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(Hammond), Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Purnell(II)(Mjr.)) (i15814)


(Kennedy), Claire (marriage to Charles "Charlie" R. Marshall) (i22593)


(N)(wife of George W. Purnell) (marriage to George Washington Purnell) (i27125)


(N), Delena Mae (marriage to James Riley Wyatt(Sr.)) (i27268)
(N), Elizabeth, (wife of Thomas Purnell) (marriage to Thomas Purnell(I)) (i27647), d.1674
(N), Katie (marriage to Wilmer T. Richardson) (i27341)
(N), Lena B. (marriage to William Taylor) (i27176)
(N), Martha Mary (marriage to William Edward Lewis) (i27294)
(N), Mary Ann (marriage to George H. Wyatt) (i27299)
(N), Nancy Emma (marriage to Elias Henry Lewis) (i27282)
(N), Sarah, (wife of Thomas Purnell) (marriage to Thomas Purnell(I)) (i15898), d.1693
(N), Susan (marriage to James Riley Taylor) (i27191)


(Snead), Susan (marriage to Nathaniel Brittingham) (i23509), b.1803-d.1850


Ada M.(wife of James Purnell) (marriage to James Robins Purnell) (i27158)
Adeline(wife of Hastentius Purnell) (marriage to Hastentius Quintus Purnell) (i16414)


Adkins, Rita E. (marriage to Harley Hobson Taylor) (i27329)


Alaska, Laura V. (marriage to Sewell E. Bradford) (i27199)


Anders, Noah Cleveland (marriage to Iva Hortense Trimble) (i6876)


Anderson, Purnell (i16239)
Anderson, Reuben (marriage to Ann "Nancy" Purnell) (i16238)
Anderson, Thomas P. (i27394)
Anderson, Unknown (marriage to Marietta "Mary" Sturgis) (i23333)
Anderson, William (i27393)


Andrew, Mary (marriage to Thomas Henry Purnell) (i23091), b.1864-d.1925


Arbuckle, Euphamie (marriage to John Purnell(Jr.)) (i15965), d.1786


Arnold, George Ewin (marriage to Elizabeth White Robins) (i14811), d.1885


Atkinson, Ann "Nancy" (i16204)
Atkinson, Charlotte (i16205)
Atkinson, Mary "Polly (i16202)
Atkinson, Milby (marriage to Daughter Purnell) (i16201), b.1736-d.1775
Atkinson, Sarah "Sally" (i16203)
Atkinson, Sarah "Sally" (marriage to Zadock Purnell(Senator)) (i16203)


Atwood, William Coffin (marriage to Sarah Ann Robins) (i14816), d.1908


Aydelotte, Benjamin (marriage to Martha Sturgis) (i16932), d.1826
Aydelotte, Benjamin P. (i16941)
Aydelotte, Esther (i16945)
Aydelotte, John (i16944)
Aydelotte, Martha (i16947)
Aydelotte, Peter (i16942)
Aydelotte, Thomas (i16943)


Ayres, Albert James Henry (i15998)
Ayres, Comfort (i16000)
Ayres, Elizabeth K. (i16761), b.1831-d.1898
Ayres, Elizabeth K. (marriage to James Bowdoin Robins Purnell(Dr,)) (i16761), b.1831-d.1898
Ayres, Elizabeth K. (marriage to James Bowdoin Robins Purnell(Dr,)) (i16761), b.1831-d.1898
Ayres, Elizabeth P. (i15999)
Ayres, Henry Richardson (i19922)
Ayres, Isaac (marriage to Letitia Purnell) (i15991), b.1754-d.1818
Ayres, Isaac Ironshire (i15996), d.1825
Ayres, Lambert Purnell (i15992), b.1782-d.1856
Ayres, Mary (marriage to Elisha Purnell) (i16505)
Ayres, Mary Ann (i19915), b.1845-
Ayres, Robert Martin Richardson (i15994)
Ayres, William (i15995)


Bailey, Elmer Evan (marriage to Nannie Washington Robins) (i14913)
Bailey, Tabitha (marriage to John Purnell) (i16529)
Bailey, Unknown, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i14767)


Baillio, Beatrice (marriage to Luckett White Hamilton) (i6880)


Barret, Joseph (marriage to Polly Outten) (i16958)


Barton, Fannie Pearl Magdaline (marriage to Thomas Spence Smith(Jr.)) (i6842)
Barton, Fannie Pearl Magdaline (marriage to Thomas Spence Smith(Jr.)) (i6842)


Bell, Ann (marriage to John Purnell Marshall(Capt.)) (i4953), d.1820


Bennett, Ann P. (i15885)
Bennett, Charles, (Jr.) (marriage to Peggy Spence Purnell) (i15883)
Bennett, Dollie (marriage to John Irving Purnell) (i16501)
Bennett, George J. (i15887)
Bennett, James (i15884)
Bennett, John (i15886)
Bennett, John G. (marriage to Margaret Sturgeon Robins) (i14915)
Bennett, Margaret (i15889)
Bennett, Peggy (marriage to Zadock Sturgis) (i23752)
Bennett, Thomas (i15888)


Benston, Amelia (marriage to Michael Cluff(Jr.)) (i22288)


Bentron, Clara (marriage to Charles T. Purnell) (i22047)


Beswick, Angeline Brinkle (i22054), b.1830-
Beswick, Curtis Brinkle (marriage to Sallie Sarah Seymour Purnell) (i16255), b.1796-
Beswick, George Washington Purnell (i22058), b.1841-
Beswick, John Edward (i22051), b.1826-
Beswick, Mary Elizabeth (i22059), b.1845-
Beswick, Robert John (i22056), b.1834-
Beswick, Sallie Ann (i22057), b.1838-
Beswick, William Purnell (i22052), b.1828-


Betty(wife of Samuel Brittingham) (marriage to Samuel Brittingham) (i16606)


Birdsong, Thomas Butler, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Posey Purnell) (i14786), b.1859-d.1940


Bishop, D. Pasher (marriage to Viola Quillen) (i27316)
Bishop, Nancy (marriage to John Sturgis(V)) (i23426), b.1779-


Boggs, David (marriage to Elizabeth Jane Denny) (i16695), b.1813-d.1883
Boggs, Rebecca Ann (i16697), b.1839-d.1917


Bonnet, Gustave Eneu, (Dr.) (marriage to Minnie Robbins Selby Selby) (i14796), b.1866-d.1917


Boston, Carlton Edvin (marriage to Nellie McGregor Purnell) (i22876), d.1945
Boston, Elizabeth Evelyn (i27260), b.1887-
Boston, Ethel (i27258), b.1885-
Boston, Mary Esther (marriage to John William Taylor) (i27183), b.1874-d.1941
Boston, William Thomas (marriage to Erexine "Zenie" C. Marshall) (i27255), b.1824-d.1892


Bowden, Louella Mildred (marriage to Cyrus William Taylor) (i27245)


Bowen, (N) (marriage to Emma Kate Lewis) (i27295)
Bowen, Charles H. (marriage to Ellen Henrietta Purnell) (i14748), b.1826-
Bowen, Charles H. (marriage to Ellen Jane Purnell) (i16140), d.1850
Bowen, Cornelia "Caroline" (marriage to Zadock Marshall(Jr.)) (i135)
Bowen, Eliza (marriage to John Fisher Purnell) (i16349), b.1803-d.1857
Bowen, Elizabeth (i16212)
Bowen, George E. (marriage to Annie Maria Purnell) (i16136)
Bowen, Jane (marriage to William D. Jones) (i22314), b.1805-d.1851
Bowen, Jane (marriage to Zadock Purnell) (i16112), d.1836
Bowen, Jethro (i16214)
Bowen, Margaret Duer (marriage to George Washington Purnell) (i22228), b.1841-d.1917
Bowen, Margaret Duer (marriage to George Washington Purnell) (i22228), b.1841-d.1917
Bowen, Maria Mary (marriage to Moses Purnell) (i16164)
Bowen, Martha (marriage to John Purnell) (i16535), d.1780
Bowen, Mary Purnell (i16211)
Bowen, Raymond E. (i27296), b.1904-
Bowen, Riley (marriage to Hetty Wright) (i16210), d.1813
Bowen, Rose E. (i14749), b.1849-
Bowen, Rose E. (i28314), b.1850-
Bowen, Sarah Outen (i16213)
Bowen, Zadock Wright (i16215)


Bradford, Agnes (i27270), b.1902-
Bradford, Avery (marriage to Mary M. Taylor) (i27170)
Bradford, Charlotte Elizabeth (i27196), b.1860-
Bradford, Dewey H. (i27271), b.1902-
Bradford, Elizabeth (i27193), b.1854-
Bradford, Everett E. (i27274), b.1908-
Bradford, Henry S. (i27275), b.1909-
Bradford, John (i27194), b.1855-
Bradford, Joseph (i27197), b.1862-
Bradford, Rosella (i27273), b.1905-
Bradford, Sally (i27272), b.1904-
Bradford, Sewell E. (i27198), b.1879-
Bradford, Sewell E. (i27276), b.1910-d.1979


Bratten, George (marriage to Elizabeth Washington Spence) (i16291)


Bratton, Sarah (marriage to John Outten Sturgis(Jr.)) (i23055)


Bredell, Maria E. (marriage to Elisha Littleton Purnell) (i14750), b.1810-d.1836


Briddell, Isaac (marriage to Fanny Fassitt) (i16465)


Bridell, Esther (marriage to Zadock P. Henry) (i15929), b.1802-d.1845


Brittingham, Airy E. (i23515), b.1864-
Brittingham, Ann (i16609)
Brittingham, Betty (i16612)
Brittingham, Delilah (marriage to Levi Purnell(Jr.)) (i324)
Brittingham, Elijah (i23510), b.1810-
Brittingham, Elijah (marriage to Sarah Newbold) (i16570), b.1708-d.1765
Brittingham, Elijah, (Jr.) (i16610)
Brittingham, Elijah, (Jr.) (i23508), b.1794-d.1871
Brittingham, Elijah, (Sr,) (i23503), b.1763-d.1798
Brittingham, Henry (marriage to Sarah Mills Sturgis) (i23852)
Brittingham, Henry Lawrence (i16857), b.1888-d.1965
Brittingham, Henry Lawrence (marriage to Mary Bredelle Polk) (i16853), b.1859-d.1906
Brittingham, Isaac (i23505), b.1765-d.1803
Brittingham, James Francis (i16859), b.1894-
Brittingham, Joyce Purnell (i16614)
Brittingham, Leah (i16613)
Brittingham, Leah (marriage to John Newbold) (i16578), d.1804
Brittingham, Lemuel (i23516), b.1825-d.1863
Brittingham, Mary (i16607)
Brittingham, Micajah (marriage to Tabitha Newbold) (i16572), b.1710-
Brittingham, Nathaniel (i23506), b.1787-d.1864
Brittingham, Nathaniel, (Jr.) (i23513), b.1815-
Brittingham, Purnell (i23502), b.1745-d.1815
Brittingham, Purnell (i23507), b.1789-d.1850
Brittingham, Rhoda (marriage to Thomas Purnell) (i16313)
Brittingham, Samuel (i16605)
Brittingham, Sarah E. (marriage to John H. Moore) (i22471)
Brittingham, Susea (i16611)
Brittingham, Thomas (i16608)
Brittingham, William Polk (i16858), b.1892-d.1911


Broughton, Kellam (marriage to Mary Cluff) (i22286)
Broughton, Mary Purnell (i22290)
Broughton, William (marriage to Zipporah R. Teague) (i23191)


Bruff, Edward (i16245)
Bruff, Elizabeth Andesia (i16243)
Bruff, Hetty Mary (i16249)
Bruff, James (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i16242)
Bruff, James, (Jr.) (i16244)
Bruff, Thomas Purnell (i16247)
Bruff, William (i16246)
Bruff, Zepporah Sarah Horsey (i16248)


Buckmaster, Margaret (marriage to William Purnell Marshall) (i146), b.1789-


Burden, Eileen (marriage to Thomas Robins(IV)(Lt.)) (i14889), d.1970


Burdette, Clara (marriage to George Washington Purnell(Dr.)) (i14784)


Burkley, Unknown, (husband of Zipporah Purnell) (marriage to Zipporah Purnell) (i16259)


Burroughs, James Purnell (marriage to Delilah Annie Purnell) (i16370)


Burton, William, (Esq.) (marriage to Elizabeth Watson) (i16834)


Byrd, Joanna (marriage to Purnell Johnson) (i17089)
Byrd, William J. (marriage to Sarah Adaline Henry) (i16871), b.1829-d.1860


Cahoon, Benjamin Benson, (Sr.) (marriage to Annie Owens Fisher) (i21120), b.1846-d.1923


Calcote, Ada Belle (marriage to Monroe Stuart Trimble(Jr.)) (i6873)


Calvert, Charlotte Augusta (marriage to Thomas Humphreys Spence(Prof.)) (i23266), b.1870-


Cameron, Sarah "Sally" (marriage to Milby Selby Purnell) (i27112), b.1785-


Campbell, Augustine (marriage to Isabella Robins) (i14820), d.1867
Campbell, Bernice Lanta (marriage to Raymond Lee Taylor) (i27331)
Campbell, Josephine (marriage to Edward Zadock Purnell) (i16146)
Campbell, Sarah (marriage to Isaac Purnell) (i27115), b.1814-


Cannon, Gibson (marriage to Elizabeth Catherine Sturgis) (i23071)
Cannon, Gibson (marriage to Elizabeth Catherine Sturgis) (i23071)
Cannon, Mary Elizabeth Lavina (i23072), b.1837-


Carey, Ethan Allen (marriage to Adaline Henry) (i16869), b.1874-d.1953


Carr, Nora (marriage to Monroe Stuart Trimble(Jr.)) (i6872)


Carruth, M.K. (marriage to Sadie Smith) (i6846)
Carruth, M.K. (marriage to Sadie Smith) (i6846)


Catlin, Julia (marriage to Elijah Brittingham) (i23511)


Chaille, Dolly (i304)
Chaille, Dolly (marriage to Esme Purnell) (i304)
Chaille, John Purnell (i15891), d.1851
Chaille, Moses (marriage to Martha Purnell) (i305)
Chaille, Sally (i22082)


Chaney, Sarah E. (marriage to Littleton Robins Purnell Franklin) (i16187), b.1832-d.1910


Chatard, Marie Elsie (marriage to Edward Robins) (i14828)


Cherrix, Peter (marriage to Hester "Hetty" Sturgis) (i23790)
Cherrix, Peter (marriage to Hester "Hetty" Sturgis) (i23790)


Choppin, Arthur R. (marriage to Mary Margaret "Maggie" Whittington) (i6836)


Clark, Levin James (marriage to Sarah Gertrude Davis) (i27969), b.1870-d.1949
Clark, William Irving (marriage to Isabella Robins) (i14821), d.1925


Clayville, Charles Wesley (marriage to Emeline C. Smith) (i6746)


Clement, D.S. (marriage to Annie Whittington) (i6852)


Clifton, Calvin Walter (marriage to Dollie Harmon) (i27363)
Clifton, Harry Carlton (marriage to Nadine Harmon(Dr.)) (i27365)


Cluff, Mary (i22285)
Cluff, Mary Purnell (i22289)
Cluff, Michael (marriage to Sarah Kellam) (i22284)
Cluff, Michael, (Jr.) (i22287)


Cocke, Eliza Wilkins (marriage to Hastentius Quintus Purnell) (i19996), b.1813-d.1860


Coffin, Margaret (marriage to Charles Houston Purnell) (i16340), b.1855-d.1890


Cogswell, Louisa Winslow (marriage to Thomas Robins(IV)(Lt.)) (i14888), b.1898-d.1962


Collins, Charlotte (marriage to Thomas Purnell) (i16434)
Collins, Charlotte (marriage to Thomas Purnell) (i16434)
Collins, Dora (marriage to James Levi Purnell) (i28326)
Collins, Elisha (marriage to Virginia Purnell) (i16129)
Collins, Josiah (marriage to Mary Ann Simpson Purnell) (i16392), b.1814-d.1896
Collins, Josiah (marriage to Mary Ann Simpson Purnell) (i16392), b.1814-d.1896
Collins, Rachel (marriage to Jesse Watson) (i27976)
Collins, Thomas H. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Purnell) (i16743)
Collins, Unknown, (husband of Sarah Purnell) (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i16376)


Conner, Henry Cohon (marriage to Ann E. "Annie" Johnson) (i22484), b.1818-d.1890


Costen, Peggy (marriage to Zadock Marshall(Sr.)) (i133)


Costin, Catherine "Kate" Parker (i25321), b.1859-d.1902
Costin, Robert Spady (marriage to Katherine Purnell G. Parker) (i18870), b.1828-d.1893


Cottingham, Esther (marriage to William White Moore) (i22456)
Cottingham, Sarah "Sally" (marriage to William White Moore) (i22453)


Cottman, Elizabeth B.C. (marriage to William Thomas "John" Purnell) (i14733), b.1824-d.1889


Coulbourn, Amelia (marriage to John Moore) (i22465), b.1825-d.1918
Coulbourn, Elizabeth (marriage to John Moore) (i22464), d.1843


Coulter, Eliza A. (marriage to John Hazzard Fisher) (i17444)


Cropper, Bowman (marriage to Tabitha Purnell) (i16588), d.1782


Cummins, Eliza Blackiston (marriage to James Covington Dirickson(Dr.)) (i17063), b.1844-d.1908


Custis, (N), (husband of Dtr. Sturgis) (marriage to Daughter Sturgis) (i16938)
Custis, Polly (i16940)
Custis, William (i16939)


Dale, Azariah (i22948)
Dale, Elizabeth (i22947), b.1812-
Dale, Isaac (i22940), b.1788-d.1869
Dale, John (i22944), b.1803-
Dale, Joshua (i22946), b.1810-
Dale, Mary (i22941), b.1790-
Dale, Mathew, (Jr.) (i22942), b.1799-
Dale, Matthew (marriage to Catherine Purnell) (i16055), b.1745-d.1814
Dale, Purnell (i22945), b.1806-d.1860
Dale, William (i22943), b.1801-


