1053. Severn Eyre9 Bowdoin (Peter8, Grace7 Stringer, Elishe6 Harmanson, Elizabeth5 Yeardley, Sarah4 Michael, Elizabeth3 Thorowgood, Adam2, William1) was born May 4, 1811. Severn died September 7, 1889 at 78 years of age.

He married Laura A. E. Upshur in Northampton Co., VA, April 21, 1834. Laura was born November 13, 1816. Laura was the daughter of Arthur "Long Arthur" Upshur(V) and Anne B. Steele. Laura died August 13, 1898 at 81 years of age. Buried at Christ Church, Eastville, VA. Buried at Christ Church, Eastville, VA.

Severn Eyre Bowdoin and Laura A. E. Upshur had the following children:

child 1413 i. Nannie Steele10 Bowdoin. Nannie died after 1850.

child 1414 ii. Lloyd Bowdoin. Lloyd died after 1850.

child 1415 iii. Peter Bowdoin was born 1838. Peter died after 1850.

child 1416 iv. Severn Bowdoin was born 1840. Severn died after 1850.

child 1417 v. Ann Steele Bowdoin was born September 3, 1843. Ann died before 1850.

child 1418 vi. Arthur Upshur Bowdoin was born 1846. Arthur died after 1850.

child 1419 vii. Virginia Bowdoin was born November 21, 1846. Virginia died 1914 at 67 years of age. She married Edward Bowman Finney. Edward was born April 9, 1836. Edward died November 24, 1913 at 77 years of age.

child 1420 viii. Elizabeth Bowdoin was born 1848. Elizabeth died after 1850.

child 1421 ix. Susan Bowdoin was born February 11, 1849. Susan died before 1850.

child 1422 x. Charles Teackle Bowdoin was born October 25, 1850. Charles died after 1875. He married Louise "Susie" Bowdoin Smith November 3, 1875. Louise was born about 1845. Louise was the daughter of William Gilmore Smith and Elizabeth Upshur Bowdoin. Louise died after 1875.

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