777. George8 Scarburgh (Henry7, Margaret6 Custis, Henry5, Margaret4 Michael, Elizabeth3 Thorowgood, Adam2, William1) birth date unknown. George died 1831 in Accomack Co., VA.

He married Cassey West. Cassey was born May 19, 1777. Cassey was the daughter of John West and Elizabeth(wife of John West). Cassey died April 29, 1859 in Accomack Co., VA, at 81 years of age.

George Scarburgh and Cassey West had the following children:

child 1127 i. Elizabeth P. C.9 Scarburgh. Elizabeth died after 1831.

child 1128 ii. Ann R. Scarburgh. Ann died after 1831.

child 1129 iii. Catherine T. C. Scarburgh. She married James Henry Dix December 2, 1834.

child 1130 iv. Susan T. Scarburgh. Susan died after 1831.

child 1131 v. Margaret A. Scarburgh was born 1804. Margaret died after 1850.

child + 1132 vi. Sarah "Sally" H. Scarburgh was born 1806.

child + 1133 vii. George Parker Scarburgh was born 1807.

child + 1134 viii. Cassandra W. Scarburgh was born May 7, 1819.

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