Daley, Hannah (marriage to William Birckhead Marshall) (i22596)


Dashiell, Rufus W., (Dr.) (marriage to Laura Fassitt Henry) (i16879), b.1850-d.1900


Daspar, Camille (marriage to Monroe Stuart Trimble(Jr.)) (i6871)


Davis, Charles E. (marriage to Mahalah C. Purnell) (i27696), b.1834-d.1918
Davis, Durant H. (marriage to Julia Anna Frances Purnell) (i16422), b.1817-
Davis, Edward (i27970), b.1874-
Davis, Emily (marriage to Thomas Robins(Jr.)) (i14880), b.1837-d.1907
Davis, Isaac William (i22415)
Davis, James Dixon (i22414)
Davis, Jeptha (i22515)
Davis, Julia P. (i19989), b.1844-
Davis, Levin (marriage to Rachel Purnell) (i22513), d.1784
Davis, Mary Hester (i27971), b.1877-
Davis, Matthew Purnell (i22419)
Davis, Phyllis (i22416)
Davis, Sarah (i22417)
Davis, Sarah Gertrude (i27968), b.1878-d.1933
Davis, Thomas Duncan Purnell (i22418)
Davis, William (i22516)
Davis, William (marriage to Mary Purnell) (i22413), d.1821


Dawson, Major S. J. (marriage to Ellen R. Sturgis) (i23778), b.1842-d.1907
Dawson, Major S. J. (marriage to Ellen R. Sturgis) (i23778), b.1842-d.1907


Dennis, Affradozi (i4737)
Dennis, Annanias (i4738)
Dennis, Donnack (marriage to Sarah Johnson) (i4680), b.1716-d.1752
Dennis, Henry (marriage to Ann Nancy Purnell) (i4763), b.1757-d.1785
Dennis, John (i26446), b.1760-
Dennis, Johnson (i4740)
Dennis, Johnson, (Jr.) (i26445)
Dennis, Kezziah (i26447)
Dennis, Littleton Purnell (i16515), b.1796-d.1834
Dennis, Mary E. (marriage to James F. Purnell) (i14743), d.1889
Dennis, Mathias (i26448), b.1767-
Dennis, Nancy (marriage to John Purnell Chaille) (i27160)
Dennis, Olin Burbage (marriage to Lenore Louise Henry) (i16921), d.1978
Dennis, Samuel (i4739), b.1743-
Dennis, Sarah (i4736)
Dennis, Thomas (i26443), b.1757-
Dennis, William (i26444), b.1758-


Denny, Ann Matilda (i16692), b.1832-
Denny, Elizabeth Jane (i4950), b.1818-d.1862
Denny, George W. (i16693), b.1835-
Denny, Isaac M. (i16690)
Denny, James (marriage to Matilda Marshall) (i132), d.1845
Denny, James Fisher (i16689)
Denny, John Purnell Marshall (i4949), b.1812-d.1890
Denny, Mary Torbert (i4951), b.1820-d.1886
Denny, William T. (i16691)


Denwood, Isabel (marriage to Obed Outten) (i16556)


Derickson, Anne Catherine "Kate" (marriage to Henry Purnell) (i23237), b.1853-
Derickson, Anne Catherine "Kate" (marriage to Henry Purnell) (i23237), b.1853-


Deverix, Elizabeth B. (marriage to Zadock H. Richardson) (i23819)


Dillon, Elizabeth (marriage to William Henry "D" Purnell(Dr.)) (i16409), b.1797-d.1850


Dinges, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Reuben Henry Lewis(Sr.)) (i27284)


Dirickson, Catherine Covington (marriage to Zadock Purnell) (i16111)
Dirickson, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to Zadock Purnell Henry(Jr.)) (i16861), b.1832-d.1918
Dirickson, Emma Catharine (marriage to John Robins Purnell) (i16764), b.1837-d.1866
Dirickson, Emma Catharine (marriage to John Robins Purnell) (i16764), b.1837-d.1866
Dirickson, James (marriage to Henrietta W. Purnell) (i16178), b.1794-d.1856
Dirickson, James Covington, (Dr.) (i17060), b.1833-d.1907
Dirickson, Levin L. (i17058), b.1823-d.1894
Dirickson, Mary Ironshire (i17059), b.1825-d.1900


Dixon, Mary (marriage to Levi Purnell(Sr.)) (i16058)
Dixon, Rose Anna (marriage to John Sorin Johnson) (i22489), b.1855-d.1931


Dolly(wife of Herman Purnell) (marriage to Herman Lloyd Purnell) (i27147)


Donelson, John, (III) (Capt.) (marriage to Mary Purnell) (i16781), b.1755-d.1840


Donohoe, Ida Rose (marriage to Curtis Covington Taylor) (i27308)


Dorman, Nehemiah (marriage to Ellen Sturgis) (i23770)


Dougherty, Breddell Henry (i16888), b.1882-d.1960
Dougherty, Ellen Myers (i16885)
Dougherty, James Fassitt, (Dr.) (i16884), b.1869-d.1898
Dougherty, Laura Henry (i16886), b.1872-d.1873
Dougherty, William Byrd Polk (i16887), b.1878-d.1890
Dougherty, Zadock James (marriage to Hester Adeline Henry) (i16881), b.1835-d.1923


Douglas, Henry Trovert, (Col.) (marriage to Anna Matilda Robins) (i14831)


Downs, Elizabeth (marriage to Rufus Mitchell) (i17143)


Dowty, Unknown (marriage to Sallie Smith) (i6848)
Dowty, Unknown (marriage to Sallie Smith) (i6848)


Dryden, Elizabeth Anna (marriage to Charles W. Johnson) (i22487)
Dryden, Joshua Mills (marriage to Mary M. Marshall) (i23018), b.1845-d.1873


Duer, Esther (marriage to John Sturgis(VI)) (i23755), d.1839


Duffy, Zadock (marriage to Matilda Richardson) (i23824)


Dukes, Charlotte (marriage to Parker Purnell) (i27109)
Dukes, Priscilla (marriage to Alton Wade Taylor) (i27354)


Duncan, Charlotte (marriage to John Sturgis(VI)) (i23763), b.1815-d.1860
Duncan, Euphemia (marriage to Matthew Purnell) (i16360), b.1801-d.1855
Duncan, Fanny (marriage to John Sturgis(VI)) (i23754), b.1806-d.1831
Duncan, Jane (marriage to John Purnell Chaille) (i27161)
Duncan, Sally (marriage to Rouse Fassitt Purnell) (i16356)
Duncan, William Lemuel (marriage to Audrey Quillen) (i27323)


Eliza E.(wife of George W. Purnell) (marriage to George Washington Purnell(Jr.)(Dr.)) (i14739), b.1821-
Eliza E.(wife of Washington Purnell) (marriage to Washington Purnell) (i27148), b.1830-
Elizabeth(wife of Elijah Brittingham) (marriage to Elijah Brittingham(Sr,)) (i23504), d.1808


Ellis, Mary Routh (marriage to Robert Paterson Robins(Dr.)) (i14854), b.1860-d.1949
Ellis, Stephen A. Douglas (marriage to Eugenia Ruth Trimble) (i6878)


Emily(wife of Cheseed Purnell) (marriage to Cheseed Purnell) (i16097)


Eneu, Margaret (marriage to William Bowdoin Robins Selby) (i14711), b.1822-d.1848
Eneu, Rebecca (marriage to William Bowdoin Robins Selby) (i14714), b.1823-d.1902


Ennis, Annie M. (marriage to Lemuel B. Purnell) (i16368), d.1869
Ennis, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to Josiah Mitchell Marshall) (i129), b.1815-d.1897
Ennis, Samuel (marriage to Rachel Marshall) (i144)


Esther(wife of Thomas P. Rackliff) (marriage to Thomas Purnell Rackliff) (i16034), d.1819


Evans, Custis (marriage to Elizabeth Catherine Purnell) (i16134)
Evans, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Fisher(Gen.)) (i17437)


Farlow, Sarah (marriage to Stephen Laws Purnell) (i28325)


Fassett, Ann Chatham (marriage to John Purnell Robins Gillis(Dr.)) (i23272)


Fassitt, Fanny (i16464)
Fassitt, John (marriage to Eleanor "Nelly" Purnell) (i16461)
Fassitt, July Ann Julianna (i16466)
Fassitt, Lambert (marriage to Lavinia Purnell) (i15970), b.1726-d.1755
Fassitt, Laura Louise (marriage to Thomas Nathaniel Chapman Tingle) (i16812), b.1847-d.1939
Fassitt, Margarette "Peggy" (i15983), b.1795-d.1833
Fassitt, Mary (marriage to Jeptha Purnell) (i15985), d.1773
Fassitt, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to William Purnell(Col.)) (i15969)
Fassitt, Matilda (i15981), b.1807-
Fassitt, Nancy (i16462)
Fassitt, Rouse, (Jr.) (marriage to Sarah Rackliff) (i15975), b.1743-d.1799
Fassitt, Thomas (i15980), b.1788-d.1802
Fassitt, Thomas Simpson Rackliff (i16496), b.1801-d.1858
Fassitt, Thomas Simpson, (Dr.) (marriage to Mary Selby Purnell) (i16089)
Fassitt, Thomas Simpson, (Dr.) (marriage to Mary Selby Purnell) (i16089)
Fassitt, Thomas Simpson, (Dr.) (marriage to Sarah Rackliff) (i16089)
Fassitt, William (marriage to Dorothea Esther Water Henry) (i22980)
Fassitt, Zipporah (i16273), d.1760
Fassitt, Zipporah Purnell (i15977), b.1782-d.1835


Fears, Frederick H. (marriage to Nadine Harmon(Dr.)) (i27366)


Finsterwald, (N) (marriage to Evelyn V. Harmon) (i27359)


First Wife (marriage to William Sturgis) (i23772)


Fisher, Annie Owens (i21119), b.1847-d.1915
Fisher, Elizabeth "Betty" (i16686), b.1767-d.1802
Fisher, Elizabeth "Betty" (marriage to John Purnell Marshall(Capt.)) (i16686), b.1767-d.1802
Fisher, George P. (i21118)
Fisher, George Purnell, (Judge) (i21114), b.1817-d.1899
Fisher, Gertrude W. Rodney (marriage to Edward Robins) (i14826), d.1862
Fisher, Henry Purnell (i17438)
Fisher, Hester "Hesse" (i16011), b.1765-d.1855
Fisher, Hester "Hesse" (marriage to Isaac Marshall Purnell) (i16011), b.1765-d.1855
Fisher, Jabez (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i17312), b.1733-d.1786
Fisher, John Hazzard (i17442)
Fisher, John, (Hon.) (i16221), b.1771-d.1823
Fisher, Mary Hazzard (i17445)
Fisher, Mary J. (i17441)
Fisher, Nancy (i16224), b.1769-d.1795
Fisher, Thomas P. (i17443)
Fisher, Thomas, (Gen.) (i16219), b.1762-d.1835


Fooks, Julia T. (marriage to Albert G. W. Marshall) (i22934)


Foreman, Sarah Elizabeth (marriage to Levin L. Dirickson) (i17061), b.1831-d.1922


Foster, Arthur D., (Col.) (marriage to Georgia Richardson Smith) (i6898)
Foster, George J. (marriage to Zelenro "Louise" Bell Sturgis) (i23078), d.1935


Fountain, Levin Irving (marriage to Andasia Robins Spence) (i16294)


Franklin, Andasia E. (marriage to Zadock Thomas Marshall Purnell) (i16138), b.1827-d.1884
Franklin, Ann C. H. (marriage to William Holland Marshall) (i154)
Franklin, Henry, (Jr.) (marriage to Mary Ironshire Purnell) (i16182), b.1799-d.1848
Franklin, John (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i16521)
Franklin, Littleton Robins Purnell (i16186), b.1831-d.1888
Franklin, Mary J. (marriage to James Robins Spence Purnell(Dr.)) (i14757), b.1809-d.1893
Franklin, Milcah Eleanor (marriage to Lemuel Purnell Spence) (i16782), b.1804-d.1830
Franklin, Peter (marriage to Ann Henry) (i16262)
Franklin, Rachel (marriage to Thomas M. Purnell) (i16118), d.1841
Franklin, Sarah "Sally" I. (marriage to Robert Jenkins Henry Purnell(Dr.)) (i15963), b.1796-d.1869
Franklin, Thomas Isaac (i17006)
Franklin, Thomas Y., (Dr.) (i17005)


Fullerton, Unknown (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i16499)


Fullington, Ann (i16102)
Fullington, Catherine (i16101)
Fullington, Elizabeth (i16104)
Fullington, John (marriage to Ann Purnell) (i16100)
Fullington, John, (Jr.) (i16103)
Fullington, Thomas (i16105)
Fullington, William (i16106)


Garrison, Unknown, (husband of Nancy Selby) (marriage to Nancy Selby) (i17004)


Gibbs, (N) (marriage to Zipporah Purnell) (i27404)
Gibbs, William (i27406)
Gibbs, Zadock Purnell (i27405)


Gibson, Charles Shepherd (marriage to Emma Davis Robins) (i14872)
Gibson, Mary W. (marriage to William E. "Bill Lodge" Johnson) (i22482), b.1839-d.1911
Gibson, Unknown, (husband of Lyla Henry) (marriage to Lyla Henry) (i16845)


Gillis, Eliza Ann (i19848), b.1803-
Gillis, John Purnell Robins, (Dr.) (i19850), b.1808-d.1881
Gillis, Joseph Irving (marriage to Maria G. T. Robins) (i16307), b.1781-d.1828
Gillis, Joseph Irving, (Jr.) (i23271), b.1813-d.1838
Gillis, Mary Spence (i23270), b.1810-d.1832
Gillis, Sally Morris (i19849), b.1805-d.1832


Givan, Mary Ann (marriage to Elisha Purnell) (i23414), d.1788


Glenn, Edward (i14840)
Glenn, Unknown (marriage to Maria Theresa Robins) (i14839)


Glover, Joshua (marriage to Mary "Polly" Wright) (i16218)
Glover, Unknown, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i14766)


Godwin, John Henry (marriage to Martha Robins Selby) (i14800)


Gooden, Katherine (marriage to Thomas Purnell(II)(Mjr.)) (i15896), d.1753


Gray, Julia Anne (marriage to Thomas Duncan Purnell) (i16362)


Gunby, Benjamin (marriage to Esther Sturgis) (i16934)


Guy, Joanna (marriage to Joshua Sturgis) (i23830)


Hall, Eliza Landreth (marriage to Ephraim King Richardson) (i19885)
Hall, Richard Fuller (marriage to Hannah Elizabeth Henry) (i16916), b.1902-d.1961
Hall, Richard Fuller (marriage to Hannah Elizabeth Henry) (i16916), b.1902-d.1961


Hamilton, Arthur Storye (i6885), b.1892-
Hamilton, Elizabeth Sophronia (i6881), b.1888-
Hamilton, Eugenia (marriage to Robert Holt Whittington) (i6761)
Hamilton, John William (marriage to Emma Sophronia Whittington) (i6765)
Hamilton, John William, (Jr.) (i6883), b.1890-
Hamilton, Luckett White (i6879), b.1886-
Hamilton, Maude Whittington (i6887), b.1896-


Hammond, Daughter (Milly) (marriage to Milby Purnell) (i16315)
Hammond, Hester (marriage to James F. Purnell) (i14744)
Hammond, Mary (marriage to Zadock Purnell) (i16115), b.1803-d.1850


Handy, Isaac William Ker, (Rev.) (marriage to Mary Jane Rozelle Purnell) (i16335), b.1815-d.1878
Handy, Mary (marriage to Robert Jenkins Henry) (i15940)


Harmon, Clifford (i27237), b.1904-
Harmon, Cordelia Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Henry Taylor) (i27179)
Harmon, Dollie (i27362), b.1923-
Harmon, Dorson G. (i27232), b.1896-
Harmon, Evelyn V. (i27358), d.1974
Harmon, Frank "Jake" (i27357)
Harmon, Harold Lavanzel (marriage to Ethel M. Taylor) (i27310)
Harmon, Kaiser Wilhelm (i27234), b.1897-
Harmon, Lawrence (i27361), b.1913-d.1983
Harmon, Lloyd Hilton, (Sr.) (i27239), b.1908-
Harmon, Maggie Jerome (marriage to Miles Henry Taylor) (i27214)
Harmon, Margie Anner (marriage to Kendall Theodore Taylor) (i27220)
Harmon, Nadine, (Dr.) (i27364), b.1932-
Harmon, Richard (i27230), b.1896-
Harmon, Rouse C. (marriage to Rosalie Taylor) (i27226)
Harmon, Roxie M. (i27235), b.1900-
Harmon, Russell L. (i27360), b.1912-d.1983
Harmon, Simion Barah (marriage to Sallie E. Taylor) (i27181)
Harmon, Stanley (i27236), b.1902-d.1974
Harmon, Virginia Spence (marriage to Joseph William Taylor) (i27223)


Harper, Catharine Q. (marriage to Handy Mills Sturgis) (i23216)


Harris, Abraham (marriage to Director Outten) (i16548)
Harris, Thomas Langrell (marriage to Mary Ironshire Dirickson) (i17062), b.1816-d.1852
Harris, Zacharias (marriage to Tabitha Outten) (i16559)


Harrison, Achsah (marriage to George Washington Purnell) (i16150), b.1878-d.1947
Harrison, Nicholas "Wilbur" (marriage to Marietta "Mary" Sturgis) (i23335)
Harrison, Sarah Mary (i4952)
Harrison, Seth (marriage to Elizabeth Ann P. Marshall) (i142)
Harrison, Zepporah (marriage to Zadock Marshall(Jr.)) (i19847)


Hastings, Mary E. (marriage to Clifford Harmon) (i27238)
Hastings, Rita (marriage to Richard Harmon) (i27231)


