3. Thomas2 Purnell (II)(Mjr.) (Thomas1) was born about 1670. Thomas died 1723 in Somerset Co., MD.

He married twice. He married Elizabeth (Hammond) about 1695. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Hammond(Sr.). It is generally thought that Elizabeth Hammond, daughter of John, was the first wife of Thomas Purnell and mother of his children, except daughter, Ann, who may have been the daughter of Thomas' second wife, Katherine.

He married Katherine Gooden about 1705. Katherine died 1753 in Worcester Co., MD. She made a will in Worcester Co., MD, July 23, 1753. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Co. MD Wills JW4 f.80-81, p.10)

Katherine's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, August 17, 1753. Catharine named sons-in-law Thomas, Elisha and Walton and lands given by her husband Thomas to Benjamin and Elizabeth were to go to Walton. She named her daughter Ann's children.

He made a will in Somerset Co., MD, February 27, 1720. (Vernon L. Skinner, Jr., Worcester Co. Wills MH3 f.225)

Thomas's will was probated in Somerset Co., MD, April 2, 1723. Thomas was a Burgess of Somerset Co. Maryland from 1712 to 1723. (Melanie Ayres Merryweather, Genealogy of the Purnell Family, p. 2) His wife at the time of his will was Katherine. John Godden patended "Long Acre" in 1688 and the tract descended to Katherine, who married Thomas Purnell. They sold the tract to William Beddard. (notes of F. Edward Wright)

He received "Fairfield" from his father's will and patented "Adams Fall" and "Fernhill." In his will, he named sons Thomas, Matthew and Benjamin, John, Elisha and Walton, daughters Elizbeth and Anne and wife Katherine and his brother John.

Thomas Purnell(II)(Mjr.) and Elizabeth (Hammond) had the following children:

child + 11 i. Thomas3 Purnell (III) was born September 9, 1695.

child + 12 ii. John Purnell(Mjr.) was born about 1698.

child + 13 iii. Matthew Purnell was born about 1700.

child 14 iv. Elizabeth Purnell was born about 1701. Elizabeth died before 1753 in Worcester Co., MD. She married Unknown Fullerton. (Melanie Ayres Merryweather, Genealogy of the Purnell Family) She received land from her father in 1720 which was given by Catharine Purnell in 1753 to her brother, Walton.

child + 15 v. Elisha Purnell was born about 1702.

child 16 vi. Benjamin Purnell was born in Somerset Co., MD 1704. Benjamin died after 1768. Benjamin received "Fern Hill," "Fairfield," "Chance," "Spalding" and "Rochester" from his father. His brother, Thomas gave "Rochester" 'which was devised by my father Thomas Purnell to my brother Benjamin.'

child + 17 vii. Walton Purnell was born about 1705.

Thomas Purnell(II)(Mjr.) and Katherine Gooden had the following child:

child + 18 viii. Ann Purnell was born about 1706.

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