3. William2 Whittington (William1) was born in Northampton Co., VA about 1650. William died before April 11, 1720 in Coventry Parish, Somerset Co., MD, at approximately 69 years of age.

He married five times. He married Tabitha Scarburgh Smart before November 4, 1674. Tabitha was born 1652. Tabitha was the daughter of John Smart and Tabitha Scarburgh(Madame Tabitha Hill). Tabitha died 1730 at 78 years of age. (Bill Burton; Ralph T. Whitelaw, Virginia's Eastern Shore pp. 966-972)

He married Esther Littleton in Northampton Co., VA, about 1683. (Clayton Torrence, Old Somerset; Myers & Dorman, Purse & Person)

Esther was born about 1665. Esther was the daughter of Southy Littleton. He married Atalanta Toft after 1687. (Myers & Dorman, Purse & Person)

Atalanta was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1665. Atalanta was the daughter of Edmond Scarburgh(II) (Col.) and Ann Toft. Atalanta died after 1731. (Myers & Dorman, Adventures of Purse & Person)

He married Hannah Hopkins before 1696. (Clayton Torrence, Old Somerset)

Hannah was born 1670. (Matthew Wise, The Littleton Heritage) Hannah was the daughter of Samuel Hopkins.

He married Elizabeth (wife of Samuel Davies) before March 5, 1713. Elizabeth died about 1735. William was in Somerset Co MD by 1684. He was a merchant and planter, Deputy surveyor 1686-7, High Sheriff of Somerset in 1689, Representative of Somerset to the first General Assembly in May, 1692 until 1695. He was treasurer for the Eastern Shore of the Province and member of the Court in 1693 until 1717. William was a strong opponent of the Revolution of 1689, Member of the Lower House of the Maryland Assembly 1692-1695 and 1697-1717. He served as Captain, Major and Lieutenant Colonel in the Militia. (Clayton Torrence, Old Somerset; Myers & Dorman, Adventures of Purse & Person)

Descendants of William Whittington and his wife, Esther Littleton, are referred to Matthew Wise's book, "The Littleton Heritage." Littleton descendants will find that Mr. Wise has traced not only the descendants of Esther Littleton, but her ancestors, as well.

William Whittington and Tabitha Scarburgh Smart had the following children:

child 9 i. Smart3 Whittington.

child + 10 ii. Tabitha Scarburgh Whittington was born 1667.

William Whittington and Elizabeth(wife of Samuel Davies) had the following child:

child + 11 iii. Elizabeth "Betty" Whittington.

William Whittington and Esther Littleton had the following children:

child + 12 iv. William Whittington was born about 1683.

child 13 v. Esther Whittington was born in Somerset Co., MD 1685. She married twice. She married William Skirven. She married Isaac Morris.

child + 14 vi. Southy Whittington was born about 1687.

William Whittington and Atalanta Toft had the following child:

child + 15 vii. Atalanta Whittington was born 1691.

William Whittington and Hannah Hopkins had the following child:

child 16 viii. Hannah Whittington was born in Somerset Co., MD about 1696. She married Edmond Hough. Clayaton Torrence "Old Somerset" says she was daughter of Esther Littleton; Matthew Wise "The Littleton Heritage" says she was daughter of Hannah Hopkins.

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