Hauk, Mildred (marriage to Milton Theodore Taylor) (i27335)


Hayman, Madeline Estelle (marriage to Breddell Henry Dougherty) (i16889), b.1894-d.1981


Hayward, Elizabeth Morris Hough (marriage to James Bowdoin Robins) (i23276), b.1820-d.185
Hayward, Harriet May (marriage to Irving Spence) (i23256), d.1853


Hazzard, Mary (marriage to Henry Purnell Fisher) (i17440)


Heller, Carolyn "Carrie" Madeline (marriage to George Irving Purnell) (i27139), b.1888-d.1935


Henderson, Jacob (marriage to Edith Outten) (i16562)
Henderson, John (marriage to Elizabeth H. Houston) (i22087), b.1805-d.1881
Henderson, Lemuel (marriage to Charlotte "Charlotty" Purnell) (i16169), d.1822
Henderson, Samuel (marriage to Edith Outten) (i16561), d.1764


Henry, Adaline (i16868), b.1871-d.1973
Henry, Adaliza R. M. (marriage to John A. Purnell) (i16120), b.1821-
Henry, Ann (i15942), b.1793-d.1824
Henry, Charles "Rider" (marriage to July Ann Julianna Fassitt) (i15946), d.1835
Henry, Charles R. (i22978)
Henry, Charles Tingle (i14782), b.1864-
Henry, Charlotte Ann (i16444)
Henry, Dorothea Esther Water (i22979)
Henry, Edward (i14773), b.1846-d.1904
Henry, Edward B. (i16846), b.1877-d.1937
Henry, Edward Bridell (i16841), b.1825-d.1839
Henry, Edward, (Mjr.) (marriage to Sarah "Sally" Elizabeth Marshall) (i145), b.1764-d.1824
Henry, Edwin (i16442)
Henry, Eleanor Frances (i16445)
Henry, Elizabeth (i15943), b.1795-d.1829
Henry, Elizabeth G. (i16874), b.1837-
Henry, Emma D. (i16865), b.1866-d.1866
Henry, Erexene (i16439), b.1791-
Henry, Francis Jenkins (marriage to Frances "Fanny" Purnell) (i15947), d.1796
Henry, Frank (i14777), b.1855-
Henry, George Edward (i14772), b.1851-d.1940
Henry, George Edward, (Jr.) (i16894), b.1878-d.1943
Henry, George Edward, (Jr.) (marriage to Margaret Campbell Kenley) (i16894), b.1878-d.1943
Henry, George Washington (i14776), b.1853-d.1914
Henry, Gertrude (i15936), b.1791-d.1837
Henry, Gertrude King (marriage to William Purnell(Esq.)) (i15935)
Henry, Hannah Elizabeth (i16915), b.1908-d.1989
Henry, Henrietta Washington Purnell (i14770), b.1849-d.1929
Henry, Hester Adeline (i16880), b.1842-d.1923
Henry, Hetty Mary (i15945), b.1804-
Henry, James Purnell (i14774), b.1848-
Henry, John Dale (i16898), b.1880-d.1965
Henry, John Dirickson P. (i16863), b.1862-d.1943
Henry, John Francis Jenkins (i16441), b.1795-d.1814
Henry, John Purnell M. (i15941), b.1788-d.1837
Henry, John R. (marriage to Evelina Maria Spence) (i16231)
Henry, John R. (marriage to Evelina Maria Spence) (i16231)
Henry, John William (i16842), b.1827-d.1889
Henry, Laura Ann M. (marriage to John Edward Henry Marshall) (i127), b.1813-d.1880
Henry, Laura Fassitt (i16878), b.1839-d.1882
Henry, Laura Margaret (i14778), b.1858-d.1882
Henry, Lenore Louise (i16919), b.1915-d.1980
Henry, Lyla (i16844), b.1882-d.1963
Henry, Margaret Campbell (i16440), b.1793-d.1831
Henry, Margaret Campbell (i16913), b.1904-d.1990
Henry, Margaret Campbell (marriage to John Selby Purnell(Jr.)) (i16440), b.1793-d.1831
Henry, Mary Ann (i16847), b.1829-d.1894
Henry, Mary Erexine (i16443)
Henry, Mary Nevett (marriage to John Selby Spence(Jr.)) (i16227), b.1837-d.1907
Henry, Mary Nevett (marriage to John Selby Spence(Jr.)) (i16227), b.1837-d.1907
Henry, R. W., (Dr.) (marriage to Laura Margaret Henry) (i14779)
Henry, Robert Burton (i16904), b.1895-d.1972
Henry, Robert Edward (i16900), b.1914-d.1947
Henry, Robert Jenkins (i14775), b.1851-
Henry, Robert Jenkins (i15938), b.1785-d.1822
Henry, Robert Jenkins (marriage to Esther Henrietta "Hetty" Purnell) (i14746), b.1819-d.1893
Henry, Sally (i15944), b.1801-d.1859
Henry, Sally (marriage to Isaac Mitchell) (i15944), b.1801-d.1859
Henry, Sally Mary (i14780), b.1861-
Henry, Sally Mary (i16903), b.1884-d.1962
Henry, Sarah (marriage to John Rackliff) (i15957), d.1801
Henry, Sarah Adaline (i16870), b.1834-d.1917
Henry, Zadock P. (i14731), b.1798-d.1870
Henry, Zadock P. (marriage to Sarah "Sallie" Mary Purnell) (i14731), b.1798-d.1870
Henry, Zadock Purnell (i16901), b.1887-d.1964
Henry, Zadock Purnell, (III) (i16866), b.1867-d.1955
Henry, Zadock Purnell, (Jr.) (i16860), b.1831-d.1904
Henry, Zaidee Kenly (i16917), b.1913-


Hering, William G. (marriage to Angeline Brinkle Beswick) (i22055), b.1830-


Hickman, Thelma (marriage to Ollie C. Quillen) (i27327)


Hill, Mary "Molly" (marriage to Isaac Ironshire Ayres) (i15997)


Hobbs, Walter G. (marriage to Helen Richardson) (i27339)


Hoff, Margaret Elizabeth (marriage to Zadock Purnell Henry) (i16902), b.1891-d.1962


Holland, Elizabeth "Betsey" (marriage to Thomas Prideaux Marshall) (i152)
Holland, Ellen (i23817), d.1888
Holland, William (marriage to Elizabeth Walton Purnell) (i16437)
Holland, William (marriage to Elizabeth Walton Purnell) (i16437)
Holland, William (marriage to Ellen Richardson) (i23816)


Holt, Ann C. (marriage to William White Whittington) (i6751)


Hopkins, Dennis (marriage to Lemuel Purnell(Judge)) (i16091), d.1776
Hopkins, Julia Stockton (marriage to Edward Robins(Jr.)) (i14836)
Hopkins, Thomas A. (marriage to Ann Hortentia Purnell) (i20000), b.1830-


Horsey, Edward Ker (marriage to Lova Lankford(Jr.)) (i17027), b.1794-
Horsey, Elizabeth (marriage to James Bowdoin Robins(Judge)) (i16298), b.1777-
Horsey, Martha (marriage to Littleton Robins) (i16303), d.1832


Houston, Elizabeth H. (i22086), b.1807-d.1860
Houston, Mary (marriage to Matthew Purnell(Cpt.)) (i16008), d.1822
Houston, Mary (marriage to Purnell Outten) (i16546)
Houston, William Jarman (marriage to Sally Chaille) (i22083), d.1829


Howard, Allen Bowie (marriage to Ann Maria Spence) (i16233), d.1846
Howard, Allen Bowie (marriage to Ann Maria Spence) (i16233), d.1846
Howard, Thomas C. B. (marriage to Louisa J. Spence) (i16235)
Howard, Thomas C. B. (marriage to Louisa J. Spence) (i16235)


Hubbell, Ella Ann (marriage to Clayton Jones Purnell) (i28334)


Hudson, Florence Arvetta (marriage to Alton Wade Taylor) (i27353)
Hudson, L. (marriage to James Purnell) (i27368)
Hudson, Martha W. (marriage to John Purnell Marshall(Dr.)) (i158), d.1854


Hughes, Joseph Francis, (Dr.) (marriage to Mary Reed Robins) (i14917), b.1908-


Humphreys, Virginia Elizabeth (marriage to Irving Spence) (i23259), b.1835-d.1910


Hunter, Richard Stockton (marriage to Lucy Robins) (i14823)
Hunter, Unknown (marriage to Eveline Smith) (i6850)
Hunter, Unknown (marriage to Eveline Smith) (i6850)


Hurst, Mary Elizabeth Berry (marriage to Lyttleton Bowen Purnell) (i16751), b.1845-d.1917


Hutchinson, Unknown (marriage to Sally Purnell) (i22281)


Ironshire, Mary (marriage to Littleton Robins Purnell) (i16083), b.1777-d.1813


Irving, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Purnell) (i15882), b.1750-


Jackie(wife of Ralph Purnell) (marriage to Ralph Roosevelt Purnell) (i27143)


Jacob, Emma Lawrence (marriage to Samuel Davis Robins) (i14897), b.1904-d.1992


Jacobs, Edward Briddell (marriage to Margaret Purnell Selby) (i14803)


James, Cora (marriage to William Stuart Trimble) (i6865)


Jarman, Clara Helen Toadvine (i19880), b.1857-
Jarman, George Richardson (i19879), b.1856-
Jarman, Henry Harris (i19881), b.1859-d.1864
Jarman, Samuel H. (marriage to Sallie Maria Richardson) (i19878)
Jarman, William B. (marriage to Edith Purnell) (i27138), b.1878-


Jarvis, Henry Watts (marriage to Mary Ann Riley) (i16795), b.1805-d.1850
Jarvis, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Kendal Taylor) (i27172)


Jaskolski, Edward (marriage to Ruth Veronica Marshall) (i22598)


Jenkins, John (i23536)
Jenkins, John or Jesse (marriage to Sophia Purnell) (i16586)


Johnson, Affradozi (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i16471), d.1744
Johnson, Ann E. "Annie" (i22483), b.1839-d.1919
Johnson, Arthur (marriage to Bathseba Purnell) (i16601)
Johnson, Charles N. (marriage to Mariah S. Moore) (i22478), b.1811-d.1864
Johnson, Charles W. (i22486), b.1842-
Johnson, Denard W. (marriage to Elizabeth Mary Purnell) (i16769), b.1825-d.1906
Johnson, Denard W. (marriage to Elizabeth Mary Purnell) (i16769), b.1825-d.1906
Johnson, Edna (i23827)
Johnson, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (i22480)
Johnson, Elmo (i23828)
Johnson, George (i16472), d.1750
Johnson, Henry B. (marriage to Elizabeth G. Henry) (i16875), b.1832-d.1870
Johnson, John Sorin (i22488), b.1848-d.1920
Johnson, Marion (marriage to Ethel Boston) (i27259)
Johnson, Mary (i16877), b.1862-
Johnson, Mary (i22485), b.1841-
Johnson, Moses (i16876), b.1861-
Johnson, Ollie (i23829)
Johnson, Purnell (i16474), d.1777
Johnson, Robert H. (i22468), b.1845-
Johnson, Robert H. (marriage to Maria Esther Moore) (i22468), b.1845-
Johnson, Samuel (i23535)
Johnson, Samuel (marriage to Mary Spence Robins) (i23280)
Johnson, Sarah (i4733), d.1742
Johnson, Thomas (i16473)
Johnson, William Ambrose (marriage to Harriett Ellen "Hattie" Richardson) (i23826)
Johnson, William E. "Bill Lodge" (i22481), b.1836-d.1912


Jones, Amelia (marriage to Ernest Franklin Purnell) (i16144)
Jones, Daughter (marriage to James Sturgis) (i23853)
Jones, Ellen Parker (i28350), b.1832-
Jones, Ethel McDougal (marriage to William Stuart Trimble) (i6864)
Jones, Indiana Louise (marriage to John Dale Henry) (i16899), b.1891-d.1969
Jones, Jesse (marriage to Sally Louise Purnell) (i16132)
Jones, Tabitha (marriage to Nathaniel Brittingham(Jr.)) (i23514)
Jones, Thomas (marriage to Hester "Hesse" Fisher) (i22311), d.1806
Jones, William D. (i22312), b.1803-d.1836
Jones, William Edwin (i28348), b.1830-
Jones, Zipporah (i28349), b.1835-


Joynes, Anna Elizabeth (i19865), b.1839-
Joynes, David James (i19866), b.1841-
Joynes, Edmund G. (marriage to Eleanor Ann Drummond Richardson) (i19864), b.1820-d.1864
Joynes, Ephraim Wilson (i19868), b.1845-
Joynes, George Richardson (i19867), b.1843-


Keith, James (marriage to Rebecca Ann Boggs) (i16698), b.1836-d.1898
Keith, Thomas Voshell (i16701), b.1876-d.1954


Kellam, Allen D. (marriage to Comfort P. Teague) (i23192)
Kellam, John (marriage to Sarah Outten) (i16951), b.1743-
Kellam, John (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i16543), d.1744
Kellam, Sarah (i16563)
Kellam, Sarah Ann (i25512), b.1774-


Kenley, Edward Gassaway (marriage to Margaret Campbell Purnell) (i16896), b.1845-d.1928
Kenley, Elizabeth S. (i23241), b.1881-d.1978
Kenley, Elizabeth S. (marriage to Harry Selby Purnell(MD & Col.)) (i23241), b.1881-d.1978
Kenley, Elizabeth S. (marriage to Harry Selby Purnell(MD & Col.)) (i23241), b.1881-d.1978
Kenley, Margaret Campbell (i16895), b.1879-d.1971
Kenley, Margaret Campbell (marriage to George Edward Henry(Jr.)) (i16895), b.1879-d.1971
Kenley, William G. (i23243), b.1883-


Kilgore, Virgil Leo (marriage to Freda Virginia Taylor) (i27349)


Knock, Elijah (marriage to Zipporah Sturgis) (i23792)
Knock, Elijah (marriage to Zipporah Sturgis) (i23792)


Kohler, Jennie (marriage to William Stuart Trimble) (i6863)


Lacombe, Virgie (marriage to John William Hamilton(Jr.)) (i6884)


Lankford, Jesse Maddox (marriage to Lovey Outten) (i16960), b.1760-d.1815
Lankford, Kellam (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Purnell) (i28931)
Lankford, Lova, (Jr.) (i16961)


Laws, Mary Jane (marriage to Stephen Duncan Purnell) (i16364), b.1824-


Leatherbury, Ralph Purnell (marriage to Sarah Martha Taylor) (i27243)


Lenard, Martha Ellen (marriage to William Mathew Purnell) (i28324)


Leonard, Sarah Ann (marriage to John Matthew Purnell) (i16366), b.1831-d.1900


Lewis, Alford J. (i27285), b.1908-
Lewis, Anna K. (i27287), b.1910-
Lewis, Elias Henry (i27208), b.1878-d.1993
Lewis, Elias Holland (i27288), b.1912-
Lewis, Eliza A. K. (i27286), b.1909-
Lewis, Emma Kate (i27209), b.1883-
Lewis, Hilary Pitts (i27290), b.1915-
Lewis, Mary B. (i27292), b.1917-
Lewis, Reuben Henry, (Sr.) (i27283), b.1907-
Lewis, Thomas P. (marriage to Leticia "Ellen" Taylor) (i27207)
Lewis, William Edward (i27293), b.1918-


Long, Lucille (marriage to Ralph Roosevelt Purnell) (i27142)


Maddox, Charlotte (marriage to Moses Purnell) (i16166), d.1821


Madison, Comfort Julia (marriage to John Purnell(Of Sussex DE)) (i27387), d.1866


Major, Littleton Scarborough (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i16596)


Manlove, Elisabeth (marriage to Thomas Watson) (i16832)


Mansforth, Stanley Lougheed (marriage to Nannie Washington Robins) (i14912)


Margaret(wife of John S. Purnell) (marriage to John Selby Purnell) (i23231), b.1849-
Margaret(wife of Matthew P. Davis) (marriage to Matthew Purnell Davis) (i22420)
Marianne(wife of Thomas Newbold III) (marriage to Thomas Newbold(III)) (i16972)


Marsh, John (i16155)
Marsh, Mary (Maul or Noll or Marsh) (i16156)
Marsh, Peter (i16157)
Marsh, Peter (marriage to Esther Purnell) (i16152)
Marsh, Phillip (i16153)
Marsh, Thomas (i16154)


