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(Selby), Mary (marriage to William Black Bunting) (i15249)


(Sterling), Hannah (marriage to James Bunting) (i19720)


Abdell, Abel (marriage to Rachel Johnson) (i515), d.1812


Adah(wife of Levin Bunting) (marriage to Levin Bunting) (i15736), d.1805


Addison, Elizabeth "Betsy" (marriage to Ismy Bunting(Jr.)) (i1546), d.1833
Addison, Esther (i19661)
Addison, Nancy (i19662)
Addison, Peggy (marriage to John Brown Bradford) (i572)
Addison, Richard (marriage to Seymour Bunting) (i19660)


Ames, John F. (marriage to Margaret S. James) (i19699), b.1819-d.1887


Ann(wife of Jonathan Bunting) (marriage to Jonathan Bunting) (i20379)
Armenda(wife of John S. Bunting) (marriage to John "Shepard" Bunting) (i15299), d.1886


Atkinson, Mary (marriage to William Bunting(I)) (i15223), b.1659-


Ayres, Annie R. (i1712), b.1857-d.1936
Ayres, Bettie P. (i619), b.1854-d.1896
Ayres, Blackstone Drummond (i1871), b.1896-d.1986
Ayres, Daisy Cropper (i1715), b.1869-d.1955
Ayres, Edmund (i617), b.1846-
Ayres, Edmund (marriage to Kasiah "Cessy" Johnson) (i504), b.1775-d.1834
Ayres, Edmund B. (i532)
Ayres, Elizabeth (i1873)
Ayres, Harriett Elizabeth (i620), b.1854-
Ayres, Henrietta Dawson (i548), b.1871-d.1930
Ayres, James Kellam (i540), b.1833-d.1917
Ayres, James R. (i553), b.1859-
Ayres, John (i615), b.1836-
Ayres, John Cropper (i1872), b.1899-d.1926
Ayres, John Hack, (Dr.) (i1714), b.1865-d.1932
Ayres, John J. (i535), b.1806-d.1855
Ayres, John William Gillet (i555), b.1865-d.1940
Ayres, Lewis (i618), b.1850-
Ayres, Malinda Upshur (i559), b.1880-
Ayres, Margaret L. (i616), b.1842-
Ayres, Mary (i1874), b.1901-d.1988
Ayres, Mary Gillet (i568), b.1900-d.1903
Ayres, Peter Thomas Hack (i552), b.1858-d.1880
Ayres, Richard Johnson (i531), b.1801-d.1872
Ayres, Richard Johnson, (Jr.) (i541), b.1835-d.1910
Ayres, Richard Stephen (i614), b.1833-d.1885
Ayres, Sabra (i1713), b.1859-d.1862
Ayres, Sallie (i537)
Ayres, Sallie Virginia Hack (i554), b.1862-d.1915
Ayres, Sarah Bayne (i545), b.1870-d.1930
Ayres, Son (i1708), b.1861-d.1861
Ayres, William J. (i536)


Badger, Robert (marriage to Mary Poulson) (i19667)


Bailey, Annie J. (marriage to Richard Francis Drummond) (i15526), b.1856-d.1943


Ball, Clara (i602), b.1862-
Ball, Edward (marriage to Harriet A. Johnson) (i596), b.1823-


Barnes, Robert Lee (marriage to Elsie Gentes Dowty-Doughty) (i2452)
Barnes, William T. (marriage to Juliet F. Bunting) (i15604), b.1843-d.1921


Battaile, Mary Louis (marriage to John William Gillet Ayres) (i565), b.1866-d.1941


Bell, James (marriage to Susan Jane Bunting) (i15335)
Bell, Mary E. (marriage to Cardinal Lambertine Bunting) (i19622), b.1865-d.1948


Belote, Charles (marriage to Hessy Poulson) (i19649)
Belote, Frederick (marriage to Sabra B. Johnson) (i1744), b.1862-
Belote, William H. (marriage to Elizabeth Bird) (i19695), b.1804-d.1861


Bird, Charles L. (i1763), b.1880-d.1957
Bird, Charles L. (i1893), b.1907-d.1962
Bird, Ebern (marriage to Peggy Bunting) (i19691)
Bird, Elizabeth (i19692), b.1802-d.1870
Bird, Nellie (marriage to Blackstone Drummond Ayres) (i2433), b.1906-
Bird, Solomon S. (marriage to Mary (E or F) Dowty-Doughty) (i1759), b.1838-d.1906
Bird, Stanley Milton (i1892), b.1909-d.1919
Bird, William L. (i1762), b.1869-d.1891


Bloxom, Agnes (marriage to William Robinson Bunting(Sr.)) (i19687)
Bloxom, Polly B. (marriage to Richard Johnson) (i518), d.1825
Bloxom, Richard (marriage to Rosey Bull) (i19665)


Blunt, Edmund (marriage to Eugenie Bunting) (i15679)


Boggs, Maude Helen (marriage to James Bagwell Drummond) (i15702), b.1880-d.1940
Boggs, Susan A. (marriage to Robert Smith Drummond) (i15512), b.1835-d.1877


Bourne, Thomas H. (marriage to Catherine Teackle Finney) (i19611)


Bradford, Brown (marriage to Peggy Johnson) (i508), d.1795
Bradford, Child (i1603), b.1795-d.1800
Bradford, Ezra (i571), b.1794-d.1800
Bradford, John Brown (i570), b.1794-d.1850
Bradford, Margaret F. (i573), b.1822-d.1860
Bradford, Susanna C. (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i19616), b.1779-d.1830


Brittingham, Emily (marriage to Harvey or Henry T. Bunting) (i15302), b.1845-
Brittingham, William (marriage to Charlotte Bunting) (i15304), b.1815-d.1889


Bull, Bagwell (i19653), d.1832
Bull, Custis (i19655)
Bull, Custis (i19659)
Bull, George (i19656)
Bull, James (i19654)
Bull, John (marriage to Bridget Bunting) (i15236)
Bull, Rosey (i19664)
Bull, Southey (i19657)
Bull, Southey, (Jr.) (i19658)


Bulman, Robinson C. (marriage to Louisa Gunter) (i1652), b.1847-


Bundick, Richard (marriage to Rachel Bunting) (i15290)


