Stewart, Levin (marriage to Mary "Polly" Purnell) (i19767)
Stewart, Lillian Mabel (marriage to Elton Edward Gunter) (i1885), b.1889-d.1972
Stewart, Mary Marshall (i19768), b.1803-


Stimson, Helen (marriage to Robert T. Taylor) (i3574)


Stockley, Elizabeth (marriage to John Rogers) (i482)


Stringer, Mary (marriage to John Marshall(Jr.)) (i104), b.1706-


Stuller, J. Hilbert (marriage to Catherine N. Quillen) (i27325)


Sturgis, Adline M. (marriage to Koskinsko Dunton) (i2538), b.1838-d.1879
Sturgis, Carroll Chase (i22846), b.1882-d.1942
Sturgis, Elizabeth Augusta "Gussie" (i22842), b.1872-
Sturgis, Ida E. (i22844), b.1876-
Sturgis, Lillian E. (marriage to Major Robertson Dowty-Doughty) (i1899)
Sturgis, Littleton Henry (marriage to Alexine "Ella Roberta" B. Marshall) (i22831), b.1839-d.1906
Sturgis, Littleton Marshall (i22843), b.1874-
Sturgis, Margaret "Maggie" S. (marriage to Robert Clark Jacob Mapp) (i2912), b.1877-d.1966
Sturgis, Mary (marriage to Esme Richardson) (i19859)
Sturgis, Minnie "Belle" (i22839), b.1868-
Sturgis, Susan Alice (i22841), b.1870-


Sweet, Elizabeth Avery (marriage to David Sands Seaman) (i15695)


Tankred, John Rodgers (marriage to Mary "Lucy" G. Dunton) (i2587), b.1842-d.1928


Taylor, Alice G. (i27186), b.1877-
Taylor, Alton Wade (i27352), b.1925-
Taylor, Angie (marriage to Gillet "Gillie" F. Bunting) (i15333)
Taylor, Ann (i27189), b.1880-
Taylor, Bundick (marriage to Nancy Marshall**) (i15367)
Taylor, Calvin Hershel (i27304), b.1898-
Taylor, Catherine (i2845)
Taylor, Charles C. (i27200), b.1856-
Taylor, Charlotte (i27173), b.1837-
Taylor, Clinton Boston (i27250), b.1919-
Taylor, Cornelius T. (marriage to Charlotte Custis Poulson) (i2843), b.1835-d.1888
Taylor, Curtis Covington (i27307), b.1901-d.1988
Taylor, Cyrus William (i27244), b.1904-
Taylor, Devan (i27247), b.1910-d.1943
Taylor, Edward Lee (i27342), b.1910-
Taylor, Elfred Revelle (i27248), b.1912-
Taylor, Elizabeth (i27166), b.1828-
Taylor, Ella B. (i27202), b.1865-
Taylor, Ernest William (i27344), b.1912-
Taylor, Esther (i27188), b.1878-
Taylor, Ethel M. (i27309), b.1903-d.1966
Taylor, Etta Ladkin (i27249), b.1915-d.1939
Taylor, Farrell Henry (i27336), b.1911-d.1971
Taylor, Florence K. (i27201), b.1859-
Taylor, Freda Virginia (i27348), b.1920-
Taylor, George B. (marriage to Pattie P. Dunton) (i2528), b.1840-d.1929
Taylor, Harley Hobson (i27328), b.1899-
Taylor, Infant (i27306), b.1900-d.1900
Taylor, Isabelle "Belle" (i27221), b.1882-d.1982
Taylor, James Riley (i27190), b.1882-
Taylor, James Samuel (i27167), b.1829-
Taylor, John (marriage to Sarah "Sally" Marshall) (i26425)
Taylor, John William (i27182), b.1861-d.1926
Taylor, Joseph Franklin (i27355), b.1933-
Taylor, Joseph Henry (i27178), b.1845-d.1919
Taylor, Joseph William (i27222), b.1885-d.1969
Taylor, Kendal (i27171), b.1831-
Taylor, Kendall Theodore (i27219), b.1879-d.1949
Taylor, Leticia "Ellen" (i27177), b.1844-d.1903
Taylor, Lewis James "Jock" (i27246), b.1906-d.1972
Taylor, Madeline Marie (i27350), b.1923-
Taylor, Margarite E. (i27332), b.1907-
Taylor, Maria (i27185), b.1866-
Taylor, Mary Louise (i27184), b.1863-
Taylor, Mary M. (i27169), b.1830-d.1912
Taylor, Mary M. (marriage to John Bradford) (i27195)
Taylor, Mary Margaret (i27215), b.1871-d.1948
Taylor, Maury (marriage to Alicia Lisha Bunting) (i15568), b.1857-
Taylor, May Elizabeth (i27240), b.1900-d.1941
Taylor, Miles Henry (i27213), b.1871-d.1933
Taylor, Milton Theodore (i27334), b.1908-
Taylor, Nellie Louise (i27312), b.1907-
Taylor, Peter L. (i27217), b.1875-d.1946
Taylor, Polly (marriage to George Bunting(III)) (i11247)
Taylor, Raymond Lee (i27330), b.1901-
Taylor, Robert T. (i2844)
Taylor, Roland Holland (i27346), b.1915-
Taylor, Rosalie (i27224), b.1892-d.1986
Taylor, Rose Ann (i27206)
Taylor, Rowland L. (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Ann Boston) (i4635)
Taylor, Ruth (marriage to John Alfred Dowty-Doughty) (i3706), b.1916-
Taylor, Sallie E. (i27180), d.1934
Taylor, Sarah Martha (i27241), b.1902-
Taylor, Savannah (marriage to Sylvester T. Bunting) (i15588)
Taylor, Sebastian (marriage to Susan Ann Bunting) (i15574), b.1870-
Taylor, Sidney (i27227), b.1900-
Taylor, William (i27175), b.1843-
Taylor, William (marriage to Nancy Marshall**) (i15368)
Taylor, William Donald (i27205)
Taylor, William P. (marriage to Eliza M. Waddey) (i3055), b.1867-d.1930
Taylor, Zadoc Thomas (marriage to Mary Caroline Bunting) (i19679), b.1856-
Taylor, Zodah (marriage to Lonnie Bunting) (i15565)