Marshall, ?Isme (i23184), b.1764-
Marshall, Albert G. W. (i22886), b.1841-
Marshall, Charles "Charlie" R. (i22592), b.1862-
Marshall, Charles L. (i22900), b.1842-d.1870
Marshall, Charles William Birckhead (marriage to Georgianna Caroline Purnell) (i394), b.1842-d.1912
Marshall, Clarence H. (i28936), b.1852-
Marshall, Elizabeth (i16694), b.1796-d.1800
Marshall, Elizabeth (marriage to Benjamin Purnell) (i300), b.1753-
Marshall, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Purnell) (i83), d.1796
Marshall, Elizabeth Ann P. (i141), b.1808-
Marshall, Elizabeth H. (i22898), b.1836-
Marshall, Elizabeth Purnell Prideaux (i1116)
Marshall, Elizabeth Purnell Prideaux "Betsy" (i1527), b.1800-
Marshall, Elizabeth Purnell Prideaux (marriage to Stephen Purnell) (i1116)
Marshall, Erexine "Zenie" C. (i22894), b.1845-d.1914
Marshall, Esme (marriage to Mary Brittingham) (i296), b.1720-d.1784
Marshall, Eugene M. (i22902), b.1846-
Marshall, Francis (i22903), b.1848-
Marshall, George M. (i22892), b.1848-
Marshall, George W. (i22901), b.1844-
Marshall, George Washington (i130), b.1819-
Marshall, George Washington (i136)
Marshall, Georgeann (i22594), b.1865-d.1865
Marshall, Gordon Alexander Lafayette (i16983), b.1840-
Marshall, Herbert (i22891), b.1846-
Marshall, Herbert (marriage to Mary Martin Purnell) (i19840)
Marshall, Isaac (i16980), d.1829
Marshall, Isaac H. (i22899), b.1840-
Marshall, Isaac, (Capt.) (i147), d.1797
Marshall, Isaac, (Capt.) (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i147), d.1797
Marshall, Isaac, (Capt.) (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i147), d.1797
Marshall, Jeptha Purnell (i19836), b.1790-
Marshall, John (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i101), d.1797
Marshall, John E. (H.) (i22897), b.1834-
Marshall, John Edward Henry (i126), b.1807-d.1880
Marshall, John Purnell (i138), b.1802-d.1870
Marshall, John Purnell, (Capt.) (i118), b.1761-d.1829
Marshall, John Purnell, (Capt.) (marriage to Elizabeth "Betty" Fisher) (i118), b.1761-d.1829
Marshall, John Purnell, (Dr.) (i157)
Marshall, Josiah Mitchell (i128), b.1808-d.1882
Marshall, Letitia (i26426), b.1809-
Marshall, Levin (i15848)
Marshall, Martha "Ellen" (i16981), b.1835-
Marshall, Mary (i22895), b.1830-
Marshall, Mary "Elizabeth" (i16982), b.1838-
Marshall, Mary "Polly" (i120), d.1832
Marshall, Mary (marriage to Azariah Purnell) (i19055), b.1768-
Marshall, Mary A. (marriage to Isaac Bredell Purnell) (i16756)
Marshall, Mary Caston (i1107), b.1799-
Marshall, Mary M. (i22887), b.1840-d.1867
Marshall, Mary P. (marriage to Thomas M. Purnell) (i16117), d.1818
Marshall, Matilda (i131), b.1794-d.1863
Marshall, Matthew Purnell (i22588), b.1876-d.1876
Marshall, Purnell Matthew (i22589), b.1879-d.1922
Marshall, Rachel (i121), d.1810
Marshall, Rachel A. (i159)
Marshall, Robert (i22896), b.1832-
Marshall, Robert Whittington (i16984), b.1845-
Marshall, Rosena (i22890), b.1847-
Marshall, Ruth A. (i22889), b.1844-
Marshall, Ruth Veronica (i22597), b.1903-d.1965
Marshall, Sally (i160)
Marshall, Sally (i7116), b.1836-
Marshall, Sarah "Sally" (i26424), b.1812-d.1870
Marshall, Sarah "Sally" Elizabeth (i122), b.1763-d.1829
Marshall, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Purnell(IV) (Col.)) (i109), b.1748-d.1803
Marshall, Sarah (marriage to Zadock Purnell(Col.)) (i81)
Marshall, Thomas Prideaux (i151), b.1777-d.1834
Marshall, Thomas Purnell (i1115), d.1809
Marshall, William Birckhead (i22595), b.1867-d.1937
Marshall, William Henry (i137), b.1807-d.1870
Marshall, William Holland (i153), b.1802-
Marshall, William M. (i22893), b.1842-
Marshall, William Purnell (i123), d.1844
Marshall, Zadock H. (i22888), b.1842-
Marshall, Zadock, (Jr.) (i134), b.1815-d.1870
Marshall, Zadock, (Sr.) (i119), d.1836
Marshall, Zadock, (Sr.) (marriage to Huldah Purnell) (i119), d.1836


Martin, Margaret Neill (marriage to William Henry Purnell) (i16337), b.1825-d.1895


Marvin, Phoebe J. (marriage to John Irving Sturgis) (i23783), b.1848-d.1905
Marvin, Phoebe J. (marriage to John Irving Sturgis) (i23783), b.1848-d.1905


Mary C. or E.(wife of John W. Henry) (marriage to John William Henry) (i16843), b.1840-d.1915
Mary(wife of John Nutter, Jr.) (marriage to John Nutter(Jr.)) (i16828)
Mary(wife of John Purnell) (marriage to John Purnell) (i23423)


Mason, Ida (marriage to Calvin Lawrence Purnell) (i27145)


Massey, Mary Jane (marriage to Clinton Boston Taylor) (i27251)


Matthews, Julia Leah (marriage to John Littleton Robins) (i23278)


May(wife of Paul Purnell) (marriage to Paul J. Purnell) (i27146)


May, (N) (marriage to John Purnell) (i27623)
May, Elizabeth (marriage to John Purnell(Of Sussex DE)) (i16162)
May, George S. (marriage to Esther Sturgis) (i23760)


McClemmy, Martha (marriage to Matthew Purnell) (i15892)


McColley, Eliza Ann (marriage to George Purnell Fisher(Judge)) (i21115), b.1820-d.1908


McCullough, May (marriage to Clayton J. Purnell) (i23227)
McCullough, May (marriage to Clayton J. Purnell) (i23227)


McGregor, Annie (marriage to William Robert Purnell) (i16148), b.1886-d.1957


McMain, Albert Finley (marriage to Maude Whittington Hamilton) (i6888)


McMurtrie, Emily (marriage to William Bowdoin Robins(Jr.)) (i14875)


Meade, Anna Ruth (marriage to Roland Holland Taylor) (i27347)
Meade, Mary Lillian (marriage to Edward Lee Taylor) (i27343)
Meade, Nellie Elizabeth (marriage to Ernest William Taylor) (i27345)


Medaries, Eula Elva (marriage to William White Whittington Trimble) (i6869)


Mellen, Clayton Andrew (marriage to Madeline Marie Taylor) (i27351)


Meredith, Robert (marriage to Nancy Purnell) (i27626)


Messick, Sarah (marriage to Levi A. Purnell) (i16373)


Metzler, Federick (marriage to Bess Ellen Purnell) (i27144)


Miller, Margaret (marriage to Edward Robins) (i14824), b.1828-d.1856


Mills, Leah (marriage to John Outten Sturgis(Jr.)) (i23056), d.1837
Mills, Unknown, (husband of Esther Aydelotte) (marriage to Esther Aydelotte) (i16946)


Milner, U. (marriage to Serena Pendleton Purnell) (i16429)


Minors, Sarah Seymore (marriage to John Purnell(Of Sussex DE)) (i16236), b.1764-d.1813


Mitchell, Edward Purnell (i16458)
Mitchell, Eloisa Gatty Purnell (i17132)
Mitchell, Harriett E. (marriage to Joshua Hitch Sturgis) (i23337), b.1832-
Mitchell, Henry Pinkney (marriage to Henrietta Washington Purnell Henry) (i14771), b.1850-d.1906
Mitchell, Henry Pinkney (marriage to Henrietta Washington Purnell Henry) (i14771), b.1850-d.1906
Mitchell, Isaac (i16452), d.1829
Mitchell, Isaac (marriage to Sally Henry) (i16452), d.1829
Mitchell, John Pope (marriage to Mary "Polly" Purnell) (i16451), d.1810
Mitchell, John Purnell (i16905)
Mitchell, John Purnell, (Jr.) (i16907)
Mitchell, John, (Jr.) (i16453)
Mitchell, Lemuel (i16456)
Mitchell, Lemuel L. (i16909)
Mitchell, Lemuel Purnell (i16906), b.1824-
Mitchell, Marion R. (i16911)
Mitchell, Mary "Polly" (i16454)
Mitchell, Mary (marriage to Robert Jenkins Henry) (i15939)
Mitchell, Mary P. (marriage to John Robins Purnell(Dr.)) (i16387), b.1809-d.1893
Mitchell, Mary P. (marriage to John Robins Purnell(Dr.)) (i16387), b.1809-d.1893
Mitchell, Robert (i17134)
Mitchell, Rufus (i17133)
Mitchell, Sallie P. (i16912)
Mitchell, Sidney J. (i16910)


Molnar, (N) (marriage to Pauline Wyatt) (i27303)


Moore, Amelia J. (i22476), b.1843-
Moore, Augustus W. (i22473), b.1853-
Moore, Henrietta P. (i28344), b.1829-
Moore, Isaac (i22461)
Moore, John (i22457)
Moore, John (i22463), b.1815-d.1857
Moore, John H. (i22470), b.1851-
Moore, John Irving (marriage to Sarah "Sally" A. Purnell) (i16385), d.1845
Moore, John Purnell (i28320), b.1856-d.1918
Moore, John Purnell (marriage to Euphemia "Belle" Purnell) (i28320), b.1856-d.1918
Moore, John Robins Purnell (i28341), b.1832-d.1885
Moore, Lambert (i22460)
Moore, Maria Esther (i22467), b.1849-
Moore, Maria Esther (marriage to Robert H. Johnson) (i22467), b.1849-
Moore, Mariah S. (i22462), b.1812-d.1855
Moore, Martha (i22474), b.1840-
Moore, Mary (i22466), b.1847-
Moore, Mary H. (i28345), b.1829-
Moore, Mary H. (marriage to William Handy Richardson) (i28345), b.1829-
Moore, Nancy (i22458)
Moore, Nannie (marriage to George Samuel Handy Richardson) (i19873)
Moore, Sarah (i22475), b.1841-
Moore, Sarah Outten (i22459)
Moore, Thomas (i22472), b.1852-
Moore, Thomas Spence (i28343), b.1825-
Moore, Thomas, (III) (marriage to Mary Outten) (i22449), b.1742-d.1799
Moore, William Allison (i22469), b.1850-
Moore, William White (i22452), d.1823


Morgan, Elizabeth (marriage to Matthew Purnell(Jr.)) (i16049), d.1797


Mullen, Unknown, (wife of John Purnell) (marriage to John Purnell) (i16062)


Mumford, Charles Edward, (Jr.) (marriage to Zaidee Kenly Henry) (i16918), b.1910-d.1977
Mumford, Charles Edward, (Jr.) (marriage to Zaidee Kenly Henry) (i16918), b.1910-d.1977
Mumford, Martha, (widow of James) (marriage to John Purnell Marshall) (i140), b.1815-


Muncy, Virginia Thomas (marriage to Thomas Voshell Keith) (i16702), b.1878-d.1963


Murray, Catharine (marriage to Walton Purnell) (i15918), d.1811
Murray, Harriet J. "Hettie" (marriage to George Washington Purnell) (i27127), b.1859-d.1918


Naglee, Marie Ringgold (marriage to Thomas Robins(Judge)) (i14860), b.1866-d.1969


Nancy(wife of Johnson Dennis) (marriage to Johnson Dennis) (i26442)
Nancy(wife of Robert Purnell) (marriage to Robert Purnell) (i28928)


Nelson, Anne (marriage to William Sturgis) (i23780)
Nelson, Anne (marriage to William Sturgis) (i23780)
Nelson, Eliza (i23059), b.1814-d.1867
Nelson, Eliza (marriage to John Outten Sturgis(III)) (i23059), b.1814-d.1867
Nelson, Joel (marriage to Priscilla Sturgis) (i23039)
Nelson, William (marriage to Sarah Sturgis) (i23041)


Newbold, Comfort (i16576)
Newbold, Frances (i16582)
Newbold, Job (i16973), b.1756-
Newbold, John (i16577)
Newbold, John (i16970)
Newbold, Levi (i16969)
Newbold, Levi (i16974), b.1755-
Newbold, Mary (i16583)
Newbold, Purnell (i16568), b.1719-d.1790
Newbold, Purnell, (Jr.) (i16971)
Newbold, Sarah (i16569)
Newbold, Smart (i16581)
Newbold, Tabitha (i16573)
Newbold, Thomas, (III) (i16574)
Newbold, Thomas, (Jr.) (marriage to Joyce Purnell) (i16565), d.1746
Newbold, William (i16975), b.1759-


Nutter, Christopher (i16829)
Nutter, John (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i16824), d.1702
Nutter, John, (Jr.) (i16827), d.1725
Nutter, Mary (i16826)


Oakes, Elliott (marriage to Sarah Ann Kellam) (i25513)


Outten, Abraham (i16551), b.1722-d.1769
Outten, Betty (i16954)
Outten, Delitta (i16956), b.1765-
Outten, Director (i16547), d.1737
Outten, Edith (i16560)
Outten, Esther (i22448), b.1756-
Outten, John Houston (i16964)
Outten, John, (III) (i16544), b.1715-d.1737
Outten, John, (Jr.) (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i16540), b.1687-d.1735
Outten, Joseph (i16949), b.1770-
Outten, Joseph (i16966)
Outten, Lovey (i16955), b.1763-
Outten, Mary (i22447), b.1750-
Outten, Mary (i23033)
Outten, Mary "Molly" (i16967)
Outten, Mary (marriage to Thomas Purnell(III)) (i23165), b.1702-d.1772
Outten, Mary Polly (marriage to Purnell Newbold) (i16968)
Outten, Obed (i16555)
Outten, Polly (i16952), b.1753-
Outten, Purnell (i16545), d.1795
Outten, Purnell T. (i21109), d.1838
Outten, Purnell, (Jr.) (i16962), b.1761-d.1798
Outten, Sarah (i16950), b.1743-
Outten, Shadrack (i16965)
Outten, Tabitha (i16558)
Outten, Tabitha (i16953), b.1751-d.1801


Owens, Nancy (marriage to Thomas Fisher(Gen.)) (i21111), b.1774-d.1841


Parker, Amelia (marriage to Milby Purnell) (i27152)
Parker, Amelia (marriage to William Purnell) (i27152)
Parker, Katherine Purnell G. (i16783), b.1834-d.1907
Parker, Severn Eyre, (of Northampton Co.) (marriage to Catherine Godden Purnell) (i16394), b.1787-d.1836


Parsons, Charles Wilmore (marriage to Lenore Louise Henry) (i16920), d.1963


Patterson, Helen Hamilton (marriage to James Wiltbank Robins(Rev. Dr.)) (i14847)


Payne, Horace (marriage to Adelia "Delaphine" Purnell) (i22277)
Payne, John (marriage to Martha Aydelotte) (i16948)


Pendleton, Edmund (marriage to Erexene Henry) (i22976)
Pendleton, Edward B. (marriage to Levenia Purnell) (i16402)
Pendleton, Lavinia (i22977)
Pendleton, Levenia (i16403)


Pennell, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Robins) (i14834), b.1857-d.1926


Pennewell, Ara (marriage to Mary Richardson) (i23821)
Pennewell, Eugene (i23822)


Peters, Norman M. (marriage to Elizabeth Evelyn Boston) (i27261)


Petitt, Mary Virginia (marriage to Alexander D, Sturgis) (i23786), b.1852-d.1942
Petitt, Mary Virginia (marriage to Alexander D, Sturgis) (i23786), b.1852-d.1942


Phillips, Richard (marriage to Ruth Veronica Marshall) (i22600)


Pierce, Virginia (marriage to Arthur Storye Hamilton) (i6886)


Pitts, William Dale (marriage to Erexine Sarah Purnell) (i16331), b.1816-d.1897


Polk, Charles, (Gov. of DE) (marriage to Elisa Purnell) (i16257)
Polk, Elizabeth "Lizzie" T. (i16854), b.1870-d.1871
Polk, Mary Bredelle (i16852), b.1864-d.1940
Polk, Samuel (i16849), b.1866-d.1867
Polk, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Fisher(Gen.)) (i21110)
Polk, William Thomas Gilliss (marriage to Mary Ann Henry) (i16848), b.1805-d.1875
Polk, William, (Judge) (marriage to Ann Purnell) (i15967)


Porter, Fletcher (marriage to Rosalie Taylor) (i27225)
Porter, Thomas S. (marriage to ?Elisabeth Sturgis) (i23794)
Porter, Thomas S. (marriage to ?Elisabeth Sturgis) (i23794)


Powell, Annanias W. (marriage to Sarah H. Tingle) (i16195), b.1813-
Powell, Della (marriage to Howard Dale Quillen) (i27320)
Powell, Lillian Marie (marriage to Elias Holland Lewis) (i27289)
Powell, Lillian Marie (marriage to Hilary Pitts Lewis) (i27291)
Powell, William (marriage to Mary Frances Robins) (i14808), d.1879


Pratt, Charlotte Wright (marriage to Lemuel Purnell(Judge)) (i16431), b.1783-
Pratt, Henry Routh (marriage to Nancy Fassitt) (i16463), b.1784-


Price, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Purnell) (i27627), b.1797-d.1887


Prideaux, Eliza (marriage to Lemuel Purnell Spence) (i16517), b.1792-d.1819
Prideaux, Euphemia (i16495)
Prideaux, Joshua, (Mjr.) (i16493), b.1767-d.1836
Prideaux, Sarah (i16494)
Prideaux, Thomas (marriage to Lavinia Purnell) (i149), d.1789
Prideaux, Unknown, (Mrs. Isaac Marshall) (marriage to Isaac Marshall(Capt.)) (i148), d.1792


Pruitt, Charlotte (marriage to Lemuel Brittingham) (i23517), d.1918
Pruitt, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Elijah Brittingham) (i23512)


