Seventh Generation

480. Mary Whittington7 Marshall (Robert Nairn6, Mary "Polly"5 Whittington, Southy4, Southy3, William2, William1) was born in Somerset Co., MD December 26, 1809. Mary died May 3, 1872 in Somerset Co., MD, at 62 years of age. Her body was interred in Princess Anne, Somerset Co., MD, St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

She married Southy Fassit Whittington in Somerset Co., MD, March 13, 1832. Southy was born in Somerset Co., MD May 14, 1805. Southy was the son of Southy Littleton Whittington and Mary Coulbourn or Coleburn. Southy died June 17, 18__. (Marjorie Whittington Lankford) Mary and her son, Charles, are buried at St. Andrews' Cemetery to the left of the 'lich' gate when you enter the cemetery. Mary and her son, Joseph, then age 10, were living with her daughter, Emily, and her husband, Dr. Gunby, in the 1860 census.

Southy Fassit Whittington and Mary Whittington Marshall had the following children:

child 496 i. Charles William7 Whittington. His body was interred in Princess Anne, Somerset Co., MD, St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

child 497 ii. Emily Whittington was born in Somerset Co., MD 1832. Emily died January 9, 1904 in Crisfield, MD, at 71 years of age. She married twice. She married William Henry Riggin in Somerset Co., MD, February 11, 1851. (Kelly Avant)

William was born about 1829. William died 1854 in Somerset Co., MD, at 25 years of age. She married Hiram H. Gunby(Dr.) in Somerset Co., MD, January 18, 1856. Hiram was born about 1832. Hiram was the son of Elisha Gunby and Milcha Coulbourne. (Rich Cullen) Emily and Dr. Gunby lived at Crisfield. Family members called her Cousin Em (Diary of Ida Marshall Lankford of 1894). Emily and Dr. Gunby were counted as household 898 for the 1860 Somerset County census with Frederick, 4, and Edward, 3. Emily's mother, Mary Whittington, and her brother, Joseph, were living with them. Her descendants are followed in Wilson's 34 Families.

child 498 iii. Joseph Coulbourn (Coleburn or Colburn) Whittington was born June 16, 1849. Joseph died in Monrovia, CA. He married Mary Virginia "Jennie" Marshall in Somerset Co., MD, May 31, 1871. Mary was born in Princess Anne, Somerset Co., MD October 16, 1850. (Marshall Family Bible from "Beckford") Mary was the daughter of Charles Thomas Marshall and Priscilla Virginia Porter.

Mary died June 15, 1932 at 81 years of age. She was called Virginia in the 1860 census. A twenty-two page, hand-written letter from Jane Frances Hayward, "Aunt Fannie," tells much of the life and times of the Whittington and Marshall families while Rush and his family were in California (written to C. Hayward Marshall in 1948) Joe enlisted in the Union army at age 15 and was given an honorable discharge when it was discovered he was under age. Joe and Jennie were living in Kansas City, MO and then moved to Gold Hill in Monrovia, CA. Joe was a tailor and worked in Los Angeles. (C. Hayward Marshall, Sr., Marjorie Whittington Lankford, Edna Waddell Whittington)

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