Eighth Generation

269. Sarah Ann Priscilla8 Sturgis (Littleton7, Levi6, Richard5, Richard4, Richard3, John2, John1) birth date unknown.

She married John Raymond Sturgis in Coventry Parish, March 3, 1847. John was born in Worcester Co., MD about 1822. John was the son of James Sturgis and Sarah C.(wife of James Sturgis). His father left his land at "Friends Assistance," and "The Hammer" in his 1828 will. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Land Records) Also owning a tract at "The Hammer" was Levi Sturgis, a cousin, whose granddaughter married John Raymond.

John was killed in a steam mill accident before 1880. (research of Linda Harrison) Sarah is shown in the household of George H. Harrison in 1880 and called "aunt." Annie, Louise and Mary are with her. (research of Linda Harrison)

John Raymond Sturgis and Sarah Ann Priscilla Sturgis had the following children:

child 257 i. Sally Elizabeth Catherine7 Sturgis was born February 21, 1848.

child 258 ii. Ann Priscilla Sturgis was born January 9, 1851. She is shown as Annie P., age 30, in the 1880 census, living in the household of George Harrison.

child 259 iii. John Clayton Sturgis was born November 7, 1856.

child 260 iv. Zelenro "Louise" Bell Sturgis was born April 12, 1859. She married George J. Foster. George died 1935. This is probably the George Foster, boarder at the home of Alice Harrison, who was buried November 30, 1935, Harrison plot, Baltimore cemetery. (research of Linda Harrison) The 1900 census shows George and Zelenra Foster caring for the children of Alice Johnson & George Harrison after Alice's death. The relationship is shown as "cousins." (Alice and Zelenra were first cousins, their mothers being sisters) A George "H." Foster b. 1868 was a boarder in the home of Alice Harrison; the same Alice who lived with Zelenra & George as a child. Alice buried George Foster in the Harrison family plot. She evidently went by the name "Louise" and is shown in the 1880 census with her mother and sisters living in the household of George Harrison. (research of Linda Harrison)

child 261 v. Marietta "Mary" Sturgis was born August 7, 1861. She married twice. She married Unknown Anderson. She married Nicholas "Wilbur" Harrison. Nicholas was the son of Nicholas S. Harrison and Elizabeth Greenfield. She is shown as Mary, age 18, living in the household of George Harrison in 1880. That she is the Marietta who married Wilbur Harrison is speculative, but Wilbur's brother did marry her sister.

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