Purnell, ?Daughter (i27162)
Purnell, Adaliza (i22911), b.1848-
Purnell, Adelia "Delaphine" (i22276), b.1846-
Purnell, Adeline (i16404)
Purnell, Adeline Catherine (i16415), b.1804-d.1831
Purnell, Amanda Ann (i16417), b.1809-d.1850
Purnell, Amelia "Milly" (i27153)
Purnell, Andasia Robins (i16388), b.1790-d.1864
Purnell, Andasia Robins (i27157), b.1868-
Purnell, Andasia Robins (marriage to James Bowdoin Robins(Judge)) (i16388), b.1790-d.1864
Purnell, Ann (i15905), b.1779-d.1797
Purnell, Ann (i15966)
Purnell, Ann (i16016)
Purnell, Ann (i16099), b.1706-d.1753
Purnell, Ann (i16484), b.1735-d.1751
Purnell, Ann "Nancy" (i16237), b.1775-
Purnell, Ann H. (i23232), b.1886-
Purnell, Ann Hortentia (i19999), b.1837-d.1855
Purnell, Ann Nancy (i4764), b.1762-d.1818
Purnell, Anna (i16498)
Purnell, Anna (i19057), b.1788-d.1788
Purnell, Anna (i27398)
Purnell, Anne "Nancy" (i309)
Purnell, Anne Belle (i28336), b.1864-
Purnell, Annie (marriage to James Levi Purnell) (i28327)
Purnell, Annie Belle (i28337), b.1868-
Purnell, Annie Florence (i28340)
Purnell, Annie Maria (i16135), b.1831-d.1850
Purnell, Aralanta (i14670), b.1722-d.1782
Purnell, Arlanta (i16489), b.1790-d.1791
Purnell, Arlanta R. (i16389), b.1795-d.1877
Purnell, Arthur (i27130), b.1881-d.1900
Purnell, Aurelius Septimus (i16416), b.1808-d.1809
Purnell, Aurelius Septimus (i16425), b.1826-
Purnell, Avery (i16051), d.1795
Purnell, Azariah (i16002), d.1780
Purnell, Azariah (i16052), b.1760-d.1800
Purnell, Bamry (i27397)
Purnell, Bathseba (i16600), d.1780
Purnell, Benjamin (i301), b.1740-d.1796
Purnell, Benjamin (i16072), b.1704-d.1768
Purnell, Benjamin (i16398), d.1787
Purnell, Benjamin, (Jr.) (i306), b.1778-d.1804
Purnell, Bess Ellen (i27136), b.1896-
Purnell, Calvin Lawrence (i27135), b.1894-
Purnell, Catherine (i16005)
Purnell, Catherine (i16054)
Purnell, Catherine (i16125), b.1860-d.1865
Purnell, Catherine Godden (i16393), b.1796-d.1848
Purnell, Charles Houston (i16339), b.1848-d.1906
Purnell, Charles Irving (i19837)
Purnell, Charles Irving, (Jr.) (i19838)
Purnell, Charles T. (i22046), b.1833-
Purnell, Charlotte "Charlotty" (i16168), d.1822
Purnell, Cheseed (i16096), d.1772
Purnell, Chessed, (Dr.) (i16397), b.1793-d.1862
Purnell, Clarissa (i16412), b.1801-
Purnell, Clayton J. (i22049), b.1857-d.1933
Purnell, Clayton Jones (i22343), b.1856-
Purnell, Clementine (i16791), b.1840-
Purnell, Comfort (i15904), b.1737-d.1798
Purnell, Comfort (marriage to Thomas Purnell(of Sinepuxent)) (i15904), b.1737-d.1798
Purnell, Daughter (i16200), d.1768
Purnell, David (i16734)
Purnell, Delilah Annie (i16369), b.1831-d.1896
Purnell, Denny (i16491), b.1785-d.1806
Purnell, Dryden (i19970)
Purnell, Edgar H. (i14760), b.1832-
Purnell, Edgar T. (i20005), b.1864-
Purnell, Edith (i27131), b.1886-
Purnell, Edward John (i14756), b.1835-d.1840
Purnell, Edward Zadock (i16145), b.1862-d.1955
Purnell, Eleanor "Nelly" (i16460)
Purnell, Eleanor R. (i16787)
Purnell, Elenora W. (i14737), b.1851-d.1894
Purnell, Elijah Bowen (i16351), b.1840-d.1854
Purnell, Elisa (i16256)
Purnell, Elisha (i307), b.1781-
Purnell, Elisha (i4861), d.1800
Purnell, Elisha (i16073), b.1702-d.1767
Purnell, Elisha (i16079), b.1760-d.1802
Purnell, Elisha (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i307), b.1781-
Purnell, Elisha (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i16079), b.1760-d.1802
Purnell, Elisha Littleton (i14728), b.1804-d.1849
Purnell, Eliza (i28312)
Purnell, Elizabeth (i116), d.1803
Purnell, Elizabeth (i314), b.1772-d.1814
Purnell, Elizabeth (i14765)
Purnell, Elizabeth (i15911), b.1762-d.1821
Purnell, Elizabeth (i15989), d.1787
Purnell, Elizabeth (i16012), b.1730-d.1775
Purnell, Elizabeth (i16018)
Purnell, Elizabeth (i16098), b.1701-d.1753
Purnell, Elizabeth (i16250)
Purnell, Elizabeth (i16479), b.1670-d.1738
Purnell, Elizabeth (i16506)
Purnell, Elizabeth (i16595), b.1714-
Purnell, Elizabeth (i19060), b.1794-
Purnell, Elizabeth (i22907), b.1838-
Purnell, Elizabeth (marriage to Elisha Purnell) (i16506)
Purnell, Elizabeth Catherine (i16133), b.1821-d.1850
Purnell, Elizabeth Marshall (i16171), d.1830
Purnell, Elizabeth Mary (i16768), b.1824-d.1866
Purnell, Elizabeth Posey (i14785), b.1860-d.1929
Purnell, Elizabeth S. (i23235), b.1890-
Purnell, Elizabeth Walton (i16436), b.1818-d.1831
Purnell, Ella Lee (i28335), b.1860-
Purnell, Ellen (i22283)
Purnell, Ellen Anna Andasia (i16775), b.1843-d.1918
Purnell, Ellen Anna Andasia (marriage to James Bowdoin Robins) (i16775), b.1843-d.1918
Purnell, Ellen Henrietta (i14747), b.1829-
Purnell, Ellen Jane (i16139), b.1830-d.1853
Purnell, Elmira Church (i16748), b.1833-
Purnell, Emma Jane (i28321), b.1860-d.1945
Purnell, Emma Jane (marriage to Oscar Moore Purnell) (i28321), b.1860-d.1945
Purnell, Erexine Henry (i16419), b.1817-d.1860
Purnell, Erexine Sarah (i16330), b.1816-d.1892
Purnell, Ernest Franklin (i16143), b.1860-d.1926
Purnell, Esmay or Esme Bowen (i16350), b.1827-d.1851
Purnell, Esme (i303), b.1774-d.1807
Purnell, Esme (marriage to Dolly Chaille) (i303), b.1774-d.1807
Purnell, Estelle (i28934), b.1872-
Purnell, Esther (i15816), b.1728-d.1769
Purnell, Esther (i28311)
Purnell, Esther "Hetty" (i15912), b.1768-
Purnell, Esther Henrietta "Hetty" (i14745), b.1820-d.1899
Purnell, Esther Robins (i16086), b.1779-d.1845
Purnell, Esther Robins (marriage to Thomas Robins Purnell Spence(Dr.)) (i16086), b.1779-d.1845
Purnell, Esther Robins Murray (i16183), b.1809-d.1883
Purnell, Ethel (i16488), d.1794
Purnell, Euphemia "Belle" (i28319)
Purnell, Euphemia "Belle" (marriage to John Purnell Moore) (i28319)
Purnell, Frances "Fanny" (i16438)
Purnell, Francis (i27395)
Purnell, Francis "Jenkins", (Dr.) (i16447), b.1828-d.1896
Purnell, Francis Henry (i27154), b.1862-
Purnell, Frederick (i16406)
Purnell, George Collier (i14753), b.1831-d.1868
Purnell, George E. (i28317), b.1863-
Purnell, George Irving (i27132), b.1889-d.1966
Purnell, George M. (i28338)
Purnell, George Washington (i16149), b.1869-d.1915
Purnell, George Washington (i16773), b.1841-d.1899
Purnell, George Washington (i27124), b.1854-d.1924
Purnell, George Washington, (Dr.) (i14762), b.1836-d.1905
Purnell, George Washington, (Dr.) (i16090), b.1776-d.1844
Purnell, George Washington, (Dr.) (marriage to Mary "Molly" Outten Purnell) (i16090), b.1776-d.1844
Purnell, George Washington, (Jr.) (i14789), b.1891-d.1960
Purnell, George Washington, (Jr.)(Dr.) (i14738), b.1820-
Purnell, George William Cottman (i14734), b.1844-d.1897
Purnell, George, (Mjr.) (i16093), b.1764-d.1803
Purnell, George, (Mjr.) (marriage to Esther Robins) (i16093), b.1764-d.1803
Purnell, Georgianna Caroline (i22587), b.1837-
Purnell, Gertrude D. (i28329), b.1853-d.1893
Purnell, Harry Selby, (MD & Col.) (i23242), b.1879-d.1946
Purnell, Harry Selby, (MD & Col.) (marriage to Elizabeth S. Kenley) (i23242), b.1879-d.1946
Purnell, Hastentius Quintus (i16413), b.1806-d.1848
Purnell, Henrietta (i16380), b.1770-
Purnell, Henrietta (marriage to John Purnell(Dr.)) (i16380), b.1770-
Purnell, Henrietta W. (i16177), b.1797-d.1845
Purnell, Henry (i16492), b.1768-
Purnell, Henry (i23230), b.1853-d.1910
Purnell, Henry Alexander Frank (i16130), b.1843-d.1845
Purnell, Henry P. (i20008), b.1873-
Purnell, Herman Lloyd (i27133), b.1890-
Purnell, Hermy (i27390)
Purnell, Hetty (i16319)
Purnell, Hezekia (i16602), b.1724-d.1768
Purnell, Hortensius Wilkins (i20001), b.1838-
Purnell, Huldah (i16510), d.1796
Purnell, Huldah (marriage to Zadock Marshall(Sr.)) (i16510), d.1796
Purnell, Ida C. (i27151), b.1873-
Purnell, Isaac (i16399)
Purnell, Isaac (i27113), b.1812-d.1870
Purnell, Isaac Bredell (i14754), b.1833-
Purnell, Isaac Ironshire (i16176), b.1795-d.1810
Purnell, Isaac Marshall (i16010), b.1765-d.1798
Purnell, Isaac Marshall (i16746), b.1837-
Purnell, Isaac Marshall (marriage to Hester "Hesse" Fisher) (i16010), b.1765-d.1798
Purnell, Isabella A. (i27122), b.1848-
Purnell, James (i14736), b.1849-
Purnell, James (i16507)
Purnell, James (i23541)
Purnell, James (i27123), b.1849-
Purnell, James (i27392)
Purnell, James Bowdoin Robins, (Dr,) (i16760), b.1829-d.1909
Purnell, James Bowdoin Robins, (Dr,) (marriage to Elizabeth K. Ayres) (i16760), b.1829-d.1909
Purnell, James Bowdoin Robins, (Dr,) (marriage to Margaret Spence) (i16760), b.1829-d.1909
Purnell, James F. (i14742), b.1849-
Purnell, James H. (i23233), b.1887-
Purnell, James Levi (i22914), b.1849-d.1936
Purnell, James Robins (i16449), b.1834-d.1912
Purnell, James Robins Spence, (Dr.) (i14729), b.1804-d.1848
Purnell, Jane (i16513)
Purnell, Jane (i27118), b.1835-
Purnell, Jane (i28364), b.1818-
Purnell, Jefferson D. (i28331), b.1860-
Purnell, Jeptha (i4862), d.1778
Purnell, Jeptha (i16819), d.1768
Purnell, Jimmie (i16126), b.1861-d.1865
Purnell, John (i4798), b.1740-d.1778
Purnell, John (i15910), b.1753-d.1807
Purnell, John (i15972), b.1725-d.1758
Purnell, John (i16357), b.1772-
Purnell, John (i16511)
Purnell, John (i16524), b.1673-d.1742
Purnell, John (i16604), b.1725-d.1765
Purnell, John (i16740)
Purnell, John (i16789), b.1842-
Purnell, John (i19058), b.1789-d.1789
Purnell, John (i19841), b.1755-d.1840
Purnell, John (i23228), b.1859-
Purnell, John (i27119), b.1837-
Purnell, John (i28927), b.1766-d.1789
Purnell, John (i28933), b.1707-d.1725
Purnell, John (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i16357), b.1772-
Purnell, John (marriage to Zipporah Purnell) (i15972), b.1725-d.1758
Purnell, John A. (i16119), b.1817-
Purnell, John A. (i22910), b.1846-
Purnell, John Cottman (i16753), b.1860-
Purnell, John Fisher (i16348), b.1796-d.1871
Purnell, John Franklin (i28346)
Purnell, John Godden, (Dr.) (i16396), b.1791-
Purnell, John H. (i20007), b.1870-
Purnell, John Henry (i16446), b.1827-d.1853
Purnell, John Henry (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" Spence) (i16446), b.1827-d.1853
Purnell, John Irving (i308), b.1776-
Purnell, John Matthew (i16365), b.1823-d.1892
Purnell, John Robins (i16763), b.1832-d.1902
Purnell, John Robins, (Dr.) (i16386), b.1796-d.1857
Purnell, John S. (i23234), b.1886-
Purnell, John Selby (i16092), b.1760-d.1818
Purnell, John Selby (i23229), b.1850-d.1922
Purnell, John Selby (marriage to Aralanta Robins) (i16092), b.1760-d.1818
Purnell, John Selby, (Jr.) (i16390), b.1799-d.1874
Purnell, John Selby, (Jr.) (marriage to Margaret Campbell Henry) (i16390), b.1799-d.1874
Purnell, John Williams (i28316), b.1868-
Purnell, John, (Cpt.) (i112), b.1770-d.1802
Purnell, John, (Dr.) (i16081), b.1765-
Purnell, John, (Dr.) (marriage to Henrietta Purnell) (i16081), b.1765-
Purnell, John, (Jr.) (i15964), b.1734-d.1761
Purnell, John, (Jr.) (i27396)
Purnell, John, (Major) (i28932), d.1808
Purnell, John, (Major) (marriage to Martha Patty Purnell) (i28932), d.1808
Purnell, John, (Mjr.) (i15901), b.1698-d.1755
Purnell, John, (Of Sussex DE) (i16161), b.1765-d.1831
Purnell, Josephine (i22048), b.1831-
Purnell, Josephine Elizabeth Marshall (i16342), b.1836-
Purnell, Joshua Hodg(e) (i19059), b.1791-
Purnell, Joyce (i16564), b.1685-
Purnell, Julia Anna Frances (i16421), b.1821-d.1843
Purnell, Juliet Thomas (i28323), b.1861-d.1949
Purnell, July Ann (i4608)
Purnell, Lambert (i15987)
Purnell, Laura Austin (i16426), b.1829-
Purnell, Lavinia (i1117), b.1727-d.1789
Purnell, Lavinia (i16744)
Purnell, Lavinia E. (i14741), b.1848-
Purnell, Lemuel (i16395), b.1788-d.1818
Purnell, Lemuel (i16490), b.1787-d.1787
Purnell, Lemuel (i16779), b.1765-
Purnell, Lemuel B. (i16367), b.1825-d.1887
Purnell, Lemuel Godden (i27156), b.1865-d.1869
Purnell, Lemuel Ironshire (i16778), b.1846-d.1847
Purnell, Lemuel, (Judge) (i4765), b.1730-d.1771
Purnell, Lemuel, (Judge) (i16430), d.1835
Purnell, Lenard Dixon (i22342), b.1853-
Purnell, Letitia (i15990)
Purnell, Levenia (i16401)
Purnell, Levi (i15988)
Purnell, Levi (i16165), b.1773-
Purnell, Levi (i16318), b.1795-
Purnell, Levi (i22906), b.1842-
Purnell, Levi A. (i16372), b.1841-d.1903
Purnell, Levi, (Jr.) (i326), b.1752-d.1789
Purnell, Levi, (Sr.) (i16001), d.1751
Purnell, Littleton Robins (i16082), b.1770-d.1824
Purnell, Littleton Robins (i16758), b.1826-d.1884
Purnell, Lotty (i27116)
Purnell, Louise (i22050), b.1837-
Purnell, Lyttleton Bowen (i16750), b.1839-d.1898
Purnell, Madison (i27391), b.1816-d.1895
Purnell, Mahalah C. (i27121), b.1845-
Purnell, Malvina (i16411), b.1799-
Purnell, Marcellus Aurelius (i16424), b.1825-d.1864
Purnell, Margaret (i16371)
Purnell, Margaret "Peggy" (i28930)
Purnell, Margaret A.R. (i28328), b.1851-
Purnell, Margaret C. (i23236), b.1892-
Purnell, Margaret Campbell (i16897), b.1852-d.1893
Purnell, Margaret E. (i27120), b.1840-
Purnell, Margretta Emlen (i27155), b.1864-
Purnell, Maria (i16512)
Purnell, Maria (i16757), b.1836-d.1836
Purnell, Maria Louise (i22905), b.1849-d.1918
Purnell, Martha (i4797)
Purnell, Martha (i16597), d.1780
Purnell, Martha (i27388)
Purnell, Martha "Pattie" Elizabeth Wilkins (i20003), b.1848-d.1880
Purnell, Martha Adaline (i16808)
Purnell, Martha Patty (i16509), d.1806
Purnell, Martha Patty (marriage to John Purnell (Major)) (i16509), d.1806
Purnell, Mary (i15915), b.1772-
Purnell, Mary (i16006), b.1745-
Purnell, Mary (i16017)
Purnell, Mary (i16323)
Purnell, Mary (i16325), b.1782-
Purnell, Mary (i16405)
Purnell, Mary (i16599), d.1752
Purnell, Mary (i16780), b.1763-d.1849
Purnell, Mary "Molly" (i16107), d.1809
Purnell, Mary "Molly" Outten (i114), b.1782-d.1838
Purnell, Mary "Molly" Outten (marriage to George Washington Purnell(Dr.)) (i114), b.1782-d.1838
Purnell, Mary "Polly" (i16019), b.1732-d.1778
Purnell, Mary "Polly" (i16450), d.1828
Purnell, Mary "Polly" (i19766)
Purnell, Mary "Polly" Marshall (i310)
Purnell, Mary (marriage to Thomas Purnell) (i15915), b.1772-
Purnell, Mary A. (i22908), b.1841-
Purnell, Mary Ann (i22528), b.1816-
Purnell, Mary Ann Simpson (i16391), b.1816-d.1870
Purnell, Mary E. (i27450)
Purnell, Mary Elizabeth (i16742), b.1823-d.1894
Purnell, Mary Ironshire (i16181), b.1804-d.1833
Purnell, Mary Jane Rozelle (i16334), b.1821-d.1848
Purnell, Mary K. (i28333)
Purnell, Mary Louisa (i14787), b.1866-d.1940
Purnell, Mary Louisa (i16807), b.1825-d.1913
Purnell, Mary Louisa (marriage to Edward Henry Daniel Tingle) (i16807), b.1825-d.1913
Purnell, Mary Martha (i14761), b.1834-d.1839
Purnell, Mary Martin (i19839)
Purnell, Mary Olivia (i16423), b.1824-
Purnell, Mary Outten (i14735), b.1847-
Purnell, Mary Robins (i16383), b.1797-d.1847
Purnell, Mary Selby (i16088), b.1783-d.1848
Purnell, Matilda A. (i14740), b.1846-
Purnell, Matthew (i302), b.1700-d.1761
Purnell, Matthew (i15986), d.1786
Purnell, Matthew (i16359), b.1794-d.1857
Purnell, Matthew (i28935), b.1877-
Purnell, Matthew, (Cpt.) (i16007), b.1755-d.1791
Purnell, Matthew, (Jr.) (i16048)
Purnell, Milby (i16314), d.1805
Purnell, Milby (i16326), b.1782-
Purnell, Milby Selby (i27110), b.1780-d.1830
Purnell, Molly (i27453)
Purnell, Moses (i16163), b.1784-d.1859
Purnell, Moses Theodore (i16341), b.1831-d.1865
Purnell, Nancy (i16448), b.1830-d.1907
Purnell, Nancy (i16459), d.1834
Purnell, Nancy (i27389)
Purnell, Nancy (i27624), b.1796-d.1830
Purnell, Nannie (i27159), b.1880-
Purnell, Nellie McGregor (i22875), b.1893-d.1961
Purnell, Oscar Moore (i28322), b.1858-d.1936
Purnell, Oscar Moore (marriage to Emma Jane Purnell) (i28322), b.1858-d.1936
Purnell, Parker (i27108), b.1785-
Purnell, Paul J. (i27134), b.1892-
Purnell, Peggy (i27117)
Purnell, Peggy Spence (i313), b.1789-
Purnell, Perry Watson (i22344), b.1858-
Purnell, Peter (i16065), d.1789
Purnell, Polly (i4607)
Purnell, Rachel (i22514)
Purnell, Ralph C. (i28332), b.1866-
Purnell, Ralph Roosevelt (i27137), b.1900-d.1986
Purnell, Robert (i16067)
Purnell, Robert (i19851), b.1766-d.1807
Purnell, Robert Jenkins Henry, (Dr.) (i15962), b.1786-d.1825
Purnell, Robert Lee (i28339), b.1866-
Purnell, Robert T. (i22909), b.1844-
Purnell, Rouse Fassitt (i16355), b.1780-d.1822
Purnell, Sallie (i27150), b.1868-
Purnell, Sallie Sarah Seymour (i16254), b.1805-d.1865
Purnell, Sally (i22280), b.1835-
Purnell, Sally "Maria" (i15908), b.1790-d.1850
Purnell, Sally "Maria" (marriage to John Selby Spence (Dr.) (Senator)) (i15908), b.1790-d.1850
Purnell, Sally Louise (i16131), b.1818-d.1840
Purnell, Sally M. (i16108), b.1799-d.1834
Purnell, Sally Maria (i22077)
Purnell, Samuel (i27625), b.1797-d.1852
Purnell, Sara Adeline (i20002), b.1843-
Purnell, Sarah (i150), b.1768-d.1803
Purnell, Sarah (i16241)
Purnell, Sarah (i16324)
Purnell, Sarah (i16327), b.1773-
Purnell, Sarah (i16374), b.1828-
Purnell, Sarah (i16379), b.1766-
Purnell, Sarah (i16470), b.1660-d.1743
Purnell, Sarah (i16485), b.1741-d.1768
Purnell, Sarah (i16508)
Purnell, Sarah (i16520)
Purnell, Sarah (i16539), d.1752
Purnell, Sarah "Sallie" Mary (i14730), b.1813-d.1872
Purnell, Sarah "Sallie" Mary (marriage to Zadock P. Henry) (i14730), b.1813-d.1872
Purnell, Sarah "Sally" A. (i16384), b.1794-d.1855
Purnell, Sarah "Sary" Marshall (i16068), b.1761-
Purnell, Sarah (marriage to Elisha Purnell) (i16379), b.1766-
Purnell, Sarah (marriage to Isaac Marshall(Capt.)) (i150), b.1768-d.1803
Purnell, Sarah (marriage to John Purnell) (i16327), b.1773-
Purnell, Sarah Aralanta (i16184), b.1813-d.1832
Purnell, Sarah Irving (i16818), b.1787-
Purnell, Serena Pendleton (i16428), b.1831-
Purnell, Sophia (i16585), b.1714-
Purnell, Stephen (i156), d.1837
Purnell, Stephen (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell Prideaux Marshall) (i156), d.1837
Purnell, Stephen Duncan (i16363), b.1824-d.1874
Purnell, Stephen Laws (i22913), b.1847-d.1925
Purnell, Sylvester "Ves" (i27126), b.1878-
Purnell, Tabitha (i16587), b.1714-
Purnell, Thamer (i27400)
Purnell, Thomas (i94), b.1738-d.1773
Purnell, Thomas (i15914), b.1771-d.1797
Purnell, Thomas (i15916), b.1755-d.1831
Purnell, Thomas (i16009), b.1751-d.1784
Purnell, Thomas (i16015)
Purnell, Thomas (i16240), b.1773-d.1833
Purnell, Thomas (i16252), b.1790-d.1831
Purnell, Thomas (i16312), d.1774
Purnell, Thomas (i16320)
Purnell, Thomas (i16347), b.1790-d.1808
Purnell, Thomas (i16358)
Purnell, Thomas (i16382), b.1800-
Purnell, Thomas (i16433), b.1787-
Purnell, Thomas (i16739)
Purnell, Thomas (i23538), b.1722-d.1727
Purnell, Thomas (marriage to Mary Purnell) (i15916), b.1755-d.1831
Purnell, Thomas Dixon (i16328), d.1814
Purnell, Thomas Duncan (i16361), b.1820-d.1880
Purnell, Thomas Edward (i16741), b.1829-
Purnell, Thomas Fassitt (i16503), b.1820-d.1894
Purnell, Thomas Henry (i16127), b.1864-d.1883
Purnell, Thomas Henry (i16141), b.1857-d.1943
Purnell, Thomas Henry Franklin (i16122), b.1824-
Purnell, Thomas M. (i16116), b.1794-d.1841
Purnell, Thomas M. (marriage to Mary E. Purnell) (i27451)
Purnell, Thomas Marshall (i113), b.1775-d.1816
Purnell, Thomas Robins (i16080), b.1762-d.1765
Purnell, Thomas, (I) (i15897), b.1619-d.1694
Purnell, Thomas, (II)(Mjr.) (i15813), b.1670-d.1723
Purnell, Thomas, (III) (i11182), b.1695-d.1769
Purnell, Thomas, (IV) (Col.) (i110), b.1745-d.1790
Purnell, Thomas, (of Sinepuxent) (i1516), b.1732-d.1796
Purnell, Thomas, (of Sinepuxent) (marriage to Comfort Purnell) (i1516), b.1732-d.1796
Purnell, Virginia (i16128), b.1864-d.1938
Purnell, Walter (Walton) (i23540)
Purnell, Walton (i15917), b.1705-d.1787
Purnell, Walton F. (i16432), b.1802-
Purnell, Washington (i16338)
Purnell, Washington (i27114), b.1815-
Purnell, Washington "Irving" (i22282), b.1843-
Purnell, William (i16004), b.1745-d.1781
Purnell, William (i16053), b.1774-d.1795
Purnell, William (i16321), b.1800-
Purnell, William (i16329), b.1782-d.1819
Purnell, William (i16381), b.1800-
Purnell, William (i16820)
Purnell, William (i19997), b.1834-d.1899
Purnell, William (i27111), b.1795-
Purnell, William A. (i20004), b.1857-d.1924
Purnell, William H. (i16790), b.1845-
Purnell, William Henry (i16336), b.1826-d.1902
Purnell, William Henry (i16410), b.1797-
Purnell, William Henry "D", (Dr.) (i16407), b.1771-d.1839
Purnell, William James Franklin, (Dr.) (i14763), b.1839-d.1896
Purnell, William M. (i22904), b.1848-
Purnell, William Mathew (i22912), b.1845-d.1903
Purnell, William Montgomery (i22915), b.1844-
Purnell, William Q. (i27149), b.1856-
Purnell, William R. (i20006), b.1868-
Purnell, William Robert (i16147), b.1865-d.1937
Purnell, William Thomas (i16229), b.1805-d.1873
Purnell, William Thomas (i16770), b.1838-d.1902
Purnell, William Thomas "John" (i14732), b.1815-d.1872
Purnell, William Thomas (marriage to Andasia Robins) (i16770), b.1838-d.1902
Purnell, William Thomas (marriage to Henrietta Zipporah Spence) (i16229), b.1805-d.1873
Purnell, William Undrill (i16179), b.1801-d.1853
Purnell, William Undrill (marriage to Eleanor "Ellen" Horsey Robins) (i16179), b.1801-d.1853
Purnell, William, (Col.) (i15968), b.1735-d.1777
Purnell, William, (Col.) (i16077), b.1739-d.1796
Purnell, William, (Col.) (marriage to Mary Robins) (i16077), b.1739-d.1796
Purnell, William, (Dr.) (i16435), b.1802-d.1831
Purnell, William, (Dr.) (i28313)
Purnell, William, (Esq.) (i15961), d.1798
Purnell, William, (Jr.) (i24249), b.1777-
Purnell, Wilmer Spence (i14768), b.1843-d.1904
Purnell, Wilmer Spence (marriage to Sarah Gertrude Timmons) (i14768), b.1843-d.1904
Purnell, Zadock (i111), b.1779-d.1807
Purnell, Zadock (i16064), b.1760-d.1811
Purnell, Zadock (i16110), b.1799-d.1841
Purnell, Zadock (i24248), b.1770-
Purnell, Zadock George Washington (i16123), b.1827-d.1906
Purnell, Zadock Thomas Marshall (i16137), b.1832-d.1898
Purnell, Zadock, (Col.) (i108), b.1725-d.1805
Purnell, Zadock, (Senator) (i15906), b.1764-d.1828
Purnell, Zadock, (Senator) (marriage to Sarah "Sally" Atkinson) (i15906), b.1764-d.1828
Purnell, Zipporah (i15913), b.1773-d.1824
Purnell, Zipporah (i15971), b.1736-
Purnell, Zipporah (i16258)
Purnell, Zipporah (i27403)
Purnell, Zipporah (marriage to John Purnell) (i15971), b.1736-