Bunting, Adah (i15269), b.1748-
Bunting, Adah (i15861), d.1833
Bunting, Alicia Lisha (i15567), b.1862-
Bunting, Alonzo L. (i15625)
Bunting, Amey or Naomy (i15260), b.1724-d.1779
Bunting, Amy (i15541)
Bunting, Amy G. (i15538), b.1831-
Bunting, Ann (i15282), d.1771
Bunting, Ann (i15468), b.1792-d.1820
Bunting, Ann "Nancy" (i15242), b.1755-
Bunting, Ann (marriage to Levin Bunting) (i15282), d.1771
Bunting, Ann Maria (i15656), b.1808-d.1864
Bunting, Ann Mary (i23), b.1724-d.1772
Bunting, Anna (i15599)
Bunting, Anna "Maria" (i15738), b.1788-d.1819
Bunting, Anna "Maria" (marriage to William "Smith" Bunting (of Back Creek)) (i15738), b.1788-d.1819
Bunting, Arthur (i15597)
Bunting, Benjamin F. (i15547)
Bunting, Betsey (i19689)
Bunting, Betsy (i15467), b.1792-
Bunting, Betty (i15255)
Bunting, Boyan (i15557)
Bunting, Bridget (i26), b.1724-
Bunting, Bridget (i15235), b.1739-d.1770
Bunting, Burton (i15239), b.1757-
Bunting, Cardinal Lambertine (i19621), b.1849-d.1930
Bunting, Caroline (i15637), b.1852-
Bunting, Catherine Susan (i19608), d.1864
Bunting, Charles (i15250)
Bunting, Charles S. (i15312), b.1866-d.1922
Bunting, Charlotte (i15303), b.1832-d.1912
Bunting, Charlotte (i19709), b.1787-
Bunting, Clyde (i15595)
Bunting, Coleman (i11274)
Bunting, Cornelia Jane (i15875), b.1829-d.1850
Bunting, Cornelius "Neil" (i15330), b.1876-
Bunting, Daughter (i15257), d.1777
Bunting, Earl (i15560)
Bunting, Edmund (i15824), d.1810
Bunting, Edward J. (i11264), d.1848
Bunting, Edward Scarburgh (i15542)
Bunting, Edward W. (i15647), b.1867-
Bunting, Elijah (i11239), d.1823
Bunting, Elishe (i19711), b.1787-
Bunting, Elizabeth (i15579), b.1820-
Bunting, Elizabeth (i15876), b.1813-d.1832
Bunting, Elizabeth (i19592), d.1829
Bunting, Elizabeth (i28757), b.1867-d.1871
Bunting, Elizabeth "Betty" (i15266), b.1721-
Bunting, Elizabeth A. (i15358), d.1872
Bunting, Elizabeth Betsey (i11237), b.1788-
Bunting, Ellen (i15320), b.1870-
Bunting, Emily Emma (i15642), b.1859-
Bunting, Emma (i15601)
Bunting, Emmeline (i15871), b.1824-d.1860
Bunting, Eugenie (i15678), b.1842-d.1916
Bunting, Euphamy (i45)
Bunting, Evelyn (i15571)
Bunting, Fuller (i15594)
Bunting, George (i22), b.1724-d.1734
Bunting, George (i15246), b.1754-d.1831
Bunting, George Robert (i15635), b.1846-d.1927
Bunting, George S. (i11249), b.1820-d.1858
Bunting, George T. (i19623), b.1836-
Bunting, George W. (i11265), d.1848
Bunting, George W. (i15359), b.1870-d.1870
Bunting, George W. (i15543)
Bunting, George W. (i15868), b.1817-d.1870
Bunting, George William (i15602)
Bunting, George, (III) (i11243)
Bunting, George, (Jr.) (i11240), d.1825
Bunting, George, (Sr.) (i40), b.1750-d.1811
Bunting, Georgianna (i15631)
Bunting, Gillet (i11259), b.1823-
Bunting, Gillet "Gillie" F. (i15331), b.1845-d.1928
Bunting, Ginny (i19708), b.1787-
Bunting, Hagar (i15546)
Bunting, Harry or Henry (i11275)
Bunting, Harvey or Henry T. (i15300), b.1829-d.1922
Bunting, Henry Clay (i15310), b.1843-d.1889
Bunting, Henry Clay (marriage to Susan Jane Bunting) (i15310), b.1843-d.1889
Bunting, Holloway (i18), b.1695-d.1776
Bunting, Holloway (i15268), b.1727-d.1763
Bunting, Holloway (i15280), d.1808
Bunting, Holloway (i15665), b.1808-
Bunting, Ida (i15598)
Bunting, Isaac Thomas (i11263)
Bunting, Ishmael Isma (i41), b.1760-d.1816
Bunting, Ismy, (Jr.) (i11276), d.1830
Bunting, James (i15283), b.1784-
Bunting, James (i15566)
Bunting, Jane Elizabeth (i15657), b.1811-d.1896
Bunting, Jemima (i15663), b.1815-d.1816
Bunting, Jennie (i15645), b.1863-
Bunting, Jeremiah (i15874), b.1828-d.1905
Bunting, John (i11233), b.1775-d.1802
Bunting, John (i15466), b.1792-
Bunting, John (i19590)
Bunting, John "Selby" (i15252)
Bunting, John "Shepard" (i11244), b.1802-d.1887
Bunting, John H. (i11262), b.1815-d.1838
Bunting, John H. (i15357), d.1878
Bunting, John J. "James" (i15583), b.1830-
Bunting, John Kendal (i15863), b.1807-d.1809
Bunting, John Kendal (i15864), b.1810-d.1810
Bunting, John Shepard (i15307)
Bunting, John T. (i15329), b.1874-d.1884
Bunting, John W., (Capt.) (i15353), b.1836-d.1907
Bunting, Jonathan (i19), b.1691-d.1764
Bunting, Jonathan (i21), b.1724-d.1791
Bunting, Jonathan (i39), b.1747-d.1808
Bunting, Jonathan (i11272)
Bunting, Jonathan (i15279), d.1815
