102. Elijah5 Bowen (Jethro4, John3, William2, William1) birth date unknown. Elijah died 1805 in Worcester Co., MD. Will dated March 29, 1805, probate April 30, 1805. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Will Book JBR, f. 224)

He married Elenor "Nellie" Jones. Elenor died after 1805. She was named in the will of Handy Jones (son of Jesse d. 1800) dated April 16, 1816, probate January 11, 1820, Worcester Co. A Hester Jones is living with Eliza and John Purnell in 1850 and she's 86 years old; this is probably Eleanor. Elijah was not named in his father's will. That he is the son of Jethro Bowen is found in the Turner manuscript. The Turner manuscript says he married Nellie Jones. His wife named in his will was Elenor.

Elijah named his son Littleton and daughter Eliza and wife Elenor and "other children" (not named). Witnesses were Rila Bowen, Isaac Bowen and Jeptha Bowen. The family Bible of Littleton Bowen includes an entry that his parents were Elijah and Eleanor and there is an entry for the marriage of Littleton's niece, Mary Elizabeth Purnell, who was the daughter of Eliza Bowen.

(Children and descendants - Rev. C.H.B. Turner manuscript, Maryland Historical Society, copied by Marcie Bowen-Astley. The manuscript shows Mandy Bowen as child of Elijah and a Mandy Bowen as grandchild by son, Parker. I believe this should read Handy Bowen. The manuscript also shows an Esma Bowen as son of Elijah Bowen and that he married Mary Henderson. A David Bowen d. 1847 named Esma P. Bowen as his son.)

Elijah Bowen and Elenor "Nellie" Jones had the following children:

child 196 i. David6 Bowen. David died 1847 in Worcester Co., MD. He married twice. He married Margaret Cropper in Worcester Co., MD, October 20, 1824. (Mary Beth & Vanessa Long, Worcester Co. MD Marriage Licenses)

He married Mary Ann Cropper in Worcester Co., MD, May 6, 1837. (Mary Beth & Vanessa Long, Worcester Co. MD Marriage Licenses)

Mary died after 1847.

He made a will in Worcester Co., MD, April 22, 1847. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Co., MD Wills LPS f.357-359, p. 44)

David's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, July 6, 1847. It is not proved that David was a son of Elijah and Nellie Bowen. It is circumstantial based on dates and given names used in the families.

It would appear that David was married before 1805 and by this wife had his older children. His children's names and middle initial "P" suggests she may have been a Purnell.

David named his sons Francis A., George E., Esma P. Samuel P., David R., William P. and daughters Jane P., Sarah S., Clarah F., Andasia R. and Mary J. Witnesses: James F. Mills, Isaac A. Ennis, Noah Bowen.

He left "Bowens Safety" to his wife, Mary Ann, 140 acres purchased of Zadock Marshall and wife and Rebecca Bowen that formerly belonged to James Bowen deceased in Queponco. To his son, George, he left 600 acres "where I live." (Zadock Marshall's wife was Cornelia Bowen, sister of Rebecca Bowen, daughters of James Bowen)

child 197 ii. Parker Bowen. He married three times. He married Sally Townsend in Worcester Co., MD, November 19, 1817. Sally was born about 1794. Sally was the daughter of Joshua Townsend and Mary Houston. Mary Townsend named two grandchildren: Mary Houston Bowen and Handy Bowen, of Parker, in 1822.

He married Mary I. Henderson in Worcester Co., MD, May 31, 1842. He married Sallie Johnson in Worcester Co., MD, February 14, 1854. (marriages-Mary Beth & Vanessa Long, Worcester Co. Marriage Licenses)

child 198 iii. Handy J. Bowen. He was named as son of Eleanor by Handy Jones in his 1816 will.

child 199 iv. Peter Bowen.

child 200 v. Elijah Bowen(Jr.).

child 201 vi. Isaac Bowen.

child 202 vii. Esma P. Bowen. He married Mary I. Henderson in Worcester Co., MD, June 8, 1830. (Mary Beth & Vanessa Long, Worcester Co. MD Marriage Licenses) The Turner manuscript shows that Esma, son of Elijah, married Mary Henderson. The marriage license shows it was an Esma "P." who married Mary Henderson. Esma had a nephew also named Esma P. Bowen.

child 203 viii. Littleton D. Bowen was born in Worcester Co., MD November 14, 1792. (Bible of Littleton Bowen) Littleton died November 24, 1864 in Worcester Co., MD, at 72 years of age. He married Charlotte Hammond in Worcester Co., MD, December 23, 1813. (all dates - Bible of Littleton Bowen)

Charlotte was born August 15, 1798. Charlotte was the daughter of Charles Hammond and Anda(wife of Charles Hammond). Charlotte died January 28, 1865 at 66 years of age. Note: Robert C. Greiner found the family Bible of Littleton Bowen in an antique store in New Market, MD and transcribed it Oct. 1999; Janet Hunter contributed its contents to the Lower Delmarva List. The names of Littleton's children and dates all come from that Bible. That Littleton's middle initial was "D" is found in the birth record of his daughter, Anna Mariar, in F. Edward Wright's Eastern Shore Vital Statistics, Bk. 5.

Paul Baker Touart's "Along the Seaboard Side," Worcester Co., MD, 1994: p. 282-3 "Engleside" Berlin, Wor. Co. built c. 1840, probably Mt. Pleasant during the 19th century, attributed to Littleton Bowen, a prominent Wor. Co. planter of the antebellum period. Bowen purchased the Mt. Pleasant tract in 1839 from John C. Briddell, who then lived in MO. The 300A tract sold for $7,500. 1850 census lists Bowen, 57, farmer, 51 year old wife Charlotte, and 3 children: Ann Maria, Sidney and Ellen J. Will probated 1864, he bequeathed Mt. Pleasant plantation to wife then to dtr. Ann Maria Truitt. He and Charlotte are buried at Berlin, MD. (MD Genealogical Society Bulletin, Vol. 42, #2, p. 222)

child 204 ix. Eliza Bowen was born 1803. Eliza died June 28, 1857 in Worcester Co., MD, at 53 years of age. She married John Fisher Purnell in Worcester Co., MD, April 7, 1823. (Mary Beth & Vanessa Long, Worcester Marriage Records)

John was born in Worcester Co., MD July 29, 1796. John was the son of Isaac Marshall Purnell and Hester "Hesse" Fisher. John died January 15, 1871 in Worcester Co., MD, at 74 years of age. His body was interred in Worcester Co., MD. His mother was living with him, as Hester Jones, in the 1850 census. (dates & marriage-Suzanne B. Hurley, Ocean City Lifesaving Museum; children-Melanie Ayres Merryweather, Genealogy of the Purnell Family) John's descendants are traced in Merryweather's Genealogy of the Purnell Family. Son, George, is found in the family Bible of his uncle, Littleton Bowen. Children: Mary, Sally, Irving, Ellen, Adella are found in the Turner manuscript at Maryland Historical Society. 1850 census: John F. 47, Eliza 45, Esma 23 farmer, Thomas 21 farmer, Elmira 17, Sally 15, Isaac 13, Littleton 11, Elijah 9, Irving 7, William 6, Delphina 4. Dates from headstone, Makemie Cemetery. (Date of birth-Wor. Co. Orphans Court, Liber MH17, p. 3) Dates from headstone, Makemie cemetery.

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