75. William4 Bunting (Solomon3, Holloway2, William1) was born in Northampton Co., VA September 14, 1752. (Family Bible) William died October, 1819 in Philadelphia, PA, at 67 years of age.

He married twice. He married Widow Forbes. Widow died before 1808. He married Elisabeth Seaman. Elisabeth was the daughter of Samuel Seaman and Mary Birdsall. Elizabeth's family lived at Jerusalem, Long Island, NY. (Carolyn Seaman) William was on board a vessel owned by his father and others laden with Peach Brandy and other goods and bound for Norfolk, when it was seized by a British 'Man of War.' All on board were taken to Long Island waters, near New York. On the passage, every effort was made to induce the men to enlist in 'King George's service.' Those who refused were mistreated and transferred to prison ships. William suffered physical injuries but told them "they might cut him up in pound pieces, and half pound pieces, but he would never lift his hand gainst his country." The good will of an old doctor saved his life. His name was put on the death list and after being carried out for burial, the doctor arranged for his escape. (letter written by William's daughter, Jane Jackson)

William made his way to New York, where he found employment apportioning rations. After the war, he keep the accounts and superintendedand paid the workmen repairing the city. He went on to become a distiller in New York and prospered.

He would return to the shore when he could to tend to his family business and visit his brothers and sisters. In 1819, he left for Virginia on the "Andrea." Sick with typhoid fever, William died on their arrival at Philadelphia and was buried at the Swedish Burial Ground in the city. Not arriving in Virginia, it took his family nearly three months to learn of his death. His trunk went on to Virginia and the family was able to recover it. This trunk contained papers necessary for the settlement of his estate, plus clothing and $90. Letters from his father and other family members were in that trunk, and it is from these that the history of William Bunting was preserved by Mary Elizabeth Seaman and recorded in "Buntings of Virginia."

William Bunting and Elisabeth Seaman had the following children:

child + 162 i. Ann Maria5 Bunting was born December 21, 1808.

child 163 ii. Jane Elizabeth Bunting was born in Jerusalem, Long Island, NY September 19, 1811. Jane died May 28, 1896 in Wantagh, Long Island, NY, at 84 years of age. The Family Bible shows the year of her death as 1897. She married Noah Jackson. (family records prepared by Mary Elisabeth Seaman)

child 164 iii. Solomon Bunting was born in NY March 28, 1813. Solomon died March 21, 1883 at 69 years of age. He married three times. He married Margaret Nichols. He married Charity Maria Smith. He married Sarah Smith. (family records prepared by Mary Elisabeth Seaman)

child 165 iv. Jemima Bunting was born in NY September 6, 1815. Jemima died April 29, 1816 at less than one year of age. (family records prepared by Mary Elisabeth Seaman)

child + 166 v. William Bunting(Jr.) was born January 14, 1817.

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