Bunting, Jonathan John "Wesley" (i28755), b.1836-d.1870
Bunting, Joseph (i15878), b.1823-d.1824
Bunting, Joseph (i28921), b.1841-d.1923
Bunting, Joseph S. (i15545)
Bunting, Josie (i15553)
Bunting, Juliet F. (i15603), b.1847-
Bunting, Kendal (i15247), b.1751-d.1796
Bunting, Kendall J. (i15355), b.1860-d.1947
Bunting, Leonora (i15680), b.1844-d.1844
Bunting, Levin (i15234), b.1748-d.1797
Bunting, Levin (marriage to Ann Bunting) (i15234), b.1748-d.1797
Bunting, Lonnie (i15564)
Bunting, Luther & Others (i15352), b.1784-
Bunting, Margaret (i15286)
Bunting, Margaret "Peggy" (i19594), d.1839
Bunting, Mary (i11238)
Bunting, Mary Ann (i15869), b.1820-d.1906
Bunting, Mary Caroline (i19678), b.1870-
Bunting, Mary Missouri "Manie" (i15322), b.1872-d.1965
Bunting, Melissa A. (i15321), b.1871-
Bunting, Melissa G. (i15544)
Bunting, Millendy-Malinday (i15866), b.1815-d.1846
Bunting, Minnie (i15591)
Bunting, Molly (i15605)
Bunting, Nancy (i11236)
Bunting, Nancy (i11270)
Bunting, Nancy (i15292), d.1791
Bunting, Nancy (i15655)
Bunting, Nancy (i19639)
Bunting, Neomy (i15237), b.1753-
Bunting, Oliver (i11257), b.1827-d.1901
Bunting, Otho (i15593)
Bunting, Peggy (i11235)
Bunting, Peggy (i15540)
Bunting, Peggy Marshall (i15281), b.1784-
Bunting, Polly (i11266)
Bunting, Polly (i11271)
Bunting, Polly (i15271), b.1752-
Bunting, Rachel (i24), b.1725-d.1795
Bunting, Rachel (i15289)
Bunting, Rachel Ann (i15639), b.1855-
Bunting, Rebecca (i27), b.1724-
Bunting, Rebekah (i15270), b.1750-
Bunting, Richard L. (i19710), b.1787-d.1820
Bunting, Robinson (i15244), b.1744-d.1770
Bunting, Rosanna (i11267)
Bunting, Rosanna "Rosey" A. (i15308), b.1838-d.1910
Bunting, Rosannah (i15872), b.1826-d.1901
Bunting, Rose (i15873), b.1827-
Bunting, Sally (i11245)
Bunting, Sally (i15859)
Bunting, Sally (i19601)
Bunting, Sally (i19712), d.1820
Bunting, Sally (marriage to John Hargis(Jr.)) (i19601)
Bunting, Sally T. (i15334), b.1857-
Bunting, Samuel (i19707), b.1787-
Bunting, Samuel Clyde (i15589), b.1840-d.1909
Bunting, Severn (i38)
Bunting, Seymour (i15241), b.1759-
Bunting, Smith (i15229), b.1715-d.1770
Bunting, Smith (i19589), d.1802
Bunting, Smith Kendal (i15865), b.1812-d.1865
Bunting, Smith, (Jr.) (i15243), b.1752-d.1786
Bunting, Solomon (i15531), b.1833-d.1896
Bunting, Solomon (i15569)
Bunting, Solomon (i15585), b.1832-
Bunting, Solomon (i15659), b.1813-d.1883
Bunting, Solomon (i19604), b.1785-d.1850
Bunting, Solomon Dixie (i15592), b.1874-d.1953
Bunting, Solomon T. (i19706), b.1787-
Bunting, Solomon, (Jr.) (i15284), d.1823
Bunting, Solomon, (Sr.) (i15274), b.1727-d.1787
Bunting, Son (i28756), d.1844
Bunting, Susan (i15288)
Bunting, Susan Ann (i15573)
Bunting, Susan Jane (i15311), b.1849-
Bunting, Susan Jane (marriage to Henry Clay Bunting) (i15311), b.1849-
Bunting, Susanna (i11273)
Bunting, Sylvester (i15596)
Bunting, Sylvester (i15629)
Bunting, Sylvester T. (i15587), b.1836-
Bunting, T. Letcher (i15561), b.1888-d.1945
Bunting, Tabitha (i11234)
Bunting, Tamar (i25), b.1724-
Bunting, Tamar (i44)
Bunting, Teackle S. (i15305), b.1833-d.1916
Bunting, Theodore (i15870), b.1844-d.1868
Bunting, Thomas (i43), d.1797
Bunting, Thomas (i15287)
Bunting, Thomas (i15644), b.1862-
Bunting, Thomas C. (i19614), b.1812-d.1877
Bunting, Tinsey (i15570)
Bunting, Virginia "Virgie" (i15549), b.1891-d.1975
Bunting, Virginia M. (i19624), b.1847-
Bunting, William (i42)
Bunting, William (i11241), d.1818
Bunting, William (i15245), b.1760-d.1820
Bunting, William (i15278), b.1752-d.1819
Bunting, William (i15465), b.1791-d.1820
Bunting, William (i15641), b.1857-
Bunting, William "Elverton" (i15877), b.1838-d.1862
Bunting, William "Smith", (of Back Creek) (i15649), b.1780-d.1845
Bunting, William "Smith", (of Back Creek) (marriage to Anna "Maria" Bunting) (i15649), b.1780-d.1845
Bunting, William Black (i15248), b.1718-d.1777
Bunting, William Black, (Jr.) (i15251), d.1793
Bunting, William C. (i15360), b.1865-d.1935
Bunting, William Henry (i15314), b.1869-
Bunting, William Henry (i15581), b.1822-
Bunting, William Robinson, (Jr.) (i15539), b.1830-d.1909
Bunting, William Robinson, (Sr.) (i15537), d.1835
Bunting, William, (I) (i12911), b.1645-d.1716
Bunting, William, (II) (i15226), b.1680-d.1694
Bunting, William, (Jr.) (i15664), b.1817-d.1907