Quillen, Annie Kate (marriage to Peter L. Taylor) (i27218)
Quillen, Audrey (i27322), b.1907-
Quillen, Catherine N. (i27324), b.1909-
Quillen, Dewey (i27314), b.1898-
Quillen, G. Preston (i27317), b.1902-
Quillen, Howard Dale (i27319), b.1903-
Quillen, Ollie C. (i27326), b.1913-
Quillen, Paul (i27321), b.1905-d.1982
Quillen, Thomas J. (marriage to Mary Margaret Taylor) (i27216)
Quillen, Viola (i27315), b.1901-


Rachel(wife of Thomas Newbold III) (marriage to Thomas Newbold(III)) (i16575)


Rackliff, Catharine (i6735), d.1788
Rackliff, Charles, (II) (marriage to Mary "Polly" Purnell) (i16020)
Rackliff, Charles, (IV) (i16021)
Rackliff, Charlotte (i16816)
Rackliff, Elizabeth (marriage to John Purnell(Cpt.)) (i15894), d.1841
Rackliff, Elizabeth (marriage to John Purnell(Mjr.)) (i15902), b.1700-d.1755
Rackliff, James (i16023), d.1790
Rackliff, James, (Dr.) (i16035)
Rackliff, James, (Dr.) (marriage to Margarette "Peggy" Fassitt) (i15982), d.1862
Rackliff, James, (Dr.) (marriage to Matilda Fassitt) (i15982), d.1862
Rackliff, John (i16022), d.1786
Rackliff, John (i16497)
Rackliff, John (i16815)
Rackliff, John (marriage to Zipporah Purnell) (i15973)
Rackliff, Kitty Henry (i16817)
Rackliff, Margaret (i16037)
Rackliff, Mary Ann (i16036)
Rackliff, Rider Henry (i16814)
Rackliff, Sarah (i15974), b.1760-d.1812
Rackliff, Sarah (marriage to William Purnell) (i16352)
Rackliff, Thomas (i15984)
Rackliff, Thomas (i16033), d.1819
Rackliff, Thomas Purnell (i16032), b.1763-d.1819
Rackliff, Zipporah (i16024), d.1822


Ravell, Lottie (marriage to Lemuel Purnell Mitchell) (i16908)


Rea, Katherine (marriage to George Washington Purnell(Jr.)) (i14792), b.1898-


Redden, John Louis (marriage to Julia Sophronia Trimble) (i6860)


Reed, Ann Bronson (marriage to William Bowdoin Robins) (i14868), b.1848-d.1902
Reed, Elizabeth Betsey (marriage to Robert Purnell) (i28929)


Regester, Josephine (marriage to Isaac Marshall Purnell) (i16747)


Reis, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Purnell Selby) (i14806), b.1869-d.1946


Richards, Catherine (marriage to Peter Purnell) (i16066)


Richardson, Alice Mason (i19886), b.1858-
Richardson, Asher (i25720)
Richardson, Benjamin T. (i23812), b.1817-
Richardson, Betsy Marshall (i312)
Richardson, Beulah (marriage to G. Preston Quillen) (i27318)
Richardson, David, (Capt.) (i19857), b.1788-d.1855
Richardson, Eleanor Ann Drummond (i19863), b.1814-d.1874
Richardson, Ellen (i23815), b.1824-
Richardson, Ephraim King (i19875), b.1825-
Richardson, Esme (i19858), b.1796-
Richardson, George (i19869), b.1816-d.1817
Richardson, George (marriage to Anne "Nancy" Purnell) (i2077), d.1830
Richardson, George (marriage to Mary "Polly" Marshall Purnell) (i311), b.1751-d.1804
Richardson, George Samuel Handy (i19872), b.1821-d.1896
Richardson, Harriett Ellen "Hattie" (i23825), d.1888
Richardson, Harry W. (marriage to Isabelle "Belle" Taylor) (i27337)
Richardson, Helen (i27338)
Richardson, James Wilson (i19870), b.1818-d.1838
Richardson, John Moore (i19884), b.1858-
Richardson, Littleton James (i23809), b.1822-d.1865
Richardson, Mary (i23820), d.1888
Richardson, Mary A. (i23776), b.1812-d.1851
Richardson, Mary A. (marriage to William Sturgis) (i23776), b.1812-d.1851
Richardson, Mary Elizabeth Purnell (i19871), b.1819-d.1841
Richardson, Mary Frances (marriage to John Walter Smith(Jr.) (Gov.)) (i6750)
Richardson, Matilda (i23814), b.1808-
Richardson, Matilda (i23823)
Richardson, Molly (i19855)
Richardson, Nancy (i19856)
Richardson, Nancy (marriage to Lambert Purnell Ayres) (i19914)
Richardson, Pearl Louise (marriage to Calvin Hershel Taylor) (i27305)
Richardson, Polly Marshall (i16500)
Richardson, Rodney Hall (i19887), b.1860-
Richardson, Sallie Maria (i19877), b.1834-
Richardson, Samuel C. (i19853), d.1850
Richardson, William (i23813), b.1816-d.1888
Richardson, William H. (marriage to Eleanor "Nelly" Sturgis) (i23735)
Richardson, William Handy (i19876), b.1830-d.1898
Richardson, William Handy (marriage to Mary H. Moore) (i19876), b.1830-d.1898
Richardson, William Mackey (i19883), b.1856-
Richardson, Wilmer T. (i27340)
Richardson, Zadock H. (i23818), b.1828-


Rider, Charles (marriage to Amelia "Milly" Purnell) (i27452)
Rider, Hattie A. S. (marriage to John Purnell Robins Gillis(Dr.)) (i23273)


Riley, Elizabeth (marriage to Hezekiah Wright) (i16208)
Riley, Mary Ann (i16794), b.1815-d.1862
Riley, Stephen (marriage to Mary "Molly" Purnell) (i16793), b.1773-d.1829
Riley, William T. (marriage to July Ann Purnell) (i15890)
Riley, William T. (marriage to July Ann Purnell) (i15890)


Robert, Sophronia Emily (marriage to William White Whittington) (i6753)