Teal, Elia Schillinger (marriage to Henry Clay Selby) (i14794), d.1918


Thomas, Betsy (i1978), b.1835-
Thomas, Charles (i2000), b.1847-
Thomas, Cinnaria J. (i1942), b.1850-
Thomas, George H. (i1979), b.1838-d.1909
Thomas, James (i1939), b.1845-
Thomas, James (marriage to Elizabeth Sophia Turner) (i1936)
Thomas, James W. (i1999), b.1844-d.1933
Thomas, John B. (marriage to Ann C. Dunton) (i712), b.1782-d.1841
Thomas, John B. (marriage to Catherine Sabra Dunton) (i712), b.1782-d.1841
Thomas, John C. (i2001), b.1850-
Thomas, John W. (marriage to Sophia Elizabeth Dunton) (i1995)
Thomas, Joseph (i1998), b.1844-
Thomas, Lauretta Drummond (i1941), b.1847-
Thomas, Mary (marriage to Benjamin F. Bunting) (i15548)
Thomas, Minnie B. (marriage to Charles Custis Bell) (i2650), b.1866-d.1919
Thomas, Peggy (i1940), b.1846-
Thomas, Sallie D. (marriage to Idra Llewellyn Mapp) (i2582), b.1865-d.1944
Thomas, Sally D. (i1976), b.1830-d.1853
Thomas, Sarah Ann (i1938), b.1842-
Thomas, Sophia S. (i1997), b.1841-d.1896
Thomas, William (i1996), b.1836-
Thomas, William Wallace (i1977), b.1833-d.1904


Thornton, Mary (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15586)
Thornton, Mary W. (marriage to George William Bunting) (i15608)
Thornton, Susanna (marriage to Sylvester T. Bunting) (i19685), b.1842-


Tilney, Ann (i12038), d.1760
Tilney, Hezekiah (i274), b.1742-d.1776
Tilney, Jonathan (marriage to Sarah Marshall) (i273), d.1742


Timmons, Ann Catherine (i16800), b.1839-d.1907
Timmons, Belle (i16799)
Timmons, Robert (i16798)
Timmons, Sarah Gertrude (i16801), b.1844-d.1900
Timmons, Sarah Gertrude (marriage to Wilmer Spence Purnell) (i16801), b.1844-d.1900
Timmons, Thomas Levi (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Selby) (i16797), b.1817-d.1883