Butler, Henry Stirling (marriage to Peggy Marshall Bunting) (i15650)


Campbell, Margaret H. (marriage to Littleton Upshur Treherne) (i1753), b.1838-


Carey, John W. (marriage to Georgianna Bunting) (i15632)
Carey, Samuel S. (marriage to Polly Milliner) (i15491)


Carmines, Daniel, (Jr.) (marriage to Mary Ann Bunting) (i28923), b.1802-d.1869


Chandler, Ann F. (marriage to James Custis Drummond) (i15509), b.1844-d.1918


Chesser, Melissa (marriage to John "Shepard" Bunting) (i11256)
Chesser, Ruth Ann (marriage to T. Letcher Bunting) (i15562), b.1892-d.1972


Clarvoe, Eliza M. J. (marriage to George W. Bunting) (i11268)


Collins, Hubert Leigh (marriage to Dorothy Lee Jester) (i12963), b.1923-


Colonna, Theodocia (marriage to Gillet "Gillie" F. Bunting) (i15332), b.1868-d.1918


Conquest, Margaret "Peggy" (marriage to John Bunting) (i11242)


Corbin, C. Dale (marriage to Virginia "Virgie" Bunting) (i15550), b.1884-d.1948
Corbin, Corbin "Corb" Fletcher Douglas (marriage to Mary Missouri "Manie" Bunting) (i15323), b.1864-d.1943
Corbin, Corbin "Corb" Fletcher Douglas (marriage to Mary Missouri "Manie" Bunting) (i15323), b.1864-d.1943


Core, John William (marriage to Amy G. Bunting) (i19587), b.1833-
Core, William (marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Bunting) (i19595), d.1827


Crippen, Unknown (marriage to Daughter Bunting) (i15258)
Crippen, William (i15259)


Crockett, George Vera (i1717), b.1886-d.1890
Crockett, John A. (marriage to Bettie P. Ayres) (i1716), b.1850-d.1912


Cropper, Sallie Sarah (marriage to William Black Bunting(Jr.)) (i19593), d.1794
Cropper, Unknown (marriage to Betty Bunting) (i15256)
Cropper, Unknown (marriage to Elizabeth "Betty" Bunting) (i15267)


Custis, Margaret S. (marriage to Henry Drummond) (i15501), b.1821-


Daniel, James R. V. (marriage to Mary Ayres) (i2437)


Darby, Zillar-Zillah-Ziller (marriage to Kendal Bunting) (i15739), d.1818


Dawson, Elizabeth Hack (marriage to Richard Johnson Ayres(Jr.)) (i542), b.1842-d.1893


Derby, Mary Charlotte (marriage to John Hack Ayres(Dr.)) (i1870), b.1874-d.1967


Downing, Unknown (marriage to Euphamy Bunting) (i15291)


Dowty, Beulah Pearl (i1773), b.1885-d.1890
Dowty, E. Upshur (i1774), b.1885-d.1974
Dowty, John L. (i609), b.1853-
Dowty, Maudie F. (i1771), b.1882-d.1882
Dowty, Richard T. (i608), b.1850-d.1913
Dowty, Thomas (i607), b.1850-


Dowty-Doughety, Peggy S. (i611), b.1858-


Dowty-Doughty, Betty V. (i1772), b.1883-d.1961
Dowty-Doughty, Elsie Gentes (i1900), b.1938-
Dowty-Doughty, Leonard Crawley (i1775), b.1887-d.1976
Dowty-Doughty, Leonard Crawley, (Jr.) (i1898), b.1917-d.1974
Dowty-Doughty, Major Robertson (i610), b.1854-d.1937
Dowty-Doughty, Major Robertson (i1776), b.1908-
Dowty-Doughty, Major Robertson (i1901), b.1953-d.1953
Dowty-Doughty, Major Robertson (marriage to Catherine "Kitty" F. Johnson) (i603), b.1806-d.1861
Dowty-Doughty, Mary (E or F) (i606), b.1847-d.1934


Drummond, Annie E. (i15704), b.1857-d.1888
Drummond, Arthur (i15705), b.1858-d.1888
Drummond, Catherine (i15496), b.1789-d.1841
Drummond, Elizabeth (i15518), b.1834-
Drummond, George Lewis (i15522), b.1841-
Drummond, Harriet A. (i15527), b.1853-d.1917
Drummond, Henry (i15499), b.1797-
Drummond, Henry C. (i15510), b.1831-d.1908
Drummond, James (i15502), b.1800-d.1875
Drummond, James Bagwell (i15701), b.1878-d.1942
Drummond, James Custis (i15507), b.1830-
Drummond, James W. (i15698), b.1857-
Drummond, John Thomas (i15519), b.1836-
Drummond, Margaret (i15521), b.1838-d.1839
Drummond, Mary Ann (i15523), b.1844-d.1874
Drummond, Richard (marriage to Catherine Milliner) (i15492), b.1758-
Drummond, Richard Francis (i15525), b.1851-d.1933
Drummond, Richard T. (i15498), b.1794-
Drummond, Robert Smith (i15511), b.1832-d.1896
Drummond, Rosa A. (marriage to William L. Bird) (i1889), b.1875-d.1891
Drummond, Spencer (i15700), b.1867-
Drummond, Tabitha (i15497), b.1791-d.1836
Drummond, William (i15495), b.1787-
Drummond, William J. (i15697), b.1857-d.1888


Dunton, John (i15477)
Dunton, Margaret "Maggie" Susan (marriage to Levin Smith James(Jr.)) (i1970), b.1844-d.1933
Dunton, Mary R. (marriage to Henry Drummond) (i15500), b.1799-d.1859
Dunton, Unknown (marriage to Elizabeth Milliner) (i15475)
Dunton, William (i15476)


Easter, De La Warr (marriage to Sarah Bayne Ayres) (i547), b.1870-d.1930


Edmunds, Elisha or Eleshe (marriage to Smith Bunting) (i15233), d.1776


Edwards, Molly (marriage to Zadock Poulson(Sr.)) (i19646)


Elizabeth "Betty"(wife of Jonathan Bunting) (marriage to Jonathan Bunting) (i37), d.1809
Elizabeth(wife of W.R.Bunting) (marriage to William Robinson Bunting(Sr.)) (i15862)


Elliott, Catherine T. (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i19605), b.1801-d.1868


Evans, Rose (marriage to Thomas Bunting) (i20380)