Robins, Andasia (i16287), b.1751-d.1782
Robins, Andasia (i16771)
Robins, Andasia (marriage to William Thomas Purnell) (i16771)
Robins, Andasia (marriage to William Thomas Purnell) (i16771)
Robins, Ann Davis (i14881), b.1865-d.1916
Robins, Anna Maria (i23244), b.1798-d.1827
Robins, Anna Maria (marriage to Ara Spence(Judge)) (i23244), b.1798-d.1827
Robins, Anna Matilda (i14830), b.1851-
Robins, Anne Bronson (i14876), b.1880-d.1972
Robins, Antoinette (i14866), b.1906-d.1906
Robins, Aralanta (i16285), b.1763-d.1825
Robins, Aralanta (marriage to John Selby Purnell) (i16285), b.1763-d.1825
Robins, Aralanta Leah Whaley (i14726), b.1813-d.1894
Robins, Aralanta Purnell (i16301), b.1774-
Robins, Arthur DeBerdt (i14879), b.1884-d.1951
Robins, Blanche (i14843)
Robins, Bowden or Bowdoin (i16286), b.1755-d.1786
Robins, Bowdoin (i16777), b.1880-d.1904
Robins, Dorothea (i14845)
Robins, Edward (i14809), b.1824-d.1896
Robins, Edward "Mr. Eddie" (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i315), b.1769-d.1857
Robins, Edward, (Jr.) (i14835), b.1862-
Robins, Eleanor "Ellen" Horsey (i16180), b.1803-d.1853
Robins, Eleanor "Ellen" Horsey (marriage to William Undrill Purnell) (i16180), b.1803-d.1853
Robins, Elizabeth (i14833), b.1858-
Robins, Elizabeth (i16282), b.1745-
Robins, Elizabeth Bowdoin (i14723), b.1808-d.1840
Robins, Elizabeth White (i14810), b.1825-d.1897
Robins, Elizabeth White (i14869), b.1871-d.1939
Robins, Emily (i14813), b.1829-d.1899
Robins, Emily Chatard (i14841)
Robins, Emma Davis (i14871), b.1872-d.1942
Robins, Esther (i16094), b.1760-d.1812
Robins, Esther (marriage to George Purnell(Mjr.)) (i16094), b.1760-d.1812
Robins, Esther Purnell (i14720), b.1801-d.1857
Robins, Ethel (i14846)
Robins, Florence (i14844)
Robins, George Pepper (i14878), b.1882-d.1975
Robins, Helen Hamilton (i14853), b.1863-d.1948
Robins, Helen Hamilton (i14858), b.1888-d.1941
Robins, Helene (i14842)
Robins, Henry Naglee Ringgold (i14865), b.1900-
Robins, Henry Reed (i14873), b.1875-d.1957
Robins, Isabella (i14812), b.1827-
Robins, Isabella (i14819), b.1841-d.1916
Robins, Isabella McClenachan (i14725), b.1812-d.1889
Robins, James B. (i23269), b.1825-d.1881
Robins, James Bowdoin (i16776), b.1837-d.1870
Robins, James Bowdoin (i23275), b.1806-d.1868
Robins, James Bowdoin (marriage to Ellen Anna Andasia Purnell) (i16776), b.1837-d.1870
Robins, James Bowdoin, (Judge) (i16297), b.1770-d.1826
Robins, James Bowdoin, (Judge) (marriage to Andasia Robins Purnell) (i16297), b.1770-d.1826
Robins, James Bowdoin, (Judge) (marriage to Andasia Robins Purnell) (i16297), b.1770-d.1826
Robins, James Hamilton (i14852), b.1858-d.1887
Robins, James Hamilton (i14864), b.1896-d.1973
Robins, James Wiltbank, (Rev. Dr.) (i14814), b.1831-d.1918
Robins, John Littleton (i23277), b.1854-d.1911
Robins, John Littleton Bowdoin (i16772), b.1802-d.1830
Robins, John Purnell (i16277), b.1748-d.1780
Robins, John Purnell Horsey, (Rev.) (i16519), b.1810-
Robins, John Purnell Horsey, (Rev.) (marriage to Margaret Ann E. Spence) (i16519), b.1810-
Robins, John Purnell, (Jr.) (i16300), b.1772-
Robins, Littleton (i16281), b.1749-d.1816
Robins, Littleton (i16302), b.1779-d.1810
Robins, Lucy (i14822), b.1846-d.1926
Robins, Margaret Naglee (i14863), b.1894-d.1985
Robins, Margaret Rachel (i14724), b.1810-d.1881
Robins, Margaret S. (i23248), b.1801-d.1862
Robins, Margaret S. (marriage to Irving Spence) (i23248), b.1801-d.1862
Robins, Margaret Sturgeon (i14914), b.1908-
Robins, Maria G. T. (i16306), b.1777-d.1827
Robins, Maria Theresa (i14838), b.1869-
Robins, Martha "Patsy" McClemmy (i316), b.1793-d.1837
Robins, Mary (i16078), b.1743-d.1809
Robins, Mary (marriage to William Purnell(Col.)) (i16078), b.1743-d.1809
Robins, Mary Frances (i14722), b.1806-d.1890
Robins, Mary Frances (i14807), b.1822-d.1905
Robins, Mary Reed (i14916), b.1918-
Robins, Mary Spence (i23279), b.1808-
Robins, Nannie Washington (i14911), b.1905-d.1963
Robins, Robert Paterson, (Dr.) (i14850), b.1857-d.1905
Robins, Samuel Davis (i14887), b.1899-d.1972
Robins, Samuel Grant (i14832), b.1855-
Robins, Sarah "Sally" Ann (i14719), b.1799-d.1858
Robins, Sarah Ann (i14815), b.1833-d.1913
Robins, Susanna "Susan" (i317), b.1795-d.1855
Robins, Thomas (i14715), b.1797-d.1882
Robins, Thomas Ellis (i14857), b.1884-d.1962
Robins, Thomas, (Cpt.) (marriage to Aralanta Purnell) (i14666), b.1702-d.1765
Robins, Thomas, (III) (i14882), b.1868-d.1957
Robins, Thomas, (IV)(Lt.) (i14886), b.1896-d.1977
Robins, Thomas, (Jr.) (i14818), b.1835-d.1905
Robins, Thomas, (Jr.) (i14867), b.1910-d.1931
Robins, Thomas, (Judge) (i14851), b.1858-d.1950
Robins, Unknown (marriage to William James Franklin Purnell(Dr.)) (i14764)
Robins, William Bowdoin (i14721), b.1803-d.1880
Robins, William Bowdoin (i14817), b.1834-d.1912
Robins, William Bowdoin (i14883), b.1870-
Robins, William Bowdoin, (Jr.) (i14874), b.1876-d.1965
Robins, William Powell (i14884), b.1872-d.1926


Robinson, Elizabeth (marriage to William James Whittington) (i6856)


Rodney, Lavina (marriage to John Fisher(Hon.)) (i16222)


Ross, John Sumner (marriage to Amanda Ann Purnell) (i16418), b.1805-d.1850
Ross, Sarah Ann (marriage to Madison Purnell) (i27401), b.1818-d.1875


Rounds, Hampton (marriage to Zipporah Rackliff) (i16025), d.1811
Rounds, James (i16030)
Rounds, Mary (i16031)
Rounds, Mary (marriage to John Sturgis(V)) (i16031)
Rounds, Molly (i16026), d.1822
Rounds, Nancy (i16028)
Rounds, Sarah (i16027)
Rounds, Thomas Rackliffe (i16029), d.1860


Rush, Catherine Elizabeth (i25322), b.1886-
Rush, Julia Stockton (i25324), b.1897-
Rush, Madison (marriage to Catherine "Kate" Parker Costin) (i25320), b.1859-d.1884
Rush, Susan (i25323), b.1890-


Sanford, Lawrence C. (marriage to Anna C. Whittington) (i6757)


Sarah C.(wife of James Sturgis) (marriage to James Sturgis) (i23064), d.1846
Sarah(wife of Hezekia Purnell) (marriage to Hezekia Purnell) (i16603)
Sarah(wife of John O. Sturgis) (marriage to John Outten Sturgis(Sr.)) (i23035)
Sarah(wife of John Purnell) (marriage to John Purnell) (i4799)


Scarborough, Hariett Elizabeth (marriage to Littleton James Richardson) (i14036), b.1828-


Scott, Indiana (marriage to Zadock Purnell Henry(III)) (i16867), b.1875-d.1973


Selby, Ann (marriage to Zadock Purnell) (i27105)
Selby, Benjamin Purnell (i14805), b.1865-d.1932
Selby, George (marriage to Betsy Custis or Curtis Sturgis) (i23086)
Selby, Henry Clay (i14793), b.1844-d.1876
Selby, James (marriage to Mary Sturgis) (i16936)
Selby, John Atkinson (marriage to Martha "Patsy" McClemmy Robins) (i14706), b.1793-d.1822
Selby, Margaret Purnell (i14802), b.1861-d.1948
Selby, Martha Robins (i14799), b.1847-d.1919
Selby, Mary (marriage to Elisha Purnell) (i16074), b.1708-d.1761
Selby, Mary (marriage to Thomas Purnall Sturgis) (i16926)
Selby, Mary Elizabeth (i16796), b.1815-d.1879
Selby, Mary Gertrude (marriage to George Washington Purnell(Dr.)) (i14783)
Selby, Mattie (i14801), b.1862-d.1873
Selby, Minnie Robbins Selby (i14795), b.1869-d.1952
Selby, Nancy (i17003)
Selby, Rebecca Eneu (i14797), b.1845-d.1876
Selby, William Bowdoin Robins (i14710), b.1820-d.1885
Selby, William Bowdoin Robins, (Jr.) (i14804), b.1863-d.1933
Selby, William Fleming, (Dr.) (marriage to Gertrude Henry) (i15937), b.1785-d.1810


Sewell, Unknown, (husband of Sarah Purnell) (marriage to Sarah Purnell) (i16375)


Shockley, Esther (marriage to Obed Outten) (i16557)
Shockley, William (marriage to Sarah Martha Taylor) (i27242)


Showell, Hannah Elizabeth (marriage to George Edward Henry) (i16752), b.1861-d.1930
Showell, Henrietta (marriage to John Littleton Bowdoin Robins) (i23274)


Simpson, Mary (marriage to William Purnell) (i16354), d.1787


Sims, John C. (marriage to Helen Hamilton Robins) (i14859)


Slaughter, Susan (marriage to William Purnell Beswick) (i22053), b.1828-


Smith, Charlotte Whittington (i6896), b.1870-d.1896
Smith, Director (marriage to John Purnell) (i16525), d.1696
Smith, Elisabeth (marriage to Bethuel Watson) (i16836)
Smith, Emeline C. (i6745), b.1834-d.1927
Smith, Eveline (i6849), b.1879-
Smith, George Washington Purnell (marriage to Elmira Church Purnell) (i16749)
Smith, Georgia Richardson (i6897), b.1872-
Smith, Gertrude (i6840), b.1866-
Smith, Henrietta (marriage to William Thomas Purnell) (i16251)
Smith, John (marriage to ?Daughter Purnell) (i27163)
Smith, John Walter (i6839)
Smith, John Walter, (Jr.) (Gov.) (i6749), b.1845-d.1925
Smith, John Walter, (Sr.) (marriage to Charlotte Catharine Whittington) (i6744)
Smith, Naomi Ethel (marriage to Joseph Franklin Taylor) (i27356)
Smith, Sadie (i6845), b.1876-
Smith, Sallie (i6847), b.1877-
Smith, Samuel (i6844), b.1874-
Smith, Soloman (marriage to Betty Outten) (i17002)
Smith, Thomas Spence (i6747), b.1842-d.1915
Smith, Thomas Spence (marriage to Sallie Gertrude Whittington) (i6747), b.1842-d.1915
Smith, Thomas Spence, (Jr.) (i6841), b.1868-
Smith, Whittington (i6843), b.1872-


Southerland, Mary Allen (marriage to Frank Neal Texada) (i6891)


Spence, Adam (i16289), d.1824
Spence, Adele (i23265), b.1874-
Spence, Andasia Robins (i16293), d.1818
Spence, Ann Maria (i16232), b.1812-d.1850
Spence, Anna (marriage to John Purnell Robins) (i16278), b.1736-
Spence, Anne (i23249), b.1822-d.1824
Spence, Ara, (Dr.) (i23251), b.1825-d.1860
Spence, Ara, (Judge) (i16295), b.1793-d.1866
Spence, Ara, (Judge) (marriage to Anna Maria Robins) (i16295), b.1793-d.1866
Spence, Elizabeth Washington (i16290)
Spence, Evelina Maria (i16230), b.1827-d.1853
Spence, George (marriage to Andasia Robins) (i16288), d.1800
Spence, George (marriage to Ann Nancy Purnell) (i16288), d.1800
Spence, George S. (i23222), b.1813-d.1869
Spence, Henrietta Zipporah (i16228), b.1819-d.1893
Spence, Henrietta Zipporah (marriage to William Thomas Purnell) (i16228), b.1819-d.1893
Spence, Irving (i16296), b.1799-d.1836
Spence, Irving (i23252), b.1828-d.1890
Spence, Irving (marriage to Margaret S. Robins) (i16296), b.1799-d.1836
Spence, James (i23255), b.1836-
Spence, James B. (i23253), b.1830-d.1836
Spence, James P. R. (i23250), b.1824-d.1826
Spence, John (i23254), b.1831-
Spence, John S. (i23224), b.1830-d.1831
Spence, John Selby, (Dr.) (Senator) (i15909), b.1788-d.1840
Spence, John Selby, (Dr.) (Senator) (marriage to Sally "Maria" Purnell) (i15909), b.1788-d.1840
Spence, John Selby, (Jr.) (i16226), b.1834-d.1905
Spence, Lemuel P., (Jr.) (i23225), b.1833-d.1838
Spence, Lemuel Purnell (i16516), b.1786-d.1839
Spence, Louisa J. (i16234), b.1822-d.1879
Spence, Margaret (i16762), b.1865-d.1910
Spence, Margaret (marriage to James Bowdoin Robins Purnell(Dr,)) (i16762), b.1865-d.1910
Spence, Margaret (marriage to James Bowdoin Robins Purnell(Dr,)) (i16762), b.1865-d.1910
Spence, Margaret Ann E. (i16518), b.1812-d.1847
Spence, Margaret Ann E. (marriage to John Purnell Horsey Robins(Rev.)) (i16518), b.1812-d.1847
Spence, Mary (i23264), b.1871-
Spence, Mary E. (i23223), b.1815-
Spence, Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" (i16784), b.1825-d.1883
Spence, Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" (marriage to John Henry Purnell) (i16784), b.1825-d.1883
Spence, Thomas Humphreys, (Prof.) (i23262), b.1867-d.1937
Spence, Thomas Robins Purnell, (Dr.) (i16292), d.1824
Spence, Thomas Robins Purnell, (Dr.) (marriage to Esther Robins Purnell) (i16292), d.1824
Spence, Thomas Robins Purnell, (Dr.) (marriage to Esther Robins Purnell) (i16292), d.1824
Spence, Virginia (i23263), b.1869-d.1870
Spence, Zadock Purnell (i16225), b.1816-d.1868


Spencer, Elizabeth Dexter (marriage to Samuel Davis Robins) (i14898), b.1910-d.1986


Stapleton, Joseph Downer (marriage to Mary Louisa Purnell) (i14788), b.1853-d.1903


Starin, Arthur Nelson (marriage to Anne Bronson Robins) (i14877), d.1958


Stevens, John (marriage to Betsy Marshall Richardson) (i19852), d.1820


Stevenson, Elizabeth Ann Christian (marriage to George Collier Purnell) (i16754), b.1831-d.1891
Stevenson, Leah E. (i23088)
Stevenson, Margaret Tabitha (marriage to John Robins Purnell) (i16766), b.1828-d.1914
Stevenson, Margaret Tabitha (marriage to John Robins Purnell) (i16766), b.1828-d.1914
Stevenson, Sarah A. (marriage to David James Sturgis) (i23339)
Stevenson, William T. (marriage to Catherine Sturgis) (i23087)
Stevenson, William T. (marriage to Leah Bratten Sturgis) (i23087)


Stewart, Azariah Purnell (i19769), b.1806-
Stewart, Levin (marriage to Mary "Polly" Purnell) (i19767)
Stewart, Mary Marshall (i19768), b.1803-


Stuller, J. Hilbert (marriage to Catherine N. Quillen) (i27325)


Sturgis, ?Elisabeth (i23793), b.1823-d.1850
Sturgis, Alexander D, (i23785), b.1846-d.1910
Sturgis, Alice H. (i23768), b.1850-d.1864
Sturgis, Amanda F. (i23761), b.1834-d.1864
Sturgis, Ann Priscilla (i23073), b.1851-
Sturgis, Betsy Custis or Curtis (i16928), b.1781-
Sturgis, Catharine (i23850), b.1839-
Sturgis, Catherine (i23063)
Sturgis, Charles R. (i23747), b.1818-
Sturgis, Charlotte E. I. (i23767), b.1847-d.1864
Sturgis, Daniel (i23043)
Sturgis, Daniel (marriage to Mary Outten) (i23032), b.1708-d.1749
Sturgis, Daughter (i16937)
Sturgis, David James (i23068)
Sturgis, Dolly A. (i23749), b.1825-
Sturgis, Eleanor "Nelly" (i23734), b.1788-d.1850
Sturgis, Elizabeth Catherine (i23069)
Sturgis, Ellen (i23769), b.1802-d.1839
Sturgis, Ellen R. (i23777), b.1838-d.1915
Sturgis, Esther (i16933)
Sturgis, Esther (i23759), b.1832-
Sturgis, George (i23085), b.1848-
Sturgis, George Henry (i23065)
Sturgis, Handy Mills (i23060)
Sturgis, Henrietta (i23849), b.1835-
Sturgis, Henry (i23057), b.1790-
Sturgis, Hester "Hetty" (i23789), b.1820-
Sturgis, Irving S. (i23765), b.1842-d.1864
Sturgis, Jacob Hanton (i23748), b.1821-
Sturgis, James (i23037), d.1828
Sturgis, James (i23848), b.1831-
Sturgis, James B. (i23766), b.1844-d.1864
Sturgis, James W.(Wilson) L.(Littleton) (marriage to Martha Adaline Purnell) (i16809), b.1809-d.1850
Sturgis, John (i23851), b.1842-
Sturgis, John Clayton (i23075), b.1856-
Sturgis, John Irving (i23782), b.1842-d.1898
Sturgis, John Outten, (III) (i23058), b.1803-d.1872
Sturgis, John Outten, (III) (marriage to Eliza Nelson) (i23058), b.1803-d.1872
Sturgis, John Outten, (Jr.) (i23036), b.1756-d.1810
Sturgis, John Outten, (Sr.) (i23034), b.1731-d.1816
Sturgis, John P. (i23764), b.1840-d.1864
Sturgis, John Raymond (i23066), b.1822-
Sturgis, John, (IV) (marriage to Mary Purnell) (i16061), d.1797
Sturgis, John, (V) (i23317), b.1774-
Sturgis, John, (V) (marriage to Mary Rounds) (i23317), b.1774-
Sturgis, John, (VI) (i23753), b.1800-d.1865
Sturgis, John, (VI) (marriage to Elizabeth Teague) (i23753), b.1800-d.1865
Sturgis, Joshua (i16930), d.1798
Sturgis, Joshua (i23042)
Sturgis, Joshua Hitch (i23067), b.1826-
Sturgis, Leah (i23833), b.1793-
Sturgis, Leah Bratten (i23061)
Sturgis, Littleton (i23787), b.1849-
Sturgis, Margaret (i23773), b.1830-
Sturgis, Marietta "Mary" (i23076), b.1861-
Sturgis, Martha (i16929), b.1780-
Sturgis, Martha (i23774), b.1831-
Sturgis, Mary (i16935)
Sturgis, Mary (marriage to Esme Richardson) (i19859)
Sturgis, Mary Brittingham (i23070)
Sturgis, Matilda Grace (i23855)
Sturgis, Nancy (i23775), b.1834-
Sturgis, Nancy (i23834), b.1796-
Sturgis, Nancy S. (i23762), b.1836-d.1864
Sturgis, Outten, (Capt.) (marriage to Martha Purnell) (i16598), b.1730-d.1796
Sturgis, Polly (i23736)
Sturgis, Priscilla (i23038)
Sturgis, Robert (i23083), b.1842-
Sturgis, Rowena (i23084), b.1844-
Sturgis, Sally (i23832), b.1791-
Sturgis, Sally Bratten (i23856)
Sturgis, Sally Elizabeth Catherine (i23074), b.1848-
Sturgis, Sarah (i23040)
Sturgis, Sarah Ann Priscilla (marriage to John Raymond Sturgis) (i22936)
Sturgis, Sarah Mills (i23062)
Sturgis, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Rounds) (i23742), b.1798-d.1850
Sturgis, Thomas Purnall (i16927), d.1782
Sturgis, William (i23771), b.1803-d.1850
Sturgis, William (i23779), b.1840-d.1917
Sturgis, William (marriage to Mary A. Richardson) (i23771), b.1803-d.1850
Sturgis, William James (i23857), b.1852-
Sturgis, Zadock (i23751), b.1798-d.1830
Sturgis, Zadock (i23784), b.1844-
Sturgis, Zelenro "Louise" Bell (i23077), b.1859-
Sturgis, Zipporah (i23750), b.1827-
Sturgis, Zipporah (i23791), b.1821-