Tingle, Charles William Fleming (i16810), b.1823-d.1861
Tingle, Edward Henry Daniel (i16806), b.1820-d.1906
Tingle, Elizabeth H. (i16151)
Tingle, John N. R. (marriage to Sally M. Purnell) (i16109), b.1798-d.1868
Tingle, John Nathaniel Rackliffe (i16198), b.1823-
Tingle, Nathaniel Rackliff, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Henry) (i16263), b.1793-d.1828
Tingle, Sarah Catherine Rackliff (i16805), b.1817-d.1834
Tingle, Sarah H. (i16194), b.1827-
Tingle, Thomas Nathaniel Chapman (i16811), b.1828-d.1906
Tingle, Zadock A. P. (i16199), b.1828-


Toadvine, Elizabeth E. (marriage to George Samuel Handy Richardson) (i19874), b.1829-d.1881


Tompson, Daughter (marriage to George Marshall) (i15781)


Townsend, Eleanor (i28085)
Townsend, Elizabeth (i28083)
Townsend, Florence D. (marriage to William F. Pollitt) (i17168), b.1877-d.1905
Townsend, Isaac Purnell (i16070), b.1796-
Townsend, James (i28087)
Townsend, James (marriage to Eleanor R. Purnell) (i16788)
Townsend, John Atkinson (i28089)
Townsend, Joshua (i28084)
Townsend, Luke (i28086)
Townsend, Major (marriage to Leah Selby) (i26408), b.1737-d.1794
Townsend, Marshall (i16071), b.1796-
Townsend, Peter (marriage to Sarah "Sary" Marshall Purnell) (i16069), b.1760-d.1795
Townsend, Sarah (i28088)
Townsend, Teagle (marriage to Elizabeth Selby Beavans) (i28112), b.1800-d.1869
Townsend, Thomas (i26415)


Trader, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (marriage to Samuel Clyde Bunting) (i15590), d.1909


Treherne, Anna Costin (i1757), b.1866-d.1867
Treherne, Custis (marriage to Harriet A. Johnson) (i595)
Treherne, Harriot Ruth (i1756), b.1865-d.1865
Treherne, John R. (i598), b.1841-
Treherne, Leonard (i600), b.1854-
Treherne, Littleton Upshur (i597), b.1837-d.1890
Treherne, Mary (i601), b.1856-
Treherne, Richard (i599), b.1848-
Treherne, Richard J. (i1758), b.1871-d.1872


Trower, Emma S. (marriage to James W. Thomas) (i2601), b.1848-d.1933
Trower, Louisina W. (marriage to John Y. Johnson) (i578)
Trower, Matilda "Natilia" Dunbar (marriage to Alfred Nathaniel Hancock Mapp(Jr.)) (i2960), b.1856-d.1890


Truitt, Sally (marriage to Edward W. Bunting) (i15648)


Tubbs, Iva Mae (marriage to Dorson G. Harmon) (i27233)


Turner, Alfred J. (marriage to Ellen Johnson) (i2168)
Turner, Edward R. (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" R. Brickhouse) (i1792), d.1844
Turner, Elizabeth Sophia (i1793), b.1825-d.1857
Turner, George Edward (i1795), b.1834-
Turner, John E. (marriage to Nellie R. Satchell) (i2923), b.1861-
Turner, John Revell (i1796), b.1839-
Turner, Polly Floyd (i1794), b.1829-
Turner, Virginia T. (marriage to Samuel M. Johnson) (i1740), b.1882-d.1962


Twiford, Elizabeth (marriage to Edmund B. Ayres) (i533)
Twiford, Roland Ray (marriage to Laura "Virgie" James) (i3657), b.1878-d.1936


Tyndall, Anna Ruth (marriage to John Alfred Dowty-Doughty) (i3707)


Underhill, Alwinda Ann (i1912), d.1842
Underhill, Edmond A. (marriage to Anne "Annie" Bett Jacob) (i2504), b.1871-d.1936
Underhill, Edmund W. (marriage to Mary "Polly" S. Nelson) (i1909), b.1812-d.1850
Underhill, George Washington (i1916), b.1838-d.1858
Underhill, Margaret Nelson (i1917), b.1847-d.1848
Underhill, Maria A. (i1913), d.1850
Underhill, Mary E. S. (i1915), b.1836-d.1840
Underhill, Sally Ann (i1914), b.1835-d.1836