Everett, Laura H. (marriage to William Hall Hopkins) (i1862), b.1885-d.1963


Finney, Andrew Gordon (marriage to Catherine Susan Bunting) (i19609)
Finney, Andrew Gordon, (Jr.) (i19612)
Finney, Catherine Teackle (i19610)
Finney, David B. (marriage to Virginia M. Bunting) (i19625), b.1840-
Finney, Margaret Catharine (i19615)
Finney, William B., (Dr.) (i19613)


Fitchett, Rosy A. (marriage to George S. Bunting) (i15578)


Fitzgerald, Aritence (i15273), b.1772-
Fitzgerald, Thomas (marriage to Ann Mary Bunting) (i15272)


Floyd, Maria G. (marriage to Thomas C. Bunting) (i19618), b.1825-d.1877


Forbes, Widow (marriage to William Bunting) (i15651), d.1808


Fosque, Fluvianna (marriage to John A. Goffigon) (i15723)


Foster, Unity (marriage to Edward D. Johnson) (i1878)
Foster, Unity (marriage to Edward D. Johnson) (i1878)


Gaskins, Harmon (marriage to Bridget Bunting) (i30), d.1771
Gaskins, John (i32)
Gaskins, Thomas (i31)


Genevia A.(wife of Sylvester Bunting) (marriage to Sylvester Bunting) (i15630)


Gentes, Maybell V. (marriage to Leonard Crawley Dowty-Doughty) (i1897)


Gladding, Elizabeth (marriage to George Bunting(III)) (i11253)


Goffigon, Ann B. (i1723), b.1849-
Goffigon, George T. (i1724), b.1852-d.1870
Goffigon, John A. (i1727), b.1859-d.1894
Goffigon, Olevia S. (i1719), b.1848-d.1897
Goffigon, Southey Lee (i15724), b.1859-d.1895
Goffigon, Tyelly F. (i1726), b.1856-
Goffigon, William B. (i1725), b.1854-
Goffigon, William P. (marriage to Margaret F. Bradford) (i1718), b.1818-d.1889


Gunter, Catherine Sarah (i589), b.1857-
Gunter, Edward Virgil (i588), b.1855-d.1928
Gunter, Elton Edward (i1748), b.1886-d.1962
Gunter, John W. (i586), b.1849-d.1875
Gunter, John W. T. (marriage to Sarah 'Sally' A. Johnson) (i583)
Gunter, Joseph S. M. (marriage to Louisa B. Johnson) (i577), d.1845
Gunter, Julia (i12959)
Gunter, Louisa (i584), b.1844-
Gunter, Mary Lee (i1749), b.1889-d.1974
Gunter, Maude (i12957)
Gunter, Philip B. (i587), b.1852-
Gunter, Rosa Mae (i1888), b.1914-d.1980
Gunter, Virginia (i590), b.1860-
Gunter, Walter (i12958)
Gunter, William (i585), b.1848-


Hack, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to Richard Stephen Ayres) (i1709), b.1830-d.1904
Hack, Sallie Upshur (marriage to James Kellam Ayres) (i549), b.1823-d.1880


Haley, Polly G. (marriage to William Robinson Bunting(Jr.)) (i19674), b.1841-


Hargis, John (marriage to Nancy Bunting) (i19603)
Hargis, John, (Jr.) (i19602), b.1790-d.1881
Hargis, John, (Jr.) (marriage to Sally Bunting) (i19602), b.1790-d.1881


Hattie S.(wife of Richard Dowty) (marriage to Richard T. Dowty) (i1658), b.1860-d.1907


Hayes, John (marriage to Nancy Bunting) (i15757)


Heckman, Kate (marriage to Elias Dunton Joynes) (i15709), b.1890-


Henderson, Cornelius G. (marriage to Susan R. Johnson) (i580), b.1834-
Henderson, Sarah (marriage to Michael Marshall**) (i15370)


Hester (marriage to Harvey or Henry T. Bunting) (i15301)


Hickman, Anne (marriage to James F. Johnson) (i1731), b.1876-d.1895
Hickman, Edward Thomas (marriage to Rachel Ann Bunting) (i15640)


Hill, Julius T. (marriage to Emily Emma Bunting) (i15643)
Hill, Mary A. (marriage to William C. Bunting) (i15362)


Hollowell, Rebecca (marriage to William Bunting(I)) (i15224), b.1660-d.1740


Hopkins, Alice (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15532)
Hopkins, Laura Upshur (i563), b.1885-
Hopkins, William Ellyson (marriage to Sallie Virginia Hack Ayres) (i560), b.1861-d.1923
Hopkins, William Hall (i564), b.1887-d.1962


Hudson, Mildred (marriage to Boyan Bunting) (i15558)


Hurst, Thomas (marriage to Susanna Milliner) (i15487), b.1788-


Hyatinca "Tincey"(?wife of Smith Bunting Jr) (marriage to Smith Bunting(Jr.)) (i15735), d.1789


Ironmonger, Jacob (marriage to Burton Bunting) (i15240)


Jackson, Noah (marriage to Jane Elizabeth Bunting) (i15658)


Jagger, William (marriage to Mary Elisabeth Seaman) (i15669)


James, Charles "Charlie" Thomas (i2555), b.1873-d.1922
James, Cora (i2554), b.1866-d.1930
James, Delitha T. (marriage to James F. Johnson) (i1728), b.1839-d.1886
James, Helen (i2556), b.1877-d.1882
James, John W. (i19698), b.1834-d.1866
James, Levin Smith (marriage to Elizabeth Bird) (i2552), d.1845
James, Levin Smith, (Jr.) (i2551), b.1839-d.1916
James, Levin Smith, (Sr.) (marriage to Rosa Mae Gunter) (i2441), b.1901-d.1963
James, Margaret S. (i19696), b.1822-d.1894
James, Mary Lovie (marriage to William Y. Johnson) (i1881), b.1880-d.1965
James, Robert Dunton (i2442), b.1864-d.1929
James, Thomas H. (i19697), b.1823-d.1895


Jarvis, Mary S. (marriage to Levin Smith James(Jr.)) (i19703)


Jenkins, Sallie (marriage to Elijah Bunting) (i11258)


Jester, Clifford Stanley (marriage to Mary Lee Gunter) (i1750), b.1886-d.1955
Jester, Clifford Stanley, (Jr.) (i12960)
Jester, Dorothy Lee (i12962), b.1924-d.1998
Jester, Emma Maude (i12961)
Jester, Susan E. (marriage to John W. Bunting (Capt.)) (i15354)


