114. Francis5 Thorowgood (Jr.) (Francis4, Adam3, Adam2, William1) birth date unknown. Francis died February 14, 1740 in Princess Anne Co., VA.

He married Amy Lovett. Amy was the daughter of John Lovett and Isabell Woodhouse. Amy died 1778 in Princess Anne Co., VA. She married 2nd Joel Simmons. (Purse & Person, p. 619)

He made a will in Princess Anne Co., VA, February 13, 1740. Probate April 1, 1741. Meyer & Dorman, Adventurers of Purse & Person, p. 619 shows this Francis as the son of Francis and Anne Brittingham. The Creecy Chart shows the Francis who married Amy Lovett as the son of Adam Thorowgood and Mary Sayer. Creecy notes that Francis of Francis was entrusted with the appraisement of his father, Francis Thorowgood's, estate August 7, 1723. The problem is that there are two Francis Thorowgoods, first cousins, one the son of Adam and Mary Sayer Thorowgood, the other the son of Francis and Anne Brittingham Thorowgood. Both Francis Thorowgoods were living in 1723 when one received distribution of Negroes (son of Adam and Mary) and one is handling his father's estate (son of Francis and Anne). Adam and Mary Sayer Thorowgood did have a son Francis and a son John; John is called "only surviving son" of Adam Thorowgood in 1726 and since the Francis who married Amy Lovett lived until 1740, this journal follows the early family as set down by Meyers & Dorman.

Francis Thorowgood(Jr.) and Amy Lovett had the following children:

child + 296 i. John6 Thorowgood.

child 297 ii. Argall Thorowgood. He chose Lancaster Lovett guardian in 1751 and was bound out to William Keeling in 1763. (Creecy Chart)

child + 298 iii. Francis Thorowgood(III).

child 299 iv. Lovett Thorowgood was born November 30, 1734. (Bob Thorowgood - ghote)

child 300 v. Adam Thorowgood was born April 16, 1736.

child 301 vi. Anne Thorowgood was born January 31, 1739. She married William Smith. Joel Simmons was appointed her guardian in 1752. (John Harvie Creecy Chart) (Marrage-Bob Thorowgood, ghote)

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