Sylvester, Patty (marriage to Isaac Purnell) (i16400)


Taylor, Alice G. (i27186), b.1877-
Taylor, Alton Wade (i27352), b.1925-
Taylor, Ann (i27189), b.1880-
Taylor, Calvin Hershel (i27304), b.1898-
Taylor, Charles C. (i27200), b.1856-
Taylor, Charlotte (i27173), b.1837-
Taylor, Clinton Boston (i27250), b.1919-
Taylor, Curtis Covington (i27307), b.1901-d.1988
Taylor, Cyrus William (i27244), b.1904-
Taylor, Devan (i27247), b.1910-d.1943
Taylor, Edward Lee (i27342), b.1910-
Taylor, Elfred Revelle (i27248), b.1912-
Taylor, Elizabeth (i27166), b.1828-
Taylor, Elizabeth (marriage to Purnell Outten(Jr.)) (i16963)
Taylor, Ella B. (i27202), b.1865-
Taylor, Ernest William (i27344), b.1912-
Taylor, Esther (i27188), b.1878-
Taylor, Ethel M. (i27309), b.1903-d.1966
Taylor, Etta Ladkin (i27249), b.1915-d.1939
Taylor, Farrell Henry (i27336), b.1911-d.1971
Taylor, Florence K. (i27201), b.1859-
Taylor, Freda Virginia (i27348), b.1920-
Taylor, Harley Hobson (i27328), b.1899-
Taylor, Infant (i27306), b.1900-d.1900
Taylor, Isabelle "Belle" (i27221), b.1882-d.1982
Taylor, James Riley (i27190), b.1882-
Taylor, James Samuel (i27167), b.1829-
Taylor, Jesse (marriage to Delitta Outten) (i16959), d.1810
Taylor, John (marriage to Sarah "Sally" Marshall) (i26425)
Taylor, John William (i27182), b.1861-d.1926
Taylor, Joseph Franklin (i27355), b.1933-
Taylor, Joseph Henry (i27178), b.1845-d.1919
Taylor, Joseph William (i27222), b.1885-d.1969
Taylor, Kendal (i27171), b.1831-
Taylor, Kendall Theodore (i27219), b.1879-d.1949
Taylor, Leticia "Ellen" (i27177), b.1844-d.1903
Taylor, Lewis James "Jock" (i27246), b.1906-d.1972
Taylor, Madeline Marie (i27350), b.1923-
Taylor, Margarite E. (i27332), b.1907-
Taylor, Maria (i27185), b.1866-
Taylor, Mary Louise (i27184), b.1863-
Taylor, Mary M. (i27169), b.1830-d.1912
Taylor, Mary M. (marriage to John Bradford) (i27195)
Taylor, Mary Margaret (i27215), b.1871-d.1948
Taylor, May Elizabeth (i27240), b.1900-d.1941
Taylor, Miles Henry (i27213), b.1871-d.1933
Taylor, Milton Theodore (i27334), b.1908-
Taylor, Nellie Louise (i27312), b.1907-
Taylor, Peter L. (i27217), b.1875-d.1946
Taylor, Raymond Lee (i27330), b.1901-
Taylor, Roland Holland (i27346), b.1915-
Taylor, Rosalie (i27224), b.1892-d.1986
Taylor, Rose Ann (i27206)
Taylor, Sallie E. (i27180), d.1934
Taylor, Sarah Anne (marriage to Francis "Jenkins" Purnell(Dr.)) (i16785), b.1837-d.1899
Taylor, Sarah Martha (i27241), b.1902-
Taylor, Sidney (i27227), b.1900-
Taylor, William (i27175), b.1843-
Taylor, William Donald (i27205)


Teague, Comfort P. (i23190)
Teague, Elizabeth (i23187)
Teague, Elizabeth (marriage to John Sturgis(VI)) (i23187)
Teague, Esther (i23188)
Teague, Jacob (marriage to Zipporah Rackliff) (i23186)
Teague, Zipporah R. (i23189)


Teal, Elia Schillinger (marriage to Henry Clay Selby) (i14794), d.1918


Texada, Earnest Eugene (i6890), b.1910-
Texada, Frank Neal (i6889), b.1901-
Texada, James Parker (i6892)
Texada, Welsh (marriage to Maude Whittington) (i6767)


Tharp, Myrtle (marriage to John Milton Sandidge Whittington) (i6838)


Thomas, Emily (marriage to Joshua Hitch Sturgis) (i23338)


Timmons, Ann Catherine (i16800), b.1839-d.1907
Timmons, Belle (i16799)
Timmons, Robert (i16798)
Timmons, Sarah Gertrude (i16801), b.1844-d.1900
Timmons, Sarah Gertrude (marriage to Wilmer Spence Purnell) (i16801), b.1844-d.1900
Timmons, Thomas Levi (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Selby) (i16797), b.1817-d.1883


Tingle, Charles William Fleming (i16810), b.1823-d.1861
Tingle, Edward Henry Daniel (i16806), b.1820-d.1906
Tingle, Edward Henry Daniel (marriage to Mary Louisa Purnell) (i16806), b.1820-d.1906
Tingle, Elizabeth H. (i16151)
Tingle, John N. R. (marriage to Sally M. Purnell) (i16109), b.1798-d.1868
Tingle, John Nathaniel Rackliffe (i16198), b.1823-
Tingle, Nathaniel Rackliff, (Dr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Henry) (i16263), b.1793-d.1828
Tingle, Sarah Catherine Rackliff (i16805), b.1817-d.1834
Tingle, Sarah H. (i16194), b.1827-
Tingle, Thomas Nathaniel Chapman (i16811), b.1828-d.1906
Tingle, Zadock A. P. (i16199), b.1828-


Toadvine, Elizabeth E. (marriage to George Samuel Handy Richardson) (i19874), b.1829-d.1881
Toadvine, Margaret Gordon (marriage to John Robins Purnell Moore) (i28342)


Townsend, Isaac Purnell (i16070), b.1796-
Townsend, James (marriage to Eleanor R. Purnell) (i16788)
Townsend, James Henry (marriage to Amelia J. Moore) (i22477)
Townsend, Marshall (i16071), b.1796-
Townsend, Peter (marriage to Sarah "Sary" Marshall Purnell) (i16069), b.1760-d.1795
Townsend, Thomas (i26415), b.1779-d.1830


Trimble, David Sims (i6866), b.1885-d.1887
Trimble, Emma Eugenia (i6861), b.1881-d.1887
Trimble, Eugene Neal (i6874), b.1892-d.1895
Trimble, Eugenia Ruth (i6877), b.1896-
Trimble, Iva Hortense (i6875), b.1894-
Trimble, Julia Sophronia (i6859), b.1879-
Trimble, Margaritte Ellener (i6867), b.1888-d.1895
Trimble, Monroe Stuart (marriage to Eugenia C. Whittington) (i6763)
Trimble, Monroe Stuart, (Jr.) (i6870), b.1890-
Trimble, William Stuart (i6862), b.1883-
Trimble, William White Whittington (i6868), b.1890-


Trippe, James (marriage to Jane Purnell) (i16514)


Truitt, Ann (marriage to George Johnson) (i17088)
Truitt, Danna (marriage to William Sturgis) (i23781), b.1853-d.1870
Truitt, Danna (marriage to William Sturgis) (i23781), b.1853-d.1870
Truitt, Elizabeth Bishop (marriage to Lemuel Purnell Spence) (i23219), b.1807-
Truitt, George W., (Capt.) (marriage to Gertrude D. Purnell) (i28330), b.1845-d.1928


Tubbs, Iva Mae (marriage to Dorson G. Harmon) (i27233)


Tucker, Winifred Howard (marriage to Thomas Robins(III)) (i14885), b.1869-d.1957


Tull, John (i16978)
Tull, Littleton (i16976), b.1758-
Tull, Magdalena (i16977)
Tull, William (marriage to Mary Newbold) (i16584)


Twiford, Robert (marriage to Tabitha Outten) (i16957)


Vallandigham, James L., (Rev.) (marriage to Mary E. Spence) (i23226), d.1904


Vosburg, Minnie S. (marriage to John Dirickson P. Henry) (i16864)


Walker, Emily (marriage to William White Whittington(Jr.)) (i6759)


Waller, Caroline Ariadne (marriage to Thomas Fassitt Purnell) (i16504)

Walton or Wilton

Walton or Wilton, Esther (marriage to Thomas Purnell) (i16253)


Walton, Emily Jewell (marriage to Edward Robins(Jr.)) (i14837)
Walton, Mary (marriage to Azariah Purnell) (i16003)
Walton, William (marriage to Bathseba Purnell) (i23537)


Washington, Margaret Sturgeon (marriage to George Pepper Robins) (i14910), b.1885-d.1970


Waters, Polly (marriage to John Sturgis(V)) (i23788)


Watson, Bethuel (i16835), b.1710-d.1792
Watson, Elizabeth (i16833)
Watson, Isaac (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i16825), b.1677-d.1730
Watson, Isaac, (Jr.) (i16830)
Watson, Jeremiah (i27977), b.1772-d.1854
Watson, Jesse (i27975), b.1744-
Watson, Thomas (i16831), d.1755


Wayne, Benjamin (marriage to Laura Austin Purnell) (i16427), d.1875


Webb, Mildred (marriage to James Parker Texada) (i6893)


Wells, Aza R. (marriage to Rebecca Eneu Selby) (i14798)


Whaley, Maria Catherine (marriage to Zadock George Washington Purnell) (i16124), b.1826-d.1915
Whaley, Peter (marriage to Sally Mary Henry) (i14781)
Whaley, Peter, (Jr.) (marriage to Ann Catherine Timmons) (i16802)


Wharton, Parker Eli (marriage to Jane Purnell) (i28365)


White, Betty (marriage to Abraham Outten) (i16552), b.1723-d.1796
White, Rebecca (marriage to Samuel C. Richardson) (i19854)
White, Robert H. (marriage to Margarite E. Taylor) (i27333)
White, Sarah"Sallie" Catherine (i6468), b.1782-d.1819
White, William (marriage to Catharine Rackliff) (i6734)


Whiteman, Lydia K. (marriage to Madison Purnell) (i27402), b.1836-


Whittington, Anna C. (i6756)
Whittington, Annie (i6851), b.1873-d.1930
Whittington, Charles Price (i6857), b.1879-d.1918
Whittington, Charlotte Catharine (i6740), b.1813-
Whittington, Clinton Robert (i6769), b.1864-
Whittington, Duncan Graham (i6854), b.1875-d.1892
Whittington, Edward French (i6831), b.1873-
Whittington, Emily Ann (i6833), b.1873-
Whittington, Emma Sophronia (i6764), b.1860-d.1925
Whittington, Eugenia C. (i6762), b.1859-d.1896
Whittington, George Purnell (i6830), b.1873-
Whittington, John Milton Sandidge (i6837), b.1879-d.1926
Whittington, John R. R. (i6742), b.1818-
Whittington, John Rousby (i6768), b.1855-
Whittington, Mary H. H. (i6741), b.1815-
Whittington, Mary Margaret "Maggie" (i6835), b.1877-
Whittington, Maude (i6766), b.1866-
Whittington, Minnie (i6858), b.1888-
Whittington, Robert H. H. (i6743), b.1818-
Whittington, Robert Holt (i6760), b.1848-d.1913
Whittington, Robert Holt (i6832), b.1873-
Whittington, Robert Holt, (Jr.) (i6853), b.1874-d.1933
Whittington, Sallie Gertrude (i6748), b.1843-d.1910
Whittington, Sallie Gertrude (marriage to Thomas Spence Smith) (i6748), b.1843-d.1910
Whittington, William James (i6855), b.1877-
Whittington, William White (i6593), b.1812-d.1891
Whittington, William White, (III) (i6834), b.1875-d.1918
Whittington, William White, (Jr.) (i6758), b.1839-d.1915
Whittington, William, (Judge) (marriage to Sarah"Sallie" Catherine White) (i6390), b.1770-d.1827


Wier, Grace Ann Crab (marriage to William Purnell) (i19998), b.1836-d.1878


Wilder, Charles Herbert (marriage to Elizabeth Sophronia Hamilton) (i6882)


Wilkins, Elizabeth (marriage to William Henry "D" Purnell(Dr.)) (i16408), b.1775-d.1811
Wilkins, Harley Thomas (marriage to Nellie Louise Taylor) (i27313)


Williams, Charles E. (i27281), b.1903-
Williams, Florence E. (i27280), b.1901-
Williams, Jennie E. (i27279), b.1899-
Williams, John (marriage to Charlotte Taylor) (i27174)
Williams, John E. J. (i27278), b.1898-
Williams, John, (Jr.) (i27203), b.1864-
Williams, Mabel C. (i27277), b.1897-
Williams, Sarah G. (marriage to John Purnell Marshall) (i139)
Williams, Sarah Martha (marriage to James Samuel Taylor) (i27168)
Williams, Thomas N. (marriage to Mary "Polly" Marshall) (i16979)
Williams, William E. (i27204), b.1870-d.1920


Williamson, Stuart, (Rev.) (marriage to Zipporah Purnell Fassitt) (i15978)


Wilson, Elizabeth (marriage to John Fisher(Hon.)) (i16223)
Wilson, Ellen (marriage to Littleton Robins Purnell) (i16759), d.1860
Wilson, Ellen (marriage to Littleton Robins Purnell) (i16759), d.1860
Wilson, Nancy J. (marriage to David Richardson(Capt.)) (i19860), b.1793-d.1841
Wilson, Priscilla (marriage to Ara Spence(Judge)) (i23245), b.1813-d.1837


Wiltbank, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Robins) (i14716), b.1800-d.1888


Winant, Aralanta "Lanta" (i16284)
Winant, George (marriage to Elizabeth Robins) (i16283)


Worthington, William Hall (marriage to Margaret Campbell Henry) (i16914), b.1904-d.1977
Worthington, William Hall (marriage to Margaret Campbell Henry) (i16914), b.1904-d.1977


Wright, Anthony (marriage to Elizabeth Purnell) (i17446), d.1761
Wright, Elizabeth (i23172)
Wright, Esther (i23174)
Wright, Hetty (i16209)
Wright, Hezekiah (i16207), d.1804
Wright, Hezekiah (i23170)
Wright, John (i23171)
Wright, Mary "Polly" (i16217)
Wright, Mary P. (i28839)
Wright, Nancy (i23175)
Wright, Polly (i23176)
Wright, Purnell (i16216)
Wright, Sarah (i23173)
Wright, Zadock (i16206), d.1794


Wurts, Edward V. (marriage to Elizabeth White Robins) (i14870)


Wyatt, Alice Lottie (i27300), b.1914-
Wyatt, George H. (i27298), b.1913-
Wyatt, James Riley, (Sr.) (i27267), b.1906-
Wyatt, John L. (marriage to Emma Kate Lewis) (i27210), b.1889-
Wyatt, Minous John, (Jr.) (i27269), b.1911-
Wyatt, Minous John, (Sr.) (marriage to Alice G. Taylor) (i27187)
Wyatt, Pauline (i27302), b.1918-
Wyatt, Preston J. (i27301), b.1915-
Wyatt, Sarah M. (i27266), b.1904-
Wyatt, Thomas (i27297)


Yerger, Albert H. (i19990), b.1840-
Yerger, Edward M. (i19995), b.1857-
Yerger, Georgette E. (i19993), b.1852-
Yerger, John Kemp (marriage to Erexine Henry Purnell) (i16420), b.1806-d.1860
Yerger, John Kemp, (Jr.) (i19992), b.1850-
Yerger, Lemuel Purnell (i19991), b.1846-
Yerger, Matthew W. (i19994), b.1854-

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