Johnson, Abel B. (i516), d.1812
Johnson, Catherine "Kitty" F. (i594), b.1820-d.1875
Johnson, Edward D. (i1877), b.1898-d.1921
Johnson, Elizabeth (i513), d.1812
Johnson, Elizabeth (marriage to George Bunting(Sr.)) (i11232)
Johnson, Harriet A. (i591), b.1821-d.1870
Johnson, James F. (i581), b.1839-d.1895
Johnson, John (i1735), b.1867-
Johnson, John C. (i582), b.1841-
Johnson, John Y. (i574), b.1805-d.1850
Johnson, Jonathan (i35), b.1745-
Johnson, Joshua (marriage to Rachel Bunting) (i33), b.1722-d.1772
Johnson, Kasiah "Cessy" (i502), b.1775-d.1834
Johnson, Laban (i34), b.1744-
Johnson, Leah Wainhouse (marriage to Richard Johnson Ayres) (i538), b.1799-d.1882
Johnson, Louisa B. (i576), d.1845
Johnson, Margaret (i592)
Johnson, Margaret (i1736), b.1870-
Johnson, Margaret "Maggie" A. (i1876), b.1865-
Johnson, Margaret "Maggie" A. (marriage to Robert H. Johnson) (i1876), b.1865-
Johnson, Margaret Ada (i1738), b.1876-
Johnson, Mary (i593)
Johnson, Obedience, (III) (marriage to Rachel Bunting) (i36), d.1795
Johnson, Oren Fanklin (i1884), b.1905-d.1996
Johnson, Peggy (i507), d.1800
Johnson, Polly (i520)
Johnson, Rachel (i514), d.1824
Johnson, Richard (i517), d.1824
Johnson, Robert H. (i1734), b.1865-d.1898
Johnson, Robert H. (marriage to Margaret "Maggie" A. Johnson) (i1734), b.1865-d.1898
Johnson, Rosa (marriage to Gillet Bunting) (i11260)
Johnson, Sabra B. (i1743), b.1881-
Johnson, Samuel M. (i1739), b.1879-d.1952
Johnson, Sarah 'Sally' A. (i575), b.1819-
Johnson, Susan R. (i579), b.1834-
Johnson, Susanna "Sukey" (i509)
Johnson, William (i1733), b.1863-
Johnson, William P. (i511), d.1836
Johnson, William Y. (i1737), b.1875-


Jones, Mary G. (marriage to Kendall J. Bunting) (i15356), b.1864-d.1955
Jones, Stanley Moncure (marriage to Elsie Gentes Dowty-Doughty) (i2453)


Joynes, Annie Scarburgh (i15718), b.1887-d.1967
Joynes, Carroll Vaden (i15711), b.1883-d.1964
Joynes, Claudius (i15721), b.1892-d.1892
Joynes, Elias Dunton (i15707), b.1878-
Joynes, Emma Ruth (i15717), b.1886-d.1962
Joynes, Emma V. (marriage to Robert Smith Drummond) (i15513), b.1847-d.1910
Joynes, Henry Townsend (i15722), b.1892-
Joynes, Karen (i15710), b.1880-d.1971
Joynes, Margaret (i15713), b.1884-d.1943
Joynes, Sally A. (marriage to Henry C. Drummond) (i15699), b.1838-d.1934
Joynes, Sally Tabith (i15720), b.1890-d.1978
Joynes, Thomas S. (marriage to Harriet A. Drummond) (i15528), b.1840-d.1905


Justice, Ellen Hester (marriage to George Robert Bunting) (i15636), b.1850-d.1917


Keenholts, Lellie May (marriage to Henry Lewis Seaman) (i15696)


Kellam, Harriet (marriage to James Drummond) (i15503), b.1809-d.1848


Kelly, Otho (marriage to Josie Bunting) (i15554)


Klinberg, Unknown (marriage to Anna Bunting) (i15600)


Lambden, Mary A. (marriage to William Henry Bunting) (i15582)


Laurie, Annie (i15684), b.1871-d.1913
Laurie, Margaret Jagger (i15683), b.1869-
Laurie, Mary (i15682), b.1867-d.1867
Laurie, William Wooden (marriage to Frances Forbes Seaman) (i15681)


LeCato, Bernard (marriage to Annie Winder) (i2429), b.1875-d.1925


Lewis, Abby Ella (marriage to John Whitson Seaman) (i15686)
Lewis, Elizabeth (marriage to Luther & Others Bunting) (i19705)
Lewis, Mary Alice (marriage to John Whitson Seaman) (i15685)


Lindsay, Mary Ann (marriage to Jeremiah Bunting) (i28925), b.1835-d.1905


Mahala(wife of W.R.Bunting) (marriage to William Robinson Bunting(Sr.)) (i15860)


Mapp, Bettie V. (marriage to Major Robertson Dowty-Doughty) (i1764), b.1862-d.1882
Mapp, Katherine "Kate" (marriage to Robert Dunton James) (i2259), b.1869-d.1936
Mapp, Mary "Mamie" C. (marriage to Major Robertson Dowty-Doughty) (i1767), b.1864-d.1891
Mapp, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to John C. Johnson) (i1875)


Margaret R.(wife of William Johnson) (marriage to William P. Johnson) (i512), d.1850


Marsh, Lewis Howard (marriage to Annie Scarburgh Joynes) (i15719), b.1883-d.1958


Marshall**, Benjamin, (Jr.) (marriage to Elizabeth Betsey Bunting) (i15294)
Marshall**, George (i15295), b.1808-d.1832
Marshall**, Michael (i15369), b.1807-d.1837
Marshall**, Nancy (i15366), b.1805-


Marshall, Tamar (marriage to Holloway Bunting) (i15), b.1703-d.1778


Mary(wife of Smith Milliner) (marriage to Smith Milliner) (i15478)


Mason, Rosey (marriage to Luther & Others Bunting) (i19704)
Mason, Unknown (marriage to Molly Bunting) (i15606)


Mayson, Leah (marriage to Solomon Bunting(Jr.)) (i15285)


McCready, George (marriage to Nancy Bunting) (i15298)


