858. Edward7 Robins (Thomas6, Elizabeth5 Purnell, Benjamin4, Matthew3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born in Philadelphia, PA 1824. Edward died March 27, 1896.

He married three times. He married Margaret Miller April 30, 1850. Margaret was born about 1828. Margaret was the daughter of Edmond Miller. Margaret died 1856. He married Gertrude W. Rodney Fisher May 16, 1861. Gertrude was the daughter of Rodney Fisher. Gertrude died 1862. He married Marie Elsie Chatard 1868. Marie was the daughter of Frederick D. Chatard.

Edward Robins and Marie Elsie Chatard had the following children:

child 1091 i. Emily Chatard8 Robins.

child 1092 ii. Helene Robins.

child 1093 iii. Blanche Robins.

child 1094 iv. Florence Robins.

child 1095 v. Dorothea Robins.

child 1096 vi. Ethel Robins.

child + 1097 vii. Maria Theresa Robins was born about 1869.

Edward Robins and Margaret Miller had the following children:

child 1098 viii. Anna Matilda Robins was born in Philadelphia, PA about 1851. She married Henry Trovert Douglas(Col.) 1869.

child 1099 ix. Samuel Grant Robins was born in Philadelphia, PA about 1855.

child 1100 x. Elizabeth Robins was born in Philadelphia, PA about 1858. She married Joseph Pennell. Joseph was born in Philadelphia, PA July 4, 1857. Joseph died April 23, 1926 in Brooklyn, NY. Joseph was an artist, an etcher and lithographer. He contributed more than any other artist of his time to art of illustration and produced more than 1,900 etchings and 600 lithographs. In collaboration with his wife, he produced numerous books. He lived and worked in London and returned to the US during WWI. (Matthew Wise, The Littleton Heritage, p. 242)

Edward Robins and Gertrude W. Rodney Fisher had the following child:

child 1101 xi. Edward Robins(Jr.) was born in Philadelphia, PA 1862. He married twice. He married Julia Stockton Hopkins. He married Emily Jewell Walton.

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