Upshur Nottingham

Upshur Nottingham, Henry Littleton, (Judge) (marriage to Alice Yerby Kerr) (i3063), b.1854-d.1940


Valentine, Charles Post (marriage to Annie Laurie) (i15693)
Valentine, Phebe (marriage to William Bunting(Jr.)) (i15677)

Van Ness

Van Ness, Elizabeth Ellen (marriage to Richard Henry Jacob) (i3614), b.1873-d.1954


Vosburg, Minnie S. (marriage to John Dirickson P. Henry) (i16864)


Waddell, Edna (marriage to Frank Southy Whittington) (i445), b.1905-
Waddell, Edna (marriage to Frank Southy Whittington) (i445), b.1905-


Waddey, Earnest John (i2306), b.1868-d.1914
Waddey, Edna (i2304), b.1862-
Waddey, Edna Bell (i2300), b.1852-d.1860
Waddey, Edward R. (i1676), b.1803-d.1852
Waddey, Edward W. (i1808), b.1844-
Waddey, Eliza M. (i2305), b.1865-d.1951
Waddey, Elizabeth (i2301), b.1855-
Waddey, Elizabeth "Eliza" White (i1803), b.1839-d.1866
Waddey, Elizabeth S. (i1675), b.1801-d.1810
Waddey, Emeline (i1678), b.1808-d.1866
Waddey, Frederick (i1804), b.1842-
Waddey, Harriett Annie A. (i2299), b.1851-
Waddey, John (marriage to Elizabeth Wise Rogers) (i1605), b.1745-d.1805
Waddey, John Robinson (i1607)
Waddey, Mary (i2303), b.1861-
Waddey, Mary Jacob (i1677), b.1805-d.1846
Waddey, Nancy (i1608)
Waddey, Rebecca Harmanson (i1809), b.1848-d.1915
Waddey, Thomas (i1606), b.1771-d.1804
Waddey, Thomas (i1810), b.1850-
Waddey, William (i2302), b.1858-
Waddey, William E. (i1802), b.1827-d.1920


Wailes, Ann "Nancy" (marriage to John Drummond Marshall) (i322), d.1789


Walker, Roscoe Newton (marriage to Sallie Tyson Mapp) (i2985), b.1891-


Waller, Esme Marshall, (Col.) (i4866), b.1765-d.1818
Waller, Henrietta "Hetty" (i4867)
Waller, William Cottman (marriage to Patience Marshall) (i4865), b.1743-d.1774


Wallow, Unknown (marriage to Mary Bunting) (i19642)


Ward, Caroline B. (marriage to Thomas R. Dunton) (i2534), b.1834-d.1867
Ward, Margaret Ann (i666), b.1816-d.1845
Ward, Mary W. (i669)
Ward, Tully S. (marriage to Jane W. Brickhouse) (i664)


Ware, Josiah W., (Rev.) (marriage to Ann "Annie" Wise Stratton Nottingham) (i3084), b.1853-


Waring, M. E. L. (marriage to Thomas H. G. Poulson) (i2122), b.1841-d.1865


Warren, Elizabeth Scott (marriage to Nebraska Phillips Bell) (i2662), b.1855-d.1926
Warren, Ella Jane Elizabeth (marriage to Peter Thomas Hack Ayres) (i556), b.1862-d.1895
Warren, J. Garland (marriage to Betty V. Dowty-Doughty) (i1894), b.1884-d.1964
Warren, John Robertson (i1896), b.1913-
Warren, Mary Kathryn (i1895), b.1913-


Weatherly, John (marriage to Sarah Marshall Atkinson) (i1518), d.1790
Weatherly, Leah Marshall (i1520)


Weirich, Peter (marriage to Lucille "Lucie" Marshall Whittington) (i434)
Weirich, Peter (marriage to Lucille "Lucie" Marshall Whittington) (i434)


Welbourn, John Drummond (marriage to Zipporah P. Marshall) (i361)


Welbourne, Hester Ann (marriage to John D. Marshall) (i338), b.1809-


Wells, Aza R. (marriage to Rebecca Eneu Selby) (i14798)


Wescott, Elizabeth (i3022), b.1906-d.1974
Wescott, Hezekiah Bledsoe (marriage to Elizabeth Mapp) (i3021), b.1869-d.1938
Wescott, Sallie B. (marriage to Edmund R. Mapp) (i2256), b.1861-d.1900