Mears, John K. (marriage to Emma Ruth Joynes) (i2418), b.1887-d.1970
Mears, Oscar M. (marriage to Margaret Joynes) (i15714), b.1876-d.1940


Melson, Unknown (marriage to Laney Milliner) (i15470)


Mercer, Frances B. (marriage to Leonard Crawley Dowty-Doughty(Jr.)) (i2450)


Merrill, Unknown (marriage to Tabitha Bunting) (i15296)


Miles, Olivia (marriage to John Shepard Bunting) (i15575)


Miller, Margarett (marriage to Smith Kendal Bunting) (i28922), b.1814-d.1870
Miller, Margarett (marriage to Smith Kendal Bunting) (i28922), b.1814-d.1870


Milliner, Anna Maria (i15489), b.1795-
Milliner, Anne (i15474), b.1762-
Milliner, Catherine (i15480), b.1769-d.1830
Milliner, Elizabeth (i15473), b.1783-d.1830
Milliner, Elizabeth (i15479), b.1760-
Milliner, Henry (marriage to Amey or Naomy Bunting) (i15261), b.1718-d.1771
Milliner, Henry, (Jr.) (i15263)
Milliner, James (i15485), b.1786-d.1830
Milliner, John (i15482), b.1774-
Milliner, Laney (i15469), b.1748-
Milliner, Polly (i15490), b.1798-
Milliner, Rachel (i15472), b.1757-
Milliner, Robert, (Lieut.) (i15265), b.1751-d.1787
Milliner, Smith (i15262), b.1741-d.1830
Milliner, Smith, (Jr.) (i15481), b.1771-
Milliner, Southey (i15471), b.1754-
Milliner, Southey (i15483), b.1777-
Milliner, Susanna (i15486), b.1788-
Milliner, Tabitha (i15488), b.1792-
Milliner, Thomas (i15484), b.1780-
Milliner, William (i15264), b.1745-


Mitchell, Elizabeth (marriage to George Bunting(Jr.)) (i11261)


Molly(wife of Isma Bunting) (marriage to Ishmael Isma Bunting) (i11269), d.1820


Moore, Elizabeth S. (marriage to James Custis Drummond) (i15508), b.1834-


Mumford, Hattie (marriage to William C. Bunting) (i15361)


Nancy(wife of Smith Bunting) (marriage to Smith Bunting) (i19598)


Newton, Charlotte (marriage to Lawrence Baker Sheppard) (i2424)


Nichols, Margaret (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15660)


Nock, George Robert (marriage to Caroline Bunting) (i15638)
Nock, James (marriage to Jennie Bunting) (i15646)
Nock, Samuel (marriage to Sally Bunting) (i11246)


Nottingham, Rose "Rosa" Mary (marriage to Edward Virgil Gunter) (i1745), b.1862-d.1929


Onley, Lida H. (marriage to William Henry Bunting) (i15315)
Onley, Lida H. (marriage to William Henry Bunting) (i15315)


Parkes, Cora D. (marriage to Charles S. Bunting) (i15313), b.1869-d.1944
Parkes, Cora D. (marriage to Charles S. Bunting) (i15313), b.1869-d.1944


Phillips, Edward (i15253), b.1776-
Phillips, L. J. (marriage to Ann B. Goffigon) (i15726)
Phillips, Louis James (marriage to Olevia S. Goffigon) (i1720), b.1837-d.1910


Poulson, George (marriage to Neomy Bunting) (i15238)
Poulson, George, (Jr.) (i19643)
Poulson, Hessy (i19648)
Poulson, John, (Jr.) (i19647)
Poulson, John, (Jr.) (i19652)
Poulson, Margaret A. (i19650)
Poulson, Mary (i19651)
Poulson, Zadock, (Jr.) (i19645)
Poulson, Zadock, (Sr.) (i19644), d.1831


Pusey, Margaret B. (marriage to John J. Ayres) (i612), b.1812-d.1860


Read, Sallie A. (marriage to Major Robertson Dowty-Doughty) (i1768), b.1870-d.1955


Richardson, Virginia S. (marriage to John W. Gunter) (i1649), b.1850-d.1890


Riggs, Margaret Peggy (marriage to Solomon Bunting(Sr.)) (i15277)


Rodgers, Nanny (marriage to William "Smith" Bunting (of Back Creek)) (i15744), b.1785-d.1806


Rollins, Edward Rice (marriage to Anna Gertrude Seaman) (i15694)


Rowe, Margaret "Maggie" Thomas (marriage to Solomon Dixie Bunting) (i27735), b.1880-d.1957


Sallie S.(wife of John Bunting) (marriage to John J. "James" Bunting) (i15584)


Schultz, Grace (marriage to Elias Dunton Joynes) (i15708), b.1880-


Seaman, Alice Bowen (i15690), b.1884-d.1885
Seaman, Anna Gertrude (i15687), b.1870-d.1944
Seaman, Charles Powell (i15675), b.1839-d.1913
Seaman, David Sands (i15689), b.1879-d.1954
Seaman, David Sands (marriage to Ann Maria Bunting) (i15666), d.1850
Seaman, Elisabeth (marriage to William Bunting) (i15652)
Seaman, Ellen Althouse (i15672), b.1832-d.1857
Seaman, Frances Forbes (i15674), b.1837-d.1893
Seaman, Henry Lewis (i15691), b.1887-d.1971
Seaman, John Whitson (i15676), b.1843-d.1922
Seaman, Maria Louisa (i15670), b.1834-d.1895
Seaman, Mary Elisabeth (i15668), b.1831-d.1917
Seaman, Mary Elizabeth (i15688), b.1876-d.1934
Seaman, Sarah Jane (i15673), b.1835-d.1864
Seaman, William Bunting (i15667), b.1829-d.1909
Seaman, William Henry (marriage to Margaret Jagger Laurie) (i15692)


Selby, Henry Q. (marriage to Betsey Bunting) (i19690)


Shay, Teackle (marriage to Elizabeth Bunting) (i15580)
Shay, Teackle (marriage to Peggy Bunting) (i15297)
Shay, William (marriage to Sally T. Bunting) (i19680)


