281. John6 Thorowgood (Argall5, Argall4, Adam3, Adam2, William1) birth date unknown. John died about 1763 in Princess Anne Co., VA.

He married three times. He married Daughter Keeling. Daughter was the daughter of William Keeling(Capt.) and Amy Woodhouse. He married Mary (wife of John Thorowgood) before October 4, 1737. He married Margaret Scarburgh about 1754. Margaret was born in Accomack Co., VA April 26, 1721. Margaret was the daughter of Mitchell Scarburgh and Dorothy Wainhouse.

He made a will in Princess Anne Co., VA, 1763. (Creecy chart)

John Thorowgood and Mary(wife of John Thorowgood) had the following child:

child + 523 i. John7 Thorowgood (Jr.).

John Thorowgood had the following children:

child + 524 ii. Peggy Thorowgood.

child 525 iii. Mary Thorowgood. She married John Mackie.

child 526 iv. John Harper Thorowgood.

child 527 v. Elizabeth Thorowgood.

child 528 vi. Argoll Thorowgood. Argoll died after 1763.

child + 529 vii. William Thorowgood.

John Thorowgood and Margaret Scarburgh had the following children:

child 530 viii. Robert Thorowgood was born January 1, 1754.

child 531 ix. Thomas Scarburgh Thorowgood was born June 29, 1755. Thomas died after 1763.

child 532 x. Mitchel Thorowgood was born April 13, 1757. Mitchel died about 1815 in Princess Anne Co., VA. He married Margaret Wishart in Princess Anne Co., VA, November 30, 1802.

He made a will in Princess Anne Co., VA, 1815. He is called "cousin" by Mitchell Scarburgh in his will dated February 19, 1764, Accomack. (Stratton Nottingham, Wills & Administrations of Accomack Co., VA, p. 218) The Creecy chart shows he had no children, but he may have had a son, Thomas Thorowgood. (Bob Thorowgood, ghote)

child + 533 xi. Pennebruck Thorowgood was born March 9, 1760.

child + 534 xii. Sarah "Sally" Scarburgh Thorowgood was born August 28, 1762.

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