West, Abel (i784)
West, Anne (i493), d.1796
West, Anthony (i788)
West, Anthony (marriage to Comfort Rogers) (i490), b.1695-d.1778
West, Anthony (marriage to Elizabeth Fosque) (i800)
West, Catherine (i789)
West, Charles (i783)
West, Comfort (i259), d.1778
West, Comfort (i786), d.1798
West, Comfort (i790)
West, Daughter (i791), d.1799
West, Daughter2 (i1604)
West, Elizabeth (i496), d.1778
West, Jane (marriage to Nathaniel Comfort Rogers) (i470), d.1754
West, Jeremiah (i495)
West, John (i491), d.1799
West, John T. (i807), b.1833-d.1868
West, Mary Ann (marriage to George William Bunting) (i15607)
West, Matilda (i494), d.1788
West, Rachel (i787)
West, Richard (i492), d.1788
West, Salatheil Milby (i785), d.1833


Weston, Katherine (marriage to Charles Custis Bell) (i2653), b.1869-d.1961


Whaley, Maria Catherine (marriage to Zadock George Washington Purnell) (i16124), b.1826-d.1915
Whaley, Peter (marriage to Sally Mary Henry) (i14781)
Whaley, Peter, (Jr.) (marriage to Ann Catherine Timmons) (i16802)


White, Ann "Nancy" (marriage to Jonathan Bunting) (i15464), d.1824
White, Hannah (marriage to John Robinson Waddey) (i1674)
White, Harriett Selby (i28097)
White, John B. (marriage to Sarah A. J. Read) (i2862), b.1819-d.1869
White, John B., (Jr.) (i2865), b.1868-d.1911
White, John B., (Jr.) (marriage to Mariah Elizabeth Read) (i2865), b.1868-d.1911
White, Major (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Selby) (i28094)
White, Rebecca (marriage to Samuel C. Richardson) (i19854)
White, Robert H. (marriage to Margarite E. Taylor) (i27333)
White, William (i28095)
White, William Henry (i28098)


Whitehead, James Wyatt, (Jr.) (marriage to Lillian Watson Boston) (i4643), b.1870-d.1942


Whittington, Charles William (i439), b.1883-
Whittington, Charles William (i449)
Whittington, Charlotte Catharine (marriage to John Walter Smith(Sr.)) (i6740), b.1813-
Whittington, Emily (i446), b.1832-d.1904
Whittington, Florence Charles (i437), b.1880-d.1958
Whittington, Frank Southy (i443), b.1890-d.1955
Whittington, Ida Emily (i435), b.1875-d.1969
Whittington, Jessie Estelle (i441), b.1884-d.1970
Whittington, John Jackson (marriage to Carrie Dunton) (i3322), b.1880-d.1954
Whittington, John Jackson (marriage to Carrie Dunton) (i3322), b.1880-d.1954
Whittington, Joseph Coulbourn (Coleburn or Colburn) (i432), b.1849-
Whittington, Joseph Coulbourn (Coleburn or Colburn) (marriage to Mary Virginia "Jennie" Ma (i432), b.1849-
Whittington, Lucille "Lucie" Marshall (i433), b.1872-d.1935
Whittington, Mary "Polly" (marriage to Robert Henry Marshall) (i370), b.1758-d.1803
Whittington, Sallie Gertrude (marriage to Thomas Spence Smith) (i6748), b.1843-d.1910
Whittington, Southy Fassit (marriage to Mary Whittington Marshall) (i389), b.1805-


Widgen, Jefferson (marriage to Fannie H. Frost) (i2732), b.1861-


Widgeon, George W. (marriage to Elizabeth "Bettie" Colbourn Bell) (i2615), b.1835-d.1900
Widgeon, John S. (marriage to Sarah Ann Jacob) (i1570)


Widgeon-Widgen, Walter Bailey, (Dr.) (marriage to Catherine "Kate" Dunton) (i2621), b.1886-d.1930
Widgeon-Widgen, Walter Bailey, (Dr.) (marriage to Catherine "Kate" Dunton) (i2621), b.1886-d.1930


Wilig, Cecelia (marriage to John Kerr) (i1822)


Wilkerson, Elizabeth (marriage to Coleman Bunting) (i11277)