Sheppard, Harper Donelson (marriage to Henrietta Dawson Ayres) (i569)
Sheppard, Lawrence B. (marriage to Sarah Bayne Ayres) (i546), b.1870-d.1893
Sheppard, Lawrence Baker (i1863), b.1897-
Sheppard, Richard Harper (i1864), b.1912-


Shield, Annie P. (marriage to William Robinson Bunting(Jr.)) (i19588), b.1827-d.1891


Small, Evaline or Emeline (marriage to Teackle S. Bunting) (i15306), b.1838-d.1890


Smart, Nathaniel (marriage to Nancy Bunting) (i15293), d.1798


Smith, Bridgett (marriage to Jonathan Bunting) (i20), b.1696-d.1742
Smith, Charity Maria (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15661)
Smith, Jane (marriage to Solomon Bunting(Sr.)) (i15275)
Smith, Juliet L. (marriage to Thomas C. Bunting) (i19617)
Smith, Robert Henry (marriage to Rosannah Bunting) (i19626), b.1824-d.1864
Smith, Sarah (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15662)
Smith, William Henry Custis (marriage to Rosanna "Rosey" A. Bunting) (i15309), b.1830-d.1911


Stevens, John H. (marriage to Catherine Sarah Gunter) (i1655), b.1861-


Stewart, Lillian Mabel (marriage to Elton Edward Gunter) (i1885), b.1889-d.1972


Sturgis, Lillian E. (marriage to Major Robertson Dowty-Doughty) (i1899)


Sweet, Elizabeth Avery (marriage to David Sands Seaman) (i15695)


Tabitha A.(wife of Thomas James) (marriage to Thomas H. James) (i19702), b.1830-d.1903


Taylor, Angie (marriage to Gillet "Gillie" F. Bunting) (i15333)
Taylor, Bundick (marriage to Nancy Marshall**) (i15367)
Taylor, Henry M. (marriage to Nancy Addison) (i19663)
Taylor, Maury (marriage to Alicia Lisha Bunting) (i15568), b.1857-
Taylor, Polly (marriage to George Bunting(III)) (i11247)
Taylor, Ruth Parker (marriage to James Drummond) (i15504), b.1810-
Taylor, Savannah (marriage to Sylvester T. Bunting) (i15588)
Taylor, Sebastian (marriage to Susan Ann Bunting) (i15574), b.1870-
Taylor, Susan E. (marriage to John Thomas Drummond) (i15520), b.1841-
Taylor, William (marriage to Nancy Marshall**) (i15368)
Taylor, Zadoc Thomas (marriage to Mary Caroline Bunting) (i19679), b.1856-
Taylor, Zodah (marriage to Lonnie Bunting) (i15565)


Thomas, Mary (marriage to Benjamin F. Bunting) (i15548)


Thornton, Mary (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15586)
Thornton, Mary W. (marriage to George William Bunting) (i15608)
Thornton, Susanna (marriage to Sylvester T. Bunting) (i19685), b.1842-


Topping, Ann "Nancy" (marriage to William "Smith" Bunting (of Back Creek)) (i15529), b.1805-d.1860
Topping, George A. S. Wesley (i19641), b.1835-
Topping, John West or Wesley (marriage to Millendy-Malinday Bunting) (i15867), b.1817-d.1900
Topping, Mary Frances (i19640), b.1834-


Trader, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (marriage to Samuel Clyde Bunting) (i15590), d.1909


Treherne, Anna Costin (i1757), b.1866-d.1867
Treherne, Custis (marriage to Harriet A. Johnson) (i595)
Treherne, Harriot Ruth (i1756), b.1865-d.1865
Treherne, John R. (i598), b.1841-
Treherne, Leonard (i600), b.1854-
Treherne, Littleton Upshur (i597), b.1837-d.1890
Treherne, Mary (i601), b.1856-
Treherne, Richard (i599), b.1848-
Treherne, Richard J. (i1758), b.1871-d.1872


Trower, Louisina W. (marriage to John Y. Johnson) (i578)


Truitt, Sally (marriage to Edward W. Bunting) (i15648)


Turner, Virginia T. (marriage to Samuel M. Johnson) (i1740), b.1882-d.1962


Twiford, Elizabeth (marriage to Edmund B. Ayres) (i533)


Valentine, Charles Post (marriage to Annie Laurie) (i15693)
Valentine, Phebe (marriage to William Bunting(Jr.)) (i15677)


Wallow, Unknown (marriage to Mary Bunting) (i19642)


Walter, Richard (marriage to Emmeline Bunting) (i28924), b.1815-


Ward, Lillian (marriage to Carroll Vaden Joynes) (i15712), b.1891-
Ward, Matilda (marriage to Solomon Bunting) (i15879), b.1839-


Warren, Ella Jane Elizabeth (marriage to Peter Thomas Hack Ayres) (i556), b.1862-d.1895
Warren, J. Garland (marriage to Betty V. Dowty-Doughty) (i1894), b.1884-d.1964
Warren, John Robertson (i1896), b.1913-
Warren, Mary Kathryn (i1895), b.1913-


Watkins, James T. (marriage to Cornelia Jane Bunting) (i28926), b.1822-


West, Ann (marriage to Smith Bunting) (i15230), b.1717-d.1760
West, Mary "Polly" (marriage to Jonathan Bunting) (i15227)
West, Mary Ann (marriage to George William Bunting) (i15607)


White, Ann "Nancy" (marriage to Jonathan Bunting) (i15464), d.1824
White, Louis H. (marriage to Mary Ann Drummond) (i15524), b.1844-d.1924


Whitehead, Annie Maud (marriage to Charles "Charlie" Thomas James) (i3310), b.1873-d.1964


Wilkerson, Elizabeth (marriage to Coleman Bunting) (i11277)


Wilkins, Henry H. (marriage to Cora James) (i3297), b.1847-d.1937


Willets, Abraham (marriage to Maria Louisa Seaman) (i15671)


Winder, Annie (i1866), b.1882-d.1937
Winder, George E. (i1868)
Winder, George E. (marriage to Annie R. Ayres) (i1865), d.1882
Winder, Paul (i1867)
Winder, Richard (i1869)


Windsor, George (marriage to Evelyn Bunting) (i15572)


Young, Emma S. (marriage to Alonzo L. Bunting) (i15626)
Young, John (marriage to Susanna "Sukey" Johnson) (i510)

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