Second Generation

2. Thomas2 Marshall (John1) was born 1626. Northampton court records show Thomas Marshall in August, 1686, age 55. (Houston & Mihalyka, Colonial Residents, Genealogical Pub. Co., Baltimore MD, 1985, p. 67) Thomas died 1704 in Northampton Co., VA, at 78 years of age.

He married Mary (wife of Thomas Marshall) about 1655. Mary was born 1638. Mary died before 1704. Mary was his wife's name when he presented his son, Thomas for baptism in 1661. He did not name a wife in his will. Court records of Northampton County show Mary Marshall in May, 1688, aged 50. (Houston & Mihalyka, Colonial Residents, Genealogical Pub. Co., Baltimore MD, 1985, p. 67)

He made a will in Northampton Co., VA, January 1, 1704. Executors were sons, John and George; witnesses: Jacob Johnson, Arthur Roscoe, Obedience Johnson. (James H. Marshall, Wills & Administrations of Northampton Co, p. 176)

Thomas's will was probated in Northampton Co., VA, May 30, 1704. Thomas would have been about age 14 when he came to Northampton. His name is probably on that portion of the headright certificate which was destroyed. If indentured with his father to John Wilkins, his seven years coincide with his attaining majority.

In 1658, Dermon Macloud left his will in Northampton Co VA. He bequeathed a cow calf and 'the 170 pounds tobacco he owes me' to Thomas Marshall. Others recieving calves or cows from Dermon Macloud were: Olester Southerland, Daniel Eson and the three children of John Coulston: John, Elizabeth and Ann. (James H. Marshall, Wills & Administrations of Northampton Co., p. 58)

In 1664, Thomas bought 150A of the Truett section of tract N115 from Mr. Bloyes. In 1700, he deeded this to sons, John and George. He also gave his sons the land his father purchased from Henry Edwards, or the Edwards section of N115. Thomas' son, John, and grandson, Thomas, also made purchases of the remaining land at N115 between 1708 and 1724. In 1744, John's son, Thomas, purchased 60A of adjoining N114. A suit over the bounds in 1746 required a survey which showed that this part was on the bay shore and above the north fork of Boulman's Branch and was merged with N115. (Ralph Whitelaw, Virginia's Eastern Shore, p. 526-528)

Richard Robinson gifted a cow to Thomas' son, George, on May 26, 1679. George would have been about 20 years old. The significance of this gift is not known. (Accomack Wills & Deeds 1679-1690, copied by James Marshall) Richard Robinson and his mother Mary Parramore joined in a deed for 150 acres (N113) to Thomas Marshall in 1676. Thomas gave this land to his son, Thomas, and later gave to Thomas Jr.'s daughters. (Ralph T. Whitelaw, VA Eastern Shore, p. 522) Neither Richard Robinson nor Mary Parramore named any Marshalls in their wills and the relationship, if any, is not known. (Thomas Marshall's wife, Mary, may have been a Robinson)

Abstract of Thomas' will dated January 1, 1703-4, probate May 30, 1704: two daughters of son, Thomas, Mary and Ann, 150A bayside 'Muddy Branch' to be equally divided. To sons, John and George, 200A on Ridge between Occohanock and Nasswattox Creeks to be equally divided, with George to have his choice. The 300A where I and my sons live to remain as described in deeds by me formerly made to them. Servant man, Joseph Smith, to George. John and George residual legatees and executors. Witnessed by Jacob Johnson, Arthur Roscoe and Obedience Johnson. (James Marshall, Wills & Administrations of Northampton Co., p. 176)

Thomas Marshall and Mary(wife of Thomas Marshall) had the following children:

child 3 i. (Ann)3 Marshall. (Ann) died after 1687 in Northampton Co., VA. Thomas Marshall, Jr. named his sister to oversee his estate in his will of 1687, yet she is not named by her father or other brothers. This daughter may have been named Ann. There was an Ann Marshall as one of twelve women to testify and witness in court March 26, 1677, (Orders of 1676-1678, p.39 copied by Jim Marshall) who cannot be identified with any other Marshall family. Thomas Marshall, Jr.'s daughters were named Mary and Ann - possibly for his mother and his sister.

child + 4 ii. John Marshall was born about 1656.

child + 5 iii. George Marshall was born about 1659.

child + 6 iv. Thomas Marshall was born about 1661.

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