Wilkins, Elizabeth "Bettie" A. (marriage to John R. Read) (i2867), b.1849-d.1882
Wilkins, Etta May (marriage to Lloyd Thomas Dowty-Doughty(Lt. Cdr.)) (i2111)
Wilkins, Harley Thomas (marriage to Nellie Louise Taylor) (i27313)
Wilkins, Lillian (marriage to Harry Llewellyn Mapp) (i3674), b.1903-
Wilkins, Margaret "Peggy" (marriage to Joshua F. Dunton) (i1954), b.1844-d.1865
Wilkins, Margaret Susan P. M. (marriage to Robert Clark Jacob) (i2145), b.1813-d.1871


Wilkinson, Roberta "Bert" Bell (marriage to Frederick W. Leatherbury) (i2318)


Willets, Abraham (marriage to Maria Louisa Seaman) (i15671)


Williams, Charles E. (i27281), b.1903-
Williams, Elizabeth P. (marriage to James B. Poulson) (i2119), b.1811-d.1836
Williams, Florence E. (i27280), b.1901-
Williams, Jennie E. (i27279), b.1899-
Williams, John (marriage to Charlotte Taylor) (i27174)
Williams, John E. J. (i27278), b.1898-
Williams, John, (Jr.) (i27203), b.1864-
Williams, Mabel C. (i27277), b.1897-
Williams, Sarah G. (marriage to John Purnell Marshall) (i139)
Williams, Sarah Martha (marriage to James Samuel Taylor) (i27168)
Williams, Thomas N. (marriage to Mary "Polly" Marshall) (i16979)
Williams, William E. (i27204), b.1870-d.1920


Willis, Elizabeth Custis (marriage to Custis Mercer Dunton) (i2005), b.1827-d.1869


Willoughby, William (marriage to Lavinia A. Marshall) (i17451)


Wilson, John W. (marriage to Margaret E. Marshall) (i351)
Wilson, Margaret Nottingham (marriage to Edwin Jacob Leatherbury) (i3059), b.1885-d.1942
Wilson, Nancy J. (marriage to David Richardson(Capt.)) (i19860), b.1793-d.1841


Winder, Althia (marriage to John West Rogers) (i2401), b.1856-d.1924
Winder, Annie (i1866), b.1882-d.1937
Winder, George E. (i1868)
Winder, George E. (marriage to Annie R. Ayres) (i1865), d.1882
Winder, Paul (i1867)
Winder, Richard (i1869)
Winder, Sarah Caroline (marriage to George Kerr(Dr.)) (i2321), b.1830-d.1892


Windsor, George (marriage to Evelyn Bunting) (i15572)


Wise, Ann "Annie" Kitson (marriage to Severan Parker Nottingham(Dr.)) (i2371), b.1847-d.1909
Wise, Elinor Lee (i4658), b.1914-d.1962
Wise, Hannah Scarburgh (marriage to Daniel Rogers) (i527), b.1707-d.1759
Wise, Katherine Tankard (i4657), b.1906-
Wise, Lillian Phillips (i4655), b.1905-
Wise, Molly (marriage to Carroll Ashby Rogers) (i2419)
Wise, Unknown (marriage to Mary Rogers) (i1602)
Wise, Walter Simcoe (marriage to Daisy Maude Boston) (i4652), b.1880-d.1955
Wise, Walter Simcoe, (Jr.) (i4660), b.1915-


Womble, Samuel W. (marriage to Lillian Bailey Read) (i3609), b.1870-d.1950


Worthington, William Hall (marriage to Margaret Campbell Henry) (i16914), b.1904-d.1977


Wyatt, Alice Lottie (i27300), b.1914-
Wyatt, George H. (i27298), b.1913-
Wyatt, James Riley, (Sr.) (i27267), b.1906-
Wyatt, John L. (marriage to Emma Kate Lewis) (i27210), b.1889-
Wyatt, Minous John, (Jr.) (i27269), b.1911-
Wyatt, Minous John, (Sr.) (marriage to Alice G. Taylor) (i27187)
Wyatt, Pauline (i27302), b.1918-
Wyatt, Preston J. (i27301), b.1915-
Wyatt, Sarah M. (i27266), b.1904-
Wyatt, Thomas (i27297)


Yerby, Ann "Annie" Elizabeth (marriage to Hugh Kerr) (i18433), b.1834-d.1914


Young, Emma S. (marriage to Alonzo L. Bunting) (i15626)
Young, John (marriage to Susanna "Sukey" Johnson) (i510)

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